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Ask to Join ~My Class 1A - The Next Generation (MHA Rp)~

Participants: @~Xero~ , @Shadow_Pup , @Frontier Master , @XanthousXatu , @Tudor21G , @DevVoid , @MegaloX , @Night's Shadow , @Merciless Medic, @Lazy Millenial, @Manu456Alola, @Barefoot_Kittens, @SpoonMan.
Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/my-class-1a-the-next-generation-mha.22046/

Rin Todoroki walked around the busy town in her usual attire, which consisted of: A blue jumper, a white t-shirt, a pair of black jeans and black trainers. Her messy red hair was hidden under her hood, and her light blue iris' sparkled in the daytime sun. Rin disliked being noticed by others, as she would most likely be ambushed by reporters and fans, being the daughter of the infamous Shoto Todoroki, one of the Top Ten Heroes and former student of U.A High. She entered a restaurant, where she enjoyed a bowl of Cold Soba Noodles in the corner of the room. She paid her check, and left the empty bowl on her table. She then started walking towards U.A High. Today was the day the Entrance Exam would take place. Rin could see many kids with their acceptance letters, entering through the gate, while the press were held back by some invisible wall, no doubt the doing of a teachers quirk. She casually entered through the gate, without a problem. She had no acceptance letter in her hand, so others started looking at her weirdly. She entered the building and made her way to the faculty room. As she entered the room, some teachers glanced at her, but didn't say anything. She was a regular here, as her father worked at the school in his spare time, and because of her father, and Rin's quirk, she was let into U.A by recommendations. She then piled herself into her father's chair. She looked directly at the two monitors in front of her. They were showing the views of cameras dotted around Ground Beta. She smiled to herself, which she rarely ever did. She loved watching the Entrance Exams ever since she was a little kid. And this year was a special year, and Rin had all the more reason to watch it. After all, she was going to be a first-year at U.A High, and she wanted to know who might be in her class this year. She looked at the crowd of people. Eventually, her father came in and sat in the chair next to her. He spoke through a microphone, which was connected to all of the speakers around Ground Beta. "Attention, participants," He spoke calmly " The Entrance Exam is about to begin. Please prepare yourselves as I explain the rules to you. You will be battling robots randomly placed around this artificial city, known as Ground Beta. Each robot will have a point value, displayed on the side of their bodies. Battle robots in order to get as many points as you can. At the end of the exam, the first 18 examinees with the most points will be decided if they are accepted by U.A High by all of the faculty members. The Exam will start at the sound of the horn. Ready? Go." With that, Rin then pushed a blue button which set off a horn. 'Finally' Rin thought. The Entrance Exam was about to begin...
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Previously Blake Star
For the most part, Rocki was excited. It was only natural, right? Her parents seemed to be ecstatic that she was preparing herself to take the Entrance Exams. UA was one of the best hero courses to ever exist. It was already famous enough during All Might’s time as the number one hero. However, nowadays the school’s reputation was even greater due to the hero course being able to produce more than just a single hero who’s able to perform at the level required to be considered Top 10. Among these heroes were infamous ones such as Izuku Midoria, Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugou, and others as well. Statistically speaking, it was an amazing school. Rocki didn’t really have any kind of clue what she was getting herself into, but she figured she’d give it a try anyways. After all, actually managing to pass would mean that she did have some talent after all.

The raven-haired girl walked along the streets, taking a deep breath as she made her way towards UA. She could see that the press was eager to get into a place to watch the exams, but of course, they didn’t seem to be having any luck. As Rocki stood before the school premises, she took another look at the building in front of her. “Well, now or never.” she told herself. The examinee took another breath and entered the school building. The process itself seemed like it took a rather short amount of time. She was rushed into the room with a bunch of other potential students, given her identification card, and sent off to Ground Beta, which would be the site of their Entrance Exam. It all happened so fast, and the girl honestly had a hard time keeping up. Regardless, whatever the case, she was finally here. She stood before the giant gates that would open up and lead them into Ground Beta.

She stood at the ready, surrounded by plenty other UA hopefuls, none of which she knew. The girl checked over her clothing, which she felt was pretty natural for a test. She had on a plain white t shirt that was partially covered up by an open blue jean jacket, black leggings, and a pair of white high tops. Now that she was getting a look at it, she just felt even more self conscious about her outfit. However, she couldn’t afford to think about that now. Her body tensed up as she briefly heard the communication on the speakers buzz to life before hearing a voice pass through them. The voice explained to them the basics like where they were and what this was, but that much was obvious. When Todoroki got to speaking about the rules, Rocki listened carefully. It seemed absurd at first. Battling robots to earn points, and not only that, but only the top 18 students were going to pass? “That’s a...pretty strange number.” she mumbled to herself, but not like she could judge. Besides, she needed to focus.

With his final announcements out of the way, Rocki waited with baited breath in anticipation of the horn that would be their signal to start. The second the horn was sounded, the giant doors to Ground Beta flung open, and she was finally able to see what she was up against. As fast as she could, the girl took off running. Her physical attributes weren’t necessarily her issue. It was how long she could perform said physical abilities. With the way her quirk functioned, she never really needed to be mobile and fight in a manner that was so run and gun. She was at a disadvantage right from the start, but she wouldn’t let that stop her. Immediately as she rounded the first corner to the right, she came across a robot. She slid to a stop, letting out a slight help as she cane face to face with the machine. Though she had her first reaction planned out. The girl quickly balled her right hand into a fist, lifting it up as if she was going to throw a punch. As if on command, a small chunk of earth about as long as the girl’s forearm, and about twice as wide, broke up from the ground and floated to her side. With a grunt of aggression, Rocki shot her fist forwards, sending the rock flying at the robot. The earth collided with the bot’s “face”, causing sparks of electricity and smoke to shoot out. The machine then made a weird noise and suddenly stopped moving. The raven-haired girl smirked, finally taking a look at the robot that she had taken down. “A two-point robot to start things off. Lucky me I guess” she said before she was back on the move, looking for her next threat.


Previously Deathstalker62
Inanis walked through the streets, making his way to Ground Beta. He thought he would be excited enough for this to express it, but as usual, he just can't express his emotions physically, not even through facial expressions. He had his hood up as always and kept his head low, trying to avoid eye contact with everyone looking at him in order to not unnerve them due to the fact that his eyes seemed like literal portals to an endless void. He didn't know why his mom would sign him up for UA High, but he supposed he might aswell just take this chance. Who knows, it might spark some life into this dead, seemingly empty shell that he thinks to be.

Coming close to UA High, he walked past the crowd, getting strange stares from everyone around him. He had walked inside UA High to get his identification card, and made his way alongside everyone else to Ground Beta. He was gonna walk straight to Ground Beta, he knew the directions since his mother told him a lot about UA High, but realized he was probably gonna need to come to the school first for some sort of briefing or something.

Stopping by the large gates, he stared at them with sheer indifference and carelessness, and listened to the instructions given to him and everyone else by some disembodied voice. He looked down at his clothes. He didn't really care if he didn't have on sports clothing, he could move just fine in this clothing. When he looked up again, he saw the large gates opening. He sighed.

" Well, here goes nothing.. " Inanis muttered, unbuttoning his coat, opening it and revealing his black hole core. He turned around and jumped in the air, then used the repulsion stream he usually used to spit out any inorganic matter or living beings absorbed to propel himself into the air and fly into the arena that simulated a city. He landed in the middle of a street, on his feet, and found two robots standing infront of him. He moved backwards a bit, and stuck his core out towards them. " Come, be a part of me. " He shouted out, as the strong vacuum emitted from his black hole core. The robots tried to resists, but ended up being torn apart and being absorbed. The black hole grew a tiny bit bigger with each part absorbed, and Inanis looked around. " ..I think those were two two-pointers. ..suprisingly easy. " He uttered to himself, before using the repulsion stream again to repel himself into the air and fly around again, holding up the back of his coat again to have the repulsion stream push him forward from the back, and not from the front, so that he can actually see where he's going.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Yuuki was very excited, today was the day of the entrance exams and Yuuki had been offered the opurtunity to watch them, and she thought why not go check out the competition. She made it to the school and entered, she wondered whether Rin would be there, like Rin her father worked at the school and Yuuki would sometimes see Rin, she entered the faculty room and saw Rin and her father, "hey Rin, do you mind if I watch with you, I've been waiting to watch the entrance exams for ages, I'm assuming you got in via recomendation right, no surprise there of course" she then stood arms folded and watched the screens as the exam began to unfold.


Previously Night's Shadow
Dakarai Bakugo arrived at the academy, borne on wings she had grown via her quirk. She was somewhat frustrated that she wouldn’t get to take part in the exam; her love of fighting would probably get the best of her someday. But she had gotten in through recommendation, so it wasn’t really necessary.

As she landed gracefully, the wings retracted. Dakarai headed over to watch the entrance exam in person; she liked knowing what she was up against. The wings sprouted again, tearing through the already shredded material of her shirt’s back, and she launched herself onto the roof to look down at Ground Beta. She clung to a turret as the wings disappeared once more.

Not many of the students seemed academy material. One of them in particular, however, seemed quite powerful; it seemed he had metal in his chest and a black hole that absorbed... well, everything.

Another girl looked to have power over rocks. She was bashing the heads of robots in with lumps of inorganic material from the ground.

Watching them, Dakarai felt claws growing from her fingertips and pricking the palms of her clenched fists. She inhaled sharply and glared down at them. The claws retracted, and she healed the pinpricks of welling blood by regenerating skin.

She bit down on her tongue as the metal-chested boy absorbed two robots. Bad idea. Her quirk caused her teeth to get unnaturally sharp when not under control, and the iron taste of blood bloomed in her mouth. As soon as it was there, it was gone as the skin on her tongue replenished itself.

Dakarai’s quirk was weird that way. Near-impossible to control, but instinctive when it came to healing. The first time she had discovered her quirk was when she was five; she had climbed a tree, then fallen, but she had grown a prehensile tail that had caught her.

The silver-haired girl could feel tentacles trying to push their way out of her sides, bringing her back to reality. She squeezed her eyes shut and focused on having just the normal amount of limbs, balanced precariously, but sure of her footing.
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Previously Blake Star
There was one thing she was worried about. The time limit. There had to be one considering how the test was being scored. The students with the most points would be the ones to pass, but since they never specified a certain amount of points that they needed to reach, it was only logical to assume that there would be a time limit. With that thought in her mind, she knew that she'd have to work a bit faster if she wanted to ensure that she passed. However, even as much as she wanted to, she didn't have a way to track down where these robots were. At least, not accurately. She noticed some of the other students and their quirks. After all, it was a mess out in Ground Beta. A couple of them stood out. She could see someone who seemed to be able to fly by way of expelling matter from his body. At least, that's what she thought she was seeing. She was still too far away to assess details. Regardless, she didn't have the time to focus on others. She needed to continue racking up points before she fell behind. She knew that she wasn't the fastest one on the field, and since this was a time trial, speed was of the essence.

The raven-haired girl slowed down her run to a light jog as she peeked around another corner. She immediately spotted a robot and pulled her head back. "Another two point robot." she told herself. She took a deep breath before running around the corner, out into the open. As the robot took notice of her presence, the girl quickly planted her feet and pulled her fists back towards her rib cage, causing two sections of the ground on either side of her rise up like pillars, stopping once they were both even with her shoulders. The raven-haired girl then threw a punch with her left hand, breaking off a chunk of the pillar and sending it towards the robot. She did the same with her right, causing the same thing to happen, but with the other pillar this time. The chunks of rock barreled towards the robot, one slamming into one of it's arms and the other slamming right into it's face. The robot sparked and a small explosion went off as it was defeated. Rocki let out a small sigh of relief. "Okay, gotta keep going." she told herself before continuing down the path that was just past the defeated robot.
Rin looked towards Yuuki. She knew this girl, but not too well. Rin knew Yuuki's father, too, worked at U.A High. She nodded at the girls question. She assumed the girl knew her quirk, but then again, the majority of U.A did, but the press believed she had the same quirk as her father. She looked at the different quirks that were shown on the large screens. Most didn't seem very sufficient, many were weak, useless quirks. She then noticed the presence of a girl behind them, Rin didn't turn around. She didn't want the girl to feel uncomfortable, and if she was in this room, she would of most likely got in via recommendations, like herself. She kept looking intently at the screens, trying to find a quirk that caught her eye. Some quirks were pretty powerful but none, so far, were interesting to her.
Drayda silently watched the city around her whirl by as she sat there in a car, staring aimlessly at the passing view. She could hear her mother humming a little tune, but it was drowned out by the sound of the radio and the background hum of driving on pavement. As the school got close, Drayda looked at her mother, a fair-skinned blonde lady and looking quite good for being in her 40s or 50s. Nobody would have guessed that Ryuko was Drayda's mother, seeing as Ryuko's daughter had dark skin, freckles, and black hair.

Drayda watched as the school got closer in view and she immediately felt very self-conscious. What if people didn't like her? What if her dragon didn't get along with anybody? Ryuko, no matter how caring and understanding she was, would never understand that Drayda's dragon was sentient by herself. She tried her best though, and Drayda could commend that. Sadly, she couldn't say the same for anybody who knew her mother and then looked at her quirk.

As Ryuko parked in an available spot near the school, she switched off the engine and smiled warmly and excitedly at Drayda, the gleam in her eyes couldn't be missed. Drayda chuckled at the sight and unbuckled.

"What?" Started Ryuko. "You find it amusing that I'm this excited for you?"

Drayda nodded. She didn't know why this was so exciting but knew she was going to have to figure that out once she got to the school. "Well, you just seem about ready to buy a new baby animal with the way you're looking. Please don't burn a hole in your wallet," Drayda smirked as she joked.

Ryuko just giggled a little before exiting her car, with Drayda in tow. She clung to her purple dragon motif backpack as she walked side by side with her mother towards the school.

As the dragon duo got close, some people began to recognize Ryuko, some even calling out Ryukyu or Dragoon Hero. It didn't help she was wearing her Hero Suit. Drayda thought her suit was too flashy, but that was her opinion. Regardless, it looked good on her.

As they got up to the registration, the dragon duo hugged each other before leaving their separate ways. Ryuko talked with a few people before heading back home.

Meanwhile, Drayda walked in a line to get her registration done and over with, grabbing her identification card and hearing a guy speak. He looked familiar. Maybe that was the guy who her mother talked about quite a bit when she would talk about when she worked for U.A.

But a set point system? There had to be more than that. As the doors open, Drayda immediately saw her opposition. One guy had a black hole in his gut, while the other characters seemed to just kind of run inside. One of them could use earth. Others were just as interesting. Time show what she was really made of.

She set her backpack somewhere where no one wouldn't think to look and walked out in Ground Beta. She then began to transform. She wanted to transform completely, show what she was made of. For once, her dragon agreed. Pain struck her body as she doubled over on the ground, her skin becoming purple and black scales, a tail and a pair of wings sprout, claws formed, and her teeth became sharper. Now she was ready. Her clothes stretched a little, but they seemed quite tight on her.

Oh well, she was ready.

Of course, she shrunk in size, but that didn't lessen her strength in any way. She lost sense of herself and went wild. Roaring and charging around on all fours, flapping her wings about and flying at high speeds. She found a robot. One point. She didn't care about the points, she just wanted destruction.

She changed her course to head towards the robot and dove towards it. As the robot took attention to her and looked at her direction, it was already too late. She landed, her claws and teeth rending through metal as she bore into its chest like a hot knife through butter. Clawing her way deep inside, she cut the wires and the robots lights flickered before dimming, knocking itself over.

She then got out and proceeded to search for more by flying around. Looking at another robot, she saw it was a two point robot and it was a ways away from the same rock girl. She dove forward, wanting to get a piece of that metal. She dove towards the robot's head and then clung to it before flying off with it, plucking it straight off the body. It helped that her claws cut the wires and her tail ripped apart the suspensions holding it with a whip-like flick.

She needed to destroy more metal. Her eyes glowed purple with malice. She wanted more.

She roared in a challenging way before diving off to find some more robots to turn into scrap metal.

Later, she found a one-pointer. She dove for this one and dove straight into this one's chest, rending the insides before boring her way out the back of the robot, leaving it to collapse on the floor as she flew back up in the sky.

Four points total. She needed more.


Previously Deathstalker62
As Inanis was flying through the air, he spotted some animals near the area he landed. Specifically, insects. A butterfly, a grass hopper, and an ant. He smirked, and activated his vacuum, absorbing the three insects, gaining their genetic advantages. A pair of black/dark-grey butterfly wings grew on his back and his legs took the shape of a grasshopper. He dashed to a group of two three pointer robots and a one pointer robot, and dashed up to the one pointer, easily lifting it into the air thanks to the ant genes. Then he leapt into the air with the grasshopper genes, remained hovering in the air with the butterfly genes and threw the one pointer at a three pointer below, destroying both. He landed back on the ground and created another repulsion stream, spitting out the two-pointer parts from earlier at the three-pointer robot. Eventually, the robot keeled over from being too dented from the metal parts, and deactivated. Inanis also spit out the ant, butterfly and grasshopper from his core, as his body changed to normal. He propelled himself into the air again, high enough to absorb a crow flying in a pack of crows, and glided across the arena with his new crow wings.
"Hm.... I wonder how so many clowns can fit into a tiny car..."
Miku thought as he walked along the streets. Yes, he wasn't thinking about the fact that today is the U.A. Entrance Exam, but about that. If that doesn't sum up his personality, I don't know what does.
"I think that they, like, hollow the inside and then just stuff them all into it... Or maybe they all have shrinking Quirks.... I could really go for a sandwich right now. Mmmm, and a milkshake, too! But not together, 'cause that would be pretty gross---Oh, I'm here!"
He finally realized that he got there, a second from walking into the gates. He looked up and marvelled at the building.
"Woah... It looks even cooler in person! Still not sure if it was worth giving up my dream to become a contortionist, though. Oh well, if this idea flops, I could always go back to the circus."
He chuckled and walked through the gates, past the struggling press. He walked into the buidling and got into the line to get his identification card and the registration done. And then, a voice started talking, and it was oddly familliar, he could've swear that he heard that voice somewhere on the news. But fortunately, he didn't actually care. He just wanted to kick some robot booty and no games of 'Who's Voice Is That?' could stop him. And finally, it was time for the Practical Exam to start, and he was very eager to nail this.

As the doors opened, revealing the Ground Beta, Miku stretched his leg using his Quirk and placed it about half a block away (or something more reasonable if that's too much). He lifted his second leg and placed it next to the former. What, you thought he was going to waste his energy right after the Exam started?
"Okay, now that I'm ahead of everyone, let's see, where are these--- Oh look, a scorpion!"
He said amazed, pointing at a Medium Villain.
"Alright, time to get this guy's attention."
He cleared his throat, inflated his head, and stretched his neck upwards, giving himself a funny look.
His head deflated to its original size and the boy giggled. The shout reached the robot and it turned its head to look at Miku. Maybe it got angry, because it started to move his weird slender legs.
"Is he coming for me, or...."
The robot started getting closer and closer.
"....yup, he's coming for me. Okay, time to do my thing." He jumped and landed on the tip of his foot, his leg slowly compressing. When the robot got awfully close, Miku sprung up into the air. He inflated his hands and then joined thems, obtaining a hand made sledge hammer. He lifted his hands above his head, and then sent the hammer down on the Two Pointer's head, destroying it. And with that, he now had two points. Without his head, the robot started wobbling side to side, and then collapsed on the ground. Miku gracefully landed on the ground, his hands returning to their normal size, and then he proceeded to bow at the imaginary crowd.
"Thank you, thank you!"
He smiled to himself, proud that he already got two points. The only problem was that he needed way more, and he just realized that.
"...Ugh, this is gonna be a looong day."
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Previously Night's Shadow
Dakarai continued observing, noting the newcomers; one seemed to possess impossible elasticity while the other turned into a dragon. When Black Hole Boy absorbed some bugs and attained their natural abilities, however, the girl was surprised... and unfortunately, when she’s startled, she busts out extra limbs.

“Holy crap,” she hissed, rather loudly, before she could stop herself as her dark wings burst from her back, open to their whole impressive fifteen-foot span. She pulled them in tight so she wouldn’t knock anything over and tried to focus on retracting them. No wings. No wings. Nothing else either. Two arms, two legs, one head, no tail, normal, normal, normal...

Elastic Kid took a step that covered half a block, and Dakarai felt claws growing from her fingertips. Normal normal normal—

Dragon Girl flew through a robot, and tentacles tried to push free. NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL—

A deep sigh and a minute later, Dakarai had two arms, two legs, one head, and no extra limbs. She was “normal,” so to speak, besides the sweat pouring down her face.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Yuuki had sensed a change and out of habit had created shadowy claws on her hands, she took a few deep breaths and managed to calm down, as she retracted them she turned around and saw the girl behind her, that must have been what caused here to react, she shrugged and turned back to the screens, some of these people were very impressive, she was kind of bummed out that she didn't get to participate but at least that meant she didn't have to worry about getting in. She sighed constantly and continued to watch.
"C'mere, robots! Come out of your hiding places and greet Papa Miku!"
Miku was shouting as he was skipping through the streets... while he was stretching his legs so that he could be above the buildings, because he wanted to look down on everyone... literally. After he eliminated the first villain, he encountered two more Two Pointers and a One Pointer, that he defeated using overall the same technique that he used on the first robot, so now he was up to seven points. But it wasn't enough, he needed more if he wanted to get into U.A., and he wasn't giving up. Since only a few minutes passed, he was confident that he could get in, but he didn't want to jinx himself, so he just smiled excitedly. Finally, after about one minute of not finding a robot, he found one with two heads, a Three Pointer.
"Okay, I can work with this. Time to use the spring technique. Okay, time to approach it." He slowly tip toed over to the robot. When he was close enough he coiled her extended arm to form a spring and inflated his fist at the end. Next, he needed to get the robot's attention. Miku took in a deep breath and shouted. "ELLO MATE!" As soon as he was done, his coiled arm was released and his enormous fist flew at the robot. The robot slowly turned towards the boy, and when it finally got a glance of him, the fist was smashed into its two heads, earning him three points. Then, his arm slowly retracted to its place, and Miku smiled. "Okay, three more points. But no time to celebrate, I need to find more robots." He skipped away in search for more points.

After a minute, he found two One Pointers just conversating about the weather. Miku approached them and... he began tap-dancing like Mr. Rime, while slowly inflating his feet. As his feet kept getting bigger, the sound kept getting louder. Finally, the two robots heard him and began heading his way. Since they had a big wheel, they were much faster than the other robots, so Miku had to hurry up. When the robots got in range, Miku smirked and kicked the first robot, knocking into the one behind him. Then, he jumped into the air and landed onto the robots, crushing them.
"Two more points, I guess. Okay, let's find some more of these robots." He jumped off the robots and skipped away, in search of his next victim.
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Drayda was trying to find more robots. However, the search was difficult. She couldn't just sense them, as they weren't organic and they really didn't smell like anything until you got a centimeter away from their metallic behind. She did manage to find a couple robots but a stretchy kid got to them first. Growling in frustration, she finally found one, peeking out from a window in a building. She dove straight through the window, but was met with a fist smashing into her face and throwing her back out of the house from where she entered from.

Somersaulting in the air from the hit, she regained herself and used her wings to stop herself from tumbling on the ground. She growled and crawled up to the house's wall, seeing that there were four more one-pointers in the house in that one room. She had enough.

Despite her size being that of a medium-sized dog, she pivoted about on her front feet, smashing her tail into the wall, causing it to crack. She did it again, cracking it some more. She then did it a final time, causing that part of the wall to crumble. Dust bellowed out, shielding her movements. She closed her snout and eyes before she wreaked havoc inside the room. Destroying what she could, she left the room and looked back, seeing that the four robots were just decimated and whatever was in that room had joined the rubble from the wall.

She needed more. Only eight points.

She rushed about, her adrenaline kicking in completely. She found a very large, three point robot. It was as big as a building. This was going to be fun. She rushed head on, but the robot saw and smashed its arm against her as she made her way towards it, sending her sideways. She regained herself quickly, catching herself on a wall and jumping away from an incoming fist, flying and bounding her way along the arm that came for her and she finally made her way to the torso. Looking about, she found a chink in the armor. She clawed at it and ripped it open, slipping inside before the fist bashed her against its metallic plating. She then tore it apart from the inside. No hydraulic suspensions or wires were safe from her onslaught.

The robot collapsed as the lights dimmed once again. Eleven points. She emerged from the head as she severed it so she could be free and found another robot spying on her. She rushed at it, causing the robot to run, but it was too slow. Drayda caught up to it and sliced its head off with her wing as she continued to fly up and away.

Twelve points.

Her thrill of the hunt wasn't satisfied. She needed more than metal. More than wires zapping at her scales. She needed flesh. But no, she couldn't. She couldn't attack the students. She needed to get into U.A., or else her mother would be disappointed.

Drayda sighed, the dragon wasn't satisfied and she wasn't so sure when she could have a hunt and how long this robot destruction was going to take. She needed food.

Drayda calmed her dragon enough and convinced her by telling her the more robots they destroyed, the more food they'll hunt and the more time Drayda will give her dragon to hunt.

Her dragon took over again, agreeing on the terms and flee about in search of more robots.

Some trap robots, the zero-pointers, began firing missiles at her as she went by. She twirled about in the air and dove in and around buildings and light posts. But the missiles just kept following her. She found a few one pointers and dove towards them. She then sliced their heads off with her wings as she passed by, their bodies serving as a decoy for the missiles to make an impact with, which worked.

Three explosions could be heard behind her as she scooped up a total of fifteen points. Suddenly, missiles from another robot trap blasted towards her. She got hit by all but one, getting propelled in the air from the blast. Growling in discomfort, she saw the last missile go towards her. She dodged it by twirling to the side before she began to fly and outrun the missile. She was getting pretty close to the Black Hole Kid (@DevVoid).


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Yutani got out of the car in front of the school, his father had driven him as his mom was ‘too busy’. He stood there for a bit, taking in the scenery. His father drove away, muttering something about traffic. He held the letter in his hand, smiling to himself. He got into U.A., what more could he ask for!? The press were trying to get in the school, though were somehow held back by air. He touched the wall somewhat reluctantly, and to his surprise he broke through it. He chuckled to himself and did a slight slip into the school.

Once he caught up with everyone else, he was completely and utterly terrorised by the machines. He ran away from even the weakest ones, due to his quirk have nothing to do with attacking. After catching his breathe in an alley, he pondered about how he could attack the robots to get points (he didn’t know his mom payed for him to get in here). After a solid five minutes of thinking, he ran out of the alley to face a weak robot again. “Hey!,” he yelled,” You! Look at me!” He assumed the facial recognition would malfunction or something, but it simply ignored him, searching for the source of the sound. He laughed and walked the opposite direction. Humming to a tune, his eyes were closed so when he opened them again, he was surprised to see someone take out some robots with... large feet? He let out a rather tame yelp as he did a slight jump. Yutani finally noticed that the boy had horns of all things, which looked kind of weird, but who was he to judge... Maybe they could team up? He slowly approached the boy with a calm manner. He hoped he wouldn’t look too unlike a person, so he tried to smile, not that anyone would see it. “Hi there!,” he said with a positive tone. Yutani waited for him to respond, so he could give him more time to decipher what he was. (@Tudor21G)


Previously Deathstalker62
Inanis flew across the arena, seeing if he could spot some more robots. It took some time, but he did manage to find two large three-pointers, about the size of a building. He dove in headfirst to them to bait out any projectiles, and managed to get a whole bunch lasers and rockets after him. He suddendly stopped mid-flight, turned around and vacuumed all the projectiles into his core. " Perfect.. just what I had needed. Now.. " He said, before flying high into the sky again and taking another dive at the two large robots. He flew over their heads, firing out the missiles and lasers at their heads. The two robots took massive damage, and fell over after being struck by their own weapons. When Inanis came to a stop mid-air, he looked around for more robots, and saw some sort of dragon-lady being chased by a missile. He decided to help her, and flew after the missile. In a dive, he flew right past the dragon girl, rotating his body to make his core face the missile. He used his black hole core to create a short vacuum stream that pulled the missile right into Inanis' core. Having made sure it had been absorbed, he turned to the girl. " You alright there. " Inanis asked, in a pretty monotone voice. @Merciless Medic
Drayda looked towards the kid with the black hole for a stomach and nodded. She felt a little concerned for him, but he was nice enough to save her from the missile. It was tiring her out. She thought that maybe they could work together. She could chop things up for him that were small enough to enter his body, and he could use those to spit up at whatever enemy he wanted. Of course, she had no idea the kid could swallow other beings and use their powers.

She flew back down and found some more one point robots. She used her wings and claws to rend and slice apart some arms, which she then threw in the air towards Inanis. She then left him a three one pointers to then destroy a two pointer by using its own tail by jamming it into its central processing core.

Seventeen points. There must be more points.


Previously Deathstalker62
Inanis's gaze followed the dragon girl, as he soon used his core to vacuum the robotic limbs tossed his way by the girl. He dove down onto the street, into the middle of the three one-pointer robots she left him. He used the repulsion stream of his core to spit out the limbs he just absorbed out like arrows, at the one-pointer robots. Some of them pierced right through their bodies, and some bigger limbs straight up took off the robot's own limbs. That makes twenty points now. Accidentally, he also dispensed the crow he had been using to fly, which quickly took off flying into the air. His crow wings retracted, and he looked around for something else to settle on. He saw a small crack in the concrete of the foundation of a building. It seemed to be a spiders' nest, with a simple longlegs about to feast on a fly that caught itself on the webs. He had absorbed the insects into his core, and had gained the fly's wings and two little spider sacks, one in the middle of the inner surface on each hand. He flew back into the air again, admittedly faster now that he had insect wings, but he couldn't dive anymore. As he jumped into the air again, his insect wings gave off a loud, annoying buzzing, as fly wings usually do. This drew the attention of two two-pointer robots to him, who came charging at him. Inanis attempted to outmaneuver them, flying away from them and shooting webs at them to keep them at the ground. The robots however begun firing lasers after him, which Inanis was having trouble avoiding.
After defeating those robots, Miku was about to leave the area, but then he heard someone saying 'Hi there!' and he turned on his heel, trying to figure out who said that.
"What?" He said confused. He was sure that nobody was here. He deflated his feet and took a step towards where the sound came from. He knew this would waste time, but he didn't actually care. He walked cautiously, looking from side to side, trying to figure out who was there. But to his surprise, he bumped into thin air. Or... dirty air? He shattered back and looked confused.
"Huh? What is this?" He made a circle with his index finger and his thumb, place it over his right eye, then stretched his eyeball through the circle.(it looked like a long tube and it didn't have veins, so it didn't look gross). His yellow eye circled the being he bumped into. "Um, hello?" He removed his hand and his eye retracted back. "What.... are you?"
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Drayda watched Inanis as he sucked in something and then fly wings sprouted on his back. Weird quirk. Her attention was immediately taken as she heard him take off into the air. Damn, those wings were loud.

She took off after him, but saw a couple two-point robots shooting at him with the lasers on their tails. Growling, she had dove down to their level, using her wings to slice the tail off of one, grab the cut off tail, and smash the tail into the same robot. The robot took its attention off Inanis to fire at Drayda, who was now the bigger threat. Drayda threw the tail at Inanis before a laser shot her in the chest, sending her back. It burned a little, but it didn't make too bad of a mark. She growled as she was about to fly up, but the robot intercepted her, the laser smacking her in the throat. She then began coughing something fierce as she felt the laser nearly burn a hole through her scales.


Previously SwiftSwoobat
“Oh, well...,” Yutani seemed flustered,” I’m a person! And this is my quirk. Pretty useless one, though. So, uh, I was wondering if we could team up against robots? I need these points to actually be in this school, and I can’t actually attack these robots, so...” He didn’t mean to add they extra words on, but it came natural while he was talking.
Miku looked at the guy, or at least, he thought he was.
"Um... Yeah, that's not how it works... I think." He siad, scratching the back of his head. He gave the boy an awkward look. "You see..." He didn't exactly know how to tell him. "Um, you have to defeat the robots to get the points. Teaming up with someone who destroys the robots for you won't get you points... Or, I might be wrong. I don't actually know the rules that well. Nu the way..." He stretched his hand where he thought the guy was and smiled, even though he didn't know if the guy was able to shake hands. "I'm Miku Ashido, and you are...?"
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Previously Deathstalker62
Inanis looked back as seemingly the last laser flew past him, and saw one of the two-pointers destroyed, with the other focused on Drayda. He saw the robotic tail flying at him, and quickly sucked it up into his core. Then, he flew back over to the two-pointer, and used his repulsion stream to first send out the other robotic tail at the robots own tail, breaking the two on impact. Then, he realized he still had that missile from earlier. He shot out that missile and quickly broke up his repulsion stream as the missile blew this two-pointer to pieces. Inanis thought that he may have enough points now, but it surely can't hurt to get more. Atleast, not too much. He looked on to Drayda, to see if she was alright. He didn't express it, but he felt slightly concerned on who was bound to by a fellow student after this exam. Inanis was sure of it.
Drayda regained herself and felt her throat for a second. There was only a slight burn where it was. She growled a bit and coughed a couple more times before shaking it off. She looked to Inanis before nodding. She thought it was strange when he stood there, emotionless. Didn't express anything on his face. She'll have to ask about that later.

But there was no time to talk. A few seconds later and a three-pointer showed up. It began firing a barrage of missiles at them. Drayda flew up, causing a couple to explode on the ground. Half of these missiles were now chasing her and half of the missiles were targeting Inanis. Drayda did some aerial acrobatic maneuvers before flying towards the robot, ducking in between its arm pit and causing the missiles to smash into its arm and cannon, destroying them.

But the other side was still active. The other arm began swinging about wildly, trying to smack her out of the air like an annoying fly. She flew about, attempting to dodge what she could, but she later got smacked by the robot's hand and smashed into a wall, which crumbled as she impacted the dilapidated structure, sending her falling to the ground in a destroyed, simulated house.

Drayda rolled to get up, clearly not done, yet.


Previously Deathstalker62
Inanis had looked to where the sudden noise came from, and saw a three-pointer arriving to the scene. He watched Drayda engage the large robot and have missiles blasted after her, when he suddendly realized half of all these missiles flew right at him. Quickly he used his vacuum stream to re-direct the missiles into his core and buzzed over to the other robots' arm that had just swatted Drayda away. Inanis flew out of its swinging way and fired webs into the joints connecting the arm to the shoulder, getting it stuck. Then he let out the missile barrage from his core, completely tearing up the other arm in a glorious combination of explosions and metal flying everywhere. Inanis flew down to the robot's legs, carefully buzzed around in order not to get squashed by the three-pointer, and flew in circles around the robots' legs, binding them together with his webs, causing the robot to fall. He thought this was the end of it, that he would only have to fly to the side to avoid the robot falling onto him, but unbeknownst to him, a part of the robots' other arm that was blown up had flown previously far into the sky, and fell right ontop of Inanis. Needless to say, it gave him a concussion and pinned him to the ground in an instant. Inanis was feeling light-headed, almost as if he would pass out any moment, yet he remained expressionless all the same, despite this massive pain, he just couldn't express it.
Rin watched as the robot arm fell on top of Inanis. "Do you think we should...do something?" Rin said towards her father. He shook his head. Of course, there were always battle points to be won, but the thing was, there were also rescue points too. Most didn't know about those kinds of points however, but they still counted up to your total score. The person who had the most rescue points in U.A history, was no other than Izuku Midoriya, one of Rin's fathers close friends and her Godfather, with a total of 60 rescue points from defeating the massive 0-pointer robot. That reminded her. She pressed a grey button, and slowly the infamous 0-pointer robot came into view. It started heading towards Inanis and Drayda. Rin was on the edge of her seat. She always loved this part. She watched intently, waiting to see what they, and maybe others, would do.
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Drayda cooed a bit in worry as she flew over to where Inanis laid. As she hovered in the air, she picked up the arm with her tail and two hind claws before chucking it away from Inanis. She then landed next to him, checking to see if he was okay. Suddenly, she could feel the earth shake. She looked up to see a massive robot. It was taller than most of the buildings here. Was that the thing her mother told her to worry about? She could see it had noticed her and Inanis and she knew these things were merciless. She tried to get Inanis up by nudging his shoulder up. She needed to get him out of there.

The robot slowly raised its fist in the air before rushing it down. She got in a defensive stance, raising her body higher, so Inanis can get up and away without being pummeled into the earth. Suddenly, the fist made contact with her body, and a crater was formed at her feet, but she managed to hold it off. But she was screeching in exertion and pain. Tears formed at her tightly shut eyes as she tried to hold off the arm as long as possible.


Previously Deathstalker62
It was getting pretty blurry in Inanis' vision, and needless to say he laid motionless there, wedged underneath the robot arm for a few seconds, his eyes squinting, struggling to stay awake and not trying to pass out. It took a short while, but he managed to gather his bearings and come to his senses. He had stood up and looked over to Drayda, trying to muster a thankful expression, but kept a straight face as always. He suddendly realized there was an even bigger robot at the scene, and that Drayda seemed to be in an awful lot of pain, trying to prevent the giant robot's fist from crushing the both of them. Quickly, he flew up into the air and fired webs at the robot's arm, and awful lot of it too, sticking it temporarily to the building to the left of the three. He looked down at Drayda, and had an idea to give the dragon girl a break. He descended back onto the ground and looked at her. " Listen, it's obvious you are straining yourself too much with this. I'm gonna get us to safety, but you're gonna have to trust me on what I do next, alright. " He asked, not even in an inquisitively or worried tone, even though he was worried that Drayda wouldn't last against the robot's mighty power for long, which he couldn't portray physically, emotionally, verbally or in any other way, really.
Drayda could feel the pressure escape her back as she quickly slithered out from underneath the fist as it attempted to grab her. She looked back up at the robot, who was preoccupied with his webbed arm. She looked back to Inanis, finding his odd emotionlessness absolutely bizarre. First, they save each other, but now he wants to- what, suck her into his black hole of a stomach? Wait... That's what he's planning on doing? Is that how he got the fly wings and the spider web sacs? What would happen if he gained her power? She quickly transformed back to semi-normality to talk easier. Her scales still covered her body, but her palms and face showed no scales. Her arms and legs were still muscular as a Dragon and her tail and wings were also present, but now she can speak. Her eyes glowed a bright purple as she talked.

"Sooo, you're gonna suck me into this black hole of yours, I'm assuming? What would happen to me? Actually, we don't have time for that answer. I noticed you take on the powers of creatures you suck in. I'm assuming I'll still be alive after I escape your... Void, but how would my quirk affect you? I hope you get the Dragon bits because if you get more than that, then I'm sorry for the manifestation of another personality in that head of yours. Just promise me I'll be alive," she finished. She looked determined, yet scared as she eyed the boy's stomach. It was fascinating, yet it terrified her. She gulped a bit as she can hear the groaning of the machine behind her, the cracking and screeching of the building its arm was stuck to echoed throughout the fake city.


Previously Deathstalker62
" Every lifeform I absorb, I can take the genetic advantages and weaknesses onto my being. I assume this also works with Quirks. Any being whose genetics I use will slowly have their stamina drained the longer I use them. Nothing ever dies in my void, the worst that can happen is that you can pass out for a short while from Exhaustion. You'll be safe in my Core, trust me. " Inanis responded with total apathetic voice that hadn't changed its tone one bit throughout the whole time Inanis was talking. " Tuck in your wings and tail, this process won't hurt one bit if your additional wings aren't too big for my core. " Inanis said, and paused for a few moments before using his vacuum stream on Drayda.
Miku scratched the back of his head awkwardly and just slowly retracted his hand.
"Um... I guess I'll see you around? Hope you find a way to make points..." He turned on his heel and skipped away.
"That was weird. How do you even get into U.A. if you haven't for a fighting quirk? I mean, I guess he could distract them and then throw a car at them.... Wait, can other people do that?" These thoughts were running around his head. He was worried about that guy, whatever his name was, but he needed to drop him and focus on the challange.

Over the next few minutes, Miku got ten more points, since he encountered and defeated two Three Pointers, one Two Pointer and two One Pointers, which he beat by using similar tactic to the ones he used before, except for the time he coiled around a One Pointer like a boa constrictor. So now he was up to twenty two points. He was confident that he could get in, but wondered on what place would he be. He wasn't gonna get cocky, but he had a feeling that he was gonna be in the top half.... hopefully.
Drayda thought this was a good enough explanation, especially since the robot freed itself from the webbing and was now using the rubble caked arm to smash them with. She turned back to her Dragon form and folded herself into a ball to be sucked in, since she was much smaller in this form than if she turned human. Although, she did retract the tail and wings back in her body to make it even more streamlined, but she looked very strange for a Dragon. Looked more like a scaly frog. She felt the vacuum stream and, by golly, did it feel absolutely weird. It felt like being sucked into a lake by a stream, but it was completely 0G. A bit of her was being affected by it, and then a little more, like tiny invisible hands pulling her in. As she went inside the void, she felt like she didn't exist anymore. She couldn't move very well, but stayed in suspended animation; stasis. She couldn't breathe, but didn't need to. Her wounds and muscle aches were now a dull ache that felt far away. She couldn't see, hear, smell, or feel anything, not even temperature. Not like she needed those senses at this moment, but it felt surreal nonetheless.

That's when it hit her: the stamina drainage.

She felt all of a sudden tired. The adrenaline stopped coursing through her veins, exacerbating this. She wanted to pass out. But what if she were spat back out? Would she be awake if he did so? Well, she concluded that being in a place of nothing and then a place of everything would startle her enough to wake up. So, with that knowledge, she fell asleep to regain any lost energy, not that it would matter since the energy was being siphoned by Inanis's void.


Previously Deathstalker62
As soon as Drayda disappeared into his Core, Inanis could feel the effects taking place. He could feel the scales grow like a protective shell over his skin, feel another pair of wings sprout from his back, below the fly wings, felt the tail poking out and hard claws extend from his fingertips. He looked down at his body, and was unsuprised. His quirk, as always, drained the colour from his body, and there was certainly no colour present anywhere on the new dragon bits that grew on him. He swore, in the back of his mind, a growing aggression, a will to resort to his primal instincts rose. Though, just like his other emotions, it was drained and cleared out of his mind. All his emotions, all his colour, it was all drained into his core. He could still experience them, but never really show his emotions, or even change the tone of his voice. But this whole thing was pointless to ponder about. Now was the time to act. He took into the air and flew in a circle to just narrowly avoid the giant robot's fist smashing down on the spot where he had stood a few moments ago. He webbed the robots' fist to the ground, and begun flying quickly around its legs and feet, being able to fly quicker due to the additional set of wings. He flew in circles around the robot, rising up more and more, slowly wrapping its legs together with the webs. He knew they weren't gonna last that long, so he had to do his plan quickly. He was immobilizing this robot, and baited it into swat at its legs to try and smash Inanis, which only allowed him to wrap the Robots other hand and arm to its legs and chest. Now, he was gonna risk this. He could run, but this robot needed to be taken care off. He huffed, hoping Drayda's strength was enough to pull this off. He flew up to the Robots' neck and covered its entire head in a thick, multi-layered web. Then, he begun flying back, attempting to decapitate the robots' head, to try and pull its neck out from the body, like trying to pull a screw out of a hole. ' Sorry 'bout this, but I'm gonna need to borrow your strength for this. ' Inanis thought silently, thinking if there isnt another way to take out this giant thing.
Drayda could feel, for once, something happening, which woke her up. More strength of hers was needing to be summoned and it was being siphoned out of her. Her adrenaline kicked in, summoning all the strength she had and gave it up to Inanis as she floated in his Core. She needed him to win, to beat the robot. She will fight for as long as she can and, hopefully, he can win for her.

Hopefully this robot was worth some points. Though, she couldn't help but remember her mother saying something about a super robot worth zero points. Was this it? She probably also mentioned something about Rescue Points or Hero Points or something of the like. Would she and Inanis get these points for saving each other at least three or four times each?



Previously Deathstalker62
With a boost of Drayda's power, Inanis felt determined to take this giant robots' head off. At this point, he didn't care about the points anymore. He already had enough of them. This was for everyone's safety. Even if this is just a test, this thing can get really dangerous if someone isn't careful enough around it. Then, he had an Idea. He focused all his strength onto the Robots' head, and did something even more dangerous. He started his vacuum stream to pull up the head more. The terribly loud and annoying sound of metal scraping against eachother begun sounding, and soon enough, the sound of electricity sparking, wires being torn up.. and before he knew it, the head of the giant robot flew at him like a rocket, and he let the giant head take him away, letting go of the webbing and resting his wings, just laying on the head as it soared through the air, and soon landed on the ground, creating a big crater, and got wedged inbetween the concrete and the underground. Like an island in the middle of a dry ocean it sat there in the crater, and Inanis was out of breath. This was tough, exhausting, and he certainly couldn't have done it with just animals thanks to the concussion earlier. He stood up, and went on all fours as to point his core into the sky. He was going to shoot out Drayda first, then step aside and create a spider web bed in the place where she was gonna land for a safe landing. He already had his hands pointing downward, ready to fire the moment the dragon girl came flying out of his core.
Drayda felt another odd sensation. A sensation of being pushed. Suddenly, she could feel the wind, the nice warm air, and a surge of flying for a moment before dropping. Wait.

She opened her eyes and she saw the ground advancing towards her quickly. She quickly sprouted wings and a tail as her Dragon sense took over, using her wings to glide to the ground. As she landed, her arms and legs collapsed. She was exhausted.

She turned back to normal, her clothes looking a bit more raggedy, and she looked about at her new surroundings. Now, she was confused. She looked over to see a giant head in a crater. She looked over to Inanis and, with a sly smirk, said, "Huh, that went better than I thought. To be honest, being cooped up in your Core doesn't feel all that bad, but being suspended in stasis is weird. Can't feel anything.... Wait... Is that how you usually feel? Nothing? Or is that the inability to express things?"

Now that they had time to talk, she might as well make conversation with the guy, who saved her.


Previously Deathstalker62
Inanis nodded and sat down on the spider web pad he had originally made for Drayda to land on, completely forgetting that she could just fly. " It's my quirk. It doesn't just drain all colour from me. It drains everything from me. I can still feel emotions, but I can never just... express them. I can never sound interested, and it's been really bothering me. But, I'm indifferent about it. Maybe because my quirk is making me apathetic, maybe because I'm just naturally apathetic, who really knows. " Inanis noted, without a change of tone in his voice, and looked at Drayda, his empty, vantablack eyes looking at her. " Ever wondered why I am completely monotone. No colour, no emotion in my voice, no facial expressions. Well, now you know. " He said, letting himself fall backwards into the web. " Man, I'm exhausted from this whole thing. I wonder when it ends. "
Drayda nodded, kind of understanding his predicament and yet not being able to fully understand his inability to express emotions. Having a neutral face for all occasions must be hard in trying to make friends.

Then again, she had a knack for making friends with people of the odd variety. She looked back at Inanis, seeing his vantablack eyes. She couldn't help but to stare into them, feeling like she was getting sucked into them like she felt when she was sucked into his Core.

She watched as he laid back down on the web, talking in his monotone voice. This guy was absolutely interesting, but this must have some psychological effects, right? Unless his quirk keeps him from having those psychological effects. Then it dawned on her. How did he react to her quirk?

She slowly got up, her throat and chest looked singed but, aside from a first-degree burn and sore muscles and a large, colorful bruise on her torso, front and back, she was pretty alright for having probably passed the U.A. exams. She knew she made it. If the Rescue/Hero points or whatever they were called were a thing, they definitely had around 100 each. She didn't know how many points he had before she teamed up with him, but seeing how his quirk was very offensive, she assumed he had around the same points she had, maybe more.

She walked slowly towards him, her legs feeling like they're going to collapse. He wasn't kidding when he implied that she'd feel exhausted. She slowly, but roughly, sat next to him, her body aching. But she needed to stretch. It would help with the sore muscles later.

As she was doing some stretching exercises, she responded to Inanis. "Well, hey. At least I can kind of understand what emotion you are trying or meaning to portray, if that's at all some consolation for you. Oh, so uh... Did you gain another personality in your head from my quirk or did that quickly leave, too? How did you feel when that happened?"


Previously Deathstalker62
" Another personality. Hm.. yes and no. " Inanis said, sitting up straight, looking at the crater the robot head created. " I did feel some sort of urge rise up in me, something that was really aggressive, and trying to push me to resorting to my primal instincts. I think that's part of your quirk, right. " He tried to ask in his monotone voice. He paused to let Drayda answer and then continued. " But, that was only for a moment, before my Quirk washed it away. I can't really.. well, do anything on my own. I feel just like going with everything, letting everything happen to me that happens, be it good or bad. No will of my own, just have it dragged into the abyss of my core. Most things that I went along with weren't bad, but I think that someday, I'm going to say yes to something that'll come back to haunt me for years. " Inanis said, feeling a bit of concern, but not expressing it one bit like usual.
Drayda nodded at Inanis's question, being very attentive and paying attention to his words. She wanted to see if there were any clues to his emotions that he wasn't expressing. Hearing about how a decision of him going with the flow, essentially, will cause him to regret that decision. He sounded concerned, but his monotone made it difficult to perceive that. Luckily, she learned how to read what people say. Most don't do that anymore.

"Your words make you sound concerned. Am I right?" She waited for him to answer before continuing. "My mom taught me how to read people. She is known as Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu. Very intelligent and motherly woman, but can be a bit much sometimes," she chuckled a little before talking a bit more. "If you ever need me for something, let me know. It could be for anything. To be honest, I do have a hard time trying to understand your quirk, but that's probably because I have felt feelings all my life and had the ability to express them, sometimes when I didn't want to. I could use a bit of your perk at times," she teased. She looked out at the fake city and chuckled before getting up. "We should get back. Come on."

She gave a hand to Inanis to help him up. Not that he needed it, but as a courtesy thing, since she considered him a friend. A friend with a quirk that affected him socially, but maybe she will be the friend he needs.