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Private/Closed [MHA] The Next Generation

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Let me know if I missed someone.

Okay teamgang here's the new discussion thread. So far the RP has been going very well for the most part, but I just want to put out a few rules so everyone's on the same page.

1. Use proper punctuation and spelling. I won't name names, but I have seen examples of sentences devoid of commas and with words misspelled.
2. Auto-correct is a jerk to everyone. Proofread your posts to make sure your autocorrect didn't change words on you.
3. Remember to convene with other player(s) via this thread or by PMs to set up coordinate behind the scenes if such coordination seems necessary.

I'm imposing these rules because based on my experiences not only on this site, but also in being a D&D player for over a decade, I believe that by upholding standards we create a more fun experience for everyone. I don't do this to target anyone, but to push everyone to aspire to give their best effort.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, criticisms, post them here or PM me.

Character Bios:
Name: Yuuki Tokoyami
Hero name: Dark Beauty
Parent: Fumikage Tokoyami
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Appearance: She is 5'4" with a skinny but mature body type, she doesn't take much of her appearance except her eyes and hair colour from her father as she isn't a bird. She normally wears a large black jumper, blue denim shorts and white flats. She also has an eyepatch over her right eye.
Hero Costume: A skin tight black leather suit with black boots, gloves and a face mask that only covers her lower face leaving her eyes and hair visible.
Personality: Yuuki is usually quite happy and chatty, she gets along well with other but can sometimes become more like her father and be a bit more moody and silent. When she looses control she becomes rude and angry (kind of like how Bakugo normally is)
Quirk: Shadow Manifestation, she can create weapons out of shadows as long as they are on or are attached to her hands and arms. She cannot separate them. She also has increased speed when her quirk is active. Her quirk becomes uncontrollable in the night, she can only activate her quirk if her right eye is uncovered which is why she wears the eye patch most of the time.
Other: She got into U.A by means of recommendation.
Name: Ashido Miku
Heroname: Flexile (like exile but with fl)
Parent: Mina Ashido and some random dude she married
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Miku has a somewhat muscular build and an interesting complexion, his face overall looks normal, besides having one eye blue and one eye yellow, and having pink freckles. But on the rest of his body, he has pink spots splattered across his porcelain skin. He has curly brown hair and his ends are naturally pink. He has two thin, pale yellow horns protruding from his head, hooked squarely and leaning diagonally to opposite sides.
His casual clothes consist of an unbuttoned blue shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, some dark blue jeans and white sneakers.
Hero Costume: His hero costume is made up by a simple white mask over his eyes, a dark purple bodysuit, with a magenta chest, inner arms and inner legs and white fur with black spots on the collor, and black knee pads and elbow pads. He wears dark purple ankle boots and gloves of the same colour. He would've had some more accesories, but his quirk works better with less clothes.
Personality: Miku is a cheerful, easygoing guy who displays a wide smile on his face most of the time. Highly social and excitable, he loves to hang out with his friends, just like his mother. Even if he is very happy and outgoing, he knows when it's time to be serious. Funny enough, that's the only personality trait that he got from his father.
Quirk: Elasticity- He is extremely elastic and malleable, able to stretch his limbs and torso to great lengths and inflate body parts to strengthen his attacks. He uses this to increase the range of his attacks, able to reach enemies from a distance. This makes him a really good fighter, but his Quirk----------(EDIT: I should probably make his cousin reveal his weaknesses, if he's such a tough nut to crack). He also possesses physiology similar to rubber or putty. This allows him to jump great distances and bounce off surfaces. But he doesn't always bounce. If he is thrown hard enough, he will not bounce, but his money will bounce right into the doctor's pocket.
He actually inherited part of his powers from his dad.
Other: He'll get in because he'll kick butt during the practical and written tests in the entrance exam... hopefully.
EDIT: He usually doesn't use a weapons, but if it is required to use one, it'll be a scythe.
Name: Inanis Ireoidaki

Hero Name: Void

Parent: Ochaco Uraraka (Closest on the list to the quirk I wanted, since both quirks are present in space-)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Appears uninterested at first sight, but straight.

Appearance: Inanis is the most monochromatic person there is. There is not a spot on his body that has a colour that isn't white, black or anything inbetween. Well, except for one, but I'll describe that in a bit. He stands at 6'3ft tall, his hair is a dark grey tone, his skin a light-grey tone, and his eyes are completely vantablack, from the eyeball to the pupil and iris. Staring into his eyes would give the equivalent feeling of staring into an abyss. And you know what they say if you stare into an abyss long enough...

He has an average stature, thin and somewhat bulky. Every clothing he wears is devoid of colouring, even his school uniform. Outside of school, he wears a dark-grey long hooded coat that reaches down just below his knees, dark-grey pants, black shoes and a dark-grey shirt.

Now, the only colour on him is the very thing that makes him, him. That thing being his quirk, which physically manifests at his stomach. See, instead of a regular torso, his chest is split up into a top half and a bottom half. Each half as a thick metal plating on each end, and right inbetween these two metal halves is a black hole, an actual functioning black hole. This ties in with his quirk, which is explained below. The black hole looks like an average black hole; dark-purple aura, purple swirl that gets darker the more it moves inwards towards the center, which is all vantablack. To get an idea of how this looks, think of Seth from Street Fighter, but with that Ying Yang replaced by a small black hole.

Hero Costume: Literally all Inanis does is change into his regular outfit and only adds dark-grey fingerless leather gloves, replaces his shoes with black combat boots and puts on sunglasses. That's it.

Personality: Just like his appearance displays, Inanis is pretty monotone when it comes to personality. He never expresses any emotion, and always just keeps a deadpan, calm/reserved expression on his face at all times and speaks with no emotion or personality, creepily similiar to a serial killer whose sanity had been broken. Despite being like this, he is very indifferent to the world, not caring about a bit about almost everything. He does value friends, family and potentially love, but is unable to visibly show this by expressing his face. He can give out encouraging words, admit feelings he never seems able to show and even laugh, but all only in the most monotone way. Even his voice is monotone, always staying on one tone and never changing frequency, which results in Inanis speaking like a robot.

Quirk: Dark Assimilation - Inanis can freely control the black hole that connects the two halves of his body, assuming it isn't covered by something. He can create a vacuum that draws in things into it. If inorganic matter is sucked into the blackhole, it will have no special effect other than making the black hole in itself bigger, which already happens with any kind of matter absorbed, regardless of inorganic, organic or living. If it absorbs too much matter without Inanis spitting some out of it again, it will cause it to be too big for Inanis' body to hold and absorb his two halves into it, which creates a paradox and makes it first turn blue, then flash rapidly inbetween light-blue and purple for 20 seconds before blowing up violently, imploding with the blast radius of an average round bomb.

Any organic matter absorbed into the black hole will allow Inanis to feast on it and heal from it, drawing the nutrients, vitamins and all the good stuff out of it and evaporizing all the bad stuff to boost Inanis' body, splitting the resulting minerals and nutrients between the two halves of his body. If it absorbs a living animal, Inanis can get one of its genetic advantages and weaknesses added to his own, up to three at once, up at which point any more animals absorbed will end up being stored in the black hole and replacing a random ability Inanis has previously absorbed. Now, if it absorbs someone with a quirk, it will allow Inanis to adapt the quirk of the user, taking on all the advantages but also weaknesses of the quirk. This only works if the black hole is big enough to absorb a being, and Inanis can only take on one quirk at a time, after which any more quirks absorbed will replace the one currently in use.

Inanis can also reverse the vacuuming effect of his black hole, spitting out all that has been absorbed with the same velocity and speed it had when it was absorbed. If he spits out any living creature, animal, human or quirk user, he will naturally lose the abilities gained from them, but this can be used in a way to preserve already damaged creatures, such as other heroes. If using a quirk or animal genetic, it will draw energy/stamina from the respective being inside Inanis' black hole, which just leads to a vast empty space, soaked in complete darkness. The space itself has breathable oxygen, but no gravity or time. If Inanis is damaged, he can also spit up the objects and beings absorbed again, with less velocity and speed, which also damages him. To him, being forced to remove something from his black hole feels like one would feel like when vomiting up blood with a sore throat and a burning sensation in their stomach.

Of course, this vacuum created is strong, as is the repulsion stream, so it can take objects bigger than the black hole to Inanis. If he doesn't watch out, these objects will hit him with a strong force, especially if is bigger objects like an empty locker. His black hole can only get as big as there is room inbetween the metal plates of his two halves, up to a size where it can swallow atleast an average adult male person, after this it'll only have a couple dozen more centimetres to work with before becoming too big and collapsing into Iranis.

TL;DR: Basically Kirby but with extra steps and way fancier than just outright suck and copy.

Other: Ochaco pretty much just put him into the school, which he just accepted and went along with like he always does with things.
Name: Dakarai Bakugo
Hero name: Hydra (like the one from Greek mythology)
Parent: Katsuki Bakugo
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual/aromantic
Appearance: Dakarai has silvery blonde hair, one eye gray-blue and the other red-brown. She has a slim build that is misleading; pretty much all of her weight is muscle. She is about 5’ 6” and 104 pounds. Light on her feet and confident in herself, Dakarai is quite the formidable opponent. Her one main weakness is her difficulty controlling her quirk.
Hero Costume: A tight one-piece silver jumpsuit with black accents, hair in a ponytail, spiked choker, black knee-high boots (similar to Z-Suit Samus) Stretches and bends to accommodate for extra limbs.
Personality: Knows who she is and isn’t afraid to show it. She doesn’t care that she’s ace and aro, her main goal in life is to live up to her father’s name. Dakarai always feels pressured to give 110%— everywhere and always. Due to this, she is a total perfectionist, but doesn’t blame when things go wrong. Has a slight case of ADHD.
Quirk: Regenerate- Dakarai’s hero name is Hydra due to her rather freakish ability to regenerate limbs... and generate multiple. She can grow several legs to run faster, jointed in places for optimum speed, or several arms to hold on tight or punch. Her teeth also sharpen to deadly points when using the quirk in battle. These limbs can become useful for a variety of purposes: Dakarai sometimes grows wings, sometimes tentacles, and sometimes just claws. The main drawback is that she has difficulty controlling it, and will sometimes bust out extra limbs when stressed.
Other: Winged scapula (look it up if you don’t know what it is) (not very important but figured I’d mention it)
-Got in through recommendations
Name: Drayda Tatsuma
Hero Name: Dragoon Hero: Draykyu
Parent: Ryuko "Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu" Tatsuma and some random guy
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
  • Human: She is 5'00" (152.4 cm) and weighs 120 lbs (54.4 kg). She has dark skin, freckles, and short black hair with amber eyes, physical traits from her father. Despite her size, she is quite strong, her muscles being quite defined. There is also a little birthmark on the back of her shoulder that resembles a tiny dragon's head. Not a perfect rendition of it, but enough to give a good abstract idea. She wears tank tops and shorts with sandals. Her sandals are black, her tank tops range from a deep purple to black, and her shorts are always black. She also has a deep purple backpack.
  • Dragon: She becomes a black dragon with purple highlights and light purple spines, belly scales, and deep purple wing membranes. She is only 3'05" (104.1 cm) from draconic hand to shoulder and only weighs 70 lbs (31.6 kg) of scaly muscle. She is 4'11" (149.9 cm) from snout tip to tail tip and her wingspan is 4'05" (134.6 cm). She has a poisonous barb at the end of her tail, sharp spines from her head to the tip of her tail, amber eyes, sharp teeth and claws, and she has a very lithe appearance. Her spines can either relax and hug close to her body or tense them up so they point straight upwards.
Hero Costume: A stretchy purple spandex suit runs the entire length of her body from her neck down to her toes, with openings for her finger tips, slits on top of her toes and elbows and knees, and two huge slits on her back where her wings would be, along with a small hole at the base of her lower back. Black runs along the top side of her body and the outer part of her legs and arms. The suit follows her body's transformations, but gets pulled into her body when transforming into a dragon full on.
Personality: She acts tough and can be arrogant, but she is super sweet on the inside. She has a no-nonsense kind of attitude towards pessimism along with being naturally curious and mischievous. She won't let anyone bring her spirits down and she is a generally optimistic person, which can make her seem slightly unrealistic at times. Once she gets friends, she is very loyal and protective of them. She has very strong emotions, which can cause her to transform a piece of her body on accident. As a dragon, she loses her human logic in favor of a very strong primal and instinctual urge to either protect those she sees or potentially hurt those she views as a threat. Whoever she was before is gone, so she tries to keep her dragon form under wraps.
Quirk: Mutant Quirk - Draconic Transformation
Explanation: She can transform her entire body into a dragon or just transform parts of her body. She can either turn her legs into dragon legs, an arm or both arms into dragon arms, grow a tail, grow sharp teeth, grow scales, or grow a pair of wings that are too small for her to properly fly, but are used for gliding and shielding. She only has some control over this and can only use them when she feels threatened. Once she transforms a part of her body, she starts to act more feral. The more parts of her transform, the less human she'll start to act and the more animalistic she'll become. She can transform fully into a dragon, but only when under extreme emotional or physical duress and will lose herself completely. Rarely, she can agree with her Dragon self and she has control of herself in Dragon form. She is exceptionally strong and has heightened senses and agility when in this form, but she can't reliably control herself. While transformed, she is extremely strong, fast, and durable, but lacks in the caring aspect when she isn't in control and her skill and intelligence is mediocre when she's a Dragon. When she's human, she is very caring (if her temper doesn't get in the way) and intelligent, but she has the same speed, durability, and strength of normal humans, and her skill is a little above average.
Other: Going to U.A. exams via recommendation from her mother, who will be making a slight appearance in the first post I make.
Name: Acura Kaminari
Hero name: Azure Striker
Parent: Denki Kaminari
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Acura stands at 5’3”. He has black hair and brown eyes. He has slightly tanned skin. He also has a few shock marks near his wrists. He is commonly seen wearing a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath, blue jeans and black shoes.
Hero Costume: He dons a white helmet with two horns, as well as a visor with two glowing blue eyes covering his real ones. This helmet also contains a battery inside, which can supply him with electricity to keep fighting for longer. He wears a black and blue cloak with blue-highlighted shoulder pads and a large armored collar. Underneath he wears a black bodysuit and a pair of white armored boots. He wears blue, metal gloves with sharp fingertips. He wields a special katana which acts as a lightning rod for his electricity.
Personality: Acura is generally calm and friendly. He often tries to avoid conflicts if possible and believes that fighting is usually not necessary, but if he ends up in a situation when conflict cannot be avoided, he doesn't back down and gives it his best during the fight. When a close friend is badly hurt by someone, he sometimes gets very angry towards the attacker. Also, unlike his father, he's rather smart.
Quirk: Thunderclap (Emitter): Can manipulate electrons, therefore being able to generate, command and absorb electricity (as long as the current's voltage isn't too high), as well as being able to act as an electromagnet. The electricity he discharges takes a blue color. This Quirk runs on an electric supply inside Acura's body, so using his Quirk constantly without rest depletes this supply and will overheat him, rendering him unable to use his Quirk for a few minutes. If most of his body is in contact with water while using his Quirk, Acura produces a voltage spike and overheats. He also can't manipulate high-voltage electricity, as it's too strong for him to handle, and has a harder time stopping energy projectiles than physical ones with his Quirk.
Other: Acura has been taking sword fighting lessons since he was 13, and a katana is his weapon of choice.
Name: Takumi Akibano

Hero name:
Silver Spartan

Takumi is not the child of any prior 1-A student.


Gender: Male


Takumi has short black hair, most often combed to one side, blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin. He often wears simple clothes that breathe easily, showing his more practical side in his wardrobe more often (his most often set being a black tanktop and red sweatpants w/ pockets in warmer weather, and an added jacket for colder times).

Hero Costume: Takumi's hero costume is a cybernetic suit of armor that he uses his quirk to control (though there is also a manual override should he find himself unable to). It's helmet design is that of a Greek Hoplite's, with a long crest going around the back of the head, giving the suit it's moniker. It's sturdy, easy enough to move in after getting used to it, and comes equipped with a plethora of weapons and gadgets to give the wearer an upper hand; pulse cannons, missiles, and collapsible shields are only a few such features. In addition, Takumi added thrusters to the back and boots, making it capable of flight. The suit runs on an electric Thorium-alloy battery, with enough power to last roughly six hours. Takumi usually carries a spare. The suit itself is also strong enough to lift an extra thousand pounds and tough enough to take a lot of punishment. However, it's not invincible, and can break like any other machine with enough strain.

Perhaps the Silver Spartan armor's biggest strength, however, is it's versatility. Takumi designed the inner framework to make switching and customizing loadouts easier and faster, and designed armor sets for a wide variety of situations.

Personality: Takumi is snarky, sarcastic, and sharp tongued, but is friendly enough with others to get along. He enjoys poking fun at his peers but will also gift them with new gizmos and devices. That being said, Takumi has an impressive intellect when it comes to machines and tactics, capable of thinking on the fly and adapting strategies to come out on top. Despite this he can be somewhat reckless to say the least. He enjoys the thrill of combat as much as the tranquility of working in his lab at home or the school workshop.

Central Hub- Using a cybernetic chip installed directly into his brain, Takumi can hack into and control any machines with a computer in them within a set range. The chip itself houses an A.I., Eniac, which acts as an assistance and advisory program. He most frequently uses this man-made quirk to control his Silver Spartan cybernetic armor. Sounds like a handy ability, right? Well it's not without it's flaws. First off, all it takes is a strong enough blow to the head or high enough voltage to break the chip installed within. Depending on the circumstances, this could also wind up being fatal for the inventor. There's also the small issue that connection to whatever machine he's controlling can be cut off by a number of means, and extending the range requires more power from his suit.

Other: Even though Takumi was born without a quirk, making him the black sheep of the recently famous family of pro heroes, the Akibanos, he was born with a good head on his shoulders, and inspired by Izuku Midoriya and the works of David and Melissa Shield, decided to make a quirk for himself. So he created Eniac, his A.I. assistant, installed it into a micro computer chip, and had the chip surgically installed into his brain. Then, he got to work to literally build a new hero: the Silver Spartan. And he still works on it. It's become his pride and joy that he managed to carry himself from "quirkless nobody" to "capable hero" with his own wits, resources, and enginuity...and a buttload of money. Seriously that thing is expensive to maintain.
Name: Samara Oijiro
Hero name: Simiana
Parent: Oijiro
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Sam is a fairly small girl, standing at about 5'2 and sprouting a lithe build. She doesn't look very strong, though a quick sparring match would prove that wrong. Samara has pale skin with a face resembling her father's, small cat-like eyes with black pupil's and a button-nose. Her hair is slightly darker than Mashirao's, a solid tawny color that matches her tail. Sam's hair is thick and straight, pulled back into two perfect high pig-tails- the tips dancing around her shoulders.
Hero Costume: Sam's costume is almost identical to her father's. She wears a plain karate gi, although it is dark blue because she didn't like the way the white got dirty. Underneath the gi is a black tanktop that matches her solid black, thin boots.Sam made sure to include plenty of feminine accessories to her uniform. A pink bow replaces Mashiroa's belt, and matching bows are tied into each pink-tail or her hair.
Personality: Sam is... hyper. A ball of energy since she was a toddler, Samara never quite learned how to settle down. Mashiroa's love for training didn't help, as Samara has developed a need to constantly be moving her body. She has trouble focusing on things when they are slow paced, and tends to get into trouble from rushing ahead. Sam truly believes that she can beat anyone if she puts her mind to it- so what's the point in plans anyways? Sam is neither cocky nor arrogant, but she is incredibly naive and overestimated her own ability to handle situations. Overall, Samara is a happy-go-lucky girl who also thinks on the bright side of things. It's hard to damper her spirits, except for one little thing. Losing. Sam's not quite a sore loser, but it hits her much harder than it should. Her father hopes that UA will help her learn to get stronger once defeated rather than mope in her room for a week.
Quirk: Tail- the same quirk as her father except her tail resemble's that of a monkey. It is long and thin, and covered in a tawny covered fur. Her tail can also grow in length and act as a whip or rope, though she currently has very little control over this ability.
Other: Although it's not part of her quirk, she is extremely talented in martial arts. She is certainly ahead of where Mashirao was at her age, and her boundless energy makes her very quick and hard to catch.
Name: Minoru Mineta (yes his dad named him after himself)
Hero name: N/A
Parent: Mineta
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Contradicting his father in every possible way, Minoru is tall and handsome. Minoru stands at 6'1 and has fairly tanned skin. He has a muscle, yet lean build with defined muscles. Minoru's face is sharp and regal, with a thin nose and chiseled expression. He sports his father's round eyes but they are a lilac shade of purple. Minotu's curly hair somewhat resemble's his father's, only in it's dark color- his hair is curly and fluffy, with the top slightly overgrown while the sides and neatly shaved.
Hero Costume: N/A
Personality: Minoru strives to be the exact opposite of his father. He doesn't know his mother, so he can't quite look up to her and his dad's a total embarrassment so he just tries to distance himself as much away from his father as possible. The young boy does his best to step out of his dad's shadow, but he finds himself compared to the sticky-hero almost everywhere he goes. He doesn't even want to become a hero. Although he is the apple of his dad's eyes, the boy is less than proud to be related to him. Minoru is easily flustered, and absolutely hates being embarrassed, he simply thinks that everyone is laughing at him- it's easy to get him tongue tied or make him blush. He's tried his best to go for a cool, bad-boy attitude but it's fairly easy to see through once you get to know him. Underneath that poorly built wall is a large, selfless heart that the young man just had no idea what to do with. He wants, so badly, to be able to create his own person but he feels as though his father's image is all that anyone will ever see in him.
Quirk: Similar to his father's quirk, but instead of the sticky balls on his head he can create a purple ooze-like secretion from his palms that is extremely sticky. He can also form bubbles out of said ooze, which pop on impact and spread the sticky secretion everywhere. However, excreting too much of said fluid would be like taking too much blood out of his body, most often just leads to headaches and fainting.
Name: Hiro Kirishima

Hero name: Salamander.

Parent: Eijiro Kirishima


Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: A tall, boy with Red hair and Dark brown eyes. He is slim and has a lean build. When s.his quirk is activated he can gain Dragon scales all over his body and he sprouts 4 massive wings. He is paled skin and normally wears a hoodie and shorts. He is 5'6.

Hero Costume:His costume is similar to his fathers and he has the top half of his body exposed. The bottom half he wears a black leather haidate and a red steeled kusazuri. He has a Black muzzle on his mouth and a shock collar around his neck. His dragon scales are always activated on his arms when he is in costume. On his wrists he has two metallic bands that act are connected to his shock collar, so when he looses control they lock together using electro-magnets. He also has boots with Iron soles.

Personality:He has a huge temper issue, often getting into fights for small things. In a fight he often sees himself as a strong fighter often cocky. He is aggressive and prefers to be with those he trusts. His will is strong bit he doesn't always respects the fact that he is trying to save people not kill them. He doesn't like to hold back in a fight and will always try to win. Deep below that rocky fiery exterior is a friendly personality but only his close friends can see that side.

Quirk: Half dragon- He can manipulate the fire that he makes. When he wants he can create scales on his body where-ever he wants them to be. He can sprout wings to fly. But most importantly he can eat fire to make him stronger or stop him from being tired. If he eats his own fire he will be unable to use his quirk for a while. He can enter his dragon form were his flames are hotter and his scales are harder. The angrier he gets the stronger he will be and the hotter his flames are. His scales can survive hits from mega robots and even take shot gun blasts like they're nothing. His quirk turns his skin into scales. But he has to activate his quirk, which means that if he doesn't react to something he can be hurt. If his scales are broken he will be in a lot of pain.

Other:His shock collar is used to keep him calm, the angrier he gets the hotter his flames get so this collar helps him to control himself so he doesn't loose control. He also has a pair of fire charges, he can use them to replenish himself if he is tired in a fight. They can be used for offensive and defensive purposes. He likes pineapples. He is twins with Keiko, and will fight the world for her.
Name: Gumoto Sekkenko
Hero name: Fervere
Parent: Kaoruko Awata (Bubble Girl) and some rando.
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: His skin has a pale blue hue, inherited from his mother. He stands at an above average 72 inches (6 feet). He has a curly head of deep indigo hair.
Hero Costume: His costume is made of a special substance that can transmute to coat the film of the bubbles he creates. Normally it's a white high-collared top with navy blue sleeves and a zipper down the middle, along with baggy navy blue pants and large white boots with yellow accents covering most of his lower leg. As a support item, he has a humidifier tank on his back which multiplies the soap he produces and keeps it from drying out.
Personality: Sekkenko is, for lack of a better term, bubbly. He is mostly vivacious, optimistic, and lively. However he has a calmer side and his innate ability to read the mood allows him to tune it back when appropriate.
Quirk: Soap
Sekkenko can convert the fats and oils in his body into a soap-like substance. This allows him to coat his skin and make himself frictionless, or transform his entire body into a cloud of soap bubbles. He can control and move each bubble with relative precision, and reform in seconds. The surface of these bubbles are dense enough to support his body weight and be used as projectiles, and are hard to pop by physical means, though they are easily dried out and his quirk becomes useless in extremely dry environments. In the event they do pop, the body part they encompass takes a few minutes to reform from the moisture in the air.
Other: The soap also produces a soothing fragrance. Got in on recommendation.
Name: Kureiji Yaoyorozu
Hero name: Ecodrive
Parent: Momo Yaoyorozu
Age: (14-15) 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Kureiji is a very outward person. He has long, neat, jade-green hair that he's usually leaves the way it comes in the morning, but despite his outward personality actually stays pretty neat. He has tanned skin, and sea green eyes. He carries his posture normally, but goes exaggerated whenever he feels the need to. He normally wears a black shirt and a sleeveless, unzipped jean jacket, as well as baggy orange sweatpants. He wears black converse for shoes, imported from America.
Hero Costume: His Ecodrive costume consists of a bare upper body, save for several green wristbands on his lower arms and a pendant with several gemstones embedded into it. His pants are topped off with a belt, containing several water bottles, a first aid kit, and a pocket on the back containing a biology encyclopedia. His pants are baggy and green, designed with blue and black scarring all over them. He also wears tight black boots.
Personality: Kureiji's personality is quite unlike the restrained and shy attitude of his extremely smart mother. In fact, he goes almost opposite, being good at combat more than studies, though his mom did give him relatively good study habits. He is very robust and talks rather loud, and likes to talk and talk and talk, trying to make friends with pretty much anyone. He has short bursts of intensity sometimes, especially during hero training/work, where he shows off his true intensity.
Quirk: (Can be made up, as long as you can explain it properly, with power and drawbacks)
QUIRK- BIO-EXPERIENCE- Kureiji can create a number of living beings from his body, be it plants or animals. He cannot create humans. The larger the animal's volume, the more energy he has to expend to create it, thus needing the same calorie intake as his mother. He can also turn small objects into animals, which expends less energy but limits him to smaller animals, as well as command any animals he creates. This is as long as the animal is within a 3 mile proximity, and it's more difficult to control faraway animals. He can only control the animals he creates.
Other: Put into the hero course via recommendations by his mother.
Name: Kishi Aoyama
Hero name: Sentry
Parent: Yuga Aoyama

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Inherits his father's indigo blue eyes, long eyelashes and long blond hair, which is let all the way down to his shoulders, with a side fringe across his forehead, giving his face the same princely feel that his father had. Contrary to his father, however, Kishi is quite tall, standing at about 5"10, and with a slightly more muscular build with wider shoulders.

Hero Costume:
  • On his head, lies a blue-tinted, winged visor identical to his fathers, except the colour. This will prevent Kishi's quirk from blinding him.

  • On his torso lies a blue chest plate, but with dark blue wires running through it that glow blue when Kishi's quirk is in use, depending on the intensity. He wears two blue spherical shoulder pads, and has thin black sleeves running across his arms, with blue vambraces on both his hands, with small holes where his knuckles would be.

  • On his waist lies a yellow belt holding several bottles of water and an object that resembles a magnifying glass.

  • Finally, he wears loose-fitting pants identical to his father's, black in colour with circuitry-like, angled blue lines running across them, and on his feet are two shin-high blue boots.
Personality: Due to his stature, Kishi can come off as intimidating, but is actually very welcoming and friendly, causing people to feel safe and at home around him, rather than threatened. That being said, he can be quite awkward around others, especially females and other people his age.

Beneath this goofy exterior, however, lies a very outspoken and profound young man, who feels very strongly about 'old-fashioned' values such as chivalry, honor, and fellowship, and while that makes him look and sound cool to some, to most people he sounds quite corny, and understandably so. This often meant his circle of friends has always been quite small, but very close, which he doesn't mind whatsoever.

He can get very stubborn, especially about something he cares deeply for, and his temper is practically a ticking time-bomb, especially when somebody is being inconsiderate in front of him. Sometimes he can even be caught copying his father's notorious smile.

Gob Laser - Kishi's quirk allows him to shoot powerful, sparkling laser cannons from his mouth, similar to his father's Navel Laser. The size and power of the laser depends on how wide Kishi opens his mouth - if he opens it wide, a large laser can be fired, but if he only blows, small, tiny lasers can be shot in rapid succession. His hair begins to float and glow blue, and his eyes also glow when he uses his quirk.

As a downside, however, not only does Kishi's mouth get hotter as he uses his quirk, his whole body gets hotter and hotter. Moreover, this heat causes his mouth to dry up, practically disabling use of his quirk. Not to mention his body temperature causes his body to start sweating, thus prompting more water loss.

In order to get the most out of his quirk, he routinely stretches his mouth whenever he gets the chance. Luckily, unlike his father, Kishi's body, especially his mouth, can handle his quirk well, and his rather unhinged jaws allow his mouth to open so wide, it's actually quite scary to look at. It earned him the title 'Crocodile Gun-Dee' , which was originally planned to be his hero name.

Can also speak semi-fluent french, due to lessons from his father who was actually born in France.

Loves video-games.
Name: Tetsuma Nakamura
Hero name: Heat Flare
Parent: Neither of his parents were previous U.A students.
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Tetsuma stands at 5’9 and has black hair that sticks up in certain places, and ends just above his right eye, he has blue eyes and is Caucasian. When not wearing his uniform he can typically be seen wearing an unzipped leather jacket over a red t-shirt and blue jeans with black sneakers.
Hero Costume: Tetsuma’s costume is a slim suit of armor coloured a shiny red. The armor is layered with protective material to prevent him from overheating. He is also equipped with large gauntlets on each of his hands with his fingertips exposed so he can still utilise his quirk, he uses them in close combat. His legs are also reinforced with similar equipment. The gauntlets and leg braces are both a shining silver.
Personality: Tetsuma can be very reserved at times, but he’s very warm and friendly around those he’s befriended, he’s known to have overconfidence in his quirk, which can lead to extreme recklessness on his part. He is also well known around his neighbourhood for being an excellent cook, as it is one of his favourite hobbies.
Heat Wave - Heat Wave allows Tetsuma to increase the temperature of things he touches, he can also discharge a wave of heat in a large area, though this can cause him to overheat if not regulated properly.
Name: Caleb Anderson
Hero Name: Berzerker
Parent: Not heroes. His mother is a trucker, whose quirk didn't really take on her son, and his biological father is Muscular, a villain with the Muscle Augmentation quirk, although he was never her husband, rather Caleb was conceived in... Shall we say unusual and undesirable circumstances. Her subsequent husband's quirk is obviously completely irrelevant since he has no biological share in Caleb, although he has been an overall positive male role model that every boy needs.
Age: 15
Sexuality: Straight as an Arrow
Appearance: 6'1" tall, a very athletic build weighing 160 lbs of shredded wiry muscle, all due to his quirk letting him build muscle and burn fat literally on command. He has pale white skin, short brown hair, blue eyes. He has a face that isn't ugly, but nobody would call him classically handsome, because of minor damage incurred by untrained use of his quirk early in life.
Costume: Technically none. He goes out wearing manacles and a straightjacket that leaves his legs free, but these are purely there so he can tear out of them when he enters the fray. The idea is to evoke the idea of a primal force being unleashed as a form of intimidation and showmanship. Aside from that, he prefers to wear shorts and cheap shirts because he tends to tear a lot of clothing in his rages.
Personality: Quiet, not terribly emotional. Caleb is gentle and tries to be nice but he's usually poor conversation as his social skills are not very well developed, making him seem aloof. This lack of experience comes from a lot of time alone in prayer to discipline himself to control his latent rage.
When angry, he's unsurprisingly very different. He becomes aggressive, wild, and and almost feral in appearance.
Quirk: Berserk. This quirk is arguably a variant on his father's quirk, Muscle Augmentation. Like his father, Caleb can boost his muscle power at will. Unlike his father, Caleb becomes angrier the more strength he calls up, which has the upside of allowing him to ignore pain, fatigue, fear, and even psychic attack. The downside is that when he boosts his strength too high, his rage can take over, and it becomes harder for him to control it. At his current limit of control he can withstand bullets with minor discomfort and punch through solid rock. However he also loses control over himself and can even fail to be conscious of his actions, like a dream. This can work to his advantage on occasion, when his mind becomes consumed with rage telepathy and other mind interaction powers become harder to use on him, even being ineffective as his mind becomes like a burning iron to a telepath's touch.
When his quirk is active, his muscles bulge and his veins pop up. His eyes go wide and bloodshot.
After his rage ends, he goes through withdrawal, spending time slurring words, staggering about like a drunk. If he goes into a particularly powerful rage he suffers headaches and nosebleeds.
Ultimate Move: Final Frenzy. Caleb focuses on a specific target and goes over limit, raising his strength, durability, speed, reflexes and stamina to staggering heights. He will pursue that target with single-minded determination, only stopping when his heart gives out or the target is destroyed. In either case, he passes out from fatigue.
Other: Caleb knows he should hate his biological father, but he feels a desire to find Muscular and at least try to make an attempt at reconciliation, in light of his Christian upbringing.

TL;DR he's basically got muscle augmentation and resistance to mental attacks but it comes at the cost of risking loss of control when he generates excessive amounts of strength.
Name: Shun Saikuro
Hero name: Zephyr
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Shun is a bit above 5'6" tall and well-builed. He has green hair with black sides, golden eyes and beauty mark under his lips, on left side. His usual casual clothes are white hoodie with light green sleeves, black trousers and light blue trainers.
Hero Costume: A light blue Flight suit, brown leather trousers and white boots. Mask that covers his eyes is gray and resembles with its design a pair of wings.
Personality: Shun for his age is quite mature and kind. Although he may look like a cold person, he is really friendly and willingly helps others. He seems to dislike his power, as it can really easily went out of control and cause destruction or harm others. Shun can get mad really easily, if someone interupts him as he is doing something that needs his focus (his power, game or book. When he needs to think or study), it can also trigger his power a bit out of his will.
Quirk: Sylph- Shun can manipulate air and strenght of the wind, but its really hard for him to control big amount of really strong winds for a longer time than few seconds and his power, when it isn't controled can be really dangerous for both him and everything around him. He also needs to focus and his power can be unstable, if he is angry or when he has another kind of strong emotions going on and with some time, he will slowly learn to better control his power..

As a last line of defence, he has also air mimicry, allowing his body to turn into air to prevent receiving demage from the opponent attack. Although he can stay in that form for few seconds, it takes some of his energy to use this ability and it can be a bit painfull. This is always better than getting badly hurt, wounded or something.
Other: Shun doesn't seem to like sweets and he likes to eat spicy food. His favourite thing to do, when he have a free time to use is often a nap and he can get really mad, when someone wakes him up.
Name: Ryo Asui
Hero name: Yamori(Japenese for Gecko)
Parent: Tsuyu Asui
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Medium Skin tone, 6'3, Has Black messy hair, Bushy Eyebrows, Scar on his cheek, yellow eyes.
Hero Costume: Where's a Black and White suit with Goggles and a Half Gas Mask.
Personality: He is known to be very Goofy and Charming and due to his height, Very intimidating, which is also the reason he is good at getting discounts at Restaurants(Mostly Sea Food).
Quirk: Gecko
Unlike his mom who has all the abilities of a Frog, He has all the abilities of a Gecko.
Including, Dewdrop cleaning, Hair's on feet that let them climb on walls, Carrying 20 Ibs more than your own weight, dropping his tail in case of danger, Regrowing tail, and amazing acrobatics.
Backstory: He was the average kid, he had a loving family, he had a house, toys, food, and he had friends, and of course...He wanted to become the world's strongest hero! At least he did want to become a hero. Kids at his school would make fun of him and his power, and say things like: "Ew look at his tail, it's so gross!" or "What a freak, he just licked his own eye!" and he was starting to lose hope. But then his mom came home from a mission with a huge smile on her face. She walked up to him and gave him some big goggles. He asked what they were and she said it was her superhero goggles when she was a hero in training, She wore a Domino mask now and didn't need them.
When she gave it to him all hope was restored and he then decided. "I'm going to be a UA student and become the strongest hero ever!"
Other: He was accepted in the school for his athletic ability and how well he used his quirk.
Name: Ashikura Maniku
Hero Name: Changling
Quirk: Morphla
Quirk Description: He can change his body to look like anybody he has seen, easier with a picture, harder with just being told how they look
Parents: Two average workers
Hero Suit: Just a normal jacket shirt and shorts with sports shoes and a camera
Looks:5”3, Black hair just lying on his head covering his forehead
Athletic Ability: Fast and can jump high
Childhood: His parents tried their best to raise him to make sure he was ready for failure but is still happy for success but in stead, he is a fool who likes playing pranks with his quirk making his own success, not following others. Doesn’t give up even though his quirk doesn’t help fight.
Age: 17 due to him not studying and having to repeat. Yes he is small for his age, his classmates age in fact but most definitely his own age.

Name: Maxine Togata
Hero Name: Invert
Parent: Mirio Togata
Age: 15
Gender: Female, Straight
Appearance: Max is an athletic girl standing 5'8". She wears her shoulder-length dirty blonde hair either in a braid or a bun most of the time. Her skin is somewhat pale like her father's, but her brown eyes take after her mother. She is very driven to live up to her father’s name. She can’t stand slackers or people she perceives as not trying their best, which can make her seem like an uptight tryhard. She’s really compassionate at heart but often has trouble separating her high standards for herself with what she expects of others.
Hero Costume: Max wears a skintight body glove colored with urban camouflage patterns, and light ablative armor plates over her abdomen, wrists, and thighs. She has small concealed pockets on her waist and shoulders which she uses to conceal capsules containing her own saliva, a strange but useful tool in light of how her quirk works.
Quirk: Switcheroo. At the cost of stamina, Max can instantly swap places with any object she has touched within the last five minutes. She can extend this duration by having the object be touching something with enough of her genetic material, such as spit, or in extremis, blood. When she does this swap, both her and her target take on the same inertial qualities as the other, so if she is falling off a cliff at terminal velocity and swaps positions with a piano, she will suddenly be at rest and the piano will be hurtling downwards. She can overcome this by expending extra stamina per teleport but she prefers not to do this if avoidable. She can swap with living beings too, but only if they’ve freely given consent to be swapped with. This permission is revoked when a character actively refuses to swap, or the usual 5 minutes elapses.
Other: Max is an accomplished gymnast and a good runner, a product of an early life spent wanting to be like her father. She uses her physical training to set up uses for her quirk, allowing for tricks like flipping over somebody and then switching a cinder block in to bonk her opponent.
Name: Aika Kendo
Hero name: Twillight
Parent: Kendo Itsuka
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Aika has an atlethic body type and fair skin. She has green eyes and long, ginger hair that she typically wears tied into a low, thick braid on the left side of her head. Her bangs are split into three clumps around her eyes, and some of her hair sticks up in large tufts on the top of her head. Some say that she almost looks like an exact clone of her mother.
Her civillian attire is made up by an unbottuned blue denim jacket, which underneath is a white crop top, dark blue ripped jeans and gray trainers with white lines, and a black choker around her neck.
Hero Costume: For her hero costume, Aika wears a tight, lavender jumpsuit with periwinkle thick vertical stripes, over which she has a purple double-breasted corset, ending just below her breasts. For accessories, she wears a thin black domino mask around her eyes, and a dim gray cape that she ties around her neck with a white diamomd like gem. She doesn't wear any shoes or socks, so her quirk can function properly, but she might shapeshift her feet into sneakers from time to time.
Personality: Personality wise, Aika is pretty similar to Miku, she is really cheerful, playful and spirited, but mostly around him. Around others, she is a tad more serious, but still has her cheery charm. But ultimately, she is far less childish than Miku Ashido. Aditionally, unlike all of the previous 1B students having some sort of rivalry between them and Class 1A, Aika won't feel any resent or envy towards any of her 1A classmates.
Quirk: Shapeshifting Hands And Feet- Aika is able to shapeshift her hands and feet into various object to aid her in battle, or to just, you know, scare unwanted people, if she knows the exact shape of the object she wants with every little detail. While her hands and feet are shapeshifting, a rainbow light envelopes them as they change form.
When her form is changed, her appendages (because I don't want to repeat hands and feet again) take on the properties of that object, except for the colour. The colour is the same as he skin. For exemple, if she shapeshifts her hand into a sword, it becomes incredibly sharp, or if her feet transform into small, skin coloured toy cars, the wheels will carry her across the street.
The drawback is that, as I said, she needs to know the exact shape of the object, she can't just make it up herself.
Also, she can shapeshift into somethig see through, meaning that if she transforms her hand into a magnifying class, it will be one hundred percent functional. But, she cannot shapshift into any kind of gun, or sprinkler or whatever spits something out, unless she doesn't mind shooting out blood.
(My english kinda lacks meaning sometimes, so I could try to explain better if anyone doesn't understand a word that I'm writing)
Other: She is in Class 1B
Her mother is the cousin of Miku's father, making her and Miku second cousins.
Name: Yowai Tetsutetsu (wai for short)

Hero name: Iron tiger

Parent: Tetsutetsu


Gender: male

Sexuality: straight

Appearance: A silver haired boy, that looks like his dad. However he is quite the opposite, his hair is actually straight and combed. He wears glasses and has an overbite. His eyes are dark black and his skin is pale. He is skinny and has a small frame. When his quirk is activated, he gains steel fur and his hair is hardened and goes spiky. One key difference between him and hiro is that, he gains tusks and fangs.

Hero Costume: He wears the same exact costume as his father, but he has a few different parts. On top he has a tactical vest and below he has some black cargo pants. He wears a mask that covers his eyes and on his back he has two giant, solid ,metal poles, that curve forward. Below these are four smaller but similar looking poles.

Personality: He is the exact opposite of Hiro, even though their quirks are similar. He is very, very quiet and doesn't like to talk out much. He prefers to be alone and away from a team. In battle he is not courageous and gets scared easily, and does not like to fight. He prefers a book in a library, than football in a field. If he gets scared, which he will, he will harden his body to as much as he can and make irrational mistakes. But when he is not scared he can work as a brain for a team. He is highly intelligent, using his brain over brawn. He does not have a strong will, and will stay down easily without complaint.

Quirk: Iron tiger- He can grow metallic fur out of his body, to increase defense. The fur is made from steel, but if he eats different kinds of metals, the metal can temporarily change. He can also manipulate metal, only changing the shape of it not creating it out of thin air. This means he can mold metal into weapons or make an armor over his armor to make him stronger. He can change the shape of the fur to make them into murder weapons. But his control isn't godlike, he can't make metals float in the air. He doesn't move them, just change the shape of them. Like Hiro he can eat his respective element, but not to a great extent.

Other: He is the polar opposite of Hiro.
Name: Capri Tsunotori
Hero Name: Merino
Parent: Pony Tsunotori
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Capri isn't the tallest, standing at 5'1. She's able to cover her entire body in a cloud-like wool, but in her base form it's styled in a large bun. She has tanned skin and deep blue eyes. Like her mother, she has rounded calves and brown hooves, with an addition of curved ram horns on her head.
Costume: Her costume is a fairly simplistic. She styles her hair into a large beehive style with black lightning marks streaking through both sides. Her buttoned labcoat-like top exposes her arms and drapes down to her knees. She also has protective black boots covering her hooves. As a support item she wields a metallic shepherds cane that she can use to channel her quirk.
Personality: When shes not studying, Capri is very eccentric and whimsical. This coincides with her confidence in the capabilities of her quirk. She's well versed in physics, especially the science regarding her quirk.
Quirk: Static Wool
Capri is able to accumulate and discharge static electricity through her wool. This can range from small and painful stings to large blasts resembling natural lightning. She can also change the charge of said wool to scale and move across walls via the Van der Waals force.
As an added function of minor sheep physiology, she can ram into things with her horns and run faster than most. The wool is very effective at absorbing blunt force.
Other: Donates her wool yearly to be used to make clothes
Name: Akagi Kodai
Hero Name: U-turn
Parent: Yui Kodai
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Akagi looks very similar to his mother. He stands at a slightly taller than average height of 5'8 and has fair skin. Akagi is rather slender, though fit he certainly isn't muscular and as far as brute strength he can't compete with other students. The boy's face is round and expressive, differing from Yui's soft demeanor, Akagi's expression constantly has some sort of challenging look to it. His round eyes and large, deep cerulean blue pupils, as well as thick black lashes, are shaded by typically furrowed, thick eyebrows. His hair is slick and black, with short sides and a neat pomade at the top. When not done, Akagi's hair falls messily into his face it short strands.
Costume: Akagi's costume resembles a type of formal wear. He sports black, athletic fit pants with a white, spandex, long-sleeved turtleneck tucked into the pants. He also wears a thin, dark gray overcoat that he often takes off when the battle gets intense. His costume contains a pair of black rubber boots.
Personality: Akagi is less than amiable upon first inspection. He has a tendency to get on people's bad side due to his knack for pushing people buttons. He typically does it just for fun, annoy his classmates until they are forced to get physical. If someone has the patience to control themselves, he'll get bored and usually won't bother them anymore. Akagi is also extremely competitive and confident in his quirk's ability, he doesn't worry about the consequences of his actions and figures he can get out of almost any situation if a fight did escalate. Besides his rather annoying nature, Akagi is actually a caring person who is extremely devoted to becoming a hero. He trains very hard, and although he likes to brag, is rather upset about his limited quirk. He works well in a team environment, and once you earn his respect Akagi is very honest and supportive.
Quirk: Turnaround
Akagi can reverse the direction of anything within his view. Simply by thinking about it, Akagi can make something do a full 180 and go the opposite direction. There are 3 conditions to his quirk. First, he can't start something that wasn't previously moving- whatever he uses his quirk on will change direction with the same force and momentum as it originally had. Second, he can't use his quirk on anything that he can't see (meaning fat luck if it's invisible or a wind-based quirk). Lastly, Akagi's ability doesn't really work on living things. He can turn them around, but that does nothing but confused them and all they have to do is turn back around. Granted, he's gotten especially good at letting his opponents get close and then spinning them around at the last second. This quirk, obviously, works best for defense maneuvers, he's nearly untouchable, but he's learning different offensive tactics such as throwing an object towards his opponent, them dodging, and having it come back.
Other: He has a tendency to antagonize others
Name: Suterusu Kaibara
Hero Name: Driller
Parent: Sen Kaibara
Age: 14
Gender: Male, although questionable
Sexuality: Demisexual
Appearance: Kind of strange. (If you’ve read Tokyo Ghoul think Juuzo, if not, then I’ll try to explain.) Longish gold-blonde hair that flops down and sticks up everywhere, muddled brown-grey eyes. Long eyelashes, large, round eyes, almost doll-like. Has a thing for skin art; stitches designs onto his skin with colored string: three green stitches on his lower lip (right side), a purple string flower below his right eye, and pink stitches all down the length of his left arm. May vary throughout the RP. Otherwise, about 4’11” and 74 lbs.
Costume: A simple black T-shirt and black jeans with spiked cuffs and choker.
Personality: Matches his appearance. Seems to have no emotion. Has a pain tolerance that is off the charts. Doesn’t really care about anything. Tends to play with his prey before making a decisive strike, often resulting in a rather gruesome scene.
Quirk: Stealth Drill—anything within his line of sight, he can make spin at high speeds. Doesn’t work on living things. Especially effective with knives and other sharp objects. Can spin clothing, so watch out, or you may end up being choked to death by your own hoodie! Takes a toll on stamina after usage.
Other: Has some particular violent tendencies.
Name: Akihiko Shiozaki
Hero Name: Greenarms
Parent: Ibarra Shiozaki
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Akihiko still has the same, dark green hair as his mother, though not nearly as long as it’s not where his quirk resides so it doesn’t have any special properties. He also has green eyes and is Caucasian. His arms and legs have an odd green hue to them, which is related to his quirk, that fades in from his elbows and hands, then his knees and feet. Outside of his usual school uniform, he likes to wear varying T-shirts and pairs of jeans, complete with the same red sneakers he usually always wears.
Costume: Akihiko needs to be able to get around to use his quirk effectively, so his costume is a suit of lightweight mahogany wood armor covered in moss and various engravings, the armor has special properties that allow it to stretch alongside Akihikos quirk. Parts of Akihiko not protected by this armor include his lower legs, everything past his forearms, and his face. The armor hangs very loosely on Akihiko, except for the helmet, so he can still get around without the burden of its weight. The shoulder pads and helmet are also adorned with various leaves, giving him the appearance of a mahogany tree in a way.
Personality: Akihiko is usually described as quiet, or soft-spoken, but he can get pretty riled up when he’s angry or excited. Around people he knows, Akihiko is much more open and friendly, however he still retains some of his quietness. A hobby of his is gardening, though it makes sense once you know that it can strengthen his quirk.
Quirk: Part Vine - Akihiko’s quirk allows him to extend his limbs like vines, which he can wrap around his opponents to trap them, whack them away with powerful swings, or even use it to get around. His quirk grows stronger when it comes into prolonged contact with dirt, which is why one of his hobbies is gardening, and this effect can cause them to grow up to an extra ten meters for upwards of 3-4 hours.

Name: Lao Xienfu
Hero name: Chrome Cranium
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight (married)

Gaiden is a tall man with a lanky, but well-toned physique from years of physical training, slightly tanned skin, and a bald head. His forehead is marked with six dots. He typically wears a plain shirt under a gold silk sports coat emblazoned with silver patterns of an Eastern Dragon, and matching red pants, with black loafers, giving him a semi-formal appearance and displaying his heritage.

Hero Costume:
In action, Lao dresses with a gold sleeveless, hooded kung-fu uniform top and baggy pants tied at the ankle, with a silver sash tied around his waist and kung fu shoes (don't know their actual name, I wish I did). He carries a set of short metal rods that he can combine into a Bo Staff, Nunchaku, or use as Tonfa.

Lao is calm and collected, disciplined, and strict. He frequently pushes his students to continue improving in their own way, and sets high expectations for them. That said, he might come off as a bit heartless, not showing much emotion, and some say his training methods are quite harsh. He won't really show much care about his students' feelings at first, doing this simply for the paycheck, but he will give his everything in teaching them and doing his job. And perhaps overtime, he'll learn to bond with his students a bit more.

Quirk: Headshine - Lao's head can emit a bright flash of light to blind enemies, allowing him to take them out while they're incapacitated. He's also learned to use this as a sort of signaling tool for long-distance communication, and can alter the color of the light. Using his quirk too frequently causes him migraines, however.

Other: Born to a widow and raised in a Xiaolin monestary in China, Lao became a pro hero of his country and transferred to Japan's Hero Association because, in his words, "They had better pay and merits than back home." Since then, he's established himself as a capable member, and eventually applied to U.A. High's teaching staff to pass on his experience to the next generation.
Name: Kioshi Kane

Hero name: Swift


Age: 25

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: He is 6'4 and weighs in around 71.8 kg. He has dark, brown, messy hair and dark brown eyes. He is freckled and wears glasses, his left arm has a scar running down from the elbow to the wrist. He always has either an energy drink on his.

Hero Costume: He wears a black tactical vest with two bottle of energy drinks strapped to the front of the vest. He wears black military trousers, followed by combat boots. He wears a black kitsune mask, with red patterns, on his face. On the back of his waist he has two more energy drinks strapped there. Another two is strapped on the sides of his legs and another two is on the front of his stomach. He has a small oxygen tank on his back, used when he goes supersonic. Above the energy drinks on his back are two knives.

Personality:He is out going and always on the hunt for thrill. He is always jumping around, making jokes or just being purely loud. Some say he is irresponsible, but he cares a lot about the students and tries to help where he can. Once his quirk is activated it causes him to make irrational decisions, often putting people in trouble.

Quirk: Energy drink- This quirk allows him to increase his speed when he drinks an energy drink. This also slows down his perception of time, meaning he sees things slower. One bottle his energy drink increases his speed by 5 fold. If he has another it increases by 4 fold. The third increases it by 2. Anything after the third bottle just multiplies it by 2. His fastest he went was after having 6 bottles and going 2560 mph (3 times the speed of sound). In his energized state he can increase the speed of his punches, making them stronger. He can make vacuums of air just by moving it in a circle, he can also make after images of himself.His reaction speed is increased. He can make after images at his fastest and his healing factor increases. His quirk sounds really powerful, but the downside to his quirk is that if he trips at speed, it can be dangerous or even lethal, but that isn't a massive problem since his reaction time is also increased. But the major issue is that the more he drinks, the shorter time he has to use his power. So one bottle would last 48 mins max, then if he has another the time would be divided by 4, then another would half his time, then any more from there halves his time. After his sugar rush is over, he basically gets really exhausted from the stress of all the energy he has. If he has more than six, the end results can be fatal. He has to wait 6 hours before he can drink 1 energy drink.

Other:He is the hero studies teacher.

Name: Kiseiko Abe
Villain Name: Horsehair
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Looks like the type to be a dungeon master for a DnD campaign. He's short and scrawny, with caramel skin, freckles and kinky black hair. Usually sporting a smug, slight smile. Has little fashion sense, so settles for a baggy green hoodie, track pants, and white sneakers that are somehow never dirty.
Costume: Kiseiko adds a shaded visor and a black cape to his usual clothing. He calls it "cool".
Personality: He's ambitious, strong willed, and heavily devoted to "red pilling" the populace on the truth about hero society. This devotion can also extend to extremely close friends of his, though at the moment his softer side has only been seen by his accomplice, Koijobu.
Quirk: Parasite
Parasite gives Kiseiko the ability to release parasitic spores from his skin. If they make contact with organic matter, they instinctively link to the nervous system and take control of the motor functions of that body part. These spores can be blown off with wind, but if left on for too long they dig under the skin and can be killed by extreme heat. The spores can also sap vitality from the host and send it back to Kiseiko before dying after 5 minutes, greatly enhancing his strength, speed, and condition.
If thrown onto inorganic matter, they eat it at a molecular level and cause it to decay. The spores also stick to clothes easily, which make them easy to multiply in large crowds and such.
Other: Born from anti-hero image boards and forums online. Usually skips school to perform villainous acts.
Name: Koijobu Ito
Villain Name: Koijobu
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Appearance: Definition of a bruiser. Large and bulky, dwarfing most people in his base height at 7 feet tall. He has pale orange skin and a large square jaw. His eyes lack an iris and a pupil, and are plain white. Casually wears a white sweatsuit with black accents.
Costume: Most of his clothes become ripped and tattered when he uses his quirk, so I guess that's his costume?
Personality: Completely mute, excluding grunts and growls. His rough exterior juxtaposes with his soft personality, and he's extremely gentle and caring with those he doesn't deem as enemies. He's somewhat of a hippie. Koijobu is also a very noble fighter.
Quirk: Landscaping
After looking at a physical (digital doesn't work) picture of a landscape, Koijobu is able to grow aspects of that location on his body. For example, looking at a picture of a volcanic mountain turns his skin to igneous crust and causes him to grow small volcanos on his skin. He is only able to manifest natural strucures, so looking at a picture of a city won't allow him to sprout buildings. He is unable to control the transformation, and morphs rapidly once he sees a photo.
As a consequence of his quirk, he is also granted gigantification. His size ranges from that of an exceptionally bulky human to that of an African elephant. This comes with enhanced strength, speed, and durability.
Other: Koijobu is a hobbyist photographer in his spare time. He's also a dedicated conservationalist, and views heroes as a "culmination of the dangers of industrialism".
Name: Nozomo Aizawa

Villain name: Snare-raoh (as in Pharaoh)

Parent: Shoto Aizawa (yup the guy that taught our parents)

Age: 24


Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: He has black braided hair and vibrant green eyes. He has a lean body type. But when his quirk activates he becomes a literal mummy, his body converts all it's bone, fat, muscle, blood and tissue into a bandage like fabric that makes up his body. His eyes turn a glowing green in his mask and his voice drops to a raspy voice.

villain Costume:He wears a golden bandage mask with the ends hanging off both sides of his head,. He has a poncho and a goat skin kilt, with gold and emerald plated shin guards. Most of his body is exposed because of his quirk. He doesn't really change out of this and wears it most times.

Personality: He is a very serious man, like his father but unlike his father he is a sadistic killer who enjoys tormenting his prey. His personality is what makes him dangerous since he can be unpredictable, which often leads to unnecessary killings. He does what he wants when he wants, but most times he looks after his team mates. He like to think ahead in a fight, or for his schemes. If the smallest thing taps into a nerve of his he can go mad and end up hurting himself. But he has a strong will, unlike most villains and
won't stop till he wins.

Quirk: Cursed Mummy- This is a very strong quirk, since it has little drawbacks. It makes the user t urn some of there body parts into bandages. It turns the bone, fat, muscle, blood and tissue into a bandage like fabric that makes up his body. THe great thing about it is that he can harden some of his bandages, so not only is he hard to hit and damage but now he can hit back pretty hard. In his bandage form his strength increases and his speed and reaction triples so its hard to hit. Another great thing about his quirk is that he can make his bandages elastic, so not only can he whip you with them but now he can sling it back and hit you, imagine how strong that is with his hardening ability. But his greatest ability is how he can curse someone. He has multiple curses that range from causing uncontrollable pain, to making them lose their quirk or even make them feel fear to the point where they go mad. One very dangerous curse is where he wraps the person with five wraps of one hand he can turn them into a shadow puppet. This makes them his slave and his can make them do against their command, they will look like a misty shadow with purple eyes, but their power will increase beyond limits they have, but they will become wild. He can also heal with his curses and increase power and speed and durability for his teammates. So what's weak about this quirk? Well if you were to sever a part of his body it will be the same as cutting off one of his limbs. He cannot regain them if they're cut off. This is dangerous cause any damage to the bandage is damage to his body, so if he was burnt in his chest his organs will be burnt. A second weak point is that he cannot use his curses on himself. And the curses are temporary unless it's the shadow one, because the shadow person will break away after he is done with them, this means that unless the shadow is removed from the person using extreme light they will die.

Other: He killed his father Shoto Aizawa cause he knew the true weakness to his quirk. ( to be revealed in rp as a surprise). Also didn't think this was important but he is more like a kurogiri type of villain, he controls the strings.
Name: Norinaga Hideyoshi

Villain name: Basilisk

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Average built body with sharp facial features, short, slicked back black hair, somewhat pale skin, has a set of scars going across his left eye. Speaking of his eyes, those are the most prominent thing in his appearance, with red sclera (the whites of the eye), gold irises, and slitted pupil's like a serpent's. His canines are also longer than usual. He typically wears a standard suit and tie, as well as a pair of sunglasses to hide his eyes whenever he isn't using his quirk.

Villain Costume: While he rarely wears it, Norinaga's villain costume is a simple long coat replacing his suit jacket, retaining the shirt and tie, as well as a fedora to complete the prohibition mafia look.

Personality: So long as you don't get in the way of his operations, the worst you'll see Norinaga Katsuya is as a charming intellectual with a somewhat dark sense of humor. He has large appetites, throwing large and lavish open-invite parties, and enjoying a glass of wine and fine dining three meals a day. However, he's not above enjoying the more simple pleasures of taking a stroll on the beach, or enjoying a good book in his study, either.

Of course, if you do wind up in his crosshairs, you'll get to know the man behind the façade. Cold, calculating, ruthless, and violently domineering, he will eradicate anyone who opposes him and his gang. Norinaga is also a master manipulator and negotiator, having built up a massive following and connection network both within and outside of the criminal world, and maintaining his gang's loyalty to a degree that they'd rather die than betray him. He is also very analytical, capable of deducing an opponent's weaknesses at a frightening rate, and fighting with a brutal, terrifying efficiency.

Quirk: Petrification (Not literally) - Basilisk's quirk works similarly to Shota Aizawa's, allowing him to inhibit his opponent's movement simply by looking at them, or paralyze them outright by looking them right in the eyes. This effect lasts as long as the target remains in his sight, and nothing is blocking his eyes from being viewed. Hence why he wears the sunglasses; to prevent involuntary use of his quirk. However, the more he uses it without rest, the weaker the effects become.

Norinaga believes that the world has entered a state of utter stagnation, and he despises it, finding it disgusting that people so easily resign themselves to the same mundane cycle every day. He plans to break this stagnation by bringing about utter calamity, forcing change unto the world so that humankind's doldrum would go up in smoke, and they would continue to adapt and evolve to survive and thrive in a chaotic world of his making.
Name: Shiba Tatsuya
Villain name: Dagger
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Tatsuya is 6'8" with a semi-muscular body type, he wear a white suit with black shoes, black shirt, white tie and black gloves.
Villain Costume: Same as his normal clothes.
Personality: Tatsuya is cruel and focused, he is a merc for hire and will kill almost anyone or anything for the right amount of money. He has some standards in that he refuses to kill girls.
Quirk: Crystal Daggers, he can create daggers of crystal from his body, his body turns bone marrow into crystal so he has to drink a lot of milk as this helps his body regrow his bone marrow. When he reaches his known limit he has to stop to consume milk or risk permanent bone damage.
Other: N/A

Let's have fun!
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My thought was since you've been running Dakarai's family as NPCs you would be the one to bring the scene to a close, like either let her friends stay or kick them out, then the rest of us could post like once more to RP the remainder of the evening before the characters go to bed. Then we would make the transition to the next school scene.
Go ahead, just so long as you don't mess with anyone else's characters, since we aren't retroactively changing events we've gone through unless absolutely necessary (which it's not).


Previously Schrift007
I'm going to allow @Schrift007 and @Cryronn the Mudkip to post their final posts first. Also we have conversations involving the other players that need to be allowed to play out.

I'm ready to move on, as are @Pinch and @Night's Shadow. Everyone else, you're free to carry on, just post here to us know when you're ready to proceed. In the meantime I'll start drafting the post to set the scene on the second day.
I'm ready to move on, hiro is already at home.
@BigHoodieBoy236 I assume these scores are a result of Ashikura not trying at all? That would be in line with your bio.

Anyhow, It looks like the Bakugo Dinner scenario is resolved so now but I'm going to say we should wait for the conversations involving Samara, Takumi, Ru, Yuuki, Acura, Drayda and Inanis (and anyone else I may have missed because I'm dense as a brick sometimes) to finish, since I see some excellent character development going on in those interactions. Along a similar vein, I'd like to say that everyone's doing a great job. This sort of character growth is exactly what I envisioned when I suggested this after school period.

Lastly, I just wanted to run my loose plan by y'all. First I intend to give a "GM post" which will be purely descriptive, after which I will give Shun, Ryo, and Ashikura the opportunity to make introductions. With that done I'm going to introduce my Disaster Relief exercise. I'll give you guys the details when I've ironed them all out.
Lol I figured since the average grip strength for a boy his age is in the range of 32.6 to 52.4 kg, and throwing a ball 8 feet... I've seen untrained prepubescent boys and girls throw farther with a shot put.
Mr. Xienfu will have the standings updated when y'all get to class and Ru will no doubt be stunned at not being last anymore.

I kinda mentioned it in first post...
Shun just moved from another country and he took his test back there, but he isn't able to compare his results with the rest so.. He probably won't be added to this ranking
Okay y'all I've got something for you guys to think about. My idea for this exercise is somewhat similar to the exam in the manga/anime, but this time the expectations are somewhat lower and instead of live subjects, our heroes will be rescuing human sized robots with rudimentary programming to behave in an approximation of a panicked civilian. The class will be in Ground Alpha, which this time is set up to look like a city subjected to a powerful earthquake and tornado simultaneously (hey, if you can deal with something this improbably bad, you should be able to deal with lesser issues, right?). The students will be instructed to split into teams of three and get as many of the fake civilians out of danger as possible within the time limit (probably about 30 minutes in character time). We'll be selecting teams ahead of time on the discussion thread.

Does anyone have any questions, concerns, criticisms before we go forward? Because if so I'm willing to hear them.
Okay y'all I've got something for you guys to think about. My idea for this exercise is somewhat similar to the exam in the manga/anime, but this time the expectations are somewhat lower and instead of live subjects, our heroes will be rescuing human sized robots with rudimentary programming to behave in an approximation of a panicked civilian. The class will be in Ground Alpha, which this time is set up to look like a city subjected to a powerful earthquake and tornado simultaneously (hey, if you can deal with something this improbably bad, you should be able to deal with lesser issues, right?). The students will be instructed to split into teams of three and get as many of the fake civilians out of danger as possible within the time limit (probably about 30 minutes in character time). We'll be selecting teams ahead of time on the discussion thread.

Does anyone have any questions, concerns, criticisms before we go forward? Because if so I'm willing to hear them.

Maybe add some “villains” that are making the disaster, if that sounds ok.
That's an interesting idea. I do have a reason for not including them in this scenario. Part of my thought process was to have an exercise that had to be worked through creatively, with thought and care, rather than simply by fighting harder. That and now that I think about it, adding villains would make this scenario possibly quite confusing.

I'd be open for a counterargument but the window for discussion will only last until everyone declares readiness to move on, because once that happens I have the narrative post prepped and ready to go.
I'm a-ready to move on.

Also I really like the idea, and I think the groups shouldn't be made with people that were teamed with/fighting against the characters in the last test. So to avoid having too many people have the same teammate again and again. It's not infallible, there's bound to be some overlap if we regard the opponents into the equation, but it works a little.
I was ready to move on for quite some time now.

But anyway, I don't know if the Exercise will happen the next day, or if we would have time to do some more interactions between the characters. We could just skip over them, but then it would be more confusing, like what impression did one character got from another.
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Previously Schrift007
That's an interesting idea. I do have a reason for not including them in this scenario. Part of my thought process was to have an exercise that had to be worked through creatively, with thought and care, rather than simply by fighting harder. That and now that I think about it, adding villains would make this scenario possibly quite confusing.

I'd be open for a counterargument but the window for discussion will only last until everyone declares readiness to move on, because once that happens I have the narrative post prepped and ready to go.
Can we add a "bomb" like to be a timer.
I was ready to move on for quite some time now.

But anyway, I don't know if the Exercise will happen the next day, or if we would have time to do some more interactions between the characters. We could just skip over them, but then it would be more confusing, like what impression did one cbaracter got from another.

I think this is a very good point. Would anyone be averse to something like this? Here's my thought: interactions not necessarily bound to a concrete scenario, a montage of sorts.

For instance (and this is was picked arbitrarily) Samara, Caleb and Yuuki could have a conversation during say, the Tuesday of the second week (again this was chosen arbitrarily), while Ru and Gumoto have a conversation during a different time. The point being that we wrap our interactions into a time skip of sorts, and our characters emerge on the other side with a better understanding of their classmates.

Again, C&C are welcome.