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Private/Closed [MHA] The Next Generation

Name: Koji Hirai
Hero Name: Proteus (Pro-t-us)

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Slightly above average in height, with a moderately athletic build. Fair skin peppered with scars of varying sizes.
A thick head of wavy, burgundy hair, that’s a longer-medium in length. It’s messily pushed back to keep his bangs out of his face, causing them to loosely frame his face.
Almond-shaped, amber colored eyes. Large and inviting in appearance- though this is almost always offset by a slightly skeptical looking furrowed brow.
After shredding up the arms of two long-sleeves, Koji started accounting for the potential need to use his quirk ik everyday life; opting to typically wear lighter-fitting clothes like sleeveless shirts, shorts and sandals. Can’t shred his sleeves if he doesn’t have any.
Hero Costume: The first thing one might notice about Kiki’s costume is the fact that it’s very…plain.
Koji wears a plainly design titanium chest plate with large gauntlets and plated boots. He leaves his shoulders and upper arms bare for easy maneuverability and his legs are covered by a pair of black, paramilitary-style pants.
The only thing really notable on his person were two dark-brown, leather pouches affixed to either of upper hips.
These large, rectangular pouches each held a three slabs of various material Koji might need in combat, such as glass, rubber, aluminum, etc.
Each slab is just big enough to completely transform on of his hands.
In the case of an emergency, Koji can absorb his armor to turn a large portion of his body into titanium.

Quirk: Assimilate - Koji has the capability to absorb solid matter and transform his body into said matter.
I.E. if he absorbs a tree he’ll be made out of solid wood, rubber tires he’ll be solid rubber, etc; gaining all of said items physical attributes, resistances, durability, etc.
Despite being capable of turning into objects as solid as rock, all of Koji’s joints retain full flexibility and his body naturally acclimates to the weight/density of any given material, allowing him to retain all of his mobility.
He’s recently been learning to absorb an excess of material which he can then use to transform his limbs into various melee weapons such as axes and hammers. Though this power is still in its early stages and constructs aren’t very easy for him to form.

While his quirk is powerful, it does come with its share of limitations. For one, his ability to absorb relies on equivalent exchange, meaning the volume of material he absorbs has to be at least equal to his body if he wants to fully transform. If he only absorbs a portion of material, he’ll only be partially transformed.
I.E. absorbing a baseball bat would likely only turn his right arm into wood.
What’s more, when he wants to deactivate his quirk, he can’t simply flip it off like a switch. The material must be removed from his body, but this doesn’t happen gently; said material is ejected from Koji at an incredibly high speed, often causing the boy himself to be sent flying backwards from the kickback.
He has been working on this but he’s still sent flying if he ejects material from his entire body all at once.

Parent(s): Koji’s father is a pro hero and his mother is her sidekick (both ocs) who teamed up with one another long before their relationship began.
His father, Hijiro, is known as ‘Terra-Trooper’ and possesses a power quite similar to his sons. He can absorb and transform into solid matter, only he’s restricted to earth-related material such as rock, wood and crystal.
His mother, Keiko, is known as ‘Nullify’ with allows her to absorb and destroy various types of energy on contact. This could be used for many things such as stopping a forest fire by draining the thermal energy from it to slow-falling by destroying the kinetic energy produced by her own body.

Personality: Koji is a pretty friendly guy, willing to make conversation with nearly anyone and everyone he meets. Though it would be unwise to let this friendly demeanor fool you. Koji is kind, yes, but also very cynical. The young man prefers to make light of most situations, determined to prove he won’t be phased by the big, intimidating world that lies ahead.
While most of these traits could be seen in a positive light, Koji is still very naive. Sometimes he doesn’t know when a joke should end, nor does he realize when he’s pushing on someone’s buttons. Because of this, he often finds himself in rather sticky situations.
Thankfully, the young man’s experienced parents provided him with the wit and tactical advantage to get himself out of nearly any situation he may end up in.
Backstory: To be revealed.

I got permission from @Hogzilla to post this.