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  1. Sharksuitguy17

    Palette Swap Requests

    Welp, here it is. Quarantine got me bored and I need something to keep me sane during these times, so I've taken up spriting in the past 3 months! One type of spriting I found I really like is recolouring, specifically palette swaps, where you take the colour scheme of a Pokemon and put it and...
  2. PokeStorm

    Looking for Pokemon to draw...

    Hey everyone! I've recently been enjoying making artwork here on Pokecharms and I'm looking for things you want to see. The only rule is that it has to be Pokemon related. Pokemon, trainer, I don't know if I can do fusions yet, but I can try... This is my request schedule: Emolga (by...
  3. SquirtleLover

    Squirtle's Fusions Shop

    Hey there :) I decided to do some requests for Fusions! If you want a Fusion made for you, just tell me below. Please bear in mind that, because I am also a human being, the things I make take time, and because I have (believe it or not) a life, it might take even more time. I have the right...
  4. ~Rinko~

    Princess' Request Palace! [CLOSED TEMPORARILY, DO NOT POST]

    Hillo all! I'm here and ready for some requests! First off, some rules: 1. I won't draw anything nsfw, I can draw things like minor scratches, bruises, etc., just nothing too excessive. 2. I can draw humans/humanoids, but they will take much longer and I will take less human/humanoid requests...
  5. Shrine

    Ask me to draw stuff!

    hey my hecklets In this thread, you can request anything you want, Pokemon or not. I can't promise I'll get around to everything though. OKAY YOU CAN GO NOW (or stay and ask me to draw stuff!)
  6. CallCat

    Sprinkle's Art Reguests.

    Hoi, want me to draw you something? Then you came to the right place, before we begin, please read the rules listed below so that everybody is happy, thank you and come again. :) ~Rules~ -Do not rush me, art takes time. -No inappropriate requests. -Must be Pokémon related (Such as OCS, NPCS, or...
  7. sheeparoos

    Awney's Request Market

    Heya guys! I'm always looking to spruce up my art skills!! So I thought I would open up requests. I can and will turn down requests if I believe I cannot draw a good quality picture for it I cannot draw humans They might take a while because I am a college student and I have other art...
  8. N314

    I take sprite requests

    I take sprite requests. I just like editing sprites but I need requests. This is an example of what I can do: My DeviantArt: https://chaosneia.deviantart.com/ (ChaosNeia on DeviantArt)
  9. IvanDragwlya


    Howdy! My name is Ivan. I love drawing, so if you want you can ask me to draw something for you! I´ll draw anything you want, so feel free to ask!
  10. Tamazarokon

    Diamond's Request Booth!

    I'm finally willing to take requests! Yay! Since I have too many things to do this summer and since I'm kinda lazy I'm only opening three spots. Sorry. But hold it! That doesn't mean you can't tell me your request if the request board is full! I'll also have a hold board up. This means I have...
  11. Puglife2509

    Requests and more

    I am open to requests in sprite re-colouring and fusions but I can only do up to generation 5. I can come up with names for a specific character if you give me the information/art! I will try get things done as soon as possible. And I can do many more things you want as long as its not to...
  12. project07

    Requests for Trainers and/or Gijinkas!

    Hey. I uh...I still have requests open. You know, hit me up with a character you want. Can't do anything more than what's been put up on here. I have SAI now, so these will be done digitally through a sketch format, lol. Here are the rules, so please follow both them and the request rules...
  13. Cerol24x

    Pixel universe of Cerol's requests

    Howdy. My name is Cerol. You got on my page of requests. You can write here any pokemon you want... But there are exceptions. 1. Fusions. 2. Final evolutions (I have piece of paper, and pencils... I can't draw final evolutions, of some pokemons, because they are too big) 3. Something that...
  14. YamiVolcarona

    YamiVolcarona's Art Request Thread

    Well, I already put this on my profile, but I can do requests, as long as you don't care when I get them done. I have a lot of stuff in my personal life (like a job and swim team practice), so I may not get it to you in a timely fashion if it is complicated enough. However, I love making stuff...
  15. BonslyJuice

    8-Bit Requests

    Alola, everyone! (Prepare the cringe syringe) I'm doing a request thread, and I can do any pokèmon (wihtin reason; not too much detail) as an 8-bit character. The space is 32x32 pixels, so it can only be one object/character/pokemon, and if you have a request that isn't a mon, feel free to ask...
  16. BonslyJuice

    Mythical Creatures Requests

    Hey, everybody! Anyone who wants me to draw them some kind of mythical creature or something like that can ask me here. If you made up your own, I can do that, too! ^^ Just comment a decent description!
  17. BonslyJuice

    Art Requests

    Hey, how's it going? I'm Potato, and I'm here to ake your ideas into reality! I'm somehwat limited and varied. Here are the things that I mainly do: - Megas/Primals (Can give me ideas for abilities and moves, in addition to looks) - Fighting Scenes (longer wait) - Characters from RPs (require...
  18. Anchiale

    Anchiale The Muse - Sprites and Stories - Open

    Hi and welcome to my thread! If you couldn't already tell, this is for sprites and stories. I will take two requests for stories and two request for sprites, but mind that I take my time in building plot and story, or brainstorming and researching detail on characters. Also, when you get your...
  19. Evenir

    Evenir's Art Requests!

    Hey there! So I need a good push to get myself drawing more, so I'm hoping some requests will encourage me to get the juices flowing~ I prefer mainly to draw Pokemon, as they have some weird and different forms that give me more variety and fun things to do, however I can draw Gijinka as...
  20. Lily Streetpass

    Mii face making requests

    I'll make a mii for you. Just post the characters face and I'll make on mii makes and give it to you.