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role play

  1. alolangamer

    Ask to Join A JOURNEY Through ALL generations

    You will be a trainer starting your adventure you can be a trainer of the generation that you want one or more trainer in each generation have to choose their starter and like the game they have to capture pokemons, battle with trainers and receive badges for battle with the elite four and then...
  2. Prof. Galeun

    Open Scoria Foundation [Neutral Team] Discussion

    Scoria Foundation “To make a Continent, to Make Are Own Home! To Build a new Future for us, To Study Pokemon to Move us forward:” “Together!” -Prof. Galeun Description: For Centuries we lived under the Rule of our Government and their unchanged ideal making choices that benefit them over us...
  3. Dunwalde

    Open Adventures of Sinnoh! RP Discussion Thread

    Hello, I am interested in running a Pokemon adventure RP based in the Sinnoh Region! The entrance to said RP will be this: Professor Rowan has sent out invitations across the world for young trainers to partake in a Pokemon adventure! You are one of these trainers for now I will have 5 slots...
  4. Orange Book

    Open Humble Beginnings

    Sitting cross legged with her lab coat hanging wide open, Professor Grove took in a deep breath. It was the dawn of a new generation for Oldale Town of the Hoenn Region. In a matter of moments, the three Pokémon she had taken care of over the past few weeks would be chosen by three up and coming...
  5. Teapot

    Sun and Moon, Pokécharms, and You!

    As of now, Pokémon Sun and Moon are starting to roll out across the world, and some of you lucky folks will be beginning to pick up the games very soon. As a result, we wanted to make you all aware of the new policies regarding Pokémon Sun and Moon, and what's currently allowed and banned on...
  6. The legend of pika

    Open Amtro Region Travels!!

    Welcome to the Amtro region, where anyone can be anything. Sign up and ask questions at: http://pokecharms.com/threads/amtro-region-travels-sign-ups-and-discussion.14315/ you have signed up, come and play...
  7. D

    Open Pokè-pocalypse (features gore and violence)

    A virus has been spreading throughout the world, affecting humans and Pokémon alike, the cause of the virus is unknown, but it is said that upon being infected with the disease, they will go through three stages, which go as follows: Stage 1, lasts 3-4 days: the victim of the disease will...
  8. Neurotoxin

    Ask to Join Creepypasta RP (OC's welcome)

    Rp chat for Creepypasta
  9. Peachy Ace

    Image in Forums

    For some reason, I try posting a picture using the Image Button on the Forums. After I'm done, the Image dosent display. I can't access it as a link either. I'm hoping that this is a bug, and can be fixed.
  10. Neopolitan

    Ask to Join 14th Hallow Street Discussion Thread

    Yo. Post characters and questions for the 14th Hallow Street role play here. Character restrictions and other details are in the thread itself.
  11. Neopolitan

    Ask to Join 14th Hollow Street

    (OOC) This role play is considered a supernatural setting. You may make a character with super abilities, as long as it fits within the role play guide. Restrictions: no overpowered tech – Iron Man like suits aren't allowed. Cybernetics aren't allowed as well. Setting: In modern day Hollow's...
  12. Moanna

    Tips for making a new character?

    Hello, I'm new to the site and would love to interact with the role play community, but I'm unsure of where to go to post my character's bio or how to get started. Any advice, or links to how to's? The help is very much appreciated! ♥ Moanna
  13. TrappedNutCase

    Ask to Join Poke-Kingdom

    http://pokecharms.com/threads/possible-poke-kingdom-roleplay.13134/#post-262417 (Possible Poke-Kingdom RolePlay?) ((Check out the discussion to ask please)) Flarey looked out the castle window, and out on her Kingdom. She smiled softly at the peaceful outlook. It was true, the kingdom where...
  14. Drake Tyban

    Undertale RP?

    Considering making a Undertale RP, wanted to take stock to see if anyone is interested. If so PM me or leave a comment below.
  15. _Umbreon_

    Private/Closed The Shelter

    "Permision to investigate area, 3204?" Rye asked throught his Walkie Talkie. "Permission granted 2194." Said a voice back through the Walkie talkie. Rye stepped out of his police car, branding a Pistol. He hoped he would never have to use it, but due to the increase of Illegal modification...