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Ask to Join All Righty Folks, Here’s To Whitesnake High School! (Rp)

Daniel pulled himself back upright from his more lanky, stressed, hunching position that he had taken after his attacks. He saw Kitty approach him and extend her hand, though didn't panic because of the little adrenaline rush he'd had during that fight with a pretty durable opponent. "Mmmm, sorry, I don't think I'll be able to reciprocate the handshake, my hands are burned all the way to hell, and I can't tell if they're hot anymore or not, but good match nonetheless!" He attempted a smile in place of the handshake, beginning to fan his hands in the air in order to cool them off, before saying a goodbye and heading back inside the building to get some kind of healing solvent for his lower arms from the medical bay.

Celia watched the end of the battle with a huge grin on her face, glad that her brother was able to pull the clutch. She turned to Samal and gave a small huff, gesturing to the field. "Well? Shouldn't you be going for your match? Hmph, you were so obvious, I can't believe your surprise worked." She spoke, though it wasn't much genuine anger as it was sarcasm. She turned her head again to Val once Samal had peaced out, and smiled. "Well, good on him, right? At least public humiliation didn't happen! And don't worry about him, he'll only be hurting after he gets healed up for a few hours, in case that was something you were concerned about."
Flynn was bored at the fights,it's not that they were boring, it's just the 2nd time he saw them, which makes them pretty boring. He Stretched,and decided to get some lemonade. He grabbed a straw and put it in the lemonade. He sat back down for the next fight, and decided not to see the future for it, for it to maybe be exciting. He begun to focus while sipping his lemonade.


Previously Night's Shadow
Val looked like she was trying to hold in her laughter as Celia sarcasm-scolded Samal. (OOC: because yes, that’s totally a thing now.) BIC: She let out said laughter in agreement with Celia’s statement about public humiliation. “Yeah, at least. I hope he’s not hurt too bad, though.” When Celia reassured her, she smiled and leaned her head back. The person whose legs she was leaning against shoved her off. “Oops. Well that’s a relief. Samal, go kick some ass out there, too!”


Previously Deathstalker62
Gareth had been watching the battle this entire time, and despite not liking fighting himself, he did see the appeal in watching others fight each other. Especially when it comes to people who have special gear or powers to their side. Though, the battle was now over, and it seemed this boy named Daniel won. Seeing as there was some intermission between this fight's end and the beginning of the next, Gareth decided to exit the gym to get himself a snack.

After looking around for a bit, Gareth decided to settle on just a branch full of leaves, laying below a tree. Maybe it wasn't much for his stomach, but atleast he could enjoy it more now than he could with his original size, in which he could just throw the whole thing down his gullet and be done with it.

Having cleaned the branch of the dirt and debris on it, Gareth walked back to the entrance of the gym, biting off one of the leaves from the branch. Some people that were exiting and entering the gym gave him strange looks, but it was nothing Gareth wasn't used to. Gareth decided to just eat then and there and get back into the gym only once he was finished with the branch.
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Previously Gamingfan2
(OOC: Apologies, spent the weekend in vegas and didn't have much time to post. Anyway have a trickle of posting CPR)

Samal cheered loudly as Daniel finally managed to win, letting go of the air he was holding in the process. He was about to get up to go congratulate him, but Celia's reminder stopped him in his tracks.
"Oh geez. Right, gotta go." Samal hurried morphed his arms into a pair of pigeon wings, and jumped off his seat, proceeding to glide down semi-gracefully.
"Give Daniel my congrats!" he called to the girls.
Luckily, he managed to glide right onto his side of the battlefield without crashing, where he rose his wings dramatically and posed as he waited for his opponent.
If there was anything he planned on doing in this fight, it was to hype up everyone as much as possible.
Professor Eterna, even more annoyed now at the growing amount of swap outs he was being tasked with bringing in, scanned the crowd, before finally spotting the person he was wanting to see. He trudged over to him, and looked at them with narrow eyes. Flynn, was the name of this kid, so he'd been told. Rumor around the staff was that his parents dumped him here to get rid of him... he'd discover that for himself. "Ehem, Flynn, yes? I need you to swap in for a missing-in-action student in this next match. You can deny, but it would be a massive hassle... But the opponent is already waiting, so I hope you'll consider swapping in..." he yawned softly, turning to Nero, the boy stood next to Flynn, who was absolutely prepared to step in if Flynn denied.

Daniel stepped outside the arena. Even though the whole arena was open-roof, with so many people it still felt stuffy, so he stepped outside to get some fresh air. Sucking it deep into his lungs, he saw a strange shadow, turning his head, finding a large-bodied human in his sights. He saw the giant eating a branch, and while relatively confused, it's not like he wasn't used to it, seeing people with strange shapes and sizes, those kinds of powers were pretty common. He stepped up closer to him, and gave a small wave to Gareth, his still bruised arm looking quite ugly to say the least.

And finally Celia looked at Samal make his rather unorthodox entrance, as everyone else had waited in the hall and came out when their name had been called, but seems Principal Adrianne didn't care, so Celia didn't yell at him. She huffed, shifting around uncomfortably in her seat, bored out of her mind. "Ughhh, I'm BORED... Vaaaal, talk to me about something pleeeease?" She asked, her voice an uncomfortable huff, as her hands lie loose on her knees.


Previously Night's Shadow
“Uhm... okay...” Val said, surprised, as she wracked her brain for an interesting topic that didn’t involve winged creatures. She doubted Celia wanted to hear about the biology of the wing or some random bird facts. Being a very introverted person, she found it difficult to talk for the sake of talking. “Uhhhh... let’s see... we could play chopsticks, or, um... truth or dare? Would you rather? Any other random games? Or I could give you some random bird trivia, haha...” She trailed off into a sheepish laugh. “I’m probably not the best at coming up with topics... although I guess it could be fun to talk sometimes...”

(OOC: lol Val’s not the super introverted one here, I am XD I can’t come up with any topics so whatever lol)


Previously Deathstalker62
It did feel kind of weird, being only 7ft tall instead of the usual 14, but atleast now, Gareth felt kind of normal. ..Well, as normal as one can be, just.. eating the fallen branch of an oak tree. Well, while it did draw some attention, it seemed like a person who had just stepped outside approached him. Upon just a brief closer look, Gareth realized this was that Daniel person from the fight before.

Gareth returned the wave, lowering the branch as to not just keep eating infront of this stranger. " Oh, you're that guy who was fighting that girl earlier.. " Gareth said, when he noticed Daniel's Arm and raised an eyebrow, glancing at it. " ..hey, is your arm alright? It looks kinda.. uh.. bad. "

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
You could either find Tiberius in three different places to help out, Today he's at the school clinic helping other people who fought in the gymnasium by healing them with his third style. He had told the others there that he'd go over to the gym to see if there were more people needing help. He noticed two fellow classmates, The other one with a bruised arm. Walking up to them, he inspected the boys arm. He didn't touch it, He just looked at it. Then burst out some words from his mouth. "This'll hurt a bit cause it's poison, Don't worry. I've done this before" A purple liquid had just been created from his fingertips, Then another set of words had been spoken. "Are you ready?"