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Ask to Join All Righty Folks, Here’s To Whitesnake High School! (Rp)

Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/hey-...power-school-rp-discussion.22190/#post-847298

Hello there! This is your acceptance letter into the School- Whitesnake High School for Superpower Training, California! No matter your future course, we’d be happy to let you come and join in on our agenda! We know all of you will be great students! Post your acceptance approval to us by July 25th, 20XX, and we’ll see you on September 5th!

lots of excitement-

Principal Adrianne


The morning was fresh, as the waning summer breeze flew over the large city of Recapis, California. (That’s a made up city by the way). However, the main focal point was the school, the campus of Whitesnake High School..! After dropping off their things at the drop off point, the new students were driven to the entrance, and funneled from their cars after saying their final goodbyes. They were headed for the gymnasium, where the Freshmen would be singled out for Orientation, while the other grades would have their opening ceremony elsewhere...

Among the people in the large crowd stood the siblings- Daniel and Celia Frisk. They looked around at the crowded and packed area. They’d said goodbye to their mom, dad, and younger sister, and were nervous of the start, slowly being funneled into the gym.

“Here we are...” Daniel murmured as he and his sister were stuck on a seat in the large gym, looking around at all the loud conversations. “Heh, it’s a new step all right... this is definitely gonna be super duper fun!” Celia exclaimed, Daniel giving her a smile. “I hope you’re right... hehe...” he softly remarked, before stretching in place and yawning.

The school year was just beginning.


Previously Night's Shadow
Valkyrie Donn spread her wings and leaped off her roof. The thermals were warm, and white pillars of clouds rose from them. But today, Val wasn't out for a morning flight. She had to get to school. She had built up quite a lot of altitude on the short flight, and people were already heading into the gym, so she prepared herself for a steep dive at about a hundred miles per hour from maybe a mile up. She flared her wings to brake before she could become a pancake, and headed to join the rowdy pack of freshmen.
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Adrian had arrived along with the many, many... many others along with his family, his mother, his father who expected too much from him and his supportive and caring older sister who gave Adrian a loving hug. "Do be careful while you're there, Adrian. I can't bear to hear you getting hurt." She said, Adrian smiled and hugged back. "Lisa, I'll be fine." Adrian replied before he gave his family one last look, put his hood up to keep some of the sunlight off of him and began to walk over to the school and the gymnasium along with everyone else. He wasn't exactly the most eager person to be going to school, but he heard this one had great promise.


Previously Gamingfan2
"S'cuse me! Pardon!" Samal apologized as he dodged and weaved along the crowd. Some people complained, others just got out of the way. He heard someone gasp and say "Ack! Wolf!"
Well....kinda he thought sarcastically
He was running on all fours, his arms and feet changed to wolf legs for maximum speed. He wished he could change his arms to wings-flying would be so much easier-but he still had to get used to flight. His shirt and pants were one size too big for him, which allowed his wolf limbs to avoid ripping them.
It'd suck if he made it to school with a plethora of injuries, and even more if he was naked.
Luckily, he made it, without anything hurt or damaged and with his clothes in perfect condition. Just sore hands, and itchy sleeves. He changed back, put on his shoes, and walked to the school
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Daniel sat and listened to the chaos as he saw many people enter the gymnasium from all different angles. He was slightly intrigued by the female who came down from the sky in a shockwave before entering the building. He smiled, and shivered a bit. It was a little cold in here...

Nothing he couldn’t fix though! His body began to exude a pale, Aqua blue aura, and he felt the warmth return to his body once more. Some people noticed, but it’s a superpower school so what the heck.

Celia sat around too. She figured if anyone wanted to talk to her or Daniel they would approach first. She made a long sigh to get out her nervous tension, and began to slowly twirl her finger. “So Daniel... you think you’re gonna get a girlfriend this year?” She snarkily joked, small droplets of water gathering around her finger. “A-Ah... I don’t think so.. I mean maybe but...” his face went a bit red from the comment, but he shook it off. “Not even 10 minutes in and you’re getting under my skin...”
Chris waited for the wave of people to pass by and he asked the rest to step back. He had boots and gloves on and wanted to try announcing his presence. He yelled, "HEY EVERYBODY!" surprisingly loud. He then heated up his hands and touched his right boot. He uppercut with his left hand causing a small but loud explosion to happen, he did the same with his left which caused another small but loud explosion, then he kicked the air as high as he could causing the same kind of explosion. These explosions were of course centered on the two hands and one foot respectively.

"Who's ready for high school now??!!" He yelled raising his arms hoping for some recognition. He then sat down to seem a little bit cooler. He checked his boots and gloves, "Cool no damage!"
Lexi approached the school worriedly... she didn't really know what people were going to think of her. She opened the front door, and slowly and carefully made her way to the gymnasium. She didn't really like the amount of people in there, but she had no choice. She walked to the back of the gym, and sat down on the ground, rummaging through her bag. She pulled out her little notebook and started writing in it. It was really just a way to vent all her emotions without telling anyone. She looked around, there were certainly a lot of interesting characters... she hoped as few as possible actually got through...

Cornelius skated up and into the school before kicking a skateboard into a pocket on his back. He made his way into the crowd and crossed his arms as he waited for things to get started. No sense in taking forever just to be disappointed in the end.
Constantine just so happened to be quite close to the explosion, and though he wasn’t close enough for it to hurt him, he definitely wasn’t expecting two loud bangs coming from right behind him. “Jesus Christ!” He hissed in surprise as he jumped from the pair of explosions. He felt like snapping at the boy, but he restrained himself. It’d probably be best to not get in a fight five minutes through the door, and if the sounds of those explosions were anything to go by, he’d probably get stomped anyways.
Adrian silently walked in to the room to see many students sit in chairs, so he went to do the same and picked one near the back. Just as he was about to exhale in relaxation and be okay with the chatter among some students, he flinched when he heard an explosion followed by a loud greeting and looked at them with clear irritation. To him, someone who made loud noises close to him on purpose were begging to have their bones broken in two, his crimson gaze focused on the man who made such a dreadful noise, he didn't want to get up and make things worse, so he remained sat down.

"Not yet..." The vampire muttered under his breath in response to the man's "No damage." talk.


Previously Night's Shadow
Valkyrie was about to sit down when a guy practically kicked down the door, then blew up his hands and feet. The sudden noise and light caused her to jump about a foot in the air, and her wings to shoot halfway out in surprise. Embarrassed, she pulled her wings back in and turned, hurriedly sitting down in the chair closest to her. Great, now she looked like a wuss. It wasn't her fault her powers were more beneficial to others than herself. She was just so... breakable. The fact that her bones were so much lighter and thinner to accommodate for flight meant they broke a lot easier; sure, she could heal others, but only by using up her own energy reserves. Translation: not a very useful power for combat. Her wings definitely gave her an edge, but in terms of fragility... She squeezed her eyes shut against the negative thoughts. Not the best time, Val. Definitely not.

Now that she wasn't being scared half to death, she could look around to see the kinds of powers others had. There was the kid who had run past her on wolf legs on the way in, Explosion Kid, obviously... The person in front of her seemed to be glowing, and the girl next to him seemed to have control over water. Val let out a sigh and leaned slowly backwards into her chair so as to avoid snapping a wing bone. There were so many people here! How could she possibly be the best? She put her hands together and began to think about just that.

How can I measure up?


Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing
After saying goodbye to their families, and with a bit of help from Mr. Blue Sky, both Takoda and Crescent managed to make it into the gymnasium right before it became flooded with tons and tons of students. They sat down, both excited to start their new lives in this school.

“It’s great to see that you managed to get into here, C-Moon. I’m sure you’re gonna fit in perfectly well in this place. Your powers are pretty strong.” Takoda spoke in a playful tone to Crescent as he watched the gymnasium fill up quickly.

“You should speak for yourself. Mr. Blue Sky is the Avatar.” Crescent said, scrolling through her YouTube recommendations on her phone. Not that long after, she saw the nearby explosions that grabbed everyone’s attention. She scoffed, “Showoff.... not as powerful as Fire on High though. Plus it can easily be countered by Standing in the Rain. Easy win for you if you fight that kid.”

“Geez. Don’t be that harsh on him he just wanted to hype up everyone for the upcoming school year. Plus, I thought it was impressive.”

“Whatever, Takoda. You do you.”
Crescent kept scrolling through YouTube.
Celia at this point has conjured up a sizable orb of water, and she smiled, sticking a straw from her pocket into it. She began to slowly slurp down the bubble, and looked around. Seeing Mr. Boom Boom’s eruption put a smile on her face, but she saw a girl, one with wings, get extremely startled before sitting behind them.

Ah, what the heck.

Celia’s long Auburn hair whipped as she turned to face the winged female, and she smiled, pulling her lips off the straw she’d been using to slurp the bubble. “Heya~! You all right? That kid’s explosions must’ve startled you, so I just wanna see if you’re all good~!” She giddily exclaimed, much to her brother’s hesitance to join in on the conversation.

Daniel ignored the explosion. He might wanna make friends with him, maybe if he just cooled off a little. Hm... well, may as wait for the assembly to start and for Celia to finish her conversation...


Previously Gamingfan2
Samal was walking through the school, wondering what awaits him before his think session was cut short by an alarmingly loud explosion.
In a split second Samal jumped up, and yowled as his hands and feet turned into cat paws and sent out their claws, attaching him to the ceiling. He remained there for a couple moments with his back arched until he calmed down.

Embarrassed, he let go and landed on his feet, much like a real cat would, took a seat, and tried not to scratch whoever did that into a bloody mess.
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The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Alan had made his way into the gymnasium shortly after the rest of the students, his slightly higher senses picking up on a scent of fire, like some kind of explosion went off. "Ooookay, didn't expect that they'd be doing pyrotechnics for the new kids, but whatever floats their boat I guess." Alan muttered to himself, before making his way tk a seat and sitting comfortably. He adjusted his ball cap, glancing around at his fellow students.
Saphrax had been on the grounds of the school for a bit. He hated to be late, so he showed up before almost everyone was there. Though he did not like the idea of everyone looking at him, he decided to transform into a cat.

Saphrax's cat form was something very beautiful. He was a black cat with silky fur. Around the cat's neck, he wore a callor that had a teardrop blood red stone. His eyes are two colors. One was his normal pink color, and the other is bright vivid green. It was not hard for Saphrax to move between the groups of people, and to find the place where everyone was. With little effort, Saphrax found a spot to sit. He had found himself near where one of his kind was. It seems that he would not be the only one who was a vampire in the school.
@Red Gallade

Willow knew that she had to get to school. She hated that she had to leave the safety of the forest, but she knew that she would be better off with the school then on her own. Making her way out of the forest, Willow found herself in a group of people. Knowing that she would be bored, Willow found a spot where she could get out her laptop to play a couple of games before they started.

Kitty Blackwell was glad to be in the school. She had gotten bored with her last one as she knew more then the teachers. With her was Rex, her golden retriever. He was a great friend for her. Rex trotted along with Kitty, with a case in his mouth. It seemed that Rex held onto a box of gadets that Kitty worked on. Once Kitty made it to the gym, she took her seat and started to work on a small box like device. Her glasses seemed that fall on her nose a bit, which helped with the angle that she was using to work.
Celia made a soft sigh. “Mmm... well, I suppose that makes sense with your flight ability but... I dunno, that’s kinda a bummer. I’m sure you’ll be fine though~! Oh! My name’s Celia by the way, and next to me is my brother Daniel~!” She lightly shook her outstretched hand, and Daniel winced.

“Y-yeah, I’m Daniel. Pleased to meet you.” He turned slightly to her, and gave her a small smile, before turning away, his face getting red. ‘Great... thanks a lot Celia...’ he thought to himself, but he wasn’t really mad. He didn’t get mad often...
Adrian breathed to try and get the irritation out of his system and leaned back in his chair, he turned his head to see a cat sit on one of the chairs next to him, but Adrain could tell that it wasn't any cat that sat next to him, but rather another vampire just like him. And the fact that he wouldn't be the only vampire at this school brought a bit of comfort to him already and caused him to smile, he put one of his arms over the back of the chair and waited in silence, part of him hoped he wouldn't have to hear another unbearably loud person.


Previously Night's Shadow
“Nice to meet you both,” Val responded. She debated over revealing her healing ability, then decided against it. If she ever needed to use it, she would, but until then, there wasn’t much point in putting everything she could do on the table. After all, healing wasn’t a very formidable ability, and she didn’t want to be walked all over. Although she didn’t think these two were that type, she still held back.

Something was itchy on one of her wing-tips. She curved the wing around herself and began to straighten the blackish red feathers. There. Much better.
Celia smiled. “It’s nice to meet you too, Val~” she saw her face obviously thinking about something, but she seemed to hold it back. She questioned this in her head, but shrugged. “Anyway... isn’t this crazy! A whole new school and people! It’s sooo fun!” She tried to start up a conversation, smiling.

Daniel rubbed his reddened face. ‘Ugh... everyone knows that I’m bad with girls... what a horrible mindset (I wonder who gave him that character trait) to have... may as well go for it...’ he sighed and turned back to her forcing a smile. “I think it’s gonna be a pretty awesome opportunity for me to make more friends... hehe...”
Lexi got freaked out by the explosion, jumping up and surrounding herself in a light construct box, shoving some people in the crowd away from her in the process. She stood there, looking outside of her box, she knew that this would happen. It would help if the walls could hide her shame, but apart from a light white tint, they were completely clear. She blushed as she slowly contracted the walls to only contain her balled up body. She couldn't go 5 minutes without panicking and trying to keep herself safe.

Cornelius scoffed at the guy who decided to burst in, thinking he was the shit. Such an unoriginal power, being able to make explosions at will... he at least had something he could use and call it his own. "Ugh... show off more, why don't you... anyone can create an explosion." He removed a yo-yo from a holster on his belt, playing with it a bit while he waited for something IMPORTANT to actually happen.


Previously Night's Shadow
A slight, unsure smile came upon Val’s sweet, angular face as she looked up from her preening. “Yeah, I guess it’s exciting. Kinda daunting too, when you think about it.” She flicked a fly off one of her feathers before responding to Daniel’s statement. “Making friends has never been one of my strong points, but with so many people, well... who knows what could happen?”


Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing
“Hey, C-Moon. Y’know what I realized?” Takoda kept watching everyone walk into the gymnasium.
“What did you find out now? I’m trying to get weirded out by my YouTube recommendations right now.” Crescent looked through her phone and put in earbuds as she chose a video.
“This school..... it’s a JoJo reference.” He jokingly smiled at her as she looked st him with a straight face. C-Moon face palmed as she looked at the floor.
She grumbled at the statement, “Of course it is. Thanks a lot. Now I can’t think of this school the same as I originally thought of it.”
“Hehee~ no problem, buddy!”
“Just shut up and wait for school to start, please.”
“Aww c’mon. I’m just poking fun!”
“I’m sorry, do you want me to use Surface Inversion on you?”

Takoda sighed “Mmmmm fine....” He sat back down, still with a smile, and started playing Minecraft PE.
Daniel gave her a small, genuine smile. "Hehe... To be honest I have a similar issue. It's not tags I don't like hanging out, I'm just not overly inclined to put myself out there... I'm also not good with girls at all..." His face deeply reddened as he said that. 'Great, ya' told her.' He sighed and shrugged. "H-hey, maybe we could be friends or something... I'd dunno. Us oddballs gotta stick together like glue, y'know..?" He said.

Celia smiled with glee at her brother. "See, now that wasn't so hard now was it, Daniel..?" "Mm mm be quiet..." "Hehe~" the siblings quickly exchanged, before she turned back to Val. "Well... I suppose... You want some water? I have a few extra straws..." She shrugged.
"All righty then! If you're ever thirsty, just ask me~! See my power's called Wave Queen. I can gather water from my surroundings and use it in a lot of different ways... I can also create a whole ton of water from my own body, but it's at the cost of dehydration..." Celia said, frowning. Her downside was a lot less extreme than her new winged friend.

"Hehe, all right then, awesome." Daniel smiled, the blush fading from his cheeks. "We totally need to hang out sometime, I dunno, I suppose it would be cool..." He smiled, and turned to Celia. "Should I explain my power?" "I dunno man, go for it~"

"Well, my power is Pale Light. I can create the glow that you see me using right now, and it radiates heat. It can be focused into various uses like beams or whips, but the more hot the attacks get, the more my skin heats up..." He explained, smiling at his new pal.


Previously Night's Shadow
“That’s cool,” Val said admiringly. She figured there couldn’t be much harm in telling just these two about her healing ability. “I’ve got Flight and Healing. Flight—well, obviously. My bones are super light, though, so they break easily. If they were as dense as normal bones, I wouldn’t be able to fly. Healing—I can heal others at the cost of my own stamina. Can’t heal myself, though.”
Daniel thought for a moment... She had two really useful abilities, but their downsides were pretty major as well. "Well... Those are really cool abilities..." He smiled softly, and he eyes that the number of people were steadily decreasing as the upper grades began to funnel out of the gym. Seems the opening ceremony would start soon...

Celia nodded in agreement, and she looked over at the many people still funneling in. "Looks like it's almost time. Eeeee~ im so exited!!" She exclaimed, basically bouncing in her seat as her brother gave her a concerned yet sarcastic look. "All right sis..." He turned away from the two girls and felt himself melt into his chair, making along sigh as he slumped back, his face reddening once again.

An older woman began to slowly step up to the podium, and began to mess with a few systems like the microphone and began to look through some papers. She had glistening red hair and looked to be in her late 30's. She smiled and looked out upon the crowd...


Previously Gamingfan2
Oh finally Samal thought as he scratched his arm. Damn fur, poking his skin and making him itchy. He briefly considered using his wolf hind leg to scratch himself, but he'd rather not be labeled as the weird kid who scratches himself with his leg. Still, if he just kept scratching nonstop it'll bring some attention. They might think it's an illness.
Hurry up he thought as he shifted in his seat again, trying to scratch his back on the seat.
I really wish I had clothing designed for me he mentally lamented.
Joseph woked up a bit annoyed due to his alarm ringing non-stop and decided to check his phone for the time. His eyes widen "AY CARAMBA", he shouted as he quickly changed his regular clothes. Before he exited he puts on special shoes he created that make sprint quicker than the Flash. He stretched before he sprints, and after stretching he quickly sprinted. He was close to school but the only thing he forgot to create for him to slow down, and comically he tripped and flew a few inches close to the auditorium. He stood up and search his glass and checked if not being damaged, and luckily were not. He put them on noticed the doors been damaged. "It seems some use their power", he mumbled and walked in. He was in awe that there were many students in this school. he looked for an empty seat and found next to a student scratching himself. "Hey you alright", he asked.


Previously Gamingfan2
Samal made a very audible whimper, "No, my stupid shirt itches." he tried to stop scratching, only to start after a second "My damn power can be so inconvenient sometimes." He faced the curly haired boy. "Sorry if I sound pessimistic, It's pretty cool too. Who are you anyway?"
"My name is Joseph", he said. "So what your name," he asked as he reached his bag. Hey finally found a container containing microbot. "Dont worry it going to fix your clothing problem," he said as he activated the microbots with his phone. the microbot flew toward the students."Dont worry it not gonna harm ya",he said.


Previously Night's Shadow
Val leaned back in her chair again, playing with the soft furlike feathers on her downturned ears. She wrapped a strand of hair around her finger, then let it spring back. The red-haired woman in the front was talking about something Val had lost somewhere along the way; she kept her gaze fixed on the front and pretended she cared. She didn’t really care about the speech; she was worried about the actual school itself. What would it be like? She watched, hoping a hint would be dropped that would answer her question.
The woman tapped the microphone, sending a reverberating ring across the room, which hushed the students (hopefully).
"A-hem! Thank you all for quieting down! For those of you not already in seats, please find your way there please! Thank you-!" She smiled as the sound of her voice filled the room. "I am Principal Adrianne, your principal, obviously. You may know my hero alias, Zenith Baroness."
A murmur began to fill the room. For those that actually pay attention to the hero scene, The Zenith Baroness was in the Top 5 heroes in California, standing at 4th overall. Daniel and Celia, who were big on this stuff, began to silently freak out. They didn't realize Principal Adrianne was the always masked Zenith Baroness!
"Mm, seems some of you may know me... Now I'm not one to brag... So let's move on from that! Now then, welcome everyone! To Whitesnake High School for the Heroically Gifted! All of you students here today are exemplary performers, young prodigies, or even promising heroes! Most of you have powers, and you're obviously here to hone them! Our staff is here to help!"
"We have your freshmen teachers, three who will guide you-"
"We have our Homeroom Teacher, Professor Eterna!"

She gestures to a man standing on the sidelines of the Gym. He has short black hair, quite tanned skin, and is wearing a black jacket and khakis. He gives a low nod and waves, but he seems rather distant.
"Our General Studies Tecaher, Doctor Helvita!"
She gestures to another woman standing on the stage off to the side. She's wearing a long white lab coat, has dark skin, and long black hair. She also is wearing glasses. She smiles and waves, a bit more there than Eterna.
"And finally, or Hero Trainer, Professor Richard, Hero Alias, Lightning Reaver!!!"
The crowd definitely reacted to that little detail as she gestured to another man who'd been in the corner, unnoticed by many. Standing there with grizzled brown hair, electric yellow eyes, a suit and red tie, and dress pants and shoes, stood Richard Molewell, aka Lightning Reaver, #2 hero in California.
"I see you might know of him as well! Now, you will be put into groups of 4! These are your choice to make, but must have no more than 4, and no less than 2! Get going, because those who aren't in groups will be paired by the teachers! Well, off you go!"

The hall once more erupted into noise, and the two siblings looked to each other and then to Val. Celia yelled over the noise- "YO VAL-! WANNA BE IN A GROUP WITH US!?" She grinned, nod looked over at her brother, who was still melted into his seat but also looking really shocked. Two of the Top 5 heroes were staff at their school! What a crazy world!


Previously Gamingfan2
The murmur from the students snapped samal out of it. People were freaking out, and he had no idea why. Quickly changing his ears into wolf form, Samal understood a couple things. Apparently some famous people were here, whose names he did not remember. Ah well, he isn't normally with the times anyway.
He stood up and bowed apologetically "Sorry, I appreciate the offer, but I guess I have to join a group at the moment. Don't worry about me, I'll just....shake them out." he left in a hurry.
As he went, he kept his wolf ears out to hear anything that would catch his interest. So far nothing really interested him.
He continued walking, wondering what kinda ragtag group he'd be in, if any.


Previously Night's Shadow
Val clapped her hands over her ears at the sudden explosion of noise. Her ears were more sensitive than others, due to some avian aspects, and the din was painful to the senses. She wasn’t much of a shouting-type person, so she spread her wings for lift and lightly leaped over the next row of chairs so she was standing next to Celia and Daniel. “Yes, please,” she said, louder than normal so she would be heard, but not quite a shout. “What the heck are we doing?”