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Ask to Join All Righty Folks, Here’s To Whitesnake High School! (Rp)


Previously Gamingfan2
Samal instinctively flinched at the loud flapping he heard. The sound made him remember when an eagle tried to eat him as a mouse, Good times he thought dryly.
He saw the noisemaker was the winged girl he passed earlier, when he was dashing toward the school. She was surrounded by two other people, a group of three, he guessed.
He walked toward the group I suppose I might as well join this one.
"Um, Hi" he said to them amicably "Are you all in a group? Got room for one more?"
Chris walked with the crowd because he could care less about who he was paired with. Just as long as it wasn't a jerk. He didn't need two jerks in a group together. Some of the other students came up to him telling him how cool his entrance was and he just simply said, "I'm really not proud of it I scared a ton of people. I just hope everyone's ready for school." The young man smiled at everyone apologizing to anyone he saw that got nervous or scared.


Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing
The two students listened during the whole presentation, amazed at the fact that two of the top heroes work at this school. They could tell this establishment is going to be exciting. Takoda got up from his seat and stretched, “We should go look for some other people for our group. She said no more than 4 and no less than 2. Okay?........... C-Moon?” He looked over at Crescent, who was too busy fangirl-ing in her seat. Lightning Reaver was her favorite hero, and she felt really giddy and was way too excited to see him in person. “C-Moon? Hey!” Takoda kept snapping his fingers until she came back into reality.

“Huh-? Oh, yeah. The group. Let’s walk around and see who we could find.” Crescent stood up as she followed behind the stand user as they walked around, managing to get small glances at her favorite hero.

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Alan listened intently, trying to contain his excitement as the faculity was introduced. "Holy crap, so many pros! They really want to give us the best of the best." The young hero in training grinned, knowing if he tried his hardest he could end up among their ranks.

Hearing they had to make groups, Alan smiled warmly. He loved making new friends, hopefully someone around here will let him join up. Glancing around, he saw two students, a boy and girl. The boy was talking to her, and she kept giving side glances to Lightening Reaver. Must be a big fan. They seemed to be looking for others aswell, so Alan jogged over to the pair. "Hey there! You looking to make a trio? Because if so, I'm your guy!" He flashed them a toothy grin. "Nice meeting ya! I'm Alan!"
Daniel blinked as the other boy appeared next to him, and he gave him a warm smile. "Well sure! We're happy to have you... Or at least I am. How do you girls think of him joining us?" He turned his ears still a bit red from his little experience.

Celia smiled widely. "I'm more than happy to let ya' join! After all, we only have 3 people!" She gave him a thumbs up, sticking out her tongue. "I'm Celia by the way, the winged gal is Val, and my brother here is Daniel!" She said, bouncing in place as she looked back and forth between the three.

"Hehe... I'm at least better at talking to you... I'm a mess... Ahahaha..." He remarked dryly and didn't really seem like he was amused at all.


Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing
From the corner of his eye, Takoda noticed a boy walking up to the pair as he introduced himself. “I’m Takoda. Pleasure to meet ya!” He replied with a smile as he extended his arm for a hand shake. Crescent flashed a small smile for a second or so.
“Crescent. Nice meeting you.” She said with a welcoming tone. “We have a group of three now. Not too small but not too large. Should we try and see if another person wants to join or should we stay like this?”


Previously Gamingfan2
"My name is Samal. It's nice to meet you Celia, Daniel, and Val." he then looked at Daniel, confused "Really? Can't be that difficult to talk to people. It pretty hard talking to parrots though, they act like spoiled toddlers." he realized he was going off track "Anyway, thanks for letting me in." he said sheepishly
Lexi looked around for a moment before dispelling her box. Several light shards hit the ground as she rubbed her eyes from a bright flash from the dispelled box. She then twitched a little from the jolt to her brain. She couldn't see too well at the moment, there were blind spots all over her range of vision. She turned her head side to side, trying to find a way to get in a team so she wasn't forced with some random people. Unfortunately she was waving and yelling at a wall
"Umm... anyone want to come and help me...? Pretty please...?"

Cornelius looked around for a moment, then holstered his yo-yo before slipping on his sunglasses adapters. He walked around for a little before going up to Takoda and company.
"Well, suppose I'll tag along with you lot. Don't worry about who I am, just my skills. Though, I think you'll find them more than satisfactory."
Daniel laughed nervously, and it actually sounded a bit self-mocking. "My guy, between you and me, which it totally isn't because Val and my Sister are right next to us, but talking to girls that aren't in my family mentally breaks me for some reason." He said with a dry self-awareness. "I mean I try to help it all I can but... Hell, I can't think of a single time where I haven't ended up melting into a metaphorical puddle..." He grimaced a it. Normally he was in a chill mood, but it seemed things were compiling on him today.

Celia frowned at her brothers and stepped back, standing next to Val and signing. "He always gets like this at large gatherings. Something happens, I introduce him to someone and then he just melts... Come on, you're a year older than me, get it together..." She said softly, not directly to him by any means.

Doctor Helvita turned to the rather tech-y young boy and smiled. "Well, what're you coming up to me for. It's nice to meet you, but I really thought the Principal and Mr. Richard would get more attention than me." She chuckled, looking over at the many people swarming Professor Richard, who was trying to take the crowd to the best of his abilities. "You may wanna find a group, kiddo."


Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing
Takoda was surprised by the unexpected intrusion made by Cornelius, but he was happy to get together a group of four very quickly. “Well, if by satisfactory you mean flashiness and style, then I’m looking forward to it. If you mean power then.... I’m still looking forward to it!”
Crescent, who was looking through her YouTube recommendations AGAIN, looked up from her phone, “So... we have a group of four. What now? Do we wait?”


Previously Night's Shadow
Val chuckled. “Hey, Samal,” she said with a grin. “Nice to meetcha. I’m Val, as Celia said.” I have fragile bones, she had to stop herself from saying. She laughed internally; what a fantastic conversation starter. Not weird at all in the slightest bit. “And Daniel, you’re not perfectly hopeless. You’ve got a decent approach.” Unlike saying “my bones snap like twigs”. She cracked a smile. “Of course, no one’s perfect, so there’s that.”


Previously Night's Shadow
“Like a bird,” Val said proudly. That was her favorite part about her powers; the power of flight. Catching an easy ride on a thermal, coasting on the clouds... nothing better. Of course, my bones are hollow and SNAP LIKE TWIGS— stop. Just stop. She was still stuck on that blurb. Nope. Not gonna think about that no more. “Yep. I’ve gotten as high as... I dunno, maybe a mile and a half? I’m working on improving my lung capacity so I can go higher.”
Daniel sighed and smiled at Val. "Thanks... I'll try not to have a mental breakdown every time we talk... All right..?" He said, his face reddening. "I dunno if you could really help me out but... I dunno it's worth a try..." He sighed softly, rubbing his face in embarrassment. "Mm, you guys are the best..." He mumbled, showing off his sweet side.

Celia glowed with a smile again, proud of her brother at least deciding to try. "That's awesome... Who knows..." She smiled and said a little quieter so that all three could barely hear it. "...maybe you'll finally get a girlfriend~..? Wink wink~" she said, and Daniel shivered in his boots, frowning with his blush growing. "...I dunno... M-maybe..."


Previously Gamingfan2
Samal smiled "Awsome, maybe you could show me how to-oh crap! I haven't even explained my powers. Well, it'll be easier if I show you."
He pulled up his sleeve, and in a couple second his entire arm became bigger....and hairier, eventually becoming a big wolf leg.
Samal smiled proudly "I can do a bird too, I just haven't gotten flying down." he explained
Constantine began looking for a group, unfortunately for him he hadn’t been fraternising with the rest of the students like it seemed most others had, so this was going to be a little more difficult for him. He wandered around a bit until a flash of light took him out of his searching, which startled him again. “Why am I so jumpy today...” He asked himself, but he just shook it off as first day nerves. He turned to where the flash of light had come from, and spotted a girl... shouting at a wall? “Hey, are you all good? You seem to be yelling at this wall here.” He asked, approaching her.


Previously Night's Shadow
“That’s a really cool power,” Val said brightly. “I can teach you, if you want. It’s best to learn on a hot day, when the thermals are like an elevator that can give you a half-mile of altitude without twitching a feather. You can tell where the best thermals are by looking at the clouds. When they stack up like a pile of whipped cream, that’s when—” She realized she was lapsing into nerd-territory and quickly pulled back. She laughed sheepishly. “I did break several bones by trying to learn in the middle of winter by jumping off my roof. Needless to say, that really didn’t work out.”
Daniel just watched their nerd talk commence, and sat back. He let out a long yawn, and rubbed his face. "Mmmm... Youre getting better kid..." He said, and turned to the two once more. "Ahh... Apparently it's something with her bones being hollow... I dunno, I'll let Val explain... I'll just stop talking it's fine..." He mumbled, and began to twiddle his thumbs, not really sure what to do.

Celia looked at the other forming groups, and looked to the Principal, who seemed to be looking out upon the groups with a soft smile. She looked as she stepped back up to the podium. "Hey guys, I think the Principals gonna say another thing..."

"Okay folks! You've only got two more minutes to form your groups! You better be ready! All right, setting the timer now~!"


Previously Night's Shadow
“What Daniel said.” And here we are again with the fragile bones. Delightful. Well, may as well get it out there. “I have a more avian bone structure,” Val explained further. “My bones are hollow, and I have air sacs at around my stomach level. They make me light enough to fly.” She sighed, trying to get the rest out as fast as possible. “And that means they snap like twigs when too much pressure is put on them.” Val took a breath, letting it out in an awkward laugh. “So, yeah, that’s me.” Why don’t we cross-examine someone else? That sounds great to me. Or just... change the subject! Yeah, let’s do that. “How do y’all feel about the fact that pro heroes are teaching at the school? Kinda cool, but it scares me a little, too. I don’t wanna make a fool of myself in front of them.”
Lexi yipped a bit, then quickly turned around to Constantine, her hair covering her face as she whipped around. She blew it out of her face, her vision was slowly coming back.
"Oh... well, one person is fine... three would be optimal, but it'll stop me from being... vulnerable."

"Well, if you really want proof of my prowess, you have a nifty little device that can show you anything you want. Surprised you haven't seen the news of 'The Black Streak'. I may be new to school, but not hero work..."
He reached to the back of his belt, and pulled out a few marbles, rolling them in between his fingers. Cocky, wasn't he...
"I'm a big fan of both Lightning Reaver and the Zenith Baroness, I think they're well deserving if their spots... Though Lightning Reaver is a strong contender for number one with Twilight Eraser... There's also the number 3 and 5, Ball Breaker and Mighty Red... Though they've been waning in popularity ever since Jasper Cards and Private Eyes joined the scene... There's also the prodigy team of fresh Hero School Graduates Stardust, Lead Buster, and Diamond Lady... And I am getting very fanboy-y... I'll... You know, I'll just stop..." He monologued for about a solid 30 seconds, ending with him turning into a tomato in the face and looking down.

Celia rolled her eyes and chuckled at her brother. Daniel was one to fanboy if given the chance... But she was a little concerned about Val, especially how she went about her frailness. It seemed to be something that was kinda consuming her... But she didn't have the heart to speak up. Daniel was better at that stuff... Helping people with problems... Surprisingly...

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Alan glanced at the new fellow that just sort of placed himself into the group. He seemed...sure of his abilities. 'At least I asked before joining up with them' Alan thought to himself with a sigh. The bky spoke up once again. "Black Streak, can't say I heard of that myself." Alan responded with a shrug. He found himself cringing internally the longer he spoke. 'Jeez this kid is full of himself..."
“Huh? Wait, what are you talking about?” He asked, before realising she was going on about groups. “Ohhh, you’re on about the groups aren’t you? Well, I don’t have one yet so I don’t mind joining you, but still, what was all that about?” He asked, referring to the flash of light and her shouting at the wall.


Previously Gamingfan2
Samal nodded at Val's explanation "Makes sense. You don't need to feel bad, it's pretty coo-" he was cut of by her changing the subject.
I guess everyone has their own demons to fight he thought I wonder what Celia's dark secret is. Samal shoved the thought out of his mind. He wasn't here to interrogate friends, although he really wondered why they would feel bad about themselves.
"I-er- have no idea who these guys are. They seem nice, though." he said.
Adrian showed signs of irritation at all the noise that happened and merely blinked in surprise when the principal revealed who she really was. "So one of the top five are gonna be in charge of this school? Neat." Adrian thought to himself before he turned his eyes back to the other vampire nearby. "Hey there, one vampire to another. Wanna group up?" He asked rather nonchalantly. "The name's Adrian Acula." He added.
Saphrax looked to the vampire that spoke to him. It seemed that the black cat had a bit of smirk to him. With little effort, Saphrax became his normal self. He sat himself up in the chair, with a guitar that basically appeared when he changed into his human form. "Sure I do not mind if we work together. The name's Saphrax, nice to meet you."

Willow put away her laptop, as she was pushed away by a barrier of light. She was a little concerned for the person who created said barrier. Looking to the girl, and the guy she was talking to, she spoke. "Hey are you alright? You seem to be bothered by something."

Kitty on the other hand was way to busy to listen to the principal. She was working on what would be called a smoke bomb, which she wanted to profect. It was part of her new suit, and she wanted it to be perfect. In her hands was a small black box, it was no bigger then an inch, and seemed to be very inconspicuous. In her other hand she had a very small screwdriver, she needed said screwdriver to tinker with the device. It seemed that it was not working how she wanted it to, so she was bit annoyed.
Lexi looked away for a moment, then turned back. She didn't really like taking about her power, since unlike a lot of young heroes, she had more than one downside, she technically had three.
"Umm... that was my power... I got scared when that explosion went off. I can create light constructs at will... b-but only when there's light to access... a-and when I dispel a construct, I usually get blinded by the flash of light that follows... a-and I still can't control it the best, so I also get a shock to the brain... point is, I'm a mess right now..."

Cornelius looked at Alan, though his expression was hidden until he removed the adapters on his glasses. He just had this look of 'really?' on his face.
"Look, I already know what you're thinking. You're thinking 'wow, this guy is irritating AND a jerk'. But when it comes down to it, I'm just spitting facts. I already HAVE a hero record because I'm taking these risks. Yeah, right now I can only really go after street crimes, but that's only because people are concerned for me. Just... I don't even use my power much, so I resort to very human tactics. I had to develop a FIGHTING STYLE so people wouldn't notice who I was. It's simple... respect and trust me, and I'll do the same, it's a two way street. Can you agree with me on that?"
He put the adapters on again, putting his marbles back into a belt pocket. He pulled out a bunch of jacks strung together, checking to make sure they were still going to work. One of them was a bit beat up, but it would be fine.


Previously Night's Shadow
Val giggled quietly at Daniel’s fanboy-ness. Fanboy-osity? Fanboyism? Did it really matter? “It’s fine,” she said, trying in vain to prevent further laughter. “That’s what I do when I’m trying to explain what flying is like to people who don’t know diddly-squat.” Suddenly realizing she might’ve offended Samal, she said to him, “Not you. Mainly my sister. She hasn’t found her power yet, and she doesn’t have wings.”

The Alright Attorney

Previously AlrightAttorney
Alan kept quiet at first, listening to what the boy had to say. He shut his eyes and let out a sigh, thinking of what to say. "I do respect you, and trust that you're telling the truth when it comes to your skills. I have faith in that." Alan responded, opening his eyes up again and lookimg at him. "But just remember a little humility goes a long way. It'll help people have faith in you, ya know?" Alan said with a friendly smile. He didn't wanna start off on the wrong foot with someone here on his first day. "I never got to properly introduce myself. I'm Alan Canino. Nice meeting you." He placed his hand out, keeping the smile on his face as he offered a hand shake.
"Well that certainly doesn't sound nice, but hey, that's why we're here right? To learn how to control our powers?" He replied, "I'm not very good with mine either right now, they tire me out fast and my knowledge on what I can actually do is very limited." He continued. He'd show them, but he'd probably end up creating a crack in the floor, or even worse, taking out a whole chunk of it, which would not be a good situation to get himself into. "My names Constantine by the way, I understand that it might sound unusual."
Chris patiently waited for the two minutes to be up. While he was waiting he began hypothesizing what these groups were for. Maybe they're for dorms, maybe for just groups so you can stay safe, a way to make friends, who knew? Well, besides the faculty at the school nobody. He began warming up his hands and started snapping making small popping(not like regular snapping) whenever he snapped his fingers.


Previously Gamingfan2
Samal grinned "It's fine. Up to three minutes ago I thought the way flying worked was just 'Flap really good'. Diddly squat about explains my knowledge. I wish your sister luck though." he flexed his arm a bit "I still need to get used to my power, I can't use it efficiently for a long time, and I need new animals to copy." he sounded a little sad saying that "A wolf can only do so much eh?"
Daniel smiled. "Mm... Hehe... Yeah, I've always been really on top of the Pro Hero game... Back where I'm from, LA, our local hero is my next door neighbor. His name is Mr. Bell, Hero Name- Gelatin Skelatin. I suppose me naming off more heroes just made me seem like more of a nerd..." He coughed a couple times, covering it (of course). "I have been wondering what these groups are for... Maybe we'll all be put in a dorm together..? Something like that?" He pondered, putting a finger to his chin and making a- "Hmmmmmmm-"

Celia snapped out of her silence and saw Samal was looking at the a bit. She shrugged it off. She wondered to herself though, letting Daniel pour out his nerd juice. 'I need to stop wondering wether Daniel I'll get a girlfriend... I like messing with him, but it seems like he's just... Getting worse... I need to start worrying wether I'll get a girlfriend..." She frowned, and looked at Daniel, snapping out of her silence once more. "Who knows..."
"...Just call me Ace. And trust me. I can't be humiliated. You'll see."
Cornelius shook Alan's hand, he didn't want people to know his actual name, he hated it. He took the string of jacks and put them in their pocket. He opened a pouch on the front of his belt, and pulled out this weird contraption made up of a AA battery, a wire, and what looked to be some old gum. He accidentally shocked himself as he pulled out a yo-yo from his holster and popped open a compartment to put the battery in. He slipped it in, then carefully put the yo-yo back.

Lexi looked at the ground for a moment, then nodded. She wasn't too sure how to feel about the school, but knew that he was right: this is how they learned to control them.
"Lexi... don't worry about me, I... I can at least keep myself safe with a barrier... one that blinds me when it breaks, but still..."
Adrian nodded. "Likewise, especially when we're of the same species. I was starting to worry that I might be the only vampire here. As I just saw, it appears one of your powers is the ability to transform into any animal. I myself can transform, but only in to bats or... something else." Adrian said as if he was about to say something that would seem embarrassing, he looked back up to see if anyone else wanted to join him and Saphrax... although he felt like it might be hard for humans to want to join with a pair of bloodsucking vampires.


Previously Night's Shadow
"Maybe," Val agreed. She reached upwards, stretching her back until it popped. The more flexible she was, the better she'd be able to fly. Not that it seemed like she'd have time to anytime soon. "And we're all nerds about something." She pointed at herself, then Daniel. "Flight terms, hero stats... Same difference, right?" Her smile flitted back across her soft features. "Close enough."
Eryn was running a little late. The girl had been flying to school and immediately landed when she spotted the school. She entered the door and ran into a janitor, who directed her to the gym, where many students, all her age, were gathering into groups of four, she spotted two vampires somewhat far away.

"They look lonely, I should probably go and join them."

Eryn weaved through the students, and found the vampires she spotted. She looked up at them and gave a small smile towards the taller one, introducing herself.

"Hi, I'm Eryn Hathaway, you can call me Eryn." She explained to the two vampires, "It seems like you two are alone, can I join you guys?"
Adrian turned his head in curiosity to whomever called out to them, but the second he looked at her, he almost froze and showed signs of a blush. It almost looked as if he was about to zone out before he shook his head to remain in reality. "Uh... sure, no prob! We could use an extra guy or two... or gal." He said before he sighed and looked at the lady with a smile when she introduced herself as Eryn. "Nice to meet you Eryn, the name's Adrian Acula, but you can call me Adrian. As for being alone, I suppose, but it's just comforting to know I'm not the only one of my kind attending this school."