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Ask to Join Alola League (Pokemon RP Discussion)

Full name: Nova Cosmos
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: She likes messing about with people, but is pretty laid back and care free and also has a passion for all things space and cats. She wants to be a powerful trainer, as well as have Pokemon she likes. She's not afraid to state her feelings and to those she gets close to, she will care for and protecc! She protecc.. but she also attacc!
Appearance: Nova has black hair with purple streaks and glitter in. She fashions a galaxy-style tank top with a white outline of a cats face, as well as black shorts and purple sneakers. She also wears fish net tights. She has tanned skin. Her eyes are a hazel-type colour.
Pokemon Team:






Backstory: When she grew up, she was just a kid in Alola. She would always stay out late and find a nice spot to look up at the sky, even hoping to see some Pokemon such as her Tapu. She always found it funny to mess around with others and laugh about it, but her parents never made her do anything and she stayed laid back. She never cared for tournaments because she could never be bothered, but once she got her cat Pokemon along with her new team, they got excited to give it a try and she gave in.
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Previously EeviumZ
Full name: Allison Minerva Silverstone (Prefers to be called Allie)
Age: (15+) 15
Gender: Female

Personality: Outgoing and flamboyant, Allie is quite immature for her age. She is usually very friendly, and rarely holds a grudge. She is pretty rash and the saying "look before you leap" is not a part of her vocabulary. Even with all her quirkiness, she is still very intelligent and even somewhat nerdy.
Appearance: She has long blue hair with purple highlights, brown eyes, and stands at a height of about 5'7. She typically wears a blue t-shirt and a purple jacket, a black skirt, white leggings, and black runners with purple laces. She occasionally wears a black bow in her hair.

Pokemon Team:
Evie (Partner Eevee, Female)
Zelda (Shiny Gardevoir, Female)
Rosie (Roserade, Female),
Lunar (Absol, Male)
Mina (Milotic, Female)
Vixen (Alolan Ninetales, Female)

Backstory: Allie met Eevee at the age of nine, and they became best friends. She was not old enough to catch Eevee yet, but caught her on her eleventh birthday (the day she became a trainer). Originally hailing from Lumiose City, Kalos, Allie has journeyed through Kalos, Sinnoh, and Hoenn. She came to Alola for the Pokemon League.

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I’m really sorry for holding it off until now, but I will make sure it is up this week
Hey, can I still join? I'd love to RP some actual battles. Here's a character if I can (I'm going to use a future version of one of my previous characters if that's okay. I put the earlier version of him in the Mainstream RP Character Bio page).

Full name: Edward "Ed" Thistle
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: He is confident, but can easily get flustered if he does not know what's going on or something does not go according to plan. He is always up for a fight (but not actually aggressive), wanting to uphold Blackthorn's reputation as a place from which strong trainers come. He is less eager to prove himself as he used to be, and is more assured of his competence, but still feels the need to be a good trainer as something that drives him. He is a strategist, and loves to come up with sequences of attacks for his Pokemon to use in battle.
Appearance: His hair is a very dark shade of brown, and his eyes are a somewhat lighter shade of brown. He typically wears a hoodie and jeans, with no bright colors not really caring much about his looks. As such, his hair is often messy as a Rattata's nest. When he was just starting out as a trainer, his Axew bit him on the left hand, leaving a faint scar there. With regards to weight, he is neither over nor underweight.
Pokemon Team:
Haxorus (Dino, Starter Pokemon),
Absol (Angel [no relation, @Merciless Medic]),
Kingdra (Carrie),
Gallade (Kay),
Dusknoir (Morgan),
Flygon (Shimmer)
Backstory: Ed started out in Blackthorn City, dreaming of being a powerful trainer, like others before him. Lance, in particular, was young Ed's hero, as a mighty dragon-type master. He eventually started off his journey at the age of 14, with his Axew, Dino. Throughout his travels, Ed has shown a preference for the dragon-type, but is always willing to catch a powerful Pokemon if it crosses his path. For example, one morning he came across an Absol that had wandered into his camp and fallen asleep in the night. Ed promptly caught it in a Quick Ball. In fact, the first Pokemon that Ed caught after battling was Carrie, his Kingdra, who he needed another trainer's help to subdue. Kay was caught after a series of supernatural events happened, leaving the Gallade incredibly injured [this happened in a different RP]. Morgan and Shimmer were caught and trained during some time Ed spent in Hoenn. Now, Edward Thistle is ready to bring his A-game to the Alola League, and his Pokemon are too.
So I know the Tournament is in Alola, but on what island? Where on the island? Is it in the same spot as the Pokemon League in Alola, or is it a new place set somewhere else?
I'm interested in this. What is your stance on Pokemon using more than 4 moves? I tend to like having Pokemon use more than 4, since most Pokemon are usually toddler to adult age in intelligence and retaining memories, and humans aren't that bad at memorizing things usually (unless you know... Obvious things). Would it be alright if our Pokemon use more than 4 moves, as an RP is a bit more realistic?

Don't worry, I won't make the moves too crazy. I limit myself to only the Level-Up moves, a few TMs/HMs and Tutor moves, and one or two egg moves, just as long as it makes sense for the Pokemon to have it and it fits their battle style (like a mainly special offensive Zoroark won't learn Toxic or U-Turn unless there's a good reason for it).

I don't really mind, as long as it is reasonable. No eevee's knowing flamethrower or something ridiculous like that. You don't need to explain the moveset though

This is all that I have to say. XD You can if you want to. I know I am once I get mine done.
Well, like I had said in my post, I had said my characters have a couple of Egg Moves for her Pokemon, and he was apparently okay with it. XD So yea, just as long as the Pokemon can learn it naturally or through Tutor or TMs/HMs, you're good.
@TheWanderer Might I remind you that Hau'oli City is on Melemele Island while the Alola League and the Tournament this RP is taking place at is on Mount Lanakila on Ula'ula Island. I don't know how your character got there by bus, but it's a bit confusing. If you meant Malie City, then that would make more sense.