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Ask to Join Alola League (Pokemon RP Discussion)


Deleted member 227971

Sorry if im not replying to this Rp, I'm starting to lose interest
I'll try and post when I can

Deleted member 227971

I don't know. I'm too many RP's right now and can never think of what to say.
Would you mind If I drop out and you guys continue without me?

Deleted member 227971

I didn't have many ideas for this roleplay anyway, I don't mind who takes over, or it can be everyone who makes the decisions
To the bottom of the ocean we go!
We need at least eight people or sixteen people. That way we can evenly be split off. (Sorry for taking charge so soon after the creator left)
It would be possible to run it with a number that wasn't a factor of two, just wouldn't be even. Some people would have extra battles or would get byes, so I don't know how popular that would be. If it comes to that, I volunteer to do an extra battle.
Posts are much easier to do. Showdown has RNG, yes, but you cant do any of the pretty stuff you can with posts and there are many maneuvers and tricks you can do with attacks that wont work in Showdown.

Anyway, I'll make a post and catch up. I'll help in taking charge, as well.
...I had completely passed over the part in global rules that states that color tags are for strictly necessary situations.

I have a habit of coloring my character's speaking lines so they're set apart from actions and easier to pick out. Apparently, I didn't read the rules well enough, because that's not allowed.

...And I do that with all my characters..

Sorry people, but I'm going to have to go on hiatus for a week or so. I'll try to get right back to it when I come back, and I think Ed is in a place where he isn't going to interact with anybody else before the actual tourney starts (it seems like he accidentally ticked off a bunch of people - or was it really a ploy to get them to reveal their strategies?). Bye for now.
Nah, he didn't piss off Angel. XD it's kind of hard to do that. If anything, she's just worried. But no worries. :) we have to come up with a tourney bracket anyway with the people that we have active now.
Okay, non-active people here are Galacticdeg, Confidentheart (I think), Jodie.xox, PyroGaleZX, PKMNTrainerSplash, Jekis, Jakoboi, and Astrapi.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but these guys are the only ones that haven't made a post in the thread and haven't been as active as the rest us.
I haven't posted in a while, but I have stopped getting notifications, I'll check more often. Also, I'm in an interaction-free zone.
I will talk to Jekis about it later, he is around, I'll just ask if he dropped out or not. And I will probably repeat that he doesn't have to comment later and what not since that is what I do when I talk to people about responding.