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Ask to Join Alola League (Pokemon RP Discussion)

Full name: Landon Williams
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Landon is often easy-going and happy to meet new people, he loves to discuss strategy with fellow trainers and friendly battles, however Landon hates losing, he's not usually one to be a sore loser but Landon often blames himself for losing his battles and believes he lets his Pokemon down as a result beating himself up over big and important losses. Landon's battle style is fairly simple, using his Pokemon's attacks to counter other attacks and trying different combinations, Landon also now battles a little more carefully trying not to rush in head first however he often forgets that when the heat of the battle rises.
Appearance: Landon has fairly long brown hair that goes down to his neck in the back, he wears a black jacket with orange and a red t-shirt underneath. He wears blue track pants and a black sneakers. Finally Landon wears a Keystone around his neck from his time training under Gurrkin in the Kalos Region.
Species: Empoleon
Nickname: Mizu
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent

Species: Blaziken <-> Mega Blaziken
Nickname: Spike
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze <-> Speed Boost

Species: Dusk Lycanroc
Nickname: Dusk
Gender: Male
Ability: Tough Claws

Nickname: Lin
Gender: Female
Ability: Gluttony

Species: Decidueye
Nickname: Roten
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow

Nickname: Pod
Gender: Male
Ability: Emergency Exit
Backstory: Landon began his journey at age 14 in the Sinnoh Region, living in Twinleaf Town, at a young age Landon became obsessed with Pokemon and battling, he had the dream of becoming the Champion of the Sinnoh Region. Landon received his first Pokemon from Professor Rowan a prideful Piplup he nicknamed Mizu. At first the two didn't get along very well, but they eventually were able to bond when they came face to face with a group calling themselves Team Galactic, the two joined in battle but found themselves being overpowered by one of their commanders called Mars and her Purugly, as the duo were beaten down, they eventually found that they needed to completely trust in one another, the two fought back and defeated Purugly using the electrical equipment around them. Landon continued traveling through Sinnoh alongside Mizu and captured Pokemon along the way, however when they were faced against Roark in their very first Gym Battle, Roark was quick to put Landon and Mizu in their place as new trainers and even after a rematch they lost. Roark took Landon into the Oreburgh Mine helping him improve his Pokemon's skills for one more battle which Landon was successful in overcoming. Landon continued and eventually earned a second Gym Badge from Gardenia in Eterna City, and after renting a bike, he and Mizu came face to face with a bike gang refusing to let people pass unless they beat them in a battle, Landon challenged them but was getting beat fairly easily but the gang and their Pokemon, but Mizu's ability Torrent was able to activate and assist in the victory against the gang and allowed Mizu to evolve into Prinplup. As Landon and Mizu continued their journey they arrived in Snowpoint City where they battled Candice who's Abomasnow proved a challenge for them, however Prinplup fought back and evolved into Empoleon through determination to win, helping Landon earn the Icicle Badge. Eventually Landon earned all eight badges needed to compete in the Pokemon League, however Landon quickly learned he was vastly out of his league, losing in the third round by a near landslide. Crushed by the lose Landon returned home to Twinleaf Town, bummed out from his defeat, and feeling disappointed in himself for not being a better trainer. The day after Professor Rowan visited Landon and explained his loss was primarily due to his lack of skill as a trainer, his lack of strategy, and that just because he earned 8 badges means he's the best trainer in the world and he needs to continue improving. Rowan then recommended that Landon travel through the different Regions. Landon agreed and took a journey through Johto where he met Lyra, a Pokemon Trainer. He traveled with her across the Johto Region, however Landon lost the league again coming in the fourth round, making it to the Top 16.

Landon received a Torchic from Professor Birch as his first Pokemon, the small Pokemon reminded him of Mizu back when it was a Piplup, mostly because their personalities were similar, pumped for battling and ready to show their full power, however this Torchic did not know when to quit which proved a great challenge for Landon at points as it refused to give up even at it's last ounces of strength, this also led to it's Blaze ability being magnified immensely. (Had to cut parts out because it would show up as a mountain of text so big middle portion of the Hoenn journey can be found here, and Landon ended up losing in the finals)

This loss inspired Landon to make his way to the Tropics of Alola where he received a Rowlet from Professor Kukui, Landon traveled the Islands and even received a Z-Ring from Kahuna Hala. Landon cleared the first Grand Trial and went to Akala Island where his Rowlet evolved into Dartrix during a battle with the Totem Pokemon Salazzle. Landon was making his way through Diglett Tunnel where an Alolan Diglett led him towards a poisoned Wimpod who was fearful of everything, Landon was careful and showed a caring side to Wimpod it had not often seen, Wimpod was able to bond to Landon who healed it of its poison and decided to continued travelling with him. However after clearing his Akala Island Trial he was jumped by Team Skull who stole his Wimpod and gave it to their boss Guzma. Landon became enraged, focusing on nothing but getting Wimpod back. This led to his battle style becoming reckless and aggressive which led to him being defeated by Nanu and his Alolan Persian. Nanu was far more than just disappointed with Landon, claiming if that's how Landon intends to act and battle with his Pokemon then he doesn't deserve his Z-Ring, Nanu took the Z-Ring from Landon claiming he will earn it back when he can prove he is truly worthy of it. Landon reflected but soon got word that his Z-Ring was stolen from Nanu one night, Landon then went on a siege of Po Town where he battled the Leader Guzma, which evolved his Dartrix into Decidueye, and retrieved his Wimpod which had evolved into Golisopod under Guzma's cruel training. After some more training Landon and Golisopod were able to bond again and work together, however there was no Pokemon League established in Alola so Landon decided to leave but not before meeting a Rockruff which had been abused by a trainer who was once a member of Team Skull, Landon took Rockruff with him on his way back to Sinnoh, however before he could leave he began to be chased by Pokemon Hunters after Rockruff, Landon did not know why but when taking a stand against them Rockruff stood willing to battle and as the sun began setting, evolved into the Dusk Form Lycanroc.
Full Name: Kaiden Levie
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Kaiden is very arrogant and cocky, often making it hard to interact with other human beings. Ironically, he is never one to underestimate his opponents, taking ever battle seriously unless the trainer is noticeably lacking in experience or skill. No challenge is too big or tough for him. Kaiden also hates being restricted. Being told what to or not to do often results in a negative reaction and delinquency. Though his personality might not be one to behold, he has an requited each of his Pokemon, treating them as the foundation to his successes.
Appearance: Kaiden's is black, short, and spiky. His head is shaved all around except for his scalp. His skin is tanned, light brownish color. He stands slightly below 6'0 tall with a lean, yet fit body structure. Kaiden often wears a plain, baby blue long sleeves shirt with black hiking pants.
Pokemon Team:
Nickname: Typhoon
Gender: Male
Ability: Swift Swim
Moveset: Draco Meteor, Rain Dance, Scald, Ice Beam
Nickname: Bane
Gender: Male
Ability: Lightningrod
Moveset: Earthquake, Hammer Arm, Stone Edge, Megahorn
Nickname: Lotus
Gender: Male
Ability: Technician
Moveset: Bullet Seed, Mach Punch, Stun Spore, Rock Tomb
Nickname: Skylar
Gender: Female
Ability: Dancer
Moveset: Revelation Dance, Air Slash, Tailwind, Icy Wind
Nickname: Marble
Gender: Female
Ability: Sweet Veil
Moveset: Pollen Puff, Quiver Dance, Moonblast, Sticky Web
Nickname: Wraith
Gender: Female
Ability: Snow Cloak
Moveset: Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Hail, Will O Wisp

Backstory: Kaiden was orphaned at a very young age. He spent a vast majority of his childhood living at an orphanage in Johto. He had a rough life there, dealing with the older kids bullying him and the caregivers negligence. Kaiden was sad and lonely so he decided to run away at the age of 11. Living on the street would be significantly more manageable than loving in an abusive environment, right? Well life on the road was terrible as well. For months, Kaiden barely got by, living off of scraps. Though one day, Kaiden discovered a Pokeball while searching in a dumpster. In it was a sad an lonely Shroomish, scared and confused about where he was at. Kaiden lost interest, considering it a weak Pokemon, and decided to leave. However, the Shroomish had other ideas and began following him. Kaiden was resistant to the idea of having a Pokemon, but quickly grew attached to the Shroomish, naming him Lotus. These two together would form a dynamic duo, causing trouble for locals in order to steal food. One day, however, Kaiden bit off more than he could chew. He and Lotus were caught red handed by Abbot. However, the Abbot decided to take Kaiden in a student instead of turning him in. The Abbot recognized his situation and saw potential in him. Kaiden wasn't too fond of being an apprentice to a monk but living under a roof with consistent meals was too good of an offer to pass up.

Kaiden spent 4 years under the monk's tutelage, mostly finding difficulty in settling in. He quickly noticed the tension towards him from other apprentices, resulting in mostly solitude. Kaiden often deviated against rules and religion and got into fights with other monks almost daily. Many called for him to be kicked out but the Abbot never gave up on him. Even with his lack of maturity, Kaiden still managed to keep up with other monks during lessons. His battling skills were a thing of nature as he and his Shroomish, along a Rhyhorn and Oricorio he'd caught, grew exponentially close to each other. Kaiden slowly grew older and more mature, adapting quite easily and keeping up with top apprentices. This didn't gain him any respect with his peers however. Kaiden sensed the hatred flowing from his supposed companions and planned on leaving the temple. Just day he planned to leave came but the Abbot gave a speech to the apprentices before he had a chance to escape. The speech highlighted everyone's progress and at the end, he announced a 1 on 1 Pokemon tournament with the prize being an egg. The Abbot knew of Kaiden's plan to leave and asked him personally to partake in the tournament before his departure. With his new evolved Breloom, Kaiden agreed, dominating the majority of the tournament before reaching the final round against the top apprentice. While it started intense, the top apprentice and his Lucario essentially ran away with the battle. Kaiden lost and the egg went to the champion...... Initially. The tournament banned the use of items but one of the monks discovered the apprentice using X items on his Lucario just before the match. He was then disqualified and Kaiden was declared the champion by default. Not only that, the monk was banned from the temple, swearing up and down his revenge on Kaiden.

Kaiden decided to allow his egg to hatch before. A few months passed and his relationship with the other monks never grew better. Kaiden was now the top apprentice and gained a more arrogant personality to combat the treatment he received from others. He'd felt powerful, almost unstoppable. The Abbot never had a chance to teach him humility 1 on 1 because the egg finally hatched into a Horsea. Kaiden immediately set off, though his mentor believed is departure was premature. He was correct.

Kaiden traveled all around Johto until he saw every landscape, every town, every historic monument he could find. He battled trainer after trainer, often getting obliterated due to his overconfidence. Kaiden was arrogant, but smart, and grew from these experiences to the point where he understands others' capabilities. It wasn't long before his Horsea evolved into a Seadra, then a Kingdra. He grew bored of Johto and decided to travel to the Alola region, where he captured a Cutiefly and Snorunt, which grew and evolved into a Ribombe and Froslass. There, he seeked out strong trainers to test his Pokemons' strength and his own training capabilities.
Full name: Joshua Stevens
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Considers himself a refined person. Very observant and analytical but also acts very entitled and boastful sometimes. Not totally arrogant however, he does act professional enough to respect other people. Has made some nice friends but his work isolates him from making true deep friendships.
Appearance: Joshua clocks in at 6'1 and has an average build of neither too fat nor too skinny. His skin is pale to the point where it glows and he sports straight red hair and green eyes. He is most often seen wearing a tuxedo and dress pants but given his trip to alola, he insteads wears a light pink polo shirt and khaki shorts with brown sandals.
Pokemon Team: Viola-Kricketune, Soprano-Primarina, Alto-Altaria, Tenor-Pyroar(male), Bass-Conkeldurr, Sharp-Excadrill
Backstory: Grew up in Kalos and became fascinated with classical and choral music. Despite this genre of music being most prominent in Kalos, Joshua dreamed of opening up concert halls in almost every region he came across. As a young teen, Joshua saw journeying as a trainer as a way to explore new regions and fund/bring his musical talent wherever he goes. While he does enjoy battling and collecting badges, his main joy is training his pokemon to perform or sing. He entered the league to garner attention and money for his performances in Alola.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Just counted all the trainers, and there's 13 (or 14 I slightly lost count), so how would that work in the tournament? Also, can someone recount again, it's hard for me since I'm on mobile now.
In that case, I'll go ahead and stick an application in here.

I should also point out that I tend to go with the whole "more than 4 moves" thing, since I feel like Pokemon would be plenty capable of learning additional moves. I usually just refer to a Pokemon's natural moveset for a move for them to use, occasionally considering the breeding table. Collax doesn't use TMs.

Full name: Collax Edgerigo [khol-axe edge-reego]
Age: 17


Collax is a kid who has a tendency to tie himself into situations that he didn’t start nor is he capable of dealing with. Often considered clumsy and slightly narcissistic, Collax actually only ever wants the best for others. Though he doesn’t quickly show his support for people, he’s usually there to help with others when they feel defeated or generally just bad. He doesn’t often accept the same kind of support from others, though, and prefers to deal with his own problems by himself, even if he obviously can’t. Aside from these traits, Collax has a seemingly split personality, as in some situations he would be energetic and very passive about tough situations, yet in others he would be notably withdrawn and sensitive. His personality at the time usually depends on who he’s in the company of.

A decent-looking teen who stands at about 5’6”, as to say, not very tall. He wears a deep green-brown coat over a blueish shirt, a pair of very average-looking jeans, thick-soled boots, and, often, a greyish trilby hat on his head. His face is dotted with pale freckles, though it is often shaded by his hat and his brown, neck-length hair. Usually looks dirty and unkempt.

Pokemon Team: Barkley (Trevenant), Scrat (Drapion), Lan (Malamar), Duke (Ledian), Majia (Mismagius), Viola (Volcarona)

Backstory: Collax was born and raised in the Alola region, on Akala island. He spent the majority of his time in the Lush Forest, living in the wild alongside his partner, a Phantump named Barkley, who he had grown up beside since they were both of toddler age. Collax became so comfortable and at home in the wild forest that he eventually decided to stay there, at the cost of his schooling and his future as a Pokemon trainer. With his family distant, Collax became accustomed to living with Pokemon rather than people, but he eventually developed good social enough social skills to re-enter society, which he never really did. He did take martial arts, Karate specifically, for a good portion of his life, however. Made it to red belt, which is a lower equivalent of a black belt.

One day, he was able to join an expedition to an unknown island region known as Lasryn (New Beginnings RP), whereapon he and the others who went were subject to the untamed wilderness, new kinds of Pokemon, and an extremely unforgiving series of events that led to the deaths of several of them. Collax met a girl named Madison, who (despite getting on his nerves) he promised to stand alongside and help. Madison was a natural at Pokemon battling, and Collax eventually learned rather effective battle strategy from her. Whilst in Lasryn, Collax progressively picked up a team of Pokemon, one having been adopted from a trainer that was killed while on the island, and the others met somewhere in the wild. He never caught any of them without consent, and allowed them to become familiar with him before considering adding them to his team.

After eventually escaping the region of Lasryn, Collax returned home to the Lush Jungle and proceeded to take on the many trials set up along the Alola region. With his newly built team at his side, Collax was eventually capable of succeeding in all of them, though he never went further. After a few natural disasters and other situations scared him back into hiding in the jungle, Collax was able to build his team up into a rather surprising powerhouse. He continued to live there since, surviving in the wild with nothing but his Pokemon and vast experience.

Skills: Bouldering/exploration, fishing, proficiency in Pokemon training, advanced skill in martial arts

Likes: Collax is partial to nature, specifically tropical forests and beachsides. He loves the outdoors, despite his winter-esque clothing, and will often go trekking out into the unknown with little regard for personal safety. Which leads to obvious problems. He also enjoys delicacies of any kind, and will take any chance he gets to be the first in line for food. Other than these, Collax enjoys fishing, bouldering, generally breaking things, and conversation.

Dislikes: Collax is one of those people who often hates standing still, but also loves the peace and quiet at times. A mixture of sluggish and outgoing, Collax will do everything he can to avoid boredom, and has a constant problem with landscape that isn’t vibrantly green or inviting. He also seems to hate Pinap berries (for whatever reason), avoids drama/romance, and shows very distinct hatred of injustice.


-Barkley and Collax have been together for what is essentially their entire lives. They know each other inside and out, have learned to read each other’s intentions, and understand each other with little difficulty. They have the same goals and thought processes, so what is said about Collax in this character sheet can also be said about Barkley.

-Collax only spent a year in Lasryn, but that year definitely changed his perspective on some things. He is no longer as reckless or impulsive, taking the time to consider his actions before making them. He also tends to be more creative with his battle strategies, (thanks to experience with Madison), but he remains as good-hearted as he was before. Many of his Pokémon joined him after they experienced some time with him; he never caught them without their consent. Thus, each Pokémon is loyal to him and under his deep care and protection.

-Barkley, Scrat, and Lan were all the initial team Collax had on Lasryn, Barkley having grown up with him on Akala, Scrat being found alone in the jungle of Lasryn, and Lan having lost his trainer in an accident during the Lasryn expedition. All three have evolved and become his closest friends, and Collax will do whatever it takes to protect them. They have the same feelings to him.

-Duke the Ledian is what some may consider a “tryhard”. Statistically outmatched, he tries harder than ever to outdo those on Collax’s team, but he’s just as dependable as they are. Faster than anyone else in the air, small as to avoid being hit, and trained with a number of punching attacks, he makes do with his four arms better than anyone would expect the naturally weak Pokémon to.

-Majia and Viola were found together in a pyramid that was hidden away in Lasryn, both in their previous evolutions. The Misdreavus and Larvesta had been taking cover from the outside in the pyramid, gotten lost, and begun to lose hope of escaping when Collax came across them. He didn’t initially catch them, but they followed with him and eventually joined his team, like Scrat and Lan had. They have both become excellent at keeping fresh battle techniques flowing, as Majia is a techy fighter who loves playing at range with fancy, confusing tactics, while Viola is an aggressive dancer who uses flowing movements in combination with malleable attacks to be nearly unavoidable. Collax learned much of his creative battle style from them.
-Also, Majia is able to sing in odd tunes, as are all Mismagius, which can make others feel uneasy or happy. She greatly appreciates the thanks she receives from Collax and his team when she cheers them up with her singing, and they are always there to keep her hopeful as well.​

-Collax may only have a team of six Pokemon, but he has befriended a number of other Pokemon he doesn’t call his own. These include a Vikavolt he nicknamed Xenoltrics, a Shiftry, a Cofagrigus, a Crobat, a Fearow named Skutch, and an Araquanid. They aren’t constantly at his disposal, but they travel with him on occasion and help him out with situations they may find themselves in. He has yet to catch any of them, mostly because he already has six Pokemon, but also because he doesn’t have access to a Pokemon bank to put them in safely.

Name: Barkley
Species: Trevenant - Grass/Ghost
Gender: Male
Ability: Natural Cure (Status effects are cured automatically)
(Battle Bond)
Shadow Claw
Horn Leech
Confuse Ray
Feint Attack
Leech Seed
Forest's Curse
Phantom Force
Wood Hammer

Name: Scrat
Species: Drapion - Poison/Dark
Gender: Male
Ability: Battle Armor (Cannot receive a critical hit)
Thunder Fang
Ice Fang
Fire Fang
Poison Fang
Poison Sting
Hone Claws
Night Slash
Fell Stinger
Cross Poison

Name: Lan
Species: Malamar - Dark/Psychic
Gender: Male
Ability: Contrary (Stat changes on Lan have the opposite effect)
Foul Play
Psycho Cut
Night Slash
Simple Beam

Name: Duke
Species: Ledian - Bug/Flying
Gender: Male
Ability: Iron Fist (Punching attacks are notably stronger)
Mach Punch
Silver Wind
Comet Punch
Bug Buzz
Air Slash
Double Edge

Name: Viola
Species: Volcarona - Bug/Fire
Gender: Female
Ability: Flame Body (Contact with Viola may leave a burn)
Quiver Dance
Fiery Dance
Heat Wave
Flare Blitz
Bug Buzz
Flame Wheel
Fire Spin
Silver Wind

Name: Majia
Species: Mismagius - Ghost
Gender: Female
Ability: Levitate (Cannot be affected by ground-type moves)
Mystical Fire
Power Gem
Phantom Force
Magical Leaf
Destiny Bond
Ominous Wind
Shadow Sneak

Also, because I'm curious, what are the rules surrounding the Battle Bond ability? I see a lot of Pokemon in this RP currently have it, but I'm not entirely sure what it entails.
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Battle Bond is kind of like Mega Evolution, but different in quite a few ways. It explains this in the rules, but I'll say the stuff anyway.
  • It requires an immense bond between the Pokemon and their trainer.
  • Their Ability cannot change.
  • A Pokemon who has a Mega (like Venusaur, even though you dont have a Mega Venusaur approved) cannot have Battle Bond to avoid cheating Megas with Battle Bond.
  • Their appearance may change somewhat, but not too much.
  • One or two of their attacks can be stronger and they can have slight increases in their battling capabilities, but not to a huge extent like Megas.
  • Battle Bond Pokemon are treated like Fan-Made creations, and as such, shouldn't have the power equal to a Mega Evolution, so no cheating a Mega Evolution through Battle Bond.
  • Ask the RP Creator if it's okay and detail the Battle Bond ability with how strong the Pokemon's and trainer's friendship is, any appearance changes, and any power increases to one or two moves. You don't need an admin's approval, unless the Battle Bond phenomenon happens to be as strong or stronger than a Mega, but I'm pretty sure that will be quickly taken down if you don't have a very good reason for the insane power buff.
Thanks for the information, that was a huge help. In such case, can I request a Battle Bond trait for Barkley the Trevenant? I have the reason, and I'll try working out the kinks here:
Barkley grew up with Collax since they were both toddlers. Having encountered each other by accident in a forest, the two were bonded and Barkley adopted as a Phantump. They were inseparable, and in time learned to communicate with little trouble. Through numerous life-threatening situations and adventures, the two of them grew closer and stronger together. Before they returned from the unknown Lasryn region expedition (New Beginnings RP), Collax and Barkley ended up in a rather tough situation as they attempted escape. Collax's entire team had been wiped out, and the unevolved Barkley was the only thing standing between Collax and death. Barkley hadn't been a fantastic fighter, but both he and Collax had learned over the expedition many new tactics and trained in different ways.

When the battle came down to the wire, Barkley and Collax had a moment of panic, wherein they both used the same mental technique to calm down. Without a word being said from either of them, both of their eyes flashed purple, and Forest's Curse was activated on their opponent. Almost immediately afterwards, Barkley illuminated, evolving into a Trevenant at last, whilst both he and Collax were still in their sync trance. Barkley and Collax proceeded to match each other's movements and thoughts, neither of them needing to so much as speak. Barkley's new Trevenant form changed as well, growing taller, thicker, and additional branches strewn about his body. Collax, meanwhile, had developed a glow about him, in a similar shape and color to a Trevenant. Despite being larger, Barkley moved faster than ever, having become surprisingly more agile on his longer legs and now also relying on Collax's intuition, and hit like a truck. With the power of Phantom Force and Wood Hammer having been multiplied significantly, Barkley and Collax both acted in unison, quickly overwhelming their opponent with the evasive ghost-type move, and bashing them into the ground with a powerful, earthquake-generating smash from both of Barkley's fists using the grass-type finisher.

Collax and Barkley both proceeded to conk out at the end of the sync, after the opponents had been rather brutally defeated. They only managed to escape thanks to Scrat, who, as a Skorupi, gathered the remainder of Collax's team (which was still in rather unhealthy shape) to continue.

To this day, Collax and Barkley have practiced repeating the sync technique, intent on finding out just how far it can go. The effect is, obviously, a last-resort, as it immediately knocks both Collax and Barkley out on ceasing.
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Got it!

Full name: Ezekiel (Zeke) Greene
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Outgoing, likes to show off his power to others, but is not arrogant or boastful.
Appearance: Orange-Brown hair, green eyes, pale-ish skin, green army jacket with a long sleeve blue shirt underneath. He has green cargo pants that look a lot like a BSA uniform pants. He has hiking boots underneath
Pokemon Team:
Nitro (Accelgor, Partner)
[Giga Drain, U-Turn, Protect, Water Shuriken]

Alice (Ribbombee)
[Dazzling Gleam, Pollen Puff, Energy Ball, Toxic]

Pyro (Pyroar)
[Will O Wisp, Flamethrower, Hidden Power (Rock), Flame Charge]

Nile (Clawitzer)
[Aqua Jet, Aura Sphere, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon]

Pixy (Clefable)
[Metronome, Moonblast, Encore, Moonlight

Mint (Cincinno)
Seed Bomb, Iron Tail, Hyper Voice, Gunk Shot

When Zeke was ten, he moved from Unova with his partner, Nitro (who was a Shelmet at the time) to Alola. His brother (who was quite rude), who had a Karrablast, traded it. When they saw the evolutions of them as they traded, he said he wanted the Escavelier, and so he got the Accelgor. He went on defeating all of the kahunas, and is now ready for the alola pokemon league!
Full name: Splash Hamako
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: Splash is very quite and shy but gets heated up during a battle he thinks to highly of himself.
Appearance: Has blue hair and red eyes and wears all black with combat boots and a team aqua bandanna around his neck
Pokemon Team: Blastiods, Gyarados, Lapras, Vaporeon, Milotic, Kingdra.
Backstory: His Dad Was a Scientist For Team Aqua helping them with their project to engulf the earth with water, this is why Splash loves water types since the remind him of his father. Splash grow up on the streets getting by from stuff that he stole. He trained his pokemon super well to impress the other kids so he could be the top dog. He beat all gyms the in the Kanto region, but when it came to challenge the elite four he got brutally beaten and decided to hang low for a while until he heard of another region called the Alola Region. He spent all the money he got from beating kids at battle to buy ticket to Alola. Being in Alola for a while he heard that there was a a big tournament, Maybe this is chance to be someone important...
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