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Yamato had been flung back and forth on the ship and had bumped his head while the Kraktopus had attack their ship. His head started bleeding while he got pissed off by the animal and all the noise it made. He got into a stance and did two right jabs and one left that shot out three balls of fire towards one of the tentacles.

"This stupid fish better get ready. Because I gonna cut this bastard down to size." He said as he wiped the blood of his head and unseathed his new blue sword.

He rushed towards one of the tentacles and swung his sword up high into the air and brought it down swiftly in a attempt to cut it off.
She obtained half the items on her list while her eagle hawk obtained the other half. Gem flew back to her as she perched on her arm. "Well done Gem, just want we needed for mom" she said taking the items from her and placed it in the basket she was holding as she gently ran her hand through her the feathers. "Let's enjoy the scenery before we head back Gem," she said. Gem screeched in agreement as she flew off her arm to a high roof where the view was perfect. She chuckled softly. "Smart girl knowing the spot of a view" she said going on top of the roof and sat down watching the ocean in a far distance. Gem flew to her shoulder nudging her gently.


Previously Night's Shadow
A tentacle crashed down onto the deck, not three feet from Tazia’s unsteady stance. Splinters flew and the boat rocked, her balance completely shot. The girl’s feet slipped as the bucking of the boat tossed her into the air. She scrabbled for the railing, grasping at air. A rush of fear washed over her, ice cold, as she realized she was on the wrong side of it.

“Shi—” Tazia’s gasped curse was cut off by burbling as a wave crashed over her head, dragging her under the surf. The ocean was choppy, black, roiling with thrashing tentacles just below the surface. Tazia fought her way to air just long enough to choke down a lungful before she was submerged again. Terror clouded her mind, her limbs striking out against the freezing water, but only managed to throw her deeper into the depths of panic. It was dark, she couldn’t tell which way was up, cold… maybe she should just stop moving, she couldn’t beat the water, anyway… it was fire’s natural enemy, after all— she had never regretted so much that she had never learned to swim, to learn her natural enemy. But did it matter, now?

No. I am not giving up yet. By the Avatar’s absent ass I am not going to die here! Tazia’s lungs screamed for air. Breath. Breath burns. Becomes… fire! Her thrashing recommenced, stronger than before out of desperation. But instead of bubbles escaping from her nose and lips, her limbs began to glow. The water closest to her began to boil as it rushed in to snuff out her flames, forming tiny bubbles just barely visible by the muted light of her body’s last attempt at flame before it gave out. The bubbles fizzled, heading… up. Tazia blinked at the bubbles, following their trajectory before they disappeared, the salt stinging her eyes. She tried to strike out towards the surface, but she had no air left. And the surface seemed so far away…
Ahnah had been flung around the ship and landed not far from where Yamato had been. She got up, a little confused from the flinging, but overall realizing what the heck the boat hit. This thing made Akuma look like a puppy. It was at that moment that she prepared for potential combat, she saw Yamato launch three fireballs at the creature and attempt to cut off the Tentacle. She then pulled some water with a raising of the right arm, from the side of the ship, ready to catch Yamato if necessary, or fish someone up. Her left arm had her Boomerang at the ready.

Mu had seen what this thing was and figured the best move was to get the animals out of the Hold, he sent Ai to go up top and see what the situation was there as he went to let the others' animals out. He got to the hold, and opened the door, calling for them. Akuma had taken notice the door was open, and went to see what was above deck. Mu followed behind, queueing the other animals that may be down there to follow.

Akuma had reached the deck to see something big, and throwing tentacles around. He saw a stray Tentacle, waiting the perfect time to pounce, he made the Jump for it.
Nina shot a death glare at Fang, "None of us are your wives, you dumb-!" She was suddenly cut off by a sudden crash of a tentacle smashing onto the ship. A tiny screech of terror escaped Nina's lips as she looked at the giant tentacles holding onto the boat. Nina had once heard a story from one of the elders of the tribe told a story of such a beast claiming he was the only survivor. Nina hadn't believed the man, though. She thought he was lying, trying to scare her. But now, Nina believed the old man wholeheartedly.

And suddenly, Nina was hit by a new tentacle and was flung into the ocean. The sudden shock of being thrown made Nina almost forget to swim for a second as she began to sink. Nina stared at the creature in fear H-how big is this thing... Nina thought as she stared at it.

Nina quickly shot up for air, looking around to see who was there in the water with her. She saw Koreal, who was in the water tribe, so she had to be somewhat good at swimming. Nina looked around more and then saw a strawberry blonde head of hair poke out of the water and start sinking below. Nina quickly yelled, "TAZIA!" and then dived down after her.

Nina looked under the water. Her eyes were used to the sting of the salt water. She dived quickly for Tazia and got a stream of bubbles to the face. Nina put a handout, grabbed Tazia's arm, and pulled her towards Nina; she slung Tazia's arm around her shoulder as she shot up for air.

Nina took a big breath of air and stared at Tazia. I need to get us back on the ship... But how do we... That was what Nina thought, staring up at the boat. Suddenly Nina heard a splash and saw Fang in the water with them holding a rope.
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Minxiu just stared at the creature wide-eyed and frozen in place by the ship’s central mast. She had never seen anything like the creature. Hearing the screams of the others as they were tossed into the ocean by the creature snapped her back. Her karambits were not going to do anything to these tentacles she looked around the deck for something more impactful.

“Woah there!” she leapt out of the way of a slamming tentacle that heavily dented the deck of the ship, surprisingly it didn’t manage to smash though, but it were to destroy too many of the masts they would be stranded even if they fought off the beast. As Minxiu landed from her dodge she found herself continuing to slip across the deck. The rock plates around her hands and shoes combined with the water and the polish on the deck gave her no grip. Gritting her teeth she hopped back into the air for a brief second flipping the rock plates at the bottom of her feet so they acted like cleats and she landed hard on the deck the rock plates digging into the wood giving her the stability she needed. There. She spotted an overturned barrel near the edge of the deck that used to contain the swords, harpoons, and scimitars of the sailors. She scrambled to them staying low and ducking under a sweeping tentacle that left the top of her hair slimy sending shivers down her spine.

This will do…. She picked up a dadao, underestimating its weight she had to reposition her grip to heft it up to her side before sticking the tip into the deck of the ship so it stood up right next to her. She was not stranger to other weapons, she knew the basics at the very least, but heavy weight weapons were never her type. She kicked up a long harpoon by rolling it under the tip of her foot and quickly lifting it, she snatched it out of the air gripping it in the middle, the plates of the rock glove on her hand quickly slid off and lined around the entire shaft of the harpoon as Minxiu turned and aimed. She stomped down hard on the deck in a wide stable stance cracking the wood as the adjusted rock plates on the bottom of her shoes penetrated the wood.

The opportunity came just on time as another tentacle rose from the water and crept onto the deck across from her on the bow, it was trying to get a more solid grip of the boat as two of its tentacles had already been injured by the ships cannons. With a loud grunt Minxiu threw the harpoon at the new tentacle in the distance pushing and propelling it forward and spinning the harpoon with earth bending using the rock plates on the shaft propelling it to unnatural speeds though the air causing it to appear like a blurred line of silver.


The harpoon pierced though the thickest part of the tentacle pinning it to the raised portion of the bow, the tip of the harpoon drilled deep into the wood. The tentacle tensed as it tried to pull back but it had been pinned. The action caused the front of the ship to rock. She spotted Fang swinging off a rope and diving into the water, what the hell does he think he’s doing…. Minxiu called down to some sailors who were readying another cannon. “There!” she pointed to the pinned tentacle, “Blast it when you can.” She picked up the dadao next to her and took off in a quick dash with the blade dragging across the floor at another tentacle that Akuma had been attacking, and was doing a surprisingly good job. Minxiu shouted in exertion as she rapidly approached the tentacle pulling the dadao into an upward swing cutting a deep groove into the deck of the ship in the process as she swung the weapon. The blade sliced through the thick hide of the tentacle but not through the tentacle getting stuck a little less than half way though the appendage.

The tentacle jerked violently in response and trashed wildly knocking Minxiu back, she hit the railing of the deck knocking the breath out of her.


Another cannon fired, the sailors had shot at the pinned tentacle, the blast blew the thing apart severing it as the kraktopus pulled its blackened and bleeding stump back into the water, and the remaining length of the tentacle remained opined on the bow by the harpoon. Minxiu was impressed, it was not easy to have such impeccable aim with a cannon, and they managed to only hit the tentacle not even leaving a mark on the ship. Minxiu got herself back onto her knees catching her breath giving the sailors an affirmative nod before scanning the scene again, her mind was racing thinking about the next three steps. We need to get them out of the water….
Fang swam through the cold salty water, heading directly towards Koreal, who was the closest. His plan wasn't that complicated, he grabbed the longest rope and was hoping to get all three girls that had fallen into the ocean. All he had to do was avoid being eating by the giant monster beneath them, which was simple enough, in Fang's mind.

"Grab on to this!" He shouted as he approached one of the water tribe sisters, "Follow it back to the ship, I'll keep going towards the other two!" He swam close enough so Koreal could grab on to the rope he was leaving behind him, leading towards the top part of the ship. "Two more to go..." He told himself as he began to swim in the direction of Nina and Taiza.

At the same time, the tentacles disappeared once again into the ocean, hurt and damaged. The creature wasn't happy about the pain it was being inflected on. In fact, it made him angry. All the creature wanted was to swipe a few from the vessel, but now it was a fight. The Kraktapus started by letting out a large wave of black ink, making the entire ocean around the ship pitch black. For a moment everything went quiet, Fang even managing to reach the remaining two girls, reaching out towards them with both hands while the rope was tied around his waist. Then, the monster attacked, this time coming from the side. Its eight tentacles grapping the ship, shattering everything that stood in their way, crushing the mast, the floors and everything on the surface. It opened its wide mouth filled with giant sharp teeth as it attempted to swallow everything whole.

"Abandon ship!" Hailang's voice rang through the air before it was replaced with the sound of crushing wood and suffering sailors.


Previously Night's Shadow
Yael burst past Mu, wild with the scent of a larger predator. He leaped erratically from side to side, digging his claws into the deck, searching for his master. Suddenly, the sea turned black, cloudy, and starkly contrasted against the dark was a strawberry blond head, along with a whiff of a familiar scent. The tigerdillo bounded towards the edge of the ship, intent on reaching Tazia.

The ship pitched to one side, huge tentacles wrapping the decks far too quickly, crushing people, ammunition, and storage alike. The screams and cries for help or to abandon bombarded Yael’s senses, and he pinned his ears back, returning to his task of finding Tazia. The pinkish head was still bobbing in the water, and Yael arrowed for it, dodging tentacles and leaping over casualties.

Finally, Yael landed in the blackened water, away from the wreckage of screams, and struck out strongly against the current for Tazia. Fang had reached the two just a few seconds before, and the tigerdillo worriedly circled the three in the water.

Tazia coughed violently, hacking up inhaled water with so much effort she didn’t even have the energy to protest Nina’s help. She was about to snap at Fang, who she could barely see through the sting of the salt in her eyes, but another coughing bout cut her off as soon as she opened her mouth. She settled for forcing out a stilted “I’m okay” and a reassuring smile at Yael before letting her waterlogged body expel the small ocean no doubt in her lungs. As long as she was in the water, she probably wouldn’t be fighting anytime soon.
“For the love of – ” Minxiu was suddenly tossed aside like a child’s toy into the dark waters as the sea monster attacked again. This time the ship was not as lucky as it was torn to splinters by the monster’s flurry of attacks. Fighting and treading water to stay afloat Minxiu’s current outfit did little to help her situation. She released the rock plates on her shoes along with the ones left on her hand. Eventually she managed to grab onto a large enough floating piece of debris. “Over here!” Minxiu shouted as she paddled along holding onto the debris to help her float, it was large enough for a few people to hold onto at once. She had spotted Tazia nearby and was slowly making her way over to her there was others in the water, a ton of others in fact, the crew Hailang, and the other members of the group including Fang were all around the remaining floating debris of the ship.
Nina muttered, "Thanks." Deciding not to be rude was not the best thing to do when her half-drowned friend needed to get to dry land or something she could hold onto and be safe. Nina held the rope tightly and was preparing to tie it around her own waist when her eyes noticed the ship. Oh... Avatar... She stared as the ship splintered into debris. Nina hoped Kreen had gotten out of there safely. Suddenly Nina said, "WAIT, IF THE ROPE IS TIED TO THE SHIP, THEN IF THAT PIECE GETS SWALLOWED BY THAT THING, THEN WE'LL GO WITH IT!" Nina tried her best to get Yael to understand she needed him to carry Tazia for a bit. Nina pushed Tazia onto Yael's back. Nina swam over to Koreal and cut the rope connecting the ship with her spear.

Once this was over, she swam around to her little group and joined Minxiu in holding onto the debris she was hanging onto. "How are we going to get to land?" Nina asked, a slight panic creeping into her voice, "What are we going to do? We are nowhere near land, and I don't think anyone here likes the idea of swimming for who knows how many miles until we get to land! Not to mention the animals, some of our animals are big, and there probably isn't debris that is big enough for them to rest on..."

Kreen had been hanging out on the deck, trying to figure out what to do and where her master was. Kreen was an intelligent animal and could do stuff on her own and follow orders not given by her master, but that didn't help in the situation.


"Abandon ship!"

Kreen watched as the sailors listened to their captain jumping off the ship, and Kreen joined in by leaping off into the ink-black ocean. Kreen poked her head out of the water. Instead of snowy white, she was now stained by the black ink. The snow leopard caribou swam over to her master, and once she saw her, she rubbed her face against Nina's, leaving a smudge of black ink on her face.

At first, Nina was confused but recognized Kreen and smiled at Kreen, patting her head.
She remained sitting on the roof with Gem as the eagle hawk nudged her gently only for her to look at her. "What is it Gem?" She asked. Gem screeched in response as she opened her wings to let the wind blow through them. She only nodded. "Oh I see, why don't you take flight for a while, you can come back later before dinner just watch out for Raveneagles and use the aerial training like I taught you to avoid them" she advised. Gem cooed softly before the eagle hawk flew up in the sky. She saw her fly over the ocean probably going to look for fish to catch to eat from. She only smiled as she got off the roof and headed back home to deliver the items she had to get for her mother to cook for later.
Currently at the Dalom Estate Gabriele sat kneeling infront of her mother and father. Her father Jio sat there with a stonic face as he gently stroked his beard and, her mother Tina sat there covering her mouth with her kimono sleeve gracefully. " So I heard you lashed out at your Uncle Guo again Gabriele." Jio said with a slightly hint of exhaustion hanging off of his words. " I'm sorry father. . . I tried to tried to keep myself in line, but Uncles teachings are so frustrating to understand!"," Oh my sweet daughter I know that it's hard for you to control your anger but you can't always blame your uncle's teachings." Gabby sighed as she heard her mother's soft voice calls out to her. Looking at her husband then to her daughter, Then with a small giggle Tina said, " We originally where gonna have you take over the main branch family businesses, but I believe it's time to let you explore your options in life. So your father and me have agreed to your request to leave and travel the world. The supplies is already prepared and waiting for you to claim it." Jio only let out a hum of agreement. Gabby sat up looking at her parents in bewilderment.

"Y-you aren't joking this time right !?" Gabby asked startled and confused. "We are only allowing you to go under the assumption that you'll look for more knowledge of your bending." Jio said with a small grin on his face. Tina then let out a cheerful giggle. " Don't let him and his ideals bring you down. No matter what you choose to do on your travels, please make the most of it. Have fun, make friends, and even possibly bring a man home~". " Yes and bri- . . . If you bring a man home I'll kill him before he even steps inside this house." Her father's once thoughtful and clam tone turned terrifying at the realization of what he almost said. Tina then only blushed in embarrassment at what Jio just said." Now honey we can't just kill the poor man we only need to test his skills in bending or combat."

" Can we please stop talking about me getting married please !" Gabby cried out embarrassed and annoyed at the couples antics. " Fine fine if you say so dear. All your needs for your journey are already packed and sitting outside the door, so hurry and start your adventure." Then putting a hand next to her mouth as to whisper to Gabby " Hurry before your father changes his mind shoo shoo." Quickly bowing and nodding she got up and walked to the door noticing the bag next to the open door. Quickly she turned around and said," Thank you for mother, father for letting me travel ! I promise to come home as soon as I make a name for myself." Smiling like a child getting candy she grabbed the bag happily running towards the estates gates, finally she gets to write her own story !
Just like that, in a few moments the king of the sea had destroyed the intruder in its territory. To the victims, they had been attacked by a monster, for the monster, he had a midnight snack. With what was left of the ship slowly sinking into the water and the survivors gathering, using whatever they could to stay on afloat, the Kraktopus considered letting them go, after having demonstrated its enormous power. The giant sea beast began to swim downwards, heading back to its slumber.

"Stupid fish."

From somewhere on the surface, the words traveled towards the kraktopus and is if it understood them, the monster became enraged once again. Swimming upwards in two quick pushes, it emerged from the ocean, it's giant triangular head standing tall into the sky, towering like a true titan and looking down at the humans helplessly floating in front of it.

Fang grabbed on to the piece of wood Minxiu had brought for the others to grab on to, he felt a feeling of relieve when he did a quick count to make sure his crew was still alive. But, his smile didn't last long as a dark shadow quickly over came them. Fang slowly turned around to see the giant beast looking down on them. He had no earth to use, he no ground to stand on and fight, there was nothing he could do, it was over...


The Kraktopus cried out in pain as it stumbled forward, sending big waves towards the floating survivors.


Again the monster roared after the second explosion on its back. One after another, the back of the monster kept getting bombarded. The beast let out one last cry before submerging into the ocean, revealing the group of ships coming from behind it. The gray ships, the black smoke emerging from them, the red flags, the fire nation navy had arrived. The boat leading them seemed bigger than the rest and on the controls stood its captain, the famous Captain Zhao.

"Friends of yours?" Fang asked Taiza, while his jaw dropped at the sight of the mighty fleet moving towards them.

"Get the survivors and all the supplies possible." Zhao spoke strictly as his eyes set on the small dots up ahead. "Take them in as prisoners, I want to know who summoned that monster."
She took the path to get home until she heard a familiar cawing looking up to see Gem fly down to her. "Oh hello Gem, did you enjoy your free flight?" She asked. The eagle hawk chirped softly as she perched on her shoulder. "Oh that's good girl" she said petting her feathers. She felt someone suddenly bump into her causing a couple of the apple to fall out of the basket. She caught herself from falling as Gem picked up the two that fell out of the basket before she flew up to place them back in the basket before perching on her arm. She looked to see who bumped into her as it was a girl with almond brown eyes and a sandy blonde Bob cut who was a bit on the chubby side. She wasn't mad that she bumped into her as she turned to her. Gem looked to the girl cautiously.
Gabby wasn't paying attention to where she was running she wont get into trouble the first few minutes if leaving home right ? WRONG, a blondey had a blonde moment and ran in to someone, dear Lord bless this child. Gabby suck her head trying to get rid of the small sting from running into someone. Quickly regaining focus she look at the lady she ran into and gasped. " I'm so sorry for running into you! I should have been paying attention to where I was running. She bowed down quickly spewing out her apologies. A few small stings of apologizes and self intended insults where mumbled as the girl kept apologizing.
She saw the girl bowing as to apologize to her for bumping into her. She raised her hand before speaking. "It's alright, the market is a bit crowded so naturally people get bumped into to" she said with a calm voice. "Are you alright? I know that hurt a bit by bumping into me" she asked fixing her mask that was on her face. Gem watched the girl chirping a bit in respond.
" No no I'm fine, I'm still sorry I just was so excited to leave home I forgot where I was. " She said standing up scratching the back of her neck embarrassed. Gabby doesn't have many social skills and it shows, the only people she's interacted with is many her family. And the doctor that her family took her for when they first found out about her disorder. But since then she hasn't left the house since she was eight.


Previously Night's Shadow
Tazia finished her coughing fit, allowing Nina to push her onto Yael’s back, where she clung to his shell like a bedraggled squirrel, shivering in the black water. Yael paddled smoothly, taking care not to catch Tazia’s legs with his claws as she slowly pulled herself the rest of the way to sit on his back. “For the record,” she grumbled, “the ocean totally blows.” As if to confirm the young firebender’s statement, the kraktopus burst through the water’s surface, towering above the party of adventurers in all its slimy, tentacled glory. Tazia dragged a hand through her hair. “F—”

BLAM! Tazia’s swear was cut off by an explosion, then another. She whipped her head around to find its source— she knew that sound…

As the kraktopus slipped back into the deep, the Fire Nation’s navy moved onto the scene. A wry, hoarse laugh choked its way from Tazia’s throat as the huge ships approached. She recognized the boat at the head of the fleet; she knew it well, and sat a little straighter on instinct. “Zhao, you fantastic old fart,” she muttered to herself, grinning. “Way to wait till the last minute.” She raised a hand in a salute to the ships, not that they were close enough to see it. At Fang’s inquiry, Tazia cast him a sidelong glance. “You could say that,” she offered with a noncommittal shrug. “Just don’t piss ‘em off and you’ll be fine.”
Nina thought about how they would survive as she saw the hulking monstrosity of the kraktopus as it rose from the ocean. A tiny squeal of fear even escaped Nina's lips! Then there was the loud BANG as something shot the monster sending the monster splashing down. Nina quickly scrambled to form a shield of ice to protect the group from the massive wave coming their way.

The shield Nina had formed had just been able to cover Tazia, Fang, Minxiu, Nina herself, and the two animals, Yael and Kreen. The shield lasted long enough so the group wouldn't be crushed by the giant wave, but the shield did break and let the group get soaked by the water, still making its way off the shield.

Nina clung tight to the debris she had been holding onto before and muttered, "I understand the hate for water now, Tazia..." Nina was half joking. She still loved water as much as ever, just didn't love it when there was a giant kraktopus in it trying to kill them.

Nina listened to Tazia reply to Fang, and Nina quickly added to the two quick conversations by saying, "I'll make sure not to piss them off. But, Tazia, if you know them, do you know if they will possibly save us?!" Nina was feeling uncomfortable now. She was usually comfortable in the water, but she didn't exactly like the feeling of her fur tunic being wet and the fur part being on her skin.
Some miles away from the shipwreck an empire-class Fire Nation warship was dormant and still in the water, its lights and engines turned off. Zoey stood on the side watching through binoculars. She frowned slightly as the Kraktopus retreated into the waters. “Looks like Kevin tried to eat something more than he could handle….”

“Ma’am, it appears Kevin’s feeding time has attracted a small task force of Fire Nation ships to the location.” A spotter reported from next to her.

Zoey sighed, “Well those are some good target practice for the new weapon I’ve been developing.” She waved her hand as the crew sprang into action above and below deck. Three large holes opened on the deck as three massive cannons were raised onto the deck, the shape of their barrel and body were different having a much larger base that tapered into a concentrated opening.

“What if the artillery fails?” one Zoey’s assistant engineers asked.

“Then it fails, no use thinking about ‘what ifs’ that time has passed, it’s time for live testing.” She said walking past some other sailors that were loading and aiming the cannons with something that looked like a large metal spike carved with a spiraling design along its length. The sailor gave her a thumbs up before standing by the cannon waiting. Zoey adjusted her strange metallic glove turning a few dials on them that caused a few audible clicks as the cracks between the metal plates began to glow with a dim but intense violet light. “Besides, we will have plenty of generously donated scrap metal from the Fire Nation.” From the tip of her gloved index finger, there was a small hole surrounded by something that resembled a porthole. A jet of concentrated violet flame shot out from the hole for several inches, the heat from the violet flame intensely distorted the air around it, the flame was still and not even appear to be moving as it made a high pitched hissing sound. Her entire glove was distorted from the heat for the brief moments it had started glowing. “Failure is a part of progress…” she muttered as she lowered her gloved hand down onto a device that linked the three cannons together into a singular console with an indent that seemed to fit her hand.


Minxiu could only hope the scavengers could recover some of the groups’ bags including her own, but that seems rather farfetched. The ice barrier Nina created to protect the group was rather impressive from the water bender.

Drying herself off the best she could on the deck of a military Fire Nation ship and being told that she was to be taken prisoner was not her ideal way for an adventure to start. The political repercussions that Zhao could inadvertently cause by taking a member of the Dai Li could be catastrophic, possibly seen as a sign of aggression and possible declaration of war from the Fire Nation towards the Earth Kingdom. Minxiu weighed her options on what to do next.

Tazia seemed to know this Captain Zhao, perhaps she could get them off the hook. Based on the way he carried himself and the way he spoke Minxiu deduced that he was a military man through and through, but also a Narcissist by the body language he portrayed. Judging by how his men obeyed him she could also assume that he was either highly demanding or has anger issues.

She felt naked missing the rock plates that usually covered her feet being forced to ditch those as she needed to tread water and having literal rocks on her shoes was rather counterintuitive. She looked at her hands satisfied with the rock gloves she managed to preserve, having pulled the rock plates that lined the thrown harpoon before the ship went under. She checked her hat and slid it back onto her back and looked around deck actively trying to avoid looking at Zhao. Noticing Fang, Minxiu approached him, “You okay? Jumping straight into the water with a Kraktopus was probably not the smartest thing to do.”
Fang shrugged, looking as confident as ever while he let his long hair lose. "Well, danger is nothing when those who depend on you need you." He smirked at the rest of the group, followed by a wink as he tied up his hair into a ponytail again. "We now get a free ride to-"

"To jail." Hailang snapped as her crew mixed with theirs. "They think we had something to do with this."

"That's enough talking!" One of the fire nation soldiers shouted as he pushed Nina, making her move forward. "That monster has been attacking ships going to the fire nation for so long and we finally found some 'survivors'."

The guard moved the group forward, making them march in between two rows of fire nation soldiers. Fang, who was at the front, was smiling like if he was getting a royal welcome, while Hailang, seemed ready to make a break for it, nervously looking around at the soldiers ready to strike at any movement. When they reached the end of the row, there stood the famous Captain Shao.

"Every time that monster attacks, we never find anybody left alive. So, answer my questions honestly and I will give you the proper treatment." The famous captain of the fire nation said with a tranquil smile on his face. "Why was a commercial ship carrying a bunch of benders with them from different nations?"

Fang cleared his throat, interrupting Hailang before she said anything. "Sir, we cannot tell you why, but you can trust my word when I say, we weren't planning on attacking the fire nation."

Hailang's face went pale as Shao's smile turned into a frown. "Why would I think something like that?" The captain snarled.

Fang laughed, like the kind of laugh you do when you believe you're are smarter than someone. "Well if I were a captain, which I probably can be, I would be really suspicious of my group since they have like no reason to be together like this and traveling to the fire nation. Heck, I would even suspect they're the same group that keeps saying they're going to free the world. I would probably throw them in prison and interrogate them until they confessed to doing so and return to the fire nation as a hero."

Shao's frown turned into a small chuckle. "Yes of course, that would make a lot of sense. Say, why don't we talk more about captain tactics over dinner? Guards! Take the sailors and their captain downstairs, as for this young man and his friends, make sure they join me in a few minutes."

Fang grinned proudly, not noticing the fuming Hailang as she and her crew were lead away from the others. The guards began to lead the rest of the group towards some side chambers, offering them towels and a change of clothes, which were all fire nation clothing. Except for Fang, who was dragged away by Shao, telling him some jokes as they walked away and Fang letting out the most false loud in the world, or so it seemed.

"Once you're ready, my men will lead you to the dinning hall." The guard said as he closed the door behind them, leaving the rest of the group in a closed room, with some beds and clothes laying around.


Previously Night's Shadow
Tazia didn’t blame Hailang for being on edge, fully aware as she was of Zhao’s ruthless nature. She let out a mirthless laugh as Fang spoke, muting it as much as she could but unable to stifle it completely. Knowing Zhao, he might just take Fang up on that— but no, instead, an easy smile fell onto the commanding officer’s face. It was a look she recognized as the one he would hold when a trainee grew uppity, entertaining their insolence right before he put them in their place. The others seemed to relax at Zhao’s response to Fang, but Tazia had seen all too many times a young aspiring military officer let down their guard and eat fire for it. She was grateful, because ultimately it was for their own good, to teach them to be always vigilant, but she wasn’t sure how she felt about that same tactic being employed on her companions.

It wasn’t lost on Tazia the way Hailang’s group was led away in a different direction than the other benders. She watched them go with a knot in her stomach that had nothing to do with her seasickness. While she was fairly certain Zhao’s treatment of herself would be more or less fair, she wasn’t sure she could say the same of the other, non-Fire-Nation benders. Despite her qualms, though, Tazia remained silent and stiff, back ramrod straight as she had been taught. When Zhao dismissed them, albeit in an unorthodox manner, she still inclined her body in a slight bow after him, though he was too absorbed with Fang to really notice.

In the room they were led to, Tazia shrugged off her thick cloak, blasting the fireproof material with flames to dry it quickly, then tucked it around herself to shield her from any prying eyes as she changed. The dry uniform fit with a familiar snugness, reminding her of her days in the military training camp. Yael sat beside her, still dripping, but glaring challengingly at the others in the room, daring them to sneak a peek. Finally, she secured her cloak around her neck and started patting Yael dry with a towel.

Tazia remained silent for the most part, unwilling to speak ill of her superior officer despite no longer being involved with the military, but also unwilling to let her companions come to harm. “Stay on your guard,” she muttered finally, keeping her eyes fixed on Yael’s as she mussed the fur on his face with the towel. He sneezed, then sat up straighter as if to alleviate embarrassment. She moved down to his right leg. “Just… be careful with Zhao, is all I’m saying. The Fire Nation’s military officers aren’t all sunshine and rainbows.”
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Nina grumbled as the guard pushed her, "Hey! You don't need to push me! I can walk in the right direction on my own!" Nina looked pretty annoyed and looked at the sailor she had trained with previously on the ship and rolled her eyes. The sailor seemed a bit concerned but repeated the eye roll. Nina then changed her gaze ahead of her before the guard could push her again.

Just a bit later, the mixed group of sailors and Nina's group were in front of captain Shou. The captain said, "Every time that monster attacks, we never find anybody left alive. So, answer my questions honestly, and I will give you the proper treatment." The famous captain of the fire nation said with a tranquil smile on his face. "Why was a commercial ship carrying a bunch of benders from different nations?"

Nina quickly had the idea of what she would say but wasn't close enough to Captain Shou to be able to get his attention, so all she had to hope was that Hailang or Fang wouldn't land them in prison! Except Fang didn't say something stupid... It was actually close to what Nina herself would have said. Nina, of course, would have said it very differently, but it surprised her. Fang even got the group invited to dinner. Nina was still convinced he was a terrible leader, but that didn't mean she couldn't be impressed with what he had just done. Not that she would admit it!

Then the group was led off to a room with some towels and clothes while the sailors were led somewhere downstairs. When Nina entered the room, she felt a bit on edge, noticing the clothes on the beds and towels. It wasn't like she hadn't figured out ways to change into another outfit without being noticed. Nina just preferred a bathroom or something. But she would be fine. Nina snatched some of the more masculine clothes from the assortment of clothes. She yanked a blanket off a bed after moving the clothes on that bed to the other bed, of course. She led Kreen to a corner and commanded her to sit and stand guard.

Which the snow leopard caribou did. Nina undid her hair and quickly slid into the space Kreen left between her and the corner. Nina put the blanket over herself and then changed into a red long-sleeved shirt with gold accents. She also wore a black buttonless vest-like thing with a red fabric belt around her waist. Her pants were dark grey, and once she got her boots and gloves dry, they would be added to the outfit.

Nina pulled the blanket off herself after she finished changing. She, of course, had dried herself off beforehand. Still, Nina wanted to ensure her hair was completely dry before doing something with it. She quickly drew the water out of her clothes as best as possible. After that, Nina started to do her hair quickly, using the ribbon that usually hung around her neck to put some of her hair into a man bun. Then she went to go dry Kreen off.

"Yeah, the Northern Water Tribe Navy isn't either. I'll make sure to have my guard extra up." Nina replied to Tazia's words. She was still having issues with Kreen's fur since it was still stained black from the kraktopus's ink. Then an idea struck her. She began making motions with her hands, drawing the ink out with her bending. She then led the ink into an extra waterskin of hers. The snow leopard caribou was now dark gray instead of her lovely blueish white. But eventually, Kreen's fur would go back. Eventually.
The whole kraktopus was like a blur to Kerrora. The first thing she knew, she had to try to rescue her sister, then the giant beast rose from the depths to attack them. Panic was probably an understatement from Kerora's point of view. She struggled to save her sister from the water, it was so dense that she personally had a difficult time. Well, that's what she told herself to try to avoid thinking that her self-loathing was affecting her bending in such a negative way. All the other factors, like the rough waves from the kraktopus and being attacked by a literal sea monster, didn't help either; just made it more difficult.

Soon, she had to flee the ship herself. While she had so many issues with it, it wasn't exactly something she could argue with. The ship was literally sinking. Better to not drown with the ship and have some chance of living, right? Right? As she jumped, she couldn't help but think about her sister. Did she hate her for not being able to rescue her from this? The logical way of thinking would indicate that she couldn't help this at all. Even if she brought Koreal out of the water, the two would have to jump into the unforgiving sea, anyways. However, Kerora was not in a logical state of mind. She had been met with failure, and it wore at her like a rushing river to stone, especially as she had no one to talk to.

She was able to swim alright, mostly due to the kraktopus' own waves. She immediately swam over to her sister. "A-are you alright?" However, immediately after she asked that the kraktopus rose from the depths again, the waves pushing her further out to sea and away from the others. Behind her, she heard some sort of explosion. She struggled to turn her head to look at it. Another ship had arrived, and she had a feeling it was fire nation. Fear coursed through her. The earth kingdom was bad enough! They were almost arrested! Now the fire nation was going to take them?

She was scooped out of the ocean with the others. While she supposed that was good, she couldn't help but be scared for her sister. Especially because the captain was so aggressive, and Fang wasn't exactly helping. Suddenly, they were invited to dinner? She had a feeling something was off when they were treated suspiciously well. Like, why were they suddenly treated with respect and such? It sent a shiver down her spine. She had to protect Koreal. She quickly got dressed in the clothes she was given, however, kept her spear on her and put her clothes in a bag she could keep on her. For once, her mind was able to push past her self-hatred and was able to focus on the newest threat.
She looked at her for the moment. "If your lookibg for the docks your almost there, just keep going straight, you can seek higher ground to look for it better if you still can't find it" she said gently ruffling Gem's feathers. "Or, If you want I can have Gem here be your guide" she said.
Gabby looked at the girl and thought for a second. " No, I think I'm fine ^^ ! Thanks for giving me directions though Hope you have a good day !" Quickly hopping in her heals and turning around she runs away waving. " Hope to see you again soon !" But then she stops and looks back. " My name's Gabriele Dalom if you ever need anything send me it my family a letter and I'll do everything I can to help !" Then turning around she finally ran towards the docks.
Yamato came with the fire nation soldiers without any hesitation, since he didn't wanna start a fight with any of them, plus he was already tired and worn out, at this point he just wanted to lay down and collapse on a nice comfortable bed.

As the soldier's had then March, he saw Fang and the captain talking to each other and heard Fang talking about that, that they aren't here to attack the fire nation and immediately got pissed off, not only was fang giving these guys the wrong idea, he get get them all thrown in jail.

Once the group was brought into the room, he sat on one of the beds glaring at Fang, but stopped and decided he would lay down instead as he felt tired and didn't wanna waste any energy on him.
She watched the girl named Gabriele run off to the docks quickly right after only for her to say if she needed any help send a letter to her family to recieve help. She normally does things on her own but being offered with this help isn't a bad thing so kept her words in mind. "Energetic isn't she Gem" she said. Gem chirped in response as the red bird watched the girl run off. "Let's head home, mom is waiting for these" she said before continuing to walk back home.
Just as Zoey was about to activate the control console she was rudely interrupted, “Ma’am, we just received a new request, for a meeting, they want you there.”

Zoey sighed pausing before clenching her hand into a fist. Violet flames bursting and engulfing the metallic glove before dissipating. “Fine!” she hissed through gritted teeth staring at the small group of ships in the distance. “Fire up the engines and keep the lights low.” As the empire-class warship began to move the surface of the water around the ship stirred to life as Kevin was properly fed this time after it had retreated from the ship he attacked. The medics on the ship having applied some healing ointments to his wounds and healed some of his more severe wounds with water bending. The ship was swallowed up in the night as Kevin dove back deep into the waters to recover and waited for the next unfortunate lone ship.

Minxiu didn’t bother to argue with Fang’s obvious flawed statement, but instead to remain silent as the scene unfolded before. She was just glad that she wasn’t singled out, ignoring the complaints of the rest of the group as they were herded to another room on the ship, she knew better having experienced similar things but on the opposite side. Minxiu dried herself off with the given towels, and stared at the options of the changes into dry clothing. Her pickings were slim, nothing that she would ideally wear, not having sleeves to conceal her weapons made her feel uneasy.

With a sigh she changed into a sleeveless black crop top that exposed her midriff showing off bits of her back tattoo on the back of her shoulder and lower back, the whole tattoo was rarely ever even seen by anyone aside from her parents and her Dai Li trainers, mentors, and training partners, though the room she was in was mainly other girls she didn’t mind stripping down and changing. She accompanied her top with a pair of simple long kung-fu pants and cloth shoes. Not the most flattering attire but it will do. Minxiu carefully folded her chains hidden away from the others and placed them under her hung wet clothing in a neat pile covered by her hat. As for her Karambits she simply pocketed them, carefully positioning them so they wouldn’t fall out easily but was still easy to pull out. She was glad the pants pockets were at least deep enough to keep the weapons along with the sack of small rocks she always had with her. She slipped on lightweight cloth shoes and joined up with the others. Watching them clean their pets with amusement, seeing Nina water bend the ink out of Kreen’s fur was fascinating, she imagined how much easier the cloth dyer’s jobs would be if they had water bending help. Something she kept in mind to propose as a potential economic plan to the Earth King.

“What are you planning on doing with the ink?” she asked Nina watching her work.


Previously Night's Shadow
Tazia paced restlessly as she waited for everyone else to finish whatever they were doing. Every second they stayed here, Fang and Hailang’s group grew further away, and with it the likelihood of rendezvous before the dinner gathering, which was undoubtedly where Zhao would make his move, whatever that move would be. Now dry, Yael’s tail flicked uneasily as he watched her pointless stride, sensing her concern. Not that she cared what happened to Fang, mind you, but there was a debt to be paid to Hailang and her crew, not to mention the unity of the group might dissolve into panic if deprived their leader, even if he was an idiot.

Finally, she stopped, planting her feet and running a hand through sandy pink hair, oblivious to the activities of the group. Escape wasn’t an option— they’d be tracked down and captured, the consequences worse than if they had just stayed put. But if someone got uppity—i.e. Fang or an indignant Nina—and something unfortunate slipped out, the situation would grow exponentially worse. The only plausible solution Tazia could come up with was to make it through the dinner diplomatically and be released along with Hailang’s group—or pray to whatever god there was that Zhao is feeling generous.

Tazia took a breath, then another, relaxing the hand she had subconsciously clenched on her weapon. Maybe she was overthinking things. Maybe Zhao had changed in the year or two since she’d been gone. Maybe it really was just an innocent dinner invitation, and they’d all be free to go after.

Or maybe, on the other side of the spectrum: they were all as good as dead.
Nina turned to Minxiu, "Honestly, I have no clue what I'll do with it. Ink is fairly useful, whether it's for art or writing. I could also use it for cooking maybe... I've heard that people use squid ink in food, so I could use it for that if it's not poisonous. I also could just splash it in someone's face while fighting! Seems like a pretty effective attack... Could also dye something with it. Again, ink surprisingly has lots of uses." Nina began scrubbing the water into her snow leopard caribou's fur, trying to remove some of the stainings. Still, it wasn't helping at all, so she eventually stopped.

Nina turned to Tazia. To Nina, Tazia looked somewhat on edge. "Tazia, you are doing okay?" She looked at her friend in concern, trying to figure out why she was so on edge. She was pacing, so Tazia was most likely waiting for something. And then she was probably waiting for everyone to get done and start heading to the dining hall. Nina looked at Tazia, "She should start heading to the dinner we were invited to, correct?"
"That's enough time!" The guard banged on the door a couple times before opening it up. "Let's go."

The guards led the group down the hall, where for a second you could hear Hailang arguing with someone further down. However, the group turned into a different direction. They kept going until the reached the deck and from their, they walked into a higher part of the ship. Upon arriving, there was a long table set up with different kinds of food, mostly meat and vegetables. Zhao stood at the other side of it, his serious face focused on each individual that walked in, the only one that wasn't present, was Fang.

"I hope you're all hungry. I would offer more but, we are on limited supplies and we weren't expecting to get so many additional people onboard." Zhao gave the guards a quick look, which made them leave the room and left Zhao alone with everyone else. "Now, we're alone. I already spoke to your so called leader. But what he says sounds like..." he sighed loudly before slamming his fist on the table. " a bunch of lies!"

He leaned forward, his deadly eyes setting on each individual, trying to read them. "My guards are surrounding this room as we speak, the only way out is through that door, unless I walk out, they are going to unleash the full power of fifty fire benders here. So, I suggest you answer me with the truth, or you won't be leaving this room."

He stood up straight again, hands behind his back. "A group of benders from different tribes, coming together, even a member of the Dai Li. You're either that crazy terrorist group going around trying to unite the world or you're a bunch of rouges going around robbing market ships like the one that monster just destroyed. Speak the truth and you might live, so, who are you and why are you going to the fire nation?"
Minxiu tensed up at Zhao’s aggression though on the surface she looked indifferent. I wonder if any food is poisoned… probably not if they say they are short on food. Which they probably are judging by the size of the group of ships they are likely just on extended patrols for maybe a few days….

Taking in a sigh Minxiu decided to speak, being a Dai Li agent should make Zhao hesitant to try anything too aggressive or it would risk a major political conflict between the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. “I’m Minxiu of the Dai Li, and there’s no reason we can’t be civil about this. No thanks to our, quote unquote, leader Fang mudding things up, this is a big misunderstanding. I can assure you we are no thieves, political terrorists or any variation thereof, we’re not spies, or bandits….” Minxiu said calmly and as nonchalantly as possible. “This is just a group of adventurers trying to get to the Fire Nation on a lead they got to investigate something or another. I’m with them because of Fang, his family is of… some standing in Ba Sing Se and I’m basically his glorified babysitter to make sure doesn’t die. The boat you rescued us from, much appreciated by the way, was a boat we chartered to get us to… whatever it is we needed to go, we just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The ships’ crew is completely innocent and has nothing to do with whatever you might possibly suspect them if doing. I’m sorry if I’m forgetting some details but I’m sure you can relate to being assigned to babysit some rich brat who wanted to go to a amusement park because their mommy and daddy have a bit too much money and political influence.” Minxiu shrugged casually. “I swear by the Earth King that’s the truth to my knowledge. I have no reason to lie to you nothing to gain, nothing to lose.” She smiled. If that dumbass gets us killed because of this I’m haunting his family forever….
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Previously Night's Shadow
Tazia sat stock-still and straight as a board in her chair, waiting for the hammer to fall. Sure enough, Zhao’s genial façade fell away as quickly as fog dispersing on a sunny day, and his internal aggression spilled out onto the group. There’s the Zhao we know and love. Her eyes slid to Minxiu as she casually—but respectfully—addressed the Fire Nation commander, and was rather impressed with the way she handled him. Though it seemed to Tazia that Minxiu just had a way with people in general, not just difficult ones.

Tazia wasn’t at all sure if Zhao even remembered her from the young military recruitment academy of her childhood, but she certainly remembered him. If he didn’t believe her status as Fire Nation ex-military, she could always demonstrate techniques that he himself taught the recruits. But with any luck, it wouldn’t have to get to that point.

“Sir.” Tazia snapped Zhao a smart salute as she stood quietly once Minxiu had finished, careful not to scrape the chair against the floor in a harsh manner. “Tazia Feng, ex-military recruit from the Firebird project that was disbanded seven years ago. I can vouch for the validity of the Dai Li’s Minxiu’s claims, and am fully willing to act as the escort of this group throughout Fire Nation territory.” She glanced around the table, fixing each of her allies with a fierce gaze that said, You better not make me regret this. “In the event of any interference with strictly Fire Nation affairs, I will take full responsibility. These people are my… friends, and they have no hostile intentions toward us. When I was chosen for the Firebird program, I swore my heart, my career, and my life to this nation. Though I never saw real combat, that oath has not been broken, and I have no intention of breaking it.”

So if you guys screw this up, they have every right to kill me, she added silently. Her speech finished, Tazia sat again in silence, staring straight ahead into nothingness, her mind clear and her body prepared for combat. Just in case.
Nina followed the guards, quickly getting into the mindset that she would be at dinner and would need to be very polite and use her manners. When Nina was growing up, her parents made sure they knew proper manners, even if some of those manners would probably never be used. Especially since they were meant to be used in fancy dinner parties that were hosted by those that were upper class.

As the group passed the room, Hailang was arguing inside. Nina tried to listen to a bit but couldn't make out any of it before she needed to follow the group again. She glanced at Tazia to see her expression wondering how she was feeling. Nina herself was feeling slightly nervous at the moment but was hiding it, of course! Couldn't let anyone know she was nervous!

As the group walked onto the deck, Nina took a seat next to Tazia and glanced at the food. Nina's attention went to Zhao as he said, "I hope you're all hungry. I would offer more, but we are on limited supplies, and we weren't expecting to get so many additional people onboard."

Nina quietly said, "Thank you for inviting us to eat with you." There was a bit more such as thanking him for letting them eat some of their limited food. Then Nina looked around the table, noticing everyone in the group was there except Fang... Well, that was strange, wasn't it? Nina was about to whisper what she had noticed to Tazia when suddenly Zhao practically erupted into accusations! But Minxiu quickly responded calmly. And then Tazia joined in, saying she would make sure the group didn't have any hostile intent, which they didn't, so that was good!

When Nina heard Tazia say the group was her friends, she smiled a bit. Nothing noticeable, just a tiny, small at hearing Tazia considered them her friends even if it did sound pushed. By the end of Tazia's speech, Nina gave Tazia a short nod of You can count on me not to do anything wrong! And then Nina's face went back to its neutral expression.
Yamato was awoken when he heard the knock on the door and followed the guard down the hall while still half asleep wishing he had just a few more minutes to rest up. As he entered the room his eyes lit up as he looked at all the food, he was mainly eyeing the meat as he didn't really care for vegetables all to much.

"Hey, I guess you guys aren't to bad, as your treating us to a meal and all. I'll dig in right now."

He took a seat and started to pick some of the food onto his plate and eat, until Zhao slammed his hand on table with aggression, Yamato turned his attention to him and then swallowed his food and started to speak.

"Listen, Zhao right? I dunno what that moron told you but it is probably a lie by the way he's wording it. I wouldn't believe a word that dumbass flirt says either, all I can say is that we're searching for the avatar, all I care about at this point in time. Also did you... kill him? Please tell me you did, that would make my day."

He said the last part chucking as he wrapped some vegetables in some meat and bite down on it.
Zhao's expression didn't change, until he heard Yamato speak. The captain stayed quiet for a few moments after he had heard the word from everyone, a sly smile appearing on his lips when he heard they were looking for the Avatar.

"Enjoy your dinner, we will arrive tomorrow morning." He said without taking his glance away from his visitors. "You have a fire nation soldier with you, she seems to be truly loyal and that's enough for me." The captain walks away, with his bodyguards following behind him, leaving the group of travelers alone to eat.

After a few moments, the door burst open and in walked in Fang with a big smile on his face and two fire nation soldiers under his arms, giggling as they walked into the room. "Hey! Took you guys long enough, this captain Zhao is really something huh? He offered my food and a change of clothes, even got two bodyguards assigned to me." He looks at the girl on his right and then to the girl on his left. "Really pretty bodyguards if you don't mind me saying." As if he was the funniest man alive, the girls laugh and giggle.

Fang removes his arms around the girls, who stay back to guard the door as the earth bender joins the others at the table. "Check it out Tazzy, now I have a fire nation uniform also." He opens his arms to give Taiza a better look, showing off his dark red suit with the fire nation insignia in the back. "You girls also got some new clothes huh? Love the fire nation look! Well this has been fun, except for the killer Octopus."

The next day- Fire Fountain City

The boat left the traveling group at the docks, taking Hailang and her group back with them, offering a ride back to the Earth Nation.

"Man, I'm gonna miss those bodyguards and Hailang." Fang said in a sad tone as he watches the fleet of ships move away. "At least I got you guys though! Just remember, nobody has to know we're looking for the Avatar, Zhao was trying to get the truth out of me, but I didn't fold one bit. Told him we were just a group of friends and that Minxiu was my girlfriend, I don't think he believe me though." He turns to face the big industrial city, placing his hands on his hips like if he had just accomplished something big. "So, who wants to go buy fire nation food and weapons before we continue our journey? I bet Tazzy can show us the good spots!"
She left the next morning to the market to get a sewing kit since one of her shirts tore. She figured she get somethings for Gem like new accessories to fit her messenger look. She was on the roof watching the people of the fire nation walk along as Gem perched on her shoulder preening her feathers. She like checking her surroundings and the people of the fire nation to catch any suspicious people lurking about. As she was, something caught her eye as she looked down seeing an unfamiliar group that she never since before and could sense that their abilities where not from the fire nation. She kept on the roof as she looked down before speaking. "You guys are not from the fire nation, please explain your reason for being here?" She asked in a stern, but calm yet, with a bit of coldness.