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Ask to Join Avatar: The Missing Avatar

Fang scratched the back of his head at the reactions of his teammates, he had planned to have the girl guide them and then take their things back, he wasn't about to let them get scammed, but for some reason, they ended up paying up, even with his own money. He wasn't about to say anything against it though, last thing he needed was them yelling at him.

"Alright well we paid up I guess." Fang said with a confident grin.

"I still need the coat." The girl said, putting away her earnings in a small pouch.

Fang shook his head, "Not until we get our end of the deal mind you."

The girl's cheeked puffed up before letting out a long stream of air. She walked over and placed her arm around Nina's. "Fine, but I get to go with him all the way!" She began pulling Nina away leading them into the island.

After a few moments of walking a random direction into the woods, they finally reached a small pond. The turtle ducks didn't seem to mind the new arrivals, keeping to themselves and swimming around in circles without a care in the world. The girl finally let go of Nina and looked up at her.

"I want my coat now."

Fang leaned closed to Mixui and whispered, "Pull your gloves back." He turned towards the little girl with a big smile, "So we're here?"

"Yup, this is were the avatar would meditate, he comes here once a day. I know, because I feed the turtle ducks here and I ran into him a few times. He told me not to tell anyone, but I really needed the money." She placed her hands behind her head and looked at Mu, "I also want his armor."
Half now, half later… didn’t expect him to have the brains to use that strategy. Minxiu and the group followed the girl to a small clearing in the woods with a small pond with a few wild turtle ducks. The place was pleasant enough but there was nothing exceptional about it either.

Pull your gloves back." Fang said leaning towards her then back towards the little girl with a big smile, "So we're here?"he continued.

Listening to the girl talk about the Avatar and how this was a place of daily meditation, didn’t make much sense to her. For someone so elusive to just tell a girl to promise not to say anything was a little too unbelievable.

With a slight shrug Minxiu folded her hands together hiding them in her sleeves and got to work. She managed to sense and feel the rock plates of the rock gloves in the girl’s pack and took control gently lifting them out piece by piece though the small opening as they fell to the floor they sank through the ground and returned to Minxiu climbing up her shoes and legs replacing themselves onto her hands. Minxiu was quickly growing more and more suspicious of the girl as she made more demands.
"You were supposed to pull the bag also..." Fang whispered to Minxiu then quickly smiled and turned to the girl. "Listen, um, what was your name?"

"Sasha!" The girl exclaimed loudly, pouting as if she had said her name before and Fang was being rude, "Don't change the subject! I deserve a big reward for all of this." She placed her hands on her hips, glaring up at Fang. "Now cough up more money or-" She stopped talking, her expression changing to that of fright, taking a few steps back she began to laugh nervously.

"Now now Sasha, I though this information was going to be kept between us to?" A stern female voice came from between the trees, "Well, I see you guys also followed the rumors here, huh?"

Fang gulped as the blonde tanned woman stepped out of the shadows, her glaring eyes and wicked smile brought shivers down his spine while flashbacks of what she was capable of doing invaded the earth bender's head. "Oh, hey, can't stay away from me huh?" Fang said, trying his best to hide the fear in his voice, "What brings such a lovely person to this side of the world?"

"Cut the crap kid, we're after the same thing. Sasha, be a good girl and come over here now, we need to have a word."

Sasha shook her head and ran ahead, hiding behind Minxiu and grabbing on to her clothes. "She's crazy, she killed some turtleducks!"

"Oh that's not the only thing I'll be killing!" Ka shouted as she began to gather lighting in her fingers and then aimed at Minxiu and Fang, "Hand the kid over, NOW!"
Nina had tried to push the girl away but finally stopped deciding it wasn't worth wasting her time over. And let's say the kid did end up stealing her cloak. Well, she would just get it back! Eventually, the girl let go when they reached a pond with turtleducks swimming around in it. Awww... Was Nina's instant thought when she saw the creatures. Nina didn't get to see turtleducks often, so it was always a treat when she got to see them.

"I want my coat now." Said the girl. "No," said Nina as she pulled it closer to her. Yeah, no, kid. I didn't agree to this. Mr. Flirt might have, but not me. She thought to herself.

Suddenly Minxiu pulled her gloves back. Nina was surprised at the girl not trying to take them back, but whatever. The girl revealed her name to be Sasha, and then a stern voice came from the trees. And when Nina looked up, she saw the blonde woman... Oh no... And then Fang made some flirty? Remarks?

"Cut the crap kid, we're after the same thing. Sasha, be a good girl and come over here now, we need to have a word," Called the woman out to the girl. Nina had a feeling that that word would probably be the last word that Sasha would end up hearing if she did go over to her. Nina started raising her hands a bit to start bending.

Nina watched as Sasha shook her head, hid behind Minxiu, and grabbed onto the woman's clothes. "She's crazy, she killed some turtleducks!"

"Oh that's not the only thing I'll be killing!" The blonde woman shouted as she began to gather lighting in her fingers and then aimed at Minxiu and Fang, "Hand the kid over, NOW!"

Nina pulled a good bit of water out of the pond, careful not to hurt the turtleducks as she did. She had the idea that she could freeze the woman's hands in ice, and it could stop the lightning. With a quick movement, she sent the water behind the woman, separated the water, and made it join back together where the woman's hands were and started forming the water into ice.
Minxiu shrugged at Fang, “Whatever, be more specific next time.” she said. As Fang and the girl’s conversation continued, it turned out the girl was named Sasha and before she could continue they were interrupted by the entrance of someone new. New to Minxiu at least, by the other’s reactions, Fang seemed to know the girl, and his feigned assertiveness only brought out more of his nervousness, perhaps another girl he messed with before and turned out more than he could handle.

Sahsa’s response on the other hand was rather unexpected, running and hiding behind Minxiu grabbing onto her. "She's crazy, she killed some turtleducks!"

"Oh that's not the only thing I'll be killing!" Ka shouted as she began to gather lighting in her fingers and then aimed at Minxiu and Fang, "Hand the kid over, NOW!"

Lightning? Unexpected and deadly… but not for me! Minxiu smiled, she had been itching to Earthbend. She hopped up very slightly and stomped down on the ground cratering the ground in a large circle around her and engulfing her legs up to her knees into the earth repositioning herself in a low wide power stance before she leaned forward shoving her pointed right hand into the ground in front of her in line with Ka, the ground exploded in a diagonal line of large earthen spikes shooting out of the ground in rapid succession towards the lightning bender.
"Tsk!" Ka prepared to shoot Minxui as she started moving, but focusing on the earth bender allow for her hands to be frozen by Nina.

Ka used the earth emerging from the ground to jump of it, using the momentum to get enough height to land on a nearby tree branch. She smashed her hands against the trunk, breaking the ice and setting herself free.

"Kill her earth bending lady!" Sasha called out, still hanging on to Minxui.

Fang took advantage of Ka's distraction to slam his right foot into the ground, causing two small boulders to pop out in front of him. He slammed both fists on them, sending them flying like projectiles. Ka jumped off the tree, one of the boulders just barely going through her blonde her as she descended.

"Don't make this any more difficult then it has to be. You have no business with the kid, I do." Ka hissed as she spread her legs to the sides, taking a strong stance and prepared to fight back. "In fact, her info about the Avatar is a lie, I've been monitoring this area for three days, no sight of him."

"That's not true!" Sasha called out, "They come here everyday to feed the turtleducks!"

Fang looked at Nina, "Keep Sasha safe, Minxui, first one to knock her out takes the other one out to dinner!" He winked at his teammate and rushed forward, jumping ahead and stomping the ground with his right foot, sending a wave of dirt towards Ka.

The blonde fighter jumped in the air, charging her electrical attack and shooting a bolt at Minxui and Sasha.
JC could see the fight scene unfold before her as the conversation between the group was cut short by someone new The girl's name was discovered to be Sasha but also discovered what the girl had told the group about the avatar here was a lie as the person named Kia had been monitoring the area for three days. She kept her emotions intact and remained calm even though she was pissed by hearing this. She could see the blonde fighter jump in the air as she unleashed her electric attack as the bolt when towards Minxui and Sasha.

She signaled Gem off her shoulder as the messenger hawk flew off in mid air. She made one swift leap in the air as she landed in front of the two girls. Her gaze under her mask focused on the lightning bolt coming towards them as she couldn't use her sword or she would be fried because it was silver. She had to think quickly as she scanned her surroundings for the moment before looking at her hands. She knows lightning could make fire as well but it was worth a shot for her to stop the bolt from hitting them. She revealed her flames from her hands before swirling them in a sphere motion before she slammed her hand to the ground creating a wall of Flames surrounding them both. She didn't know if this will hold for very long but was determined to not give up and protect the girls behind her.
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Nina watched as the blonde woman broke the ice she had just managed to form on the woman's hands. Nina quickly gave Minxiu a glare. Thanks a lot, Minxiu! I just froze her hands! AND KNOW THE ICE IS BROKEN! Nina promptly told her, "Maybe start working defensively!?! You are the one with the kid clinging to you for dear life!!"

And then Nina looked back... Oh gosh... What was this girl thinking?!? Nina watched as JC created a ring of flames. It seemed like she was trying to make some sort of defense. Sure, with living enemies, that would work wonderfully! But with lighting? It was not a good idea. Lightning was not a living force that was dangerous. JC was right in front of Minxiu and Sasha, which meant she was in the line of the lightning, which meant she was in danger.

Nina quickly zoomed forward and tackled JC to the ground. She kept her there, hoping that maybe just maybe, they would not both get fried to death or at least not get halfway there. Nina glared at JC and exclaimed, "Stay down and DON'T MOVE!!!" Nina really liked not being fried to bits.
Minxiu ignored Fang’s comment and remained focused, while still gripping the earth in front of her with both hands she shifted them out to her sides and pulled up and around her in an arc until they came together over her head raising a large tube of earth around herself, Sasha JC, and Nina. The earth tube shook violently as the lightning struck it. “Sasha, staw with these two, they’ll keep you safe.” Minxiu unwrapped the girl’s arms from around her waist and moved her towards Nina in a single movement before she sealed the end of the tunnel cutting herself off from Nina, JC, and Sasha. “HIYA!” Minxiu exerted a massive push of earth bending force though her arms and into the domed ceiling she had created cursing the entire roof to shatter out, but Minxiu exerted control over the shattered pieces of earth holding them in place creating a dense protective dome of earth around her made of pieces of rock. Swinging her posture around she got into a lower stance and began rapidly striking at the rocks floating around her rapidly launching them out in succession at Ka.
Ka snarled as one of the projectiles launched at her cut her forearm. She had just managed to use the tree next to her to avoid the rest, she was clearly outnumbered, but she had dealt with them before. Using the tree as a shield, she charged her next lightning attack, jump to the side and aiming again at the earth bender, Minxui. The lightning blasted towards her while Ka landed rolling on the ground and jumping quickly to her feet. She noticed the male in the group had gone missing.

Fang had used the moment Ka took her eyes off to run into the forest, he was moving as quiet and quickly as possible, trying to get around to Ka's back. If he and the others could pressure the blonde attacker from both sides, there was a chance they could win, even against such a devastating attack like lightning.