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Previously Night's Shadow
“T— Tazzy?” Tazia just about choked on her own spit when she heard the nickname repeated. She had been willfully ignorant the first time, but if it was going to stick, she sure as as hell wasn’t going to let it so easily. “Only you would flirt with me after calling someone else your girlfriend while holding two other women at once. In the space of five minutes.” She sighed, running a hand through her hair in exasperation. Yael sat patiently at her side.

Tazia glanced around, inhaling the familiar scent of home. She recalibrated her sense of direction, trying to place the group on a mental map to figure out where to go from here. A wry grin crossed her features at Fang’s suggestion that she could “show them the good spots,” immediately followed by an elbow into his kidney. “Tazia is fine,” she said primly. She glanced around. “If I remember correctly, there’s a really good noodle house over—”

We’re being watched.

Luckily, it didn’t take much effort to find the person doing the watching as they called down suspiciously from a nearby rooftop. Tazia’s grip on her weapon relaxed slightly, and Yael’s fur lay flat. “Actually, I am from the Fire Nation,” she called back, keeping her tone mild. “I’m just escorting this group of tourists through town. They’re, uh… prominent seekers of culture, and wanted to see what our great land has to offer.” The lie sounded lame even to Tazia’s ears, but however boring it sounded it was believable. Somewhat. And it wasn’t too far from the truth— they did want to see what the land had to offer, just in terms of evidence of the Avatar’s whereabouts. But this stranger didn’t need to know that.
Nina felt uncomfortable with Zhao's smile. It felt unsettling, like he got just what he wanted... Well, that wasn't good. Once Tazia had sat back down at the table with them, Nina whispered, "I don't think we are safe... Did you see his smile? You know him best. What do you think he's planning?" Nina chatted with some of the group while she ate. The conversation mostly consisted of what they had just been through and Nina trying to figure out what Zhao might be planning. No one smiled like that and wasn't planning something!

And then Fang entered... Of course, he did! Just when Nina might have begun to have some idea! And here came Fang to ruin it all... wonderful! And, of course, he had to giggling bodyguards that would laugh at whatever he said! Made Nina wonder if maybe the fire nation had some kind of training for manipulating people. No. They were just dumb. That would make more sense. But there was something inside of Nina that also made her annoyed and maybe even angry. These two idiots could be in the fire nation military. But Nina couldn't join the Northern water tribe's Navy because she was a girl! Nina had to have been a genius compared to the idiots in front of her! Why couldn't her tribe just get with the times and just grow up!

Nina decided she would try not to say anything in case she exploded into rage. But of course, Nina did anyways.

"Check it out, Tazzy. Now I have a fire nation uniform also." Fang opened his arms to give Tazia a better look, showing off his dark red suit with the fire nation insignia on the back. "You girls also got some new clothes, huh? Love the fire nation look! Well, this has been fun, except for the killer Octopus."

"Would you not call Tazia, Tazzy!!" Nina took a deep breath crying to calm down, "And what do you mean by fun!?! WE COULD HAVE DIED IF TAZIA AND MINXIU DIDN'T PLAY THEIR CARDS RIGHT!!!" Nina needed to calm down. She turned around in her seat and grabbed the glass of water that sat at her seat and drank it.

The next day- Fire Fountain City

"I hope our paths may cross again," said Nina saying a last goodbye to the friend she had made from Hailang's crew. The man nodded and smiled quickly, giving one final goodbye, and Nina and her friend parted.

"Man, I'm gonna miss those bodyguards and Hailang," Fang said in a sad tone as he watched the fleet of ships move away. "At least I got you guys, though! Just remember, nobody has to know we're looking for the Avatar, Zhao was trying to get the truth out of me, but I didn't fold one bit. Told him we were just a group of friends and that Minxiu was my girlfriend. I don't think he believed me, though."

Nina sighed in an annoyed tone, "Of course, you will..." Nina's face changed to a deadpan look, and she said, "Too late. Yamato already told Zhao...." And then Nina practically choked on air. "WHAT?!" She looked over to Minxiu and an expression of sympathy, "I am dearly sorry for you, Minxiu..."

The conversation quickly changed to the idea of buying things and getting food which Nina liked the idea of. Especially when Tazia mentioned a noodle house. Nina didn't usually eat noodles much, but even so, she absolutely loved them. Nina's brother would always joke, saying it was the only thing that could melt her heart. To be fair, it did. It got her into a more relaxed mood making her more willing to talk. It was also warm, which was a bonus because it was always cold where Nina lived. "I like the idea of going to a noodle house!" Said Nina a bit too excitedly.

And then the mood changed. The group was being watched, and Nina and Tazia knew it.

The person who watched them was standing on the rooftop, and seemed like she was suspicious of the group. "You guys are not from the fire nation. Please explain your reason for being here?" The woman asked in a stern but calm yet, with a bit of coldness. Nina listened as Tazia quickly replied, saying their group was interested in the culture. To be fair, she was actually telling some truth to that, even if she probably didn't know, and it was more of something Nina was interested in.

"Yes. We have heard great things about the fire nation and decided we would see it for ourselves. And our wonderful friend here has been so kind to give us a tour of your lovely nation. And I must say I am already in awe of it even though we haven't seen too much of it yet." Nina had changed her voice to a voice Nina had been used to using in front of strangers or those in the Navy. It was much like her own voice but more masculine so that her disguise would remain believable. The disguise had worked against the Navy's admiral, so it had to work now! And to add to Nina's feeling of pride, she felt like she had done well with keeping the lie Tazia had made going.
She listened to the girls answers but wasn't the least convinced at least not yet. She hopped off the roof landing down in front of the group as Gem held firm to her shoulder as she did so. "I need something more convincing to believe you, if it's something more....on the secret side...I can accommodate to your needs to a more "secret" place....I am reasonable for at least that and you never know we might be looking for the same thing and I'm good at keeping secrets" she offered as she folded her arms against her chest.
Like bees to honey, like air to lungs, like water to earth, Fang was attracted by the new female voice. Not even the fastest cheetah lizard could have moved to the front of the group like Fang did. He cleared his throat loudly and offered his hand.

"The name is Fang, leader of this wonderful group and future husband to most of the girls and boss of Yamato. It is an honor to meet a fellow adventurer that keeps secrets, which we do have, but we do not share. So, you are more than welcome to join us and if we do decide you are trustworthy, you can join us in our grand adventure. BUT I must warn you, things will be dangerous, things will be tough and Nina gets very jealous when I talk to other girls. Having said that, you have my vote and that is the vote that counts." He looked over his shoulder at Taiza, "Don't worry, you will always be my first fire nation love."
Nina muttered to the group, "We can't trust her. I know it. No one says they can keep a secret when you just meet them can't be trusted." And then Fang immediately started talking to the lady...

Nina watched in annoyance as Fang said, "The name is Fang, leader of this wonderful group and future husband to most of the girls and boss of Yamato. It is an honor to meet a fellow adventurer that keeps secrets, which we do have, but we do not share. So, you are more than welcome to join us, and if we do decide you are trustworthy, you can join us in our grand adventure. BUT I must warn you, things will be dangerous, things will be tough, and Nina gets very jealous when I talk to other girls. Having said that, you have my vote, and that is the vote that counts."

And then Nina practically exploded, letting her voice go normal on accident, "NONE OF US ARE MARRYING YOU!!! AND NOT THE BOSS OF YAMATO! AND I DO NOT GET JEALOUS OF THAT KIND OF CRAP, FOR TUI'S SAKE!!!" Nina looked mad. She had to deal with this idiot's crap for more than a week, and they were nowhere close to the end of their mission! She took in a deep breath, trying to calm down.

As Nina spoke, there was a hint of anger in her voice that had been switched to the one she was using before, "Also, how are we supposed to know we can trust this lady? Isn't it all suspicious that she said we can "trust her" with any secrets we might have? Come on, it's blatantly apparent that she is trying to trick us. And it's a lousy trick at that. We should not let her join. She is not joining in any way, shape, or form!. I don't care what any of you say.
Yamato noticed Fang talking to the newcomer and sighed when saw that it was a women and began to think about the many possible ways to kill himself now.

"Oh god here we go again."

He turned around and crossed his arms not wanting to bother with their conversation until he heard the words. "And the boss of Yamato." He slowly turned to look at him with his teeth gritted and muscles clenched, he simply put his hands to his sides and looked at fang and took two deep breaths before speaking.

"Let's get this one thing straight, I have no respect for you as a person let alone a human being so this goes without saying. You are not my god damn boss!"

He said raising his voice with anger.


Previously Night's Shadow
“Everybody shut the HELL UP!” Tazia roared. When it was silent again, she cleared her throat in exasperation. “I can’t believe I’m the one peacekeeping. I mean damn, I thought I was the loosest cannon of all of us but y’all are something else! That’s not a compliment,” she added with a slanted glare to Fang. She regarded him cooly for a moment following his romantic commentary in her direction, then turned away with a satirical mutter of, “You disgust me,” and a dry laugh.

Tazia turned to the roof woman who was no longer on the roof. “You’re a little pushy,” she noted mildly. “I’d like to reiterate our positions as humble tourists. They’re like one… great, big, dysfunctional family. Crawling with attempted incest. And me, their babysitter. Guide. Essentially, that’s the extent of it.” She fumbled for more support of the ruse, and pointed down a nearby road. “A few miles back that way is my house, and it follows the traditional Fire Nation architecture, just like many of the older buildings here. You can see the swooping arches of the pagodas as well as the gold accents… now, where was that noodle house?” If this went on much longer, Tazia feared she might start pulling out handfuls of her hair in frustration. Mechanically, she began walking in the noodle house’s direction, hoping that feigning confidence would be enough to throw off whatever suspicions the newcomer had. Just can’t catch a break, can we?
Minxiu stood in place listening to the others banter and yelling at Fang, but didn't really hear anything that was being talked about, everything just sounded like static white noise in her ears as her rage boiled inside, Girlfriend?

Rocks had reformed her rock shoes and gloves the moment Zhao had dropped them off that morning at port as soon as she was on ground again. She had changed back to her clothing before once they dried and requipped herself, nothing made her feel more comfortable than knowing exactly where everything she needed to defend herself could be accessed at a moment’s notice.

Minxiu was on the verge of opening the earth below Fang and drowning him in dirt while her chains held him in place, but Tazia’s outburst snapped her out of her focused fury and back to reality allowing her to regain her discipline and she started to calm herself down, an Earthbender that lost control was perhaps one of the most deadly things that could happen within a village like this. Though the fact that she was being talked down to by some Fire Nation hothead was something that did get on her nerves.

The newcomer being so questioning also immediately put Minxiu on edge. She would definitely be a person that would be captured when alone by the Dai Li due to her behavior if they were back in Ba SIng Se, but they were not, so Minxiu remained wary of the nosey girl ready to strike to disable her at a moment’s notice. Minxiu followed Tazia as she stormed off rambling about her home being a noodle house or something, Minxiu didn’t quite hear her and just assumed it was some kind of Fire Nation metaphor or figure of speech.
She looked to Fang immediately annoyed about mentioning marriage and saying he was marrying all of them. That irritated her to the point where she sighed heavily. "Oh so your that kind of guy, a player, claiming all the girls yours when they CLEARLY explained multiple times that they aren't going to marry you if I were to guess but don't give a crap about what they are saying or even listen to them and let me guess, your the one causing idiot trouble for the group and putting stress on everybody, please correct me if I am wrong ladies and the only gentleman here" she asked trying to reason where they could trust her.
Fang shrugged and placed his hands behind his back. "My leadership has lead us this far, I got a talent and the world needs it."

He looked around the place again, while his catbear emerged from within his shirt to ride on Fang's shoulder. The earthbender knew their next destination, but they needed some sort of transport there. He scratched his chin as he thought about a solution before asking any fire nation locals about it.

"Hey roof girl and Tazzy, any suggestions on how to get to Bhanti Island? I heard it's a great tourist attraction." He looked at Taiza and winked. "Would be great to make a stop there. Maybe some fire bending training? Oh some fire nation weapons! Those would be fun to collect. So any suggestions from these lovely fire laid-iezzz?" He smirked as he spoke before petting his catbear a bit and feeding it some dried meat. "Oh and place to eat sounds great."
The day prior( of them touching shore)

On her way to the docks thats a story to tell. Gabby got distracted by one of the local Shepard's who came by the market to sell of some extra koala sheep. Gabby was just gonna buy some wool for some felting but then a smaller koala sheep caught her eye. " Hey Mr. Henry why's this one so small ?" " Ah! This little one was born about a month or 2 ago, but he never seemed to grow bigger then a plushie. . . I was gonna try to sell him but no one seems interested in a tiny koala sheep." Gabby thought for a second then grabbed her bag to find her purse. " How much for him ?" "I- wait your really considering buying him alright. I say about 10 copper( is it copper ?). This little one isn't worth to much like the others." Gabby quickly grabbed her purse and paid the man, then picking up the koala sheep she smiled. " I'ma name you Po. I'm Gabby we'll be best friends form now on!" The man smiled at the sight and waved goodbye as Gabby started towards the docks. She then saw that it was getting late and decided to spend a night at a inn.

The current day

H Gabby woke up in her bed but quickly sat up looking out the window to gage the time. " It's already this late !?" Standing at the edge of her bed she quickly got dressed. After gathering her bag of things she put Po in her bag as it had just enough room for him. Po popped his head dout of the bag. It was adorable ! Who doesn't love a puffy animals sticking out of a bag. She ran out of her room and went to the front desk to check out and ran to the docks. " OH DAM IT !? (sorry for caps) I missed Uncle Zhao's fleet ship again !" Groaning she stood in the small crowd not realizing she's a few people away from the new group.
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Nina nodded, "Wow... You just described Fang perfectly! I would've been impressed if Fang wasn't already so easy to read." She turned. "Well, I'm going with Minxiu and Tazia Yamato. Make sure Fang doesn't say anything we will regret later. If you need us, we'll be at a noodle house. I don't know which one, but we'll be at one." And Nina ran after Tazia and Minxiu, quickly walking at the same pace as the two.

As the three walked, Nina thought about the strange lady they had met. It was very strange that she was so eager to join their group that she had to have something behind her back! Nina then went over what all had been said when she realized the woman had said, "Ladies and only gentlemen here." And with the context of what the lady had been saying, it sounded like she was on to her disguise and might realize she was not a man. Nina choked slightly on her own spit as she walked and had to pause for a second to catch her breath but joined the two.

Nina had never really had someone figure out who she was so quickly. Other than Fang and Minxiu, that was, but they were the exception. Fang probably could smell a girl from a mile away, and Minxiu who probably had some training in figuring out who people were! But that was beside the point! From what Nina could tell, this lady had no special training whatsoever in the kind of thing! So, from what Nina could figure out, it had to be Fang's fault! He just wouldn't shut up about ladies, and Nina being one herself, couldn't get out of being mentioned in the list of girls in the group!

Nina kicked a loose piece of cobble from the road in annoyance.


Previously Night's Shadow
Tazia blinked curiously back at Nina as she led the way toward the noodle house, trying to continue to look like a tour guide but seeming rather robotic about it. She fell into step beside her friend as she gestured to the buildings around. “We can head to Bhanti after we grab a bite at the noodle house over yonder. There’s a smithy a few blocks away from it, too. In the meantime, take a look at the architecture of this temple and observe the, uh… style in which the walls are constructed. Very… characteristic of the Fire Nation! Alright, let’s keep moving.” Tazia cast another intrigued glance at Nina as the waterbender kicked a rock in a huff. She didn’t know what had gotten his manbun in a knot, but she was pretty sure it had something to do with the masked woman who was no doubt still tailing them. Maybe it was because she’d called him a girl? And if Fang had his way, she’d join the group too for the sake of having another pretty face around, even if it was covered up.

Tazia cleared her throat and straightened her shoulders as they approached the noodle house, remembering she was supposed to be a tour guide or something, at least until they lost the suspicion of the other female. “Um. So. Traditional Fire Nation noodles are served here…”
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"Order up!" The old man running the noodle house called to Tora as he delivered her bowl. "Thank you sir." Receiving the bowl, Tora thanked him and started eating, having paid before hand. As the young warrior woman ate her noodles, a baby Komodo Rhino slept at her feet, occasionally thumping his long and heavy tail against the floor while quietly snoring.
Halfway through her meal, she heard what sounded like a small crowd coming to the shop. "Hey Old Man! I think you're about to get an early lunch rush!"
Fang did a backflip as he sucker punched the avatar. Meanwhile general Zhao screamed in agony thanks to the stab wound Nina had left in his right arm. The battle was fierce, with most of the Peace Lily Clan having been defeated and only the strongest standing by. The water master Nina, the lightning maniac Tazia, the stoner Mixui and of course the legendary Catbear.

They never imagined the avatar was still alive, less that it was actually a dark avatar! Which had kept the cycle from moving its natural course. Now, it was up to the brave warriors to defeat him, yes, the most powerful opponent the world had ever faced, the unbeatable force, dark avatar Yamato.

Fang held Gabby and JC in his arms, screaming at the sky. "Why them? They were the best friends the world's greatest earth bender could ask for!"

"Bruh chill and feed me." The Catbear picked up Fang, purring loudly, "You gonna sleep all day?"

Fang woke up to the captain of the boat looking down at him. The smell of eggs and beacon reaching the young warriors nostrils as the man spoke. Fang had drifted into a sleep after they had boarded, probably form eating too many noodles. He shook his head and stood up, looking out towards the ocean and spotting a piece of land coming up. They had finally reached Bhanti Island.

"Everyone! We're here, let's go let's go!" He called out, gathering his bag and his sword. "Gato, are you hungry bud? I dreamed you were gonna eat me."

The small creature just chirped and dug into Fang's shirt, hiding inside like he usually did. With his best pal inside his shirt and a group full of pretty girls, Fang's spirits were through the roof, if he received any more good news, he felt he would reach the spirit world.

"Bhanti Island, great place to spend some time, enjoy the beach!" The old man called out as he left to steer the boat.

"Beach?" Fang's mind drifted to the perfect beach day with his group and for a second, he swore his mind had crossed to the other side.
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The boat ride was nice. Nina always liked how the boat would rock back and forth from the ocean. It was probably because of her Navy work and being at water bender. Overall, it was a time for Nina to relax till they got to their next destination, especially since Fang seemed to have immediately fallen asleep. Maybe it was from all the noodles he ate. The noodle house tazia had brought the group to was amazing, and Nina was feeling more relaxed than she had in a while, that was until the mention of the beach...

Nina had this feeling of her stomach just falling out of her body from the sudden fear she felt. Of course, that didn't happen, but the feeling of dread was there. The emotion was evident, but Nina wanted to hide it all so badly! Nina loved swimming and stuff but with other people around was a no-go for her! Especially with her being disguised as a man!!! The only thing Nina could think of to stop them from finding out her true identity was not to swim, but she had a feeling the others would be slightly suspicious that the water bender didn't want to go swimming and be in her element, literally. All she could hope for was that they wouldn't go swimming, that they would pass the beach by and not care. But like that was going to happen.

Nina stiffly reached out and scratched behind one of Kreen's ears. The snow leopard caribou grinned at the scratching but then stopped, looked at her owner, and rubbed her face against Nina's in a comforting way. The creature's now gray fur gave Nina some comfort but not enough. No matter how much Kreen could try, it still wouldn't help her with the problem on her hands.

Nina just stood there stiff as a statue in fear of what would happen next.
She watched the boy on the boat sleeping. She shook her head annoyed as for all people, he was leading the group, a stupid, irritating playboy! "He is sleeping, at a time like this....I bet he is dreaming stupid of us girls....the nerve....this should have been thought through carefully but I guess that decision wasn't on our side" she said sighing heavily as she sat at the face end of the boat watching the sea as Gem rested on her lap sleeping as her hand gently ruffled her feathers.
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Having found the group an interesting bunch, Tora and Tatsu tagged along with them. The only one she had to say was an unwelcome surprise was the self proclaimed leader and womanizer called Fang.
When they arrived at the beach, Tora decided that it could not hurt to take a dip in the ocean and changed into a two-piece bikini, showing off her stripe like birthmarks and well toned body. Just as she was about to go in, she noticed Nina acting hesitant and decided to talk to her about it. "Hey, something wrong?"
After The Monster incident.

Ahnah and Akuma had been mostly recovering from the monstrosity that attacked the boat. When she got off, she immediately made sure Akuma's wounds were tended to, and saw a Snow Leopard Caribou. Ahnah approached the Snow Leopard Caribou and the Young man. As she approached, she made sure Akuma was quiet as he made a yelp.

"Akuma, I understand, but as soon as we are off the boat, we can find help for your paw."

Akuma understood what Ahnah said and waited calmly, lying down. Ahnah saw a conversation between starting between the two and waited for something.

"This is interesting, I recognize the one at the rail looking concerned as water Tribe, but don't know which."

The growl of a massive stomach broke her train of thought. She realized that Akuma was hungry. Ahnah bended some water, and formed a little rope like shape that could act like a fishing rod, but the fish would swim up it. A fish of a decent size wandered into the funnel as she pulled it up and into her waterskin. The fish fell on the deck as she walked over to Akuma.

"I know, here's a fish for now, I'll get food when we get off the boat."

Akuma looked happy when Ahnah handed him the fish. She then petted the Polar Bear Dog, who she had been checking over and get injuries treated against infection. The young woman looked around then back at her Polar Bear Dog.
Two boat rides in such quick succession was something that Minxiu had not seen coming though the second one was much less eventful. Minxiu had been on light sleep and woke up early on the boat, still relatively full from the noodles the day before Minxiu just accepted some eggs and two cuts of bacon. She sat on the side of the boat leaning against the edge with her douli on looking out to the water feeling her long braids drifting in the wind, alone and brooding.

Being out over the water for so long she missed the earth beneath her feet. It felt like ages since she did any actual earth bending, perhaps she could take her frustrations out on Fang and call it, sparring. She was still spinning the black pebbles a few inches above her palm, it was getting easier and easier to earth bend on a small precision level for her, she had been frequently practicing shooting the small stones out like bullets and recalling them.

Beach time huh? I could go for that. Maybe mess with Fang more, guess I'll see if he… behaves. Despite his incompetence I guess we are going to where we want to go at a pretty steady pace.


Previously Night's Shadow
Tazia had been suffering through yet another boat ride, Yael pressed protectively against her side as she herself stood leaning over the edge of the boat. If anyone asked why, she would reply with, “I’m just watching the water. Pretty, don’t you think?” but she was pretty sure her strained tone wasn’t fooling anyone. She’d already been sick twice and every now and then would feel the need to, but her stomach had nothing left to offer up to the sea.

A flame engulfed Tazia’s hand, and she watched her creation flicker with a smile, before immediately extinguishing it, gripping the handrail, and turning back to the water. Her pale face became tinged with a bit of green.

“Beach?” The suggestion came from Fang. More than likely it was an excuse for him to ogle girls in bikinis, but right now, anything involving land sounded good to Tazia. Even if she was coerced into wearing a swimsuit, if she could get away from all this damn swaying on the water, that was fine with her. As long as no one expected her to swim, that is… not because she couldn’t, of course! She just didn’t like the water, was all…
Bhanti Island - Week 3

It hadn't taken long for the group to reach the beach and to Fang's surprise, there was already a girl on her swimsuit and about the sandy area. Now, normally Fang would rush for an opportunity to spend time with his group and have fun at the beach, but this time it was different. They weren't there to have fun, no, they had a mission and that mission was the most important one in the world. First he needed to find the Avatar and then he could enjoy a beach episode with his team.

"Keep your clothes on people!" He called out as he jumped of the boat and on the sand, "I know you all are dying to get into the sand and spend time with me, trust me, I feel the same way, but we have a job to though."

Fang waved goodbye to the kind sailor that had brought them to Bhanti Island and then looked ahead. The island was a popular tourist attraction, so there were a few people there, wondering around and enjoying the scenery. Even Gato emerged from Fang's shirt and jumped down on to the warm ground under him. He followed Fang proudly, who walked with all the confidence in the world, looking ahead, with no doubt and all the self-confidence the world could gather for he was the one to save the world from-


Fang felt something slam against his right left and before he could react to what had happened, he heard soft sobbing. Fang looked down to see a girl with watery eyes sitting on the ground and looking up at Fang with an expression of betrayal. Fang realized he had bumped into her and reached down to help her up, when suddenly...

"Help! This weirdo is trying to rob me!" The girl called out.
It had been two additional weeks on the boat, though boring, was at least uneventful. No attacks, just a steady ride. Alas the group landed on their destination, Bhanti Island.

Minxiu stepped off the jetty onto the open beach, looking around wearily at the tourists around the immediate area. She couldn’t help it to be suspicious of everyone and now they were in the Fire Nation, her guard was further heightened.


"Help! This weirdo is trying to rob me!" a girl called out on the ground that ran into Fang, who was leaning forward. Minxiu frowned and threw out her surveyors’ chains from within her sleeves. Two chains from each of her sleeves towards Fang with perfectly practiced accuracy, they cuffed around each of Fang’s ankles, and around each of his wrists. With a simple but firm tug, Fang was yanked backward through the air away from the girl, landing butt first in the sand.

“What do you think you’re doing? We just got here and you’re already assaulting people?” Minxiu asked, her rock-gloved hand pointed down at him. She knew that it was most likely an accident, but she was trying to bait a particular response or reaction and have some fun. After all this time she still had no idea how proficient Fang was as a fighter or an earthbender.
She had an anger mark on her head by what Fang had just said. "-Spend time with u at the beach as if!-" she said thought as she got off the boat, touching sand. Gem was off her shoulder flying a bit above her. She heard a scream from a girl which Fang had bumped into as her gaze looked to the situation as the girl call him a weirdo trying to rob her. This was not a surprise to her since that's how he always acts which only irritated her more. It was then Minxiu pulled him back with two chains she had in her hands pulling him immediately back. She shook her head, sighing loudly as she approached Fang looking down at him. "So, u like assulting people huh, its like your asking to get burn and i will start with that annoying face of yours!" She raising her hand slightly as a small flame appeared in her hand as she was only doing this to mess with him a bit, in her own little scary way. Gem gave a hard peck to Fangs head for his stupidity.
Nina had walked off the boat, still feeling very nervous and awkward about the beach. Especially about the group possibly swimming, and quickly calmed down when surprisingly, Fang, of all people, told them they couldn't relax yet and that they had a job to do. Of course, Fang said more than just that in that way of his somehow still being able to make a flirty comment saying something about how he was just as excited to get into the sand and hang out with them. Especially the girls, Nina assumed. "Sureeee, we want to hang out with you," said Nina in a clearly sarcastic tone.

Nina noticed the cat bear Fang owned, named Gato, had decided to emerge, and she thought the creature looked just about as confident as Fang was. Well, they're a perfect match, huh. Or should I say purrfect? Nina grinned at her own pun. Nina definitely felt more relaxed knowing that they weren't going swimming and Nina's actual identity wouldn't be discovered because of such a stupid reason.


Suddenly a girl was sitting on the ground and calling for help, "Help! This weirdo is trying to rob me!" Well, to Nina, it was evidently clear the weirdo was Fang. Even if Nina hadn't seen the entire thing, she had seen at least enough to know that the girl had bumped into Fang. Well, that's an overreaction if I've ever seen one Thought Nina shaking her head. If Nina was in her place, she wouldn't have cared that she had been bumped into, maybe a bit annoyed but definitely wouldn't have assumed someone was trying to rob her. The girl didn't even look like she had anything worthy enough to rob. But Nina could always be wrong; there was always that possibility with these kinds of things.

Nina was about to ask the girl if she wanted help up when Minxiu practically attacked. Fang seemed to bend down to offer the girl a hand so he could help her up. Nina watched as chains shot from Minxiu's sleeve and wrapped around Fang's ankles and hands, quickly pulling him down so he landed on his butt, "What do you think you're doing? We just got here, and you're already assaulting people?" Minxiu asked Fang. Nina raised an eyebrow at this, thinking the assumption was quite dumb. This mess was all beginning because of some stupid people assuming too quickly. Not that Nina wasn't ever guilty of this. When Nina was small, she was quick to jump to conclusions and never thought before she acted. Nina had gotten better, of course, and being in the Navy helped her immensely with this. You needed to think quickly and have just as fast reaction time.

Soon the masked wolf girl was joining in on the attack on Fang. "So, you like assaulting people, huh, it's like you're asking to get burnt, and I will start with that annoying face of yours!" Said the masked wolf girl as the girl raised her hand. Nina watched as a flame was brought to life in the temperamental girl's hand. Apparently, the girl's dragon-hawk also decided to join in the attack and pecked at Fang's head.

Nina, by now, had decided it was time to interfere in the hope she could defuse the situation before it got actually violent and wasn't just threats. She quickly gave Ahnah a look to suggest that she go and try and console the sobbing girl while Nina dealt with the mess. Nina dashed over quickly in between the angry girls and Fang, spreading her arms out to make space between them. Nina looked at the girls and said, "Are you two seriously this dumb to think Fang actually would assault a girl? I swear you two might as well be as smart as Mr. Flirty Face here! I mean, come on! Fang's love of a woman is enough to at least keep him from hurting one! Think about it does it really sound like something Flirty Trashcan here would actually do? From what I saw, it seemed like a total accident, and it looked like Fang was about the help the girl up."

Nina to a deep breath and realized something. She was actually defending Fang for once. Wow. That was weird. She was defending someone she actually disliked very much. Nina placed her hands on her hips and glared at the two. And said, "I could go into more detail on how you two are coming to conclusions too quickly and point out even more proof that you two are idiots. But I think I will save my breath for something important." Then Nina turned to Fang, "And you. You don't do anything stupid, okay." Nina wasn't going to help Fang up. She was already out of her comfort zone by defending Fang like this and didn't feel like actually helping the guy up.
She cut her flame once Nina stepped in between them. "I was only messing with him, I wasn't going to actually burn his face......fire isn't something to be messing with it......still I knew he had bumped into the girl....just wanted to have some fun a blow some steam he had caused me!" She pointed out folding her arms. "Anyway I had my fun....Minxiu let him up" she said taking Nina's side as she looked down at Fang. "Don't think me telling her to let u go was out of worry because i could careless about you,so get it out of your head! You can get your own self up!" She added huffing. "Like Nina said don't act stupid!"
"You broke my ankle!" The girl twisted and turned on the sand, holding her ankle up.

Fang was too busy trying to avoid his eyes getting poked out, until finally Nina stepped up and seemed to calm things down. Although he was still being held down by Minxiu, he looked at the girl on the ground and called out, "I didn't break anything! Or steal anything, besides these ladies hearts!"

The girl jumped up as if nothing and seemed to take advantage of the pinned down earth bender, swinging her right foot towards his face as if he was about to kick his head off. With a sudden motion though, her foot stopped right in front of Fang's face, "See?!".

Fang flinched and then looked at the girl's ankle, raising an eyebrow he said, "There's nothing wrong with it."

The girl showed off her flexibility by actually managing to hold up her foot towards her own face while standing on her left one. "Oh you're right and you couldn't have robbed me because I don't have anything. You're cleared to go, welcome to Bhanti Island!"

Fang had a bewildered look on his face, but suddenly changed into a smile. "Thanks! Minxiu, can you let me go now?"


Previously Night's Shadow
Tazia practically tripped off the boat, shaky from all the swaying. After the first week or so, she no longer emptied the contents of her stomach immediately after filling it, and she could walk around the boat without feeling the urge to hurl, but she still looked on the sea with a visible distrust. As soon as her feet hit the sand, she fell onto all fours and kissed it. “Damn, I missed you, solid land,” she muttered.

In the military trained parts of her mind, Tazia was still hyperaware of her surroundings and vaguely registered Fang’s odd predicament, but made no move to get up or even watch. Eventually, all fours became a runner’s mark, and then a rather uncertain standing position. Tazia held onto Yael as she shook out her legs and wiped the sand off her lips. By the time she felt steady enough to not look at the ground for balance, Fang was flat on his back in chains held by Minxiu.

Tazia blinked at the strange spectacle for a few seconds before opening her mouth. “Okay, I missed it. Is this a kink thing or did Minxiu have to hold you back from doing something stupid?” She wobbled for a second then found her balance again, slightly irritated with herself. “Or all of the above. You know, cause they’re not exclusive.”
A couple of weeks had gone by, and Ahnah had mostly Made sure any injured had been recovering smoothly. As such sh

Ahnah had looked up from her feet when she heard a girl state that Fang was robbing her. Fang's end of the situation had been handled by Minxiu, apparently she was quite Flexible. She was surprised, no one at home was this flexible. The young Water Bender and her Polar Bear Dog looked at the situation. Akuma yelped as Ahnah facepalmed.

"This is exactly what I expected from our supposed leader, flirting with a girl, but mistaken robbery. We really do not need to be arrested right now."

Akuma was being careful with the Sand, as he did not have shoes.

"There aren't any beaches where I come from." Ahnah whispered, "I normally see glaciers, a ton of them."

Akuma was not amused with the Sand, as Ahnah walked over to the girl.

"You okay, sorry about him," Ahnah gestured to Fang, "We've got quite the party."

As for Mu, he mostly had to recover, so he and Ai were stumbling out of the boat, when he walked right towards the situation, the Ostrich Horse managed to stop him.

"It's been a long couple of weeks being cooped up in that boat, I nearly drowned, and so did Ai." Mu responded.

"Of course Our leader would try to flirt with a girl, but being accused of robbery, that sounded a little Farfetched." Mu was confused, "Good thing Minxiu was able to keep him from causing the Situation to go worse."

Mu's armor was clanking as he walked across. A squawk screamed into Mu's ear.


Mu was now awake, but still confused.
Minxiu held herself back from shooting Nina with a rock glove punch to the gut to set her in her place. Minxiu was genuinely angry under her calm demeanor, she was always careful to keep a cool and collected surface, something she mastered through years of mental discipline. Ignorant or not, no one speaks or insults a member of the Dai Li like that without consequence. Minxiu had made people disappear for less. Wait…. What? She thought to herself, she shoved the thoughts out of her mind, I need to relax, being on that ship too long is messing with me.

“Stole our hearts? Not even! The only thing you steal from us is our patience.” Minxiu adjusted the chains, pulling them back to compensate for Fang falling back, tightening the chains.

After the unknown girl’s brief exchange with Fang, Minxiu looked down at Fang, “Let you go? Isn’t it one of your dreams to be chained up surrounded by ladies?” Minxiu teased by releasing the cuffs on the chains and recollected them back into her sleeves.​
Nina just stood there in just complete shock, watching the girl. It wasn't that she was shocked at all about her flexibility. Nina's brother was like that. It was pretty neat. What Nina was confused about was the girl saying, "You're cleared to go; welcome to Bhanti Island!"
Nina was about to splutter in confusion but didn't. Then she remembered what Fang had said about supposedly "stealing the ladies' hearts." Nina rolled her eyes and looked down at him, "Not even close Flirt Face. Not even close."

Then Nina's attention went to Tazia, who said to Fang, "Okay, I missed it. Is this a kink thing, or did Minxiu have to hold you back from doing something stupid?"
If Nina had been drinking something, she would have spat it out right then and there, but since Nina wasn't drinking anything, she just made a "PFFT" sound and looked at Tazia. "Actually, everyone is being equally stupid, surprisingly." Replied Nina, "You see, Fang bumped into that girl," Nina pointed to the girl that had been bumped into, "and apparently knocked her onto the ground. She said he was robbing her. Minxiu quickly held Fang down for some reason, and then the wolf masked girl joined in for a bit just to scare Flirt Face. Then I stepped in to stop things from getting violent, and now we are here." Finished Nina, who was a bit out of breath at explaining it all so quickly, "So no. This is not some kink kind of thing."

Nina turned to see Minxiu tightening the chains that held Fang as the woman teased, "Let you go? Isn't it one of your dreams to be chained up surrounded by ladies?" Eventually, Minxiu let Fang go, so that was good. Now they were all settled and back to normal, hopefully, with no more fighting.
She shook her head in annoyance keeping her arms folded against her chest. "Your joking right?" She said sarcastically. "The only thing you "stole" was a beating to the ground and something that will NEVER happen!" She added firmly. "Are you really THAT clueless to understand WE are NOT your "girls!" She tapped her foot impatiently as she was normally patient but on this case lost her patients with Fang.
Fang dusted himself off as he grinned proudly, as if he had accomplished something. "I'm just kidding!" He placed his hands on his hips, "You girls are my teammates, a little joke here and there doesn't hurt." He then looked at the girl that had ran into them, "and you! You could have gotten me in trouble!"

"It's okay, mistakes happen." The little girl told Ahna before she turned towards Fang, "You can't blame me. People keep rushing in looking for the Avatar, first some weird soldiers, then some lady with a crazy look and big yellow hair, if I were to place a bet, it would be that you guys are here for the same reason also. I happen to know where to start looking, but it's going to cost you. I want those earth gloves that lady used, that water tribe coat and 100$ from each of you. What do you say?"

"Deal!" Fang called out, "hang over your goods everyone!"
Nina shook her head as she listened to the wolf masked girl that she was slowly beginning to like, "Are you really THAT clueless to understand WE are NOT your "girls!" The girl tapped her foot impatiently. Nina let out a sigh and replied with, "He really is that clueless... Honestly, kind of impressive how clueless he is..."

"You can't blame me. People keep rushing in looking for the Avatar, first some weird soldiers, then some lady with a crazy look and big yellow hair, if I were to place a bet, it would be that you guys are here for the same reason also. I happen to know where to start looking, but it's going to cost you. I want those earth gloves that lady used, that water tribe coat and 100$ from each of you. What do you say?" Said the girl who previously had been bumped into. Yellow hair... Haven't we seen a lady with yellow hair... Suddenly she remembered the lady who had created that fire tornado!! Then her attention switched to the girl's request. Does she really think we would actually accept that request-?

"Deal!" Fang called out, "hang over your goods everyone!" Nina's head whipped around to look at Fang. No, to glare at him! She stomped over to him, going onto her tiptoes, adding only four inches of height, but it still made her feel taller.

Yamato had been on his bed sleeping for the whole trip as he groaned in annoyance as he opened his eyes and looked around, he yawned and stood up groggy and got himself dressed and ready.

"Wish I could have slept for a while longer, if I really think about I think I slept for the whole trip here, maybe because I didn't wanna deal with that flirt."

He said the last part annoyed as he narrowed his eyes, just thinking about Fang made him wanna punch something or someone in the face. He walked off the ship with his eyes half opened yawning loudly as he rubbed his eyes.


Previously Night's Shadow
The girl made her request, and Tazia’s eyes narrowed slightly. While expensive, it wasn’t entirely unreasonable, and she was reaching into her jacket pocket for the hundred bucks or something worth that much when Fang cheerfully commanded everyone to do so. A vein bulged in Tazia’s forehead and she paused in her digging, but years of military training had taught her how to take orders from superiors incompetent, arrogant, and fearsome alike. At this point, without a leader, the group would no doubt collapse into anarchy, and by doing what Fang said for this long he had more or less been cemented into the role. And for once, he hadn’t flirted with someone when he opened his mouth, so maybe she should reward him for that, like training a dog. That thought took the edge off the irritation, and Tazia continued rummaging through her pockets without a word, though with a slight smile at Nina’s vehement protests.

Finally, amidst military dog tags, a matchbox, and several coins that would no doubt be inadequate, Tazia’s fingers closed on what she was looking for. Yael had had a habit of taking shiny things from other people in his younger years, and had gathered them into a hoard of sorts, buried behind Tazia’s parents’ house. Before she left home, she had taken as much of it as would fit on her person and had pawned a lot of it off for cash in places she couldn’t get discounts for her military service. But she still did have a fair amount of it, and what now dangled from her fingers was a thin silver chain, a few knots in it, with a gleaming ruby set in the pendant in a teardrop shape about the size of her thumb’s first joint. She held it out to the girl. “You could probably sell this for more than a hundred dollars,” Tazia said, clearly not happy about this arrangement but more or less willing. “Will this suffice?”
My earth gloves? Minxiu thought, it was rather comical that anyone would want those, to clarify, any earth bender could make them nearly on a whim, no doubt even Fang could with some simple instruction if he didn’t know how to already. The hard part of the rock gloved is proper utilization, that was something that would take years of careful and controlled practice. The money was also just petty change to Minxiu, the allowance she had on any given mission for the Dai Li was pretty much as much as she wanted, and no one questioned it. Even out of her own pocket it would be trivial pocket change… then again, why use her own money… or any of the group’s money, it should be the leader’s job to provide. During the time Fang was chained and pulled back by Minxiu, she had also lifted his coin pouch from the young man in the ensuing struggle.

Minxiu stepped up to the girl and put a hand on Tazia’s shoulder, “Don’t worry about it. I got this.” she assured and turned to the girl. “Here,” Minxiu released her control on her rock gloves, letting the small stone plates fall into the girl's outstretched hands “I hope you know how to use these. And here’s ten gold pieces for the whole group’s payment, should be more than enough.”Minxiu took the pieces out from Fang’s money bag. Rich noble kids…. There was still quite a bit left in the pouch, she tossed the money bag back to Fang, “You know a good deal when you see one, mighty leader.” she smiled.
Mu was confused, but prepared for handing over a good bit of money, when the Dai Li agent seemed to pick Fang's coin pouch, and pull out enough coins that probably would make about one month's wages for Himself. He was dumbfounded by the Dai Li's actions. As such, he went to grab a piece of coin from Ai's Saddlebag. As such, he prepared to give it to Fang, as Minxiu had pickpocketed his coin pouch, he figured that the ratio of gold to silver is enough to cover his possible section.

"Here's my part, if you can not get them back." Mu responded to Fang.

As for Ahnah she was looking confusedly, but Yamato had seemed to stumble in, almost literally.

"You good, Yamato," Ahnah responded to him stumbling in, then turned to the little girl, "That's good to hear, you said a water girl's coat, the Rock-!"

She was cut off by Minxiu handing over coins from a pouch that belonged to Fang, the seemingly Fearless yet rather Flirtatious, and apparently an idiot, Leader. At least he hadn't tried to hit on her again, that could not have ended well with Akuma around. Speaking of Akuma, he was sitting like a dog, waiting patiently. Why did Minxiu do that, that was a question on her mind. That, and is Yamato okay. Akuma walked over to the group and sat down again.
Fang just making a deal without consulting the group first infuriated her as a vein appearing to be anger was visible at the back of her head. She approached behind Fang only to smack him hard behind the head before walking pass him. Luckily she wasn't greedy with money so pulled out some gold coins from a secret stash she had hidden. "Here, this should be enough to cover" she said bending down to the girl to hand her the coins before she stood. "I think FANG should put his deal in to unless you used us as bargaining chips to fix YOUR mistake!" She said folding her arms against her chest.