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Ask to Join Comet Trail High School (Roleplay)


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael felt like someone was watching him. But, he shrugged it off as a feeling and nothing more. ‘Can’t this class get a move on to something interesting. Come along.’ Samael thought to himself as he finished his sketch. “Wonderful.” Samael spoke under his breath as he looked at hi sketch. His new mask as he designed it, His new attire, and his cracked scythes.
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Ollie moved to help Mantis take a few notes, not wanting the taller to fall behind. Bean glanced over, able to see how disinterested Mantis seemed. He sighed, leaning back in his seat. “And here I thought this school would be too chaotic. We aren’t doing anything here.” He thought, looking around the class again.

He noticed Samael admiring a sketch he had done, raising an eyebrow. Interesting. He looked at his friends again. Mantis was doodling, while Ollie had decided to just write his notes for him. “Meh. They seem like they’ll be fine on their own.” He thought, looking back to Samael. “Hey mate. Whatcha workin’ on?” He asked. If they HAD to just sit here, at least he could chat with someone.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael turned his head when Bean had spoke to him. “Oh this? It’s just a conceptual design for a costume.” Samael commented as he sighed a bit. “It would seem like you’ve been through a lot. Which is why I believe you should be the first here to know.” Samael spoke as he put his things down and reached down to the bottom of his right pant leg. Lifting up slightly the bottom to show his boots

However, there was something off. It had a knife holster on it. The left also had one as well, hidden under the pant leg. He reached for his lucky Cobalt Knife. Pulling it out of the holster. “I was an assassin. Sent out to take out my targets. I took it up as a side hobby while I was in Vermont at the Calypso Power Academy.” Samael whispered to Bean as he glossed the knife with his fingers. “A fine piece of work here. Made out of fine Cobalt.” Samael whispered as he held the leather grip and slid the knife back into its holster. Then Samael had covered the knife once again.

“I’m always prepared to take on a target. By any. means. necessary.” Samael whispered to him as he then smiled. “Then this jerk named Jack had the audacity to nearly reveal my secret to the entire school. I put him in his place and reminded him who was the second-most powerful student there.” Samael told him with a slight smile on his face.
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Bean watched Samael with interest, a smile forming on his face as he was shown the weapon. He always had been a bit of a weapons enthusiast. “Looks like a pretty decent weapon. I imagine it’s useful in combat.” He whispered, glancing at his two friends again to make sure they didn’t notice. Upon seeing they hadn’t, he returned his attention to Samael.

“An assassin, eh? Ive met a couple of those. Didn’t really think anyone did it as a hobby. I’ll have to be sure not to get on yer bad side, eh?” He whispered again, chuckling lightly. “That Jack fella…sounds like an annoyance. Never did like squealers.” He flipped his pencil about in his hand a moment. “You’re right ‘bout the been through a lot thing too. But, it’s not exactly something I’d share yet. Who knows, maybe you’ll hear the tale later.”

He started sketching again. “So, that weapon. Where’d ya get it? I got plenty of knives and swords in my stash, but not one like that.” He whispered. “I’d say I’m pretty handy with ‘em. Knives are a nice choice when it comes to combat, but they don’t leave much room for blocking and such like a sword. Not too useful with range.” He whispered once more, sighing. “But hey, can’t complain when ya don’t have a combat based superpower.”


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael chuckled a little bit. “Yeah. Jack. He was one of those popular kids in school. Like the kind in which if he said a unpopular person’s name. Then that person feels like it is the best feeing of their life.” Samael explained and laughed a bit.

“Oh. How did I get it? Well, It was a gift from my father not too long ago. I made sure not to get it dirty when I was out getting my jobs done. It did get dirty once or twice but I was quick to remove it. My father is the top hero in Russia. He is known as Блейз Маэлстром in Russian. But in English he is called Blaze Maelstrom.” Samael explained to Bean as he looked up at the front of the room.
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“For being a popular kid, he sure had one of the most basic names ever.” He joked a bit. “I never really cared too badly about popular and the unpopular. I knew where I stood, so what was I gonna do.” He shrugged.

Bean sketched a bit longer, before looking up in realization. “You’re his kid-? That’s pretty cool. Not everyone can say that about their parent.” He remarked. “It was cool of him to give ya that. Most of my weapons were purchased, or handmade. But, I did hafta steal a few. But hey, only ever stole what they didn’t need.”

Mantis looked over this time. “What are you guys talking about?” He asked innocently, Bean waving him off. “Nothing you would find interesting, bud.”
Zack had worked to keep himself busy during this bit of lull in the lecture, a couple kids seemed to be chatting with each other but he unlike his sibling lacked special hearing to pick up on the the details so he simply did what seemed right: doodle.

He had a notepad out and seemed to be trying to pencil ideas for a superhero costume. Zack figured (Or least hope) that there'd be a class on the topic as well one of the better aesthetic aspects that had come with heroics was developing a signature look, course the issue had been he had no idea what kind of costume he desired. He knew he wanted a cape, yeah some say it is "impractical" but he considered it to essential to the look to skip over but otherwise he struggled to get ideas of what he desired.

Man, who knew costume design would be this tricky.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael nodded at Bean’s comments. “Yeah. That makes sense. Whenever you need something, sometimes you just need to grab it yourself.” Samael whispered to Bean as he adjusted the sleeves on his jacket and brushed his hair to the side. “I also was a kid who just knew what to do. That was until Me and Marcel had our first duel back at Calypso. Then everyone recognized us as the popular students. I didn’t really think much about it. Just a way to knock down Jack’s ego by a couple of pegs.” Samael quietly explained to Bean. “But I got bored with trying to be a hero by conventional means. So. I decided to become an assassin. So I could be a secret hero in my own way.” Samael continued to explain to Bean. “Then Jack threatened exposure, not to mention how rough he was to Alexis over there in their relationship.” Samael explained and gestured to Alexis. “Marcel and I put him in his place once we heard the news. Then I put him in his place again when he tried to expose me as the midnight assassin, The Burning Skull.”
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Bean smirked and chuckled softly as he replied to Samael, "It's always nice to see someone get themselves down a notch or two. When reality hits cocky kids, there's only themselves to blame." He nodded thoughtfully at the assassin's description of a "secret hero", and said quietly, "A hero through unconventional means...Sounds better than this basic hero thing everyone wants. That almost everyone is raised to be.” His expression fell into one of slight annoyance. “Some of us can’t be heroes in their eyes. Just cuz’ of who we were born into the world as.” He muttered. “Not like I know anythin’ bout that feelin’.” He added. He didn't want anyone suspecting who he was, after all. He looked over to Alexis when Samael gestured to them, nodding and then returning his attention to the conversation at hand.
He commented on the assassin's alias, saying with a smile, "The Burning Skull, eh? Cool little title." Chuckling softly, he added, "I don't have much skill in the naming category. Creativity is more of Mantis' strong suit. Never came far enough to think of working under an alias, either." Shrugging slightly, he continued, "A bit surprising I ended up 'ere." Resuming his sketching while they talked, Bean added absently, "Then again, people with superpowers only really had two career options: superhero or supervillain."
He went back to sketching a sword he had in his collection, which he had snatched from a pyrokinetic hero. He had thought the way the flames would dance around the blade was cool, so he took it. While it was a pretty cool collector's item, it wasn't very useful to him without the power. He mused that he would need to find a way to replicate pyrokinesis before it would be of any use to him. Maybe somebody else here could use it. The hero he snagged it from already had plenty of the same weapon, it wouldn't be missed.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael smiled as he finally managed to meet someone who got what he was saying. “Exactly! People were so surprised when they actually found out. So much so that the school specifically pulled me aside and was like ‘Meh you can’t be an assassin, that’s what villains become and this is a school for heroes meh.’ So I told them that if heroes are made not to kill then explain how many heroes die from villains that were released.” Samael began to explain to Bean.

“So, then me and the principal got into a heated argument about the stance of me being an assassin. So much so that he actually called my dad. Unsurprisingly, he was surprised about it. But then approved of my actions, saying it was what he started as before he became a hero.” Samael explained to Bean a bit more.

“And that’s just merely cracking the surface about me.” Samael laughed a bit as he said this. Going back to sketching his scythes.
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Bean snickered. “That’s how people are, I suppose. Anything that could be bad, is bad in their eyes. Authority figures especially. I imagine it’s worse in this place; a big fancy school for heroes, and oh no! Somebody is doing something we don’t agree with! This could soil our image! Blah blah blah, so on and so forth.” He said mockingly. “Honestly, I dunno how me and them o’er there ended up here.” He stated, gesturing to his friends. “We ain’t really what you’d see in a place like this.”

He stretched a bit. “This ain’t what I expected though. Figured we’d all be working hard here, training and such, big strict thing. But, we’re just sitting here.” He scoffed. “I get that we need education and stuff, but god. It’s boring. I wanna show ya some of the weapons I got, but I need my power to pull em out.” He sighed.

“Though, at least we ain’t getting in trouble for chatting. You’re pretty interesting mate. Coolest kid here so far. Just wish we could do some actual introductions, beats sitting here.” He muttered. “Not a fan of introductions really, but I’d like to get an idea of everyone else.”
Zoey continued to sit in peace as the class seemed to split into some muddled chatter while things seemed to slow a bit, however, as she began to mill over her own thoughts a phone vibrated as she quickly checked it and saw the contact had been someone personal which caused her eyes to widen a bit. Slowly she raised her hand.

"U-uh professor I have a call. P-personal one, need my brother with me we'll be in the hall." Zoey said as she politely dismissed herself and Zack confused much as anything followed his sibling outside to the hall as there seemed to be a bit of an urgent call among the siblings.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael noted the departure of two students, seemed to be siblings if he had to guess. “That’s what I’m saying. We should be showing our powers and doing introductions. I agree that it is important to have an education, but I also agree that it is a bit boring.” Samael commented as he looked up to the ceiling, then back to his sketch.

“Yeah. That was a fiasco when it happened. But I’ve heard now that I left, they actually use me as an example as to how not to be a hero. I personally think it is rather hilarious hearing them use my name as a way to not be a hero.” Samael explained as he thought of what else to talk about to pass the time. “I get what your saying. It’s good to get an idea of how people are. Also, thanks for considering me one of the cooler students here.” Samael thanked his friend as he looked back up towards the front.
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"A-are you serious!?"

"Zack please be quiet..."

Zack and Zoey had moved to the hallway for this high priority call, and the person on the other line seemed to relay some bad news to the pair. Susanne, a close friend to their family and in truth an expert on all things supernatural. Something that had been invaluable when Zoey had developed her, well "condition" as it had been, though the info she relayed to the siblings though speaker phone had not put either in a rather controlled mood.

"I am afraid it is true. Julien managed to escape captivity, nobody is sure where he is. I already sent notice to your school that should arrive soon, so if he tries something there they should be ready. Just figured you two should know in advance."

Susanne explained that Julien, a vampire who had been held in a sort of "captivity chamber" along with other dangerous monsters that haunted Zoey and Zack's hometown, had manage to slip out in the dead of night and now had been on the loose. Julien only caused Zack's fists to cruel as he looked infuriated, if that scum tried to do anything to his sister again he'd...

"W-we need to try and be cool here. Causing panic will only get the other students in a frenzy. Not even a guarantee he'd come here just to settle some old score." Zoey said as she tried to be the voice of reason, even if that name had brought up less than flattering memories to the masked girl.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael ignored them, it wasn’t worth his breath talking to people he barely knew. Nonetheless, getting into their own business. “Seems they have their own business going on.” Samael commented as he looked over to bean. “Anyways. Jack had a whole group of cronies. One of which was a virus user and another being a grass manipulator.” Samael commented as he finished his sketch of his scythes.
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Mr Monaghan looked at Zoey and Zach as they left, and understood with a personal call. He looked around the room as he saw his students do their work. The Archangel in Disguise had then looked at the group of students.

Ariana had been working on notes, mostly notes of her class, and looked around to see various people doing various things, her roommate had excused herself after a seemingly important phone call. She kept to her notes, making sure she had everyone's pins marked correctly.

Damon looked on towards his girlfriend. In his thoughts, she seemed so cute when she was focused like this. He then heard someone talking.

"Neither am I." Damon responded.

He then looked at his notes, then at the pins, then Started adding other pins' locations.
"Zoey, Zack?"
A voice called out to the two siblings and that was suprisingly a voice of Hazel, with the Jude sort of tagging alone although the fact that Jude was worried would come out as far less weird than the fact that a litteral lonely kid would.

"Sorry.. Its Just that you look as if someone died... No one died right? I mean.. Oh my God, that would be awful.. And well... Umm" Hazel tried to somehow sound like he was cheering up and about to help, but his shy side Just made him quietly mumble words.

Jude walked up closer to a siblings and said "Hazel was really worried for you two and I honestly am too, So tell any of us if there is a problem."

A cute little cry escaped Zoey's lips as she and Zack turned to Hazel, as hse and Jude seemed to encounter them in the hall and the later had a bit of concern in her tone. Jude himself walked up and seemed to offer more direct support, which had been one of the most bittersweet feelings. On one hand, having some help at this time when a figure of a troubling past seemed to be on the loose was something Zoey desired to cling to, but on the other hand she nor Zack wanted to get the other students involved in this. Too much risk on the rare chance Julien decided to pay campus a visit, as he'd show no sympathy not even to children.

Zack spoke up in Zoey's place.

"Just a little news from home. Nothing to worry about." Zack said as he tried to sound assuring, internally though part of him hoped Julien would come to settle the score, after what that monster had done, he'd have liked nothing more than to personally send him off to hell as painfully as possible.

"W-we uh, didn't mean to concern you, honest." Zoey mused the masked sibling also tried to encourage that things were fine, though Zoey seemed to note the glimmer of...malice? Certain internal anger she picked up from Zack as he glanced downwards.
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"Well, still remember that we all are here for you" Jude said, he didnt know what they were going to, but definitly it could be better than Incident Zero and all of the Experiments.

But each person lives through their problems with different opinions on the same types of problems, So whats easy for him may be hard on them.
He simply placed a hand on Zoey shoulder and gave a reassuring smile at that point.

Hazel seeing he cant force the siblings to talk Just went away to sit by himself alone again with Bouncy.
Such is life, he guessed.

Dominic meanwhile was completely confused on whats happening in the class.
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Zoey of course had a touch of guilt as Hazel just seemed to walk up, biting her lip behind her mask as she had felt a touch of guilt over not sharing details, she had been sure it was the right call but she also knew that they tried to just help and it felt a bit wrong to just try to pretend everything had been okay when it was not.

Zoey figured she needed to talk to Hazel later, she had made that promise to herself.

"Oh yeah appreciate it man, nice to hear. We should be good but always are good to hear of a helping hand." Zack mused a bit to Jude, but behind his grin had been a desire. If that monster decided to come, he needed to deal with it...it had been about time he paid for his crimes as it were.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael turned and looked at the door that the twins left from. “Any clue what they’re on about?” Samael asked his comrade as he slid a toothpick back into his mouth from his wrist, being careful not to trigger his secret blade on his arm. ‘That’ll be for introductions. If that’s what he’s going to be getting at soon.’ Samael thought returning a look to Monaghan.
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Bean shrugged. “I wasn’t paying much attention.” He admitted, scratching the back of his neck idly. He started flipping his pencil once again, tossing it up into the air to catch it again. “Not sure how to feel about the rest of these folk. I mean, I know I can trust Ollie and Mantis there. Cuz we’ve been friends. But everyone else? Hell if I know. Aside from you.” He chuckled. “Suppose I’ll gain opinions. Good or bad, I dunno. Time will tell.” He thought back to what his comrade had said. “A grass manipulator, eh? Heard of those. Not a virus user though. Mind explainin’?”
There was a small creak of Mr. Monaghan's classroom door opening. A relatively small girl slid her way into the classroom and shut the door behind her before going to Mr. Monaghan. She wasn't exactly sure where to go, so she had gone into quite a few of the wrong classrooms.

"Excuse me, sir... you are Mr. Monaghan, yes? I'm sorry for being so late, something had come up. I'm Alexandra Dreyl... I am on your roster, right? I didn't mean to intrude if you were doing something important but-"

Lexi began twirling a finger in her hair, hoping to make the situation a little less tense and stressful somehow... first day at school and she was already late, not a good first impression. She looked at the other students in the classroom... they were certainly students.
The siblings would return inside, as Zoey of course had guilt about how she handled the situation even if she felt this had been personal, and Zack had well....other thoughts on the bit of personal news they had gotten. For now they'd just have to play by ear and trust the school would deal with it should that Julien make his presence known as they had taken their seats.

Course, upon their return to the classroom, someone else appeared to step inside a certain Alexandra Dreyl who seemed to check if she had been part of the class or not, which had gotten the masked Zoey's curiosity.
Mantis’ eyes lit up at the sight of a new person entering the room. Oliver looked over frantically. “Mantis, no-“ He began to pleaded, knowing what was coming. “If he does, it’s my turn to deal with it anyway, Olive.” Bean stated. Sure enough, Mantis leaped out of his seat, dashing up to Alexandra. “Hello new person! Are you in this class too? I’m Mantis! I’m new as well! Olive and Bean are too! Wanna be friends, I like friends, ooh what are your powers, I’m pretty sure most of us have those here and-“
Bean calmly got out of his seat, walking over and trapping the larger students arm. “Oi, Mantis. What did we say about meeting new people.” He said, Mantis scratching the back of their neck sheepishly. “Dont bombard them with questions…?” “Mhm. Let’s go sit back down, yeah?” “Okay…”
Mantis returned to their seat, still excitedly shifting about; his usual excitement returned in full swing. Bean mumbled a quick “Sorry,” to Alexandra, returning to his own seat.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael face palmed after the introduction from Mantis to the newcomer Alexandra. “Проклятье. Just when I thought it was over.” Samael spoke as he looked and saw bean apologizing for Mantis. Then, an idea came into Samael’s mind. “Let’s have a more mature and welcome introduction to the school, shall we?” Samael spoke as he stood up drawing his right obsidian scythe from his back holsters. It glowed orange and Samael smiled as he looked over to the newcomer. He held the scythe out to his right.

“Now then.” Samael spoke as the obsidian shell faded and a new orange form was revealed, heat began to increase next to his right arm, the magma scythe was revealed, only temporary. Before the purple shell faded back over the true heat. “Welcome to Comet Trail. My name is Samael Petrikov. But enough about all of us. What say you? What abilities are you hiding from us.” Samael spoke as he returned the scythe to it’s holster on his back.
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Lexi was definitely caught off guard by all of the students looking at her, talking to her, trying to get to know her... already trying to figure out her powers?! Did these people have no control over themselves?! First there was Mantis, who got WAY too personal WAY too quickly, Bean, who put that crazy kid on a leash, which it sounded like this wasn't the first time this had happened, and then there was Samael, which while a little slower and nicer about it, was still going way too fast for her taste. Not to mention, Samael pulled out a blazing hot scythe in front of her, was he going to hurt her?! In a panic, she created a giant hand out of light and grabbed Samael, carefully having it bring him to the back of the room and set him down gently. The hand would then shrink to a normal size, then slap Samael in the face before going to Mantis and doing the same. It would then move back and shatter into pieces with a flash of light, Lexi's head jerking a bit.

"I... would appreciate it if you would stay away. I did not approve for you to approach me, or get so personal so quickly. So until you learn some boundaries... just... back off."


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael was surprised about being slapped. “Wow, been a while since that happened. Heh, I’m impressed.” Samael commented with a smile. “Maybe I was too straightforward. But still, this isn’t even the true me.” Samael spoke as he untied his cloak. His demeanor becoming more serious and cunning. “Now, here’s another revelation. Except for everyone in here, I’m not some simpleton who wants to be the hero everyone looks up to. I’m becoming a hero that people enjoy. Cause the hero I know, gets his job done by any. Means. Necessary.”

Samael commented as he let his cloak fall to the floor, it showed his hidden arsenal. Retractable Arm blades with their metallic system and black gloves was shown. And his own boots had knife holster on them. Two knives were shown. He even reached up and took off his eyepatch. Showing the cauterized eye socket, where his missing left eye used to be.

“I don’t care how upset the school becomes about me being the hero that gets his job done. Remorse will only cause others to suffer more. Plus, if the whole goal is to become a hero, I’m already well equipped. Who says you need to be a hero the conventional way?” Samael explained and asked as he looked around the room.
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Seemed that the new student felt a bit putt off by all the the sudden attention all at once, something Zoey seemed to note; and in particular one student seemed to get a bit too close for comfort and a large hand of light slapped him right across the face!

Oh wow this is getting intense, aren't they worried they'll get in trouble doing this in class!?

While Zoey seemed to have this concern in mind, Zack had taken note of Lexi's discomfort and Samuel who seemed to flashily reveal his many gadgets and spouted on what his view of being a hero had been.

"I think you guys all need to relax a bit. Let the poor thing adjust before you all hammer her from all angles with greetings and comments." Zack said as he seemed to understand Lexi needed time to adjust rather than be bombarded by various classmates out of the gate.

"And you, if you think that is what being a hero means, then you got a lot to learn." Zack chuckled at Samuel's whole "any means necessary" type hero which he had not been shy in his vocal opposition towards. Even if Zoey preferred Zack had not said anything given the panic in the masked sibling's eyes.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
“Then explain-“ “Samael.” A voice called, it was Marcel, walking up to Samael and putting a hand on his shoulder. “There’s no point in arguing your point of view, people believe what they want to believe. End of discussion.” Marcel calmly told his friend as he looked to the newcomer Lexi. “My apologies miss, this isn’t how I expected him to introduce himself.” Marcel commented as he looked to his friend who was shocked about his calm demeanor.

“But, what about yourself? You’re a prince!” “What about it?” “You do whatever you want and no one bats an eye.” “Samael, everyone bats an eye about the things I do. Because of said royalty title. I know your still cling onto the past when I tore your eye out. But that was years ago. You got back at me anyways, remember?” Marcel spoke as he lifted the lock of hair covering his left eye showing the x-shaped scar that goes up to his hair. “You’re not even upset about Her leaving?” “No. She left me in sorrow, but I still stand through that sorrow of her leaving.” Marcel commented with a calm demeanor.
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"Two things. One, if you'd do things by any things necessary, that means you aren't a hero, it means you don't get that actions have consequences. Two, congratulations, now I trust neither of you. You don't exactly make new friends by showing people that one of you ripped the other's eye out of its socket, and that the other one tried to do the same. Also, brandishing multiple weapons on school grounds, let alone in a classroom, probably isn't a good idea, so you must be some kind of stupid too... which checks out so far..."

Lexi would then go sit in the front corner seat, closest to the door. That way, if she felt any pressure from those guys, she could zip out the door. Putting her bag on the ground, she pulled out a blank notebook and the part of a pen that held ink. She would form an actual pen around it, and started marking the notebook that it was for this class. It was cheaper than getting the full pen... and so many people chucked out pens before their ink was drained anyways, so it wasn't hurting anyone but herself.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Marcel opened his eyes at the comments from Lexi. “I know what I must do.” Marcel spoke calmly, as he looked to Lexi. “I don’t brandish weapons. Samael only brandishes them because of his power. I understand that my comments were unacceptable, and I won’t do that in the future. I don’t believe in one way only. I believe that several ways can be done. As a member of royalty, you have to give many different options to the people.” Marcel commented as he returned to his seat calmly. “I apologize miss, I won’t do that again in the future.” Marcel apologized to Lexi.

Samael was silent as he picked up and wrapped himself inside of his cloak. “Careful who you provoke, you may not like what comes.” Samael commented as he looked to bean and Mantis before looking back to Lexi and going to his seat. ‘People I swear, Oh, you don’t believe in actions have consequences. Uh lady, my whole life was built upon Actions having consequences.’ Samael thought before he said his next sentence out loud. “Maybe because I was an Assassin.”
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Marcel seemed to speak up about how there is more than one way to approach being a hero which Zoey found to be the most sensible argument out of anyone. In her eyes, why you did something right mattered a little less so long as you chose to do the right thing. She hoped that people here could be respectful of other's opinions and leaved it at that.

"Y-yeah um, I don't think one can say that there is only one way to b-be a hero and leave it at that..." Zoey said, though she had spoken a little louder than she intended to and quickly pulled her hoodie over her masked face as she hoped to not draw too much attention to herself.

Zack blinked a bit as he had not expected his sister of all people to chime in, but once she had let that cat out of the bag the young man smiled a bit at his sibling, proud she decided to add to this discussion.