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Ask to Join Comet Trail High School (Roleplay)


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael plugged his earbuds into his phone and slid them into his ears. Hoping to not catch the teacher’s attention, Samael listened to a couple of songs and zoned out waiting for what was next. He kept one earbud out just in case to hear what the teacher says. ‘My my. Can’t this day go any slower. I just came here to improve my powers and be a fantastic General. But now I can hide in the fact that Lucien is a general.’ Samael thought to himself as he looked at the board.
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Mr. Monaghan looked at the Map, most were fine, minus the small rip in Illinois, quite the variety, he thought, as he looked around the room.

"Quite the Variety of locations," Mr. Monaghan responded, "I've been all over the place, and seen a lot of wonders, and may have sent a subordinate to deal with rampant civilizations from time to time, or if they're particularly bad, I've dealt with them myself."

Damon looked at the map, and saw the variety, which surprised him. He took notes as he saw the map.

Ariana looked at the Map, she didn't know Dominic was from Siberia, and her roommate was from Minnesota. There was a lot she didn't know about her classmates.

Asuna looked quite surprised at the diversity of locations. She was taking notes on some of the locations.

Cylia had been watching the class, as she pointed out her forest on the map, not to far from the more local people's pins. She took her gloved hand and used it to put the pin where her forest was before going back to her seat.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael was a bit confused by Monaghan’s wording of ‘Rampart Civilization’. ‘He’s getting at something with this, but what is it. How old even is he?’ Samael thought and begun to ponder further. Thinking there is some underlying meaning in his words. ‘I’ll as Marcel after class if he has any correlation with any students.’ Samael thought internally as he waited for the next topic to come along.

Samael still thought about one person though. ‘
Those two people have different specialities to them. The blue haired girl seems to be a strong opponent. Maybe a stronger ally. Also that other person who stuck a pin and tore a hole in the map could be a really fun person to talk to.’ Samael thought to himself more as he waited patiently for the next topic.
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Previously 'Candle'
Nile walked into the classroom late, which was quite odd for him. "Pins on maps eh?" He said. "I'm taking this." He told Mr. Monaghan as he reached for a pin. Nike placed it carefully on the map in what was called "Coward, South Carolina" where he had originally lived before coming here for Comet Trail High. He saluted the professor sloppily and went to sit down in the closest avaliable seat towards the back.

Once he took his seat and placed his backpack on the back of his chair, he started to look around. A few familiar faces popped up here and there but Nile had a Foggy memory so he thoughy they were familiar at least.

[ @Cmeriwether ]
[Short post, yes. But I wanted Nile to make his arrival.]
Zack listened to the teacher as he seemed to list his experience when it came to traveling the world, sounded a bit like his own instructor though of course she had not framed it behind a lecture but this exercise seemed to help make it a bit engaging as he learned a little off his classmates.

Zoey had began to jot down notes as she figured she should try to remember where her classmates placed their "places of interest" and well it had just been impulse for the vampire-in hiding.
"Come on, guys!" We're most likely missing out on a lot right now!" "You act as though we haven't missed at least a day or two..." "Yeah, but that simply means we have to make an even stronger first impression now! And we don’t know how much we missed! This could be day 1!" "I don’t think it’s the first day- I… I don't think they'll enjoy your hyperactivity—and can you please stop running-?" "Nope!" "Can you both stop?”

The sources of the three chatting voices were walking down a hallway, the largest of the bunch skipping ahead, while the shorter two trailed behind the lad. Mantis Magarobi, Oliver Thompson (also known as Ollie and/or Olive), and Bean Ikusaba. They were scheduled to arrive earlier, but issues developed with a minor health condition a doctor found in Mantis. They needed to be looked at, and the other two wanted to stay by their side while that went down.

"It's not my fault; I'm enthusiastic! There are so many fresh individuals to meet here!" Mantis argued, glancing back at Oliver. Ollie exhaled a sigh. "Yeah, but you're going to make a scene-! I don't want people to believe we're even stranger than we already appear!" The boy objected. Bean glanced across at a classroom door, verifying the schedule he had scribbled down earlier. This was the spot. "Oi. Y'all passed it." He alerted the other two folks, who turned and walked up to their shortest friend. "Ok! "New school, new classmates!" Mantis cheered, Bean rolled his eyes, and Olive giggled uneasily.

Mantis excitedly opened the door. There were already a lot of kids here. "Good day, everyone! Sorry for the delay!" Ollie slid by them as they cheered. "Oh my goodness, there are more people than I expected." He murmured. Bean pushed past the two, gazing around. These individuals seemed interesting. Mantis' face lit up when they observed the board. "Oh! What are you doing?" He asked, throwing the door shut again, almost knocking Bean over in the process, the oldest jumping at the sudden thud. Oliver merely sighed, wishing he could be somewhere other than here right now.

Bean looked over at the board. Lots of pins there. There were textbooks out as well. They probably just walked into class and interrupted something, didn’t they? He looked down at the floor, also not really wanting to be here.
"Mr. Thompson, Magarobi, Mr. Ikusaba," Mr. Monaghan responded to the Door shutting like being hit by a bull, again, "Mr. Thompson, if you shut the door like that again, detention, now take a seat, turn your books to page eighteen, and put a pin on the place where you're from or a place of significance to you."

Mr. Monaghan then looked back at his lesson plan, seeing what was next.


Damon Felix had been taking some notes, and noted that someone put a tear in the map, he hoped that person didn't die. He looked over to Alexis before the door slammed shut, again. In response to the slamming, he glared at the one who shut the door, mouth sparking ridiculously. He had to stop his wings from popping out and blocking half the class's view. He was worried that someone spooked his girlfriend in the middle of class, and this was the second time it had happened today.


Cylia had been trying to take notes, but it was not easy, as she was not used to this kind of stuff, living in a forest all her life. She looked around the room as she saw all of the pins, trying to decipher where the locations were.

"Where's the pin that's unusually far north from everyone else, on what seems be the left side of the map?." Cylia was stumped at that pin, that was either the kid she had no clue about or the dragon kid.
Oliver seemed a bit offended. “But I didn’t-“ He tried protesting. But, if he said Mantis did it, they could get in trouble. He sighed, nodding silently. Mantis dashed up to the board, looking at everything excitedly. “Oooooo! Ollie, Bean, look at all this! Everyone chose someplace a bit different!” He pointed out excitedly. He picked up a pin, jabbing it into Kentucky, tilting his head at the state of Illinois. He shrugged, pointing at his pin. “I grew up here! I moved to Ohio when I got older, but We lived in a big forest, and I was friends with a lotta animals but we didn’t have much neighbors that made stuff lonely but I made friends with a lotta bugs and rabbits and fish and when we moved to Ohio I lived in ANOTHER forest and-“ Bean walked over, nudging Mantis’ leg. “They don’t need your whole life story.” He mentioned, Mantis nodding. “Oh- Right-“

Ollie went to the map next, picking up a pin and sticking it in North Carolina. “I was born here, but I moved to Ohio, just like Mantis. That’s how we met. Same with Bean, but he was born pretty far.” He stated. Bean nodded, grabbing a pin of his own and locating Spain on the map, sticking it in Extremadura. “Grew up here. Moved to Ohio some point. I’ve been all over though.” He muttered, still looking at the ground. He walked over to his seat, pulling his textbook out and squinting at the pages, muttering softly to himself. Ollie sat down as well, finding the page much easier then the other boy was seeming to.

Mantis looked over at Damon, noting his glaring and tilting his head. He didn’t think it was threatening in any way, walking over excitedly. “Hello! I’m Mantis! What’s your name? Why’s your mouth sparking? Is that your superpower? I have one of those! A lotta people do actually- Here at least anyway- I know plenty people who don’t though and I heard there were people who don’t that go here and-“ “Mantis.” Mantis stopped, looking over at Bean again. “Huh?” The smaller boy sighed. “One question at a time, bud.” He advised, going back to trying to find the page.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael noted the newcomers and their…less than pleasant arrival. Crossing his arms and awaiting their placements on the map. ‘Could they be any more annoying.’ Samael thought to himself as he saw Mantis put a pin on the map. Then heard him rambling about his location. ‘Sticks and stones, Ice and Snow.’ Samael thought to himself irritated as he grabbed his sleeves tightly. Then heard the ramblings again from Mantis towards Damon. Clenching his teeth, Samael was going to say something in Russian. But held himself back because he knew he would get detention.

Marcel and Lucien were more or less surprised by the entry of the newcomers. ‘That Mantis fellow is very familiar to a student from Calypso. I don’t remember their name.’ Marcel thought to himself as he saw Samael about to say something in Russian. But held himself back. ‘Huh. This is a first, whenever someone is annoying, He usually puts them in their place by speaking demands in Russian.’ Marcel thought to himself as he looked around.

Alexis was surprised by the entry of the trio. But got over it rather quickly. “Just more people to talk to.” Alexis spoke under her breath with a smile. Noting the erratic behavior of Mantis, she smiled a bit. ‘Everyone was like that at some point. I guess that just stuck with this one.’ Alexis thought to herself as she looked down at her textbook.
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Damon had looked up when the one approached. He was quite surprised when they did not process his glaring as threatening, if this was his old school, they'd run off by now.

"I'm Damon Felix, That is a natural process for me, I'm Half Blue Dragon." Damon responded, "I have draconic physique like Wings, claws and a tail, I can breathe lightning, and if my emotions get too out of control, my Draconic Side takes over, transforming me into an Adult Blue Dragon, If you were wondering, I wasn't sure if your group spooked my girlfriend, Alexis, people popped up in our area."

Damon then looked over at Alexis, making sure she was okay, giving a small smile. Her reaction to the small crowd was relieving for him.


Ariana had been taking notes, as well as she could, due to the pain in her knee from failing a flying kick and nearly kicking Soul in the face. She looked at Dominic with a pained smile on her face, due to her knee acting up after she bumped the desk.

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Mantis, just like with Damon, didn’t really note Samael’s irritation. He was much more focused on what Damon had said, his eyes lighting up again. “Woah! A dragon?! That’s so cool! I didn’t know powers like that were a thing! That’s super duper cool, I wish I had a power like that, you must have so many cool adventures! You could probably go ALLLL over the world! Bean goes all over the world sometimes he’s the small one over there and that’s Oliver he sometimes teleports but he can’t go to far Im sure they’re glad to meet you too!” He spoke erratically once again, pointing at his two friends. Bean looked like he just wanted to sink into the ground and vanish, still struggling with the book a bit. Ollie just waved anxiously.

Mantis turned his attention to Alexis. “It’s nice to meet you! I’m sorry for almost scaring you, people call me scary sometimes but I try not to be- What are your powers are you a dragon too there’s a lotta powers out there I wanna meet a lotta people and find out about em all-“ His attention shifted to Samael, waving excitedly.

“Hello to you as well fellow classmate Im sure we’ll be great friends! And you, and you and you-“ He began pointing around at everyone else. “I’m Mantis by the way Mantis Magarobi I look forward to being here! Anyways back to my questions what are your powers which pins are yours-“ He continued to ramble on, not even noting the annoyance he could be bringing to the room. Ollie shot a glance at Bean, as if silently telling him to make Mantis shut up, but Bean only shook his head. Not much he could do here.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Alexis smiled at the energetic Mantis. “Yes! I am a Dragon. A bit of a unique dragon myself with my main ability. I am a Bloodmancer. I can create blood and make many different things with it. It also allows me to partially transform into a blood dragon.” Alexis explained even though Mantis walked off towards Samael. ‘Here we go.’ Alexis thought to herself

Samael had enough and put his left hand on his desk. He took a deep breath in and turned to Mantis. Then he let his Russian side loose, “Не могли бы вы говорить так громко рядом с моим ухом! Боже, просто смягни это, и я расскажу тебе о себе. До тех пор уменьшите громкость богомола! Не заставляйте меня использовать мои цепи Anima Sola и прикреплять вас к стене.” Samael paused as he took a breath, to calm himself. Closing his eyes and tilting his head up, he lifted his left hand off of the desk. “Я не плохой парень; Тем не менее, я предпочитаю слышать, как я думаю.” Samael finished as he re-opened his eyes and turned to Mantis. “Got all that?” Samael asked him as that hand’s palm sparked orange a bit.

Marcel decided to go into their conversation. “That means he prefers to not have you like, be so noisy next to his ear. He’s not actually a bad guy, he just wants to hear his thoughts. He did mention one of his abilities though. Not very well hidden might I add.” Marcel explained as he knew that at this point, anything goes.
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Bean looked over at Samael. He glanced to Mantis, who looked confused. He obviously didn’t understand. Bean glared at the boy a moment. Then, he decided to respond back in the same language. “Отложите немного, не так ли? Во-первых, ты знаешь, что он, вероятно, не поймет, если ты начнешь разглагольствовать по-русски, а во-вторых, он взволнован. Не могу винить ребенка, они не выходят слишком много. И я предупрежу вас сейчас, если вы осмелитесь применить к ним любую силу, которая может причинить вред, я без колебаний обнаружу, в чем ваша слабость, и применю против вас так, что вы пожалеете, что родились.” He said lowly. His Russian was pretty rusty, he only lived there a couple years, but he hoped he conveyed the general idea. “Cielos, ya me pone de los nervios.” He muttered to himself in his birth language, looking over to Mantis.

“Hey, bud, I know your excited, but you need to relax a bit, ok? Some people don’t really like when you barrage em with questions.” He reminded the taller, the student nodding. “Oh…sorry Bean…” They apologized, bowing their head a bit. Bean sighed, waving it off. “It’s cool, just try to keep it down a bit.” He looked back to his textbook. Page 187. Ollie finally reached over, setting the book to the correct page.
Mantis looked back to Samael, awaiting some sort of response to his questions, folding with their hands erratically as their foot tapped at a quick pace. It was hard staying quiet, but Bean had asked, so…they wanted to.
Ollie nudged Bean lightly. “I’m guessing whatever you said wasn’t intended to be kind?” He questioned, Bean nodding silently. Ollie sighed. “Don’t escalate things…I know you care about Mantis, I do too, but we don’t need anymore mad at any of us…”


Previously Night's Shadow
Hunter thumbed the side of her iPod to crank the volume up to maximum, then realized it already was as loud as it would go. “Aaaaarghh,” she half-groaned, half-screamed, loud enough for her to hear herself over the music that was currently destroying her eardrums. She slammed her fist into her desk, fully aware that pretty much the entire classroom had probably heard her.

“Sorry,” she muttered to no one in particular, digging a knuckle into the side of her skull as if that would somehow dig the very prominent spirit out of her head. It faded slightly, taken aback by Hunter’s outburst, but its constant needling seemed to have inspired other spirits into growing louder themselves. “I’m fine.” The girl’s eyes flicked to the window, where a concerned-looking bird of prey sat, looking intensely at her through the glass. She glared daggers at the wood on the desk, closing her hand into a fist over the slight wisps of black energy that had started to waft off of her.

The wisps dispelled, to Hunter’s relief— it didn’t seem like she’d be possessed this class period if she could keep this up. With any luck, she’d be able to escape to the woods outside during passing period, let the stupid spirit pass on, and get back to class before the bell. The hawk outside the window cocked its head, then ruffled its feathers and began preening on the sill, still casting watchful glances to Hunter every few seconds. She was glad she had her great-grandfather just a broken windowpane away so she could get out if needed.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Marcel half understood what bean was trying to say. Samael understood all of it. He stifled a little laugh. “A fellow Russian speaker. Been a while since I had seen one. Outside of my bro Marcel. I understand he’s a kid and he gets excited. But excitement can cause someone to bite the dust if they are-“ Samael was cut off by Hunter’s sudden outburst. “Huh. Alright then?” Samael turned back over to Bean. “Now. Where was I? Right. I would know about Excitement causing someone to bite the dust. In my case.” Samael paused as he reached to his eyepatch and lifted it up. Both eyes were shut closed by his eyelids. “My overconfidence made me an easy target for Marcel’s true demon when I was younger.” Samael spoke as he opened his eyes. The left one was a hole into his head. No spare eye, no glass eye, Just cauterized void.

“So that’s why I got upset.” Samael told the trio as he put his eyepatch back on. “I don’t want another person facing the same fate I did all those years ago. Of course, repentance was given from me to Marcel. I cut across his face with my scythes.” Samael explained as Marcel appeared in their peripheral vision, and his X-shaped cut from the roots of his hair to his nose could be seen; eventually, overlapping with his eyes.
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Bean leaned back in his seat, shrugging. “Meh, I know tons of languages at this point. Have to learn to communicate with others if you don’t wanna get killed in new places.” He sighed. He raised an eyebrow at Hunters outburst, Ollie flinching, and Mantis unaffected as usual.

Bean looked over the two students’s scars, his hand momentarily running over his own. “I guess you have a point there. But, this is a mostly safe environment. And with these two, freakin’ em out causes trouble.” He stated. Ollie frowned a bit. “Not true…” He protested. “Olive, half the time when someone speaks to you, you freak out and your power flings whatever’s nearby- And you can’t deny this because you’ve flung ME multiple times.” Bean argued, Ollie scratching the back of his neck nervously.

Bean leaned back again, his attention back on Samael. “I suppose it’s alright then. Just don’t try anything. I got lucky with just one visible scar. All the others are hidden from view, and I’d like to avoid fightin’ ya and gaining another. So just don’t harm Mantis or Olive, and we won’t have an issue.” His eyes went back to the textbook, squinting again.

Mantis only smiled throughout all of this. “Bean is pretty strong, he could fight people easy-! He IS the child of-“ He started, Bean quickly interjecting. “Mantis, we don’t mention that.” “Oh…sorry.”


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael sighed a bit. ‘If only I could show my power. I know that the teacher would probably call me a heretic and sentence me to detention for merely showing my powers in a school. A school that focuses on powers.’ Samael thought to himself as he looked to the trio. “I wish I could show you my power. But unfortunately, I believe it would end up with all of us in detention. I would much rather avoid that outcome.” Samael explained to them as he then looked to Mantis.

But I can describe them. My main ability is to use these articulated scythes for my own combat prowess.” Samael explained as he pointed to his obsidian scythes. “More specifically perform Scythe arts and do many different combat enhancements to them. One of my favorites is my magma scythes, breaking of the Obsidian on them and showing their true heat.” Samael explained to them as he then turned his left hand towards himself.

A few chains began to appear from his palm. They hovered stagnant for a few moments before slowly descending back into his palm. “My anima Sola chains are my second ability. I can use them for combat, or to bind someone in place to get some damage in. I can enhance them with the magma scythes to make them Burning Sola chains.” Samael explained to them as he then had orange appear on some of his vains in his arms.

My last and more powerful ability is my Reaperflame transformation. I access my reaper origins and transform into a burning skull reaper. My two other abilities get extremely buffed.” Samael smiled a bit as he explained his final ability.
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Mantis was quickly excited again, Ollie looked scared, and Bean looked interested. “Oooh! That’s so cool! I bet that comes in handy sometimes, Bean uses physical tools to fight too and I guess I technically do but I don’t like fighting and-“ “Mantis.” Bean quickly spoke up to avoid a rant. “Oh. Sorry.”

Mantis looked to Samael again. “Oh, I forgot we can use powers here! Can I show you? Can I? Can I?” He cheered, looking back at his two buddies. “Show yours too! Cmon!” He pleaded. Bean sighed. “Well, mine ain’t impressive. And Ollie can barely handle his.” Bean pointed out, Mantis pouting. “Cmonnnnn just real quick- I want everyone to see how cool you are-!”

Bean groaned again, Ollie still quiet. “Look, if you wanna show yours off, be my guest. If you don’t break anything, maybe I’ll consider it.” He offered. “Okie dokie! Thank you, Beanie-Boo!” “Never call me that again.” “Sorry.”


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael sighed a less than reassuring sigh. “I wish we could show off our powers. But.” Samael paused as he turned to the front. “He won’t let us. I already know this. I heard from Marcel that if you quote “Don’t control your power” then you end up getting detention.” Samael explained to the trio. “If only he let us actually do introductions. That would be fantastic. No. Instead we place pins on where we’re from. Mine is the red one on Moscow.” Samael told the trio as he stared at the front with a less than pleasant look.
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Mantis frowned a bit. “Awww…I wanted to show off…” He mumbled. “What’s the point of a big fancy superpower School if we can’t use ours?” He asked, Bean shrugging. “I mean, I’m sure there’ll be a time to.” He glanced at Samael. “Doing the pin thing isn’t a total waste, though. Teaches you about your classmates origins, and could show that you share a common location with another.”

Ollie looked at the map. “Moscow, huh? You ever visit there?” He asked the boy next to him. Bean shrugged. “Probably. I can’t remember if that’s where I stayed on my travels, but I’ve seen the place.” He started looking at other pins. “I’ve been to a majority of the pins on there.” He stated. Ollie nodded, going back to his book.

Mantis stayed out of his seat, still wandering the room to look at everything. Bean kept an eye on him, just in case the student would do something that could get him in trouble.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael nodded at some of Mantis’ comments. “Yeah. Like how Marcel and his Brother are also from the same place. That being London.” Samael pointed out as he grabbed a toothpick from his pocket and put it into his mouth. One end of the toothpick sticking out of his mouth. As they left Samael shook his head. “Just let me show off the reaperflame already teach.” Samael spoke under his breath.

Alexis looked to the small group and smiled. “They seem nice. Don’t they Damon?” Alexis asked him as she looked around. “Maybe the smallest is a little ecstatic but, nothing that can’t be undone about it.” Alexis smiled a little reassuring smile.
(@Cmeriwether @Lillipup07 )
Damon had been intrigued when Hunter made their outburst. They seemed in tune with music, which is something that not even his girlfriend knows about him, he can actually play guitar pretty well.

"They seem nice," Damon looked over, "As long as they don't bother me or you too much, we should be great."

Damon was actually calmer than usual, despite having his mood ruined earlier, whoever Bean's dad was, which he didn't know, Damon's dad was a lot scarier, a Blue Greatwyrm by the name of Krillix, one of the most powerful Dragons in the world, and the furthest North a dragon lives from Seattle. He knew it was not the time to explain that.

Cylia looked at Leo, wildshaping back into herself as she opened her notebook, and laid it in front of her.

"Do you have any tricks for note-taking?"

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Mantis spun around. “They’re brothers though, that doesn’t really count…” They mumbled. They looked over at their teacher, nodding. He somehow managed to pick up on his mumbling. “Yeah! Let him show us! Please? I wanna see!” He quickly lost focus again however, their attention falling on Marcel. “What can you do? Did you say that already? What can your brother do? Do you have other family? Are they here? Or did you already say that- I don’t know! I don’t know a lot, that’s why I got sent here-“ “Mantis.”

Mantis looked to Bean again, the boy having to snap him out of another building rant. “Right, right…I know…sorry….” They apologized, Bean sighing. “It’s ok pal, just remember one question at a time…preferably asking one person at a time too-“

Mantis ignored that advice, looking to Samael. “You chew on stick things like that too? Bean does that! But he uses his candy…stickies.” He forgot the same, looking to Ollie and Bean for assistance. “Candy cigarette.” Bean sighed. “Yes! Those! You both speak Russian, you both do that, you guys should be friends! He needs friends. He’s kinda weird.” Mantis continued. Bean sighed. “Mantis, I don’t need ya tryna force people to interact with me. Just let the guy relax. We only just came in minutes ago.”

Ollie simply watched his two friends. He was in the middle for both of em. Taller than Bean but shorter then Mantis, older than Mantis but younger then Bean. So, he often went unnoticed between the two anyway. He preferred that though. He was glad to see Mantis make friends, and even more glad to see Bean talking to another person. But, he still wished he wasn’t here.
Leo chuckled. "Well, when it comes to note taking it. There many ways to do it. It vary toward the person", he said as he grab his notebook. Place the note book on Cylia's table. "Since this is geography. My style of note taking this class. Is put the initial of continent,state or province,lastly cities. It easier for me to study and memorize them.", he said. He chuckled, "I can let you copy after class or try to help you find way to take your note."


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael was confused at first about what Mantis was referring to. “Well, First off. This is a toothpick. Nobody really chews on these, unless they really want splinters but, that’s neither here nor there.” Samael spoke as he then remembered something. “I do appreciate trying to get the teacher to let us show off our power. But I doubt that it would happen.” Samael spoke to Mantis.

Marcel smiled. “My powers eh? Well. I prefer to show them unlike describing them like my friend Samael.” Marcel told Mantis, he knew it would be better to show them his powers. “My brother uses tech as his power, I think he is working on something to improve his tech.” Marcel told Mantis.

Porco turned when his name was mentioned. “I’m not apart of this.” Porco spoke to his brother as he went back to writing notes and finishing what he needed to.
(@Cmeriwether @Lillipup07 )
Mantis only smiled again, looking at Porco quickly. “Ah! You don’t have power that let you attack? That’s just like Bean! He no have power that do damage!” He pointed out. He turned to the smaller. “You could make a lot of friends here!”

Bean rolled his eyes. “Meh. Friends were never my thing.” He waved Mantis off. “You can do all your happy ‘n kind routine stuff, but I’m just not buddy material.” Mantis pouted, crossing his arms. “You are too, you’re just too busy acting like some generic edgelord.” They protested, Bean smiling lightly. “Whatever dude.”

Mantis looked back at the brothers. “I can try to get him to help you improve your tech-thingys! He has a lotta tools and other tech stuff he stored. If I ask him, he’ll probably assist!” They messed with their hair a bit. “I have a pretty cool power if I say so myself! I can manipulate matter and density and stuff! It’s cool! And Ollie over there can use telekinesis, teleportation, and telepathy…but he can’t control it well. Oh, and Bean can crate doors to like, a whole new dimension! But it’s a just a small room. He stores stuff to fight and tinker in there.” Mantis listed off. “Wait, uh…did I say all that already…? I dunno…” He wondered. “D-Don’t worry about it Mantis.” Ollie assured the taller kid. “But did I?” “…Not sure actually.”

Bean just rolled his eyes, pulling a candy cigarette pack out of his pocket and biting down on one, leaning back in his seat and shutting his eyes, disinterested in whatever this lesson was.


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Samael spun the toothpick in his hands and leaned back in his own seat. “It seems we have some similar aspects comrade.” Samael spoke to bean as he put the toothpick back into his mouth. One end of it was sticking out. “We both really don’t care about what this whole lesson is. We just want to get the day done.” Samael explained to Bean as the chains on his outfit rattled as he moved back a bit. “Power introductions when? Me and the boys have something planned.” Samael spoke under his breath as he smiled sharply as he looked to Lucien and Marcel.

Porco was a bit curious about what Mantis was referring to. “No thanks. I don’t rush things. I take my time to make sure they are perfect. I’m working on my own personal project now. Just me, myself, and I.” Porco spoke sharply to Mantis as he went back to taking notes and sketching his new idea.
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Bean nodded a bit, glancing over at Samael. He held the candy cigarette between two fingers, sighing and watching the smoke-like sugar fade into the air before biting down on the candy again. “Honestly, ‘m only here so I don’t get in trouble, and to watch Mantis and Ollie. I’d skip out otherwise.” He admitted, smiling slightly.

Mantis shrugged a bit. “Well, the offer stands! Just cuz you get help doesn’t mean it won’t be perfect.” They stretched a bit, glancing at Bean. “And hey- I can watch myself-“ They protested, Bean raising an eyebrow. “Mhm. Sure bud.”

Mantis walked back over to Bean, flicking him, annoyed slightly. “You’re a butthead.” They muttered, pouting slightly. Bean just shrugged again, leaning back once more and shutting his eyes. “C-Could we just hurry up to whatever’s next…?” Ollie mumbled, Mantis nodding. “Yeah! Powers! Powers!”


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Samael smiled at Bean’s response. “Seems we may get along very well.” Samael commented as he cleared his throat. “The names Petrikov by the way. Samael Petrikov.” Samael told Bean as a small introduction for himself. “My life is a very complicated story. But that is best saved for a later time.” Samael explained to Bean as he looked up to the front with a sharp glare.

Lucien was still quiet during all of this. He tried to make sure to keep quiet to the best of his ability. Due to not knowing that many people, writing down names of people and where they are from was hard for him. Thanks to Marcel, he managed to get some locations down. “So power showcases are rumored next eh?” Lucien turned to the front and waited for the next topic.
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Bean opened a single eye, casting a glance in Samael’s direction. “Ikusaba. Bean Ikusaba. If Mantis didn’t already blabber that out.” He stretched a bit. “Life is also a bit on the complex side in my case. I’d prefer to keep it under wraps. Unless I can’t keep Mantis from spoiling it.” He shut his eye again, electing to go from leaning back in his chair to resting his head in his arms, opening his eyes to look at Mantis again.

Mantis took this chance to grab Bean, lifting him into the air and shaking him excitedly. “You ARE getting along with someone! And everyone thought you couldn’t back in middle school! D’ya think powers are next? If so who’s up first? I wanna see everyone’s but at the same time I wanna show them what I can do or what Ollie or you can do I’m very excited nonetheless what do you think the dorm situations are though I suppose you could just put your room anywhere for a dorm hey what other classes do you think they have here-“ Mantis rambled excitedly, Bean trying to squirm out of his grasp, annoyed. “¡Suéltame, Mantis! ¡Estás provocando otra escena más!”

Mantis tilted his head, confused. “Um…I don’t understand Spanish, but he probably wants you to let him go.” Ollie chimed in. “Oh. Ok!” Mantis nodded, taking the advice literally and releasing Bean, letting the boy drop to the floor. “Mantis not literally-!”

“S’okay, ‘m fine,” Bean stood again. “Well, if one things for sure, Mantis surely has given everyone a first impression of us.” Bean muttered, sliding back into his seat. He gestured to the empty seat next to him, Mantis finally sitting down.


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Lucien put his fingers near his blindfold and shook his head as he sighed. “Bon chagrin. C'est un tas que je préférerais ne pas être là. Ce professeur peut-il simplement se dépêcher de toute façon?” Lucien paused as he catches his breath. “Je veux vraiment montrer ma capacité Swordmaster.” Lucien finished as Marcel tried to comfort his friend.

Samael laughed a little bit. “Мой мой мой! Это такая уникальная среда! Но будет веселее только после того, как жара увеличится на несколько децибел.” Samael commented in Russian as he reached for one of his obsidian scythes.
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Bean dizzily glanced towards Lucien. “They speak French, eh? Meh, no need to comment on it.” He thought to himself. “Seems like he wishes to simply hurry up and show off as well.”

Bean looked back to Samael, smirking a bit. “Well, he’s right that this is a unique little class. I wonder what exactly he could show us.” He thought, ducking away from getting smacked by Mantis, who was squirming and flailing slightly.

“I’m borrrrrred….” Mantis groaned. “W-Well, this class won’t last forever!” Ollie tried to reassure the taller, Mantis pouting. “I wanna do something interesting….” Bean nodded at the comment. “True. There’s no need to drag this lesson on.”
Seemed after the pinning of the map the class had worked to split into private conversations. Zack of course used this chance to relax, his policy on note taking had been "only write down essential information" and thus had his notepad out but only prepared to write when the teacher made emphasis on certain information.

For the moment, his eye trained to others in the class, as if he tried to catch an ear of what had been said.

Zoey in turn focused solely on the teacher as she prepared to jot down anything that was said or shown, as she had a personal policy of there is never a bad time to take notes and she figured anything might help in their studies.

Course, she wished her brother had a policy like this but she had lacked means to force pencil to paper for him.

Her ears picked up on the whispered conversations between others in class. Zoey certainly hoped they were careful as the teacher catching them chat during class might get them in trouble, but she had to focus on herself for now as she jotted down whatever she could.
Mantis began to look out a window, not too keen on note-taking, or reading the textbook. The sky was much more entertaining. They began picking out shapes in the clouds, absent-mindedly tapping their fingers on the desk.

Ollie was taking notes on everything. Writing down where each pin was, everything he could find useful in the textbook, even writing small notes on things that had been said about powers on a separate page. He wouldn’t use the notes on powers though. Those he’d give to Bean. Bean would normally jot down info on powers, but he had been chatting with others. So, Ollie decided to instead.

Bean wasn’t taking notes, nor zoning out like Mantis was. He was sketching. He could see quite a few of his classmates from his seat, so he began to sketch out the room. He drew a rough sketch first, in case anyone would have moved, and he got to work, occasionally glancing at a classmate or up at the teacher to add details to the people in his sketch. Drawing was relaxing to him. Besides, he had taken all the notes and read what he had to.


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Samael wrote notes rather quickly and rather articulated at that. Once he was done, he leaned back in his chair and awaited the next thing that they were going to do. ‘I suppose I should also sketch hero attire. Not like it’ll make a difference. I’m here solely to get my powers honed in and eventually fill the role my father has in Moscow.’ Samael thought to himself as he got a sketchbook out and sketched preliminary designs.
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Mantis wanted to run around and talk to everyone again. He really wanted to just do anything more interesting. But, he couldn’t move without Bean telling him to sit down again.

They glanced at the smaller, who seemed absorbed in his drawing. He slowly tried to slide off his seat, but Bean looked up and grabbed his sleeve, glaring at the student. Mantis pouted, crossing his arms and reading over the page again, Bean returning to his drawing.

Ollie looked at the two, watching how they interacted. Mantis had always been a wild, energetic, and optimistic extrovert. Bean was always the calm, serious, and reserved introvert. He wondered how they got along so well sometimes. He sighed, scoping out the classroom. He should probably make friends later, too…


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Samael’s scythes had some outlines present on them. Showing the many times that the shell was broken. The cracks began to slightly glow orange a bit. ‘Yeah. I know. But we can’t just show them now. This teacher would smite me down with whatever, I assume ancient powers, that he has at his disposal.’ Samael continued to sketch his “Conceptual Hero” costume. Really it was a combination of a potential hero outfit and his new General attire.
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Zoey of course had the ability to hear all this side chatter in class, one of the benefits of her little "incident" had been an increase to her senses so even with her mask on and hoodie raised she had easily picked up discussions of others in class.

Seemed someone had been doodling an image, which Zoey wondered if was wise or not during a lecture, but she had to admit was curious about this "scythe" image...

Zack in turn had doodled what seemed to be a personal tic tack toe game in his notebook, which had been a bit boring by himself as he sighed a bit. He was not the best as sitting around like this as even with his practices in meditation he had not been great at stimulation during what her perceived to be more "dull" aspects of things like school notes.

Am curious how this geography map is supposed to make us "better" heroes...