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Private/Closed Dungeons & Pokémon: Amoria Region

Welcome to the Amoria Region. A long dead region of the ancient Pokémon world You have been knighted by his majesty King Andur IV as recognition for your supreme skills on the field of battle. You and your partner Pokémon have been chosen to defend the kingdom and the world from a terrible darkness that has been awakened from its slumber.


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For many of you it had been over a days journey to answer the kings summons, It was rare enough for the king to reach out to his subjects, let alone with a message of such vague urgency. The throne room is a massive hall with a high vaulted ceiling held by imposing stone statues of powerful pokemon. Ursaring, Rhydon, and Tyranitar in that order towards a red and gold gilded throne seated high above the floor on an ornately carved marble platform. The walls were adorned with beautiful tapestrys featuring armored pokemon and knights on the field of battle. As the last subject entered, a man with long black hair and black leather armor with shining steel gauntlets reaching up to his shoulders. The double wooden doors were closed softly by two Bisharp and the Knights standing around the perimeter of the room snapped to attention.

When King Andur entered the throne room he brought with him an air of regal grace. Wrapped in fine garments of red and white he strode with confidence stopping before his throne. He was an aging man, the lines tracing his face coupled with his silver hair made him look wise but in no way was he a frail man. With a deep bow he met the gaze of the people kneeling before him "Please, stand." Sincerity twinkling in his kind brown eyes
"When I was a young boy, my father told me that a king should never beg" He cleared his throat before continuing "But in a situation like this I am left with no possible alternative. I am grateful to all of you for answering my summons. Each of you is renowned throughout the realm for yours and your partners immense prowess in the field of battle. A great evil has been awakened in my kingdom, and should this kingdom fall, the rest of the world will surely not be far behind."

He waved a hand towards the door he had entered from before continuing "The situation is easier seen than explained.."
Entering from the right was another knight dressed in full plate armor wheeling a large cage onto the floor before the kings platform. Inside the cage was a little pokemon. A charmander " Something is happening to the pokemon in our region... observe"

In its cage the little Pokemon was in a frenzy, its entire body and tail flame were tinted purple and in its eyes only hatred and rage could be seen. Gnawing and slashing at the bars it seemed to have no idea what was happening around it. "Appearance aside, the Shadow Pokemon as we've taken to calling them are significantly more powerful than their counterparts. This one killed two of my knights before we managed to capture it."

The Armored man then interjected "At first we believed them to be Feral, some kind of natural anomaly, but lately they seem to be becoming... organized" He then proceeded to wheel the pokemon back out of the room as the king walked down the stairs before him.

Taking a knee he spoke again "I humbly ask each of you to join my court today, with you as my knights it is possible that we might yet save this world"
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A lone, shining figure stood upon the dock - it's mahogany hair blowing with the wind from the west. The haze about the dark figure seemed to dissipate with the rising sun and a towering man dressed in garments of war was revealed. The light from the blazing Sun reflected off of his metal and silver armor as if it were glass and would surely blind any soul who dare look upon him. Ganastyr was his name - an honorable, middle-aged man from the island of Grindstorth across the sparkling sea. Studying the man deeper, you'd notice a slanted structure arching from his left shoulder some eight feet into the air before ending in a honed point. The object was none other than what some would know as Lucifer's Bane - a mighty Buster Sword told of in legends across the land and sea. It's hulking, steel blade shone with a brilliance not unlike the armor that the warrior who wielded it wore.

Accompanied by the lapping of waves, a huffing sound came from the fog about the figure and a horned smudge was outlined from the light. The beast, a mighty Bouffalant of incredible strength, pulled it's two hundred pound self from the small rowboat that it had arrived in. The boat seemed to pop up from the water in relief as the buffalo-like creature rose to its full height beside his partner. Still looking ahead at the land across the docks, the man shouted,

"Aye, Boofflant. 'Is be a so/rr/y excoose fo/r/ a foockin' dock ef ah eve/r/ saw one! Why, the lan' of Grindstorth has naw /r/ival en it's fineries! A 'hole bay used fo/r/ the ma/r/ina! An' 'at twas' jus' fo/r/ t/r/ade f/r/om the mainlan'! Yer aff yer foockin' heid ef ya' thin' 'is is ma/r/ina! Ainnae nottin' like home, Boofflant! Amoria is a rookle of steamin' jobby if ah eve/r/ saw et!" Bouffalant snorted in agreement after his partner's rant.

"Hoy, we be a comin', Ganasty/r/!" a shout from the fog came. The large pair on the dock turned to glimpse an oncoming vessel through the mist of the morning. A waving figure could be seen from the bow that was crested with a homage to the Pokemon, Braviary,

“‘Ow was yer lookin/ ahead, ‘ere ye’ fannybaws?” the voice came again as the ship materialized from the fog. It was a large vessel crafted from Grindorian hands and crested with their symbol on it’s bow. The white, crested mast flagged away in the wind, pulling them closer to the docks by the moment. Ganastyr smiled widely at the friendly insult through his wooly beard and called back,

“Aye, et was a look, nugget! ‘Is place is a foockin jobby by ‘e looks of it! Naw a p/r/oblem if ‘ou want ta tu/r/n back and ‘ead ‘ome like a sissy!” As the ship drew closer to the dock, an anchor was thrown down into the water with a misty splash. To follow, ropes were dropped onto the dock and a few men scaled down them to fasten them to hooks. Ganastyr lumbered to the ship, armor chinking, and cast his weight against it to slow its speed. Packs were thrown down to the men on the docks as a gangplank appeared from the fog.

“‘Ou /r/eady to ‘et a shake on into toon? ‘E foockin knightin’ has al/r/eady begun!” the voice came again from a chuckling, portly looking man in a similar armor.

“Aye, ‘ou bet ye/r/ cu/r/d. Let’s goh b’fore ‘ese smoothmouthers t/r/y anythin’ gallus!” Ganastyr responded as he picked up a large amount of luggage from the wooden dock to be rested upon the armored back of Bouffalant. The beast simply snorted and began trudging towards the land. Ganastyr took his own three-man’s-share of the luggage and hauled it over his back along with the mighty cleaver-like sword. With a few nods and greetings, the company was off towards the castle that shown in the distance with a radiant grace amongst the kingdom buildings - their minds on the ceremony that they were purposefully late for.
When the ceremony started, a cloaked figure was already within the halls, sneaking around. This figure jumped from shadow to shadow, dodging most of the guards and finds herself in the meeting hall, hiding in the furthest corner from the king. Her freshly-painted face glistens slightly from a lit torch nearby, and she immediately covers her hood over that side of her face, her spiky white hair becoming slightly ruffled. She becomes slightly irritated from her brash decision, but didn't want to be founded when there was such a huge gathering. Whatever it is, it seemed important.

Her purple eyes scanned across the crowd who have attended this meeting and every one of them seem to be just everyday people you'd find on the street, mingled with others who have had experience in wars and such. She finds this so amazing, that she just HAS to figure out what was going on. She moves from behind one pillar to another, her black boots making as little noise as possible.

When she gets into hearing range, she notices that it was just starting. She leaves immediately, sneaking her way out. She was already quite the wanted criminal and didn't want to be caught, but she also wanted her partner to see this gathering, and what the king needed. As soon as she makes it out, she makes a beeline for the forest's edge, needing to get to her partner before the ceremony ends.

As she jumps into a hidden hole, obscured by a nearby tree's roots, she crawls into their hiding spot. She then crawls over to Salazzle, whose sleeping. She curses herself for needing to wake up her partner, but this is important enough to interrupt her from her slumber. She needs to know.

The figure sighs and pokes her partner awake, "Amethyst... Wake up, I need to show you something worth your while."

Amethyst wakes up, and glares at the figure, whom kneels before her. The symbols on her underside glow through her leather armor, and her nostrils flare up.

The figure apologizes profusely, but uses her charismatic, beautiful voice to make her speech seem urgent enough for Amethyst to roll her slitted eyes and begin to crawl after her, the flaming, black wings clip the dirt from overhead, causing some dirt to fall on her scaly, yet smooth scales.

The figure thought to herself: Good... Hopefully Amethyst didn't take too long getting up... Great, Aether, good job... Why are you getting yourself into this mess? Hopefully I get something out of this.

This female thief, now known as Aether, leads her Pokemon towards the castle in a blinding run, but she trips from exhaustion and lands, face first, into a puddle. The puddle was just full of water, but Aether felt disgusted. Amethyst rolled her eyes again and gives her a cloth to wipe off her face. At least nobody has seen her face without the facepaint. On the way there, Aether pushes her hood back behind her head and takes her time to fix her hair and face before she makes it to the castle.

As soon as they make it to the sprawling tower and enter the huge door, and, surprisingly able to enter without the guards stopping them for crimes they "might" have committed in the town, they see a fantastic site ahead of them. They looked past the crowd and found a... Shadow Pokemon? That's what Aether thought the king said. The Charmander definitely looked different. The flame on its tail was of an odd color, for sure. She looks towards Amethyst to see if she's interested, but Amethyst looked appalled from what she was seeing. Her eyes are widened and her jaw drops at the sight of the poor Lizard Pokemon. Her hand covers her mouth in disbelief and she makes a little screech. She even looks like she's going to cry. For such a cruel Pokemon, she is quite sweet towards any lizard-like or salamander-like Pokemon.

She looks towards Aether and immediately wipes her tears away, cursing herself for showing weakness. Aether, looking at the poor Pokemon in that cage, has never felt so much pain for something before. This is the first time, in a long time, that she has ever hung on to every word the king, let alone any person, had to say. Whatever world this is coming to, she wanted to at least make it better... Just to ensure she is able to have more gems after this adventure is over. She pats her partner on the shoulder and side-hugs her. Amethyst was shocked, but hugged back, taking in the sweet embrace she rarely ever gets for the moment.

This presentation made them open their eyes to what was happening in the world. They've been so caught up with their looks and gems that they have yet to see all the bad things that have happened. They are lucky they didn't die from their ignorance. Aether recalls seeing a Pokemon, similar to the Charmander seen before everyone, around their hideout. She begins to worry if the creature is going to make its way into the village at some point.
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The shadows cast by blazing, golden candelabras, high up on the walls and far from the decadent tapestries, flickered and danced along the smooth marble floors of the throne room. The immense hall was abuzz with the soft murmurs of its occupants: well-dressed servants scurried about on some business known only to them; warriors entered one by one, some choosing to congregate together to discuss the possibilities of the royal summons, their sharp steps and rattling armor echoing along the walls; various Pokemon milled about, armored and powerful, many following their human partners while others stood stoically as ushers or royal guards. The early morning meant the sun had not quite yet risen, and as its light was just beginning to breach the horizon the hall was still wreathed in the shadows created by humans, Pokemon, and the enormous carved pillars that stretched high to support the equally gorgeously carved ceiling.

It was against the base of one of the Tyranitar pillars that a young man leaned, the gentle clink of steel bracers against a steel chestplate reaching his ears as he crossed his arms and sighed, his blue-green eyes shining in the firelight. At his side, a large Haxorus was curled into an elegant coil, expansive forest green sides gently rising and falling with each breath, her great axe-like head hidden from outside view; one could have received the impression that the creature was resting, were it not for the occasional dark red eye that lazily peered out at the surrounding area they had both experienced only a handful of times in the past years, but as guests of royal balls or galas. The pair had arrived in the capital again that same morning, the journey from their mountainous, forested home having taken up much of the previous night, yet for the young man to have explained why would have been next to impossible.

Of course, when the royal summons-bearing Swellow had arrived the previous morning, there was no question as to what he was to do. The entire day was spent preparing for his travels and appearance, his father constantly spouting information and instruction already drilled into his head, his sisters hypothesizing what the summons was for, his mother preparing a quick lunch and polishing his armor for him herself. He had come to represent the Kendrick family name, but standing there in that massive hall, surrounded by older, more experienced fighters, some of which he recognized from his father's tales, somehow made him want to both swell with pride and hide himself underneath his Haxorus. The young man had been lost in thought until a gentle growl brought him back to the present: his fingertips were raised to his lips, teeth nibbling away at the skin. He looked down and saw the Haxorus staring at him with a disapproving eye. Curse the dragon for adopting his mother's tendencies to try to break his habits... but she was right. There was no need to be nervous. The king had requested him just as he had these other warriors.

Suddenly, with a resounding thud, the great wooden doors of the throne room were shut and all but the invitees and guards were present, and the boy's heart jumped into his throat. 'It's starting.' His Haxorus rose in one fluid, elegant motion, following his steps as he in turn followed the rest of the knights into a kneeling semicircle around the throne. Dead silence filled the air until it was broken by the sound of steps on the marble floor again, leading up to the gilded throne, and with his head bowed the young warrior could just see the bottom of the king's robes.

"Please, stand," the voice was deep, commanding yet gentle, and as one the audience rose. The king wasted no time in explaining their reason for being there, but as he spoke the young man had to resist from looking to his partner in confusion. The region had been in an era of relative peace for years, surely there couldn't have been such great peril so suddenly? But then he saw it, and his eyes welled with tears; wheeled before them was a caged, frenzied Charmander. The creature looked and behaved feverishly crazed, its bloodshot eyes wide and insane, mouth dripping with foamy saliva and blood as it relentlessly attacked the bars. He could not remember feeling more grateful than when it was taken away. He rested a shaky hand on his Haxorus' side to calm himself, a quick glance towards her showing she had become completely shock-still. They had seen their fair share of brutal battles, as they were often the cause of the brutality, but to see a young and notoriously amiable Pokemon in such a state... something had to be done. Something would be done.

Mason Kendrick and Freya would do all they could to help.
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"The court of the king, what a beautiful sight for sore eyes." Said a figure standing in the corner of the court. This figure was none other than Lance Gearson, a tall young man with a special weapon that is somewhat hard to master. "When was the last time we saw this place Gallade." He asked his partner who just nodded. "Yeah, been too long buddy, too lomg." At that note a pokemon almost entirely engulfed in a purple color was let into the room. "Alright there's our next mission I presume." He said as he walked to another corner of the court.

Lance welded a double edged-double bladed two handed longsword, a weapon that can easily split for the use wit two hands and the use of one part of the blade in each hand. He wore an assassin's leather armor while his Gallade only head a head crest piece made of steel.
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As the king approached Damon he was overcome in an unfamiliar feeling, intimidation. He had never met the man his late Master had served, but he had grown up hearing the stories. The king had never been a man content to watch his realm from the security of his throne room, even as age had touched him, he was know to take to the field alongside his men before this past decade of peace.

"Take a knee Damon Artair" The king spoke with a voice of regal magesty, and Lance Knelt down before the king. As a young Paige, before forsaking the kingdom he had watched this ceremony many times.

"Do you Damon Artair swear to always speak the truth before me"

"Yes your grace"

"Do you swear to show kindness and compassion to any being that needs it, be they man or Pokémon"

"Yes your grace"

"And do you swear never to cower in the face of grave danger"

"Yes your grace"

The king then proceeded to draw his sword, his clothing swishing around the kneeling man as he did, filling the air with the scent of Roserade petals. Grasping his sword, in itself a work of art, silvered steel glistening like glass reflected the colors of the stained windows above dotting the walls with blues and reds as the blade lowered by his face he could see the kings name "Andur IV" written in Unknown Ruins inlaid with gold

"I King Andur the Fourth bestow upon you, Damon Artair, the title of Sir Knight and all the privileges and responsibilities that come with." After a brief pause resting the sword on Damon's other shoulder the king stepped back "Now stand Sir Artair"

Damon stood as the king had bade him. After having taken his place beside King Andur a shadow was cast into the room through the stained behind the throne.

Having stopped in the air, Damon's partner Salamence unfurled its wings spouting dragonfire as it cast its silhouette into the room below.
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It had been a bashful day for Jarvan and Tailio- upon hearing the news about the ceremony. His squadron had gotten sick of the same old food, "I've gotten Chuffed I say!" the man with a blue helmet whimpered. "We are tired of all this racking Corsned!" another yelled. Some of the other Malta's had begun to join in on the rally towards food, "I don't give a bloomin' biggie!" Jarvan shouted back to the men trotting behind him. There was 6 of them, 2 of which had been bootneck's - not part of the Knights 'o' Malta, who we're always "Complaining 'round these here parts" according to Jarvan, that is. The group had rode day and night, with the Tauroses they mounted galloping in synchronization, sending little huffs out their noses. They had taken multiple rests, but not for long - as Jarvan wanted to be thy first one there.


Upon arriving at the grand castle - they stared in awe, as the men started to the gates - "These cobblers have more prestigious looks than we!" one of the soldiers stated. The squadron triumphantly marched into the kings attire - having the gates open for him, the group stomped in unison. Tailio had walked in front with Jarvan, earning the same respect as his master. The two had been the first to enter the vast quarters - looking measly compared to the kingdom, though. The squadron lined up behind him with some of their Pokemon trailing with them. They stomped their feet, then directed their attention towards the king, and listened in on his short speech.

The soldiers stood - without speaking a word, nodding to the kings word. Jarvan attempted to be humble at best, but had to intervene now and then, pitching ideas - when he did so, the fellow nobleman before him frowned. "Dretch is filled in the ravenous beasts eyes! Thy creature is no Pokemon".

He could feel their endowment of hatred upon his words, and he could tell Tailio could sense it as well - seeing he was flinching at the deadly looks they had given. He spurred to a halt in the midst of speaking, so he could let one on the bishops continue voicing his opinion. I feel that I shall heed the warning they're sending me, with all these ghastly stares.... he thought to himself, after awhile, one of the first knights had been appointed. He could see the fear within his eyes, as he knelt before the king himself.

Jarvan, for one, had not been fearful at all. When he had finished the announcement, he called Jarvan to the roughly made kneel. He marched towards it, his glistening armor shimmered in the light, leaving glares of sun whenever somebody gazed upon him.
"Jarvan Thy IV, Earl of Quirlton, righteousness of the 'Knights of Malta", does he standing here speak the most noble word?" the sire boomed.
Jarvan kept his face bold, "Indeed, your majesty," he spoke without moving a muscle, staying in his spot.

"You will show no hate within you towards the fellowman - be that man OR Pokemon." he spoke, even more triumphant than before.

"I shall show no hatred towards those in need."

"And alas, you shall not be thy cowardliness in the field of battle."
as if it had even been a question, the earl nodded, "Certainty not your grace." he replied.

The king a'lay his sword on Jarvan's own shoulder. Quite frankly, it seemed Jarvan's sword was rubbish and grotesque compared to the kings. "I, King Andur the Fourth, appoint you - Jarvan the IV, Earl of Quirlton, Knight of Malta - the alias of Sir within the region." his highness directed him to stand, and he did, then took place beside Andur IV, and drew his blade, holding it up - as all of his squadron did the same. Even his own Pokemon held a little dagger he had stole from his fellow Maltien - and beamed at his owner.

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The company of Grindstorth entered the town of what they would know as “Smoothmouthers” with jolly faces and heavily-laden packs. They trekked as a unit consisted of one mighty Bouffalant and a dozen noble Grindorian men through the slums before the castle walls that rose like mountains above the dilapidated buildings. It was a sight to behold - a dozen, armed and glimmering men walking through the dirt poor sector calling out to folks along the road just to hear them talk in what they thought were dainty voices. A young man of the group called out to one in particular that roused a laugh,

“Aye, ‘ow be yer day a goin’?” he shouted to a hooded man in dirty rags. The angry man was sick of the armored men making fun of his people and yelled a battle cry at the young man. The figure rushed upon the Grindorian like a cobra ready to strike and brandished a jagged blade that would easily slice through flesh. The young man was so surprised that he allowed the hooded figure to stab his steel armor; which made a clinking noise before breaking the weak blade into shards. With a company of laughing men by his side, the young warrior cast the hooded figure aside with a kick and continued towards the wall. Through fits of hardy chuckling, Ganastyr chastised the young warrior,

“Galand, ‘ou cannae be a breakin’ ev’ry boodie’s weapons, ‘ou nugget! ‘Ey need ‘ose to fight far ‘e fallin’ kingdom of jobby!” another chorus of laughter answered Ganastyr’s chastising as the man clapped Galand on the back - who nearly fell over. The company found themselves before the stone walls of the palace gates - guarding the gates were two young men armed with spears. Signaling for the group to stay back, Ganastyr strode up to the men who quickly crossed their spears before the gates. He grinned from beneath his beard, teeth shining a brilliant white,

“Ah be Ganastyr Galadriel the Second ef ‘e Isle Grindstorth. Ah be ‘ere ta serve with my brethren far Amoria! ‘Ou beder ge’ oot of me way b’fore ah rip aff yer boabys and feed ‘em to yer dolls!” he shouted in his deep voice. The men before him stood shivering, not really understanding his speech but still frightened at the hulking man,

“Do ya’ naw ‘ear me shootin’ at ‘ou wallapers? Get’ oot of me way b’fore ah- aw forge’ et. ‘Ese foockin’ smoothmouthers cannae ‘ear a word ah’m talkin’. Excoose me noogets, ah be comin’ tru noe!” he looked back to his men with a shake of his head and a smile. They chuckled softly and shouted words of encouragement to him like,

“‘Ou got em fannybaws! Jus’ ge’ ‘e foockin’ idiots oot of de’ way!” He held up his hands for them to stop speaking and turned back to the guards who now pointed their spears at him. Ganastyr rubbed his gloved hands together, causing his armor pieces to clang against one another like a wind chime. In one quick motion, the spears were snapped in two by his mighty hands and their owners were tossed into the hedges on either side of the entrance like ragdolls.

“Soory, ye’ couldin’ understan’ where ah be comin’ from. Et was ‘e sissy way to cast yer dainteh boodies aside!” With a chuckle from the company around him, Ganastyr gestured for them to walk on once more through the gates of the castle. Friendly banter and loud chuckles echoed across the castle gardens as they walked up the finely chiseled stone steps to the castle that stood high up in the distance.
As the last batch of people entered, Aether and Amethyst had already gained their complete composure. Amethyst took a steely glance to the buffoons, who entered. They must've missed the knightly ceremonies and the Shadow Pokemon... Amethyst so WISHED that she can ruin his pretty little armor with her toxins. Aether found her glaring and elbowed her black, leathery armor covering her shoulder.

She whispers to her Pokemon, oh-so softly, "I know they may make us miffed, but we don't want to get into an argy-bargy about how disrespectful they are. Keep still, and for the love of all things shiny and precious, quit staring at them. They'll notice. We don't want a kerfuffle."

Amethyst, reluctantly, complies and shifts angrily in her spot.
Alerted by the commotion several guards approached the company of foreigners demanding that they "Halt" and "State their business here" The men were modestly dressed and armed sporting leather tunics embroidered with the kingdoms crest The Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh. They were armed with simple Iron Maces. The Six guards now blocked the entrance to the castle.
There was more commotion behind Aether, but she feels like she has to do something about the problem in front of her. She looks on as she sees several people becoming knighted, some of them are not even knights. Then she wonders if a thief like her is bound to become a knight.

Then the inevitable happens: "Æthelflæd Hyll, you may come up to the bishop to be knighted."

Aether has never heard her full name said aloud, and she felt all eyes turn to her. How did that guy get her name? She probably must've been sent an invite and she didn't know. Either way, she thought this was strange that they will be knighting a thief, but she went along with it. She tells Amethyst to stay where she is, or else they'll have problems.

She makes her way up to the bishop, her legs becoming more and more like lead, and each step harder and harder to make. She thought that her good looks can detract from her nervousness, but she has never had this much honor nor this much attention before. She gulps and tries to walk as graceful as she can, but she looks hesitant. She never had this much responsibility before, let one saving an entire continent from the Shadow Pokemon.

"You will show no hate nor malice towards the beings you will serve with - be they man OR Pokemon." he spoke, almost dumbfounded that he's knighting a thief.

Aether struggles, but finally stutters out, "Y-yes, your highness. I-I won't show hate or any kind of malice towards others of which I serve w-with."

The bishop raises an eyebrow and smirks. He finally embarrassed her as he sees her face flush madly from the attention given to her.

"And alas, you shall not be thy cowardliness in the field of battle," he states with a slight grin on his face.

Aether became even more scared. That's all she ever does most of the time. She now realized how much trouble she is getting herself into. She gulps and answers quietly, "N-no, your grace."

The bishop raises an eyebrow to her and she was forced to say it louder, which he then smiles and proceeded to knight her. Her rapier pales in comparison to the sword that is knighting her, and she felt pretty jealous for not having such a specimen. She had to bite back the urges to steal and, once it was over, she walks stiffly back to her Pokemon, who was missing. She sighs and quickly walks back out of the king's throne room to find her partner confronting the man on a Bouffalant. She sighs and runs after her.


Amethyst, while Aether was being knighted, looked back at the commotion she had heard and slithers towards it, finding the biggest man she has ever seen. She crawls on over to the beast of a man and his fluffy companion and smiles devilishly at him. She can hear her partner running after her, but she didn't pay any attention to her. All she wanted was to fight. She couldn't help it. She charged at the man's Bouffalant, but before she can do anything, she felt someone tug harshly on her tail and uses the whips at the end of her tendrils on her back to lash at whoever was keeping her from her angry outburst. She turned, as she heard a yelp and it was her partner. She sighed and walked behind her partner to keep herself from doing any harm.

Aether, who had seen who this guy was from the armor, saw that it was a king, or at least an earl of some other kingdom, and so she kneels down and profusely apologizes for her partner's actions.
As the rowdy bunch of Grindorians walked up the chiseled stone steps to the looming castle ahead, half a dozen guards came to reproach them. Once more, Ganastyr held up his hand for his crew to be silent and walked up to the men who bristled with armor and weapons that paled against his. With a chinking of his armor, the beast of a man slid the massive blade from his shoulder and planted it, point-first, into the stone step on which he stood. Beside him, Bouffalant snorted a puff of condensed air and shook its head tamely - armor clinking loudly.

"Aye, 'at be naw a formool greetin' ken. We be tryna' help yer jobby cause and all 'ou dainteh folk do is ge' yer punders in a bunch!" Ganastyr scoffed at the guards. He gave a sarcastic, yet curt bow to the men, keeping a hand on the hilt of his weapon,

"Ah be Ganastyr Galadriel 'e Second ef 'e Isle Grindstorth of Amoria, an' 'ese be my croo behin' me. Ah goh yer summoons an' noe ah'm 'ere 'ou foockin' bawbags! By Og, ef 'ou dinnae le' me companeh in, we be chargin' through. 'Ou'll be wishin' 'ou be al'eady in hell. Ain' noboody stop a problem like a Grindorian, quines." he exclaimed with extravagant single-hand gestures. Suddenly, a dark lizard-like creature came forth, hissing and steaming from the open doors of the castle hall. Bouffalant huffed loudly and dug it's hoof into the stone - preparing to charge at any given moment. Ganastyr laid a hand upon the beast's armored spine and it seemed to find it's calm, massive presence once more. The warriors behind him bristled with anticipation for a fight. The lizard was pulled back by a white-haired female as Ganastyr shouted,

"An' noe ye' be attackin' us wi' yer foockin' rapters! Aye, greet foockin' hospitality ye go' ovar 'ere in Amoria, by Og ah swear et." the large man spun the blade around and caught it once more with an angry gesture towards the lizard. The girl who had pulled back the lizard took a knee before him and began apologizing profusely,

"Aye, ef ye dinnae geh up, quine, 'eres goon to be a problem! 'E hole lot 'ef 'ou smoothtalkers are numptys!" he shouted at the girl with a glare.
One by one, each of the individuals in the room approached the king and knelt before him, rising soon after as knights of Amoria. Mason could have sworn his heart were to beat straight out of his chest, a rushing sound filling his ears as he started to get-

"May The Honourable Mason Kendrick approach."

The young man took a deep breath and rose, trying to control his breath and the shakiness of his legs. He approached the king and knelt before him, head bowed, but the gentle nudge to his shoulders made him look up. The king was looking at him in the most comfort bestowing way, he felt his nerves settle ever so slightly. The rest became a blur; he responded to the questions of the ceremony accordingly, almost mechanically. It wasn't until he had heard "Rise, Sir Kendrick," that he truly responded, the look of relief on his face as he stood comical enough to bring a chuckle to King Andur.

He fell back in line as the next knight-to-be approached, meeting Freya's eye. For the first time since arriving, he smiled.

The ceremony continued, but Freya's attention had been caught by the massive doors of the throne room for the past few minutes after Mason was knighted. He looked at her curiously but soon understood; the faintest sounds of commotion could be made out through the doors, mostly shouts and laughter, but some clashes of steel against stone now as well. "Maybe it's a guest of some sort," he mumbled softly. The Haxorus just huffed.
"Wait, wait!!" Aether said in a rush with a horrifying look in her eye. "I was invited here, too, like you are. Don't make any brash decisions, Scotsman! Please. She was only angry because she saw your armor, and wanted to melt it. Please, don't hurt her. I'm not from this town, I'm just a raggedy-ol' thief that just got knighted. Don't ask how that works, but please, don't hurt her. After what we just saw in the king's throne room... It is easy for her to think most Pokemon are evil now.... Including those that work with them."

Amethyst huffed and looks away guiltily.
The guards exchanged confused glances among one another as they attempted to discern what this mountain of a man was saying. After the commotion with the Salazzle had passed they cleared out of Ganastyr's way speaking less authoritatively yet with more of a condescending tone "If you're a guest of his Majesty, then try and behave in a way befitting of such... Foreigner"
Aether then took her Pokemon by the hand and began hurriedly walk towards the giant throne room doors. She opened them wide enough for the Bouffalant and his partner and his crew to enter.
Edwin was watching all of these events play out. He was watching the King with awe. He had always wanted to meet him, and was training his whole life for a small chance to be knighted. Now that he had, his dream was fulfilled. He stood with his Aegislash, waiting for more events to happen.
Ganastyr grew angry with all the smoothmouther talk and spoke once more in his prominent voice,

"Ah' dinnae give a foockin' rat aboot yer backstoreh, quine! An' what's a foockin' Scotsman. Ah be a Grindorian from the lan' of Grindsorth. Dinnae give meh such a word when 'ou do not knooe hoo yer talkin' to! Jus' get yer numpty ef a rapter aff 'e me b'fore ah chop it ta two!" The mountain of a man brandished his sword before him, holding the hilt with either hand as the guards stepped aside. He gestured for his crew to go on ahead, still steaming from the encounter. They chuckled and gave snide comments to the girl holding the door and the guards as they passed. Ganastyr was the last to pass the half a dozen guards and he gave them a growl as they spoke,

"Aye, ef ye be a servin' 'e King, ye' beder learn yer manners, nooget. Ef 'ou were back in Grindstorth, ah would 'ave bin quick with 'ou. Foockin' oot ef me way, foreigner!" he responded with a very emphasized “foreigner” back to the guard, thinking it was an insult of some sort in Amoria. As the crew walked into the halls of the castle, they gasped in awe at the architecture and vanities around them. Even Ganastyr himself was impressed with the flaming, golden candelabras high on the walls and the stained-glass that sent beams of color bouncing into the room. The company of Grindstorth gathered behind a roof-supporting, stone Ursaring and murmured to one another in their thick accents that seemed to echo loudly in the chamber no matter how soft they were. Ganastyr, stood amidst them, eyeing the walls and knights with suspicion. The folks were all untrustworthy, just a lot of smoothmouthers to him, and he wanted none of it. The group of Grindorians would wait behind the pillar until not a soul was left in the chamber except themselves, the guards, and the King of Amoria - for that was how Ganastyr thought it should be.
Aether shrugged when they were giving her so much smack-talk. Yea, she did mistake them for Scotsmen from her own kingdom, since their accents were quite similar, but they must've fell on the wrong side of the bed. They are going to learn the hard way, and they are going to find that they all have to work together at some point. She smirks as she imagines his shocked face when he figures out that he has to work with the likes of her. She couldn't help but give a little giggle in front of the men who were giving her snide comments.
The king was engaged in a conversation with a young man, maybe in his early twenties. The man was dressed in black leather wearing to steel save his arms, armored to the shoulder with metal that glistened like glass, while the king was dressed in his royal regalia, similar to the one you had seen on the day your two countries had signed the peace treaty ten years ago.

The king excused himself from the conversation and the black haired man bowed before leaving his lords side, and walking to the Tyranitar statue.

"Welcome to Amoria, Noble Ganastyr of Grindsorth, I pray that the seas were kind to you." The king approached extending a hand of friendship "It pains me to trouble your kingdom with my urgent request, I am sure your lord will troubled by your absence."
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Beams of sunlight had flickered through windows - as Sir Remor trudged passed the hordes of guards and foreigners, it seems that many others had arrived. He didn't actually mind the crowd, as his men had walked in a circle around him - forming some sort of barrier. Tailio had clenched his fist and started to approach some folk, then realized they weren't the people he'd thought they were - and stepped back into formation. When they had arrived near the entrance, he stood there with his men, marched in a line behind him, then stomped their feet upon the ground in unison. While doing so, he overheard a rather odd conversation - as he glanced to his right, he gazed upon a hulking man, who seemed easily 7 feet. His men behind were no exception, they had been rather bigger than usual. He blabbered complete an utter nonsense to a girl. Jarvan shrugged - having met more odd encounter in his life.

Murmurers passed around about the Scotsmen, "I do say - that man there must've been hit by on the pash, as a littel' wee!" one of Jarvan's bootneck's shouted, enough to hear from across the room. Jarvan turned around then looked at his fellow soldier, then grabbed him by his chain mail protecting his neck. "That thy rutterkin will crush you in an instant! That'r I will personally hang ye by ye littel' gromagans!" Jarvan spoke with slurs of spit - the bootneck looked down "Aye, sire." he croaked. Jarvan shook his head at the man then lined back up, not even paying the slightest attention towards the Scotsmen lads.
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Ganastyr walked from out behind the statue as the king approached the stone Ursaring with his graceful movements. The warrior looked at the extended hand of the royal and switched the blade from one shoulder to the next with a heave of his arm. He then passed the hand of Andur and gripped his slim forearm with his leather-gloved hands instead. The Grindorian held on to his forearm, staring into the kings eyes, and spoke,

"Aye, King of 'e Mainland, the seas were nither a problem far such a vessel as she." he said in his most controlled and polite voice, "Yer summons doos nottin' to meh Grindstorth, 'e lord is no dafty wit' his business. The dosen af us doos nottin' to whider ar' armies. Yet, ah must say 'at yer inna rookle of jobby ef ah ev'r saw one."
The king laughed heartily, though it could be seen in his face that it was taking a great deal of effort to understand the mans thick accent.
"I would be most grateful to any assistance you can provide, the nature of our problem is one quite bizarre." The kings face hardens as his voice becomes grave "it's is better seen than heard, please follow me"

The king turned on his heels and proceeded to lead Ganastyr to a room on the side of the throne room where the Shadow Charmander was being held.
With the exit of the king into a side room, followed by the large and boisterous knight, the hall became more lively and less subdued. Chatter rose again, new knights roaming and talking among one another, their posses huddled together along the walls. Mason had waited to see if there was any more to be said, but given the king's leave, he figured it was time to take his leave.

He patted the neck of his Haxorus, Freya rising and following him through the other individuals and past the great doors. They made their way down the hallway that led to the throne room, plodding on thick carpet until their steps met stone once more as they came outside. It took several minutes to reach the castle's main gates, given the estate's expansive size, but eventually the two made it down the innumerable steps that led up to the castle grounds.

"Let's find someplace to eat, yeah?" He directed his question to Freya, who nodded. If there was news of any further instruction, he was sure they'd hear it at any one of the taverns the capital city held given they were often wells of information. The Swanna Inn seemed to be one of the most popular, according to a local, especially among the royal guard, so that's where they headed.
Ganastyr followed the King silently though his armor pieces still clank against each other as he walked. The nearly three hundred pound sword rested on his shoulder - angling upwards like a fin of some sort. The eleven Grindorians and the beast made a point to go after him, but were signaled by a gesture to stay back. Their eyes were full of dismay as Ganastyr trudged into the dark room.

The warrior was met with sounds of snarling and clinking metal. His noise was filled with the smell of ash and blood as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He had moved his sword from his mountainous shoulder when he entered the room and it now was brandished before his chest against the monster in the darkness. A sudden plume of purple flame burst from the gloom and briefly lit up the room to reveal a black and violet lizard-like creature in a cage.

"Hoot is 'is witchcraft, Andur? Ah canni believe me own yaks! Hoot have ye footer'd with ta brin' 'is fate upon yersalf? By Og, The reekbeek creature is jus' beggin' far foockin' hell!" Even the mighty Ganastyr was astonished at the sight of such a beastly creature. He stood in thought, still holding the blade before his chest as if to ward off the evil eminating from the lizard.

The warrior's eyes became cold and he turned to the King,

"Hoot are ya' havin' us to do? Aftar such a war, ah rathar naw help ye at all." he paused to take a look at the creature, "Buh, seems like ye need some Grindstorth men aboot. B'sides, ah goh yer pooched jessies ta thank far gedin 'e honar ef 'e Galadriel famileh. Ye' need us, yer men are eejits and naw beder at fightin' than a rat-arsed Rattata."
With Aether and Amethyst confused as to where to go, they find a large Haxorus and a man walking away. As soon as the commotion in the king's throne room became too loud for them to bear, they stole away towards the larger, more imposing figures. They walk silently behind them due to habit, and are actually hoping they will take notice of them before they reach their destination. Of course, this doesn't always happen, and they usually make some way of being apparent. Hopefully, this man was more approachable than the other one, riding along on his "poofy" throne.

As they walk along, she can see Amethyst staring at the Haxorus. She really likes her own kind. She might be Pokeracist, she thought. She became a little too fit with the giggles and couldn't help but show their presence. At least they can obviously be noticed this time.
The men of Quirlton gathered, and conversed with one and other - sharing ideas about the feral shadow Pokemon. Others came to join the discussion and they all spoke to one another. "I say, I shall take out thy flatchet, and slay the beast's myself!" one Maltien stated. "They mustn't be able to be frushed so easily!" another yelled - as they went back and forth, suggesting rather daring plans. Ponderous if he could see the beast himself, Jarvan looked around to see the king missing. Jarvan tapped a guards shoulder, then kept his back broad and his neck straight as he looked at the soldier. "I say, thy majesty - where is his location?" the guard simply blinked twice, then shrugged. "You're nottin' better than the fopdoodles back at heir!" the Earl shouted. And he made his search for the king - trying to explore as many rooms as he could.


His armor glistened as he approached a side door - supposed where the Pokemon had been taken, and he placed his hand upon it's knob - until a guard had stomped in front of it, hitting his hand away. "Of limits." he blandly stated. "What are ya' saying? The appointed is prohibited?" he shouted - spit flew from his mouth, causing the soldier to wipe the saliva off his helmet-cage. "I assure you, this door-" Jarvan butted in boldly, "Listen you felly of a guard you! I am Earl of thy Quirlton! Nearly appointed Duke, I say!" he was esteemed upon the guards unpleasant statement. "I wish not to start a truffle." the guard had tried to fit in. "What is ye problem then? Yay are actin' like some sort of fleak!" he pronounced loudly - people had directed their attention towards the argument, then gathered around the two.

"Comply to the orders, stand down." the guard had said, a little more weary. "I truly hate to be recalcitrant, I say," Jarvan gestured as if to prod him - then cleared his throat "Head this warnin' I shall give you a littel head start when ya' begin ta run." the guard had a look of confusion, but his question was answered as a Heracross trotted over, not that far behind Jarvan - giving a look of dread and hate towards the guard.

"Now aye, listen here," he spoke, "I'd much rather be drinking some fine hum right'naw." he then cocked his head to the left - telling his soldiers to fade on either side of him, as they slowly walk to the positions. "And I know I promised here that'ill be acting hean and all." he then looked at the man and leaned in, causing the other guards to approach him cautiously. "I will do anything I say - to protect my honor," he whispered in the guards ear. "That is the appointed knight you doof!" the seemingly-head guard stated, "Let thy Maltien pass!" he shouted at the man confronting Jarvan. The Earl simply nodded as he entered the room - followed by his Pokemon. "All that there truffufull for nottin'?" Jarvan said out loud to his Pokemon - as he entered the harshly illuminated room, and then directed his gaze to the two hazy figures within it.
Much like Mason's own town, the streets of the capital were clean, relatively safe, and patrolled, but did not lack character. The ground was paved with stone, and locals and Pokemon of all kinds passed to and fro on personal business, bringing the city to life. During his previous trips to the capital as a child, he was never able to really explore since he was always by his family's side in the castle. Thankfully, that was far from the case now. Following the directions they had received from the kind stranger from earlier, Mason and Freya walked through one of the city's main streets, a nearby open air marketplace offering delicious looking fruit, colorful clothing, even jewelry.

Across the way stood the massive Swanna Inn, it's blue and white paint flaking off the tall wooden structure with age, constant groups of people passing through its doors. Mason stopped, hands resting on his hips as he cocked his head to the side to take in the building. "This is supposed to be one of the best locations to eat," he said to his Haxorus. She just gave him the most deadpan stare in turn. "Do not be that way, it has charm to it. Besides, while we are there we may be able to gain more insight into what is happening with Pokemon..." he trailed off, for Freya had turned her head to stare at something.

"Oh, hello! Good morning!" He greeted, nodding towards the unusual pair that approached. He examined the human's short white hair and dark outfit, and her partner Pokemon, a Salazzle, seemed intrigued with Freya. The Haxorus stooped to be face to face with the other Pokemon, nodding a greeting, while Mason waved at the human. "How can we help you?"
Aether, finally finding someone who isn't going to tear her head completely off, smiled with glee. She waves and finally got the urges to stifle her giggles from her thought, while Amethyst waved her hand and smiled at the large Pokemon, casually chattering with her.

"Hello! Good morning, to you!" She then turns to her Pokemon. "Isn't he just courteous and nice? Nicer than all those other figures inside the castle," she then directs her attention towards the man, who so kindly greeted her. "My name is Aether, the thief who just got knighted.... Funny how that works, but this epidemic must be horrifying enough to instill help in even the most ruthless of people. Anyway," she holds out her hand to shake with his. "We didn't have anywhere else to go, and you two looked the nicest. Plus, your Haxorus is, apparently, the right kind of Pokemon for Amethyst to not immediately start to steam at...." She glares at Amethyst for being so... Herself, she guesses.
Turning the Ganastyr king Andur spoke in a solem tone "what I am to share with you must not leave this room Ganastyr. Ten years ago, nearing the end of the war a knight in my court, Sir Greyson devised the method to create these 'Shadow Pokemon'. He intended to use these creatures to strike the Grindstorth homeland..." The king shook his head and hung it in shame "I called the practice and abomination, and the Sir Greyson a traitor to the crown. Ordering his execution with the hopes of forever sealing away this knowledge. Yet on the day of his execution, when the men were sent to retrieve him from his cell. He had vanished without a trace, along with the relic he had used in the ritual"

The king then Turned to Ganastyr again "If we fail to stop the shadow Pokémon here, Grindstorth will surely suffer a similar fate. With an entire region of Pokémon twisted in such a manner, no kingdom could stand against the shadows."
A calm expression formed upon the warrior's bearded face as he dropped the mighty sword point to the ground. He listened silently, with only a few nods, "mm's" of thought, and "Aye's" throughout the King's lecture. When Andur fell silent, he took a deep breath before speaking,

"Ah be hearin' o' 'is Greyson, dunderhead far a while noe. Naw eh problem on 'e battlefield, buh he's a cannie laddie ef 'ere evar was won." he paused as Andur turned to him once more with his solemn, concerned face, "Ah agree wit 'ou, dafty, yet ah 'ate ta admit et. Grindstorth will naw fall es lon' es ah be aroon 'ere!" his brilliant, sky blue eyes became cold and determined. The warrior gripped the hilt of his sword tighter and inquired the royal before him,

"Hoot doe ya' wan' us ta' doe, dafty? Hoot is yer plan?" he spoke with an earnest voice in his thick accent.
Clearly unable to be spotted, Jarvan listened in to the discussion the two were having. It seems that this will affect all of the kingdoms...even Quirlton.... he murmured to Tailio - who was looking around nervously, as if bothered by the cage within the room. He feared he would be spotted if he stayed much longer, so Jarvan slowly left the room - clunking of armor echoed throughout the chamber as he walked over to the door, then creaked it open. Upon exiting - the same guard from before gave him a cautious glance, with his eyebrows perched. Jarvan narrowed his eyes at the man when he marched over to his group of soldiers - looking weary and filled with hunger. With a seemingly ever-lasting sigh, Jarvan looked at his squadron, "I suppose we can get some crug for ya', just enough with all your acclumsid attitude, I say!" he demanded, "That'n you boys are lookin' bashy!" he added then turned to the entrance, with the beady-eyed soldiers behind him.

Upon arriving in the little municipality, he had noticed it had been quite quaint - it's obviously not as nice as the Quirlton citadel, at least Jarvan thought so. The unit of Malta's asked around for the nearest "Grub-Center" and had been answered with questionable faces. So they had just went into a rather fine looking market - having more inhabitants than the other buildings scattered around them.

His soldiers lined up beside the doors, with their spears spears out - although only some had spears, they had just held their sword within their grasp. Jarvan and Tailio entered the little emporium of fruits, and gazed upon the plentiful amounts of assortments. He'd taken a couple of strawberries, then some corsned, and with the addition of a load of apples. He placed the sacks upon the shelf - where the tender sat. The price had been quite high - assuming he didn't get that much. Although, this is how they afford all of those fancy apparel... he stated to himself, then payed the deal, and marched out of the market, and tossed the bags to his squad. Normally, Tailio would just eat of the trees, and does not require food that much, as he does not need to consume much to function. But they handed the Heracross an apple, then gestured for him to eat. Tailio had given them a little smile, then nibbled on the fruit.

After the fine meal they had eaten, the group of refreshed soldiers marched their way back up to the kingdom, looking ravishing in the distance. "We shall partake in King Andur's urgent quest," Jarvan spoke sternly to his men, "But do remember," he took a bit out of his apple, then looked back up to them. "Our loyalty remains to King Undroit, of Quirlton..." he told his soldiers, and took a final crunch at the apple, then dropped it on the ground - and crushed it with his foot.
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Mildred had been standing in the throne room near a statue of a Rhydon, impatiently tapping her foot while Dusclops stood by her side, grumbling under his breath. Mildred looked over at Dusclops, and smirked a little at her normally cool and collected partner. "By the way yer growlin' over there, I'm guessin' yer about as salty as I am, aintcha?" Dusclops merely grunted in response. This King of theirs had better have a damned good reason for calling them across the country on such short notice. The summons to Armoria's capital had been sudden, and rather poorly timed for the two mercenaries. They had just been employed as bodyguards for a rather wealthy duke, and were merely a month into their contract when the Swellow came swooping through the window right into the noble's bedchambers, requesting him to send the two off immediately. As a result, not only did the duo lose out on a large portion of their promised gold, but the gold they did earn had to be all but completely spent on rations and supplies for the unexpected trek across the region.

When the King had called out the creature, Mildred had to admit that her interest was perked. Never in her travels had she seen anything quite like the feral beast that lay before her eyes. It was clearly unnatural, and frankly disturbing. Though at the same time, she failed to see what all the fuss was about. Yes, the Charmander was clearly afflicted by some sort of disease, and was definitely more aggressive than others of its kind, but any halfway decent warrior could surely handle it, right? Mildred couldn't help but snort when the King mention that the feral Pokémon had killed two of his knights. "Shadow Pokémon" or not, Mildred had seen greater warriors slain at the hands of greater enemies. She whispered to Dusclops as the King began knighting those present. "Two knights struck down by such a wee thing. Says more about the royal guard than the Pokémon, eh mate?" When Dusclops didn't respond, Mildred turned to her partner to see a glowing red light coming from the slit in his helm. That was all Mildred needed to tell that this was a grave matter to her partner. He always did have a bit more compassion than Mildred, though she supposed one of them had to. Her face taking on a grim expression, she turned her gaze toward the room where the Shadow Pokémon had been carried off to. If this was serious to Dusclops, than it was serious to Mildred as well.

Mildred was knocked out of her stupor at the sound of a booming voice calling her name. Silently groaning to herself, Mildred begrudgingly took a knee before king, praying to whatever forces may be that the whole affair would be over soon. The sooner she got out of this throne room, the sooner she could drop by the nearest tavern for some much needed ale.

"Do you swear to bare no hatred toward man or Pokémon from this day onward?"

"Aye, milord. I swear."

"You shall not be thy cowardliness, whether on or off the field of battle."

Mildred scoffed at that within her mind. As if she had any cowardliness to begin with! "Aye, I shant."

King Andur then leaned forward a bit, and gave the last vow with a strong, final tone. "And do you, Sir Harold Langley, swear to speak only the truth before me?"

Mildred shook a bit a the use of her old master's name. It seemed that the jig was up. The king knew. He must have known, else he wouldn't have emphasized the name. But Mildred did not make it this far after stealing her master's title only for it to end here. Taking a deep breath, Mildred gave her answer. "Yes. I, Mildred Langley, swear to never tell a lie before my liege."

Seeming satisfied with her answer, King Andur drew his sword and sealed the vows, laying the blade on each of her shoulders. "I, King Andur IV, grant you, Mildred Langley, the title of Sir Knight." Almost as soon as the king gave the word for her to rise, Mildred took Dusclops by the hand and bolted from the throne room into the town. "Come on mate, I think we both need a drink." Still shaken from their encounter with the Shadow Pokémon, Dusclops nodded in agreement.
"It's a great pleasure to meet you, Miss-..." He hesitated, his mind going over her words. She must have been one of the chosen individuals up at the castle, but Mason had never come across a female knight before. He had no clue what to call her, so he went with a safe title. "Forgive me, Lady Aether. As I said, a pleasure to meet you, but I agree that it is horrible we had to become acquainted under these circumstances," he replied, grasping her hand and giving it a firm shake. He then gestured over his shoulder towards the inn they had been heading towards, but after a swift glance behind him stepped forward just out of the way of a Tauros-pulled cart of wooden barrels, the driver apologizing vehemently as he passed. Mason laughed and rubbed the back of his neck, a blush on his cheeks as Freya rolled her eyes at him. "Apologies, I need to be more aware around here. There is much more commotion here than where I'm from. But anyway..."

"We were not quite certain of what to do, either, after the king left to conduct his business. Freya and I just decided to visit The Swanna Inn for breakfast until we learned of what we are to do next, please feel free to join us if you'd like." He glanced over at their two Pokemon, Freya's great armored shoulders shaking in what was her version of laughter while she interacted with the Salazzle. Whatever the two were communicating about, she was enjoying it. "Thank you, my lady. Your Pokemon is very beautiful herself," he told Aether with a smile, then nodded back to the inn. "Shall we?"
The King led Ganastyr to the an elaborate map of the region "though I trust you know the Realm well from your campaigns..." the king began as he ran his hand along the beautiful silk map, starting in the crescent moon of mountains on the north-most border "the shadow Pokémon seem to be descending from the north, though they have reached three of the of the kingdom four outlaying landholdings. Northshire, Eastmarch, and Westburogh. Most of the kingdoms population is living in those areas as refugees from the Hamlets further north, having been pushed out in the last month by a Shadow War party. The natural first step would be to liberate these areas, it would grant us a foothold to scout and subsequently launch an offensive into the north."
The king then turned from the map back to Ganastyr "The new knights have been selected from the most powerful Warriors this continent has seen, but many of them are just that. Warriors, not soldiers. I ask of you to try your best to lead them, this is not a foe that can be conquered alone. Speak with Sir Damon next, he was The traitor Grayson's Page, he holds hate in his heart over the circumstances of his master's 'execution' but you'll need him as much as any of them if you are to succeed." The king gestured for Ganastyr to return to the throne room before calling after him again "And remember, the others must not know of this,! Especially not the boy!"
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The warrior followed Andur IV to the silk map across the room, picking the mighty sword up with both hands as if it were sheathed at his side. Ganastyr stared at the map with his piercing blue eyes as he dropped the sword's point back into the ground and allowed the eight foot steel object to lean against him. He listened intently to his previous enemy - his mind calculating how easy it would be to strike down the man from his distance. Ganastyr shook himself, armor clanking, and answered the King after his first remark,

"Aye, much foockin' studeh wen' in to ar approach, dafty. Makin' my remembrin' 'e days ah held Eastmarch far me lard! Twas' eh noble toon b'fore ah took it ovar! Ya glainkit bastarts dinnae aven realize et till 'e morn an' we al'eady had ye!" he chuckled at the memories yet went silent as the royal spoke of the north,

"Aye, ya nort is a pure coorse an' awfy cauld up 'ere! Aways expectin' far somtin' to be comin' ben 'ose chankin' brae, ah be." his eyes seemed to cloud as the north mountains of Grindstorth came to mind. At the strategy of the king, his eyes alit with glee and he spoke energetically,

"Noe 'ats how ya doe a Grindorian badle! Prolly pure new far ye ol' dev heid, ah knoe! 'Ose foockin' toons will be ar is en a few daes, naw eejit creature can tell!" he chuckled heartily once more as the King turned to face his hulking form.

"Aye, yer 'ight! Yet wee louns and quenes ar noe warriors, be a lot of jobby ef ye knoe whit ah mean." At the inquiry of leadership, Ganastyr placed a fist over his armored chest and took a knee before the King - resting the sword across his leg,

"Ah be honored ta lead yer jobby. 'Ese noogets won knoe whit clype'd em whin ah'm finish ed wit em!" Ganastyr rose from his knee to look down on the man who gave his final words before gesturing to the throne room.

"Yer laddie will 'ave a talkin' to, yer daftiness! Sir Damoon will come alon' whither he likes it or naw the foockin' nooget! 'E oders won' hear a wee bit from ol' Ganastyr, maw's 'e word!" With a firm clap to Andur's back, Ganastyr left the room with the blade once more resting on his broad shoulder.

The Grindorian lads around the statue perked up at his appearance and called to him through the echoing chamber,

"Haw, Ganastyr! Whit 'ou goat from the kin'. Ye took yer sweet foockin' tiem, we be thinkin' yer goatin' 'e the dirteh from him!" the rambunctious group laughed and greeted the noble man with firm slaps and Grindorian hello's. He grinned,

"Al'ight laddies. Whit yer say toe a crumb ar two?" the crew shouted in agreement and left the chamber with toothy smiles, shining armor, brandished weapons, and still heavy, laden packs.
Aether chuckled at his attempt of making her sound better than what she really is. "Please, call me Aether. I am no lady."

She heard her Pokemon hissing and clucking happily. She realized that she is probably talking about one of their hilarious journeys together when she saw the big, armored dragon laugh heartily.

When the chariot-laden Tauros nearly trampled on her fellow, she laughed. "I agree with you, but I'm more cautious than most. Although, we, as in all thieves, should be more cautious, but I prefer to be fashionably silent. Which usually means not as silent as I should be."

When Mason compliments on her Salazzle's beauty, she beams at him with a wondrous smile on her face. "Why thank you, sir knight," she chuckles before continuing. "She is quite beautiful. I made sure I found the right armor for her, so she is comfortable, and yet gorgeous at the same time. After coming to Amoria from overseas, you are the first person in Amoria to ever compliment on any one of our beauties. I really appreciate that. Nobody around here knows true beauty nowadays. I'm getting ahead of myself. We should rest up in Swanna Inn. Such a quaint place, but you're going to have to buy me drinks... The bartender doesn't like me as much from what happened yesterday..." She chuckles nervously as she scratches the back of her head and looks down at the poorly cobbled ground below her feet. She can see a bit of mud start to cling at her boots, and she sighs heavily.

"Do you, by chance, have a rag or something? Doesn't have to be nice, I'm going to dirty it up anyway. I just need to clean off my boots before I go inside. Even though I'm quite the villain, I don't want to muddy up an Inn. They probably get that enough anyway, and I am DEFINITELY not going into a public, clean place with icky, muddy boots. That would ruin my reputation of being the most fabulous thief in existence."

From that remark, Amethyst burst into a fit of giggles and was on the ground laughing and holding her belly. From this reaction, one could deduce that both of them don't really have much of a reputation here, if at all. The salamander-like Pokemon hissed and screeched loudly, causing some turned heads. Since Aether didn't want to be seen with ugly shoes, she tried to cover her partner's mouth and nervously waves her hand at everyone staring, trying her best to use her partner's body as a shield to hide her embarrassment. She tried to shush Amethyst, but she ended laughing and screeching harder... This is going to be a long day, Aether thought to herself.
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"It sounds to me as though you have not been in the company of those with good taste that, my la- um, Aether," he chuckled, the heel of his boot absentmindedly kicking at the stone-paved street below. He happily nodded at her acceptance of his offer, and patted Freya's side to get her attention so they could head over. He blinked when he caught her comment, head cocked to the side inquisitvely. "Yesterday...?" He repeated slowly, handing his new companion a spare handkerchief from his pocket. Mason smiled watching the thief-turned-knight and her Pokemon interact; they seemed to have a loving and playful relationship, and it reminded him a bit of himself and Freya. Maybe moreso when she was younger and significantly smaller.

Freya huffed softly, trying to catch Amethyst's attention, and turned to lead the group towards the inn. "This is supposed to be a very popular location, I hope we are able to find seats. With any luck we may be able to meet with other new knights, as well," Damian said to the other two over his shoulder, voice a bit raised to be heard over the chatter of the passersby, following his Pokemon across one of the city's many plazas and into the inn.
After Amethyst was done causing a ruckus, Aether ripped the cloth out of Mason's hand due to being rushed from her embarrassment and began to hurriedly clean off her shoes. As soon as she was done, her companions were already at the door to the well-known inn. She took Amethyst by the clawed hand and rushed over to the other two. She remembered about the cloth and saw how disgusting it was. She put the rag over Salazzle's stripe on her tail and waited for her to flare up with beautiful, purple, swaying embers. As soon as Salazzle adjusted her body temperature with the stripe, the embers caught the mud on the rag and dried it almost instantly, also warming the rag a little. Aether brushed off the dirt and made it at least a little more decent. She then pokes the man in front of her on the shoulder plate and hands back the now, slightly clean, warm-ish handkerchief, muttering a thank you, as the playful duo take the lead and enter the inn. As soon as she was about to take the lead, however, she was thinking about stealing the man's pouch of money. She decided against it, since they just met and it would be a bad idea to be on his bad side when they need to help each other, and her hand began softly twitched from stopping herself from doing something she does on a daily basis. She kept walking, hoping that the guy didn't see her trigger fingers.

The inn was spacious, and filled with people from all walks of life. Thieves and farmers on one side, war veterans and pages on the other, loners and the depressed sitting at the bar with nothing else to do in their life, and a storyteller telling kids stories and lore of Amoria by the brick fireplace. Despite the vaulted ceiling for large Pokemon, there are still some that look uncomfortable and annoyed, with their necks craned and contorted to avoid smashing into the room above and to avoid the hanging lamps, while others were left to roam around in the backyard of the inn, away from their masters, since their height exceeded the limit of the homely visage before the four companions. There were tables and seats neatly arranged about the place, and stools for the bar found from across the room from the entrance. Beyond the fireplace is a set of stairs leading to the second floor, where there are rooms for people and Pokemon to rest in, just as long as the Pokemon don't exceed the weight limit. If so, they go outside. The floor and ceiling were made out of aged cherry wood, causing the room to have a nice, homely feel, especially when the walls and stairs were made out of maple. The bar, stools, chairs, and tables were of mahogany make, and the little lamps hanging from the ceiling boards give an embraceful feel to the light in the room. Even though the shadows thrown by the lamps would feel creepy to some, the inn does a great job in making the shadows feel soft and welcoming.

Aether and Amethyst strut their stuff towards the bar. In the darkness not illuminated by the lamps, they could see a door frame leading into the back room, where the bartender has all his wine, beer, ale, mead, and aging scotch in barrels or in bottles in crates, stored away for later consumption. The man before the counter was a middle-aged man, with some stubble across his gruff face, with a dirty apron covering his bulge of a belly that his grey shirt underneath could not. He is also wearing long, leather pants, and black moccasins. Aether eyed the moccasins. She was supposed to steal those the night before, but she failed, and the guy no longer trusts her. The man wasn't paying attention to her at the moment, but in a nice chat with the bloke next to her. His eyes, despite the rest of his body looking unapproachable, were quite the contrary. His grey eyes were calm, even welcoming towards the man he was so interested in talking to. As soon as the man had to leave for more important matters in his life, the bartender looked at Aether, and his eyes became stormy and forbodding.

"What in Arceus' name are you doing here?" the bartender gruffly asks, his voice low and intimidating.

"I didn't come here for anymore trouble, and I actually have money to pay off my drinks," she answered, trying to get this guy off her back.

The man began laughing, and he had to put his hand on his belly to stop it from bouncing so much from the preposterous statement made by the most vain thief he had ever met.

Aether sighed and shook her head. "Look I'm sorry for trying to steal your shoes. They just look so comfy. And I've become more humble now after seeing something at the King's castl-"

The man interrupted her and leaned over the table with his large and hairy arms, his breath stinking of elderberries. "You went... To the king's castle? Did you steal anything? Not like you'll tell me, but-" He stopped as he sees a large, armored beast walking beside a young man, a knight, he deduced. The man sighs, and asks in a low, deep voice. "Are you two knighted by the king to do some awful business?"

"Well, yes..." she mutters and looks over to Mason. She doesn't know if she should tell the large man about their mission. It was at this point that she realized that she didn't know the guy's name, or his Pokemon's. She mentally slaps her forehead for not asking his name. She couldn't remember, for the life of her, what the bishop said his name was. She'll find out sooner or later.
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The duo Mildred and Dusclops had been lounging about, drinking a toast as the end of the Swanna Inn's bar. The place was crowded and noisy, and the sad sacks slumped over the counter next to them reeked of alcohol. To the mercenaries, however, the bustling inn was a nice break from the pompous air of King Andur's throne room. This was just the type of place that they could easily settle into. The two had mostly been minding their own business, save for the occasional spat with a couple of rowdy young men that had clearly had too much to drink, until a rather frail looking lass came in, trying in vain to quiet a Salazzle, probably her companion. Normally such a thing wouldn't earn more than a glance from Mildred, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she had seen the woman somewhere before.

"Ugh, I'm thinkin too much. I dunno 'bout you, mate, but I need another drink." Dusclops turned his head to face Mildred, his eye squinted. The fingers of his left hand prattled on the top of his helm, which he had doffed and placed on the counter next to his now empty pint of ale. He gestured to the gold coins that lay on the counter, waiting to be picked up by the bartender. While the ale was good, it was rather expensive, though that was expected considering this was the capital. Mildred immediately understood what he meant, but shrugged it off with a hearty laugh. "Ha! Don't you worry about the money, mate. This round's comin outta my pocket, not the travel fund." That was good enough for Dusclops, so he gave Mildred the thumbs up to carry on. "Oi, bartender! We got two empty pints that need fillin 'ere!" It seemed that the bartender failed to notice her though. The gruff old man was talking in a hushed voice to that familiar looking lass with the white hair.

Mildred could feel her anger begin to rise, but she tried her best not to cause a scene. It wouldn't do to stir up unnecessary trouble in the capital of all places, especially not while she was still new to the city. Unfortunately, Mildred's version of "trying to keep cool" was simply "don't break anything." She slammed her fist down on the counter and roared across the bar. "You deaf old man?! Quit yappin with yer mistress o'er there, take the gold, and fill the damn pints!"