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Private/Closed Dungeons & Pokémon: Amoria Region

The gruff man took a long-lasting glare toward Aether as he shambled on over to the angry lady. "Sorry, ma'am, but I was just talking with the woman who almost stole my shoes last night." He went to the shelves hanging up on the walls and grabbed a large pitcher filled with beer. He then shambled on over to her pints and filled them up. He then laid his hand out for the money patiently, although one could see that his eyes have gotten stormy again, and looked like he's about to spring into action if there was anymore trouble.

As soon as she gave her money to the bartender, he quickly grabbed her hand with, surprisingly, a lot of force for such a small man, and he growled at her, "You know, I used to be a sellsword like you. You better keep your trap shut in this place, or else you'll be pounded. Those knights and pages over there will rough you up before you even get to say, 'Another pint.' This place is quite the quaint place, but people here, who have been into more trouble than you have and have survived numerous wars, will love to have the chance to spill your blood on my nice wooden floor." The man glared at the woman, his hand under her forearm in a death grip

His Pokemon, a muscular one with canes, that were two pillars of concrete, and about as tall as he is wide, peaked in from the backyard. A Conkeldurr, about 6 feet tall and really heavy, is the reason why he isn't inside. Even though the vaulted ceiling can hold 8 foot-tall critters, the weight of the Pokemon would potentially break the floorboards beneath.

"Even though my Pokemon's most powerful moves wouldn't be able to hit yours'n, it has a few moves up its muscles that allow it to hit spectral beings," he smirked and his teeth are dirty and yellow, his lips literally cracked and begin to bleed. "You even dare touch me or give me more disrespect, I will have my Conkeldurr throw you out, and you won't be able to come in and visit ever again. Do you understand me?" he spat out, glaring at her and holding her arm in his death grip. His Conkeldurr gave her Dusclops a dirty look, as well.
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"Apologies... please excuse us... apologies, coming through..." the mantra was repeated ever so often, the young man stepping around laughing individuals or occasionally ducking under a tray of food or drinks carried by a smiling maiden. This large, cozy room coupled well with the boisterous but comfortable crowd, creating an atmosphere not unlike the one Mason could frequently find back home. Still, he was more than grateful when he and Aether made their way to a relatively empty area between the bar and the sea of tables and patrons they just came through. Freya certainly was relieved, grumbling and making her way over to the nearby wall, almost stepping on a scurrying, frightful Poochyena as she did.

Mason followed her, having seen Aether approach the bartender and engage in very energetic conversation. He was leaning against the wall, eyeing the crowd, but when Aether looked back at him he returned to her side. "Um, hello," he greeted the bartender with a smile. "Pleasure to meet you, sir. My name is Mason Kendrick, and I'm accompanying my fellow knight here. I'm sure that, um..." he faltered, trying to fill in the gaps of what they must have been arguing about. "I'm sure she is sincerely regretful of her actions, and I can assure you it won't happen again, as she is a person of very upstanding character," he said, to the man, and winked at her when the bartender grumbled off to...

"Lady Aether..." he said without thinking, leaning against the bar as his eyes followed the bartender over to a nearby table. A striking woman sat there with an equally striking Dusclops, and yet again the man appeared to be arguing. He tapped his fingers on the wood of the bar, for he couldn't help but think that he had seen that very woman- oh, but of course he knew. "I believe the lady over there was knighted along with us as well, I recognize her and that Dusclops." His pleasant and curious expression dropped to one of annoyance when he saw the way the bartender grabbed the knight's arm, his Conkeldurr intimidating, but no, it was not his place to interfere. After all, the lady was a knight after all, he was sure she needed no one to step in on her behalf.
Aether looked on and smirked at the lady. She chuckled and whispered, her voice low, "I know the bartender very well... He screwed over a few knights that tried to cause him some drunken trouble a few days ago. He punched one and dented his helmet, and his Conkeldurr came in before any of them could react, and slammed his concrete canes on one of the guy's chestplates, caving that one in, too. He was a sellsword. Now he's just a very grumpy, old man with one hell of a swing. His Conkeldurr is pretty old, too, but that his strength ages as well as his looks. Nicer to look at than his partner, I'd say," She chuckled again and keeps looking.

"So, Mason... Have you ever seen a Shadow Pokemon before we saw that poor Charmander?"
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The wind howled like a pack of mightyena, as Jarvan and his peers walked back to castle. "It's gotten quite chilly, even a blonk could get knocked down by this'ol wind." one of them shouted, catching up with the others. "Out with your brangling!" Jarvan spoke chuckling, as the soldier shivered. He'd sent out his Hitmonlee to walk with him, for some strange reason - his team had always desired the comfort of their Pokemon, as did Jarvan.

They entered back into the grand castle, welcomed with frowning faces from the guards - seeming bored with their current station at the door. Jarvan nodded at the guards, then passed them, proceeding to the chamber, holding his hand out to tell his men to stay, and they complied, trotting to both sides of the door. Heracross marched in with him, and lured behind Jarvan, frightened of the corrupted Pokemon within the room.

"Lord Undur?" Jarvan called, peering around the little corner.

The Heracross began to growl and arch his voice, staring at the Pokemon. Tailio approached it, horn ready to lunge.
Mildred wasn't impressed by the old man's threats. She had seen many of his kind before, and has had twice her fill of barfights. She could shrug all that off. Hell, she could even let go of the fact that this guy pinned her arm down. But something this man had said irked Mildred to her core. And just for that, she was gonna let him have it.

"Ooooh, what's this eh? You're gonna sic that big, scary lug out there on us? Now look 'ere, you old bloke. If you think you're scarin us, you be sorely mistaken. I don't care how many wars you've fought in, cuz any dumb bloke can order someone else to fight their battles." She chuckled when the bartender smirked, showing off his yellowed teeth and cracked lips. "Look at ye! All it takes is a grin to make ya bleed! Either of us could just punch ya, and you'd be too busy cryin o'er it to call the big lug there for help."

Slamming her other arm down on the counter, she looked the small man dead in the eye with a gaze of pure, unadulterated disgust. "You're no warrior, old man. Anyone who calls their partner "it" isn't worthy of the title." Mustering some of her strength, Mildred pulled her arm out from the bartender's iron grip. "Luckily for you, I'm a knight, so I'm under a bloody oath not to harm lil shites like yerself, lest ye want to throw the first punch. So ya got two options 'ere. One, ya shaddup, take and the damned gold. Hell, keep the drinks and we'll be on our merry way. Or two, ya pick a fight, the big lug breaks the place getting inside, and maybe you'll make the ceiling high enough to fit yer own damn partner!" With her free hand, Mildred grabbed the handle of the flail that hung from her waist, while Dusclops had already donned his helmet, prepared to fight, but silently hoping that they wouldn't have to.
All of a sudden, the bartender let go, and made a hearty little laugh. In fact, he bellowed and he had to hold his plumpness down with his hand again. Conkeldurr, looking confused, shrugged, and walked back outside. The bartender took the money, with his eyes going back to their nice, grey calmness, and walked back to the bar like nothing ever happened. He walked back and put the money somewhere, where nobody could see, and got to making more drinks for more people.

Aether, who was just as surprised and confused as his partner, raised her eyebrow and wondered what the hell this guy was on? He had a full mood swing going on, and she couldn't understand why. Her Salazzle huffed in amusement and rested her scaly head on the bar, content in the quaintness of this place and completely ignored what just went down.

Aether then asked the bartender, "What was that about?"

"What?" the man asked. His tone marked that he was just as confused as she was, but from her asking what happened.

Aether replied, "From what you almost did to her. Do you even remember?"

The man made a hearty laugh and smiled greatly. "What do you mean 'what I almost did to her'? 'Course I don't remember, I'd never hurt anybody in my life."

Aether wondered what the hell this guy was saying, and then she remembered why. She began to daydream a little, going back to that night.

Aether was creeping along the cherry wood floor, trying her hardest to keep silent. She found her mark, the bed where the bartender laid. She was about to steal his shoes from the bedside, until a piece of paper caught her eye. She normally wouldn't bother with such trivialities, but this one seemed off. It had the king's stamp on it, signifying that he was fit to go back out into the world. She took the paper gingerly and looked over it, the darkness in the room making it difficult to read. She saw some moonlight coming in from the window, so she silently creeped to the light, wanting to know why he had to be approved to be a bartender. She finally was able to read the writing after settling underneath the moonlight, and, in dark ink writing, it states that he was in a war and had to go into counseling. She saw the condition he had, but she didn't know what it meant. "War had broken him. Sent to counseling to remedie damages. Won't be the same," the scribbles and notes said. Strange, she never really was into medical "voodoo" before, but this sounded dangerous. She quietly put it back on the table and attempted to take the shoes, but one misstep caused the floorboards to creak, and the bartender immediately woke up. Aether freaked out and ran out of the room in a slight panic, jumping through the window from the bottom of the steps and landed into a bush 12 feet below the window. She then ran off to find her Pokemon to tell her that her shoe hunting was unsuccessful.

Amethyst wakes her up from her reverie and Aether looked around to see if anything has changed. Didn't look like anything, yet, except the bartender was in the backroom, refilling his pitcher. She sighed and played with the knots in the bar.
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Mason watched the conversation flow between the bartender and his friend, almost totally bewildered. To be honest, a part of him had been hoping to see the older man get his comeuppance; even Freya looked up from the window she had been peering out of. He waited patiently until the two finished their talk, and after the bartender had gone to refill his pitcher of... Mason wasn't sure what it was, exactly. Ale of some sort? Mead? Cider?

Regardless, he nudged Aether so she'd follow him, and slowly made his way over to the rustled up knight and her Dusclops. "Um, forgive me, my lady," he spoke to her, bowing his head in respect to her and her partner. "Would it be permissible for me to ask how you are doing? I could not help but notice that you were knighted earlier this morning, as well correct?"
Aether, who was trying to figure out what those scribbles meant, followed Mason without a second thought. Amethyst followed suit, slithering her long tail along the ground. Aether, without even realizing Mason had said anything, asked, "Do you guys know what happens to a soldier during war or times of stress? How can war break someone? And have you guys seen a Shadow Pokemon before we saw that Charmander in the king's throne room?"

Amethyst wondered for a bit before she remembered meeting an odd Pokemon when her and Aether were on their own little adventure. She hissed at the memory and walked back to Freya, wanting to chat with her a little more.
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Damon left the castle, shaking his head. He had no love for the king, but Amoria was still his home. He had a duty to defend it and yet a great conflict was brewing in his soul, the same overwhelming feeling as when he had forsaken the kingdom seven years ago. How had the king found him anyways, he'd been living under an alias in Southmoor for nearly three years undisturbed. In the courtyard the freshly knighted youth held his palm towards the sky signaling for Salamence to land, soon after the mighty dragon touched down softly behind him affectionately wrapping its neck around the trainer.

Damon had one leg on the back of his partner when a fleet of couriers appeared from the castle, each of them carrying a scroll stamped with the kings seal. All but one raced past Damon, presumably to find the other knights. The one who stopped dropped to a knee before Salamence who grunted and narrowed his eyes at the man. " Sir Artair, Orders from the king" Damon grimaced as he snatched the scroll and placed a hand on Salamence's neck signaling for the dragon to take off, who with one mighty wing beat took to the skies, knocking the courier on his ass. once in the sky Damon turned around laying down on Salamence who was sailing smoothly through the air. He pulled the unrolled the scroll and held it firmly as not to lose it to the wind it read.
"By orders of the king, the knights of the court are to depart immediately."

"Sir Kendrick and Lady Hyll are to report to the Duke's Manor in Westburogh, to assist the fortification against shadow pokemon."

"Lord Ganastyr, Sir Artair, and Lady Langley are to investigate the town of Northshire, which lost contact with the castle one week ago."

"Sirs Remor and Krelik are charged with assisting Duchess Ethelbert of Eastmarch in the capture of Shadow Pokemon, for experimentation"

Damon released the scroll into the wind watching it sail in Salamence's jet-stream for a moment before gliding down to the city below "Suppose we should find the others then.." The young man sighed when he spoke to his Pokemon who began scanning the ground below for the Lady and her Dusclops.
The group of rowdy Grindorians made their way down the chiseled, stone steps that lead up to the magnificent castle. Their trek was accompanied by light conversation about the homeland or of what Ganastyr saw in the closed room. Due to his oath of silence, Ganastyr merely told the slightest bits of detail,

"Oi, 'e kin' goat a wee raptar up in a cage! The foockin' nooget was aff 'is head! Nevar seen any'ting like 'e bastart!" As they walked down the final steps, the wind started to pick up greatly. Armor clashing, packs whipping, and hair flowing- the crew was like a boisterous wind chime as they walked into the town below the castle. Their eyes became the windows for their stomachs as they peered at the carts and shops along the poorly cobbled road. Yet, their nose's were the first to catch the sweet aroma of freshly sliced meat. Mouths watering, the crew followed their sniffers to a butcher shop on the main road. Bouffalant merely followed the group with a snort, not interested in the meal but inclined to stick around.

"Whit here, fannybaws! Ah'll goat ye a few crumbs af 'at meat!" Ganastyr called to his men before stepping into the open-air butchery. The round man clad in an apron behind the counter looked up from his chopping to see the shining Ganastyr before him. He gulped with panic and addressed the man quickly,

"How can I help ya, sir?" his voice had risen a few octaves in his state of fear. The butcher had never been busted by the kingdom, but he'd heard stories about what the guard would do if you disobeyed the laws. He thought that this large man had come to wring him out for doing something awful, yet he couldn't tell you what for.

Ganastyr stuck his blade into the stone floor and caught the butcher's eyes with his own before speaking in a jolly voice,

"Aye, ye can 'elp me al'ight. Ah goat deed hungreh men 'at need ta fill 'eir geggy's! Hoot doe ya goat far me?" With a yelp of fear, the butcher began nodding hysterically as he ran to the back room for some meats. He had never heard the accent before, but foreigners scared him even more than guards did. Ganastyr leaned against his blade as he waited,

"'Ese smoothmouthers are foockin' eejits." he murmured as the butcher placed a wrapped parcel on the counter and then disappeared once more. The warrior inhaled deeply to take in the smells of the meats as the butcher reappeared once more with another parcel. At the sound of the inhale, the butcher thought that the man was getting angry. He hurried up his trotting from cellar to counter and achieved two more trips laden with heavy meat before being stopped by the man.

"Hoot are 'ou doon, 'ere numpty? Ye soun' like yer havin' a rough tiem with 'ose meats. Stop yer squealin laddie or do ye need some halp?" Ganastyr seemed utterly confused by the hysterical man that wouldn't stop screeching and letting loose high squeal of fear. The butcher stopped in his tracks and turned to the warrior, not meeting his eyes,

"Uh-uh no sir. I-uh, no charge!" he held up his hands in defeat, though there was never anything to be defeated of. Ganastyr chuckled to himself as the butcher ran for another slab of meat,

"Awfy kiend, ef 'ou, dafty! Ah thoot 'ou was aff yer head far a mooment ye foockin' numpty!" he found himself in another fit of chuckling as the butcher slammed another slab of meat onto the counter with an "oof". The butcher seemed mightily warn out and gestured for the man to go,

"Please, don hurt me! Take it all!" he shouted as he threw his hands up again. Ganastyr nodded in acceptance and grabbed the half dozen slabs of meat with ease. He held the meats tucked into his armpit and gestured with his sword towards the man before setting it on his broad shoulder.

"Yer awfy, kiend laddie! 'Ave yer self eh awright day!" The warrior walked away from the counter as the hysterical butcher sank to the floor and curled up into a ball. A cheer arose from the streets as the Grindorians found their meal in the hand of Ganastyr. They all questioned him in their foreign accents and he answered with a chuckle,

"Aye, noe charge on 'is meat! 'At lad is a troo jessie ef ah evar saw won, 'ough!" The crew answered with a chuckle as they carried the meats, their weapons, the packs, and the luggage out of town and to a suitable location to cook their meal.
While further investigating the ravenous Shadow Pokemon, a guard of sorts had approached him, taking a knee he bowed his head - holding a scroll. "What do you desire, then?" Jarvan spoke bluntly, and had grabbed the scroll, ponderous of its contents. "Orders from the king, Sir Remor." the courier said quietly, then had bowed, proceeding out the door.

Jarvan scanned his eyes through the scroll, nodding as he read. "What a bother, I must travel to Eastmarch?" he sighed glumly. "Very well, aye will gather mey' troops, then!" he glanced at his fellow knight that will be accompanying him. "Sir...Krelik..?" he mumbled to himself questionably. Although he will be kind to his other kin, but he will certainly not wait for anyone. "Aye suppose he'll just afta' find me there, en!" he exclaimed to Tailio, then stomped out of the chamber once more, and rallied his men.

The squadron had gathered all of their food, and loaded all of their roughly made packs, then started to the stables - were their Tauros were held.

One of his soldiers walked up beside Jarvan as they marched to the stables, "Do ya' think this 'Ethelbert' will be expectin' us?" he asked. "Nottins' fer certain, but I suppose she OR he musta' been notified," he stated, then looked back at the map he'd been holding. "Eastmarch..." Jarvan mumbled, as he gazed at the town upon the sheet. They had finally arrived to the stables, and grimaced at the sight of the Tauros being held in the confined spaces. The group placed their stuff upon the Pokemon's backs, then slowly led them to a clear, and rode them out of the castle, giving one last glance at the citadel, wondering if it would be their last.

(This symbol simply states that it is after all of the events that transpire until night)

The team had to take multiple breaks not long after they left, the Tauros they rode had been a little more weary than usual, so they had to be cautious of how much they could carry. It was nearing night, so they had decided to start a campfire, and set up their bed rolls - preparing for the night. Jarvan gazed in the distance, the kingdom was glowing with lights, resting atop a small hill. Nightfall came quickly, and the group had sung jolly old songs - to get their minds off of the shadow Pokemon, that lurk through the realm.
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Amethyst, who was amiably chatting with Freya, heard a commotion at the front of the Inn. She strutted through the Inn and headed outside, only to find a fellow laying on the ground with people laughing at him from nearby. Amethyst scoffed at the fools who dare try to hurt someone, whose only doing their job. She gets rediculed by people all the time for stealing and she's not bothered by it, and yet, seeing the man in front of her, clad in what looks to be the king's royal couriers which were dirtied up, made her feel almost as humble as when she saw that Charmander. She cocked her head and looked at the men nearest to the Inn wall, still laughing their asses off. Amethyst, being the deviously cruel one she is, silently swaggered up to them, looking them up and down as if she were one of those women that sleeps around.

"Hey, this Pokemon thinks she's a mistress!" roared one of the guys, teasing her.

Amethyst only smirked and, without them noticing, her stripes on the top and bottom of her tail begin to heat up, causing the mud underneath her tail to dry and crack. She hid this fact by licking her lips at one of them, looking at the man, who teased her in the first place, and looked at him up and down, as if she's interested.

"Hey, we don't get down and dirty with creatures like you. Now scram!" exclaimed the guy, looking confused, but now becoming angry.

Amethyst gets closer as she slowly walks her way up to him. The man must be at least 6 feet tall, but he's a skinny fellow. Even though her species will only ever get up to his waist, she still tries to seduce him, her body letting out a faint, pink mist that enveloped the group of guys before her. This mist, a pheromone, snaked its way up their noses, and caused them to become almost brain dead from the aphrodesiac introduced into their bodies. Several of them, after sniffing it for a second, immediately collapsed, while others held their noses and ran as far away as they can get. The one man that she was aiming for couldn't move. It was almost like she paralyzed him, but only with hormones instead of electricity. As soon as he knelt down - against his will - in front of Amethyst, so that he was head-level with her, her tail flared up in beautiful purple flames and then she smacked his face with a burst of flame from her tail, ending his trance.

The man laid on the muddy ground with a black char mark across his face, where his skin and hair used to be. Amethyst smirked and her claws glowed with a bluish, primal energy as she slashed at the man. The man, who could see his demise if he didn't move, ended up tripping as he was getting up and ran as far as his legs could take him. Amethyst, now relieved that the nuisance was gone, went back to the courier. The man was just laying there in awe, as if this was the first time he had seen such a creature help him. She pointed to his satchel with her claw, filled to the brim with mail. He looked at her finger, then his satchel, and then immediately, as if someone turned on a light switch in his brain, began rummaging around in his bag for the important letters. He pulled several out and went through the names of the people it was addressed to. After awhile of listening to them, Amethyst picked out the ones that were addressed to her partner, her new-found friend, and the weird sellsword. She takes them and began to walk back to the inn, but stopped to give the man a wink before entering.

When she entered, she slithered and weaved about the room, trying to find her partner, when she found them where she left them. She walked up to her partner and awaitted patiently for them to get done talking, with the letters gripped daintily between her claws.
While the humans talked among one another, Freya's eye was caught by her smaller reptilian companion strutting her way outside towards a group of men in flashy royal armor. With great amusement, she watched the Salazzle bring down the men with ease, for whatever reason. Freya didn't really care; no one was injured or killed after all. She narrowed her eyes at the pieces of paper Amethyst carried in her claws when she slithered back into the room, and for the first time that day her voice rose to more than a low rumble.

"Hax," she said clearly and abruptly, deep voice cutting through the clatter and din of the inn's cacophony. "No, I am afraid I have never seen something like this with my own eyes, though I have heard stories..." Mason suddenly jumped, turning back towards her and following what she was looking at. "Freya? What is it...? Oh, hello, Amethyst! Are those for us?"
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Amethyst nodded and stood there, almost impatiently, as she waited for Aether's questions to be answered. Her hands are crossed and she has put most of her weight on one leg.

Aether looked very confused, and really needs her questions answered. Has anyone ever seen a Shadow Pokemon? She knows her and Amethyst have, and what condition does the bartender have...?
Amidst a clearing of the forest trees, one could find a plume of dark smoke and a company of large, yet jolly men around it. In this clearing, the Grindorians had set up camp for their rather large meal of Tauros meat among the trees of the kingdom's surrounding forests. The plume of smoke came from nothing short of a bonfire made solely for the purpose of slowly cooking the delectable meat of the bull-like Pokemon. An individual of the company of a dozen was quite fond of cooking, thus he tended the fire and meats while the eleven sparred, bantered, or told of tales. Ganastyr sat in front of the steadily burning flames along with a trio of chuckling men and toothy smiles. The large man placed his own mighty grin from beneath his beard as he told of the frightened butcher,

"Aye, 'e jessie kep' on puttin' meat on 'e counter; pilin' it 'igh whit 'e stuff. Buh, ah nevar seen whit me own yaks such a scurt laddie!" Another onslaught of hearty laughter escaped from the men around the fire, who occasionally clapped one another on the back. The Grindorian cook looked away from the meat that had begun to smell delightful and blinked his eyes to rid them of the image of the fire. He held his prodding stick high and shouted to the gathered men,

"Oi, 'is meat be pipin' 'ot an' pure magic, ef ah say so! Et's ready to feed a gaggle of awfy starvin' men! Buh, et ainnae a feast whit oot 'e tankard! Et's a night to goat pure plastered, ya fancy a wee swally dinnae ya, Ganastyr?" The sound of joyous, shouting men echoed across the clearing as the Grindorians prepared for their feast. Ganastyr chuckled at the cook who went by Glindol,

"Ah cood tint ten pints of 'e stuff! Let's feed, ya foockin' noogets!" With the shout from Ganastyr, the men began to eat their fills as the sun slowly crept towards the horizon.
Daybreak had been near, when Jarvan awoke - alongside his partner. Although it was rather dark out, he could still make out the scene around him, which was just a peaceful forest. Florescent trees drifted in the breeze; the moon was rested atop a cloud and the men of Quirlton slept beneath with ease. Unfortunately, the fearsome commander could not rest, due to the sight of that horrid image - the Shadow monstrosity that they dare call a Pokemon. So he'd slipped out of his mat upon the ground and trolled along the roughly made trail, sword within his grasp.

Ominous chirps and howls echoed throughout the trees - as Jarvan made his pursuit around the camp. In the midst of the noise surrounding him, a rather horrid screech was heard, leaving fainter sounds behind it. He ran towards the noise; sword in hand, cautious of his steps.

He came to a clearing, where the noise had been at its loudest. Peering into the little patch of land, Jarvan gazed at the scene before him - holding the hilt of his weapon. The hollow yell had been from a Fearow, lying on the hard soil, fidgeting in place. Its eyes were wide, as if it has been possessed, and it had been getting quiet since noticing him.

The Fearow slowly rose, then let out one last astonishing battle cry, piercing his ears, most likely able to be heard from a mile away. It charged towards Jarvan, beak twitching as it went for a horn drill, but as soon as it almost made contact - it had been drawn of by something.

He directed his eyes to a tree looming above him, then noticed Tailio perched upon one of its many branches, snickering at the sight of such a horrendous Pokemon. "Now, stance!" he called to his Pokemon, then held his little brass shield - facing the bird-like Pokemon. With a nod, the Heracross dove towards it, then landed on his two feet - sturdy on his shield. Jarvan thrust him forward, and Tailio held his hand in a fist, drawing power for a hit. The Fearow had tried to lunge away, but Tailio was quick, and he drew close after the avian, attempting to hit it with Brick Break.
Aether sighed and, seeing that the four of them were quiet, she decided to talk about her own experience first. "While Amethyst and I were running around in the woods, trying to get a couple of the guards to stop following us by losing them in the forest, we heard silence. There were no Pokemon around, the air was still, and the guards were creepily silent. We didn't even hear them anymore. Out of curiosity, we went back to find them all... Slaughtered... Horribly maimed. You couldn't tell who they were anymore, since all of their skin and some parts of their bones were strewn all over the place...." Aether shuddered as she went on. Whatever this was also made Amethyst shiver slightly, and they aren't the most timid creatures either. She continued.

"We decided to head back after looting what was left of their bodies, but we couldn't help but feel that someone was watching us... Or something. When we were just about to head back to the nearby town, we heard rustling behind us and a scream of pure agony and hatred... We turned around and it was a.... Lizard or a dragon of sorts... I don't know... It had two heads and blue scaly skin underneath some kind of black material... Did it start with a Z? I think so, all I know is that it evolves into a three-headed beast. Anyway, it screamed at us and charged with surprising speed. Amethyst tried to hit it with a Dragon Claw when her powers of seducing failed, but it shrugged it off like it was nothing... It nearly killed us if we hadn't ran up the trees like a scared Meowth. It waited down there for hours before it decided to leave. We took the chance to head back and we've never gone into that forest in a long time. I'm pretty sure that the monster living there has evolved by now."

Amethyst shivered more and sighed at the thought of the beast evolving. That's definitely what they needed. Aether awaited what the others thought, hoping they'd believe her. She's never been so scared telling a tale of horrors that had happened to her before. This was truly something.
The outcome had been horrific- when Tailio lunged at the corrupted Fearow.

After missing the dive, he'd flown far ahead, crashing his body against the oak tree nearby. The hulking figure had went for a Drill Run on the dazed Heracross- still aching to get up, but just as it lunged towards him, he blurred back to reality- jolting upwards, just dogging the attack.

All of the Fearow's force had collided against the tree, so much that it caused it to crumble, crashing down upon the ravenous Pokemon. Although it did some damage, it only made it's anger peek. "Tailio!" he shouted, "Flee to the trees," he commanded, ducking from the Fearow- as it had blown huge gusts of winds- attempting to free itself from the tree that lay upon it, flapping it's wings furiously.

The Heracross fled to the trees, leaping around, staying above the Fearow, showing only little flashes of blue and white.

Tailio attempted to stay hidden, but the opposing Pokemon was quick, able to intercept all of the incoming attacks. Just one hit... Jarvan wiped the sweat dripping from under his helmet. "Mega Punch, now!" he shouted, grunting from the other attack that was set by the Fearow. Tailio dove towards it, catching it off guard. The Fearow was pounded, wincing at the mere force of the hit. It stumbled, attempting to regain balance, when the brave Heracross went for another hit. "CLOSE COMBAT!" Jarvan whirred at the last second.

Tailio nodded, smashing into the corruption- then leaping back to the tree nearby. The huge Fearow fell, fainted. Tailio swung down landing beside him, pelted with marks of blood and bruises. "You did well," he smiled at his Pokemon. The two head back to their camp, tired from the relentless battle they'd partaken in.

When the hardy group of Maltien's awoke, it was quite late in the morning- so they had to put a move on, and fast. So they trudged through the dense forest, with the Tauros's they mounted, eager to reach their destination.
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