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Favourite Legendary?

My favorite is by far Raikou. Loved it since childhood. Probably due to having gotten from a friend a very cheat Shiny Raikou on White. Yeah it's cheat I know. But he's just so beautiful! And his shiny is my absolutely favorite among all shinies
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I'm definitely a Suicune person, if you couldn't already tell by my profile. Lunala would be a close second for me, I just love it's design. Another one that I like is Virizion. I've had a Virizion named Spiral for as long as I could remember. It was one of my first legendaries and I was overjoyed to have finally caught it.

Others that I like are Ho-oh, Reshiram, Raikou, Dialga, Ghiritina, Yveltal, Cresselia, and Latias. Basically all of them haha. It's hard for me to choose because I personally think that (most of) the legendaries have awesome designs. Oh yes, and I don't know if mythical pokemon are included in this discussion but I do love Arceus. It was my favorite pokemon at one point.
Me to for lunala, it kinda looks Disney villian esque if you get where I’m going.
My favorite legendary is technically mewtwo and silvally cause Nintendo really has to make a Frankenstein Pokémon and silvally and mewtwo is the close’s we can get


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Gonna have to say my favorite Legendary is definitely Reshiram. It looks regal and majestic, but also like it would let you pet it's fluff and bury your face in it's chest when you're sad.
Ah! I cannot decide. They're all so good. At this point, it's probably easier to say what Pokémon I don't like.

If you held my feet to the fire, I would probably say Latias or Raikou.
Koraidon is my favorite!!! He’s just so cool and his shiny is awesome and he’s all scaly and those feather frills on the top of his head are AWESOME
I've always been rather fond of Cresselia and the Lake Trio. As for mythicals, Marshadow is definitely my favorite, it's so cool. I have a plushie of it on my bed somewhere.
Celebi is definitely my favorite. It's an adorable onion fairy that can time travel~"And not just forward, but in that backwards, completely paradoxial way!"