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Favourite Legendary?

Rayquaza of course (look at my avatar). I love rayquaza because he was so strong and have a cool appeareance (just look at his mega form) and it took me a lot of ultra balls to capture him
I've always loved Uxie, it's so adorable and can actually be useful in battle. Victini is a close second due to being just as cute and useful in battle.
Giratina, Dialga, Reshiram, Manaphy, and Celebi are runner ups, too.
I say Solgaleo, because Pokemon Sun is my favorite game ever!

Well, mabye Lunala too because thats another favorite of mine. <.>:\=|:
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I absolutely love Zeraora. I just think it's design is very cool. That said I'm a big XD001 (Will love it if you get that) fan and the OG badass, Mewtwo, will always have a special place in my heart, ever since the first movie. *I cry evry tym*
One of my favourites is Meloetta, because she has a beautiful voice and my favourite voice actress voices her! (In Japanese dub of the anime)

I'd have to say registeel or dialga, super incredible defense stats, really good in battle. , ,,, The history behind both of those legendaries is super cool. Dialga's probably one of my faves because the first pokemon game i played was pokemon diamond(and I got the event draco meteor jirachi!!!! when I first started out, too)... hm maybe I was just destined to love steel types..


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I'd have to say Verizion. Elegant, strong, and useful in battle, it's also from my favorite generation and was one of the first legendaries I ever caught. It also reminds me of one of my characters I've written about - a child that can turn into an enormous buck. I can't resist this Pokemon.
Do ultra beast count? If so than BUZZWOLE!!!! Cause of THE JOJOKES!!!
If it was a normal legendary than i sure do like ma boi Mewtwo cause it reminds me of a certain cat that explodes things...





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Hum... I would probably have to choose Solgaleo, followed closely by Xerneas.
When Xerneas was first revealed, its pretty design secured it a spot as my favorite Legendary for a little while. But Solgaleo is the first one that I truly fell in love with - even before Sun was released. It helps that, kind of like Reshiram and Zekrom before them, Solgaleo and Lunala have a much larger and more impactful role in the Alola games' story compared to the box Legendaries for X/Y (who felt more like an afterthought than key players in X/Y's plot).
My favourite Legendary is probably Xerneas. Not only does it have incredible stats and colour scheme, it is such a wonderful Legendary design. Silent and strong, traveling swiftly through the forest, bringing life to everything ... it's just beautiful.
But, of course, Xerneas is one of the Legendary Pokémon that I've never caught. Imagine my frustration here.
I see no one thaat tagged me... why does it say I was tagged here? Tffff Might as well post

Both Story and Design Wise I'd have to go with both Groudon and Kyogre, its just something about Planetary Origins that hits me... hard

Competitive wise tho I'd have to say... do I even have to say it? Its Rayquaza, like how could it not be Rayquaza?
Oh, cool, thread! My favorite legendary of all time isn’t probably Lugia! Lugia is very special to me because it was one of the first Pokémon I beat any elite four with and was a HUGE asset when fighting Lance!


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Diancie or Mew. Both are so cute! If Mythicals don't count, then probably Tapu Lele - because she inspired one of my OCs.
I'd say Darkrai, but now I'm certain that my favorite legendary is Zekrom for better reasons: Zekrom looks cool, has a unique typing and is the flagship legendary Pokemon of the first Pokemon game I ever played.
my favorite legendary Pokemon based on design: regigigas . Plus this guy is so cool they put not 1, not 2, but 3 G's in his name!

from a lore-wise i gotta pick... you know him, him love him, the number #150 Pokemon Mewtwo. i even saw his movie in theaters.
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I like all of the Pokémon below because I like their designs and sprites.
I can’t pick my overall favourite legendary, so here are my favourite ones from Kanto to Alola
Kanto: Articuno
Johto: Suicune
Hoein: Kyogre
Sinnoh: Palkia
Unova: Zekrom
Kalos: Volcanion
Alola: Solgaleo
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Probably Kyogre or Lunala, i just really like their designs, kyogre looks like a whale or a dolphin which i really like, meanwhile Lunala's typing really caught my eye, it's a psychic/ghost type, something that i thought lunala would be when i saw the pokemon sun and moon legendaries trailer.
My favorite legendary is probably Azelf or Xerneas, but if we are counting mythical Pokemon, Zeraora & Phione win by two very big landslides. Azelf & Phione because they're super cute, Xerneas because I love the concept of healing and giving life. But for Zeraora, I dunno, I guess I just really like... cats..? It's a cat, right? I'm 90% sure it's a tailless cat of some kind. But yeah, that's why I like those four.

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I'm definitely a Suicune person, if you couldn't already tell by my profile. Lunala would be a close second for me, I just love it's design. Another one that I like is Virizion. I've had a Virizion named Spiral for as long as I could remember. It was one of my first legendaries and I was overjoyed to have finally caught it.

Others that I like are Ho-oh, Reshiram, Raikou, Dialga, Ghiritina, Yveltal, Cresselia, and Latias. Basically all of them haha. It's hard for me to choose because I personally think that (most of) the legendaries have awesome designs. Oh yes, and I don't know if mythical pokemon are included in this discussion but I do love Arceus. It was my favorite pokemon at one point.
I would have to say Dialga because I love the creation trio but out of them Dialga is the winner. I do love Lugia because Soul Silver is my favourite game but still Dialga comes out on top.


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Huh... haven't posted here... I thought I had...
Anyways, counting mythicals, then it's Diancie, it's so graceful, regal and pretty~
Otherwise, Virizion, for more or less the same reasons~


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I got a pretty lame answer and that is Rayquaza. Not only was Emerald one of my first games, but Rayquaza was also a boss fight in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and that was by far one of the coolest things I had ever seen in a video game when I was younger. To also mention a generally disliked Pokemon, Thundurus is a personal favorite (and I do not mean the therian forme from black2/white2).


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...It's Victini. Wow, sooo surprising!
And if you're one of those people that don't count mythicals as legendary (which you should btw), Zekrom. Yeah I'm predictable. .-.

And just because I want to give an opinion that isn't blatantly obvious by the fact that I have an obsession over Gen V...
Favorite unpopular legendary is Volcanion. It has a cool design and a really unique typing and I like it even though I've never owned one. :I
Hm.. My favourite legendary would have to be.. Phione! I really like that it was limited edition, and I also find it really cute! I seem to not see many people even know it exists so that’s sort of cool about it too! :D
I love Lugia and Suicune, because they have cool cries)

But my favorite legendary is Reshiram, i love this pokemon because i like 5 gen, he has great cries in my opinion and he just looks cool :3