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Favourite Legendary?

Latias :)
I prefer Latias over Latios because Red>Blue!
I love its design and typing. I think Psychic/Dragon is pure awesomeness.
Like most legendary pokemon, it is a great pokemon for battling
Also I just imagine riding around it flying in the sky to my destinations. :)
Xerneas. It's such an elegant beast, and in my humble opinion the most beautiful pokemon of all. It's very powerful as well, being able to create forests and share eternal life. Though I haven't actually battled with it despite having X, it became my favourite when I first laid eyes on it. I'm also thinking of giving it a prominent role in a pokemon story I'm writing...;)
I think that a lot of legendaries are cool. For example, Mewtwo, Lugia, Rayquaza, Palkia, Deoxys, Landorus, Reshiram, Regigigas, Arceus, Giratina, Dialga, Xerneas, Yveltal, Hoopa (Unbound Form), Zygarde (10%, 50%, Perfect), Darkrai, Genesect, and Cresselia.

Hoopa. It was my first mythical.
I think most Mythical Pokemon are cute. <.>
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I would honestly have to say Yvetal. It is so cool looking, it is beautiful, dark and has a amazing backstory. Oblivian Wing is one of the most useful moves in my playthrough.
my fav has to be a tie (tie ?) between rayquaza because its awsome, latios because it is a beast and reshiram because, because, I just like it a lot OK.
My favorite Legendary Pokemon would probably have to be Palkia. Sinnoh is by far my absolute favorite region, I like its Water/Dragon typing, and I remember having it in my party when I finished my first game. I'll admit to feeling like being overpowered using it, though!

Took me A long time to remember them all....

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Edit by CameronD34: Well ok. Latios is my favourite legendary because it was the first legendary I ever caught. ;D
Me rayquaza becose its so awsome and so badass specialy in mega evolusion and also zygard so badass aswell 100% sorry for some spellings
i like Giratina origin form
My favorite Legendary has to be Celebi or Keldeo. Keldeo is just the kicker, My little Brony... SMASH. You just got smashed by Keldeo! Since i also watch My Little Pony, i really like horse Pokemon. I don't know. Horses are cool animals. Then to Celebi, i mean, its my name, "Celebi For The Win". I can't show my love for this little dude more. Now that i think about it, i actually only like cute Legendary's xD Go home Quaza! :3
Moltres! That one legendary nobody chooses. I transferred a lvl 50 one with no Evs to B/w and devastated everything with it. Also it makes me think of fried chicken
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Yea ur right. Lunaala looks like it could wr3ck a lot
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I would have to say my favorite legendary would be either Latios or Latias. It took me quite some time to catch Latios. The first legendary I caught was Registeel, and that was hard fought even with a level 100 Blaziken.
When I was younger my favorite legendary was, I think, Articuno. Xerneas is probably my favorite right now, though. I just think it looks nice. /shrug

tbh, I've never really used any legendary all that much so the only reason I ever like a legendary is just for the way it looks.

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My favorite legends are a close, and I mean exceedingly close tie between Garintina and Darkrai. Both are amazing in the design catagory, and both do fairly well, battling skill wise, but I would favor Garintina if I had to pick one to fight with.