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Funny Sans Rat

Previously The Bog Hog
Alright, let me set some ground rules now:
-I'll let you have strong characters but don't pull off a 'Thanos with all the infinity stones' or an 'Ultra Instinct Goku' ect.ger Vs Mario' Type of thing is a bit too unstable, so please don't.
-I'd like it if most characters were somewhat evenly sized, I think that having a 'Jaeger
-I'll let you have non-human characters, but they must follow all the rules, this applies to the pokecharms rules and the other rules listed
-I guess I'll let you have OCs, as long as they also adhere to the rules.
-The characters can be from movies, books, games and other things.
-They can be robotic and/or other things like that, but as always, rules are to be followed

Plot: A strange time-warping creature opened rips in dimensions, bringing many fictional characters together, but it also unleashes an ancient evil, darkness itself, the terrifying 'Zeliyis' and his army of darkness. Will these characters team up and defeat, or will they fail and let Zeliyis take control of this universe?

I'd recomend having your first post take place in the original dimension or having them warp to another dimension during the post.

Now, begin posting characters to stop Zeliyis!

Here you go, have the thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/fiction-roleplay.19548/

I'll be taking Ridley, might add another character soon.
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*casually pushes over some information*

Hmm, I suppose I will be taking in my own fan made character that I made for Megaman Battle Network. (Note that battle decks/folders and customization parts will not be included unless if requested from a certain someone.)

Name: He does not exactly have a name, as he is often referred to as Letterman by others.
NetNavi Code: Letterman.EXE / L-33T9
Operator: Olivia Zaloh (Though she will not be present in the RP as a result of an event in the past.)
Hometown: Cyberton City, Netopia
Gender: Male
Age: [Currently unknown, estimated to be around 2 to 8 years.]
Height: 1'10" / 55.88 cm
Weight: 20.70 lbs / 9.39 kg
Appearance: Letterman is a small, sage green, humanoid NetNavi with robotic-like characteristics. He is often seen carrying around a small, mint green ruler that is typically used as a weapon in combat. His fossil gray head is moderately sized in comparison to his body. He has perfectly round, black eyes surrounded by modest, cloud white circles. His nose is consisted of two tiny dots while his small mouth has no teeth whatsoever. His neck has a small, lime green collar marking that encircles it. On his chest lies his emblem, which is consisted of the letter L being in a mellow shading of shamrock green. A small, nightly black circle surrounds the snow white circle that the letter comfortably resides in. His hands and feet are small, as they are both in a light shading of pewter gray.
Personality: Letterman tends to have a calm and humble outlook. He is civil with his manners, and prefers to use complex words when engaged in a formal conversation. However, he can become a bit uneasy when things do not go his way; which often leads him to performing tasks alone whenever possible.
Skills: He has a wide range of vocabulary and has expertise on the field of hacking along with Net Battling.
Love Relations: [None at the moment, though this is subject to change possibly.]
Standard Moves:
  • Letter Cannon: Letterman launches a series of random letters from his buster. The letters may be combined into words to enable the use of other moves. (I.e. Bolt would summon a lightning bolt on a random target and Cover would summon a small forcefield to protect everyone inside the shielded area from incoming attacks.) All remaining letters can either be reserved for later use or simply launched at the target for quick damage.
  • Lexion Lash: Letterman strikes the target with his fine ruler. This move can be charged to inflict more damage at a wider range, at the cost of time and power. Reserved letters can be added onto this move to inflict more damage and/or cause various effects on the target.
Special Moves:
  • Patois Probe: Letterman closely enquires at the target, revealing detailed information on the target’s stats, moves, resistances and weaknesses. If used in the overworld, a small area around Letterman will be inspected to reveal any nearby loot and/or traps.
  • Missive Mine: Letterman summons a hidden trap in the battlefield. If an enemy steps on the trap, the mine briefly reveals itself with a letter, before exploding and damaging everyone caught in the blast. The letter revealed determines the damage dealt to the target.
  • Jargon Smite: Letterman strikes the target with a hard blow, which may cause the target to stagger and/or become confused. Having more reserved letters increases the damage dealt and increasing the chance of added effects.
  • Memorandum (Ultimate): Letterman sets his mind program to overdrive and quickly recalls the most recent moment, allowing him to reuse all battle chips, program advances and moves used from the last turn without expending power.
Name: His name is Polino.
Species: [Currently unknown.]
Hometown: Decadise Valley, Planet Tetriurn
Gender: Male
Age: [Currently unknown, estimated to be around a hundred years old; equivalent to an infant in human age.]
Height: 1'5" / 43.18 cm
Weight: 11.6 lbs / 5.26 kg
Appearance: Polino is a small, extraterrestial being that has a large, cloud white, perfectly circular head that also serves as his body. He has small, beady eyes, a nose that somewhat represents a curve and a small mouth having no teeth whatsoever. He has small, stubby arms on the sides of his head with three fingers on each hand. There is a small ring of colorful polyominos around and below his body that keep him afloat and allow him to float around. The polyominos can be used for various purposes anywhere and any time.
Personality: Polino is described from others to have a cheerful outlook. As a result of being able to speak only in babbling talk, he tends to communicate through the use of his polyominos if time permits. However, he dislikes napping during the day and detests making mistakes on his board when in the field of combat.
Skills: He is an expert at stacking various polyominos of all shapes and sizes to make a diverse range of shapes, and clearing out multiple lines at once. Although he plays more of a support role in combat, he can be an all-arounder if everything is done correctly in a timely and accurate manner.
Love Relations: [None at the moment, though this is subject to change possibly.]
Moves and Abilities:
  • Linear Strike: Polino strikes the target with an I-shaped polyomino at the target. This move is automatically activated when one or more lines are cleared from the board. The amount of lines cleared at once determines the amount of damage the target receives.
  • Chain Clobber: Polino beats the target and hits multiple times with the last polyomino used. This move is automatically activated when lines are cleared in succession on the board to trigger a chain. The bigger the chain, the more damage the target receives.
  • T-Spinarang: Polino throws a T-shaped polyomino at the target. This move is automatically activated when a T-spin single, double, or triple is performed on the board.
  • Offsetting Opposition: When Polino is under an imminent attack, line clears, chains and other moves can be quickly performed to soften incoming damage or even deflected for half damage if Polino’s resistance is strong enough.
  • Constructor: Although Polino may still be a young child, his years of building upon experience led to an expertise in the field of building and polyomino knowledge. The speed of soft and hard drops are somewhat increased, and polyominos can be split into single minos if another polyomino is hard dropped on.
  • Pyrexia Phase (Ultimate): Polino transcends into another dimension for a brief moment, changing the board layout and filling it with easily clearable lines that stack indefinitely if cleared. During this time, Polino is impervious to all attacks and cannot act until the duration expires. After returning back to the battlefield, all enemies will be damaged with a violent, explosive hail of polyominos.
Name: His name is Nil.
Species: Human
Hometown: Lux, Avalon Empire
Gender: Male
Age: Although his age is equivalent of an adult, his physical appearance makes him look like he is only a couple of months old.
Height: 2'2" / 43.18 cm
Weight: 19.8 lbs / 8.98 kg
Appearance: Nil is a small boy that looks mostly like a young toddler. He has pale skin tone, baby blue eyes and a minuscule amount of gray hair can be seen on his head. He wears a brown sweater with long sleeves and a gray skort, along with a deep, crimson red cloak over his clothing. He has on small, leather boots in a light tan shading and is often seen carrying around his midnight black, hibiscus rod with a pale maroon crystal floating an inch from the tip.
Personality: Nil tends to be the mediator when it comes to conflict, since having a split opinion on a matter is not an option in his vision. He is often friendly and outgoing, though he may become somewhat cautious around others if the situation gets out of control. His voice is usually monotone as a result of having no sort of emotions swirling around his mind at almost all moments happening on.
Skills: Nil has the ability of utilizing his peculiar magical properties in the field of combat or in the overworld if the situations calls.
Love Relations: [None at the moment, though this is subject to change possibly.]
Moves and Abilities:
  • Coherence: Nil bestows the party with a logical, consistent wave of energy, restoring a small degree of health and power to all allies, including the user.
  • Damnation: Nil sentences the target to eternal suffering, as the target takes minor magic damage and may be inflicted with a random status effect.
  • Crimson Magic: Mastering the art of Crimson Magic allows Nil to cast spells ranging from a high level of White and Black magic. (Though the base power of spells are somewhat reduced as a result of intense memorization.)
  • Triocaster: Honing upon the art of quick casting grants Nil the ability to cast three spells in succession for a single turn. (The base power of each spell used in succession decreases by 25%.)
  • Precognition: As a result of having high knowledge after encounters of various creatures in combat, Nil is able to identify the target's stats, weaknesses and moves. The information becomes more detailed with more encounters of the same target.
  • Eviscerate (Ultimate): Nil forms a small, crimson sphere and hurls it at the enemy. The orb then violently explodes, dealing massive magic damage to all enemies caught in the blast. If the move's damage exceeds both the target's current and max health, the target cannot be revived in battle until combat is over.
Name: His name is Kaiser.
Species: Neourk / Lil' Shark Pokémon
Age: His age is currently unknown, though he does look awfully young however.
Gender: He is a male.
Type: [type]Water[/type]
Appearance: Kaiser is a quadrupled, blue shark-like Pokémon, as his head to body ratio is slightly large. His eyes are light blue, as there is a curved fin on his head that is parallel to his body. He has a tiny nose with two nostrils, as his mouth is very small. Two small, pointed teeth can be seen when he opens his mouth. His arms and feet are stubby, as his arms lack claws while his feet each have one tiny, gray claw. His gills are located on his neck, while his upper body is mostly a darker shade of aquatic blue. The bottom of his body is sky blue, while his tail is short and tapered.
Clothing: Kaiser wears a tailor-made Wehrmacht dress suited for his body type and small size, as it appears to resemble a tunic-like uniform. The tunic is in a light shade of tan, as the short sleeves cover most of his forearms. The tunic goes down towards the lower area of his chest and underside. Some pins and medallions can be seen, as one of the pins has the hakenkreuz etched onto its golden layering. He has on a small, leathery bag that contains various items for personal use and other purposes. Beyond his tunic uniform, he wears a double-layered garment over his bottom that gives off the impression of what babies typically wear. To avoid the risk of public embarrassment, he wears a black cloth wrap that is snugly wrapped around his bottom to conceal the peculiar garment of his.
Personality: Kaiser is rebellious when it comes to dealing with the authorities, as he often argues with others a lot as a result. He can be a crybaby at times, since he always likes things to go his way. Since he has a desire for perfection in his own ways possible, it often results in him overworking himself to where he would give in more than he should have; even if some people think it is better. His hot-headed nature often lands him with the authorities since he is rather quick to anger, which usually turns into a tantrum if it gets out of hand.
Primary Moves: Linear Slash, Echonic Cry, Rilling Spurt. (Note that Kaiser does not use moves as much in combat.)
Fakemon Creator: Me
Poké Browser Entry: "Be aware, as Neourk usually consider Trainers to be rather untrustworthy in first moments. They are often seen near the mild beaches, as they take short naps by digging small patches on the shore or in shallow waters."
Love Relations: [None at the moment, though unlikely to happen however.]
Other: He wears a golden anklet around his left leg, as it has his name etched on it.
  • Wissenschaft: Kaiser continues to retain and hone upon his knowledge as a scientist back from the war. Kaiser is able to build upon more advanced blueprints to synthesize better improvised weaponry and other items.
  • Chemiker: Focusing primarily on the field of chemistry when it came to the war, Kaiser has advanced knowledge when dealing with all sorts of chemicals and dangerous liquids. Kaiser has increased resistance against the Poisoned and Badly Poisoned status. Additionally, Kaiser can use items in the midst of combat with twice their effectiveness.
  • Kinderstimme: Although Kaiser might have done the worst imaginable to conceal his identity, his infantile voice can sometimes get him out of sticky situations. Kaiser’s speech stat is slightly increased and has an increased chance of successfully bribing others.
  • Kunststück: After being repeatedly picked on for his lack of physical strength, Kaiser decided to learn some tricks and other trades from a shady man from the Allied force. Kaiser’s evasion stat is slightly increased and has a better chance of fleeing from combat. Additionally, Kaiser’s movements generate less sound in times of stealth.
  • Scharfschütze: Kaiser’s times at the firing range during training and practice led to having an expertise with aiming at longer distances and leading on moving targets. The accuracy of moves are increased, and the effective range of moves are significantly increased.
  • Luger P08: A small, semi-automatic pistol patented in the early twentieth century that saw its use with the Axis forces during the harsh wars. It is apparent that professional modifications were made to the firearm to allow ease of use and loading for the baby shark.
  • Mystical Chalk: A thick piece of chalk that looks like any ordinary piece of writing tool, but is packed with a mysterious kind of material. It causes the outline of a twentieth century era weapon or gadget to appear when drawn. (The better the outline, the better the weapon or gadget will perform.)
  • Chemical Beverages: An assortment of mysterious potations that grant different effects upon consumption.
    • Wassheit: A chemically made beverage that tastes like mineral water mixed with various vitamins and nutrients. The user sees an increase in vitality upon consuming this beverage.
    • Leisbrau: A chemically made beverage that tastes like soda commonly found at a fancy restaurant. The user experiences a surge of power upon consuming this beverage.
    • Saftnell: A chemically made beverage that tastes like kid-friendly fruit juice. It is Kaiser’s favorite drink. The user experiences an increase in speed and faster interactions upon consuming this beverage.
    • Bionben: A chemically made beverage that tastes like fermented, non-alcoholic juice. It is Kaiser’s least favorite drink. The user sees a second chance in the event of being defeated in combat upon consuming this beverage; returning to their exact, prior state from the finishing blow.
    • Spürtee: A chemically made beverage that tastes like mellow tea with a hint of sugar. The user experiences a significant reduction of stress and negative emotions upon consuming this beverage.
Moves Information:
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Condition: Cool
Category: Physical
Power: 45
Accuracy: 100%
Power Points: 25
Target: Enemy
Range: Close Quarters Combat
Description: An elementary move that some Pokémon learn by their juvenile years. The user slashes the target in a sequential fashion with their claws or any other sharp parts, which may reduce the target's physical defense by one stage if attacked from the side.
Effects: 50% chance of reducing physical defense, 1x stage if hit from the side.
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Condition: Cute
Category: Status
Power: N/A
Accuracy: Sure Shot
Power Points: 20
Target: Self
Range: N/A
Description: The user lets off a cry that echoes across the battlefield, temporarily increasing the accuracy of moves and granting the effects of Acceleration, slightly increasing speed for five turns. This can also be used in the Overworld to get an awareness of surroundings.
Effects: Increases the accuracy of moves by 25% and bestows Acceleration on the user for five turns.
Acceleration: Increases the Pokémon's speed by 25% for five turns. This stacks with other speed buffs, like having increased speed from using Agility.
Type: [type]Water[/type]
Condition: Beautiful
Category: Special
Power: 25 x 3
Accuracy: 85%
Power Points: 25
Target: Enemy
Range: 15 Meters
Description: The user blasts the target with a series of forceful shots of pressurized water. This can also be used in the Overworld to extinguish fires or get past lava.
Effects: No secondary effects on target.
Name: His name is Alkio.
Species: Human / Dinosaur (Depending on which form he is in.)
Hometown: Primp Town, Nexceria
Gender: Male
Age: He is about thirty months old.
Height (Human Form): 2'6" / 76.20 cm
Height (Raptor Form): 0'8" / 20.32 cm
Weight (Human Form): 28.3 lbs / 12.84 kg
Weight (Raptor Form): 2.4 lbs / 1.09 kg
Appearance (Human Form): Alkio has very short gray hair, black eyes, a small nose and fair skin tone. He has on overalls in a light, tan shading over his turqoise camp shirt and powder blue pants; both of which are short sleeved. He wears small, matching white socks and baby blue shoes. He wears a pendant that consists of the chain being solid, resilent pearls and the bottom part having a star-shaped gem with mystical properties.
Appearance (Raptor Form): Alkio has a small, pale tan, raptor-like body with infantile characteristics. He has a somewhat smaller head in proportion to his body, as he has black eyes, a tiny nose and no teeth at all. His underside is that of a cloud white shading. His arms and legs are stubby, while his tiny hands and feet appear to be lacking any sort of claws or nails. He has a tapered tail with the tip being in a snow white shading. He continues to wear his pendant in his Raptor Form in spite of having on no sort of clothing as a hatchling.
Personality: Alkio tends to have a modest outlook and is outgoing. He is described from his friends from his universe as being little goody shoes, while some others would not hesitate to state something else otherwise. When he is in his Raptor Form, he is usually quiet and mostly to himself as a result of his high, childish voice brewing up numerous harassments in the past.
Skills: Alkio is excelled in both utilizing puyo for his spells and puyo battling. He is also skilled in using a peculiar form of magic.
Love Relations: [None at the moment, though this is subject to change possibly.]
Moves and Abilities:
  • Conjuration Chain: By stacking puyo in a certain pattern to create chains, Alkio is able to battle more effectively. The bigger the chain, the more powerful Alkio's spells become. (Spell Sequence: Astral Ark, Starfall, Stellar Smite, Astrobeam, Celestial Comet)
  • Coloration Clash: Popping multiple types of puyo at once allows Alkio to perform multiple spells at once at the cost of both speed and power. The more puyo are popped, the stronger and quicker the spells are executed in succession.
  • Neutralization: If Alkio is about to receive damage, Alkio has a short window to react against the imminent attack to cushion incoming damage or counter with a random spell for half its power if the chain is strong enough.
  • Follow-up: After learning to keep up the pressure, Alkio is granted a slight increase in attack power for continuing his attack with following chains and/or matches.
  • Rapture (Ultimate): Alkio unleashes the mystical energy contained in his pendant to enter a time of intense joy and pleasure. During this time, Alkio's attack power is significantly increased, as the board layout is changed to allow for long chains to be cleared with minimal effort. (Alkio's ultimate can only be charged by using the Neutralization ability however.)
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Name: Achilles Kitsuno
Title/Nickname/Alias (If any): Variant Fox
Appearance (Unnecessary if a link is provided): When he isn't one of his "Variants" he looks like a red fox with blue eyes.
Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link): Due to radiation from a meteor, he has gained the power to turn into different "Variants" which are forms he creates mentally. These include Speed, Love, Fear, and Flight.
Weaponry: None
Universe: Variant Fox (Original)
Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable): Has saved Reynard City, and the world, on several occasions.
Other: "You want a weird rogues gallery? Mine has a dinosaur obsessed nut on it.”

Name: Serena Kade
Title/Nickname/Alias (If any): Catgirl, Kitty
Appearance (Unnecessary if a link is provided): A teenage girl with raven black hair and green eyes. She wears a purple dress that stops about a typical cd case length (for lack of a better measurement) above her knees with a black cat head on it, a purple cat cowl, purple "leggings" (in a sense) of a similar material to her dress, a green cape, and a whip at her side.
Unique Abilities (If any, can also be explained via link): None
Weaponry: Whip, catarangs
Universe: (It doesn't have an official name, but it is DC inspired)
Feats (Once again, unnecessary if link is provided, but preferable): Has assisted her world's version of the Justice League save the world multiple times.
Other: Is the teenage clone of Selina Kyle A.K.A Catwoman. Is pretty much my idea of what Selina might've been like had she started a superhero career as a teenager. Is often paired with Bryan Wince/Batboy.

Name: Bella Lazuli
Gender: Female
Universe: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir
Appearance (Normal): Bella has light brown skin, long wavy brown hair, and brown eyes. She wears a tan bomber jacket over a dark blue short sleeved shirt, jeans, and black and white sneakers. Her miraculous is a necklace with five “metal” feathers on it that are a dull gray when the miraculous is not inhabited by Dhiiri.
Hero Name: Jay Mexicano
Appearance (Hero): Jay Mexicano has light brown skin, blue eyes, and long, wavy hair that is a blue ombre with frosted tips ( See #7 on this list ). Her costume is form fitting. An area of white starts at at her chest and ends above the middle of her upper legs,with everything below that being black. Her back is a grayish blue and her rear is bright blue, with bright blue extensions that resemble tail feathers starting above her rear and descending towards the ground. Black arms and gloves up to the middle of her upper arms, with the area above that being bright blue with two black streaks going towards the black areas. The mask around her eyes is bright blue, as are the feathers on her necklace, and her bolas rest in a holster on her right hip. She has blue, narrow-profile wings made of blue light, vaguely resembling scythe blades in shape. [Admin edit: Remember: Only art that was made by you or made for you by request or commission may be used in the RP forums. Use words to describe things.
Weapon: Bolas
Powers/Capabilities: Flight, solar energy blasts
Special Power: Solar Outbreak: Fires a powerful solar energy blast at the target.
Kwami: Dhiiri (A kwami that resembles a Mexican Jay.)
Kwami type/animal: Mexican Jay
Kwami Name Meaning: Encourage (Somali)
Other info: N/A
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Hmm, since I cannot resist passing up a nice character I made about several months ago, I will be editing my prior post to include the character bio of that character soon.

(Hint: A fan made character character of mine that is based on Tetris, specifically more on the other minos than just the tetrominos.)
I’ll stick with 2 for now.

1. Reaper from Overwatch

2. Drake Ricci (OC)
Universe: RWBY
Appearance: Dark blue hair, violet eyes and olive tanned skin. He wears a white button up shirt, blacks slacks and matching shoes, and a black trench coat. He carries his weapon on his back in its compact form.
Weapon: Dual wields two swords when combined together make a bolt action rifle
Semblance: Can channel electricity from other sources into her attacks. (She does not generate her own electricity).


Previously TheJustinMan
This sounds pretty interesting! So here you go!

Name: Justin Hardin
Codename: Ranger
Universe: Persona
Persona: Tamashī No Sanzōku
Arcana: Star
Damage: Bullet
Weakness: Bless(Light damage)
Appearance: Justin wears bright red comwboy attire, from hat to boots. He has dirty blonde hair and deep brown eyes. Every inch of his body is covered except for his face.
Appearance(Persona): Tamashī No Sanzōku has black cowboy attire. He’s bigger but has the build of a slightly buff man. He wears a tattered poncho that acts like a side cape, and you can see his face, except for the deep red half eyes. He carry’s a revolver like weapon, and a canteen. When he becomes Sorurenjā, his clothing becomes bright white. His tattered poncho grows longer and the strips where it tattered now act like hands. He tilts up his hat to reveal a face that’s too disturbing to discribe. He now has two revolvers, and is capable of rapid firing both of them.
Weapons: Justin’s normal weapons are a machete and a .44 MAGNUM, but when doing certain special attacks he also weilds a Lever Action and a Tommy Gun. He does not ever wield the Minigun from the Minigun Mayhem attack.
Unique Abilities: Justin’s Persona gives him the power to use skills that do Bullet Damage, Healing, and Stat Buffs.
Special Attacks:
Western Gun Down: His Persona and him go back to back, and send a flurry of bullets at enemys. Severe Bullet Damage.
Russian Rioulette: Has a chance to do damage to himself, but does Colossal Bullet damage to foes that take the hit.
Gatling Of Despair: Tamashī No Sanzōku becomes Sorurenjā, who forms an old western special crank gatling, and loads it with despair bullets, before firing upon crowds. Colossal Almighty Damage. Last resort tactic, and doesn’t always kill.
Other Attacks:
Healing Canteen-Heals Justin a bit

Sure Shot- Takes a steadily aimed shot at someone. Medium Bullet Damage

6 Shot Flurry: Rapidly fires revolver. Light Gun Damage 6 times. Not every shot will hit

Marukaja- Defense Buff

Evade Psyichal(Skill)- Avoids most pysichal attacks

Repel Bullet- Repels bullet damage back at opposers.

@kingoflettuce tell me if I need to edit/ rewrite anything if I’m let in to the RP.
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Funny Sans Rat

Previously The Bog Hog
Ok, that's ok. The thread is open I'll be posting more OCs now. By the way, I guess you can have as many characters as you can handle?
Also... I swear to god, if I see somebody ask for Rick Sanchez, I'm gonna go crazy, not saying I'd hate it but I wouldn't expect it.

Name: ? ? ?
Codename: Domecrusher
Species: Xenomorph
Personality: The usual Xenomorph personality
Appearance: They seem to be a dome xenomorph
Age: Currently unknown
Skills: Entering vents and crawling through them with high speed, scaling walls with ease, A long, sharp tail and the other common Xenomorph abilities like acid blood.

Name: ? ? ?
Codename: Blitz
Species: Xenomorph
Personality: The usual personality
Appearance: A snake Xenomorph
Age: Unknown
Skills: A longer tail, high stamina, allowing him to pull of a 'blitz strike' (Their sharp tail flings around, slicing the surrounding area.) The other abilities of the other Xenomorphs
Other: They both have regenerative abilities.
Well, let’s see how my characters are doing:
  • Letterman is basically panicking at this point and is buffed with Null Dmg / Traps and also has a Life Aura barrier right now. (Along with a powerful move ready to go.)
  • Polino is meanwhile protected behind his surrounded wall and has a tetrimino line piece as a weapon.
I’ll probably wait for someone to break the ice or something since I can’t be having Letterman about to attack and buffing the living hell out of himself while Polino is kinda unusually silent.
Um, @Kiraru , Variant Fox is currently in his Defense Variant Shellfoxed, which looks like a giant fox with a turtle shell and is made entirely of a light green hard crystal-like substance. So you might want to edit your post.


Previously TheJustinMan
I’m going to steal the Declaration of Independence. Oh, and by the way, we’re you referring to seeing my characters in that previous post when you god sucked into the blue portal again, or someone else?
(Occassional double post since this will be pretty important.)

I will be having another character in the RP that already has gone through the rift, but their information will be a mystery for now. (Which will be gradually revealed soon.)

A character bio will be made for this character when sufficient information has been revealed.
@Kiraru, ok, just tell me when you're ready.

@Cringeboy I'll let you in, but remember to use grammar when you type, it makes it easy to read.

I already have the character in the RP, as he already went through the portal. (I kinda had to post him right now since I am going to be going back to my home area on a 15 hour flight soon.)

The bio will be placed in my first post once there is enough info revealed about him to where the characters are able to easily identify him.
Oh alright, I suppose I will wait too then since I cannot double post.

*Polino watches Carbuncle performing a 42 chain and offsetting three Crown Puyos and two Rock Puyos, as he counters by sending four Neutron Star Puyos and two Supernova Puyos at his opponent*


Previously TheJustinMan
I’m pretty sure it’s not double posting as long as you don’t post twice in a row... (yes I know the last post was yours @Kiraru). Sorry, I’m the corrections police... that can get annoying...

*Aneaino fires a truth bullet after concentrating to freeze all weak spots and white noise, as he V-Counters*

No, that’s completely wrong!

According to what I read in a thread created by the staff, the thread specifically stated that double posting is only allowed in discussion threads!

And even then, such a hollow statement will fail to counter my first.
I'm really interested in this and will post a character soon. My character is a dragon from The Legend of Spyro series and maybe I'll add a more humanoid character.

Name: Shadra Mitne Darastrix (in Draconic, Shadra is a part of Shadou for Shadow and Dragon, Mitne means Light, and Darastrix means Dragon)
Title/Nickname/Alias: The Iridescent One
Appearance: She has four legs and two pairs wings (one pair bird-like and the largest pair, the other pair webbed like a bat/dragon and the smallest with a 5'11" wingspan), with a tail as long as her body with an orb that refracts light and darkness at the end. Her scales are quite fine as hair and thin. They can become soft or hard as chitin, and they can be rough to rub against when standing up on end. They are also usually white in color, but because they are iridescent in nature, her fur can be just about any color depending on the type of light and by the angle it is viewed at, and sometimes when she is exerting her power. She's 6'10" from paw to ear tip, 5' from paw to shoulder, 8'02" wingspan, from nose tip to posterior is 6'07", tail length is 6'07", and from nose tip to tail tip is 13'02". There are horns jutting out from each joint on the legs, and the head is fox-like in appearance with large ears and tufts of hair coming off of it. She also has large yellow eyes with a slit pupils like cats.
Unique Abilities: Can copycat one breath attack a day and can see in many kinds of light, as well as using the shadows as transport or for hiding.
Weaponry: Using light and darkness breath attacks, as well as the occasional fire breath. Her tail, claws, and teeth are also her primary melee weapons. Her primary light attack is a beam of light while her secondary light attack is a ball of light that blinds people who look upon it and it burns as it gets closer to someone, like a mini sun. Her primary darkness breath attack looks like a little fiery sphere, while her secondary darkness breath attack is a large blob of amorphous shadow that is so dark, it sucks in light. She can either cover herself in it and become invisible once she stands in a shadow and can go into the shadow, or she can cover something with it and that thing becomes invisible for a short amount of time. She can use any form of any breath attack or any element she sees in combat use, however she can only use that in that form. After copycatting the element in that form, she can either keep it if there is another element available for her to copycat or she can replace her old element with the new one and the time resets.
Universe: The Legend of Spyro series
Feats: Has defeated countless hordes of enemies as she grown older and saved many kin from enslavement from a past Purple Dragon (after Spyro has passed away).
Other: She is the second Purple Dragon to be born after Spyro passed away and she knows two languages: English and Draconic. She is also made not only as the guardian of her realm, but as the Elemental Guardian over Light and Darkness in the very same dojo Spyro was trained at.
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