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Give a Pokémon type

PrincessPika would be... Fairy/Electric. I mean, if I knew more about her I could give a better type- but for now I just went off her name.

Fairy comes from the 'Princess'.
Electric comes from the 'Pika'.

What type would a breakfast waffle be?
Well, I would say Dark, because she's a NightWing, but she really doesn't act like one during her time period - you know, all rude and scary. So, I would say maybe Psychic/Flying, as she has both prophecy and mind-reading.

What type would Qibli (my WoF senpai~) be?
(Moonbli for life! I haven't finished the second saga yet)
I would say Poison/flying but he doesn't really use his tail... Maybe Dragon/flying... or Dragon/flying
What type would Turtle be?
Wait, all of these people would be Dragon/Flying ... oh, well.
Turtle would probably be Water/Flying, as he's a SeaWing.

I'm going to change the WoF subject, because I ran out of dragons XD
What type would Sabrina (Sisters Grimm) be?
(I do and I stopped watching it after the first three episodes. I watched it on Netflix... not sure if they still have it on there)
I would say Normal/Dark (Normal=sound type Dark because he is a thief)

What type would Razum-Dar be? (ESO)