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Give a Pokémon type

Since there isn't a blood type I'll have to assume... dark/fairy... I was thinking normal/fairy but when you look at her outfit and quirk would make me think dark. Her personality makes me think she would fit under fairy.

What type would aizawa shouta be?
Personally I think Cell would be more fitting as normal/fighting, while he does resemble an insect, he isn't.

Why normal type? Weeeeeell... Cell isn't explicitly evil. He only exists to be try be the strongest. Why fighting, cause that's what he was made to do. Being extremely durable is just a factor of him being a dbz character. Which is why he's fighting over steel.

steel/normal cause he's a normal man that uses guns.

What type would ron weasley be...


Previously Night's Shadow
I stand by my logic of Aang as ghost/psychic. But eh, whatevs.

Ben 10... normal type. But with some weird ability, because he’s normal, but also weird

What type would Happy be (Fairy Tail)?
ben ten would be normal type ,but he can switch types like ditto.

Edit: you guys post so fast, I can't get a post in fast enough... I'm misspelling words cause I'm typing so fast to keep up...

happy would be normal type.

What type would Tien be...



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Dragon-dark. I totally can see him as a noseless Hydreigon XD

What type would Deku be?
Nerdy cinnamon roll type, only that’s not a thing *insert sad face*


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hmm, gundham would probably just Dark type. but one of those dark types where it's not evil.

umi sonoda