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Open Hey guys guess what another romantic superpower school rp discussion.

Also I made a hastily rushed drawing as well as a hastily rushed gacha of my characters because passion and laziness are like, on the same mental track for me.


Previously Kyle From Hoenn
Name: Leonardo Es Gon
Age: (14-16) 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Height and Weight: 127 5ft 9
Appearance: Fairly tall person at 5.9ft with light skin. His face most likely showing small grey eyes not expecting much attention, a mouth always shut tight, and a nose, not much to describe a nose. Hair that was shaped in a box going upwards with sides that fade. When he prepared to enter the game world he wore a jean flannel which was unbuttoned. Before this flannel came a plain white shirt. Under the waist he chose to wear black sweat pants and black air forces.
Power: Lightning Manipulation
Like most devices Leo has to charge himself before using his power.
Personality: Leo is very energetic like his power but very rebellious. Being rebellious against peers and towards adults if they get his way. He also has a good sense of humor when it comes to jokes and stuff. Besides that he's not a good aligned character or evil either.
Dislikes: People going against his ideas
Likes: Using his phone
How They Were Accepted: (Can Vary) He was recommended by the school he went to before he came to this new one.
Relationships to other characters: None
Other: (Optional) Fart Biscuit is nasty btw

Imma go read up while I wait


Previously Kyle From Hoenn
@JPSomeone accepted!

Also, we will be somewhat focusing on the lessons, it’s going to be used for character building. Also power training, because seeing mastery of powers and evolving them to fit new niches is something I adore in stories.
Basically for the greater part of the post I read, I skimmed. What's the objective of the group assignment and which group isn't full?
She could be the fourth person in the group, @Cryronn the Mudkip

Name: Riley Hathaway
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Height and Weight: 5'0" and 113 lbs.
Appearance: long brown hair with red eyes, rather curvaceous, known to wear dresses.

Power: Lights Out: This power can drain the light out any lamps and such, it lasts one minute and can be used three times a day without vision problems. It's ultimate ability is to redirect said light in a 45° cone in front of her with a range of fifty feet. However this cannot be used without vision loss, as when the cone wears out, Riley loses her vision for the next seventy-two hours.

Personality: Riley is shy and reserved, but can be sweet and caring when she opens up.
How They Were Accepted: barely passed physical exam, perfect mental scores.
Relationships to other characters: Same as Eryn for family.
Other: She is known to say Fart Biscuit whe something goes wrong, and is Eryn's twin sister.
So, looking back at Adrian's group, it's between two vampires and two sisters. Seems like it might be an interesting little mix.

I also feel like there should be a conversation thread.