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Ask to Join Initial Dragonite: A Pokemon Racing RP

DO YOU LIKE... MY 'MON?! (My 'mon... my 'mon)

*Eurobeat Intensifies*

Well howdy there! It's been a while since I started an RP myself, and right now is probably not the best time to do that. But I've had this idea bouncing around in my head for way too long, and I just had to get it out. So it goes like this.

I was reading an awesome manga by the name of Initial D when I got this idea. So, the gist of the manga is that it's about a group of street racers in Japan. Specifically, the Kanto region of Japan. And they were racing up and down a local mountain in that region. And I was like, hmmm... What else to I know that has a Kanto region and a mountain? So yeah... if this seems familiar, it's because I'm taking inspiration from that.

So, the actual RP! This is going to be taking place between Pewter and Cerulean City, on Mt. Moon. In Kanto, one of the most popular places to go for Pokemon street racing is Mt. Moon. The characters are going to be a group of teens that enjoy racing their Pokemon there, and are part of the racing 'gang' called Initial Dragonite. I say 'gang', but all they really do is race. But these aren't your normal street races, oh no no no! These... are Mountain races!

Allow me to elaborate. In Mountain racing, there are two main events. The uphill race, which focuses on strength and endurance, and the downhill race, which focuses on agility and control. For these races, the racers are riding their Pokemon. The road they race on at Mt. Moon is full of sharp curves and twists, so you better be careful! What sort of events will occur? Will you make it to the top and become the best racer of the Initial Dragonite? Or will it all come crashing down when mountain racers from Cinnabar and Johto show up, wanting a piece of the action? It's up to you and your Pokemon to defend your pride as a member of the Mt. Moon racing gang, the Initial Dragonite!

Streetracing rules:
1) Only one Pokemon per event
2) You may use Pokemon techniques to make yourself go faster, but if they affect your opponent you are disqualified from the race and instantly lose.
3) Any moves used by Pokemon that modify the course are also illegal and will result in disqualification.
4) All racers must remain on the course while racing.

Character sheet:
Age (16+ for racers):
Racing Event: Uphill or downhill?
Racing Pokemon:
Eurobeat theme: (Optional)
Other Pokemon:

Name: Trail Clark
Age (16+ for racers): 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Trail is a pretty short kid, standing at 5'1". He has scruffy brown hair, and wears glasses. These glasses aren't actually necessary for him, he just has small cameras in the glasses so he can record things he wants to remember. Trail wears a light green t-shirt and shorts, as well as tennis shoes.
Racing Event: Downhill
Racing Pokemon: Exe the Porygon2
Backstory: Trail is a pretty smart kid. He grew up in Kanto, specifically Saffron, before his parents moved to Celadon. With the help from his father and cousin, he designed and programmed his Porygon while his father and cousin helped build the body. Trail also designed the Up-Grade that evolved his Porgyon into Porygon2. At the age of 14, he heard about Initial Dragonite from his friends and snuck out one night to watch a race. He was completely entranced by it. It became his dream to join that racing team, so he started to focus on learning how to become a good racer. Now, he hopes to join the Initial Dragonite.
Eurobeat theme: Chemical Love
Other Pokemon: Knuckle the Shuckle, Slowbro
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It is doing something to the other racers though. Imagine a Dragonite flying down the mountain and using Ice Beam because it wanted to skate down the hill because it's fun (I'm giving a not-so-good example because flying down is faster than skating down). If someone used a Rapidash or a Dodrio, they'll slip on the ice and will end up falling off the cliff. That is highly dangerous.
Basically, if a strategy or move is used to cause the Pokemon to fall off the mountain or seriously hurt or mangle their Pokemon, they will end up disqualified as it is against the rules that I just made up. XD I'll see if the captain will approve of this rule and add it. XD
Now Captian cardboard the character sheet is a little confusing. Are contestants allowed to only race in one race or is it like one big race where they switch pokemon half way and continue from there?
The uphill race and the downhill race are two different races. The racing event part on the character sheet is asking which event they prefer, the uphill race or the downhill race.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Dragonite in the name? I'm intrigued...

One question though: Do we have to ride the Pokemon, or do we just watch it race? Like, if you enter in a super fast Riolu, do you have to try and go on it?
If they want to win, then yeah. Just because the uphill and downhill require different strengths, and if you would try to train a single Pokemon in both those things, they wouldn't do as well in a race against a Pokemon specifically trained for a single event.

So, all in all, they don't need a different Pokemon for each event but it his highly recommended.


Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood
May I ask three questions? (I just don't want to mess up.)

How would Alolan Forms work? In the games, Alolan Forms were in Kanto through the Let's Go games but Kantonian forms can only be obtained in Ultra Sun/Moon by evolving Pokemon in Ultra Space.

How would Terrains work? For example, would Misty Terrain cover the terrain with mist? Would Grassy Terrain grow plants on the field and if so would they be able to be manipulated by the user? Would Electric Terrain double Alolan Raichu's speed thanks to its Surge Surfer ability?

Could Pokemon go off the track or cut ahead? For example, using Teleport to travel a certain distance or using Bounce to spring up through the air.
I could probably help with these questions. Captain, you have permission to slap me if I say anything that you disagree with. XD anyway:

1) if you can ride any Alolan forms (which, if I remember correctly, the only ones you can actually ride on would be a very large Alolan Ninetales, a large Alolan Persian, an Alolan Graveler and Golem if you have a special rotating seat for yourself, and Alolan Exeggutor). This is just a racing game, and any Pokemon from any region is fine to compete, so the games don't exactly count in this sense.

2) Since Terrains isnt exactly altering the course, but it can lower visibility, which is highly dangerous, and you won't be able to keep using the Terrain move all that well since it only is usable for a certain distance. Misty Terrain is highly dangerous as it can cover any potholes in the ground, causing Pokemon to injure themselves if they trip. All other terrain ideas may not be as effective anyway.

3) I'm not too sure about Teleport, but since it's not testing the Pokemon's endurance, speed, agility, or control, it won't be allowed. But taking shortcuts just depends on what Captain says and what's reasonable. Like, you can't fall from the mountain, you have to follow a sort of path. I'm pretty sure there will be branching paths that allow people to possibly take a shortcut (like in Mario Kart), but they won't be able to scale the mountain by flying or falling from it. So that's also a no on Bounce and Fly.
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I forgot to add something, assuming you already saw the above post:

1) basically, you can use any Pokemon, as this RP is focusing on racing, not a journey or capture.

2) Since Terrains affect opponent's Pokemon, they are not allowed. And you cant successfully ride on an Alolan Raichu anyway unless it's like a Totem Alolan Raichu.
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As for weather changes... I'm thinking of leaving that to Captain to figure out. It can affect the other opponent's Pokemon, but benificially and there isnt a downside to a Pokemon running in the rain.

Just as long as Sandstorm and Hail arent used, then guess that's fine.
Uh.... XD
Wait, what if a Zorua and a Zoroark entered the race, and the Zorua turned into a little boy?

It has to be between the trainer and their Pokemon. A Zorua acting as the trainer of the Zoroark is not exactly allowed, unless Captain allows it. And unless you have an exceptionally large Zoroark or it uses Illusion and doesn't lose its focus to maintain the form, Zoroark may not be the best choice.
Persian is based off of the siamese cats with the physical traits of a puma. So, yes, uphill would be better suited for it as it will have more control than if it tried to go downhill. Plus, it's got to carry you.

And, unless Captain says so, Wild Pokemon aren't allowed to race. It is only by a trainer and their Pokemon to race. Unless they are just there as standby Pokemon that won't be doing much of anything else, then I guess that's fine. The Racing Officials will clear out the paths to keep any Wild Pokemon from disrupting the course so any injuries caused by Wild Pokemon won't be a thing. Wild Pokemon cannot enter the race, which I have already stated before, as it is only the race between trainers and their Pokemon. Of course, unless @Captain Cardboard says so.

This RP is supposed to follow the spirit of Initial D, a racing manga/anime that has people race courses in groups or gangs. In this RP, it became official. Imagine it like NASCAR with teams, but its with Pokemon and not cars.
Okay, to be honest it was just a random idea that sparked in my head anyways.

It's okay. Sorry if I sounded a little harsh. It is a pretty good idea, but it won't exactly capture the spirit of Initial D in a Pokemon RP to me. Of course, unless Captain Cardboard deems it okay enough to play it, then by all means, go ahead. :3 I'm just here to make sure crazy ideas are kept in check and if we have to make any rules based off of them. XD and to RP later.


Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood
*looks up Eurobeat Theme*


Does it have to be an official Eurobeat song though or can it just sound like one?
@Merciless Medic Yo, thank you so much for fielding all these questions for me XD All that stuff about the terrains, weather, and teleport are pretty much right on the spot. The only thing I have to comment on is bounce. As long as the racer isn't using Bounce to skip huge parts of the course, and is using it for stuff like making turns and jumping over their opponent then it's okay to use.

@Gold The Dragonite I'm not gonna lie... I really like the Zorua-Zoroark idea. However, I don't think that it's a good idea to make that your main character. I would totally be down for having them come in as like, a small side plot. Like, who are these mysterious racers?! Kind of a Racer X sort of mystery. I think that would be super cool!

@Altari_owl Lol, it can be any song you want, really. It doesn't have to be an official Eurobeat song. Preferably, something kinda intense and heartpumping that would come in at just the right moment when your character pulls off a cool stunt that overtakes the opponent and makes them go "N-nani?!"
Name: Tayler But everyone calls him Red
Age (16+ for racers): 18
Gender: Male.
Personality: Very quite, naive, but has a wild side. He is also very kind towards others. He loves to help pokemon in need.
Appearance: He stands at 5'5". He is lean but toned. He has long red hair that comes to the middle of his back. He will sometimes tie it up into a low ponytail. He has a forest tattoo with a moon on the shoulder and a wolf howling at the moon. It reaches from his shoulder to his wrist. He wears a long red hooded jacket that comes to below the knee. He also wears a white v-neck t-shirt. His blue ripped skinny jeans are ripped at the knee. He also wears calf length black combat boots. His face has a very androgynous look. He has light blue eyes that are ringed with a dark blue around the edges and specs of gold.
Racing Event: Uphill or downhill? Both
Racing Pokemon: Persian (uphill), Mightyena (down hill)
Backstory: Red's father was a professional pokemon racer. Red loved to go see his father race. His father loved to ride on his arcinine. Then one faithfull day a race pushed his father over the edge of the mountain that he was racing on. Red was at the finish line with his grandmother. He saw on the screen that his father was pushed over the cliff. His father was rushed to the hospital but it was too late. Red's father passed away due to many complications. Red vowed that he would race in his fathers name and be the very best pokemon racer he could be. That was over ten years ago. Now with all of the training that he had done, will hopefully pay off in this race.
Eurobeat theme: Invincible By Cassadee Pope. (Not a eurobeat song but it fits my character better then some do.
Other Pokemon: Espeon, Houndoom, Vaporeon, and Togepi.
Other: His grandmother owns a ranch in Viridian Forest.