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~Hi there~
So seeing as people have been requesting tons of art from me lately I thought I might as well open a thread dedicated to having requests. I will be taking requests when I see fit.
About my Art:
It's not completely Pokemon exclusive, I can draw just about anything given a reference or a clear written description.
~Note~ Let me know if you want digital or traditional art.
Upon completing any request it will be uploaded to the Creative Corner with tags to the requester(s) in the description.​


Untitled240.png Untitled242.png Untitled246.png Untitled247.png
Mismagius Cosplayer.png
Chandelure(Shiny) Cosplayer.png

Commissions: Open
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✧luzrov rulay✧
Could you draw my OC? (His name's Kau.)
It's a Male Cofigarius cosplayer, with a little scar on the left of his face.
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This sounds like a cool opportunity. May you draw your rendition of my trainer?

It'd be cool to see him with any amount and any combination of his Pokémon (your choice), just hanging out or playing. His party is Electivire, Lucario, Arcanine, Blastoise, Gogoat, and Noivern.

Blue shirt, green vest, brown hair, hazel eyes, the rest is up to your discretion.

If it helps, he likes hiking, biking, running, and playing with his Pokémon, especially frisbee lol.
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Formerly Aaron the Fright
could i have a male froslass cosplayer if that could be possable
it could have a red scarf
purple hair
and a white hat like brandons from ruby saphire and emerald
and you can do anything else you want with it


Formerly Derpy Lucario
Could you please redraw this guy in your style?:...

... And also, if you can, could you please, draw this guy?...

Thanks In Advanced! :D!...
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As a quick note to everyone who has made a request:
I AM working on the drawings, I've just been busy with school ending and then getting ready to move. But I should have everything up in the creative corner soonish. Sorry for the long wait everyone~
If i may, this it my request: Female, Long Ponytail. Hair Color Scarlet Red. Eye Color. Forrest Green Waring a Modern Japanese School Girl Uniform. with the Blazer type top and knitted skirt that goes down to almost Knees and Leggings up to the knees. Clothing Colors: Black and Blue top with Skirt being a Black and red Design, and Black leggings
Extra: Has a Knife pouch strapped around her leg. it has a silver knife in it, And has a Scar under left eye.
(Sorry if this is too much.)