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Would you be able to draw 2 characters from the RP Outcasts? I’ve been a part of it for awhile, and I really would like a rendition of the main ship. ^^
Hello... @JadaStark2015 This is my first time trying to request something, so sorry if I mess up terribly. :'| Also apologizes if you don't take requests anymore or at the moment, and I didn't see that you were closed. With all that done, here is da request.
I'd like my (I don't joke here) only used character ever to finally be drawn out visually. (n o p r e s s u r e) XD
Ok, so this is appearance. If you need anything else, I'll happily add to this, and don't worry about making it look super realistic like I make it seem, I just tried to be detailed.

Zack has light tanned skin, Tiger orange dyed hair, Crimson red eyes behind a pair of white sports sunglasses, usually always wearing an amber red athletic shirt with an orange-reddish fire emblem on the chest, behind a scarlet red sports jacket, neon orange basketball shorts, and dark red sneakers. He also has a few scars all over his body. (Not needed) a small ruby on a key-chain that hooks to his pocket.
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Okay, can you draw my trainer OC?

Robin wears a black short dress and a black leather belt. She also wears black leggings and knee high brown leather boots. She has long wavy black hair and wears glasses.
Well I'm looking for 2 sprites, both humanoids.
The first one being a male. He has short blonde hair, kind of unkempt. He has green eyes and a slender build. He wears standard jeans, a grey t-shirt, a denim jacket; a lighter shade than his jeans; as well as black hiking shoes. The Second character is a female, she has the same color of eyes as the male. She has long blonde hair that fades to pink about halfway down. She is flat chested, and is an average build. She wears a white skater dress, with a maroon jacket and a belt around her waist. She mainly wear black flats and a small black bag/purse. Both if their jackets are completely unbuttoned/zipped in the front.
Thats the basic Idea for them, and you can alter them slightly as you see fit, if you need to.
If that is to much just let me know, i will understand.
So you you want drawings or actual sprites? because my Sprite request are on a permanent hiatus due to lack of programs and my computer, I can do drawings though if thats what you meant, otherwise you would need to locate a different spriter
Oh yea, I wanted to ask if there was an estimated time for when mine would be done? That sounded, really impatient and like I was rushing, but I swear I was trying not too :p. But based on others you've done for people, I would guess about 2-3 months?
Um, I was wondering if you could maybe do a picture of some of my OCs? They're kinda grouped together in this RP, so it'd be great if I could get a groupshot of them. I noticed that you made a request for a friend of mine, ironically the creator of said RP, so I was hoping you could get me too. Here are their descriptions and a little specific information to help:

Cloudy has blue eyes and pink hair, which she keeps up in a ponytail using a blue bow with her bangs often coming over her right eye. She wears a blue hoodie, denim shorts, pink leggings, and purple boots with pink faux fur at the top, tying the outfit together with a pair of blue-and-black goggles and a pink scarf. If you could draw her maybe at the top or something of importance and holding a notebook and a pencil, that'd be great. She's kinda the main one of the group.

Ashley has curly, bright red hair that she keeps in a ponytail and bright blue eyes. She wears a blue hoodie, jeans, and blue sneakers. She's sort of excitable, if that matters.

Ari has green eyes and very long black hair with a pink streak through it that she wears in a ponytail. She wears magenta-and-black goggles(on top of her head), a pink scarf, a short aviator jacket open over a pink tank top, black pants, and pink boots. Ari's a bit more serious and kind of a badass, so yeah.

Ranger has black hair that she wears in a ponytail. She wears a red sweater with two yellow stripes on it, a sleeveless lab coat open over top of said sweater, denim shorts, black boots, and an orange bow tie. Ranger wears some unique goggles, with one red lens, one yellow one(messed up with this one, the lenses are black and the things outlining the goggles are the colors), and an orange band and nosepiece. Ranger's a bit shy.

I hope this request wasn't too much to ask! It's kind of a big one, so take as long as you need!
I was hoping you could draw me 3 of my OCs..?

I have a picture of the first one, Cog, to go off of (please note: his hair is longer and not as puffy (more stringy..?) as in this pic. He also has blue-grey eyes - I'll PM you the picture if you can).

The 2nd one, Dasken, is exactly 6' tall. He has slightly tanned skin (farmer's tan) and long, frizzy hair down to just below his shoulders. He wears copper-rimmed glasses, rectangularly-shaped and completely covering his eyes when worn, and his eyes are steel grey. He wears a sweatshirt with a fairly-detailed dragon artwork on it (black-and-white image; actually more monochromatic grey), and the sweatshirt itself is a dark grey. His t-shirt is often just a random graphic that has something to do with funny phrases, ranging from blue to teal to green to black. He wears light grey or blue sweatpants, and he always wears black loafers. He wears mismatched socks, of all colors of the rainbow (not on every sock is there every color in the rainbow, only one color per sock). He's well-built but thin, and if it matters, he can get dark and depressed out of nowhere.

The last one is my My Hero Academia OC.

Normal Clothes: He wears light grey sweatpants with a black t-shirt with a flame design, only instead of red and orange, it's navy blue and cyan, respectively. His shoes are always black slip-on dress shoes.

Hero Costume: The main suit would be all black, a full-body suit. It would have various, dark grey metal strips wrapped around it, and various patterns of gold circles and lines connecting their circles. The mask would be like a biker's mask, only not nearly as bulky. It would have maroon glass for the general face cover, and the metal strips and gold circle-line patterns would be on the helmet, as well. It would, finally, have brass knuckles built into the hands, except they'd be the same color as the metal strips wrapped around the suit. The mask would be like a biker's mask, only not nearly as bulky. It would have maroon glass for the general face cover, and the metal strips and gold circle-line patterns would be on the helmet, as well. It would, finally, have brass knuckles built into the hands.

It can all be one image, or separate images. It doesn't matter to me. :1

I'd appreciate it immensely; I also know it's a LOT of stuff, so if you can't do any of them, or not all of them, that's alright. ^-^
@JadaStark2015, I was wondering if instead of simply requesting a piece of artwork, could I do a art trade instead. I was hoping for a picture of my main OC, Ry Burst, and I could make something for you? (Assuming you’re not busy). If you are willing to work on this, I’ll send you a PM with a description. Also, as for what I’ll make for you, I can give a few examples of my style.

Hey there! I was hoping I might possibly be able to request a second piece of work, having liked my first request so much. Do you think you might possibly be able to draw for me a picture of Tikal and Chaos from Sonic Adventure? I can PM you with details for the poses and such. These characters shouldn't have any design changes, unlike Blumiere and Timpani from my last request.
I was hoping for a squad picture. There's one squad I'm talking about in particular: The Paper Towels.
This squad consists of me, Eeveechu151, Mewtwofan259, EonVulpix, Il Fantasma, GreninjaTrainer013, and SismicBlade.
I don't have any preference on what pose their doing, but if you need more details on any of those people, just say so.
All slots are currently open and I need art ideas. So feel free to send requests in here.

-note: I updated the art examples on the main post-
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could you draw Clawnne, here? the yellow stuff on him is armour just in case. if you have any other questions, He's my Taguel Fan character from the Fire Emblem Series!