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could i have a male Mewtwo cosplayer if that could be possible


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eep, I don't often request stuff..*inhale sounds*
If you have any extra time on your hands I request the blue one in this eye bleeding drawing...you can change edit the colors if you want
thank you for reading this request
Could you do Heart Star? If available, could you do her as a sprite? If not, that's cool.


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Hiya!! So I was wondering if you'd be open to make a sprite of my OC Kayrana? I'll leave some pics of her down below in the spoiler. You can change her clothes if you want, as long as they pastel-colored and not stuff like dresses which she doesn't like to wear much (and she likes long loosey stuff). For example, maybe blue trainers/boots, then pastel green shorts going down to her knees or a bit more, a pastel pink shirt with an Oxford pastel yellow shirt above it? Anyways, here she is. And she is always with a F!Ralts called Aurai if you want to draw her by her side! Hope you have fun if you decide to do it, and if not, thanks for the opportunity anyways :D.



Can you draw a character named Kai that has red hair, black eyes, dark blue vest, a gray undershirt, black gloves, and jeans (any color)? And if yes, make it traditional art.
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I am alive after many many months! I saw that the sprite says "Finished, No access". Does it currently mean you have no access to the sprite itself or no access to me since i've been gone for a while? I'm sorry for bothering you and keeping you waiting for this long.
I am alive after many many months! I saw that the sprite says "Finished, No access". Does it currently mean you have no access to the sprite itself or no access to me since i've been gone for a while? I'm sorry for bothering you and keeping you waiting for this long.
It means i have no access to the sprite itself. It was done on my laptop but I am currently unable to get it to charge. I have to take it into a shop
Hey, how's it going? Also, is it possible for you to make a picture of a male Pokémon trainer sleeping on the belly of a Snorlax? The trainer's hair being a buzzcut and his attire being a black longline hoodie, olive jeans and brown trainers. If not, no worries. I'm also not picky with the art style.
Hi! I have a special art request that is needed for the front page of my Pokemon Fanfic on Quotev, Wattpad, Deviantart, etc.

First off, I need Ash, Misty, and Brock, all in their clothes from Kanto. Then, comes my OC.

She has blonde hair pulled up into a high pony, and her hair falls down to her spine. Her brown eyes match with her light skin. She wears a blue sleeveless sweatshirt, and beige cargo shorts, with lots of pockets. Her socks are white, and covered by her shoes, which are black converse hightops.

They can be doing whatever, in whatever style you like, but it would mean a lot for you to do this for me.
Hey, idk if you still do this but if you do or want to is up to you entirely. Can you make my OC please? I don't have any references to go off of except for his bio, thank you for considering!

Name: Lucas
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wears a Dark Navy Blue Cloak over a white shirt. His hair is brown, a medium size and pushed off to the left of his head. He has blue tinted steampunk glasses that he keeps up on him casually. He is American and a medium build.
Personality: He always wants to help and hates to be left out. He is not a good flirter, but he tries... Expressions are usually happy/positive.
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Hello there! I would like to make a request if that is fine ;p

Essentially its my profile picture but in your style ;p
Now more in depth I want him kinda like, mid battle. That tense crouching pose that a trainer often takes whilst fighting their Pokemon. A strong current of wind is blasting in his direction, ruffling his hair and causing him to press a hand on his hat to make sure it doesn't fly off! His goggles are on to protect from the slight dust. Maybe have the Sparky (The Pachirisu) sitting boredly at Finion's feet, an unimpressed look on his tiny fluffy face.

That was really indepth and I kinda got a bit into the explanation sorry XD Honestly do whatever you want really, I kinda just want Finion in your art style. Keep up the good work! ^~^
Just curious, are you able to do requests in a more general anime-esk style? Somewhat similar to my current profile picture, but with a cleaner finish and a few ascetic differences? Ive had this pic for awhile and im looking to get another revamp of it made.

If your up to the concept, have some spare time, and wanna hear the details, just let me know, would be greatly appreciated. @JadaStark2015
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I've really enjoyed seeing your 'witch' drawings, so if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you make a witch version of Danny.
Here's a reference for what he looks like:


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Sorry for leaving this thread for a while. I just started a new job mid September and havent had much time for freebies with work and my coven project. That being said I am still collecting requests here and will be pulling from the pool when I have the time.

@Martin Pine
That's a bit more in-depth then i normally do for freebies but when I have time I can draw Finion and his Pachurisu together if you want

Im not taking spriting requests

@Mystic Zander
When I have time I can draw a headshot of the character if you want. But im not sure what you mean by a more anime-esk style. I dont really change my style up much for these things

When I have time I might be able to put something together for you

@Starry Phantump
When i have time I can see about drawing Danny in a more witchy manner.


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Seriously, I love your art. I was wondering, if it's not to much trouble, that you could draw me (I'll include a description) and, if possible, a Whirlipede? Uhm, I have short - ish brown hair, a pale complexion, dark brown eyes, and I usually wear brown or grey. I am female (I really hope that was obvious). I don't care what I'm wearing, that can be up to you. I don't need this, it'll just be cool to have.
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So, hi.
I get it if there are too many requests to fill, so if you can't do/or finish mine, I completely understand.
Can you possibly do a pfp-sort of picture, like three vertical rectangle sections, each with an OC in front of it.
I'd like the first one to be a kid with black hair with a single teal streak, and his left eye is glowing a light teal, with a black jacket, jeans, boots, and a crystal katana.
I'd like the second one to be a guy with dark navy-blue hair wearing this:
Can can you also have a bright blue Super-Saiyan-like aura around him, with bright blue eyes?
Finally, can the last one be a guy with light blue skin, black hair that covered his eyes, and a black long-sleeved shirt and pants, with iron boots, an iron chest plate, guards on his forearms, small shoulder pads and knee pads, a tiny cape over his right shoulder, and a golden sword?
Again, if this is too much, I get it.
If you want, you could just do a headshot of either the first or second kid.
Hi there, if it is not too much trouble, I'd like to request a digital piece of art. If possible, a Hydreigon next to a grinning fair skinned boy with short brown hair that just about reaches his ears who wears a simple black shirt and jeans. If it is allowed, I'd like an Excadrill on the other side of the boy but I understand if you don't want to. Thank you for reading this message and have a nice day in advance
I would like some art please.. it'd be cool if you could draw a girl with blonde hair just down to the shoulders, a light blue hoodie with denim shorts and tights (and maybe blushing? with blue eyes and fair white skin. I'd also like a Mew, maybe with a flower on its head or holding the flower, anything that's cute.. (A normal Mew, not shiny or anything) so, thanks in advance if you even do this, also, I really like blue if you want help with background colours :D
I can imagine the queue's long so I can wait however long, but I'd like to request this:

  • A boy with dark brown hair and a noticable fringe just above his right eyebrow is sat down, legs crossed, holding a Switch controller. Perched on his shoulder is a Meltan, which would be from his shoulder to his eyebrow in height. His skin is slightly tan and he's quite tall, if that helps.
  • Ah, sorry, I forgot to add that in terms of clothing, a white t-shirt, brown jeans and dark grey socks please!
And now some optional things I want to add. If you decide to differ from these that's totally fine.
o The controller is the two joycons on a Switch joy-con grip.
o If crossed legs are too hard you can do something else with his legs.
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