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Ask to Join Journey through Johto!


Previously AceTrainerGold
Yohei woke up after a deep sleep to the sound of barking and growling. He jumped out of bed to try and see where the barking was coming from. Nothing appeared to be in his room, so Jen then ran towards the window to check outside. What he saw was a blonde haired young man standing with an Arcanine. This young man just so happened to be his older brother, Kenji.

“Kenji?! Arcanine?!”

Yohei then rushed downstairs to the door in order to let his brother in.
“Sup Yohei!” Kenji greeted as he made Arcanine return into it’s pokeball before entering the house.

“I can’t believe you have an Arcanine now, last time I saw him he was just a Growlithe!” Yohei exclaimed as he then took a seat on the sofa, “So anyways how come your back?”

“I wanted to come see my little squirt of a brother before he sets off on his journey, is there a problem with that?” Kenji asked sarcastically as Yohei grunted, “Little squirt huh? I don’t see you in forever and that’s what’s you call me.” Yohei sighed as he got up out of his seat. “Anyways I have gotta get out of here soon. I even slept in my clothes so I wouldn’t have to take too long getting ready.” He said as he grinned.

“Well you are pumped then ain’t ya. I was the same way.” He explained before smiling back at his brother. “Anyways don’t let me stop you, make your wait to the lab before your late.” Yohei had a huge grin on his face as he then made his way to the door. “Alright then I’m off Kenji, tell Sora and Yuki I said bye!”

And with that Yohei was off to receive his starter Pokemon from Professor Elm and begin his adventure...
It had been a couple of weeks since she arrived in Johto receiving Chikorita which had soon evolved into Bayleaf which she had named Flora. Blue, her shiny female Umbreon and partner walked beside her as her facial appearance was hidden by a white wolf blue-streaked mask and hooded black cape. She saw in the distance new trainers receiving their first Pokemon. She walked past them continuing forward.
Jake, a pokemon trainer and eventual researcher from Galar, walked into New Bark town with his partner, a Raboot named Sonny.

"Here we are, finally," Jake smiled, as he looked around.

"Kinda reminds me of back home in Wedgehurst," he commented to the Raboot that walked next to him, who glanced around, his paws currently tucked into his "pockets".

"There's the lab," the human pointed at the right building, and the two began to walk towards it.

Sonny looked around a bit uncomfortably as they did.

"I told you, you might get some odd looks. Raboots aren't local to this region, that's why i left Baltimore and the others with mom and dad in the Wild Area." He said and looked down at him, as they entered Professor Elm's lab
Sean had just arrived in New Bark Town, offering to take a stranger's ride atop his Pidgeot to reach this place. Taking in the nice sea breeze air, he walked over to Route 29 to see the new Pokemon. He was amazed. Spearow, Exeggcute, Hoothoot, Spinarak, Ledyba, Aipom, Heracross, and Pineco were in the trees. Pidgey, Rattata, and Sentret were rummaging around the grass and Hoppip were floating about the Route. It was so lively!

He had received his PokeDex from Professor Oak, so he began scanning everything. The Hoppip were really interesting. He had thrown a lucky PokeBall up at one capturing it. As the PokeBall fell, he caught it in mid-air and walked back, only to see a young woman walking towards the Route he was at. Suddenly, bright lights appeared by his side as a Jolteon and Leafeon appeared. Joltz was immediately entranced by Blue and ran up to her, his tail spikes wagging in happiness. Arboria just gave him a deadpan look and sighed.

Sean walked up and scratch the back of his head, chuckling. "I'm sorry. Joltz wants to find a female evolution of Eevee to call a mate for three years. Sorry if he's bothering you."

He looked behind her and saw a boy with a Raboot and another boy walking towards Professor Elm's lab. He kept them in mind as he struck up a conversation with JC.
"Well guys, welcome to New Bark Town!"
While sitting on the ground setting up his camera, Eliot looked up to see the reactions of his Ampharos and Bergmite. They were both admiring the view. Eliot smiled and stared at the town as well for a few seconds. Then he looked back to his camera. Even though his destination, Professor Elm's lab, was right there, he couldn't help but taking a detour. He had been climbing the hills around the town to find the perfect place to capture the skyline, before actually heading to the lab.

Ever since his parents let him, Eliot had already traveled to many places in the Johto region to take pictures. He had seen the Ruins of Alph, the Lake of Rage, the Ice Path, Mt. Silver and so on. But this town was new to him. As he photographed as much of the town as possible, a sudden feeling of happiness overwhelmed him. Suddenly he realized that this was exactly why he decided to become a Pokémon trainer. Seeing places he had never seen before. Meeting new people. Discovering whole new species of Pokémon. And most of all, capturing those moments with his camera.

Eliot stood up.
"Alright, I think I got it. Now I just need one with you guys in it. Thea, stand over there! Chunk, I want you over there!"
The Ampharos and Bergmite did as their trainer asked. Thea did seem to like being photographed more than Chunk did. However, the Bergmite realized that it was what made Eliot happy. Ever since Eliot found him in Kalos, caught him and took him back home to Johto, he had taken really good care of him. Chunk appreciated that. That's why he didn't mind posing for photo's sometimes, even though he did feel a little uncomfortable.

After he had taken quite some photo's, Eliot put his camera back in his backpack. He looked at his watch.
"Damn, we should really head to the lab now."
Quickly he closed the zipper on his backpack, retrieved both his Pokémon and started running to the lab.
She saw the Jolteon run up to Blue before seeing his trainer walk up to her to apologies. "It's alright, Blue is normally a patient girl...and well...a bit shy but she is a gentle one so no worries" she answered as Blue gave a reaction to shyness. Blue walked around the Jolteon before stopping in front of him sniffing him as she lowered her head a bit and ears shyly before raising her head wagging her tail. "Umbre!" She said raising her paw up to pat his head in greeting. "Well...that will be a bit of a problem...I just remembered she favors the Jolteon then most of the Eeveelution's..." She added. @Merciless Medic
Along Route 27, riding on a Rapidash sideways with a Bulbasaur on her lap, was girl named Victoria. She had just finished her journey through the Kanto region and was already on the move towards new adventure, this time in Johto. After hearing from Professor Oak that the trip from Kanto to Johto wasn't long, Victoria wasted no time at all and got on the road as soon as she could. Her plan was the same as her journeys through other regions. Battle the Gyms, collect their Gym Badges, and enter the league.

After stopping at the top of the Tohjo Falls, Victoria could see New Bark Town being not too far off. "There it is!" She said to her Pokémon, "New Bark Town! We're almost there!" She then looked down at her Bulbasaur with a smile. "Aren't you excited to start our new journey?" She asked the grass-type.

Bulbasaur looked up at his trainer before happily saying, "Bulbasaur~!"

Victoria turned to her Rapidash and patted his neck. "Let's go! Not much father now," she said to her fire-type.

Rapidash neighed happily before proceeding to trot down the Tohjo Falls and gallop along the path to New Bark Town.
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Storm had to chase after his sister, as she ran ahead to the professor's lab. He followed with Frost in his arms, and Dawn beside him. Dawn was his espeon, who had just been reunited with after he called his parents.

Dawn was a happy pokemon, and was glad to sense that there were other eevultions in the area. When she spotted them, she ran over to greet the three. Her tail was flicking back and forth to show that she was happy.

Alice was excited, she really wanted to get to the lab to get her pokedex. "Come on Storm, we have to get there soon, or all of the pokedexs will be gone." She was followed by a small eevee, who seemed to be wanting to rush ahead, but was waiting for the right time to do so.

"They are professor's Alice, I am sure that they will have pokedexs there. I do not think that they will just give them all away." Storm did finally catch up with Alice who slid to a stop next to a boy with his raboot. It was a bit comical as she brought up a lot of dust as she stopped.

Storm straightened up his skirt, and walked up to his sister. "Really Alice, it does not take long to walk the route. You did not have to run like you did." He gave his sister a look.

"Oh come it is exciting. I am going to get my pokedex. This is going to be a lot of fun. I can not wait to meet new friends on this trip." With this the eevee rushed into the lab. The small pokemon was just as impatient as her trainer. "Hey wait for me!" With that Alice rushed into the lab where she found Eevee at the feet of Professor Elm.

Storm sighed, and said. "Sisters." And followed her inside. He loved his sister, but she was a bit to hyper for her own good sometimes.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Professor Elm was piling some books when he noticed he had been competent dismissing three people that were just in his lab. Elm turned around to face them as he then proceeded to accidentally drop the books he was holding.

“Really sorry about that, I was a bit caught up in tidying, and a bit of research too.” He explained as he adjusted his glasses and smiled at the three.”
“Anyways I’m Professor Elm, is there anything I could do to help?”

As soon as Elm asked the question, Yohei burst through the doors, panting after he had been sprinting to the lab. “Sorry if I’m late.”

“No, no. Your on time actually. Though you’ll have to bare with me while I find out what these three are looking for.” Elm told Yohei as he looked in their direction.

Yohei then took a seat, looking in at one of the guy’s pokemon. “Wow, never seen one of those before.”


Previously AceTrainerGold
“Ah So your Jake then.” Elm muttered as he smiled back at Jake. “Magnolia did tell me that you’d be arriving here, so I should’ve probably knew it was you.” Elm then walked closer over to Jake, “So Jake, what was it that you wanted to do while hear in Johto, anything in particular?” Elm asked as he adjusted his glasses yet again.

Yohei’s gaze was still fixed on this Jake guy’s Pokemon, he hadn’t seen one before. “He said he was from Galar. Maybe that’s why this Pokemon’s unknown to me, but it does look really cool.”
"Professor, I am here with my sister. This will be her first journey, and she needs to get her first pokedex. My name is Storm Cromwell by the way. This is my sister Alice." Storm stood with Frost on his shoulder. It seemed that the ice type was content to be surrounded by hair. She was calm and was glad to know that her trainer was with her.

Alice stood rocking from one foot to the next. She had scooped up eevee as she was almost squished by the books that fell. She really was glad to know that her brother was with her. She hoped that the other trainers were just as nice.
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Previously AceTrainerGold
Elm took another look at Jake, “Ah that’s what it was, where is that egg now?” He asked himself as he then noticed on a table in its little incubator. He then picked it up and took it over to Jake. “Now, considering you want to go on your own journey, I’m gonna give you this egg to take care of, so make sure you do that please.” He said as he then passed it to Jake.

He then turned to Storm and Alice as he mentioned about a pokedex and this being his sisters first journey. “Ah I see. Funnily this young man right here will also be starting his journey today.” He stayed as he pointed towards Yohei.

Elm then pulled a pokedex out of his pocket and passed it onto Alice. “And here is your pokedex, it will be very useful on your journey, it will you fill you in with information about any Pokemon.”


Previously EeviumZ
Suddenly, two girls burst into the lab, one younger, one older. The older had a Rapidash at her side, the younger was clutching an incubator with a small pink Egg contained within.
"Excuse me! Is it too late for her to get a starter?" the older asked, gesturing to the younger girl. The younger girl said nothing, shifting on her feet shyly. She held her incubator, the egg inside shaking slightly.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Yohei jumped as the two girls just bursted into the lab so abruptly. “I better get there first to get my starter, they just came in and I’ve been waiting!”

“Of course, we still have all starters waiting here, so you’ve got the full selection to pick from.” Elm said as he gestured for Yohei to come up to where the starters were kept as well.

Yohei got out of his seat and went over to where Elm was. “This is it, I’m gonna get my first pokemon. I wonder who I should choose...”
After traveling through what was left of Route 27, Victoria lightly patted Rapidash's neck, telling him to slow down. The fire-type slowed down once they were outside of New Bark Town and proceeded to walk into it. "We're here," Victoria said as they entered the town. She looked around as she continued to ride her Rapidash. "This town is just as small and peaceful as Pallet Town," she said as she looked before her eyes locked onto a building that resembles a Pokémon lab, which a lot of people were enter.

Rapidash stopped on its track to look at the building that Victoria was looking at. Bulbasaur too turned his attention towards the building.

"That must be Professor Elm's lab, the one Professor Oak told us about," Victoria concluded, "And from the looks of things, they're probably new trainers who are about to about to obtain their first Pokémon and begin their journeys." She then recalled back to when she went out on her first journey. Though the circumstances leading up to her first journey weren't exactly pleasant to say the least, as she basically ran away from home due to some issues she had with her parents, it was still memorable nonetheless. "Wasn't exactly easy for me to get started on mine, but fortunately, all those issues are in the past now," she said to herself. She patted Rapidash's neck again, and the fire-type resumed walking through the town.
Sean peeked over JC's shoulder and saw more kids piling into Professor Elm's lab. What was going on? His train of thought was broken when the masked woman explained her Umbreon'a behavior. He smiled and then that smile became wider as he realized that this Umbreon may have a thing for Joltz after all. Then he felt stupid. He hadn't asked for a name, yet.

"Oh, uh, sorry for not introducing myself. I'm Sean. The Jolteon is Joltz and the Leafeon is Arboria."

Meanwhile, Joltz was just super happy that Blue had accepted him. He barked happily before head butting her lightly, then began to run around in circles around her, then began barking some more. <She likes me! She likes me! She likes me!>
She noticed the trainers going into the lab caused the noise. "It's probably need trainers waiting to get their starter Pokemon which is why it is so busy there...I don't have to worry because I already received my starter before hand and is already at her second evolution" she said before shaking her head. "I'm JC and as I said this is Blue my partner with three others still in their Luxruy balls" she explained. Blue blushed lightly before seeing Joltz run around her in circles. "Umbreon..." She said before her playful side came in and started to chase the Jolteon in circles. " Breon! Umbre!" She smiled playing with him. "There she goes being playful now..." She chuckled to herself. @Merciless Medic
Joltz barked happily, harmless sparks flying off his spikes and a crackling noise could be heard from him. Regardless, he quickly turned around to playfully paw at Blue, only to crouch half his body down with his front legs extended, panting happily.

Sean chuckled. "Well then. What other Pokemon do you have? I have several more Pokemon at the Professor's Lab back in Kanto, but I only took the two with me. I haven't been to Johto before and I'm wanting to travel about and do the gym challenge before I complete my gym challenge in Kanto. What brings you to Johto?"


Previously AceTrainerGold
Elm looked at the two new trainers and then opened up the three pokeballs in front of him. “You will have to choose one of these three pokemon.”

Elm pointed towards the first pokemon in line, “This is Chikorita, the leaf pokemon. Chikorita here is a grass type.” Elm said as the Chikorita cheerily danced around.
“And here’s Cyndaquil, a fire type. Commonly known as the fire mouse pokemon.” Cyndaquil’s flame lit up on its back as Yohei’s eyes became fixated onto it.
“And finally here we have Totodile, the big jaw pokemon, who is a water type.”

Elm then took a breath before smiling. “So what will be your choice?”
"While it would be nice to meet Professor Elm, he seems a bit preoccupied at the moment," Victoria said, "We could come back another time." As Rapidash continued to take them through town, they passed by two people conversing with each other. One was a masked person with a shiny Umbreon, and a male with a Jolteon and Leafeon. Victoria took note of them as they passed by.

Soon they reached the town's exit that leads to Route 29, and that was when Victoria patted Rapidash's neck to tell him to stop. She got off, as did Bulbasaur, and proceeded to pet the fire-type's head. "This is far enough, we'll just walk from here. Thank you so much for the transportation," she said with a smile, which Rapidash neighed happily in response, "Now get some well deserved rest." She returned the fire-type to his Pokéball and looked down at Bulbasaur. "Shall we?" She said to the grass-type before entering Route 29.

"Bulba!" Bulbasaur said happily before proceeding to follow his trainer.
It had been a few days since Rick arrived in Johto. He ignored New Bark Town completely, instead going for the closest route, Route 29. He did not feel like getting a starter and he also thought he had no need for a pokedex. He and his trusty Scyther walked over the beautiful grass.

"According to this map, Cherrygrove City is just around the corner," he told the Scyther while he clutched the map in his hands.

"But first, let's train a little bit more," he saw a Pidgey at the distance, atop a tree branch. "Our first opponent," he said ordering Scyther to attack it.
She looked to Sean. "Well, I originally came from Alola and I am actually the Alola Champion so after I did become the Champion, I decided to travel to Johto with Blue and start new, I left I believe four of my team members back in Alola since they are my champion team but I had kept one of them to tag along with Blue and I, which I will show now" she said pulling out three Luxury balls until they popped open revealing an Absol, Bayleaf, and a Nickit. "These three girls are my four other team members, Blade the Absol here was the one that was part of my Alolan team but I decided to bring her along with me since she is Blue's best friend, the Bayleaf is Flore which I had received from Professor Elm when she was a Chikorita but had evolved over time and with well good training and last but not least, Pheora the Nickit. She originates from the Galar region, pure dark type" she explained. "But the reason was that I wanted to start a different path to become a Pokemon Master in Dark types" she said as the girls looked to Sean with curiosity.

Blue followed with her play stance to Joltz as she leaped over him before playfully tackling him from behind before grabbing his ear tugging at it playfully while she stood above him. @Merciless Medic
As Sean was listening to JC, he saw a lady on a Rapidash and a bug catcher looking young man walking past them to get to Route 29. He took a moment to glance in their direction behind his shoulder before returning to the conversation.

"The Alola Champion?" He said amazed. He was in the presence of a Champion? This was incredible. How come he had never heard of Alola before? Nonetheless, he was amazed. When JC revealed the rest of her Pokemon, he was even more amazed. He had never seen these Pokemon before. He pulled up his Pokedex and scanned them all, including Blue. He was more interested in the Bayleef, since she was part-Grass, while the other two were fascinating, yet they weren't his preference. Knelt down on one knee and offered his hand for them to smell and so he could pet them. "What were the other four? Not gonna lie, you got me hooked."

Sean took notice of the Espeon walking towards them and he smiled at her. "Hey, girl, what's up?"

Meanwhile, Joltz was having the time of his life. He watched as Blue jumped over him and tackled him to the ground before chomping on his ear. He barked a little from surprise before he tried to get back at her by going for the paws or ears. He didn't notice the Espeon had come upon them. He did about two minutes later as he was trying futilely to get away from under Blue and get back at her. He barked at Dawn happily, wanting to play with her, too. But now he was stuck. He liked the Shiny Umbreon and the Espeon was also cute. But now he was stuck about which to choose as his mate. He mentally cursed himself for being monogamous, but most Pokemon wouldn't like to be in a polygamous relationship anyway. He seemed to be deep in thought, but the smile didn't falter from his face.

Arboria was getting bored when the humans were talking and the brother-like Jolteon was playing with a potential mate. Even the other three Pokemon didn't look all that interesting to her. She began wandering around and away from the group, enjoying the breeze and sunlight hitting her leafy body. She was more interested about what was going on in the Pokemon Lab.

She trotted over to the door and slinked inside, as it was left open. The first thing she saw were legs. Many legs. There was a lot of people here. She walked up to them, seeing the many faces and Pokemon. She had never seen whatever kind of red and white, fiery rabbit Pokemon this boy had (Raboot), but that was interesting. There were two girls, one had a pink egg while the other had a Rapidash. Then there was another boy closer to the front, and a girl more towards the back of the group, huffing and puffing. She then saw a boy and a girl, the girl with an Eevee and the boy with an icy fox that reminded her of a Vulpix. That reminded her that she had seen an Espeon outside.

(@LunarSilvally, @EmoKitty21)
Dawn gave a smile at Sean, it was a soft smile. Though those who knew here would know that she had a gleam in her eye that spelled out mischief for others. She looked to the two pokemon playing, and wanted to join.

Dawn looked to Blue and gave her a wink. She hoped the dark type would understand her, as she lept into the fray. She had watched the two for a moment, before she made her move. She rushed forward, and tumbled into the electric type. She sent herself forward in a roll in an atempt to pin the male down. She looked to Blue for a moment to see if she would help her pin the male eevultion down. (@LunarSilvally)

Storm smiled as his sister took the pokedex with a lot of excitement. He was happy that she was so happy with her choice of going to Johto for her first journey. He was glad he had been able to get away to go with her.

Alice took the pokedex with excitement. It was a light green color, which she loved. She placed it carefully in her pocket, hugged her eevee close. Eevee was a bit happy and jumped down to the ground. She done a bit jumping back and forth before she jumped into the air, and high fived Alice with her tail.

Alice and Storm stood back to give the new trainers room to pick their first pokemon. That is when the two noticed the leafeon that had come in. Storm knelt down to her level, and begun to speak to her. "Hey there girl are you lost? Would you like some help finding something or someone?" He held out his hand for her to sniff. (@Merciless Medic)
She just gave a chuckle. "These are all the girls I have now but I was planning on adding an electric type to my team for the first gym since I did some research that he has flying type Pokemon which I would have to search for but that won't be a problem for me" she said noticing an Espeon come over to join them pinning the Jolteon down as she just chuckled. Blade, Flora, and Pheora approached Sean curiously all sniffing him. Pheora was the first to nudge his hand allowing him to pet her whilte Flora smiled to Sean but Blade was a bit hesitant to approach further then she had too so kept distance. "Blade is a bit hesitant when meeting others...she wasn't treated well from her previous trainer due to her title but...she will eventually come around once she sees you are not a bad person" she advised. Blue saw the Espeon look to her by winking, she wasn't the mischief type so smirked before getting into a pounding position and leaped at the Espeon tackling her off of Joltz before playfully pulling at her ear. @Merciless Medic @EmoKitty21


Previously AceTrainerGold
It didn’t take long for Yohei to make his choice. Cyndaquil just caught his eye instantly, he had always been a big fan of fire types.

“Professor I’d like to take Cyndaquil!” He exclaimed as Elm then picked up Cyndaquil and gave it Yohei along with it’s pokeball.

Elm then noticed yet another young girl enter the lab and he signalled for her to come over to where the pokemon were.
“Yes we still have some left, but this young girl here will be making her choice first if that’s alright.”


Previously EeviumZ
The older girl motioned Sylvia forward, smiling warmly. The younger girl carefully handed her incubator to the older, and approached the two remaining Pokemon.

She hadn't known who she was going to pick at all before this. She'd seen all three species come through her parents daycare, so she was very familiar with all of them. Despite this, she felt drawn to the Chikorita, walking towards it.

Finally, for the first time, she spoke in a light voice. "Hi Chikorita... Would you like to come with me?" she asked shyly.
The grass-type seemed more than pleased, leaping forward and directly into the teen's arms. The girl couldn't help but laugh, her smile lighting up the room.

"I'd like to take Chikorita, please," she said, turning to the Professor. She was beaming with joy, as was the Chikorita in her arms.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Professor Elm smiles at both Sylvia and Yohei as they had both chose their starter. “Excellent! They both suit you perfectly!” He said as he then averted his attention to Skylar.

“So would you like to take this Totodile?” He asked as he pointed to Totodile.

Yohei looked at Sylvia’s Chikorita, “Gotta say your Chikorita’s pretty cute.” He said with a grin.
Once again, the doors of Professor Elm's lab burst open.
"Sorry I'm late", Eliot said, before noticing how crowded the place actually was.
He was gasping for air and he was covered in sweat from running through the town. However, a smile appeared on his face when he noticed all the different kinds of Pokémon in the room.
"I'm here to pick up my pokédex, as we talked about over the phone", he told Professor Elm.
Then he turned to the rest of the trainers around him.
"Would it be okay if I took a picture of all of you and your Pokémon together?", he asked while already getting his camera out of his backpack before they could answer.