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Ask to Join Journey through Johto!

While listening to Jake, Victoria dropped her head to the egg's level and looked at it with intrigued eyes. "Oh, I see," she said while looking at the egg, "Wow. Wonder what it will hatch into."

Bulbasaur looked at the egg as well and was wondering the same thing.

Victoria brought her head back up with a smile. "It was very thoughtful of her to give you a chance to go on a journey," she said.
Joltz quickly moved about with Quick Attack, but a Psychic causes him to wobble in his movements, causing him to fall. Suddenly, a shockwave of energy could be seen as it advanced towards Joltz with immense power and speed. He jumped up to avoid the Giga Impact, and attempted to land on Dawn, kicking his legs downwards in a Double Kick attack, his legs crackling with more electricity.
Dawn was about to Joltz, and then collided into a tree that was nearby. It did not bother the pokemon who where in the tree, but it did stun Dawn, and cause her to be hit by one of the kicks. Though she was able to get out of the way for the others. With quick thinking, Dawn used quick attack, and was able to run up in the same tree that she had hit previously, she jumped from one tree top to the next to confuse Joltz.
"Yeah, really was..." Jake smiled and nodded, as he carefully tucked the incubator back in his backpack.

"It might be the fact that I'm from a different region entirely, but all of Johto's pokemon are really cool to me." He chuckled lightly as he looked at a group of Sentret that was currently searching for food.

"So...where you headed?" Jake asked her curiously.

"I thought I would get some stuff in Cherrygrove, then head out to the next town..." He said as he stretched, and looked around.
"I understand what you mean," Victoria said as she too turned to the group of Sentret, "There are many Johto Pokémon that I've either hardly ever seen or never seen at all. That's one of the reasons why I love traveling to other regions. It's fun being surrounded by Pokémon you're not use to seeing in your native region."

She then turned back to Jake after hearing his question. "What a coincidence. I'm heading to Cherrygrove City as well," she said to him, "I was planning to stop by at the Pokémon Center, get some supplies, and then head to Violet City, where I'm going to get my first gym badge." Just thinking about getting her first Johto gym badge is already getting her a bit excited.
"Oh, cool," Jake smiled.

"I know challenging the gyms are popular, but to be honest I don't think it's for me," he said sheepishly.

"I wanna hopefully be a researcher...' he said and cleared his throat.

"What pokemon do you have besides Bulbasaur?" He asked curiously, as he bent down to study the grass type with a small smile. He wanted to pet it, but didn't wanna do it if it made the pokemon uncomfortable or something.
Joltz landed and watched as Dawn was jumping from tree top to tree top. It wasn't really confusing him, he was using his ears to pinpoint which tree she was in. Then, he had a bright idea. Electrocute all the trees! The Pokemon in the trees don't exist, right?

Sean could see the bright idea emerge on Joltz's face and yelled out a warning. "Wait, Joltz, stop!"

He was too late.

Joltz unleashed a powerful Discharge, electrocuting all the trees in front of him. Of course, some Wild Pokemon got hit and were not happy with him in the slightest. While some Hoothoot and Spearow flew off because they were too damaged, others like a mob of Heracross, Aipom, Exeggcute fell from the trees to yell at Joltz. A large group of Pineco fell towards Joltz, who then quickly dodged them as they used Self-Destruct at the wrong time, missing him completely, but knocking themselves out in the process. They laid there unconscious, while Joltz was backing up with his ears pointing back in embarrassment and disappointment in himself.

He looked up at the trees to find Dawn for help, even though his idea brought this mess upon them. He whimpered at the Wild Pokemon, trying to apologize, but they weren't having it.

Suddenly, the Heracross' horns began glowing green, Aipoms' tails began glowing white, and the Exeggcutes' eyes began glowing blue. Joltz used Discharge again, but the Exeggcute brought up a Light Screen to lessen the attack. The Heracross charged forward with Megahorn while the Aipom rushed in with Swift and Double Slap.
Jake heard the loud sounds of electricity on trees, saw a sudden group of Spearow and Pidgey quickly fly away overhead, followed by multiple Self-Destructs. Exclusively in that order.

He looked around and blinked.

"....huh. Wonder what the heck set that off," he said with a raised eyebrow.

He then shrugged it off.

"Eh. Probably nothing." He said and looked back at Victoria.

Dawn knew what was about to happen when the wind suddenly changed. She jumped out of the tree in time to see it lit up with electric power. She rushed forward, and stood in front of Joltz. She spoke in a harsh tone to the gathered pokemon. "It was stupid of Joltz to do that, but you guys need to stop. I will not hesitate to take you guys on. This was all a misunderstanding, so go back to your homes, and I will deal with Joltz."
Joltz watched as Dawn stood up for him, but the Pokemon were not having it. Why have a Pokemon fight for them when they could plenty well do it themselves? Some of the Pokemon directed their attacks towards Dawn while others tried to get behind Dawn and attack Joltz.

Feeling threatened, Joltz growled loudly and barked, his remorse gone. Now he had to protect Dawn.

Sean felt a little helpless, but saw Joltz and Dawn were taking care of this themselves. So he stood back to watch.

Joltz's fur spiked up and out came Pin Missile towards the Exeggcute, knocking them out in one hit. As the Aipom rushed in at Dawn, Joltz jumped ahead of Dawn and used his hind legs to kick at them, using Double Kick to knock them out and send them running.

The Heracross were the ones that were left.
One of the Aipom, however, stayed back in the trees and watched as his compatriots were easily repelled.

He decided to not get kicked away like them, and swung away.

He saw Jake, Victoria, Bulbasaur and Sonny from afar, and tilted his head to the side, as he hung upside down from a branch by his tail.

He looked at Jake and Sonny's backs (they were facing away from the monkey) specifically, and took notice of their obvious differences from your average Johtonian resident.
"A researcher? My that's quite a goal," Victoria said and heard Jake ask if she had any other Pokémon, "Well, I-..." Before she could answer his question, she too heard the loud sounds and explosions and looked around as well, seeing the only the Spearow and Pidgey flying overhead. She decided to shrug it off as well since it didn't sound like it was near their location.

She turned back to Jake. "As I was saying.... Actually, why don't I show you instead?" She said before pulling out two Pokéballs. A regular Pokéball on one hand, and a Safari Ball on the other. She tossed the two balls up in the air, and both opened to let out the Pokémon inside. The regular Pokéball let out her Rapidash, and the Safari Ball let out a Chansey.

Rapidash neighed happily, and Chansey cried out cheerfully right after, "Chansey~!"

"I caught these two while traveling through Kanto," Victoria said with a smile before pulling out one more Pokéball, "And then I caught this one just today." She threw the ball up and out came the Hoothoot, who proceeded to land into her arms.

"Hoothoot," the flying-type said.
Jake's eyes widened, and he soon grinned in excitement.

"Ooh! Chansey aren't in Galar! We have Rapidash, but they look really different!" He said with a grin, and studied the two closely.

"We don't have a Safari Zone either...well...we KINDA do. But its...like twenty timed bigger and called the Wild Area. We use regular pokeballs and battle the pokemon too. I should know, my dad works there. My mom works at the local Pokemon Center..." he admitted with a small chuckle.

"That's where the rest of my pokemon are, either in my parents' house, exploring town, or roaming around the Wild Area..."

Sonny jumped down from his trainer's shoulders and looked at the strange pokemon with a raised eyebrow, his paws currently tucked away in his "pockets".

Jake quickly scanned Bulbasaur, Chansey and Rapidash into his pokedex as Sonny looked them over.
Dawn was not about to let the pokemon attack them as she and Joltz were attacked. She used telekinesis to throw the haracross into the trees that they had just came from. She would not take the aggressiveness from the pokemon that felt that they could bully the two as their were more of them. Dawn kept up with the move to keep them at bay. She looked to Joltz to make sure he was ok. "Are you ok Joltz?"
Victoria couldn't help but giggle a bit as she watched Jake become obsessed over her Pokémon. "I'm flattered you find my Pokémon fascinating," she said and listened to him talk about his home, "Galar.... Is that the region you're from?"

Bulbasaur, Rapidash, and Chansey simply just watched Jake obsessing over them. As the boy scanned them with his Pokédex, Bulbasaur noticed that Sonny was looking at them as well. "Bulba?" He said while tilting his head a bit like last time.
"Saur," Bulbasaur said with a smile and brought out a Vine Whip to wave back at Sonny.

"I see. I can't say that I've ever heard of Wedgehurst, or of Galar," Victoria said, "Since we're sharing where we are from, I'm from the Kalos region, Lumiose City to be exact. It's one of the biggest cities, if not the biggest, in the region."
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"Same here," Victoria replied with a smile, "Although I haven't seen much of Johto, I'm enjoying what I'm seeing." As much as she's enjoying this conversation, she figured that it was about time to get a move on to Cherrygrove City, which then led to an idea come to her mind. "Say, since we're both heading in the same direction, maybe we can travel to Cherrygrove together?" She suggested, "That is if you don't mind."
Victoria giggled a bit at Jake's remark towards Sonny. "Just give me one second," she said before returning her Pokémon, except for Bulbasaur, back into their Pokéballs.

Once she was done, Victoria turned back to Jake with a smile. "Shall we get going?" She asked, ready to get back on the road to Cherrygrove.

Bulbasaur was ready to get back on the move as well.
Joltz saw Dawn repelling the Heracross. Some gave up and ran for the tree tops. Others still tried. Joltz ran them off with a Thunderbolt, knocking them out or sending them running.

As soon as the coast was clear, Joltz and Sean sighed in relief in unison. Joltz looked over to Dawn, guilt written all over his face, as it was very evident that was he was beating himself up about it. <I'm sorry, Dawn. That was so stupid of me. But I'm good. Are you?>

Sean chuckled as he shook his head in disbelief. He looked over to Storm with a worried look, wondering if his Jolteon acted out in any way.
Victoria turned to Jake as she walked with him. "Since earlier today," she replied, "I actually came here immediately after finishing my journey in Kanto. Professor Oak told me that the trip from Kanto to Johto wouldn't take long, so naturally I wasted no more time in coming here."

Bulbasaur walked beside Sonny as he followed Victoria and Jake.
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At last, Rick had finally arrived at Cherrygrove City. He took a big breath before running towards the nearest Pokemon Center. He walked up to the nurse lady that was in the front and took out his pokeball.

"Excuse me, can you heal my pokemon?" he asked her.

"Why of course," she said taking his Scyther, "it will only be a moment.

Rick took a seat near the entrance of the Pokemon Center to wait for the nurse to finish healing his pokemon.
Dawn walked up to Joltz and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "I am just fine. Next time think with your head though." With that she popped him in the head with the end of her tail. She had a smirk on her face as she walked up to Storm, Alice, and Sean.

"Don't worry. Dawn is able to make her own choices. She is an amazing pokemon, and by the looks of things, she has decided that Joltz is a good one to have around."

Alice and Eevee were thrilled with the battle. She was hopping from one foot to the next. She almost threw out a pokeball to catch one of the Aipom, but decided against it. Though she did decide to run up to Sean. "Your Jolteon was amazing. You really gave my brother a run for his money. I hope that you get to finish your battle one day."
Once they've arrived in Cherrygrove City, Victoria directed her attention at the Pokémart that Jake was motioning towards. "Sure," she said, "Then we'll head to the Pokémon Center." She then proceeded to entered the mart, with Bulbasaur following her inside.

After entering, Victoria began to browse around the mart, looking at the various items that are for sale.
"Its weird to me...pokemon centers in Galar have little areas off to the side that are our pokemarts. We don't have pokemarts in their own buildings," he said in a bit of awe, as he looked around at the inside of the store.

"It's cool to see, though..." he added as he glanced over at the magazine section.

"What are yours like in Kalos?"
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Joltz blushed red with slight embarrassment, but even more so when he got bopped on the head. Still, instead of feeling bad, he smirked at her comment and her smirk. At least she didn't reprimand him, but at least she saw how stupid it was. Feeling much better, he returned to Sean's side, feeling much better and his electricity was under more control now.

With Alice running up to Sean, he just smiled as she looked up at him with an awe look in her eyes, and her voice carried excitement. He looked up to Storm and smirked before looking back at Alice replying, "Oh, we'll finish our battle sooner than you think. I think Joltz really appreciated that compliment." He looked at Joltz to see him beaming up at Alice with pride, before returning to look at Alice. "For now, we need to get out of here, so we can start getting badges. I'm assuming you're his sister? Alice, yes? And this is your Eevee?"
"We have our Pokémon Centers and Marts together as well in Kalos," Victoria said as she proceeded to grab some Hyper Potions and Full Restores, "I too was a bit surprised when I found out some regions had the two separate. The first time I saw a Pokémart have it's own building was when I was traveling in Hoenn."

As Victoria was picking out items, Bulbasaur grabbed a Full Heal with its Vine Whip and handed it to his trainer, "Bulbasaur."

"Oh, yes, thank you Bulbasaur," she said, taking the Full Heal, "We'll need some of those too."
"I don't need much...definitely need some more pokeballs, just in case though," he said as he grabbed five pokeballs from a barrel full of them, before he walked around the store, and searched for anything else he needed.

"What regions have you been too?" He asked her curiously, and glanced at Sonny, who leaned against the barrel in wait.

Sonny looked over at a rack of accessories for pokemon to wear. Hats, neckerchiefs, etc.

"See one yout want?" Jake looked down at him.

"....rab." Sonny shook his head, after he studied the entire selection.

"Alright," Jake shrugged.
"Well, other than traveling through Kanto, I've also traveled through Kalos, Unova, and Hoenn," Victoria said while grabbing the last of what she needed. She then went up to the counter and set down the items. Fifteen Hyper Potions, ten Full Restores, and ten Full Heals.

"That'll be 54,000 Pokédollars," the cashier said.

Victoria then went on to pay for the items in cash. Once she was done with her purchase, she proceeded to put away the items in her bag. "I'm good on Pokéballs, so I'll hold off on buying any," she said after she finished putting her items away.
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"Alright," Jake nodded, as he paid for the pokeballs and followed her, and attached the balls to his belt.

Once outside, he looked around.

The Aipom suddenly leapt out of the trees at him and Sonny.

Jake yelped in suprise, and stumbled.

The Aipom grinned widely, and waved its tailarm.

"Ooh, an Aipom! We don't have these in Galar," Jake said excitedly.

"I think it wants to fight, Sonny, go ahead!" Jake said, and Sonny hopped forward.

The Aipom charged forward, and jumped into the air, and shot Swift at Sonny.

Sonny quickly rolled to the side, and blasted an Ember at the monkey, who covered himself and took the hit with his tail.

Aipom ran forward, and used Double Hit.

Sonny fell backward, and stood.

He used Flame Wheel, and took the Aipom by surprise.

Aipom slammed against a nearby tree, as his eyes turned into a pair of swirls.

Jake quickly deattached an empty pokeball and tossed it at the pokemon.

Aipom was sucked inside, as the pokeball landed on the ground.

Once. Twice. Three times. Click.

Jake grinned widely, and scooped up the pokeball.

"Been a while since I've caught a pokemon, forgot how it felt," he said happily to Sonny and Victoria, as he attached the now full pokeball to his belt again.
After stepping out of the Pokémart, Victoria was startled by the sudden appearance of a wild Aipom. "Oh my goodness!" She said after being startled. As Jake battled the Aipom, Victoria pulled out her Pokédex and scanned the Aipom.

"Aipom, the long tail Pokémon. It lives atop tall trees. When leaping from branch to branch, it deftly uses its tail for balance."

Victoria watched as Jake proceeded to catch the Aipom. "Catching a new Pokémon is always exciting," she said with a smile, "Congratulations!" As she was about to put her Pokédex away, a detail about Aipom managed to catch her eye. "Now that's odd," she said as she turned her attention back at her Pokédex, "If I'm not mistaken, one of the moves that Aipom used earlier was Double Hit. It says here that Aipom should've evolved into Ambipom immediately after learning it. I wonder why it hasn't."
Alice smiled as she begun to pet Eevee. She loved the small fox more then she could anything, well except for Sass, who was in her pokeball at the moment. "Yes this is my best friend Eevee. She is actually Dawn's little sister." With that Eevee made her way up to Alice's head to have a better look at the new person. She really liked his battle style, so she nodded in approval.

Storm smiled at his sister. He was glad to see that she was being better behaved then she normally was. It was a matter of time before she started running around again. He crossed his arms, and looked to Sean. Storm had a smirk on his face one that matched that of Dawn. He was glad to see that the guy was good with his kid sister as he would have to rethink the budding crush with the guy.
"Sure," Jake smiled and nodded.

"I'm curious as to what they look like on the inside, considering i have my mom's pokemon center back home memorized," he chuckled as they walked in.

Sonny looked around with a raised eyebrow as they walked in.

"Wow...kinda cool," Jake said as he stopped, and blinked in suprise
Rick was sitting down when the Nurse called his name. He stood up and went over to the counter.

"Here are your pokemon," she handed him the pokeball containing Scyther.

"Thanks, miss," he said happily. He walked over towards the exit, ready to start his journey officially.