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Ask to Join Journey through Johto!

He looked at her. "Sort of," he said, "I was in school until I was ten years old. I went on an adventure in Kanto, but I lost all the gym battles there. After two years, I came here to challenge the Johto gyms, and prove everyone who doubted me, that I can win!" he raised his fist in the air with a smile.
Dawn was a bit smaller then your average espeon, so her weight was not that much. Deciding that she wanted to rest on Joltz, she curled herself into a ball, and laid there. "When you want me to get off, just say so, and I will."

"Maybe I will give you a live show Sean. I would love to hear what you think of my music." Storm had a small smile that reached his eyes. His eyes seemed to sparkle as the looked into the eyes of the young man beside him. He smiled even more when he was sweet to Alice.

Alice was ecstatic when she heard what Sean said about her dream. It made her smile, and caused Eevee, to basically pound her paws into Alice's head. "Hey don't beat me up Eevee, you are going knock something loose in there."
Dante slid down onto Jake's backpack from his shoulders and rested his head on his hands as he looked down at Bulbasaur and Sonny, and latched a foot onto the backpack's handle.

<Sooo.. ya got a name? How'd you and her meet? What's it like in Kalos?> the Aipom asked the grass type starter curiously, as he tilted his head to the side and swished his tail behind him.

Sonny blinked and looked at Bulbasaur with a raised eyebrow.

<Yeah...not gonna lie, I'm a bit curious too.> Sonny added, as he walked with his semi-large rabbit feet.
Joltz's body buzzed with excitement and slight nerves. She was resting on him? Was he that comfortable? Never in his years of living did he think he was a bed. He held his head high and proud, his fur softening and managed to keep himself from building up too much static charge. Even though he had done much more in his life, being something as comfortable as a pillow for the normally sensitive Espeon felt amazing; empowering even. He nodded at her statement and walked as smoothly as he could beside Arboria, who was shorter than the average Leafeon, being 2'07" instead of 3'03". The Verdant Pokemon just looked at Joltz and Dawn with curiosity and amusement before looking straight ahead.

Cherrygrove City was upon them as they walked into the city.

Sean smiled at the idea of watching Storm perform. For some reason, the very idea made his cheeks lightly dusted with pink. In his years of living, he never had fallen so hard for anyone, let alone realize he was interested in the same gender. But the idea didn't bother him. What did bother him was what his dad was going to think, since he knew his mom wouldn't care and would actually support him. He couldn't help but think a bit too much about him and Storm, but that was interrupted when he heard Alice telling her Eevee to stop pressing her head.

Sean was about to joke about a little, but wasn't sure if they would appreciate the joke. Well, if it came to that, he'd apologize and offer not to say such jokes. Besides, finding the border of what was acceptable and not was what one should do in a relationship or a friendship with anyone, or else they would be walking on eggshells too much and get stressed.

He decided to change his joke to be less mean, as they had just met and it wouldn't be very nice to jab at Storm's sister that harshly after meeting them in the last half an hour or more, especially to a sister of a guy he liked. He looked at Alice and her Eevee and smirked, the corner of his lips visible by the two companions he was with was curling up in a silly, teasing smile. Instead of going with 'knock what loose?' he had said the following:

"Yes, Eevee, we wouldn't want to lose her marbles all over the floor. That'd be a mess."

He looked to Storm with that same smirk and a mischievous look in his eyes, but also a sense of approval. He really hoped he didn't cross the line with the joke, although there should be no line that this joke should cross. But he had bad experiences with people's siblings and his father especially.
Storm knew exactly what Sean had done. He had seen this many times before. He took a very dramatic step back, and waited. What he waited for was Sass, who emerged by her trainer. Sass was a Snivy, and very protective of her trainer. With little effort, she shot out four vines, to try and hold him upside down in the air. "Yeah that is Sass. She is very protective of Alice, as you can see."

Sass had a very stern look to her. She knew that the guy probably meant it playfully, but she wanted to make sure that he knew that the girl was protected. "Now I do not mind the playful jab, but Sass can be another story." Storm had to smile, he was glad to know that his sister had such a protective pokemon on her side.

Eevee had stopped beating on Alice, and started laughing when Sass came out. She had always loved it when the grass typr became so protective of their trainer. It seemed that Eevee was cheering Sass on.

Alice however was mortified, she looked to Sean, and then to Sass. "Sass what have I told you about this. You can't keep doing this when someone is making a joke. Now please return your vines. Sean did not mean anything by what he said." Sass grumbled but did release her vines. She did not want to anger her trainer. Though she did give Sean a dirty look.
"I see. I'm sorry to hear that your journey through Kanto didn't go so well, but it's good to see that you aren't letting your defeats prevent you from persevering, " Victoria said with a smile, "So, is Scyther your only Pokémon?"

Bulbasaur looked at Sonny and Dante after hearing them want to know about the grass-type himself. <Well for starters, unlike you two, I don't have a nickname.> Bulbasaur said while walking, <She didn't really see a need for us to have nicknames. Moving on to what Kalos is like, it's completely different to what Kanto and Johto are like. Sure it's got forests and routes like Kanto and Johto, but they're different in their own way. Not to mention the cities. The cities and towns of Kalos are different to those of Kanto and Johto. I guess you could say that Kalos is a bit on the more fancy and sophisticated side. Now....as to how me and Victoria met.... We met a few years ago, just outside of Camphrier Town. She was visiting her grandparents and found me in the wild when I wasn't feeling so well.> The grass-type type looked at his trainer as he remembered their first meeting. He could remember it like it was yesterday.

Victoria was outside of her grandparents' home wandering about, with her Furfrou accompanying her. Around this time she was at the age of thirteen and had not set out on any journeys. She was taking a relaxing stroll with her Furfrou, which came to quick close once the normal-type picked up on something and ran off in its direction. "Furfrou, wait!" Victoria called out and ran after him, taking them just outside of town.

After a bit of running, Victoria caught up to Furfrou and heard him barking, likely trying to tell her to see what he had found. "What is it, Furfrou? What did you find?" She asked. She then looked over to where he was barking at and saw a Bulbasaur collapsed on the ground. "Oh my goodness, a Bulbasaur!" She said and quickly ran over to it to see if it was okay. She got on her knees and slowly picked the grass-type up into her arms.

Bulbasaur slowly opened his eyes before weakly saying, "Bul...ba....suar..."

"What happened to you?" Victoria asked. She then placed her hand on his forehead and felt that it was hot. "You're burning up! We need to get you some help, fast!" She said before getting back up and taking off, "Come on, Furfrou!" Furfrou barked in agreement before racing off after his trainer.

After running back to her grandparents' home, Victoria ran towards her grandmother, who was was watering the flowers and saw her and Furfrou rushing towards her. "Grandmother, please help!" Victoria said, a bit out of breath.

"Oh my, what's wrong, child?" Her grandmother asked.

"We found this Bulbasaur, and I think it has a fever," she said as she looked down at the grass-type.

Her grandmother placed her hand on his forehead and knew Victoria was correct. "Oh dear. Quickly, let's get it inside. I have something that will help it," she said before going in the house with Victoria and Furfrou following her inside.

Bulbasaur snapped out of the memory and looked back at the Aipom and Raboot. <After she found me, she took me back to her grandparents' home and nursed me back to health. Helped me get rid of my fever.> The grass-type said, <I was grateful for their help, and since I had nowhere to go, I decided to be with her. She had me stay with her grandparents to keep them company and look after them. I would see her whenever she would visit, or whenever we visit her. I continued to stay with them even during her journeys. That is until her journey through Kanto.>
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Dante and Sonny blinked and looked at each other.

<...did...she catch any other pokemon?> Sonny asked with a head tilt. <Either way, she sounds really nice.>

<...so are we seriously gonna have to call you 'Bulbasaur' the whole time we travel? If so , no promises I won't think think of any delightfully charming nicknames for you along the way.>
Dante said with a grin.

<....define delightfully charming.> Sonny asked and raised an eyebrow.


The Raboot sighed and rolled his eyes as his new traveling buddy smiled innocently as he looked down at him, <Arceus, this trip is gonna be the death of me...and I thought the guys back home were enough stress...> the fire type said and rubbed his eyes with his paw.
Rick looked at the ground. "Yeah, he is my only partner. But I had other pokemon. I lost my first pokemon in a bet, and after running away I met Scyther, who helped me throughout the time we were together. I caught it the moment I could and have been with him since then," he said.

Violet City was in near view, as Rick was pumped for his first official gym battle in Johto. "Do you have more pokemon?" he asked Victoria.
<She didn't own anymore Pokémon until she started on her first journey, so for a while it was just me and her Furfrou.> Bulbasaur said to Sonny, <But throughout her travels, she did catch many Pokémon. And she is nice, to every one of us. Even to the ones that gave her a hard time at first. I wouldn't trade her for any other trainer in the world.>

Bulbasaur then turned to Dante and heard him say that he may come up with nicknames for him, which didn't leave the grass-type all too thrilled by the way the Aipom said it. <I'm starting to have second thoughts about you.> He couldn't help but say. He then turned to Sonny. <So, what about you? How did you and your trainer meet?> Bulbasaur asked.

"I see. I would never bet any of my Pokémon and risk losing them, but I'm sure you had your reasons," Victoria said, feeling sorry for his loss while also wondering why he would bet off his Pokémon. She saw Violet City come into view and was starting to get a bit excited about challenging the gym. She then turned to Rick after hearing his question, to which she nodded. "I currently have a Rapidash, a Chansey, and a Hoothoot," she answered, "Most of my other Pokémon I've obtained in my travels are back home in Kalos, and I also have three at Professor Oak's laboratory."
"I see," he said, "Sounds cool!" he looked at the city that came into the view. At the farthest, he could see Sprout Tower all the way from the entrance. He turned to face Victoria, "Perhaps one day I will tell you the reasons I bet my partner, but not today," he said rushing into the city, trying to shake off the sadness he had inside of him.
Jake blinked in suprise and watched, but said nothing as he looked at Victoria.

<The usual. Starter trio. Jake said he picked me because we were both shy. Guess he made the right choice...plus...the Grookey and Sobble I was with were too extroverted for me. They were the popular choices, I was the 'class weirdo'...they played with toys with each other, I sat alone and read or enjoyed being alone.> Sonny said as he put his arms behind his head, and yawned a bit.

<Five more pokemon later mixed with an evolution, becoming a Professor's assistant and traveling Galar, and here we are.> he finished and looked at the Bulbasaur.

<Alright, alright, maybe I'll let up...> Dante grumbled a bit, as he flattened his ears and adjusted himself to where he was sat on Jake's backpack, his butt on the bag and faced the other two pokemon.
Jake frowned. "Its alright..." he said comfortingly, as he looked around at the familiar sights of the city. "There's a clothes store...you want me to meet you somewhere, or do you wanna come in with me?" He asked.

"I don't mind either way, but a Raboot and Aipom might not be the best judges of human fashion..." he said playfully with a small smile.

<It's...alright, I guess. There's a huge open area called the Wild Area thats pretty cool and a lot of pokemon live and hang out, Jake's other pokemon included...other then that...everyone talks like me and Jake. Do I have an accent to you?>

Sonny asked.

<Think so. At least...as far as I know. I've never heard anyone else speak like you do. No offense.>

Dante shrugged.
Rick wandered around the city, looking for anything interesting. He saw a Pokemon Center and Pokemon Mart, but avoided those since he didn't need anything from them. He saw at the distance Sprout Tower, but he didn't need the training. He also did not wanted to go into a store full of clothes. He went directly towards the Gym. He thought about what happened awhile ago. "Perhaps I misjudged her," he said to himself.
Sean heard a PokeBall open, apparently by itself, and a Snivy came forth. His interest was piqued at first until he saw the serious attitude he gave. He predicted the vines and jumped back, avoiding them. When he saw they were relentless, he jumped back even further and scrambled up a tree to get to a branch, out of the reach from the Grass Snake Pokemon. He yelled out to the others, hearing what Storm said. "I see that!"

Joltz looked at what was going on and couldn't react right now, as Dawn was on his back and he didn't want to shift too quickly and have her fall off. Of course, his legs were taught, ready to pounce if need be.

Arboria saw immediate competition. She growled at the Snivy and jumped in front of where Sean stood, ready to protect her trainer if it came down to it. She wasn't going to let this little snake even get close. Sean peeked around the corner and saw his Pokemon getting defensive and the Snivy backing down from what Alice was saying. He sighed. That was pretty eventful.

He called out, not wanting to get close, but not wanting Arboria to continue to be this defensive. "Arboria! Please stand down."

The Leafeon did as she was told, but glared daggers at the Snivy. Joltz just sighed in slight annoyance and shook his head.

Seeing the anger was done, Sean came down from the tree, jumping off the tree branch that was seven feet in the air and landed on the ground safely and on both feet. He sighed in relief and wiped off the bark dust and leaves that had happened to cling to his clothes. "Now that was over, I know your Snivy was protecting you and all. My Leafeon is very much the same. Arboria, he was doing his job, like how you do your job to make sure I'm safe, so don't be so mean," he turned to Snivy, ignoring the daggers in the glare that was being thrown at him as he stared the Snivy in the eyes as a show of dominance and strength, showing he had no fear. "And I know you won't believe me, Snivy, and actions do speak louder than words. But I would never hurt Alice, as that is not in my nature. Plus, if I want to make friends, hurting the sibling of the person I want to have as my friend wouldn't do and, by extension, that also ruins a friendship with their sibling," he looked up to Storm as he mentioned this "person" he wanted as a friend, but his eyes said more of course. A light blush crept on his face as he smirked at Storm before looking at Alice. "Nice Snivy you got, though. Despite the aggressiveness."

Arboria wasn't convinced and just stared at Snivy, clearly not wanting to let it go. Joltz was trying to get her to stop by chittering at her, but it seemed that his words of relaxation did nothing to quell her extreme irritation and annoyance. He sighed and gave up. She was stubborn. There was no point in getting her to stop.
Sass looked a little smug when Sean was chased up a tree. She did not back down as the leafeon glared at her. She stared right back at her. When Sean brought her attention to him, she looked him in the eyes, and nodded. It looked like she decided to believe him, so she backed off the mean mug of the trainer. Using her vine, Sass pulled out a couple of berries from Alice's bag, and held a few out to Joltz and Arboria. "I am greatly sorry for my rashness. I should not have done what I did, but Alice has been there for me for a long time. She has saved my life once, and I owe it to her to keep her safe. I am sorry for the way my actions may have affected your judgement of me."

Alice stood there a little dumbfounded as it seemed that her normally very stubborn pokemon looked like she was apologizing. Though she knew that she would have to keep an eye on her as she can be a bit troublesome.

Storm laughed when Sean was chases up the tree. That was a new one for him to see. Though he was glad that his new friend was not hurt. "Well that you have met Sass and gained her maybe fury, you are officially part of the gorup. I was wondering when she was going to pop out of her pokeball."
<Think so.> Sonny said with a shrug, as Dante nodded.

<I assume we all technically have one to each other. Dunno, accents and locations are weird.> the Aipom shrugged. <We all probably sound different to each other.>

"Alright," Jake smiled, and lead the way into the store.

He looked around once inside, as Dante used his head to look higher around.

"Alright...you two stay with Victoria, and be nice." He said to Dante and Sonny, as the former climbed down his arm and landed on the floor next to the other two.

Dante saluted with his tail, as he yawned.

Sonny nodded a bit as he pocketed his paws.

"Ill be as fast as I can, if they give you trouble just call," Jake said as he smiled awkwardly to Victoria, before he walked over to the men's clothes section.

<I swear to Arceus, if he comes back looking like one of those tourists trying too hard to fit in...> Sonny rolled his eyes.

Dante chuckled.

<Me and you both...I'm from Goldenrod, eventually you can tell the difference.>

<You're from here? I thought you lived near Cherrygrove?>

<Eh. I get around.>

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Victoria followed Jake into the store and looked around a bit. She then turned back to Jake after he left Sonny and Dante in her care. "No need to rush. I'm sure these two won't be any trouble whatsoever," she said to reassure him that she'll keep them in check.

As she waited for Jake, Victoria looked around the store until she was approached by an employee.

"Hello, miss. Is there anything you're looking for today?" She asked after approaching Victoria.

Victoria turned to the employee before saying, "Oh, no. I'm just browsing around. In fact, I'm just waiting on someone else."

"Oh, I see," the employee said and noticed Victoria's backpack, "Say, your bag, isn't it from Kalos, and one of the more luxurious and expensive ones at that?"

"Why yes it is," Victoria said and slipped off her backpack to show it to the employee, "You have quite the keen eye."
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Dante studied Victoria's backpack for a bit, before he carefully jumped up and held onto her shoulder.

He gave her a small smile as he swished his tail and looked around.

Meanwhile, Jake searched for a new complete set of clothes that weren't as...Galarian.

He then bought them at the cash register near the changing stalls, and entered one.

He soon walked back over to Victoria and the pokemon.

"Well...how do I look?" He asked nervously.

He was now wearing a black hat with a gray pokeball pattern on it, a black t shirt with a green Eevee on it, and a white jacket that was undone to show his t shirt, and trousers that matched the pattern of his backpack (monotone plaid).

Sonny looked at the Eevee shirt with a squint.

"Oh, hush. They didn't have a Raboot one. Plus I'm pretty sure the egg is an Eevee...so...ya know." Jake glared at his pokemon a bit.

Sonny rolled his eyes and looked away.
Rick left the gym after the being told the gym leader was out. Rick sighed as he walked for several minutes. After awhile, Rick saw Jake and Victoria inside of a clothing store. He walked inside and saw Jake wearing different clothing. "You look...different," Rick said as he entered the store. He looked around the store, but he didn't want to change clothing. The only reason he entered was because he saw them inside. "I see you are changing into a more Johtonian style."
Victoria felt the Aipom climb up on her shoulder and couldn't help but smile at him as she slipped her backpack back on. She saw Jake return and turned to him, seeing the new outfit he purchased. "You look fantastic!" She said in approval with a smile before seeing Rick arrive.

The employee watched the three trainers interact, but her attention was more fixated on Victoria as she could swear that she has seen her before. A few seconds of thinking was all she needed to figure it out. "I've got it!" She blurted out.

Victoria got a bit startled by it and turned to the employee. "P-Pardon? What do you mean 'you've got it'?" She asked.

"Sorry, I meant that I knew I've seen you somewhere before. Please, wait here for just one moment," the employee said. She went behind the counter where the cash register was and began to dig through some stuff. After a few seconds of digging around, she came back with a magazine and flipped through some of the pages. "You're Victoria Melis! You appeared in this magazine, modeling the season's latest outfits for coordinators in the Hoenn region," she said and showed them the magazine. It was a magazine that is available locally in the Hoenn region, and the pages that it was opened to showed Victoria modeling dresses and other fancy attires meant for coordinators to wear during Pokémon Contests.

"O-Oh my goodness," Victoria said in a surprised tone as she proceeded to hold the magazine to view it closely, "I did these shoots during my travels in Hoenn. I had completely forgotten about them." She flipped through the pages, and they featured her wearing various outfits, with some Pokémon to accompanying her. Those Pokémon being a Furfrou, a Beautifly, and a Milotic.

"I'm a big fan of this magazine, therefore I'm a fan of anyone who appears in it," the employee said.

"How flattering," Victoria said with a bit of a light blush of being both a bit flattered and embarrassed.
Jake listened and watched in suprise.

Dante tilted his head to the side as he looked at the magazines in curiosity.

"Woah...that's cool, you were a model?" Jake asked as he looked at the page in the magazine, and raised an eyebrow.

Sonny looked at Bulbasaur.

<She was?>

He asked with a blink, as he shifted his ears a bit.
Joltz and Arboria looked at the offered berries of peace and then to each other. Joltz took the berry in his mouth happily, not wanting to cause a stir, but Arboria was reluctant. Unlike Joltz's hasty nip at the berry, she - delicately and daintily - picked it off of Sass's vine and ate it. She looked to Joltz, only to see the berry that was in his mouth was no longer there by the time she began eating her berry.

Sean looked to Alice and saw her dumbfounded look. Apparently, this was not normal. Looking to Storm, he had to break a chuckle. Yea, climbing a tree was pretty strange, but what Sean found even more bizarre was that he was waiting for Sass to erupt from her PokeBall. Really? She was that protective? Well, he was glad he was able to break through her facade of protection for a moment to gain a bit of her trust. Yet, he felt like he should keep an eye on her. Those vines looked strong and he wouldn't want to be in its angry embrace if he ever did something to Alice. That was more of a reason to not hurt her, not like he was going to in the first place. He nodded to Sass and thanked her for understanding before looking at Storm. "Well, that was interesting. I'll have to keep an eye on her so I don't get a wedgie or something of that sort." He cracked a grin before walking forth towards the PokeMart of Cherrygrove City, since it was right next to the entrance.

"Need to buy anything? I'm just going to buy some bottled water and PokeBalls, and maybe some healing items." He looked at his wallet and found some money he had stashed before his journey, and some prize money he had received from gym challenges and other such tourneys. It was only 4,000 PokeYen, but it was enough for what he needed for right now. To only think he started out with hardly anything, and now he was able to make some money, it was pretty great.

He walked into the PokeMart, Arboria and Joltz by his side as he walked through the sliding double doors.
"Oh no no, I wasn't," Victoria said, "The person that was originally supposed to model these outfits called in sick. My mother knew the person in charge of the photoshoot, so she recommended me as the substitute since I was nearing Lilycove City, where shooting was taking place. Once I arrived, they intercepted me and asked me to model, which I was a bit hesitant of doing since I've never modeled before." She flipped through the pages a bit more until she closed the magazine, which had her on the cover.

Bulbasaur shook his head in response to Sonny's question. <Nope. I wasn't with her in Hoenn, but I know that was a one time thing.> He said.

The employee pulled out a pen and handed it to Victoria. "I hope it's not too much to ask, but would you please sign it for me?" She asked with a smile.

"U-Umm, of course," Victoria said and went on to sign the cover, "This is definitely a first for me." After signing the magazine, she gave it and the pen back to the employee.

"Thank you so much! I must get back to work. Have a good day," the employee said with a bit of a bow and walked away from the group with a smile.

"You too," Victoria said. She then sighed a bit and turned to Rick and Jake before saying, "Umm, that was a bit embarrassing."
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Rick looked at the magazine. "One time thing? You looked great in them," he said analyzing the cover, "You could be a great model," He smiled at her.

He saw the employee asking for her signature. "I guess you gained a new fan today."

After the conversation he looked around the shop as he waited for Jake and Victoria to finish buying whatever they planned on purchasing.
"Eh, don't worry about it." Jake smiled, and gave her a comforting look.

"Anyway, I'm ready to head out whenever you are." He cleared his throat and stretched.

<Oh...guess that makes sense.> Dante shrugged from atop Victoria's shoulder, and swished his tail as Sonny shuffled his feet a bit.
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Storm smiled, he was glad to know that Sass had not affected the friendship that was growing between the young men. With little effort, Storm stolled by the side of Sean. He was really liking the easy way they had gotten to know one another. "I think I might stop by the clothing store here in town. I want to see what they have to offer. Also Dawn loves a good chance to see new accessories, so I tend to shop for them when I can."

Sass returned herself to the pokeball, as she was a bit too lazy to walk. That left Alice with Eevee by her side. Which for Sean's sake, was much calmer then the grass type. "I need to stock up on some pokeballs while I am there. Other then that I think I am good."
Sean looked at Storm with a smile, seeing that he liked to doll up his Pokemon. It was cute, and it probably made his Pokemon feel good. Now, he really wanted to get to Violet City, but he didn't want to leave them behind. He decided he'll train his Pokemon at the beach after seeing the sand and hearing the sea along the flower-scented breeze. "I'll be at the beach training my new captures. Joltz, Arboria, want to go with Storm?"

Now, Joltz still had Dawn on his back, so he nodded without any hesitation. Arboria, on the other hand, thought about it for a tad longer, not sure if she wanted to leave Sean, especially after Sass's incident. But she would like to watch how Storm and Alice and their Pokemon were, so she nodded, as well. "It's settled then, I'll see you at the beach when you are ready."

He waved at the two, entrusting them with his two Pokemon, and left for the beach. Joltz and Arboria smiled as they looked up at Storm and Alice as they awaited orders. Meanwhile, Sean had made his way to the beach and sent out his Chinchou in the water and Hoppip in the air. He then began training them, realizing that Hoppip was going to take a minute as its moves weren't that strong and it didn't know many of them. It was going to take him awhile. Although, he was constantly distracted by thoughts leading to Storm. He smirked to himself. How could he be so lovestruck?
Victoria turned to Jake as he asked about Dante. "I don't mind at all," she said and went on to pet the Aipom's head, "I'm completely fine with him being on my shoulder. I think it's rather adorable."

She proceeded to walk out of the store and make her way towards the gym. "I wonder what kind of Pokémon the Gym Leader uses?" She asked.

Bulbasaur followed Victoria and was bracing himself for the gym battle.
"Well, its Violet City...according to the travel guide on the plane, the gym leader Falkner uses flying types. And I heard while traveling to the professor's lab that he uses the air to his advantage a lot." Jake commented as he followed Victoria out of the store, and looked down at Bulbasaur.

Dante looked down at Sonny.

<See? She thinks I'm rather adorable.>

<Yeah, you'll be adorable when I set that arm tail of yours on fire...>
Sonny mumbled in annoyance as he rolled his eyes and followed the group.
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As they walked Rick heard Jake say that the gym leader was a flying type. He looked down at his pokeball that contained Scyther, thinking if Scyther would be enough to win the badge against an opponent who uses air as his advantage. He gulped. "Flying type, you say?"
"I see, flying-types," Victoria said before looking down at Bulbasaur. She would have to use Hoothoot in order to be on equal playing field with the Gym Leader's flying-types. Rapidash and Chansey might have a bit of difficulty trying to hit the flying-types while they're in the air. That leaves Bulbasaur, who is clearly at a disadvantage, yet she has an idea that might have Bulbasaur fair against the Gym Leader's Pokémon.

Once they've arrived, Victoria looked at the building and took a deep breath. She then looked down at her grass-type. "Are you ready?" She asked him.

"Bulba!" Bulbasaur cried out with determination, despite knowing that he may be at a disadvantage.

Victoria smiled and proceeded to enter the gym.
Jake walked in after her, and looked around curiously.

"Huh...there isn't a flying type gym in Galar, so this a bit weird for me..." he said as he glanced at the decor of the gym.

"...you want Dante to come sit down with me and Sonny while you fight or you alright with keeping him there?" He asked and looked at the monkey.
Rick followed them inside, gulping. He was going to watch Victoria's fight, and he noticed she chose Bulbasaur, who is also at a disadvantage in the gym. If she would win this battle, he could regain some hope that he too can win against him with Scyther. Rick followed Jake to the seating area on the far right of the gym.
After entering the gym, Victoria looked around. The battlefield was a simple one, and after looking up, she saw that there was no roof. The sky was exposed for all to see, which is ideal for a flying-type gym. She saw Rick walk to the seating area, assuming that he was going to let her go first, and then turned to Jake. "I think it might be best if he went with you," she said. She picked up Dante from her shoulder and set him down on the floor. "Cheer for us, alright?" She said to the Aipom with a smile.

<Hope you enjoy the show.> Bulbasaur said to Sonny and Dante.

Victoria turned her attention towards the other side of the battlefield and saw the gym leader arrive.

Falkner stopped at his side of the field and had his attention on Victoria. "Greetings!" He said, "And who might you be, young lady?"

"My name is Victoria Melis, from Lumiose City!" She said as she approached the trainer's spot on her side of the field with Bulbasaur next to her, "I came here for a gym battle!"

"Lumiose City, huh? You sure came a long way to challenge me," Falkner said and glanced at the referee, who was just arriving, "I'm Falkner! Leader of the Violet City gym, and I gladly accept your challenge! Tell me, do you have any badges?"

"No," she replied, "This is the first Johto badge I'm aiming for."

"I see," Falkner said, after learning about her a bit more, "In that case, I'll start with this one!" He throws a Pokéball and out came a Pidgey. "I should tell you that my specialty is flying-type Pokémon," he added on.

"A Pidgey," Victoria said and pulled out a Pokéball, "Then I'll start with this one. Go, Hoothoot!" She threw the Pokéball and out came Hoothoot.

"Hoot! Hoot!" Hoothoot cried out, flapping his wings a bit to indicate he's ready to battle.