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Ask to Join Journey through Johto!


Previously AceTrainerGold
“Oh yes, your Elliot right?” Elm then went to one of his shelves and grabbed a few pokedexes. He then went over to Elliot and passed it to him. And then pulled out the other three dexed and held them out to thre three other trainers, being Skylar, Sylvia and Yohei. “Before I forget here are your pokedexes, and here are some pokeballs too.” He said handing them out to the three of them.

Yohei smiled, “Hey thanks!” He said as he grabbed his pokeballs and one of the dexes. As he did so he then heard another guy ask if he can take a picture of all of them and their pokemon. “I mean sure, I don’t mind.”
While walking through Route 29, Victoria looked in awe at the amount wild Pokémon living in the area, specifically the ones native to Johto. She saw Sentret running through the grass and Pokémon such as Hoothoot and Pineco in the trees. "Wow, so many Johto Pokémon!" She said, now wondering if she should catch any of them. She then heard what sounds like someone engaging a battle. "Did you hear that?" She asked her Bulbasaur.

"Bulba," Bulbasaur said with a nod as he too heard.

Both followed where the sound was coming from, and it was not long after that they've discovered the source. It was a boy wearing a straw hat and his Scyther battling against a Pidgey. "Look, its a Scyther," she said to the grass-type, "And that boy must be its trainer. Judging by his appearance, he looks like a bug catcher." She then pulled out her Kalos Pokédex and scanned the Scyther.

"Scyther, the mantis Pokémon. It tears and shreds prey with its wickedly sharp scythes. It very rarely spreads its wings to fly." Was what the Pokédex said.

After refreshing her memory on its data, Victoria put her Pokédex away and continued to watch the boy and his Scyther battle.
Jake exited the lab, as he looked at the incubator with a bitten lip, and called Professor Magnolia.

"Professor? Yes, its me- Whats Professor Elm mean by me journeying around Johto?'


"....oh. Uh...well then."

Sonny blinked and looked at him.

"...well uh...P-Professor, a bit of a warning next time might be ni-"

"...hello? Professor?"

Jake blinked and looked at the device.

"...did she hang up on me?!"

Sonny snickered.

Jake blushed in embarrassment and pocketed it, and cleared his throat.

"Well...looks like we get to explore Johto." Jake said awkwardly, as he rubbed the back of his head, and helped Sonny to piggyback onto his shoulders, as the Raboot's long feet dangled off of them.

Jake fumbled out a map and started to study it, and squinted a bit. "Let's see..."
Sean smiled as the Espeon began to play with Jolteon. Chuckling, he looked over to his side to see nothing but dirt. Raising an eyebrow, he looked around for his Leafeon, but she was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Joltz was getting pinned down by the Espeon, who then was getting pounced at by the Shiny Umbreon. Joltz was getting a little too worked up. Something in him was ready to fight. Call it the male instincts to fight for mates or the sudden rush of adrenaline coursing through his veins, but lightning began to course throughout his body in between the bits of fur. He got away from the two female evolutions and his electricity shot out with so much force, it lit up the area with a bright white light while it sounded like thunder crashed down a foot away from the trainers. Sean covered his ears, covered his eyes, and jumped a little. The thunderclap hurt his ears a little and the sudden light startled him. Joltz looked just as shocked as Sean. He needed to fight. He needed one now. He looked over at the two trainers, then at Dawn and Blue, asking for help.

Sean knelt down and opened his arms out wide, to which Joltz cautiously entered into the hug, not wanting to shock his trainer. "It's okay, Joltz. You were just having too much fun and you lost control of your lightning. It's okay." Joltz whimpered a bit as he buried his face into Sean's chest, clearly scared at what he had done.

Meanwhile, Arboria looked at Storm and smiled. She mewled and rubbed her head on Storm's hand before shaking her head no. She then walked outside, almost half expecting Storm to follow by the way she kept looking back at him. Suddenly, a loud thunderclap could be heard as she was about to exit, causing her to jump and look towards the sound. She saw Joltz walking up to Sean and giving him a hug after scaring himself. She mewled before running over as fast as she could and looked up to see if Joltz was okay.

All he did was whimper a bit while Sean shushed him. Joltz looked at Dawn and Blue, almost ashamed and embarrassed for what he had done and how badly he scared himself. He hid his face into his trainer's shirt even more like an upset child who needed their parental comfort from something that horribly scared them.
Blue felt worried now as she saw Joltz break down meaning losing control of his lightning. She let go of the Espeon before walking over to Jolteon as she gently raised her paw to pat his back a bit. "Umbreon...." She said gently nudging him. "It's alright Joltz...no need to be embarrassed..." She said comforting him as she gently smiled at him. JC just smiled. "Well Blue is understanding so he won't have to worry about her judging him because of the scene that just happened" she explained. @Merciless Medic


Previously AceTrainerGold
While Eliot was getting ready to take a photo Yohei just stood there with Cyndaquil in his arms wriggling about. “This Cyndaquil’s not too easy to hold is it?” He thought as it continued doing so.

“So Eliot, you a photographer or something?” He asked in curiosity, “And why would you want our photo anyway?” He asked again as he then looked at Sylvia, “Professor Elm, didn’t even seem to know she was coming, wonder who she actually is. Haven’t seen her around either...”
Dawn was sad to see her new friend hurt and upset, so she walked over to him, and wrapped her tail around him in comforting gesture. "It will be ok, I am sorry for my part in causing this. Though it does seem like you have an amazing trainer to help you out."

Storm looked to Alice, and then followed with his little sister behind him. He was curious as to what would happen. It seemed that the pokemon, wanted to show the two something.

Alice walked beside Storm with Eevee in her hands. Though the small eevee would have rather ran ahead, she begrudgingly allowed her trainer to hold her.
Victoria and Bulbasaur left the scene after seeing enough of the bug catcher and his Scyther. They continued to walk through the route until they stopped after something caught Victoria's attention. It was a Hoothoot inside of a tree. "Look, a Hoothoot!" She said, knowing that it's inside of the tree because it's daytime. It was no different than any of the other handful of Hoothoots they've passed by, but this one caught her eye as she finally decided on what to catch. She turned to her Bulbasaur with a smile before saying, "Let's catch it."

"Bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur said and ran up to the tree. He looked up at the flying-type before saying, "Bulbasaur! Bulba!" The wild Hoothoot simply looked down at the grass-type, having no interest in battling it, "Hoot?"

Victoria thought for a bit before coming up with an idea to get Hoothoot out of the tree. "If it doesn't want to come out, then we'll have to shake him out," she said, "Bulbasaur, use Headbutt!"

Bulbasaur charged at the tree and headbutted it hard, causing it to shake. The shaking cause the Hoothoot to become startled and fly out of its hole. "Hoothoot!" The flying-type cried out, now becoming hostile and ready to battle.
"Yes, I am", Eliot answered Yohei while putting his camera away in his backpack.
"I love taking pictures, especially of Pokémon." He got more and more excited as he talked about it. "That's actually the main reason why I'm here. I want to become a Pokémon trainer, travel all over Johto, challenge all eight gym leaders and - most importantly - take pictures of everything I see on my journey! It's a great way to find places I've never seen before!"
While Eliot was talking he was checking his pockets to see if he had everything with him so he could leave the lab. He felt his pokéballs in there. That gave him an idea. He looked at Yohei again.
"You're a beginning trainer as well, aren't you? You and that Cyndaquil have never battled together, right? How would you like if we were eachother's first ever opponents?"
Without actually waiting for an answer, Eliot had already taken Chunk's pokéball out of his pocket.
Joltz just stayed there, allowing Blue and Dawn to soothe him. Sean just smiled a little before looking up at JC, only to notice that Arboria had brought along trainers from the lab. A girl with an Eevee and a boy with an Alolan Vulpix. He wasn't going to lie, this guy was cute as all hell. He had to keep himself in check as he sat there, crouched, comforting his Jolteon.

Suddenly, crackling could be heard and electricity swarmed Joltz, enveloping Sean and anyone else who was still touching him at the time. It was as strong as a Thunderbolt. Arboria, being resistant to Electric-Type attacks, grunted a bit as she slowly began to pat him across the back. Sean was used to being shocked all the time, but still winced in pain. Joltz looked up at Sean with a worried expression, but Sean dissuaded Joltz's fear by giving him a kiss on the forehead.

Joltz seemed to be a bit more comforted by that and tried to relax the best he could, while smelling the fresh smell of grass. Sean then looked up at the two newcomers. "I'm assuming the Espeon is yours?" He looked up at Storm. "Joltz needs to battle something. Else he'll get a fever. The kinds of fevers those Electric-Types get when they store too much electricity. Since I'm assuming you aren't a champion like my new friend here, I feel like I have a better chance at fighting you."
Dawn was quick enough to move her tail as to not get hit by the electric type's thunder. She hoped that he was ok, though she did step back to Storm's side when he did appear.

Storm looked to Dawn, he had wondered where she had gone off to, though it was not the first time that a pokemon of his took a detour. Though it did lead to a lot of fun meetings with new friends.

He then noticed the guy who was knelt down to comfort his pokemon. The guy was seriously cute. It would have taken a lot for him to snap out of his daze, but the question of a battle, brought him right out. "A battle sounds like a lot of fun."

Alice knew the look that he brother gave the guy with the Jolteon. She had not seen it many times from him, but when she did she knew that he was forming a crush. Alice just stood there and smiled.


Previously AceTrainerGold
“Uhhhh...yeah, I’m a new trainer, why’d you need to know?” Is what he asked at first but then he heard Eliot say something that interested him. “A battle? I literally just got this pokemon...” Yohei then contemplated before then taking on a confident grin. “But who am I to turn down a battle!”

He then clenched his fist as he looked at Eliot as Cyndaquil jumped down to the ground. “I accept the challenge! Let’s hope you give me a challenge.” He exclaimed as Cyndaquil’s flame simultaneously lit up.
She looked to Sean. "Maybe I can help Sean, Blue is really good at battling and she understands since her dark type moves went a bit out of control once she evolved into Umbreon so I had to train her in a special way to be able to control it which was teaching her a move to keep the moves under control" she explained as Blue had did a swift flip to dodge the electricity that was going haywire. "I will gladly help you with battling Joltz, I don't want you feeling bad or in pain of any sort" she said before pawing at Sean's arm to help. @Merciless Medic


Previously EeviumZ
Sylvia watched the boy with the Cyndaquil, curiously. She'd never seen a battle between two trainers in person before. Occasionally the Pokemon at the daycare would battle each other, but no real battling took place.

Adelyn followed the young teen, grinning. "Cyndaquil's not a bad choice. Definitely would'a been my choice back when I started."
Jake, after he allowed Sonny onto his shoulders, started to walk along the path to the next town.

"Well...guess we're going back to Goldenrod..." He said and shrugged at his partner, as he smiled a bit.

"I feel bad for leaving the other pokemon back home though..." he laughed awkwardly.


"Well...I'm sure ill ask for mom or dad to send them to me while we're here...hopefully." he said, with a bitten lip.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Yohei made his way towards the doors to go outside as Cyndaquil followed on.

“Wonder what this guy’s team looks like, can’t be too strong. I’m only a new trainer so I can’t imagine he’d go hard on me.” He began to think as he then turned around tho the girl behind him with the Chikorita. “An audience would be good, just to show off my skill y’know.” He thought as he smirked at the girl.

“Would you like to come and watch my battle? An audience would be cool...”
Skylar was ready to see an actual battle, as she has never seen one up close like this. "This is gonna be an interesting fight," she said to her Totodile, that was on her shoulder. "Beginner vs. Beginner, I'm gonna need some popcorn for this one." She thought to herself.

She was assuming that Eliot was probably gonna win, with that tough team of his, but at the same time, Cyndaquil may be a pre-evolution, but Pokemon are sometimes very unpredictable when it comes to battling.
Sean looked at JC and shook his head, all the while scratching Blue's head for a second. "No, I fear that Blue or your other Pokemon are too experienced for Joltz, who needs an opponent who is around the same experience level. Or else a single attack, no matter if it is held back or not, would be like mopping the floor with him. Plus, I'm pretty sure he would like to have fun battling. Battling a Champion's Pokemon would be too much for him to handle. Hell, we only got halfway through the Kanto's Gym Challenge. He isn't that strong, yet," he then had an idea and looked back to Joltz. "Joltz, who do you choose?"

Joltz looked at JC and then Storm. He could smell the experience radiating from JC. If he were to battle JC's Pokemon, it would be an honor, but he did want to have fun battling and get all this lightning exercised out of him. He looked to Storm, who smelled... Almost sweet to him. He couldn't understand it, but he liked his scent immediately. Plus, it didn't smell like he had oodles and oodles of experience on him.

Joltz looked to Sean then to Storm. Arboria mewled in agreement. She had liked Storm when she met him. She walked over to Joltz and smiled for the first time today. Joltz smiled happily and barked at Storm.

Sean had actually noticed the look that Storm gave him and a faint blush creeped along his cheeks before vanishing. He was caught off guard by the look, stuttering a little but quickly regained himself. "Y-yea, it's fun. I mean, battling would be. I mean-" he stopped himself before he made himself look too much like a fool. He then started over, taking a deep breath as a light chuckled escaped as he exhaled. "Yes, battling would be fun. Sorry, JC. I know you would like to battle Joltz, but your experience would be a bit much for him." He sheepishly apologized, but regained his composure shortly after. Although, he did feel frightfully terrible for having to choose between two people.
Storm though about it, before Dawn jumped in front of him. She had a smile on her face, and thought it would be fun. She had a determined look about her as she readied herself. "Looks like Dawn wants to battle. Alright this will be fun."

With that he handed Frost to Alice, who took the ice type. He knew that the ice type hated to battle, and would rather perform in contests. "Well since you asked for the battle, I will give you first move." Dawn's tail waved back and forth at the ready, like that of a persian about to pounce.
Sean got up and Joltz walked gingerly forwards, trying to hold in the electricity. His electrical attacks were doubled in power due to his body storing so much of it, and most of his attacks that weren't electrical will have electricity coursing around them, effectively making them part Electric, as well. Well, only until he gets it out of his system.

With the first move given, Sean smirked. He calmly said, "Go wild, Joltz. You know what to do."

Joltz barked in agreement and he was no longer holding back. He charged forward, electricity trailing a path behind him as he jumped and doing flips in the air, sending out electrified spikes of fur at Dawn in a dual-typed Pin Missile attack. The trajectory of the spikes was vertical, some landing on the ground in front and behind, of Dawn's first position.
The wild Hoothoot flew down towards Bulbasaur with a Peck attack that had the grass-type's name on it. Bulbasaur quickly move to the side to dodge it, which only led to Hoothoot flying back with another Peck.

"Quick Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip to knock it down!" Victoria commanded.

Bulbasaur had vines come out from underneath his bulb, and he used them to knock the Hoothoot out of the air and into the ground.

"Now, use Headbutt!" She shouted.

While the Hoothoot was trying to get back up, Bulbasaur charged at the flying-type and hit it with a Headbutt. Hoothoot was knocked back down on the floor and slowly tried to get back up.

Victoria knew this was the perfect moment as she brought out a Pokéball, pressing its button to enlarge it. "Now then, go Pokéball!" She said, throwing the ball in the process.

The Pokéball made contact with the Hoothoot, and once it opened, it almost immediately sucked the flying-type inside. After it closed, the ball shook for a bit and chimed once it stopped shaking, indicating that Hoothoot was caught.

"We did it!" Victoria said happily, before running to the Pokéball and picking it up, "Our first catch in Johto! We caught a Hoothoot!"

"Bulbasaur~!" Bulbasaur cried out happily and jumped into his trainer's arms.
Dawn knew that she would not been able to dodge all of the pin missiles, but she knew that she would have been able to get out of the way of most of them. She used her tail as a spring board and then while she was in the air, used a strong dazzling gleam to distract Joltz. The pin missiles barely missed, as one was close to getting her tail.

Storm know his pokemon well, he would give encourgments, and direction when she needed. Though for the most part he let her do what she felt was natural.

When the flash was gone, Dawn directed her fall to head straight for the electric type. Her fangs seemed to glow a bright purple with psychic energy. When she got close she would try and bite Joltz with psychic fang. She had hoped the flash of Dazzling gleam would distract him enough for her to get the drop on him.
Sonny looked behind him, and curiously watched the two trainers currently in a battle and the third trainer who just caught her Hoothoot.

"Guess it couldn't hurt to catch one or two pokemon...hopefully ones that aren't local to Galar too, otherwise I could have just stayed home," Jake said and pulled out his Galarian pokedex, and started to scroll through it, as the device read out the names of the pokemon as he passed them, a bit louder then wished for.

Sonny blinked and looked at him, an eyebrow raised.

The Galarian trainer bit his lip and blushed in embarrassment as the pokedex revealed his home region to anyone who listened on the route.

"Thievul! Cramorant! Minccino! Oddish! Gyarados! Corviknight! Bunnelby! Yamper! Raboot! Grookey! Sobble!" The device read out, it's voice filled with cheer.
Joltz was about to land when he saw a bright flash of light in front of him. This staggered his ability to land, as he was blinded for a bit. Strangely enough, the blinding strained his eyes and the flash itself hurt him a little. He fell over as he landed wrong, but he quickly rolled to the side to dodge the Psychic Fangs and retaliated with his own Thunder Fang. His teeth coated in electrical aura, he went pounced at her side.
Victoria petted Bulbasaur's head for a job well done and gently placed him back on the ground. She then put Hoothoot's Pokéball away before saying, "Now, let's get a move on, shall we?"

"Bulba!" Bulbasaur said with a nod.

Both resumed on making their way through the route to reach Cherrygrove City. After a bit of walking, they stopped once again. This time at the sound of a voice listing off the names of Pokémon, some of which she knew of. "Now what?" She asked rhetorically. They followed where the voice was coming from, and what they found this time was a boy and a Pokémon she didn't recognize. The boy was holding a device in his hand and found out that it was the source of the voice they heard, which Victoria then assumed was a Pokédex of some sort. "Umm, is that a Pokédex?" She couldn't help but ask as they approached the boy.
After fighting off some pidgeys, Rick and Scyther took a breather. He had been so focused training he failed to notice people watching him. "Good job, Scyther," he high-fived him. He grabbed his pokeball, "Return," he said, returning the pokemon.

He continued to walk deeper and deeper into Route 29, looking for cool bug type pokemon. All he had found were caterpies, but he did not wanted to catch caterpies. He had a history with one of them that ended terribly. He walked until he heard a digital voice naming several pokemon. He wondered what it was.
Jake blinked and looked over at the girl and her Bulbasaur, as he shut off his pokedex with a bitten lip.

"Hm? Oh...yeah, it is...s-sorry it was so loud, Professor Magnolia gave me a brand new one after my old one got outdated...still figuring this one out. L-least i could transfer all the entries and info over..." he said and cleared his throat, as the rabbit pokemon currently piggybacked on his shoulders looked over at the Bulbasaur with a raised eyebrow.

The boy is clearly not from around here, due to his Galarian way of speaking.


Previously AceTrainerGold
Yohei smiled due to the Chikorita’s antics. As Cyndaquil also looked up at her and gave a little wave.

“Seems you got a good Chikorita there.” He said as he began to laugh, “It seems happy.” He stated before patting the Chikorita on the head.

“Anyways me and Cyndaquil here are ready for your battle!” He shouted confidently towards Eliot as he pumped his fist.
"I see," Victoria said. She could tell that the boy was not a native of Johto. Not only does the way he talk kinda give it away, but him mentioning Professor Magnolia, someone who Victoria has never heard of, mostly proves it.

Bulbasaur looked up at the Pokémon that was riding the boy's shoulders and noticed that it was looking at him. "Bulba?" He said while tilting his head a bit, wondering what kind of Pokémon it is.

Victoria's attention was then directed towards the boy's Pokémon also. "Now that's a Pokémon I've never seen before," she said before pulling out her Pokédex to scan it.

The Pokédex scanned it and proceeded to say, "Raboot, the rabbit Pokémon. Its thick and fluffy fur protects it from the cold and enables it to use hotter fire moves."
Joltz bit down on the Iron Tail, but wasn't expecting the Psybeam. He let go as he got hit, which sent him back a bit. He shook his head a little and charged again. This time, he didn't need Sean's command. He charged, but then abruptly stopped, skidding and throwing up sand at Dawn (Sand Attack).

While she was occupied with that, he sent forth a powered up version of Thunderbolt. It arced towards her, crackling and booming with each time it surged forward quickly.
"Y-yeah, he's...his species isn't local to this region." He said with a nod, as her pokedex read off Sonny's species' entry.

Sonny himself tilted his head curiously to the side, at both the Bulbasaur and his pokedex entry.

"O-oh, sorry...i'm Jake. This is Sonny," he said, and motioned to the Raboot that was sat on his shoulders.

Sonny waved a bit at the two.

"Nice to meet you..." Jake smiled slightly, and cleared his throat.
Dawn was hit with the sand attack, though it did not stop her from feeling the air cackle with electric energy. Since she could sense it in the air, she was able to barely move out of the way. Though part of the bolt shot out wildly, it sailed past her tail, and caused some damage to her. It was not enough to hurt her too bad. When she was able to get the sand out of her eyes, Dawn sent out psychic and try throw him off balance, then rushed forward with a giga impact.
Eliot was pumped. This was gonna be his first ever battle. He got his camera out of his backpack again. This seemed like one he wanted to remember.
"You don't mind if I take pictures while we battle, do you?", he asked Yohei. "Since you only have one Pokémon, I'll only use one as well. My Ampharos isn't much of a battler anyway."
He then looked at the pokéball he had been holding in his hand for a while now and threw it onto the battlefield. "Go, Chunk! Time for your first battle!"
As the Bergmite appeared on the ground, he immediately noticed that not only the opposing trainer, but also some other people were watching. It made him a bit more nervous, but he was excited to battle. He tried to ignore the other trainers.
After taking one picture of the two Pokémon facing eachother, Eliot was ready. "Let's start with a quick hit, Chunk. Use Rapid Spin!"
Victoria put her Pokédex away after it read Raboot's entry. "A pleasure to meet you," she said with a smile and then tipped her fedora, "My name's Victoria, and this is Bulbasaur."

Bulbasaur had a Vine Whip come and used it to wave at Sonny and Jake. "Bulba!" He said while a smile also.

"So, what brings you here to Johto?" She asked Jake.
"Well, initially it was to deliver an egg from one professor to the other...oh, I'm Professor Magnolia's assistant," he explained.

"I thought it would be a quick trip...left my other five pokemon at my parents' house, just took Sonny with me, arrived in Goldenrod early this morning. I get to Professor Elm's lab and I guess Professor Magnolia decided I could use a vacation. So, now I suppose I'm traveling around the region...with this," he said, and pulled a brown and tan egg out of his backpack, in an incubator.

"Apparently this was another surprise for me too, that I get to keep it." He smiled slightly.


Previously AceTrainerGold
“Nah I don’t mind, as long as you don’t distract me.” He said as he ran outside with his Cyndaquil.

Yohei took a look at Eliot’s Bergmite. “Never seen one of those in Johto before. It’s from the Kalos region if I’m not mistaken.”’He thought to himself as he confidently smirked as Cyndaquil ran in, ready for battle. “From what I know Cyndaquil’s strongest attack at the moment should be ember. So we’ll go with that!”

Bergmite came at Cyndaquil with a rapid spin, “Alright Cyndaquil dodge it!” Cyndaquil then proceeded to dodge the attack.

“Now use ember!”
"Keep on spinning, Chunk! Don't let it hit you!"
The Bergmite was spinning in circles around the battlefield at high speed, trying to dodge Cyndaquil's attack. However, he couldn't keep dodging it. While he tried to move towards the fire type for the second time, he was spinning right into the flames. Having no control over his movement when spinning so fast, Chunk hit the ground hard. Eliot moved his camera away from his face to see if his Pokémon was okay. He realized a battle like this was going a bit too fast for him to take pictures and telling the Bergmite what to do at the same time. He had to react immediately on whatever Cyndaquil was doing.
"Are you okay, Chunk? Do you want to stop?"
For a while Chunk was struggling to get up, but he managed to do it. He stepped forward again, telling his trainer he wanted to continue.
"Okay then, use Bite!"