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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

"It's alright, Rexy likes hugs." Roxanne smiled before correcting Charlotte. "Also, he is actually a she."
Rexy purred as Adam coiled around her, understanding he was giving her a hug and enjoying the contact as she hugged him back with her little arms.
"Oops! My apologize," Sky said blushing. "You know, it's sometimes hard to tell. When my Gardevior was a Kirlia, she had a thing for tuxedos."

Kadabra tapped Sky on the shoulder. "Huh? Oh, right. Hey, have you seen any Pidgey around here?" Sky asked Roxanne. "That's part of the reason why I was riding Icarus in the first place. I want to find his old flock."

Icarus perked up at hearing this.
Sky tried not to blush and failed. "Well...yeah. But not because he dropped me!" She added quickly. Worried that Icarus might overhear, Sky spoke softer. "I just don't he's happy being with me." Said Pidgeot was currently doing summersaults in the air, trying to tag Kadabra who kept teleporting just as he was within reach. Icarus looked delighted. @Draco Nightshade
Pearl took Rick to the last location where Chris's ship was, while Evilane followed behind. Fortunately, the waves didn't stray it too much. As they approached and Pearl started making her descent, Rick's eyes scanned the surrounding, though there was nothing to be seen besides water. He jumped down into the boat and waved at Evilane, while Pearl simply hovered above, flying circles around the ship. Zephir jumped out of his ball and ran straight to the lower floor.

"Doesn't seem like there was any damage taken. Him going willingly doesn't look like him either though." Rick said, rubbing his chin as he walked into the command room. "Alright, lets see... what happens if I do this?" He muttered, before pressing one of the buttons in the control table. This opened the lateral hatches from one side of the ship, and two of Chris's Magnemites floated next to Rick. "Oh, hello guys! You're all here?" He greeted. "Sucks that you can't talk."


Meanwhile in some unknown location, the Rockets had already landed. Chris was blindfolded and taken to a dark room. Then, some strong lights were pointed at Chris's face. In the other corner of the room, he could see the sillhouette of a man. "You must be a very popular individual if you need to hide your identity." Chris speaked. Even after his eyes got used to the light, he still couldn't discern his face. He did recognize his voice once he speaked though. "Being in public isn't exactly compatible with my position in Team Rocket." He explained.

Then, another grunt steped in, with a sheet in hand. "An independent researcher and engineer from Sinnoh. Specialized in technology and particularly known for using pokémon to improve the capabilities of several systems and machines. Has an assistant named Rick, who does the field work for him." He read. Chris raised an eyebrow. "I see you did your homework." He said.

"It's a shame we had to meet in such circumstances. Because you actualy seem like a smart man. The kind that would be a great asset for Team Rocket." The boss said. Chris grinned. "If that's your plan, then I'm afraid you're wasting your time. You wouldn't be able to meet my requirements."

"We actualy have no qualms with you... yet. Your assistant was just foolish enough to decide to play cops with us, so now we need to go out of our ways to let him know how big of a mistake that was. But since he wasn't with you at the time, we'll need you in order to get him. The old fashioned way."
Connor watched as Stacy seemed to reach for a Pokeball of all things, as he had remained silent while he watched as she contemplated perhaps making a capture with this friendly Sandshrew. She seemed to make a more formal offer to the Pokemon who seemed to be willing to journey with her, and once it tapped the Pokeball it seemed to roll once, then twice and fianlly it clicked as it signaled a capture.

One Stacy seemed to be happy about.

"Congrats. I am sure you two will have lots of fun together." Connor said with a smile as it was good the girl with Pokephobia seemed to least find a partner who perhaps had the ability to aid in getting her comfortable around these amazing creatures.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Evilane grinned and with a quick whistle, her bird did it's classic dive bomb landing, the trainer hopping off and landing just before the bird itself landed. She stood on the opposite side of the boat from Rick and returned her bird, looking for any signs as to what happened to Chris. "Oh, this isn't very good. Are you aware of any way that this group would have to take him in such a way that he would be too scared to resist capture?" She asked, her voice coming from directly behind him. Normally, one would have questioned exactly how she managed to move so quickly, but the Meowstic waving a hello would answer such questions. "Ahh... Do you think my Meowstic would be able to speak to his Pokemon? Even if they can't talk with Pokespeak, perhaps her telepathic abilieis would allow them to have a conversation!" She queried, the Meowstic in question giving a twirl happily.

As if to illustrate her trainer's point, Rick's head would be momentarily filled with her(the Meowstic's) voice. -'Hai! We're going to show those fools who not to mess with, okay?'- The tone seemed to be a bit childish, but having an air of experience and maturity to it. "While you two carry out the interrogation, I'll see if I can get some clues as to what happened here. Maybe there are automated technical logs that can help shed some light!" Evilane said cheerfully, pulling out what seemed to be a portable laptop along with a UV flashlight. "Oh, by the way, would you like me to contact my colleague? I was told he had an unfortunate encounter with Team Rocket a few days ago, during an incident that the local police force got involved with. Do you think he'd be able to assist us? He might have information we'd find useful."


Alexis clapped slowly and gave a shy smile, getting a bit closer at a respectable distance. "Once again, I'm glad to see you've taken the first step towards having a loyal companion. Perhaps one day, you can overcome your fear of Pokemon." She commented. While her words seemed cheerful, she had a bit of a distant look to her and the personality she was showing was rather different to what was showed not even an hour before. It didn't take a psychic like herself to notice something was bothering her, though she tried her best to hide it.

"So... What are we going to do next? Any plans? One of us needs to go find Lewis, he should have come back by now. I worry about him sometimes... I get... A rather troubled aura from him. He's seen things nobody should have ever experienced, especially not at our age..." Her tone quickly took on one of sadness and anxiety, trying to cover her face again with her hood. "Oh no... I really hope he didn't get himself hurt again... I shouldn't have let him go off alone..." She continued. "Ugh, damn these emotions... I'm sorry you guys have to see me like this, I've just... Always had unstable emotions..."


Meanwhile, after assisting with technical stuff on the docks, Lewis ended up sharing a few drinks with a few sailors on their break, sharing stories and the like. While in pleasant company, it seemed he fully opened up and he was in a great mood. Eventually, he remembered that he was meant to be somewhere and bid the sailors a nice day, quickly heading back onto dry land. He approached Roxanne and Sky, smiling happily. "Ahh, there you are, Roxanne! I hope you remember me! Who's this you with? I don't recognize th- Woah!" He attempted to speak, but ended up tripping on a small rock and nearly fell over, but managed to catch his balance and avoided faceplanting into the ground. "Do forgive me if I'm a bit odd, I'm slightly enebriated and I'm feeling great!"
Sky did her best not to laugh. She was surprised at Lewis's sudden entrance that, for a second, she forgot what she and Roxanne were talking about.

"That's perfectly alright." Sky told Lewis. "My name is Sky, and these..." she gestured to the Alakazam, Pidgeot, Gardevior, Meganium, Arbok, and Ninetails, "are my Pokémon." Or, at least they were. She added in thought. Sky remembered what she and Roxanne were talking about and looked guilty.
"Hey Louis, sorry to leave you like that, I was interested in exploring this place on my own for a little while before meeting back up with everyone else." Roxanne explained. @The Heart of Frostfire.
"So, do you have a nickname in mind for your new partner?" Alex asked Stacy. Gwen had stopped rubbing his shoulders and took a seat next to him. Brutus on the other hand got tired of being in his ball and came out. "Oh dear, come on you silly Gabite, give Stacy some space." @JoyPaws

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Lewis tried to give Sky a bow as best he could, his bright emerald eyes almost glowing in the light. Seemed that his eye colour changed on mood, as previously during a more neutral mood, the green was more of a darker green. "And is a pleasure to meet you, mi'lady~" He spoke in an attempt at a more regal voice, stepping closer and planting a kiss on her hand. "Oh, you do not need to apologize, Roxanne. I understand. Personally, I do not do well with large groups of people either." He chuckled quietly, his personality changing to more formal. As he noticed the Ninetales, he crouched down and gave it a pat on the head, a look of joy appearing on his face. "Oh, aren't you a cute one. I've always had a soft spot for vulpine Pokemon~" He chuckled again, his true colours being shown for the first time in a long time.
Stacy clutched the ball in her hands holding it tight to her chest smiling a bit more. The congratulations from the group had made her feel rather proud of herself. Wow! She had actually done it!

The ball in her hands started to move around until it opened up and out came the Sandshrew. Stacy made a quick move to catch the pokemon. Dropping the pokeball she did so. The Sandshrew smiled nibbling a bit of Stacy's hair.

Stacy looked at Alex and shrugged, "I'm not sure... She's rather sweet... Maybe a bit too friendly..." She pulled the piece of hair away from the Sandshrew. She grinned and giggled a bit, "I know the perfect name! I think I'll name you Katherine!"

The Sandshrew smiled rubbing up against Stacy. Apparently, she liked the name even though she didn't get the reference to the well-known play Stacy had taken the name from.
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Connor looked on as Stacy seemed to bubble a bit with the Sandshrew, which he seemed to smile at. For a girl who seemed to be spooked around Pokemon this had been encouraging progress, so much so that when it popped out Stacy seemed to even give it or rather her a nickname in Katherine which Connor seemed to grin at.

"I think that's a lovely name, and she seems to like it to." Connor said encouragingly yo Stacy as Katherine seemed to nuzzle up at her new partner before he seemed to become inspired. He figured that he should show their new traveling companion his Pokemon, but before he pulled out a Pokeball he paused as he rememebred Stacy's situation and decided to lead with a question.

"Do you uh, mind if I show my Pokemon to you? Figured should have my partners meet the newest member of the group. But if you'd prefer to keep the Pokemon limited I can save it for another time." Connor asked Stacy and had left it up to her.
@The Heart of Frostfire. : Sky had no idea what to think of Lewis. He reminded her of a lightbulb she once saw that kept flickering and changing colors. Or perhaps it was better to describe his personality as a rubber ball that bounced around.

Sune, her Ninetails, grunted as Lewis patted his head.

"I'd be careful," Sky warned. "He won't bite, but Sune's super prideful. He doesn't like being called cute. Something about jeopardizing his hypermasculinity."

The Ninetails snapped his head toward Sky and glared at her.

"Well, it's true." Sky giggled. "You have an ego the size of a Drifloon."
Hearing how Sune didn't like being called cute, Roxanne had a decent idea of how to approach the vulpine. "More than cute, I'd say Sune is a handsome boy of a Ninetales." While saying that, she made sure to maintain a respectable distance from the Fire type. She once learned the hard way that it's a good idea to respect boundaries and let them come to you, not that that approach worked every time, just most of the time.
Sune seemed to like Roxanne's compliment. He puffed out his chest, his nine tails gently wagging.

Sky chuckled. "What a ham. Just don't get him started on his battling skills. I remember when we were taking on the water type gym leader..." Sky cut herself short, wondering if it would be a good idea to recognize that story. Suppose these trainers had seen the Mewtube video?
"I grew up around mostly Fire types back home. I wonder how the herd's doing." As she spoke, Roxanne gently stroked Sune, careful to avoid his tails. No need for curses in her life. "I think Pa was looking into adopting a Rockruff or two to help with looking after and directing the herd the last time we talked. Or was it Lillipup?" As she continued to stroke the vulpine, Roxanne had to add another comment. "Sune's coat is very well taken care of, well done Sky. He must be a hit to any females he meets."
"I'm actually hoping to one day find a new fossil Pokemon one of these days." Sighs as she imagines finding an undiscovered fossil. The incoming fame on the other hand was something she did not look forward to. Just thinking about that last bit, Roxanne couldn't help but shudder at the thought, even if she frequently traveled with a team composed almost entirely of fossil pokemon. Global fame was too high a bar as far as attention went.
Sky grinned. "Yeah he's pretty popular. Although there's a certain female he absolutely despises. Not a Ninetails. An Arcanine called Blaze."

Sune rolled his eyes.

"Blaze was the only fire-type Pokémon to ever beat him in battle. Gave him quite a blow to the ego." Sky remembered that battle well. Sune had fought three Pokémon before the Arcanine entered the battle. He refused to return to his Poké Ball, despite Sky's orders. She learned a long time ago that it was best not to force Sune to do anything he did not want to do. The same applied to the rest of Sky's Pokémon. It was an incredible battle, but in the end, the Arcanine's Extreme Speed proved to much for Sune. It was the first time the Ninetails had ever fainted in battle.

"Huh? Oh! Fossil Pokémon are cool," Sky said, snapping out of her revere. "Although, I don't quite understand how it works. Do they create a Pokémon based on the fossil they find or do they actually revive the spirit of the deceased Pokémon? I'm not sure I'd like to be dragged back to the land of the living, if I was chilling with my family in the Pokémon afterlife. Unless the afterlife sucked, then maybe."

Sky blinked, surprised at her thoughts. "Sorry," she said to Roxanne, "that came out darker than I expected."
Roxanne smiled as she replied. "Actually, I'm pretty sure they're closer to incomplete clones. When you realize that all the revived fossil pokemon around are part Rock, it kinda makes sense. Unless you look at the oddballs from Galar. For all we know, Tyrantrum were part Steel or something before being brought back." While explaining, Roxanne stopped stroking the Ninetails. "I think my sister has a Vulpix back home. We've been to several regions together and met enough Pokemon to lose track of them. Even the ones we already caught."
While visibly embarrassed about her last statement, Roxanne pushed through. "I'm actually fairly curious about more prehistoric looking Pokemon, though I'll admit that I have a soft spot for canines and felines."
Sune seemed pleased at all the attention he was getting. Once Roxanne stopped petting him, he laid down by Sky's feet. "Ah, I guess that makes sense. You know, I had a cousin once who tried to trick me into thinking I had discovered a fossil Pokémon. He took a rubber skeleton, dipped it in plaster, and buried it in my backyard. When I dug it up I was so excited...until I saw the Made in Kanto tag he forgot to remove."
"Actually, he still denies it." Sky confessed. "But my aunt told me that it was him. She even showed me the meme he made with a picture of me in it and a caption that read: Congratulations! You've unearthed a Hoaxorus." Sky chuckled at the memory. She wondered if her cousin still kept the fakey-mon fossil.
"Huh... they'd either have to propose something really good, or threaten him with something really bad. And I have a hard time believing he would take any offers from criminals." Rick said to Evilane, tapping his mouth as he thought. "If they used that helicopter again, he seemed pretty confident that this ship could handle it, and seeing how there's no damage, they probably got into a stallmate." He continued.

Rick raised an eyebrow, as Evilane suggested her Meowstic to use telepathy on the Magnemites. "You can try. I don't know how well telepathy works with Steel-types, specialy the mostly mechanical ones. But I was never good at understanding Psychic-types, so..." He said. "You also have a squad of Vikavolts, a Chajabug, an Electrode, and a Klinklang group down there. Have fun!" He added. He was about to suggest Pearl as well, but the Dragonair seemed to want to increase the security perimeter and fly further away.

When asked whether she should contact her collegue, Rick thought for a bit, before replying. "Does that happen to be Lewis? He was with me when Team Rocket brought the heavy guns, along with a few other trainers, so he probably knows as much as us. Besides, I'd like to get the least people involved in this, unless we really need the extra help."

Rick then started moving the lever back and forth, trying to get the ship moving, but there was no response. He the rolled his eyes as he sighed. "Speaking of Klinklangs..." He muttered, before walking to the lower section and opening a hatch, where the rest of Chris's pokémon were kept. "Guys, it's me! Can we get this nutshell going, please?" He asked. There was a moment of silence as the pokémon stared at Rick, then they started working on powering the ship again.
In the sudden rush of everything Stacy's cane had been forgotten and so when the sudden rush of pain came up her leg, she was completely surprised and take a seat on the bench behind her. She held on to her leg tightly wincing at the left-over pain from it trying to stay strong under the weight of the girl and the pokemon's body.

Katherine looked up at her master with a confused look. Why did she look like she was in pain? The sandshrew looked around and noticed a smooth stick with a curved end. The sandshrew jumped down from the bench and sniffed it. it had the same scent as Stacy. So, it was hers? Yes? Maybe? The sandshrew grabbed onto the stick with her mouth and started dragging it towards her master.

The pain had subsided and began to look around a bit and saw Katherine had brought her cane to her! How did she even know she needed it? She took the cane from the pokemon then turned to Conner. She thought for a moment about Conners words and then said, "Maybe." Her voice was much quieter as the shock of pain reminded her of the dangers of pokemon... Of what they could do to someone...
"Far as a plan we were gonna head to the next city from Cerulean. From there who knows." Connor mused, having heard a question of what the general plan was as he figured he'd shed light on that but soon the sounds of pain filled the air as Stacy seemed to feel a sting in her leg and was forced to sit down as naturally Connor looked on with concern.

"Are you okay?" Connor asked with visible concern as Katherine seemed to walk over and presented a walking stick to Stacy as she seemed to use it to aid her. Given Connor's visible gold-painted leg he'd be able to sympathize as the Sandshrew already seemed to sense just what its partner needed in that period of pain and stress which again seemed to reflect the grounds for a strong bond.

When she mused maybe, he nodded in understanding. "Up to you. I'm fine keeping them out of it for now, just about your comfort. All I can assure is they mean well and have no intention of causing any distress." Connor said as he seemed to speak from the heart though he respected her decision all the same.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
As the two spoke, it seemed as though Lewis fell into yet another trance, and Lady, his Gothitelle, attempted to help try to snap him out of his trance. Instead, he fell asleep standing up. Though, he wasn't standing for long, as he fell to the ground with a loud 'thud' and a shocked looking Gothitelle returning to her ball.

Alexis once again stood a respectable distance away from Stacy. She didn't even need to look at her to sense she was in pain, and worried that if she tried to help, she'd just cause the pain to get worse. She however looked into her bag, checking what medical supplies she had. "If you need something to help you ease the pain... I may have something... I'm a self taught medic, and... While I struggle with emotional control... Medicine and healing people and Pokemon alike have always been my strong suit, even back when I was trapp-" She trailed off, clutching her hood with both hands.

"Never mind, that's a story I don't want to share myself... Lewis can tell you, if you so wish... However, I can help you, if you need medical treatment. My unique... Abilities allow me to treat pain through an strong understanding and empathy, something most other medical experts would only dream of... I just... Want to be useful."


Evilane smiled and shook her head, frowning as he mentioned information on Chris. "If I know anything about Team Rocket... Well, information on them is limited, but I wouldn't discount them using more... Drastic measures to get what they want. If they are as heartless as I believe, I worry that they may be willing to harm those he cares about, or at least threaten to hurt them..." Her look of worry only got worse, before the Meowstic put her hand on her trainer's chest and helped to calm her down.

"Oh! Yeah, don't worry about me! While psychic moves are less effective on mechanical pokemon, we can still communicate with them! Don't worry! After all, they're capable of cognitive thought! Anything with a level of even basic sentience can be spoken to! It's not like they're just robots with artificial minds!" The Meowstic spoke again, using telepathy once again. "Evilane can continue to assist you, I'll speak to them!" Without any further hesitation, she hopped down the hatch, her ears glowing faintly as she tried to speak to the electric types.

"Hey! I'm here to help your trainer! But first, we need information on what happened to him! We will do everything we can to bring him back, though we'd need as much info as possible! How did they convince him? Did they have a gun, and were going to shoot him?"
Meanwhile, in Fuchsia City...

"Ding-dong! Time's over!"

A 16-year-old boy exited the Safari Zone, wearing a number of coats that make him look bigger than he actually is. He gave the Safari Balls and the bait back and left.

The young man, whose name is Christopher, was satisfied with the amount of Pokémon he caught there: a Rhyhorn, an Exeggcute, a Nidorina, a male Nidoran, a Doduo, a Paras, and a Parasect. He didn't find any of the rarer species, such as a Chansey, a Pinsir, or a Scyther, but it was enough. After all, visiting the Safari Zone again wasn't that expensive.

At the Pokémon Center, he deposited in the PC the Pokémon from the Safari that he had with him, but withdrew the Rhyhorn, knowing that its evolution, Rhydon, not only is strong in battles but can also learn moves that are useful outside of them, such as Rock Smash and even Surf, which is surprising considering its weakness to Water.

Not having any Pokémon capable to carry him through the air, travelling on foot is the only option. So, he heads to Lavender, passing by Route 15 to train and possibly catch any new Pokémon that could be there. Christopher's goal is to catch specimens of the most species of Pokémon he can. His lifestyle, which is that of what he likes to call a Pokémon Catcher, can be summarized by a phrase that came from long, long ago: "Got to catch them all". Of course, capturing an individual of every single Pokémon species is practically impossible, but what can one achieve with that mentality? Thinking about the impossible will never lead him anywhere. Or at least, that is what he believes.
Stacy gritted her teeth as she took sharp breaths as she stood up trying to stand again but sitting back down. So her leg wasn't rested long enough... alright.

She looked at the ground a bit, holding her cane on her lap as Katherine's rocky nose rubbed against her master's arm. The sandshrew looked at her partner with worry. Stacy looked up again from the ground and said, "I think I can handle meeting your pokemon... I would prefer meeting the ones that aren't going to run at me and are large and giant and scary and..." She continued on like this. Stacy really wanted to meet Conner's pokemon. Conner seemed like a nice person so his pokemon were probably just as nice. But there was still that fear pulling at her. The fear that the pokemon might maul her and actually finish her off this time.

Stacy looked over at Alexis. She listened to her talk. She didn't seem to understand the kind of injury she had. The injury that would never heal. That would never go away. The kind of injury you lived with forever. "My injury... It's... It's not that kind of injury..." She mumbled giving Conner a look of 'You Know What I Mean.' "It's... It's a nice offer but there's no way you can help."

Katherine the sandshrew at the moment is sitting on the ground licking Stacy's limp leg as if it would help. It's not helping you silly goose but I'm sure she appreciates it.
Connor of course understood that very well, his prosthetic was a walking reminder that there were some injuries that one would never be able to heal as Stacy seemed to try and break the information to Alexis. Still, Alexis and Katherine tried to comfort and offer aid to her which showed their hearts had been in the right place, which is what Connor decided was important as he spoke up again.

"Scars may never fade, but the pain doesn't last forever, nor can it be the sole thing to define us. We all have the ability to keep moving forward and enjoy life no matter such setbacks, and a show of a helping hand means you don't have to feel alone." Connor said back to Stacy with a small smile on his lips as he glanced at one of his Pokeballs. His own partner whose mutual pain they helped each other overcome to make the best tomorrow they'd be able to.
Listening to the conversation between Alexis, Connor and Stacy, Alex decided to chime in. "I feel like we just became a club of sorts. 'The Handicapped Trainers Club'." While he did so, Brutus came a bit closer to Stacy and raised an arm in greeting. "Bite!" @JoyPaws @Godjacob
Roxanne jumped when she heard Lewis hit the ground. "Oh my gosh, Lewis!" She turned to Panzer and whistled, the Aggron lumbering over to her trainer. Roxanne then looked at Sky as she hoisted Lewis onto Panzer's back. "Hey, any idea where the nearest center is?" @The Heart of Frostfire. @Charlotte Pryce
Sky tried to think. Her brain had been muddled by the flying incident from before.
"I think a few miles back," she told Roxanne. "We could probably get there in 10 to 20 minutes if we walk fast enough. Though, I don't think its a good idea to jostle Lewis around."

Suddenly, she had an idea.

"My Alakazam!" She exclaimed. "He knows Teleport. He could transport us to the nearest center instantly."

Sky didn't know if Roxanne would be up for it. Teleporting was an odd sensation, especially if you had never done it before.
Amelia was fiddling around with one of her many pokeballs, tossing it up into the air and catching it. She yawned and stood up, marching into Vermilion City before them. Before she could fully take in a breath, she was whacked in the face by a rogue shell. It knocked her to the ground, a little blue turtle jumping up and running a ways away, before turning around.

A group of three trainers rain up and saw Amelia on the ground, stopping and looking at her.

“Grab that Squirtle!” One of them shouted.

Before the Squirtle could pounce away again, Amelia flipped over on her stomach and grabbed the turtle mid pounce, trying to maintain her balance as the Squirtle wiggled in her grasp, desperate to get away from whatever trouble he got himself into.
Stacy listened to Conner intently then nodded She didn't know what to say really. She then turned to Alex, "I don't know... I don't really like to make a show of my leg..." She mumbled.

"Bite!" Stacy heard a gabite say. Stacy jumped a little making a squeaking noise. Katherine made her way over to Stacy instantly watching the gabite. Stacy looked at the pokemon staring at its sharp, sharp teeth. the pokemon was all together very dangerous looking. The best word to the pokemon she thought was "sharp."

Stacy grabbed onto her cane, stood up and backed away from the gabite. Katherine quickly followed Stacy.
Seeing Stacy's reaction, Brutus was utterly confused. This was likely the first time he'd seen anyone act like this and so he tilted his head to the side. "Ga?"
Alex sighed. "Come on Brutus, give her some space." With a dejected look on his face, the Gabite went back to Alex's side. "Sorry about that. Ever since he became a part of my team, Brutus liked to introduce himself to other people. He's very friendly."

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Alexis smiled sadly as Stacy mentioned permanent damage, trying her best to seem compassionate despite lacking understanding of what such damage would be like. However, she at least seemed to be sympathetic, looking at Stacy with her eyes now glowing rather brightly. "Ahh... I see... Have you considered speaking to Lewis about it? If you've ever wondered why he always wears black gloves... It's not a fashion thing, but rather to hide his mechanical hand. The guy got into an accident years ago and... Well, apparently, he built his own cybernetic hand, with the help of another scientist known as Adolphian. Perhaps Lewis could get Nanocorp to help you?" She questioned.

She seemed extremely blunt in her attempts to help, and may have come across as rude, but before she could dwell on what she said, she became concerned over the aforementioned scientist and began looking for him, her eyes now glowing brightly enough to mimic a Luxray. Eventually, she spotted him being lifted onto an Aggron and slowly made her way over to him. She ordered her Umbreon to stay near Stacy to act as a support and approached the large steel type. "Oh, Lewis... What have you gotten yourself into now?" She spoke to herself, before turning her attention to the trainers involved. "Ahh, right... I should introduce myself. I am Alexis, and I act as Lewis' companion. I am a psychic, as well as a healer. I feel that it's my fault for letting him go off like that, but... A quick aura scan seems to indicate that he's fine. Just... Unconscious. What was he doing to cause this?" She introduced herself with a bow, the glow in her eyes fading a bit. As she spoke, she fiddled with her crimson robes, lifting the hood off her head to reveal her face better.
"Oh... I'm sorry..." She mumbled feeling guilty for her fear that she was incapable of getting rid of. Even if she was scared of pokemon.

Stacy turned to Alexis "I like having my leg even if it isn't perfect," she said bluntly. Her leg may not work the best, but it was her leg and didn't feel like getting it hacked off and replaced by a robotic one (no offence Conner.)

Stacy backed away from the umbreon not caring for its company. Katherine would stay in front of her master trying to protect her from the umbreon that probably wasn't going to hurt her... But if this made her master not so scared then that's what she'd do!
"Hey, no need to apologize. It's not your fault that you have a phobia. Brutus just likes to introduce himself to people that seem nice." Alex explained while petting the Gabite's head, the Dragon type purring at the attention. "The important thing is to not let it hold you back, right?" @JoyPaws

Roxanne turned to Alexis and explained. "I'm honestly not sure why it happened, he just fainted out of nowhere." Panzer nodded her head, affirming her trainer's words. "In any event, let's get him some medical attention." @The Heart of Frostfire.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Alexis nodded and didn't respond further as Stacy mentioned that she didn't want upgrades, even if they would stop the pain. She sighed and looked at Lewis once more, putting a hand to his forehead. "Oh... He's been drinking, hasn't he? I thought he was a teetotaler, but I suppose I may have been wrong with such a belief. In the case that he is drunk, I'm not sure the pokecentre will do anything about it. His aura seems completely healthy at least, nothing seems to be wrong. Except for... Well, intoxication." She replied, a rather disappointed tone in her voice. "And besides... In the case that he was suffering damage, I am confident in my ability to heal him."
Connor had to grin a bit amused at the club title, he could appreciate the more light hearted spin on things. Really this scar would always be with you, so Connor's attitude was to take it in stride rather than let it be the thing to define you. "Gotta admire the creativity, though Stacy seemed to not take it much herself as he felt a bit of sympathy and sighed.

"I can understand that..." Connor mused, but before he could focus on that Amelia seemed to move on ahead. "Woah looks like we're going!" Connor said and moved with a pep to his figurative step.
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Connor made his way on the path to Vermillion City, where his eyes saw Amelia who seemed to hold a Squirtle that frantically tried to escape her grip. If this had not been confusing enough, a group of trainers who seemed to really want said Squirtle seemed to call out to it as the trainer with the golden proesthetic walked over between the group and Amelia.

"Uh, is something a matter?" He asked the group of trainers, while he also checked if Amelia was okay.
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Amelia stood up as the Squirtle turned to glare at the trainers.

“That little reptile took my money!” The leading female trainer growled, pointing at the turtle.

The Squirtle looked appalled at being accused and immediately shook his head adamantly. However, slightly poking out of its shell was the tip of a leather wallet. Amelia saw this and went to grab it, before the Squirtle started squirming wildly again, causing her to desperately hold on to it and stop it from slipping away.

The female trainer walked up to the turtle and saw her wallet sticking out, immediately ripping it from the turtle shell.

“Good riddance!” The trainer growled at the water-type, glaring at it before leaving with her friends.

Amelia was stunned, looking at the very upset turtle. He turned to Amelia and started shouting at her in Pokéspeak.

“Squirtle!! Squirt, Squirtle!”
Connor blinked a bit as the young man seemed to try and make sense of the situation, seemed the Squirtle was adjitated over something but it appeared least to him that it did steal that girl's wallet hwo angrily had taken it back and seemed to walk off in a huff.

"W-well that was...something..." Connor said as he walked up to Amelia and the Squirtle as the Water Type seemed to be ranting and raving in Pokespeak which he had no idea how to make heads or tails of. So, he figured some attempted translation couldn't hurt!

"Come out Nova!"

Connor released his partner, for the first time funny enough in the presence of company, as a Fletchinder that had a uniquely shorter left wing to its right appeared and cried out happily. "Fle!"

"Nova uh can you make heads or tails of what the Squirtle is upset about?" He asked as Nova nodded and hopped over by it.

"Fle Fletchinder?" (Hey is something wrong?)