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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

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Amelia bounced up and down in her seat, her backpack on the floor by her feet. Her father chuckled at seeing her so giddy, as he drove in the rusty red truck. Boxes of produce were in the truck bed, jostling around as they drove over the crumbly dirt road.

“Almost there, now,” Amelia’s Father said, “not even a minute!”

Just as he finished his sentence, Amelia saw the tiny town of Pallet, two homes in the distance and the Pokemon lab where Professor Oak resided. A few people were outside, enjoying the beautiful day. When they saw the old truck come into view, a few children and parents, as well as some elders came over, smiling and chattering amongst themselves. The truck came to a stop, and Amelia got out with her father, grabbing her full backpack and slinging it over her shoulders. Immediately, they got to work, taking crates of vegetables, dairy products, and many other types of goods. Taking turns, Amelia and her father would call out a number and a name, and a person or family would come up to pay for and receive their groceries. Their Pokemon would often help if they were able, and it only made Amelia ache more and more to get all the groceries handed out. Then, she’d finally be able to get her first Pokemon.
As the sun shined on a new Kanto day, a boy with a bush of brown cinnamon colored hair with a Riolu in a basket rode on a bicycle with a noticeably heavy sidecar, he looked on to the horizon at the truck which was carrying the groceries his mother had asked him to get since he was new to the region unlike his past like in the big city where ordering food was a hop, skip and a jump away, he then, after a bit of tiring out pedaled to the truck, falling off his bike leaning against it as the Riolu looked up at the groceries, soon after, the boy recovered a bit from his excessive use of energy, holding his hands out with $20 in it, waving it about.

"Two bags of groceries please, and take your time, I wanna relax."
Amelia grinned and threw a thumbs up towards the boy.

“On it!” she announced.

She handed out a few more crates and accepted a bit more money, before picking up a crate. It appeared to be addressed to a woman, and a boy who she ordered to pick it up. She looked at the number and the contents inside, before calling out the order.

“Number twenty five? For, uh…” she paused to read the tag, “Elliot?”
"Y-yeah, my mom sent me to get the grecer- grocirer, the, food yeah the food, and its Eli, Elliot makes me sound like a nerd, Eli now, everybody will wanna be friends with Eli. At least that's what I keep telling myself, what do you think Spike.....Spike?"

Elliot at this point was lost in his paranoia and thoughts, requiring his Riolu to pick up the reins, now having paid for the groceries, stuffing them inside the sidecar of the bicycle for his trainer.
“Well, I think Elliot is a good name, but sure! Whatever you say, Eli,” Amelia said, grabbing another crate and calling a number and name.

She barely handed off another crate when she saw Elliot’s Riolu. She gasped, staring at it wide-eyed.

“You have a Riolu?!” She gapes, practically bouncing, “That’s so cool! They’re not native here!”
Elliot didn't give much care to what Amelia said about his name until he brought up Spike, smiling devilishly at him, Spike looked a bit questioned before starting to back up, but it was too late, Eli was picking him up similar to a bratty child to brag to Amelia, he tried fighting his way out the teenager's grasp, but to no avail.

"Yeah, met him a few years ago, brought him home and we're like best friends, maybe one day you'll get a little buddy like him if you're lucky."
Amelia grinned devilishly and pumped a fist in front of her face.

“Actually, after we’re done handing out groceries today, I’m heading to Professor Oak’s to get my very first Pokemon! We’re gonna travel the world and catch every type of Pokemon in existence!” Amelia bragged, chuckling to herself determinedly.

She looked at Elliot and his Riolu, Spike, before pointing at the Lucario pre-evolution.

“I’ll even have a Riolu of my own someday!”
"That so?"

Elliot set Spike down, as he did so the Riolu promptly climbed into the basket of the bike pouting, turning away from his trainer as Elliot continued his conversation.

"Well lemme know when you do, I'll probably come with and hey, maybe we'll even have a little battle if you're lucky but yeah, I'm pretty compertationa-compositi-, I like fighting in battles a lot is what I'm saying."

He then prepared to get back on his bike, about to drive home.

"Matter of fact, would you mind if I came with to see which Pokemon you choose?"
“I wouldn’t mind at all! Wait here while I hand out the rest of the produce!” Amelia instructed, quickly scrambling back to the truck bed. She started calling names and numbers as quick as she could, eager to get it all done so she could go grab a Pokemon with her new acquaintance. Before long, she told her dad the plan, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek goodbye, and gave him a big squeeze, knowing they wouldn’t see each other for a short while. A few people who saw this smiled, others waited impatiently for the rest of their groceries. Amelia, on the other hand, walked up to Elliot and Spike.

“I’m ready,” she said, gripping the straps of her backpack with an insane grip.
Eli rolled his eyes in just straight up big brother vibing, now putting himself onto his bike, struggling to kick his stand up after a bit of trial and error, he then pedaled around in a circle, waiting for Amelia to get ready before standing on his bike.

"OK! I gotta drop these groceries off for my mom, but hey, you can come with, I don't think my mom will be too angry, plus she'll be so mad if I don't get her these in 10 minutes..."
“Sweet!” Amelia said quickly.

Without hesitation she grabbed Elliot’s shoulders to keep her balanced, and stood on the back wheel’s metal bike pegs. She made sure to balance herself evenly as to not distribute too much weight to one side. With that, she nodded, even if Eli couldn’t see her.

“Let’s go!”
Elliot then started pedaling him and it took him a while to return to his destination, the weight of Amelia and the groceries, it was almost too much for him, but soon give about another 10 minutes into Eli's cycling journey, they arrived at a pale white house with a cyan colored door, allowing Elliot to stop the bike and get off, having nearly given up from exhaustion of riding his bike.

"We're h-here.."
Amelia hopped off the bike without a care, smiling up at the house as Elliot sat on the ground from exhaustion. She didn’t seem to realize this though, as she looked at him quizzically, before nudging him with her foot.

“C’mon, let’s go!” She encouraged, grabbing a bag of groceries to bring into the home.
"Fine, but I have to warn you, my mother isn't exactly, the nurturing and kind type...."

As Elliot opened the door, walking inside would reveal a Leipard laying down on a cat bed near the kitchen, and a blonde woman cooking ingredients listening to music before turning around noticing her son, her voice was caring and motherly, opposite to what Eli had informed of Amelia..

Elliot's Mom: "Elliot? You're back with the groceries, oh and who's your friend?"

Elliot: "Its ELI mom, I told you when I turned 14 I wanted to be called Eli from now on GOD!"
Amelia smiled at Elliot’s mother cheekily, bringing a grocery bag into the kitchen and setting it down onto the counter. She dismissed the way that Eli responded to his mom and she looked at her instead.

“Name’s Amelia!” She introduced, being a little louder than she needed, “My dad and I supply groceries to Pallet town, and other people nearby who come to get it!”

Before she let anybody say anything else, she spotted the Leipard and grinned. Two rare Pokémon in one day? Amelia felt as though she was in heaven, as she dashed over to the cat Pokemon, giving it lots of pets, strokes, and love. She would often coo at it and say things along the lines of “Who’s a good kitty?” And “You’re so cute!”
"Awww, isn't that nice, she's getting along so much with Traci!" Elliot's mom replied as Amelia had began worshiping the Liepard, bringing the groceries into the kitchen for her son as Elliot had gotten a small backpack packed with a few acessories including a map and a water bottle from his room, coming back out and sitting near Amelia, the Liepard in return didn't respond to the cooing, for it found pampering normal, keeping a blatant face on itself.

"Hey if you're gonna coddle the cat, can you do it at least after you get a Pokemon?" Elliot replied brashly, being a bit impatient since he didn't enjoy being in the humid house at all.

"Oh, is my Elliot helping this nice young lady get her Pokemon?" Elliot's mom asked, smiling softly , looking at the two.
Amelia snapped out of her praises and affection for the cat, quickly jumping to her feet at his comment. A Pokemon of her own…

She smiled and nodded at Elliot’s mother.

“Yup! He agreed to come with me and see which Pokémon I pick out!” She grinned, practically pacing in place with anticipation.
"And, I wanted to get out the hou-"

Elliot's mom had already embraced her son in a hug, deciding to hug his mom back in gratitude, after the hug, Elliot's mom then laughed a bit, letting out a small giggle.

"Well....Amelia, when you do get your Pokemon and finish being a good trainer to it, remember to show it lots of love!" Elliot's mother said brightly, she loved giving away advice to young people, it made her feel happy and proud of her knowledge, unlike her son who was already waving her goodbye, patting Amelia on the head before nudging to the door.

"You coming?"
“Yes ma’am,” Amelia said, only half paying attention. Of course she would treat her Pokemon well!

After seeing Elliot nudge to the door, she quickly bounced over, rushing out of the door and pacing in place, bouncing with over excitement.

“I’m so excited, I have no idea who to choose!”
"Here's an idea, maybe before you do, calm down."

Elliot replied with sarcasm, now picking his bike up from where he left it, moving his head leaning towards Amelia signifying for her to get on.

"Since I'm taking you to this Professor Oak, how about you tell me something about yourself."
Amelia got on, same as before, and disregarded Elliot’s comment. She was just too excited! She bounced a bit on the bike pegs, accidentally shaking the bike without her knowledge.

“Well, I’ve lived in Kanto my whole life. Me and my dad live alone in a small house, and we have a HUGE property. My mom died when I was little so I don’t remember her. Oh! And me and my dad farm and sell crops! We make a lot of money that way, and my dads produce is so good, that a lot of people will sometimes travel all the way to Pallet to get food!”

As she went on and on about pointless facts about herself, she hardly noticed them drawing nearer to Pallet town.
"Oh, that's cool I suppose."

Elliot found a bit of joy in hearing about Amelia's life, continuing riding, taking a bit of hesitation when Amelia had shook the bike to slow down and steady himself as he continued biking closer towards the town where the professor took shelter.

"I lived in Castelia, it was fine, but then my mom moved out into the urban area, I guess its OK, but sometimes I miss it there..."

Elliot's voice trailed off, until he quickly sounded cheerful, not wanting to bring his friend's feelings down as well. "

"Anyway what am I doing, bringing your spirits down, where is this Professor Oak anyway?
Amelia ignored his comment. Bringing her spirits down? How could he, at a time like this! She scanned the tiny town, quickly spotting the Pokemon laboratory the professor resided in.

“There!” She shouted, pointing at the crème colored brick building. She grinned, super pumped to get a Pokemon.
"O-Ok geez, I'm pedaling as fast as I can give me a break I got a girl on my bike trying to rush me!"

Elliot's feet moved with more function and purpose, moving faster towards the laboratory, a bit of time was lost due to Eli getting tired, but he pushed himself towards the professor's house, stopping at it.

"OK we're here, go and get your Pokemon, or do you want me to come with?"
“Come inside!” She offered, “I have no clue who to choose yet, I just want all of them!”

She dashed up the small two steps and burst through the lab, startling an old Professor Oak. He had been expecting her, but not so soon. Her father had only just driven off! He got his groceries not long ago at all!

“Ah, uh, Amelia! I’ve been expecting you for a while. You’re late,” he lied.
Elliot walked in a bit afterwards, trying to figure out in case his bike could've been stolen or not, deciding to leave it right in front of the door to the laboratory, walking insides afterwards, staring around at the decor and Amelia.

"Oh hey, you must be Mr.Oak. My name's Elliot, but just call me Eli."
“A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Elliot,” Professor Oak said, using faux professionalism, “You must be here to see Amelia get her first Pokémon, I presume…” he said, walking over to a cool metal table near the back of his laboratory.

Upon the table we’re three shiny red Pokeballs, that seemed to have been recently placed. Upon seeing them, Amelia bounced on each foot, biting her lip in excitement.
Elliot was now more than a friend to Amelia, it was more of a coach, putting his arms around her shoulders and whispering in her ears to encourage her, pointing to each one of the Pokeballs.

"OK Amelia, no pressure, just know whichever one you choose will be your new partner for your whole life, will you choose, Lefty, Middley, or Righty?"
Professor Oak chuckled, as he grabbed the three Pokeballs.

“These are the standard starter Pokémon of the Kanto region. I tend to give out one to each new trainer, their choice of course,” he said, slowly letting each Pokeball fall to the floor.

One by one, the starter Pokemon popped out of their Pokeballs.

First came Bulbasaur, the seed Pokemon. Bulbasaur was a grass and poison type, that stood at roughly 2’4” tall, and weighed about 15.2 pounds. Bulbasaur was a small, quadrupedal Pokemon that had blue-green skin with darker patches. It had red eyes with white pupils, pointed, ear-like structures on top of its head, and a short, blunt snout with a wide mouth. A pair of small, pointed teeth were visible in the upper jaw when it opened its mouth. Each of its thick legs ended with three sharp claws. On Bulbasaur's back was a green plant bulb, which Amelia knew was grown from a seed planted there at birth. She also knew that the bulb concealed two slender, tentacle-like vines and provided it with energy through photosynthesis as well as from the nutrient-rich seeds contained within.

The grass type let out a happy chirp, before sitting on the ground.

The next to come out was Charmander, the lizard Pokemon. Charmander was a fire type that stood at about 2’ tall, and weighed roughly 18.7 pounds. Charmander was a bipedal, reptilian Pokemon with a primarily orange body and blue eyes. Its underside from the chest down and the soles of its feet were cream-colored. It had two small fangs visible in its upper jaw and two smaller fangs in its lower jaw. A fire burned at the tip of this Pokémon's slender tail and Amelia read somewhere that it had blazed there since Charmander's birth. Her father told her the flame could be used as an indication of Charmander's health and mood, burning brightly when the Pokémon is strong, weakly when it is exhausted, wavering when it is happy, and blazing when it is enraged. He warned her that Charmander would die if its flame went out. However, if the Pokémon was healthy, the flame would continue to burn even if it gets a bit wet and is said to steam in the rain.

Charmander waved its tail around a bit, growling happily at the two trainers before it.

The final Pokémon to appear was Squirtle, the tiny turtle Pokemon. Squirtle was a water type that stood at roughly 1’8” tall, and weighed about 19.8 pounds. Squirtle was a small Pokemon that resembled a light-blue turtle. While it typically walked on its two short legs, it had been shown to run on all fours in a show Amelia had watched. It had large, purplish or reddish eyes and a slightly hooked upper lip. Each of its hands and feet had three pointed digits. The end of its long tail curled inward. Its body was encased by a tough shell that Amelia guessed formed and hardened after birth. This shell was brown on the top, pale yellow on the bottom, and had a thick white ridge between the two halves.

Squirtle snapped it’s mouth a few times, before shaking its tail patiently.

“Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are customary, but sometimes I do run out of them when trainers come,” Oak announced. “Luckily for you, I just got my supply of them restocked.”

Amelia couldn’t contain her joy, immediately greeting and getting to know each of them a bit. She played with them a lot, and they seemed to very much enjoy her attention, as they played around too.

“Oh, they’re so adorable, I just want all of them!” Amelia gushed, trying her best to engulf them in a hug. They also tried to do the same, struggling to ge their tiny arms and feet around her.
Elliot's mind focused more on type advantages more than stringy details involving a Pokemon's height and weight, it was almost like classes that taught him about this kind of stuff he refused to listen to at Pokemon schools, holding a very confused look on his face, scratching the top of his head, turning away from Amelia, holding his hands in the air.

"Nope, don't look at me, you're picking THAT yourself."
Amelia grunted in worry, unsure how she’d be able to pick the Pokémon she liked the most. Each seemed very content with her, and Professor Oak smiled as he waited, making a few comments.

“Easy, now,” or, “They seem to have taken a liking to you!”

She looked at each one, biting her bottom lip as she tried to decide.

“I just want to take them all. What are the chances of finding the two others out in the wild? Not likely, I assume!” She asked nobody in particular, her eyes darting between each of her options.
Elliot didn't understand what Amelia was going through, looking around, more interested in the scientists doodads and science machines than watching his friend fantasize over Pokeballs for 10 minutes, pointing towards the inner parts of the lab.

"Uhh, while she's making her decision, Mr. Oak, do you mind if I just take a look around?"
Mr Oak nodded, a little warily. He didn’t exactly trust any old teenager to just “look around” at his lab.

“Fine, just,” he paused, sighing, “Just don’t touch anything.”

Meanwhile, Amelia was being as indecisive as ever.

“Eenie, Meenie, Miny…no!” Amelia said, looking at her potential Pokemon partners. “Oh, Professor Oak, might I just take them all?” she asked, quite seriously.

Professor Oak paused, as if he was almost questioning allowing it, before catching himself.

“Well…” he started, “I mean - tk - no, of course not! Just because I have extras, it wouldn’t be fair to just give you three! I’d only be willing to give you the other two for payment, and it would certainly cost you.”

“Oh, please Professor Oak!” She continued, distracting the poor old man.
Elliot at that moment quickly vanished, having looked around the lab, he was running his hand against a silver counter, grabbing a few accessories made in reference to Pokemon before noticing a tail of a specific electric mouse, now reaching towards it and giving it a small squeeze before getting a shock big enough to startle Amelia and Professor Oak, a Pikachu soon then, grumpily stood up and made a bit of an angry remark towards Elliot in response.
Amelia and Professor Oak, along with the starter Pokemon, turned to look at the commotion. Professor Oak knew of the destructive, aggressive, and distrustful Pikachu, sighing defeatedly and grunting, annoyed.

“I told you not to touch anything!” Oak said grumbled, trying to refrain from breaking anything in annoyance.
Elliot was a bit scared, hiding behind the 10 year old, using her as a human shield, throwing a air punch to the Pikachu, shaking his head at it, he wasn't a fan of Pokemon that gave him harm, especially involving electricity, he had a thing against being shocked, it was like a sense of fear to him, turning towards Professor Oak.

"In due respect sir, why do you have THAT in here?!"
Professor Oak sighed, scratching the back of his neck a bit.

“Well, I was just going out, catching more Pokémon for research, when I came across this Pikachu, here. I didn’t notice anything about it that was out of the ordinary when I caught it, but when I brought it back to the lab to research it, it was highly aggressive,” Professor Oak explained. “I’m not sure how to tame it, so I let it hang around for right now, hoping it will get used to its environment enough for me to study it.”

Amelia giggles at Elliot’s cowardice, before looking back to the Pokemon. She sucked in a large breath before finally deciding.

“I’m gonna start from square one. And that means, my partner will be Bulbasaur!” She said, picking up the Pokemon.

“Bulbasaur!! Bulba, bulba!” The grass type roared with enthusiasm, waddling its little legs.

As she held Bulbasaur in her arms, she turned to the other starters, who seemed slightly glum they were picked. She felt bad, but still smiled at them.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna save up enough money to buy you both! Then we can be a team!” She insisted the Pokemon.

“It’s going to be about 10,000 extra dollars if you want them,” Professor Oak informed.

Amelia gaped.



She deadpanned and groaned, but shook her head, determined to make up the money somehow.

“Alright, 20,000 it is. Then, we can be partners!”
"I hope you're kidding, I really do."

Elliot replied from behind Amelia, not about to earn $10,000 just so he could get a Pokemon, he could do that for free.

"Because if you're gonna earn that much money young lady, you're doing that alone, and you sir!"

Elliot then stared Oak in his eyes, pointing at the Pikachu that shocked, he was going full on dramatic, overreacting at this point.

"You're lucky I refuse to sue you because of that!"
Amelia quietly whined, disappointed that Elliot didn’t support her in her endeavors.

“Oh, boo!” She said, whining to him.

Oak, on the other hand, was getting slightly more annoyed with Elliot’s snarky tone.

“I told you not to touch anything!” He said, supplying that as his evidence.
"You weren't specific! I don't have to take this, I'm going outside, Amelia, 10 minutes, and no longer, I think that Pikachu, it smells my fear..."

Elliot shuddered a bit, hastily retreating towards the door, struggling to open it since he left his bike in front of it, causing him to budge against the door before sliding through, glaring through the glass from a safe distance in his opinion.