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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

While Finn was walking through route one but he stopped once he heard a noise coming from behind him. He turned around to see a guy riding a Rapidash, which made him super excited. “Hey there, what’s your name! I’m Finn and this is my partner, Char!”
Finn yelled at the top of his lungs while waving.
Trent heard the unconscious girl begin to make noise and watched her wake up. He didn't say anything as she became aware of her surroundings and simply smiled at her interaction with her Clauncher. When she finally spoke to him, Trent directed his attention to the girl, who introduced herself as Alice.

"I'm Trent," he responded, "And it was no problem. Good to see that you're awake. Your little friend here got really worried about you." He motioned a bit at Cherryas he mentioned her. "You said you've angered some Diglett, the last you recall? You must've riled them up real good if you ended up knocked out," he jokingly said.
"I guess they really don't like it when you step on them." Said Alice before rubbing the back of her head, very embarrassed. "Well if you don't mind me asking, what are you doing in Kanto? I'm here because I'm starting my journey today! Maybe I got off to a bit of a rough start but I know this is gonna be a great one! We'll get a bunch of gym badges, meet a ton of people and catch a bunch of friends for Cherry!" She said holding the Clauncher up. "Speaking of which, I should probably start setting up my rod." Said Alice before she put down Cherry and picked up up her fishing rod bag. Alice then started screwing everything together.
As they galloped through the route, Rick spoted a young trainer at the distance, waving at him. "Holy!" Rick exclaimed, with Iris closing in fast. The Rapidash backpadled, throwing a dust cloud at the trainer as she skid before coming to a full stop. "Oh my sweet Arceus, are you alright?" he asked as the dirt settled. "You know, you shouldn't get in the way of a charging Rapidash like that. They usualy don't stop this quickly, but we weren't at full speed." he explained.

Rick wasn't properly angry. He would've been worse if the trainer looked experienced. Judging by his age and pokémon companion, it didn't seem the case. "Anyways, I'm Rick. And this princess right here is Iris." Said Rick, introducing himself and his pokémon to the trainer. The Rapidash bowed as a greeting of her own. "Need something? You seem to be a Novice." he questioned.
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Previously SlicertheGallade890
Oliver and Edward had arrived in the Kanto region. They decided to split up and eventually meet back up in Viridian city. Oliver took stroll through Pallet town and noted am two individuals along the way. Oliver walked past the two of them and made his way towards Route one.

Slowly encroaching on a group in the route, Oliver decided to go and meet the new faces. Noting all the Pokémon with them. “Excuse me if I may. But are you all also finding your way towards a Viridian City?” Oliver asked the small group on the route.

“Also I love all the Pokémon I’m seeing here. Although I have seen some of them before.” Oliver spoke up a bit afterwards.
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Edward slowly walked into Viridian city. He didn’t know if there was anything that would catch his eye around the town. But he was mistaken. Some Pokémon from Kalos caught his eye.
‘Clauncher eh? At least I see a familiar Pokémon to home.’ Edward though to himself as he looked to the trainers on the bench.

Edward mustered up the courage and walked over to the two. “Excuse me if I may. But are you two from the Kalos region by chance?” Edward asked the two trainers
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“Nice to meet you Rick and iris. I’m Finn and this is my new buddy Char and your right about me being a novice, I just left pallet Town a few minutes ago.” he then turned to see the someone else who asked if they were on their way to viridan city. "Yep, I'm gotta go to viridan city so i can go to viridan forest. Oh, i didn't introduce myself, i'm finn and this is Char." Char smiled and waved at Oliver.

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Alice noticed the second boy approaching her and Trent. "Oh hello. Actually I'm not from the Kalos region. Sinnoh born and Hoenn raised. Actually grandpa told me that pokemon like Clauncher used to not be found in Hoenn but something about Pokemon migration making other pokemon available in some places. I think that might've happened to Kanto too." Said Alice before finishing putting her fishing rod together. "Ok. This pond should have some pokemon in it." She said before casting her line. The line sunk into the middle of the pond and she squated next to it Clauncher on her shoulder.
Amelia turned to see a boy with a Rapidash, who had almost run into a much younger trainer with a Charmander. Immediately disregarding whatever it is she had been previously hooked on, she ran over to the Charmander and immediately started to pet the scaly lizard.

“Oh my gosh, you’re so darn cute! You must be one of the other Pokémon I could’ve chosen!” She gushed, Fushi running over to catch up with his trainer.

She looked up again to see another boy, who seemed to be looking at the Pokémon each trainer had.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
“Oliver.” Oliver had paused before continuing. “My name is Oliver Camphier. I’m a twin to my brother Edward. I see we have some unique Pokémon. Well here is my signature Pokémon!” Oliver spoke with a bit of enthusiasm. Pulling from his pocket a luxury ball.

“Come on out Kerbecs!” Oliver pressed the button and tossed the ball. Out of it slowly revealed a Houndoom. It’s fangs slightly glowing orange.

“I came here for travel. Me and my brother went to Alola before this. I was able to catch me a rare and cool Pokémon myself.” Oliver spoke before grabbing an ultra ball. Holding the ultra ball in front of him. Oliver called, “Come on Orion!” Oliver pressed the front and out came his Minior. The rock shield protecting the mon’s true form.

Orion floated near Oliver’s left shoulder and Kerbecs was next to his right leg. “I have three more. But these two should suffice for a first impression.” Oliver spoke with a smile at the end.
Amelia didn’t even bother to introduce herself, she just gaped at all the Pokémon she was seeing, especially rare Pokémon from out of the region. She squeaked and melted to the floor, falling onto her back with a thump. Her legs flew up before falling to the grass.

“So cute-” She groaned.
"Wow that's like, super cool and whatever."

Elliot was not in awe of Orion's Pokemon admittedly jealous since Orion had more Pokemon, and even some fashionable Pokeballs no less, what made it worse that lit his fuse was that he had five in total, leading to his eyes squinting and flailing his arms around like a maniac.

"Psh! So what, its not that bad, everyone can get like five Pokemon!"
Metagross looked around at all of the group, getting its Trainer's attention.

"Sorry, about that," Jason responded, "I am Jason Argentston, and this is my fiancée, Alyssa Seaboard, and my Pokémon here is Metagross!"

"I'm Alyssa," Alyssa responded, "and this Is Emboar."

The Mega Fire Pig Pokémon gave a Wave towards the group. The Iron Leg Pokémon gave a light wave as a pokeball opened.

"Scrafty!" A Hoodlum Pokémon called.

The Pokémon jumped up and down excitedly, seeing a bunch of new people.

"Keep calm, Scrafty." Jason told his Dark and Fighting Type.

A pokeball opened again, revealing a Dragonair who slithered near her trainer.

"And it Seems like Dragonair is finally back to herself." Alyssa noted.

The Dragon type waved her tail around as if she was trying to say hello.
Trent listened to her ask for his reason for being in Kanto and explain why she's having a journey in the region herself. He raised an eyebrow a bit at learning that Alice is a new trainer, and hearing her mention going for gym badges made him think back a bit on his journey in Kalos. He couldn't help but smile a bit as he watched her pull out her fishing rod.

"So, you're a newbie? Well, it's no wonder you're a bit excited and all over the place," he commented, "As for me, well..." Before Trent could continue and give his reason for being in Kanto, he heard someone trying to converse with them and turned to see that a boy had approached them.

"I am. Vaniville Town to be precise," he said, answering the boy's question on if he was from Kalos, which he found a bit odd, "Why do you ask? Is that a problem?"


Previously SlicertheGallade890
“Oh. Um. Not really an issue. I actually come from Kalos as well. My home town is Camphrier Town.” Edward explained to Trent. “My name is Edward. Edward Camphier.” Edward introduced as he reached behind his back and grabbed a luxury ball.

“And this is my partner Pokémon. Lancelot.” Edward spoke as he pressed the button on the front and a Gallade had appeared from the pokeball.

Oliver noted all of the Pokémon that were around. And noted the names of the trainers as well. Taking Amelia’s comment into consideration, he decided to speak up. “You may want to train the bulbasaur first before trying to fight the gym.” Oliver spoke to Amelia.
The young trainer introduced himself as Finn, also confirming Rick's assumption that he had just started his trainer journey. "Well... I just arrived at this region a few minutes ago. So in a certain way, I'm kind of a novice when it comes to these parts." - Said Rick with a faint smile.

Meanwhile, a few more trainers started gathering in the same place. A lot of them also seemed to be new trainers, only with their starter pokémon, but eventualy a few more experienced ones also started to show up. One of them, who would eventualy introduce himself as Oliver, asked the group if they were heading to Viridian. "Umm... actualy no. I'm going to a Pewter City. The Museum to be more precise." he replied. Being new to the region, Rick only knew the name of his final destination, and not what was in between. He also never bothered to check the map that Chris so conveniently had in the boat. Maybe if he did he would've realized that Viridian was actualy the next city right after the route they were in.

Another young trainer took a bit longer in her introductions, as she was... a little too ecstatic with all the pokémon around her (a bit of an understatement, as she actualy droped on the ground for brief moments). But she was the first one to reveal her goal of challeging Viridian's Gym, and presumably taking the full gym challenge. "Well then, good luck with that. Just don't take a step longer than your leg. Gym Leaders aren't the average trainer." said Rick. He didn't relate to the goal itself, as he never cared about taking the course, but the girl's grit was commendable nonetheless.
"Huh. Camphrier Town. That's the town near Lumiose City with a castle and lord, right?" Trent asked before hearing the boy introduce himself as Edward and watched him send out his Gallade. It was clear that Edward wasn't an average joe, at least, not a beginner like Alice.

"Name's Trent," he said as his introduction and turned his attention towards the Gallade. He looked at it from head to toe. "That's quite a Gallade you've got there," he said to Edward, "I can tell that it has been raised well." Trent proceeded to pull his Kalos Pokédex and scan the psychic and fighting-type.

"Gallade, the blade Pokémon. And the final evolved from of Ralts," said the Pokédex, in a female voice, "Because it can sense what its foe is thinking, its attacks burst out first, fast, and fierce."
“Me and Bulbasaur can take on the gym, with the help of some of Eli’s Pokémon!” Alicia said, stretching a lot farther than she should, “We’ll blow it out of the water!”

Oh, the irony of her statement. Little did she know, she was about to get blown out of the water, a horrible utter defeat.
"Yeah speaking of which, we oughta get going, who knows how long we got until nightfall and then the gym will close, then we gotta wait until tomorrow, like Amelia said, you guys can come with us only if you want to."

Elliot commented, holding his wrist out towards them as if there were a watch existing on his hand, looking at the late afternoon time.
Alice was staring at the pond, munching on dried Slowpoke Tail. The sound of a pokeball opening near her instantly caught her attention as Edward sent out a pokemon she'd never seen before. It looked kind of like a Gardevoir that she saw ar a contest she went to once but it still looked very different. She instantly left her fishing rod before pulling out a notepad. She flipped to a new page before writing that the pokemon was a Gallade, drew a rough sketch of it and copied down what she heard from Trent's pokedex. Alice snapped a picture with her phone before writing about everything she could observe about the Gallade from a bunch of different angles, uknowing that the bell on her fishing rod (designed to look like a Chimecho) started ringing. Cherry gave her a yank on one of her pigtails startling her out of her concentration. "Ow! Right, I was fishing. Better cut this entry short!" She said closing her notebook before running back to her fishing rod. She reeled in the catch and it turned out to be a Goldeen. "All right! A new pokemon! Cherry, go for a Water Gun!" Said Alice before Cherry shot a high pressurized shot of water putting the Goldeen in a daze. Alice reeled it in before she snapped a picture of the Goldeen and started writing about that pokemon too.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
“Indeed it is.” Edward told Trent as he decided to take a seat next to the two of them. “Most people in Kalos actually believe that I actually live in Lumiose city.” Edward explained to Trent and blushed a bit before going on. “Maybe it’s because of my Trainer Pr Video career that I have in Kalos.” Edward said a slight bit nervous to say it aloud.

Oliver took both of Eli’s comments. “Well yes. Let’s get going if we’re gonna make it in time.” Oliver agreed with Eli; However that would not last long. “Also catching five Pokémon may be easy, but it’s about building a bond with them that matters.” Oliver explained to Eli.
Finn started to walk of towards Viridian city but then stopped and turned around to look at Rick and walked up to him.

“hey can I ride with you? My feet kinda hurt.”
"Bonds Schmonds! A Pokemon and human need to be able to get along from the get go! That is what a true relationship is, if they can't get along, then that means something!"

Elliot bashed his meaning of Pokemon bonds around as loud as the Fearows and the Spearows in the tree could hear and caw at him as he walked with Oliver and Amelia.
Amelia was confident that she could handle the Gym with an extra help from Elliot's pokémon. Taking a side glance at the latter's Riolu, Rick wasn't so confident, even though he didn't know the Gym' typing. But he shrugged without trying to move the young trainer away ffrom her goals. Making mistakes is part of the process, so long as you learn from them.

After the small chat, Elliot and Amelia decided to head towards Viridian for Amelia's challenge. "Alright! Nice chit chating and all, but we gotta hit the road, too." Rick said, taking the opportunity to leave the conversation without feeling he was trying to dispatch the trainers. "I got a fossil to revive and don't wanna leave my boat waiting." he added.

As they were about to dart off, however, Finn came up to Rick, asking him for a ride. Rick was a bit exitant to say yes, and Iris herself also gave the young trainer a frowned look. Rapidashes would burn anyone they didn't trust, and Iris had just met this trainer not even 10 minutes ago. But she also couldn' burn Finn without also harming Rick in the proccess, which she would never do. "Umm... if you can hold on well enough, I guess?" He replied, still with exitance in his voice. Iris shruged. "But I warn you. Even if she can't burn you while I'm on top, that does't stop her from trying to, lets say... test you. If that's okay with you, giddy up!" he added, stretching his arm to the trainer.
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Finn smiled widely before taking Ricks hand and put Char back into his Pokéball . “I’m always up for a challenge, besides I’m trying to beat the elite four, so this game so this is nothing.” He said as he hoped onto iris.
Route 1 wasn't a straight path, as it had a few ledges that people would normaly need to go around. But again, that wasn't Rick's way of doing it. After pulling thr trainer up, he leaned forward to his steed. "Take the shortcut, girl." he said to Iris. With a few jumps, the Rapidash cleared the route's ledges with ease, soon reaching the next city's entry point.

"Nicely done, girl!" he praised, patting on Iris' neck as she let out a happy whinny. "So... this is Pewter, right?" he asked to himself, before dismounting and reading the city's plate. "Nope! Viridian City... oh..." he paused. This was the city those trainers were going for.

Meanwhile, and without her trainer to worry about, Iris smirked while giving Finn, who was still on top, a side glanse, before starting to gradualy heat up her mane up to an unpleasent temperature. At least she was being nice in way, by giving the trainer plenty of time to get out. She could've very well just flare up and burn Finn for real.
While Finn sat atop Iris waiting for Rick he felt as if he was heating up until he jumped off and started patting his butt to try to stop the burning. “Ow, Ow, Ow that burns, that really flipping burns.” He stops patting after a while and stared at iris before chuckling to himself. “I guess I couldn’t take the heat. You win this time Iris.” He said as he started to laugh to himself. He picked himself up and started to walk towards Rick and tapped his shoulder. “What are you doing?”
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"Oh? So you do Trainer PR Videos?" Trent asked rhetorically as he put his Pokédex away, "That's neat. I had a friend who dabbled a bit of that herself and had me and my best friend be a bit involved in it too." Of course, that was a long time ago. Other than that one experience, he's never really been one to watch Trainer PR Videos that often. While the average Kalosian would know who Edward, Trent is not one of them. "But other than that, I don't really keep up with PR Videos."

Trent soon turned his attention to Alice after hearing her fish up something and saw that it was a Goldeen. "Hey, not bad, for a newbie," he said after watching her subdue it, "You plan on catching it now?"
Amelia grinned as she looked around the town, spotting some people around, a few buildings, and a dirt road off to the side. She looked around, spotting the gym and grinning wildly. She looked to see the setting sun and immediately darted over to the gym excitedly, Fushi not far behind her.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward smiled at the Trent’s reply. “Sounds fun. My brother likes to brag about how I am one of the biggest ones for Trainer Pr videos.” Edward explained but blushed a bit more. “I don’t really see myself as any celebrity or big shot. I’m just me.” Edward finished explaining as he noted that the girl with Trent fought a goldeen.

Oliver walked into town and looked around for his brother. “Ah! There he is. I’ll be right back everyone.” Oliver commented as he walked over to Edward. “Hey bro. You making some friends?”

“Yeah? Why? I mean. One of the two is from Kalos believe it or not.” Edward told his brother. Oliver smiled at this.

“I’m his brother, twin brother to be specific, Oliver Camphier.” Oliver introduced himself to the two. Orion was still floating near his shoulder and Kerbecs was near his leg.
Alice finished the sketch of Goldeen, and scribbled a few notes about it before releasing the Goldeen back into the pond. "Nah, I'm a bit of a catch and release kinda fisher. I'm mostly just trying to fill this up." Said Alice showing her notebook to Trent. "Grandpa couldn't afford a Pokedex, so I used this notepad instead. It's not perfect, but it works!" Said Alice opening a few pages. There were entries about Plusle, Minun, Poliwag, Skrelp, Lotad, and a few others. She put the journal and fishing rod away as Edward's twin brother came over. Alice put another piece of Poke Tail before giving the newcomer a wave. "Hi! My name's Alice."
Trent listened to Edward talk about his brother and how he praises his PR Videos before turning back to Alice. "I see. So you essentially have a self-made Pokédex? That's quite creative," he said as she flipped through her notebook.

Soon, Trent heard another newcomer arrive and turned to see them introduce themselves as Oliver, Edward's twin brother that he mentioned before. "And I'm Trent," he said after Alice introduced herself, "The one from Kalos that he was referring to." He then noticed the Minior that floated next to him, a Pokémon he's never seen before, and the Houndoom near his leg.

After the introductions were all said and done, Trent got up and picked up his jacket. "Well, it was nice meeting you all," he said as he slipped it on, "But I gotta go stock up on supplies before I hit the road." He picked up his backpack and slipped it on as well.
Finn dismounted Iris, then called Rick who was still staring at the tablet. "I may not know much about Kanto..." Said Rick "... but everyone knows Viridian Forest for its reputation of being a natural maze. Since I thought Pewter was the first city, I never bothered. But it looks like my road will be a bit less linear than I first thought." he explained, scratching his chin as he speaked. "So I guess I'll absorb the map of the region for a bit in that Pokémon Center."

Moments later, the trainers they had met on Route 1 arrived at the city. Amelia, as it was kinda expected, rushed in to the gym, eager to challenge the leader. "Are you gonna watch the match?" Rick asked, still following the girl running towards the gym with his eyes. "Moments ago, you said you were gonna try and beat the Elite 4." Rick said, turning his attention now towards Finn. "Well then, knowing your opponent is half way to get there, and you can start with that."

Rick then walked to Iris. "Walk around for a bit, have fun. I won't take too long anyways, then we can move on." he said to her. The mare noded, as her trainer went inside the Pokémon Center... before peeking outside once more. "Oh! And no eating pot plants nor people's gardens!" he shouted. Because cities aren't exactly the best places for sprinting, Iris didn't do much. She saw a pond nearby, and went there to drink some water, despite there being a trainer fishing in it. And while she wasn't very fond of strangers, after 2 hours on a boat, thirst speaked louder. Besides, the human was there before her anyways.
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Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward nodded as Trent was going to take his leave. “I-If I may. Trent. Before you go Can we at least have a form of communication so when I return to Kalos we can someday meet up?” Edward asked politely and hoped that it would be a yes.

Oliver walked over to where Alice was. “Have you seen these two Pokémon Alice?” Oliver asked as he hoped that one would look familiar to her. Taking a knee and patting Kerbecs on the head. “This is Kerbecs, my Houndoom. And this little guy.” Oliver stood up again and cupped both of his hands and held Orion. “Is Orion, my Minior. He’s the newest member of the team.” Oliver explained two of his Pokémon to Alice.
"Hey wait! At least give us a minute to prepare!"

Elliot hated one thing in this world and it was running, although he was awfully good at it, he was able to keep up with Amelia, trying to slow her down, shouting his voice as the people of Viridian City saw the two children running towards the Gym.
Finn looked at Rick before turning to see a girl and boy running towards the Viridian City gym. “Hey, Rick I’ll catch up with you later please don’t leave without me!”

Finn began running towards gym until he was right behind the girl and boy who he saw running towards the gym. “Hey, It’s nice to meet me you. I’m Finn, what’s your names!”
Jason and Alyssa had stumbled over to about five people after everyone sprinted to the Gym, They had caught up to Oliver, as Metagross, Scrafty, Dragonair, and Emboar followed along.

"Sorry, we bumped into Oliver on Route One and we got back to town," Alyssa responded, "I'm Alyssa Seaboard, and this is my Fiancé, Jason."

Jason was currently trying to keep his Scrafty calm as he was Excitable when new people and Pokémon were around.

"We had been trying to keep up with Oliver and a crew of Amelia, and Eli, sorry," Jason explained, "Jason Argentston, you said your brother made PR videos, I think James has seen his videos, Have you guys ever seen a Scrafty, Dragonair, Emboar, or Metagross?"

The Four Pokémon in question waved an Arm, leg or tail accordingly.
Alice pulled out her Notepad and instantly added two bew entries being Houndoom and Minor. "Woah! They're so cool!" She said sketching the two, wrote some notes on the two, closing the notebook and scratched Houndoom on the head, and patted Minior. "I think I've seen Houndoom before. Never seen this guy though." Said Alice. Alice was taking notes on all sorts 9f things about the pokemon from size, smell, feel and coloration. Alice's childlike wonder was soon interrupted "Hey Trent! Mind if I come with? I need to pick up a Map Card for my PokeNav. Also I need to get through Viridian Forest. Apparently the first gym I need to get to is in Pewter City...wherever that is." Said Alice putting her Notepad away and putting her backpack on her back along with her fishing rod bag.
As Trent was about to leave, he turned back to Edward after he stopped him and ask for a way they could keep in touch to meet up in the future. "Oh, uh, I guess so?" He said, a bit surprised as he wasn't expecting a request like that, "All I have is a Holo Caster, so I hope you're able to make do with that." He reached into his backpack and pulled out a yellow Holo Caster. "Hope it still works," he said, having not used it in quite a while. Heck, Trent doesn't remember when was the last time he charged it. He pressed the power button and thankfully, it booted up. "There we go," he said and hands it to Edward, "Just register yourself here."

Trent then turned towards Alice, who just asked if she could go along with him. "You wanna tag along? Well, I don't really mind," he said and smile, "Then again, knowing you so far, I think it might be a good idea in order to keep you out of trouble."