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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

Amelia giggled at the entire interaction.

“What’s not specific about ‘anything’?!” Oak shouted after, annoyed with the boy.

He sighed, pressing two fingers on the bridge of his nose.

“I can’t stand kids…” he said, the Pikachu growling and hissing in the general direction of Elliot.

Oak went over to a small table he had, one that supplied a device looking like a small phone, that had a flip open side. There was a camera on the front of it, and the back as well. Amelia grinned, as Oak handed her the device, a Pokédex. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out five Pokeballs, handing them to the girl. With her hands full, she quickly put the Pokédex in her mouth and discarded the Pokeballs into her Jean pockets quickly.

“Alright! Ready, Bulbasaur?” She asked her new friend, whom she was still holding.

“Bulba!” The Pokémon growled happily.

“Would you like to give a nickname to your Pokémon?” Oak said, before Amelia could leave.

“Oh, yeah! Um…” she said, thinking to herself, “Your name is now…Fushi!”

The Bulbasaur, now named Fushi, saw the name very fitting, and chirruped happily.

Before Amelia stepped outside, she set Fushi on the ground, quickly snapping a good picture of him on her Pokédex.

“Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokémon. A strange seed was planted on its back since birth. The plant sprouts and grows with this Pokémon,” the Pokédex said, in a monotone male voice.

Satisfied, she walks outside with Fushi. She sees Elliot and shows him her newest member.

“Eli, meet Fushi,” she announced.
Elliot turned his head towards Fushi, he didn't expect Amelia to pick the Bulbasaur, maybe the Squirtle even since she seemed like that kind of person to him, reaching his hand out to wave towards Fushi and even attempted to pat it, hoping it wouldn't do anything to him unlike the last Pokemon he met.

"Nice Bulbasaur..."
Elliot enjoyed the comforting moves from the Bulbasaur, giving himself a genuine smile as he took out his map, sitting on the steps in front of the labaratory, pointing towards the nearest town and routes for Amelia.

"So what's your plan, train first, or head straight to the Gym?"
Amelia didn't pause to think, and immediately looked ahead to the trail onwards, to a small clearing on the route to Viridian City.

"Onward, of course!" Amelia said, "I can catch Pokemon on the way there! Viridian City has a gym in it! I believe the leader's name is Giovanni!"

"Bulbasaur!" the grass Pokemon said, trotting happily around its trainer.
"OK sure, just keep yourself steady before we get there..."

Elliot closed his map, stowing it away as he stood on his bike, he decided coaching Amelia was a good way for himself to train as well, it may even give him a chance to find a rare Pokemon out in the wild.

"Come on, I'll take ya there."
A black haired male holding the hand of a red haired female had been walking down from Viridian City after the Male had tried and failed to find a Poliwag. His Scrafty had been walking with the two as her Unfezant, which is a male, sat on her left shoulder. The two had been getting out of the city after the female tried to challenge the gym leader and was blown away, that Nidoking beat Dragonair faster than she thought. Emboar beat Golem, but that Nidoking was something else.

"Hey, Jason, sweetheart," The female responded.

"Yes, Alyssa?" Jason asked.

"We're on route one right?" Alyssa asked.

"Yes we are." Jason responded.

The two took in the sights, Pidgey over head, Spearows towards the middle, and Ratatta on the ground.

"I've never seen that Pokémon before." Jason spotted a Pokémon in the edge of a backpack.

The Pokémon was mostly blue, small, with a green bulb on the back of the Pokémon. Jason was curious, Scrafty was taking sights, and Unfezant kept an eye on Scrafty. Jason returned his Scrafty before it could faint a Ratatta. Unfezant was returned so he didn't scare the possible trainers.

"Hello, my fiance had noticed your Pokémon, and was wondering what it was." Alyssa called out to the Pokémon's apparent owner.
Amelia turned to see the curious young couple, as she got off the bike that hadn't driven very far. She gently turned her head to grab the Bulbasaur off her back, holding it up from its waist to show them.

"It's a Bulbasaur! His name is Fushi!" she said, lifting him up to show them.

Fushi waved one of his stubby legs in greeting, letting out a friendly growl.


Previously 'Candle'
The bright larimar blue sky shined upon Reynard as they stood there, a blue and beige Cyandaquil standing near their feet. Rey’s eyes scanned around, they stood in an open area on the route to Viridian City. Fondu fell asleep at their feet, it’s pale yellow and orange flames dying down to nothing but the red spots that it came from. It was apparent that there were more people down the road, it appeared they were traveling towards them. But also seemed like the group stood there talking?

Reynard took a step back and made it look like they were doing something by bending down and trying to wake Fondu up. They gasped and then groaned after the Cyandaquil had woke up and dashed forward in a panic, kicking up dirt onto its trainer as it did. “No this is a new shirt!” Rey said once again a groan releasing his mouth as he stood up and begin brushing the dirt off in a manner that made it smear into a lighter brown.

After the frustrating part, Rey turned to find that the group was still there. It seemed like there was around 3-4 people. With a turn of their head, a nod, and a pick up of Fondu, they began to inch towards the group slowly.
"Well well well."

The browndudette replied in a snarky voice as he struggled to vault off his bike, having fallen over slowly, landing on his hands, standing up and dusting himself off before walking over to the three people worshipping the bulb backed pokemon, waving towards the two who had wandered over.

"Name's Eli, and this is Amelia, what're yours?"
"I've fought a Venusaur before, but never seen a Bulbasaur." Jason responded, "Hi there Fushi, I'm Jason Argentston, and you must be this one's trainer, honestly I got an unusual starter."

"I am Alyssa Seaboard," Alyssa responded, pulling out a Pokéball, only to let out Emboar, "We're not here to challenge you, Emboar here is my starter from Unova."

The Mega Fire Pig Pokémon waved at the group as another Pokéball popped open revealing Metagross, Jason's starter. The Iron Leg Pokémon waved a leg towards the group.
Amelia put Fushi on the ground before Alyssa and Jason let out their starters.

“Ah! Rare Pokémon! So cool!!” Amelia gushed, bouncing between legs as her eyes shined like stars.

Fushi looked up at his trainer, confused before copying her movements and mannerisms.
Elliot was a bit surprised at the spectacles of the Pokemon that were sent out by the couple, more of the Metagross than the Emboar since he thought he saw a few familiar faces from Unova, waving back at the 4 Steeled Leg Pokemon, he too was a bit surprised at the accomplishments, walking closer to the Metagross.

"Seems like you guys have been training for a while now, how long has it been?"
“Probably, like, a million years I bet,” Amelia commented picking up Fushi again, “Their Pokémon are super strong looking!”

She squeezed Fushi tight, grinning at him.

“And soon, we’ll be even stronger!”
"Metagross is my starter due to the professor having three regular starters, and there were eight of us leaving the same day, and Professor Birch had five other Pokémon, Trapinch, Seedot, Lotad, Bagon, and Beldum. I took Beldum, going second, My sister Laura got Bagon, and My brother James got stuck with Treecko." Jason explained, "Do you have any other Pokémon?"

"We've been traveling seven and a half years, and Kanto is our fourth region." Alyssa responded, "My fiancé's from Hoenn, and I'm pretty sure his brother's in Johto and his sister's in Sinnoh currently."

Metagross gave a Wave to the best that a four legged metal Pokémon could. Emboar looked around the area as he kept an eye on things.
“Nah, so far Fushi is the only buddy I have,” Amelia stated, hugging her partner, “But I’m going to catch every Pokémon some day! Everyone in the world!”

Amelia motioned to the whole sky, trying to get her point across.

“I’ll have a million friends!”
"Keep telling yourself that loser."

Elliot replied playfully, he then reached out, trying to give Amelia a slight mini nougie as he turned towards the couple.

"We were planning on heading to Viridian City, someone wants to take down the gym asap if you know what I mean, why don't you two tag along, we could use some company."


Previously 'Candle'
“Can I come too?”

Reynard’s voice seemed to echo lightly in their own ears as they said it. It only appeared that they were eavesdropping, that’s all. The Cyandaquil on the ground made a small noise and returned to its almost sleeping state.
Amelia chuckled as Elliot gave her a nougie, before turning to the sound of a voice she had never heard before. She looked up to see a kid with a Cyndaquil, all curled up as if ready to sleep. It seemed like the kid wanted to go to the next town with them.

“Yeah! We’d be happy to have you!” Amelia said.
Sitting down on a bench near a pond in Viridian City, was Trent. He arrived in Kanto via plane merely a few days ago and has remained in the city since then to plot his first course of action in the region. It has been a while since he's been in a proper journey through a region.

For now, he's simply enjoying the peaceful day, sitting down on a bench, with his Pokémon. His Talonflame perched up on the bench's edge, his Linoone eating an Oran Berry that was just given to him, and his Dragalge swimming peacefully in the pond. However, there's one Pokémon the trainer has that currently isn't out.

Held in Trent's hands is the Poké Ball of his newly acquired Pokémon, Absol. Why he didn't bring it out with the rest is due to some complications, which is probably the main reason Trent is Kanto in the first place. He acquired Absol during his time in Orre, learning about the Shadow Pokémon that once plagued the region. Absol was once turned into a Shadow Pokémon itself, and because of that, it became distrusting of humans. Before Trent left, he was asked to take the dark-type with him and try to form a bond with it, so it could open up and not be distant with people anymore. The trainer accepted the task and figured a journey would be a good way to go about it. But where to start is the real question.

Trent wonders that as he looked down at Absol's Poké Ball in his hands.
"I wouldn't try if I were you, It's a two on two, Alyssa has a Dragonair, and the leader's Nidoking Two hit knocked her out." Jason responded, "I'm not sure Empoleon could handle that Nidoking, but he'd have the best chance of my team."

Jason remembered the words said around Viridian City when they left, Giovanni was the toughest gym leader in the Region. He was scary, and Even Alyssa's two main Pokémon had difficulty, this was what Jason was thinking. He knew he had to make a phone call when he got back to Viridian.

"His Nidoking is beyond scary, swept my team despite one of the mons being immune to Ground." Alyssa responded.
Amelia was taken aback that two very strong trainers advised against battling this gym leader. She couldn’t help but wonder, was he really that strong? How had he beaten an esteemed and very skilled trainer such as Alyssa? Despite these thoughts, Amelia disregarded what she felt on the inside.

“Nothing me and my Bulbasaur can’t handle, right bud?” She said, rather stupidly, “We might want to grab one more buddy before we challenge it though.”

Amelia clearly didn’t understand how strong the gym leader was, and refused to acknowledge that she was about to be utterly destroyed by his power.
Alice Sunstone was not very good with directions. Alice's Grandpa knew very well that this was the case so he was terrified of leaving her alone in the Kanto region. Alice told her Grandpa a million times that it was just a short walk from Viridian City, she'd pick up a Map Card for her PokeNav, and then she would be A-OK. She went over the directions from Vermillion to Viridian City many times. Alice studied it multiple times too, buuut she got sidetracked. After finding out the captain had stomach problems, Alice and Cherry learned a neat trick for cutting down small trees. By the time she landed in Vermillion, Alice had no idea where to go. This lead her to wander into Diglett's Cave (where she was supposed to go) but nonetheless, she was horrifically lost.

"AAH!" screamed Alice before diving out of the way of a Mud Bomb. "I didn't mean to step on you! I'm so sorry!" she yelled currently being chased by a pack of wild Diglett and Dugtrio.

"Diglett Dig!" "Trio Trio Trio!" yelled the angry mole pokemon who somehow stepped on all of them while stumbling over a rock scramble.

"Cher! Clauncher!" yelled Clauncher holding onto Alice's shoulder for dear life.

The fisher and the pistol shrimp got hit by a combined Bulldoze attack causing the two to fall over and out of the cave. Alice rolled headfirst into a tree, now out of the cave and on Route 2. Cherry the Clauncher tried to wake Alice up, but she was out cold. Cherry sighed and tried to look around for help. In Viridian City, on a bench, he found a boy with Gray hair looking at a Pokeball and tried to get his attention.
Finn slowly opened his eyes and looked at his alarm clock. “Oh Crap!” He instantly hopped out of bed and ran to his bathroom to get ready. “How the heck did I sleep through my alarm, I literally had it on the loudest possible sound!” He quickly get’s dress, grabs his backpack and rushes downstairs where his mom is sipping a cup of coffee. “Hey Mom, sorry I can’t talk now I gotta run on over to Professor Oak’s!” He says running in place. “Well at least take these.” She says while holding multiple boxes of food. Finn quickly grabs them, puts them in his backpack and rushes out the door. “That boy I swear.” She says while cracking a smile smile on her face. Finn runs towards Oaks lab and starting knocking on the door. ”Hey! Oak you in there!”
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After a bit, Trent let out a sigh before saying, "Well, I won't come up with anything or get anything done by just sitting." He looked up at his Pokémon. "Alright, guys. I think it's about time we start hitting the road," he said before putting away Absol's Poké Ball and pulling out the other three's.

As Dragalge and Linoone were called back to their Poké Balls, Talonflame noticed a lone Clauncher trying to get their attention. The flying and fire-type turned to its trainer to notify him. "Flame Talon!"

"Huh? What's up, Talonflame?" Trent asked and noticed the bird Pokémon pointing down with its wing. He looked down to see the Clauncher and was surprised. Being from Kalos himself, he's seen a Clauncher before, so that's not why he's surprised. Instead, it's the fact that they aren't native to Kanto that makes this encounter surprising. "A Clauncher?" He said as he puts the Poké Balls away and got up from the bench. Trent then approached the water-type and kneeled down. "Hey, little guy," he said, "You aren't from around here, are you?"
Professor Oak cracked open the door to see Finn. Oak was aware that Finn was supposed to arrive, but the boy was rather late and should’ve shown up a few hours ago.

“Calm down, calm down!” Oak said, trying to ease the boy from getting too overexcited.

He opened the door fully now, allowing Finn to enter.

“You’re late,” he remarked coldly.
Cherry nodded at the boy's question before motioning for him to follow her. Cherry walked as fast as her little legs could take her and ran all the way back to Route 2 where her trainer was lying upside down and still unconscious. Cherry tried her best to explain that Alice was her trainer and that she fell unconscious.

"Claw. Clauncher." Said Cherry pointing at Alice then the nearby city.

"Cher. Clauncher?" Said the Clauncher, as if to say "Please? Will you help her?"
Finn scratched the back of his head and awkwardly chuckled. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that sir.” He walks inside oak’s lab and looks around in excitement and starts to smile.

“This… is… AWESOME!”

he yelled as he pumped his fist in the air and smiled widely.

“This is where my adventure begins right here in this very place!”
“I said calm down!” Oak snapped, not in the mood for any more mishaps.

The Professor walked over to the table where he kept his Pokeballs, having substituted out Bulbasaur, where Amelia had taken hers.

“On this table are three Pokémon for you to choose from,” Oak said, letting out each of the starters individually, “However, you only get one, so pick wisely.”
Finn stared at the three Pokémon on the table and started getting a little giddy, but quickly calms himself down and takes a moment to think it through.

“Only one Pokémon here is gonna be my partner.”

Finn walk’s closer to the table and stares at only one Pokémon and smiles.

“Okay then, Charmander I choose you!” He says while pointing at the fire lizard.
Charmander jumps off the table and runs around it’s new trainer, chirruping about being picked. He seemed feisty.

“He seems to like you!” Oak said, chuckling a bit.

Oak then handed Finn a Pokédex and five Pokeballs to get him started.

“Would you like to give your Charmander a nickname?”
Trent watched the Clauncher begin to quickly walk off and stood back up. It looked as though the water-type wanted him to follow. "Okay? I guess we'll follow?" Trent said, unsure if that was actually the case. He returned Talonflame back into its Poké Ball, slipped his bag on, and proceeded to follow Clauncher.

Following the water-type into Route 2, Trent came to a stop when he saw the unconscious girl that the Clauncher led him to. He wasn't expecting this. Looking at her, Trent figured that this girl might be the water-type's trainer, which would explain why there would be a Clauncher in Kanto in the first place. Trent approached the unconscious girl and kneeled down. He checked her pulse just in case and looked at the water-type that pointed at her and then to the city, seemingly getting what it was trying to say. "Well, she looks like she's going to be okay, so don't worry about that," he said as he looked back down at her, "But we should probably get her to a better spot." Trent carefully scooped the knocked out trainer up, carrying her on his back. After having a good hold on her, he began to walk back to Viridian City.

Having made it back to Viridian City, Trent approached the bench that he was sitting at before and proceeded to set the girl down on it, having her lie down. "There we go," he said. Afterwards, he set his bag down and slipped off his jacket. He then folded his jacket a bit before slowly setting it under her head like a pillow. "This should help make her feel a bit more comfortable," he said, turning to the water-type with a smile. Trent would go on to reach into his bag, pull out a rag, and walk over to the pond. He dipped the rag into the water and squeezed out any unnecessary water before folding it. He made his way back to the girl and gently placed the wet rag on her forehead. "That should do it. Now, we just wait for her to wake up," he said to the Clauncher before proceeding to sit down next to her on the bench.
“A nickname? Well how about the name char, it’s short and simple right buddy?” Char wags his tails and nuzzles Finns leg happy with his nickname. “Also I wanted to ask who came here before me? You mentioned someone before I came inside.”
He asked while putting his Pokédex in his pocket and the Pokéballs in his backpack.
Oak was a bit confused, as he hasn’t remembered mentioning anyone. However, he let it go and told the boy.

“A girl named Amelia came by and grabbed her starter Pokémon before you did. You might know her, she helps her dad deliver groceries to Pallet,” he explained.
Finn put his backpack back on and put charmander on his shoulder.
“Okay then that settles it i wanna meet her!”
Finn is about to leave but stops and turns around to face the professor. “Once I come back to pallet town I’ll be champion of Kanto .” He puts his goggles over his eyes and smiles. “So just you wait Mr.Oak!” Finn opens the door and heads towards the very first route.
"Well I got a idea, the great Elliot could lend you his pokemon to fight the Gym Leader, if that's not like against the rules or anything...."

Elliot said, wanting to butt into the conversation before he got too irrelevant, nudging his Pokemon towards Amelia.

"And, look at it this way, you could learn how to use a more experienced and used Pokemon!"
A white, small boat approaches the coasts of Pallet Town. At the commands of the boat is the researcher and inventor Chris. And standing at the bow is Rick, Chris's assistant. Although the line between researcher and assistant was sometimes blurred depending on the occasion. In this case, Chris had offered to take Rick all the way from Sinnoh to Kanto for the latter's own afairs, so it could be argued that Chris was more of the assistant this time.

"That's Kanto over there? Looks pretty greenish, doesn't it?" Said Rick, staring at the horizon, with his Rapidash, Iris, by his side. "Is a temperate region where most of the landscape is forests and plains. Mountain ranges are few and far between." described Chris from inside the cabin. "You'll want to check Pewter's Museum of Science." Chris told. "From Pallet, it's a straight route to the North. You can't go wrong." he added.

Rick went inside, picking up an Old Amber from a box and polishing its surface with a small cloth. "Well, sounds easy enough." Said Rick, putting his gloves on and the gem on his belt pocket, before hoping onto his Rapidash's back. "Umm, you know I can get the boat closer to the shore, right?" Said Chris, seeing the pair walking closer to the edge of the boat. "Where's the fun in that? The terrain won't even be challenging for what you just described, so someone has to spice things up a little." said Rick, giving Chris a side glimpse with a smirk on his face. Chris shrugged. "You do you. There's an inlet in Route 25. I'll wait for you there."

"Understood." Giving a thumbs up, Rick lean on to Iris as the mare leaped off the boat and kept bouncing from islet to islet along the Sea Route 21. A long, final jump brought trainer and pokémon safely into firm soil of Pallet Town, startling a few people outside that typicaly don't expect someone to drop out of the sky like that. "Sorry! Shortcuts!" he apologised. "Alright, so back on track! Science Museum, to the North, lets go!" he said, giving Iris a pat on her neck before they cantered into Route 1.
Alice felt something cold on her head before gaining consciousness. Alice had a massive headache and she felt very woozy but she woke up in a new place. Cherry looked very relieved that her trainer was awake and Alice was very confused as to why her head was on a jacket and towel was on her head.
"Where...am I?" She said as she looked around but sitting next to her she saw an older trainer. "The last thing I remember is angering some Diglett in that tunnel. Must've given you a big scare. Sorry Cherry." She said rubbing the back of her head due to the splitting headache. "Clau Clancher " said the Clauncher as it jumped onto her lap and rubbed against her chest. Alice pet Cherry before Cherry pointed at the trainer. "Oh, you must be the guy who helped me. Thanks a bunch. My name's Alice, and this is Cherry."