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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

Amelia held the Squirtle tightly as it huffed and squawked at her. It was clearly upset about having been stopped in this heist, so close to making it away with the girls stolen wallet. Amelia sweat dropped, slightly taken aback by the water type’s aggression.

“I wonder how much other stuff you’ve stolen, bud…”

Amelia, without any regard to anyone around her, started to shake the turtle up and down rapidly. A plethora of object fell from the turtles shell, including but not limited to spare change, Pokeballs, half-used potions, and a cluster of S.S Anne tickets, slightly crumpled in a wad.

The Squirtle looked livid that Amelia had dumped out its hidden horde, and was squirming around angrily in her arms. Then he noticed the Fletchinder trying to talk to him, and he looked at it and immediately started ranting.

“Who does this girl think she is?! I worked hard to get this stuff, tell her to let me go this instant!”
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Connor blinked a bit, seemed that this Squirtle was a bit of a trouble maker as it not only seemed to steal the wallet but a comical amount of items that seemed to fall out of its shell. He honestly seemed to not know what to make of this.

"I'm honestly shocked it could fit that much in its shell." Connor admitted sheepishly to Amelia.

Nova in turn seemed to sweat drop as the Squirtle seemed to angrily demand that it tell Amelia to release it and seemed to more or less admit these items had been stolen though needless to say the bird seemed to lack the same pride this Water Type had in its "collection."

"Fletch. Fletchinder." (I uh think she is just trying to help here. Besides, I am told it is rude to take things from others without asking."

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
As the squirtle got everyone distracted, a cheeky Alexis ended up handing the Aggron handler a unique container of some kind of smelling salts. "This should help with his current state. Now, if you'll escuse me..." She bolted off, quickly gathering some of the items that dropped from the Squirtle, mainly healing items and potions. "This should come in handy for my line of work..." She muttered quietly to herself, her hood back on to obscure her identity, though it didn't exactly help considering she was the only run with crimson robes. "As for everything else, I'll see about going to the police and placing the items in their lost and found. If they have one..." She continued quietly talking to herself, gathering the fallen items into her bag while her Umbreon stood nearby with a look of amusement. He rolled his eyes, chucking to himself.
"Bre- Umbre. Umbreon 'bre." ("One of these days, I'll understand her. For now, she is but an enigma, something I cannot possibly hope to understand.") He spoke, slowly approaching the Squirtle and Fletchinder. "Umbre bre?" ("And what is going on here? Does this moist turtle need a lesson in consequence for his crimes?")
Amelia put the Squirtle under her arm as she went to pick up some of the leftover items that hadn’t been picked up yet, including some Pokeballs and the wad of S.S. Anne tickets. The Squirtle, in the meantime, tried to force itself out of Amelia’s grip, to no avail.

“I wonder whose S.S. Anne tickets these are,” Amelia asked, flipping them around.

Squirtle immediately started babbling in Pokéspeak.

“Nobody has paid for them yet, they’re brand new!” He seemed proud of himself for stealing them straight from the source. “And hands off, I could have sold them for a high price!”

The Squirtle was squirming, reaching for the tickets in hand. Amelia looked at the large ship near the docks of Vermillion City.

“Maybe the owners are waiting by the docks?”
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Stacy watched as Conner left to go help Amelia with something. Katherine gave Stacy a look and cocked her head. Should they follow?


Stacy began hobbling her way over to Conner and Amelia and noticed a Squirtle! Stacy took a step back as Katherine stepped in front of her.

"Did it steal those tickets...?" Stacy asked. It wasn't unheard of for pokemon to steal but tickets? What use did a Pokemon have for tickets?

Katherine made a growling noise as if she was annoyed. "You should really give those back!" She hissed in pokespeak.
"Thanks." Receiving the container, Roxanne thanked Alexis before opening it, accidentally getting a small whiff of the substance contained within before immediately recoiling. "Yup, this should do the trick!" Slightly coughing, Roxanne brought the open end of the container under Lewis's nose. @The Heart of Frostfire.
A lot seemed to happen within a short window, new items were discovered, more arrived to the scene and a clearly picture seemed to be painted.

Connor watched as it seemed the Squirtle was not the only thief around, as Alexis arrived and "generously" decided to pick some of the items off the ground, only to place them in her own pockets as the young man seemed to twitch a bit. "How considerate, sure the cops will think that is quite virtuous of you." Connor said with a sigh and some slight sarcasm.

Among the items seemed to be some S.S. Anne tickets, why the Squirtle had those was about as reasonable to ask as anything else it had taken, though Nova seemed at work trying to get to the bottom of that. "Who knows, perhaps it got them from the ticket holder, perhaps it was someone at the docks, we won't know for sure if we don't check." Connor guessed.

As Stacy arrived, Connor seemed to nod at her question. "Would appear so, this Squritle seems to be a bit of a natural thief."

"Fletchinder." (Believe me, I had that view of Connor for a while you get used to their quirks.)

Nova responded to the Umbreon's comments, as it and Stacy's Sandshrew seemed to join the "fun" here. The latter hissed at Squirlte in Pokespeak while Nova attempted to remain civil.

"Fletch? Fletch Fletchinder." (Sell then, what would you do with human money? Either way I think taking things like that to hold for ransom is wrong, you have to know that.)

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Alexis gave a glance to the others as the watched her collect the items and shook her head, heading in the direction of the police station. "I'm not going to keep this stuff for myself, you know... I'm an honest person. Though, what use would anyone else have with a half-used potion? I'm sure they wouldn't mind..." She spoke softly before vanishing into the streets. Allure ended up cutting his conversation short by dashing after his trainer. "Umbre, 'bre. (I must leave now, it was a nice conversation. However, my trainer must take priority!)"

Lewis started coughing violently as Roxxanne used the smelling salts on him, quickly launching himself off the Aggron he was situated on and barely landing on his feet. It took him a good few minutes to properly breath after getting caught in a coughing fit, but attempted to regain his composure. He brushed himself off and acted like nothing happened, shaking his head in the attempt to hide his confusion. "A-ahh... I appreciate that, thank you. Now you see why I don't tend to drink. Fortunately, my holo tech seemed to record the situation." He replied simply, brushing off his green coat. "What exactly did I miss when I was in... A mess of a state?" He questioned.
As the female Meowstic descended on the hull, she was immediately stared at by the pokémon down there. The Electrode in particular turned around and looked at her with a frowned expression, thinking on whether he should do his job and just explode on this stranger. But once the cat started reaching to them and offering help, the ball pokémon simply turned around with a grin.

Most of the pokemon in there didn't actualy know the details, as they weren't used. But the Magnemites, and the Magneton on the front, were used. They let the psychic cat know that the ship was attacked by a flying machine and how they repelled the convencional weapons, until they were threatened with an energy weapon. Then, a Magnezone left the boat, and they haven't received anymore more commands from their master since, and went on standby until someone showed up to open the hatches.

On the upper floor - "Ok, now we're moving." - Rick finaly set the ship sailing. He never piloted a boat, but he figured it shouldn't be too hard, especialy in open sea where there's nothing to bump at. He would need to handle the docking, eventualy, but he would think about that at the right moment. And then his eyes widened as he heard a thud on the stern. "I'm not even in reverse..." He muttered to himself, before peeking out of the cabin. He looked up as he saw Pearl flying by, then looked down to see a soaked man in a black uniform, lying on the floor on his belly. "This is not my day..." The man whimpered.

Rick rolled his eyes and sighed. "Ugh... human trash. This is probably what they're refering to when they talk about ocean polution." He said, as he walked towards the man, arms crossed. The grunt raised his head. "What are you talking about?" He then looked up at Rick, and his eyes widened. "You!" He shouted, as he started crawling backwards and away from Rick... towards Evilane's feet. He then turned his head at the woman, and immediately started crawling away from her, too. For a moment, Rick just looked on an enjoyed the scene. But like everything, it got old pretty quickly. "Wrap him up!" He shouted. Pearl darted from the air and quickly coiled arround the grunt.

"We're gonna make you some questions, and we would like to hear some answers. It's kinda like those quiz shows, really. The goal is to make sure we like what we hear, otherwise, you get punished. Sounds simple enough?" Rick told him. The grunt gritted his teeth. "I'll tell you nothing!" He said, before getting squeezed by Pearl. Rick sighed, rolling his eyes. "Wow! We're not even in the first question and you're already lying." He said, rubbing his face. "But at least now you know what kind of punishment you get. And this is just the first level."


Meanwhile, in Vermillion, Iris has been minding her own business, casualy walking around, looking for the little patches of grass she could munch on. Which was pretty hard to do, given the commotion around a little Squirtle thief that had been stealing random items, most of which would be of questionable utility for a pokémon. Unless this was someone else's pokémon, but if the turtle's pokespeach was anything to believed, it didn't seem like it had a trainer. And if it did, well... it wouldn't be good type of person.

For a while, the mare tried to ignore it. "Tried" was the key word here, as the turtle's squirming and complaints were starting to get really obnoxious. At some point she decided she has had enough. She turned around and walked towards Amelia, her head raised high and her eyes shut out of annoyance. She stoped in front of Amelia and stared down at the Squirtle briefly, before grunting «I'll handle this my way». She grabbed the Squirtle by the tail, walked to the nearest trash bin, and deposited the annoying turtle in it. She then turned around and snorted «Better», before going back to what she was doing.
Amelia panicked for a second at the Squirtle being picked up by the tail and dropped into a trash bin, all while it was screeching and flailing. She dashed to the bin and picked the Squirtle back up, although it was now hungrily gobbling down a half-eaten oran berry. He still tried to wiggle a bit, but was slightly more content with the little food he now had in his belly.

“How rude!” The Squirtle hissed at Iris. “I could put out every flame on your back, ya know?!”

Although the Squirtle’s huge ego seemed slightly bruised, it still glared at Amelia.

“Now give me back my stuff! I have money to make!” It squirmed, trying to get out of her grip once more.

“Maybe it’s hungry?” Amelia questioned, looking at the turtle a bit, and thinking of how it gobbled the old oran berry. “Perhaps we can return the tickets, then get it something to eat?”
"I got a feeling it might also be possessing of those things it has taken. But think food is always a good suggestion." Connor said sheepishly, as he had noted eating the bit of berry had calmed it somewhat so, he figured it had been worth a try as he moved by Amelia.

Alexis seemed to walk over to a police station with Umbreon in toe as Connor just had a "yeah sure" mindset about her comment that nobody would notice a missing half potion, either way the attention shifted back to the troublesome Squirtle. "Do you have a suggestion of where we can eat?" He asked her given it had been her idea.

"Fletch. Fletchinder." (It was never your stuff. Just try to stay calm, sure we can find a mutual solution.) Nova mused a bit to the Squirtle as it tried to play peacemaker now that Umbreon had left.
The Squirtle didn’t respond, just hugged and crossed it’s arms in annoyance.

“Well, what do Squirtle’s like to eat? Veggies, fruits, fish-“ before Amelia could finish her list, a yelp was heard from behind her.

“Did someone say fish?!”

As if on cue, a fisherman burst from his home northwest of the town, a little ways away from where the group were standing. He raced over to them and immediately started talking.

“Oh boy, fish are just the best, huh? And when you go fishing, you can get a bunch of fish! My brothers and I own a sushi restaurant, yeah? Whenever I catch up fresh fish, I send ‘em to the restaurant! Fishing is just awesome, I’m a fishing guru if I do say so myself! Are you interested in fishing? I totally advise you fish! It’s a good hobby, here take this!”

The fishing guru went on and on, before shoving an old rod into Amelia’s free hand. It was in pretty rough shape; a long stick with a thin string attached, holding a slightly rusty hook.

“It’s my old one, had it since I was a kid, yeah? You should catch some fish, you should! Okay bye!”

The fisherman ran off back into his house, smiling wildly at the mention of “fish”. Amelia looked at the rod and then to Connor.

“Maybe we could catch something for the Squirtle to eat?” She said, holding up the old stick.
"Well maybe we should check the Pokede..." Connor had began to say off Amelia's guessing, before suddenly this random fisherman had appeared almost out of thin air! Was like the concept of fish had conjured him like a spirit, and he seemed to ramble a bit on and on about how glorious fishing was and the young man just looked stupefied by what he had seen.

Even Nova seemed preplexed as she blinked and tilted her head at this man's story.

"Uuuh, you got a point with.." Connor had began to ask before he sort of just dumped a fishing rod into Amelia's hand and then had vanished almost as quickly as he had come. This experience had been rather perplexing but at the end of it all Amelia seemed to have a fishing rod and suggested they use it to find something for the Squirtle to eat, and hey an excuse to go fishing seemed fine with Connor who nodded along.

"I'm game. Besides, might be a chance to see if I can find a friend in the sea." Connor said, as he knew he needed to add to his team so hey this seemed like a win-win really.
“Awesome!” Amelia said, sparkles in her eyes.

She quickly went over to the closest opening to the sea, and threw in the hook, no bait attached. Luckily for her, Magikarp were also stupid, and one was quick to latch onto her hook. She pulled it out with ease, a tiny Magikarp on her hook. She took it off, and handed it to the Squirtle, who was eagerly awaiting a meal. He gobbled it up, eager for more fish to chomp on. But before he could get any, Amelia handed the fishing rod to Connor, much to the Squirtle’s dismay.

“Here, you try now!”
Connor blinked a bit as he was passed a fishing rod from Amelia who seemed to catch a Magikarp, and he seemed to sweat drop a bit. "Aren't you uh supposed to feed feeder fish to Pokemon like this not uh, other Pokemon?" He asked but shrugged his shoulders as the boy took a fishing rod and seemed to smile a bit, as he gazed out to the water. He took a second to place a bit of bread he had in his bag to the line before he tossed his line ahead of them along the bank of the water; Nova having perched herself on his shoulder as the pair seemed to get comfortable.

"H-hey I got a bite!" He called out, pulling on the line as something seemed to take a bite of it. Was a brief struggle before he managed to pull in a Magikarp of his own!

"Hey Amelia I caught one I...agh!" Connor had began to say, but as he grabbed the line to show the Magikarp it managed to slap his cheeks with its tail and dove back into the water as Connor collapsed on the ground stunned. "Ow..."
Amelia was cheering Connor on until his fish came up and slapped him, diving back into the sea.

“Aw man, you almost had it!” Amelia said, bending over the edge of the concrete to peer close to the water. “Try again, you can do it!”

She gave him a cheeky smile, the Squirtle beside her mourning the fish that had just swam away.
Connor groaned a bit as he was left seeing Staryu a second before Nova helped revive him as he shook his head a bit. "Well that went well..." Connor mused with a sigh as he stood up and Amelia seemed to continue to encourage him which he seemed thankful to have someone like that with him.

"Thanks, I'll be sure to get them next go!" Connor said his own enthusiasm on display as he seemed more fired up rather than discouraged by the setback. So he placed a fresh piece of bread as bait on his line and tossed it back into the water as he waited for another bite and he seemed to get one as he began to tug on it and tried to pull it in.

"N-not getting away this time!"
Amelia immediately peered over into the water, trying to spot what was yanking on the pole. The slight struggle Connor had reeeling it in made her start cheering obnoxiously.

“Get ‘em, you can do it! Pull harder, pull harder!” She shouted, bouncing around and pumping her fists in the air.

Even the Squirtle was interested in finding out what was being reeled in, and urged Connor to yank harder.
Connor worked to dig in and pulled aggressively as he seemed to get a fighter this time, if it was that Magikarp again he'd be ready for it! However as he tugged something unexpected surfaced.


At the end of the line flailing a bit was a Poliwag, Connor blinking as he had not expected one in these waters as he tried to hold it up.

"T-think I got it!" Connor said pulling it to land though that left the question of now what as he had done so.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Listening to the Pokemon, the Meowstic seemed to nod, giving the information it knew about the situation. It informed the magne-crew about how they had the full support of Evilane and her team, and they would not stop until Team Rocket was brought to justice. Or at until Evilane could throw the leader through a table. While the Psychic type turned to a more conventional conversation, wanting to get to know the group below deck, it's trainer made note of the grunt and gave a menacing grin.

Evilane crossed her arms and glared at the criminal, her eyes showing a level of hatred and anger that could make even a Zoroark flinch. "You know, if I were in charge here, I'd toss you to the wolves and enjoy just how much damage a human can take before fainting. Be thankful I'm not the one in charge of your interrogation." She growled, spitting off the side of the boat as she continued to glare at the team rocket grunt.

Her Aggron came out of his ball, sensing his trainer was irate, and upon noticing a stranger being apprehended by another stranger, he looked at his trainer with confusion. She gave him a knowing look before glaring down at the rocket grunt. Even though the Aggron was a bit of a bonehead(is that the right term?), he caught on and stood next to the grunt, trying to help with intimidation. Of course, Evilane wouldn't make an order to outright harm someone, especially not on a boat like this. But perhaps the grunt didn't know that.


Meanwhile, Lewis seemed rather overwhelmed with the fast pace of the goings-on, sitting still for a moment to process what was going on. He eventually joined Conner and Amelia, fiddling with his holo-tech. "Ahh... Fishing? Perhaps there's an app on the poketech that can help with such things. Perhaps a fishing radar?" He mused aloud, standing by to assist if needed.

However, as Connor fished, Lewis' Leafeon managed to get away from him and dive into the water a good distance away. Who knew that such a creature would enjoy the sea water? Perhaps salt wasn't so dangerous for this plant, as she certainly seemed to be doing a bit of fishing of her own, diving under the water only to quickly resurface.
Squirtle, although it wasn’t the tastiest meal, still reached for the Poliwag, opening his mouth to take a bite. Right before his mouth snapped down, Amelia ripped the Pokémon away.

“Hey, Poliwag isn’t for eating!” She said, quickly holding out the tadpole Pokémon to Connor, much to the tiny turtle’s disappointment.
"I-I don't think I need an app I am a-afraid right now!" Connor said to Lewis as it pulled the Poliwag onto the dock and panted a little while the Leafeon seemed to jump inside the water which seemed to startle Nova. "Fletch!" The Fletchinder cried as water nearly splashed upon its shorter wing.

The Politwag seemed alarmed as Squirtle attempted to take a bite out of it and it tried to slap it back though Amelia seemed to pull it away much to Connor's relief.

"T-thanks Amelia." Connor said, as he attempted to toss a Pokeball at the Poliwag who used a tail to knock it back to his hands as Connor blinked. Seemed reeling it in was not enough as the Poliwag had shifted to a battle stance and wanted to fight as Connor figure he'd have to earn this capture. Nova sensed this and prepared to fight but Connor held a hand back.

"Sorry I know you are fired up but fighting a Water Type on the dock might not be a best idea." Connor suggested. "Besides, Saber hasn't had a scrap in a while." Connor reminded as Nova seemed to pout but understood the choice before Connor turned to the Poliwag.

"Alright let's go Saber!" Connor called out as he released what seemed to be another Kalos-native Pokemon in a Honedge.

"Hon!" It called out ready for battle.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
As Conner denied his request, he nodded in understanding and simply watched his Leafeon, who unfortunately gave the Fletchinder a good scare from the splashing. He was about to step in to assist the Poliwag, but fortunately, Amelia was quick enough to prevent it from becoming a part of the food chain. "I'm certain there are Pokemon better suited for consumption, anyways! Perhaps a Magikarp!" He told the Squirtle, giving a compassionate smile.

While Lewis wasn't one for Pokemon battles, he certainly found what was going to happen intriguing. He'd never seen a member of the Honedge line before, and like a true trainer, activated his holotech, which bathed his face in blue light. After activating the Pokedex app, the device on his wrist began speaking in a robotic voice. "Honedge. A blade said to be possessed by a spirit, grabbing onto the hilt could result in the sash grabbing onto you, after which the Pokemon would claim your life essence."

He gave a worried look after hearing the description, and quickly closed the Pokedex app. After that, he looked to Connor and his face took on a more inquisitive look. "Mind if I record this battle? It could prove interesting! Perhaps when Verdant is finished swimming, she can challenge the victor." He smiled, once again glancing at his Leafeon, who seemed to absolutely love the water. Perhaps she was related to a mangrove tree?