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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

Shaking head with a smile after seeing Alice go the wrong way again, Trent walked with his new traveling companions. "Huh. So you have been to Alola?" He asked Oliver rhetorically, "I've never been there myself. The only regions I've been in other than Kalos are Sinnoh and Orre. In fact, I came here to Kanto from the Orre region."

As they entered through Viridian Forest, Trent looked around and immediately sees bug-types everywhere. Caterpies, Weedles, a few Metapods and Kakunas here and there. "This place reminds me of Santalune Forest," he pointed out as he continued to look around.
The rest of the group didn't waste much time looking for the first pokémon to add to their team as they entered the forest. Amelia got her first catch without even needing to weaken it first. Hopefuly she wouldn't get used to it. They're not all that easy. Finn, on the other hand, had to put a bit more effort to it in order to catch his. Not that he had much trouble anyways.

Meanwhile, Rick slowly kept walking deeper into the forest while looking all around, without losing the rest of the party from sight. Although at this point, it probably wouldn't matter. Iris was marking some trees with her horn where they passed, so they always knew fom where they came or if they were just walking in circles, and could retrace their steps at any point. Rick hadn't seen anything particularly threatening thus far, either. Kakunas were probably the main concern... and not exactly the Kakunas themselves.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Oliver, understanding that Trent asked a rhetorical question, answered professionally. “Yeah. I gotta ask Trent. What was the Orre region like? Like what kind of Pokémon did they have?” Oliver asked Trent curious about the Pokémon in Orre.

Edward began to slowly walk though the woods with Trent and Oliver. “Yeah. Santalune Forest. How that does take me back a little bit. That was one of the farthest places we went when we were young. Then we explored and saw more fantastic sites. Only two sites, Snowbelle and Shalour City, really stood out to me.” Edward spoke a little bit.
Amelia, immediately ready to welcome her new Pokémon to the team, pressed the little button on Transel’s Pokeball.

“Come on out, little guy!” She cooed.

The Pokémon appeared in a flash of blue light, and looked around him nervously. Amelia immediately scooped him up, and the poor worm Pokémon.
Trent turned back to Oliver. "Well, it's mostly a desert-like region. Something that I found to be surprising," he began saying to Oliver, "But despite that, the town's vary from another. Like Pyrite Town, which a bit rundown and known for its sketchy atmosphere, and Agate Village, which is just brimming with nature. The region is home to various different colosseums and a place called Mt. Battle, which is where you try to climb to the top by battling a hundred trainers from what I've heard." He paused on speaking for a bit as he looks over at two Caterpies sharing food together. "As for the Pokémon there, Orre isn't really known having tons of wild Pokémon like other regions. But from the few I've seen, and based on what the trainers there had, it's a mix of some that can be found in Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn."

After giving the rundown of Orre, Trent turned back to Oliver once again. "Though, the real reason I went there in the first place, was so I can learn about Shadow Pokémon," he would go on to say.
Azure could meanwhile be found in the background, training his Mankey against a Kakuna. They are great for that purpose, due to their hardness and resistance. "Alright use Fury Swipes!" Azure said and his Mankey ran at the wild Kakuna, using sharp claws to scratch the cocoon Pokemon multiple times. Kakuna and Metapod are great for training your Pokemon's endurance. And if Azure wanted any chance of beating Brock's gym, he'd have to make sure he knew what he was doing. And his idea was to train in Viridian Forest until the others were ready to proceed.
The little bug was quite scared of his new trainers rambunctious attitude, and tried to squirm away from her grasp. However, she held on a little firmer, not tight enough to hurt it, but tight enough to keep it in place.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” She said to the scared little bug, as he looked at Amelia nervously.
Today was supposed to be a good day, Azul had planned it and everything! They would wake up, check their horoscope, and finally start their journey if it was lucky enough! Right now they should be enjoying a picnic with their partner, catching a Caterpie or a Pikachu, maybe even a Pidgey if they got lucky. That was the plan.

So why were they running for their life trying to escape a swarm of Beedrill!?

Truthfully, Azul knew exactly why, as dumb as it sounds, they tripped. Granted, they should have seen the Kakuna near the ground, and the ones nestled on the nearby trees, but the trainer had taken their glasses off earlier and forgot to put them back on. It was a mix of bad sight and distraction that caused them to trip on a Kakuna, and then grab onto another one while trying to not hit the ground. This, of course, angered the Beedrill who saw the brunette as a threat.

"Moony, use disarming voice!" Azul screamed over the loud buzzing, raising the pink pokemon on their arms over their head. The move barely stunned the bug pokemon, but it gave the duo enough time to dive into the closest bush to hide.

As soon as the sound of angry Beedrill passed them by, trainer and pokemon peered out of the bush only to see a group of trainers nearby.

"Huh, some of those guys look kinda scary, don't you think, Moony?...Moony?" Azul looked to their side to find no Clefairy besides them.

"Clefa!" once she caught her trainer's attention, she waved them over and kept skipping her way to the trainers they saw.

"W-wait, Moony! Don't go away by yourself! You don't know them!" they scrambled out of the bush, trying to catch the fairy pokemon who easily evaded her partner.
As Rick was walking through the forest, he eventualy spoted a Clefairy jumping out of some bushes a few meters ahead. There are few things the trainer genuinely hates. Fairy-type pokémon is almost at the top of the list, second only to people who mistreat pokémon. "Oh crap, a fairy. Even here I can't have peace from those things." He commented, rolling his eyes and sighing. At first, he didn't really pay much attention at what the pokémon was doing. It was pink and annoying, and that was plenty for him.

Iris troted to his side, also having spoted the pokémon. She started looking back and forth between Rick and the Clefairy, repeatedly tapping the ground with a hoof. "Well, the others are having fun, aren't they? Go ahead and have yours." Rick said, shrugging. Hearing that, the mare gave two forcefull paws on the ground before she started gathering flames on her mouth. But as she was about to shoot... "Actually!" Rick shouted, raising a hand and calling down the attack. Iris held the flame on her gapping mouth, her head raised high. "On a second thought, I don't think wild Clefairies exist in forests, do they?" He asked, mostly to himself. So far, he had only seen the species in caves, and it certainly felt weird that a pokémon weak to Poison-types would choose to live in a place full of them. Iris then closed her mouth and swallowed in dry, almost like swallowing the flame itself.

The Clefairy kept waving, as if nothing had happened. While he didn't particularly like it, Rick calmly walked towards the pink pokémon, with arms crossed and Iris in tow. He looked down at the creature, raising an eyebrow. "What is it? You don't act like a wild Cle... hmm?" Rick suddenly paused, as a young trainer darted out of a bush, calling out a name as they ran towards the Clefairy. "Ah... so this pokémon is yours?" He asked.
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Amelia watched a horde of Beedrill fly past and jumped a bit, hopping out of the way and holding Transel securely to her chest.

“Woah. Wonder where they came from,” she said to herself, looking after them.

She heard a small commotion, as a fairy type Pokemon popped out of a bush. She quickly rushed over with a Pokeball at the ready, Caterpie tucked gently under one arm.

“Oh, a Clefairy! I didn’t know they were found here!” She said, moments before a trainer popped out.

“Oh, shoot,” she groaned, only slightly annoyed, “it’s not wild.”
Azul rushed over when they saw a trainer with a Rapidash staring at their Clefairy, and a girl readying a pokeball. Once they reached them, the youngster picked their pokemon up and nervously fixed the glasses they found on their pocket before they fell again.

"Ah, y-yes! This is Moony, my Clefairy. Say hi, Moony," the brunette poked their pokemon on the side, and the fairy-type gave a laugh before waving at the other trainers with a happy 'Clefairy!' which prompted a smile from her trainer.

"Sorry if she got in your way, she's just excited since we're starting on our journey today," they bowed lightly. "Apparently not even getting chased by Beedrill can put her down," they added with a small laugh.

Azul then looked around for a bit, predictably only seeing trees and bushes. "Um, sorry to bother you further but...do you have any idea where we are? It seems like we got a bit...lost."
Amelia looked around the forest. Then back at the trainer.

“We’re in the Viridian Forest!” She said cheerfully, putting her Caterpie on her shoulder, “We’re actually on our way to Pewter City too.”
“What’s all this commotion about? Ohhh a Clefairy! Haven’t seen one of those before!”
“My name’s Azure by the way, nice to meet you! And this is my uhh....” He looked around to no sign of his Mankey. “Oh come on really?” He said as he walked away for a moment, find the Mankey deep in thought punching away at a tree. “Well at least you weren’t doing nothing. Come on Mankey, we have something else to do for a moment.” Surprisingly, he actually listened to him when he snapped out of his training trance and followed him back to the group. “Aaaand this is my Mankey.” He said as he reached the group again. “Now, where we we and what are we going to do now?”


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Oliver was intrigued when Trent started to talk about the Orre region. Deserts and Shadow Pokémon. “So. Were these Pokémon under like. Some sort of influence that caused them to become shadow Pokémon?” Oliver asked Trent curiously as he wanted to know a bit more about shadow Pokémon.

Edward walked ahead a little bit and noted a small group of kids talking it out. “Well. well. well. What do we have here?” Edward pulled a Great ball from his bag. “Come on out Galland.” Edward spoke as he pressed the button on the front and his Bisharp came out.
“Name’s Amelia, by the way,” Amelia said, copying Azure, “And I think we’re going to Pewter now. I still have to challenge the gym there!”

Amelia pumped a fist as Fushi waddled up to her side, teetering in place. Transel simply trembled, still slightly scared and nervous of his new trainer.
Alice ran around for a bit, looking around at each pokemon she could. Some bug pokemon called Caterpie and Metapod and she even found a Pikachu. One thing she was lucky enough to do was watch a pokemon called Butterfree burst out from the Metapod. It was such a cool sight, Alice almost forgot to draw it. The Butterfree flew away and Alice tried to follow it and accidentally ran into a tree causing a yellow rock thing to fall from the tree. She rubbed her head (that still hurt a fair bit from the Diglett Cave incident), as she looked at the thing that fell from the tree as it was alive and struggling to get up. "Oh sorry little guy. Did I knock you over?" Said Alice before picking up the yellow pokemon. She put it upright before squatting down to talk to it. "What's your name?" She said asking the pokemon. "...Kakuna" said the Kakuna before Alice pulled out her sketchbook and paused for a bit. "Gonna have to ask Trenty, Oli and Eddy about spelling that." She said to herself before she stared at the Kakuna, trying to get the pattern on it's cocoon. "I think you're actually pretty cool. Wanna come with Cherry and I?". The Kakuna paused for a second before thinking for a second. It tried to nod but it accidentally fell over and was struggling again to get back up. "I guess we'll both need help keeping out of trouble." She said before she pulled out a Pokeball and bumped it against the Kakuna's head. If flashed red a few times before it flashed white indicating a successful capture. "We did it Cherry we caught a Kakuna!" Yelled Alice disturbing some other bug pokemon in the area. "Sorry about that..." she said a little quiter.
Azul flinched, just now noticing they hadn't introduced themself. "Where are my manners? My name is Azul, it's nice to meet you all as well."

Clefairy hopped off their arms as soon as she saw the new pokemon around, quickly going to play around with them. Azul stared for a second at the pokemon, before glancing up at the trainers again. "So you're doing the gym challenge? Good luck. I was thinking of taking it too but...I'm not so sure," the youngster slumped a bit, Clefairy didn't really seem like a good choice against Brock's Onix.

Azul perked up again at the sight of the stressed Caterpie, it was probably new. They dug through their messenger bag for a bit before pulling out an oran berry and offering it to Amelia. "Sorry if it seems like I'm overstepping, but you caught that Caterpie recently, didn't you? Most pokemon warm up quicker with their trainer if you share food with them," they quickly raised their hands, berry still in one of them. "I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to tell you what to do or anything, I just read it in a book!"

While nervously looking around, a pokemon they were sure was not from Kanto caught their eye, an older trainer was with it. Their curiosity was overshadowed by their nerves though, 'hopefully they aren't looking for a battle...' they thought.
"Something like that," Trent began, "See, Shadow Pokémon have their hearts artificially closed off, meaning they become corrupt and can't open up to anyone." He then looked down before continuing with the explanation. "Because of this, the Pokémon become vicious, going as far as attacking people without hesitation. They were essentially being weaponized, and to make it worse, Shadow Pokémon look identical to normal Pokémon to the naked eye, making them very difficult to distinguish. They were everywhere at one point in Orre...being sold and distributed by sinister organizations..."

Trent would stop in his tracks before looking back up at Oliver. "But soon, all that was finally put to a halt," he continued, "From what I learned from some of the researchers I was with, a way was found to reverse the process, which involves trying to form a bond the Shadow Pokémon in order to get them to slowly open up. And then came into play something called a Relic Stone that was in Agate Village. Apperantly, it contains mystical properties that help complete the process and purify the Pokémon. Researchers then found a way to replicate that and were able to do it via machine years later."
Amelia was quick to pluck the oran berry from Azul’s hand.

“Thanks kid!” She said with a wink, before roughly showing Caterpie the berry, “Look Transel, I have a berry.”

The bug Pokémon looked at the little berry and sniffed at it. Then he turned away, not trusting Amelia much. However, when his stomach gurgled and grumbled, he was a little quicker to coax into eating. He slowly bent himself down and ate at the berry, causing Amelia to smile.

For the first time in a while, Amelia was quiet as she watched her new friend eat from her hand. She was focused and concentrated, something she rarely ever did.
"Alright, this should be a good spot." Roxanne made her way to a particularly shady area of the forest near the Pewter City exit and set a blanket on the ground before calling out her Pokemon. "Panzer, Rexy, Tundra, Tank, and Drake, come on out everyone!"
In a flash of light appeared an enormous Aggron, a Tyrunt, an Amaura, a Shieldon, and a very young Aerodactyl. Upon coming out, the group immediately began looking around while staying within eyeshot of each other, especially Panzer the Aggron who acted like she was their mother. Rexy the Tyrunt and Tank the Shieldon began play fighting with each other while Tundra the Amaura lay at the base of a nearby tree with Drake the Aerodactyl perched in the branches above her.
Roxanne could not help but smile at her Pokemons' carefree attitude and seated herself on a blanket she had placed on the forest floor. Seeing her trainer sit down, Panzer lied down behind her to provide support, as they took in all the sounds of the forest. Roxanne was feeling so comfortable she probably would have fallen asleep then and there if she hadn't heard people talking some distance away. Looking over as best as she could from her current position, she couldn't help but notice the congregation of people and their Pokemon in one of the few open areas of the forest. While she didn't want to seem rude, she also didn't want to give up her rest and relaxation period nor did she feel like talking with them. Especially not after that strange interaction with Brock right before she came out here.
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"Very well. I'm Rick." He introduced. Iris would normaly greet the trainer, but with a Clefairy running around her, she was more focused on trying to contain herself than in formalities. "And I'm actualy not interested in the gym challenge, either. Personaly not a fan of arena matches, to be honest." Rick explained, with arms crossed. The trainer smiled as Azul mentioned Pewter's gym leader and his pokémon. It meant this trainer likely came from that city and that they were on the right track.

While Rick talked to Azul, Iris decided she had had enough of the Clefairy, and went ahead to try and make some progress towards the forest's exit. And she actualy wouldn't need to walk that much further. A few meters ahead and around a corner, she raised her head and widened her eyes as she spoted the checkpoint that marks the end of the forest. She troted back, and started neighing at Rick, calling her trainer's attention. "Yeah, I'm coming!" Rick shouted, before turning to Azul. "Anyways. I better get going before she awakes half the Bug-types in this forest." He said to the trainer with a faint smile. "By the way! I'm not be the best person to give this type of advice, but try to not let that Clefairy stray too far away from you. Not everyone is friendly, and certain wild pokémon tend to attack first and make questions later... as you got the chance to figure out in first hand, with those Beedrills." He added, before starting to walk away.

"Alright, I'm here. Where's the fire? Besides yours, of course." Rick asked to Iris. As the mare gestured with her head, the trainer hoped on her back. They troted for a bit until the checkpoint was on sight. "Aha... nicely done girl!" He praised, patting Iris on her neck. He also saw a trainer near the building's entrance, with a handful of pokémon around. And as Iris walked closer to the building, Rick widened his eyes. Aside from an Aggron, all of those pokémon were revived fossils. "Excuse me! Just to confirm, this is the checkpoint for Pewter, right?" Rick asked to the trainer laying on a blanket. And then a rustling called his attention to an Aerodactyl on a branch above. That one he couldn't ignore. The one species that brought him to Kanto. "Holy! Is that pokémon yours?" Rick asked.
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With a great yawn and a good stretch, Roxanne got back on her feet before answering the trainer calling to her. "Yeah, Pewter City is just beyond this gate. The Aerodactyl up there is also mine." Looking up at the branch, Roxanne raised her left arm and whistled for Drake. The Aerodactyl promptly gliding down and perched on her wrist. Looking back at the guy and his Rapidash, Roxanne decided she may as well introduce herself. "In any event, I'm Roxanne and this little guy is Drake." The young Aerodactyl chirped happily as she tickled his chin. "You could say he's something of a hatchling."
Rick dismounted as the Aerodactyl came down from the branch and perched on his trainer's arm. "Huh... neat. For some reason I assumed they would be revived at full size just like the others." Rick said, while reaching out to his belt pocket. "Fun fact, I actually came to this region to bring one of those guys back to life." He explained, taking out his Old Amber and showing it at the girl. "I'm Rick by the way. And this girl is Iris." He introduced himself and his pokémon, while Iris bowed to greet the trainer.
"It's nice to meet you, but Drake here is actually captive bred and only a few months old. Not to mention the runt of the litter." As Roxanne spoke, the rest of her fossil Pokemon decided to come over and investigate Rick and Iris.
"Oh brother, here's the rest of the crew." Placing a hand on her forehead, Roxanne decided to introduce the rest of her party. "The Amaura is Tundra, the Tyrunt is Rexy, the Shieldon is Tank, and this beautiful Aggron is Panzer." Looking back to Rick, she added. "And good luck with the Aerodactyl, newly revived ones are known to be quite temperamental after all."
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Edward looked over and saw a lot of Pokémon, and on top of that two trainers. ‘Suppose it’s time to make a couple of friends before I go back to Trent and Oliver.’ Edward through to himself as he walked over. “Excuse me if I may. But I wanted to ask if you these are your Pokémon.” Edward spoke as he wanted to know a bit more about the two trainers.
Turning to the newcomer, Roxanne sighed, still slightly annoyed that she couldn't just enjoy the forest like her Pokemon. "Yeah, except for the Rapidash, they're all mine." As she spoke, Drake jumped off her arm and onto Panzer's back. "I have more, but they're all with Professor Birch back in Hoenn."
Swinub, the Pig Pokemon. This Pokemon rubs it's nose on the ground to search and dig up food. When it smells something enticing, it dashes off headlong to find the source of the aroma. So naturally, Amare tried using her partner pokemon, Sniffles, to hunt for berries in Viridian Forest. When Sniffles seemed to pick up the scent of a berry, she was able to follow the ball of fur all the way to the berry, and the forest didn't have too many strong pokemon. She wasn't really sure what to use the berries for, but she had nothing better to do since she had no other hobbies.

She was able to tell that they were getting closer to the source of the scent by the fact that Sniffles was rapidly getting faster and faster, but stopped the little pokemon in its tracks when she saw a small group of trainers. One of them was feeding her pokemon a berry, which all of a sudden seemed to make Sniffles look depressed. "It's okay, we can always try again.' Amare said to the pokemon. She looked up at the small gathering of people and after a little while of deliberating with herself, she decided to talk to them. She approached the one feeding a Caterpie a berry, smiled awkwardy, and said, "Um, hi. Sorry to bother you... I'm trying to hunt for berries with my Swinub-" She pointed at her little pig pokemon, which simply sniffed in response "-but I haven't been able to find any. And, um, you're holding a berry so I assumed that you may know a better place to look for them?"


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward nodded to Roxanne’s response. “Yeah. I have that sort of similarity but with my other Pokémon being back in Kalos with Professor Sycamore.” Edward paused as he grabbed different kinds of poke balls from his bag. “My name by the way is Edward Camphier. As for my team, Allow me to introduce you to The Knights of the Round Table.” Edward spoke as he released one Pokémon at a time.

Lancelot, his partner Gallade, was first, followed by Galland the Bisharp, then Excalibur the Aegislash, Then Galahad the Escavilier, lastly came out Bedivier the Beedrill.

“These are my knights. As well as my best Pokémon. When you meet my brother, his team is more…how do I put it. More expansive with his theme for a team.”
Looking at Edward's team, Roxanne couldn't help but give an impressed whistle. "Nice. My name is Roxanne Stone and before you ask, I'm not related to the Hoenn champion in any way." Just as she finished introducing herself, Roxanne noticed that Tundra had wandered toward the same group of people she heard, and she was more than halfway there. "Tundra, you know you aren't supposed to go anywhere unsupervised!" Before Roxanne could try catching up to her, Panzer let out a frustrated roar and went after her, the ground seemingly shaking with every step.
Another trainer eventualy approached Rick and Roxanne while the two were talking, asking about the ownership of the pokémon outside. "Pretty much what she said." Rick replied, before putting the Old Amber back into his pocket. "This Rapidash is Iris." He said, pointing at the mare with a thumb. The trainer then released all his pokémon while introducing them one by one. "Huh... well, I don't go as far as giving my team a proper name, especialy since I don't think I'd be come up with a good one, since it doesn't fit a theme in the first place." Said Rick, after listening to Edward's introduction. "I brought two more pokémon from my home region, but they're on the boat that took me here." He told. "It looks like I take a different approach on the storage department, though. 'Cause I actualy keep the rest at my home, back in Sinnoh. Not that I don't trust the Professor. I just prefer the proximity."

Their dialogue soon got interrupted as Roxanne noticed her Amaura running towards the rest of the group that Rick had tagged with. "Oh, don't worry! Those people are..." Rick got interrupted again, as the Aggron roared and went after them with heavy steps. "Oof.... damn, that Aggron is quite the protective kind, isn't she?" He said to Iris, who groaned in response. Rick got concerned that someone would try to catch the Amaura thinking it was wild and inadvertently anger Panzer. Though it probably wouldn't even take that much. "Guess we should follow them just in case. You never know what a pokémon can do when its protective instincts kick in." He added, before hoping on the mare's back and troting after them.
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Amelia turned to the person who asked her a question, slightly shocked by her arrival. The Caterpie finished eating the berry and was satisfied, curling up on Amelia’s shoulder and taking a nap.

“Oh, hey. I really don’t know where you could find berries, to be honest. They just gave me one,” Amelia said, pointing to Azul.
Azul jumped slightly when they noticed Amelia pointing at them, they had been more focused on keeping an eye on Moony than the conversation to be honest. Rick had a point in that letting her wander around too far could get her in trouble, they were also glad he seemed nice enough, the big 'R' on his clothes had put Azul a bit on edge at first, what with Team Rocket going around and all. Just thinking about those bandits made a shiver run down their spine.

Focusing back on the conversation around them, Azul looked at the girl who approached them and her Swinub. Their mom had shown them pictures of the pokemon before, but seeing it in person made the little pokemon look even cuter.

They smiled at the girl politely. "Well we actually grow some at home, but here in the forest..." Azul tired to think where they were before meeting the other trainers. "Before you reach the checkpoint to Pewter, you go to the...left," they pointed to the right, "and keep walking, there are a couple of oran berry trees!"

Azul then dug through their bag and pulled out a small orange pouch. "Oh, if you would like a berry I can give you a few. I have some oran, chesto, pecha..." while digging through their little pouch to offer the Swinub a berry, the ground shaking made them stumble. Then they heard a roar that genuinely scared them.

When Azul looked over to the sound, they saw a huge and angry looking pokemon they had never seen before running towards their little group. They made a high pitched noise and scrambled over to grab Clefairy's pokeball from their pocket, not minding the dropped berry pouch.

"Moony get back here!" they called out to the fairy type, who had luckily not gotten stepped on by the angry pokemon, and in a flash of white Clefairy was back inside her moon ball. Azul considered diving back into the bush to get out of the way, but before they could, they stepped on their shoelace and fell backwards on the ground.
Amare blushed a little from her mistake. She brightened up a little when Azul told her where to look. "Oh, thank you! Um, if you don't mind me asking, what are you doi-" She was interrupted by a massive roar, and Azul panicking. A confused look was on her face, but Sniffles seemed to notice the danger and hurry back into his pokeball. Amare then turned around and realised what it was that was making the ground shake.

She turned to get out of the way, but realised that Azul had fallen and would probably be trampled if they were left there. She considering for a second just leaving them there, but decided she would feel very guilty if they couldn't get out of the way. She tried pulling Azul out of the angry pokemon's path, though her grip wasn't very strong.
Amelia, upon seeing the giant angry Pokémon, was quick into action. Transel had woken up and was quick to hide back in its Pokeball, safe from all harm. Fushi was also quick to return itself, leaving Amelia in charge of their safety. She paused, staying absolutely still for a few seconds, before it came rampaging towards her.

“RUN!” She shouted, being quick to grab the berry pouch Azul had dropped.

She grabbed the two trainers, who had gotten out of the way, by the back of their shirts, running on pure adrenaline as she dragged them out of the forest behind her while running, shouting worried speech the whole way. Before she knew it, she was dashing out of the woods, onto the continuation of route 2. She was huffing and puffing, still holding the two trainers. Amelia then let them go and fell back in fatigue, crashing to the ground beside them.
"Panzer, stop!" Knowing better than anyone how overprotective her Aggron was, not to mention how difficult it was to keep her in her ball while in a frenzy, Roxanne shouted at Panzer. "Panzer, if you don't stop right now, you can forget about the gold nugget I was saving for you!"
Upon hearing this threat, and knowing that Roxanne would definitely follow through with it, Panzer abruptly stopped her charge, skidding to a halt. She was just inches from plowing into the group of people in her path.
"I'm so sorry about Panzer!" Roxanne apologized, before nudging her Pokemon to do the same. "Come on Panzer, you apologize too!" With an apologetic look in her eyes, Panzer dropped to all fours and touched her nose to the ground. "Is everyone alright?"
Rick saw Azul laying on their back, and another trainer he hadn't met yet trying to pull them up and out of the Aggron's path. "Oh great." Rick muttered. Fortunately for them, Amelia rushed in to grab them up and get them moving. "Cut ahead!" He told Iris. She nodded, and accelerated into a gallop before making a running jump over the Aggron and facing it. "Now Strength... and brace for impact!" Said Rick, bracing on Iris while she stood ground, with legs splayed and her body cloaked in a crimson aura while she braced herself for the incoming pokémon.

Fortunately for them, there would be no colision, as Roxanne shouted a warning to the rampaging Aggron that forced the latter into an abrupt stop before her trainer appologized. "Better." Said Rick to himself, sighing in relief. Iris also took a deep breath, as the aura faded and her strength returned to normal. "A bit of adrenaline rush, which we were missing anyways." Rick said in response to Roxanne's worry. "But with no one getting trampled... yeah, it's alright." He added.
Finn began to walk out of Viridian forest with a big grin on his face, with his new Pokémon, chu sitting on top of his head.

“That sure was great we got a ton of training done while inside the forest. I just hope that rick is okay though.”
Once Finn made it to route 2 he saw a huge Pokémon that he’d never seen before.

“Woah, what type of Pokémon is that! That looks so cool, I had no idea that a Pokémon like that existed!”

Finn then looked behind the massive beast and saw rick and iris with some other people.

“Hey Rick it’s good to see you again, you too iris.”
Amare felt herself being pulled away by the girl trainer, completely frozen in shock. Everything around her was blurry, but after a while Amare started to register what had just happened. Once they were out of the forest, Amare looked at her saviour that was laying on the ground next to her. "T-thank you for helping me. I dont know what would've happened if you didn't intervene- um.." As Amare got up, she realised she didn't know either of their names, even worse, hadn't even introduced herself yet. Even worse yet (to her) was that she didn't get to see Sniffles finding berries. "My name is Amare, and my Swinub is called Sniffles." Sniffles emerged from his pokeball and grunted. Amare continued to talk, "Mind if I ask what you guys were doing in the forest? You don't seem to be hunting for berries like I was..."
Breathing a sigh of relief that no one got hurt, Roxanne whistled for the rest of her team to come out of hiding before hearing an excited voice coming in their direction. Bringing out the gold nugget and holding it out to Panzer, she looked to Rick and asked. "A friend of yours Rick?"
As she spoke, Panzer took the nugget and popped it into her mouth like candy while the rest of the team came over and nuzzled her affectionately.
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As everything went calm again, Finn showed up running towards Rick. "You missed all the action!" Rick shouted towards the young trainer approaching. Roxanne asked him if the two were friends. "You could say so. Name's Finn. Though I've only met him less than an hour ago, so I guess we're still acquaintances at this point." He replied. "And not just him. The other ones your Aggron just sent packing in fear are actualy in the same group. They all just started, so I thought it would be a good idea to go with them for as long as we're heading to the same destination." He explained. All the while, the trainer couldn't stop watching the Aggron literaly eating a gold nugget. "Damn... she has quite an expensive taste, doesn't she?" He commented with widened eyes.
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