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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward walked forward towards the aggron as he watched everything that had happened. Noting how it could eat a gold nugget in one fell swoop. “Well. Talk about an appetite eh?” Edward spoke as he walked towards Roxanne and Rick. “Not even my Pokémon could do that.” Edward spoke as he returned his Beedrill and his Escavilier back to their respective Pokeballs. Leaving Galland, Lancelot, and Excalibur left. They stood next to their trainer.

Oliver noted that his brother left. And followed slowly. Seeing everything that had happened with the group. Oliver decided to back off for the time being. ‘There is no way I’m being attacked by that thing.’ Oliver thought to himself as he went back over to Trent and wondered a bit about Alice.
"Nah, gold is really just a rare treat she doesn't get often. I'm fairly certain that precious metals are like candy for Aggron. Otherwise she's content with eating the usual iron and rocks." As Roxanne spoke, she pulled an oily rag out of her pack and started rubbing Panzer's body with it. Feeling content with the attention, Panzer laid back down with the other four joining in and falling asleep against her belly.
"As long as she doesn't feel threatened, Panzer's usually about as happy as a Skitty chasing it's tail." Looking at Rick and Edward she added. "She's also very protective of young Pokemon, especially ones she considers to be part of her brood. Earlier she was panicking more than anything."
Looking at Finn, she answered. "And this, for your information, is a Hoenn born Aggron, and my very first Pokemon."
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Alice ran back with a big grin on your face, a new partner in her hand, with her other partner holding onto her shoulder for her dear life. She came to a stop as she found Edward with a small group around him and even an Aggron. "Hey Eddy! I caught a new- wait a minute, is that an Aggron!? I've never seen one so close before!" Alice quickly pulled out her sketchbook and opened it to the Aggron page. She took a closer look at the Aggron and fixed some details in her drawing. She even included the little tidbit she overheard about Nuggets being like candy. "Aaaaaand done!" she said before giving it a pat on the arm. "Fiddlesticks! I haven't introduced myself. My name's Alice. It's a pleasure to meet you all!"
“Name’s Amelia,” the girl huffed, trying to catch her breath.

The moment she heaved another breath of air, Fushi came out of its Pokeball, looking adorably oblivious.

“Fushi,” Amelia simply said as an introduction. “Bulbasaur is Fushi.”

“Bulba bulb!”

“We weren’t really looking for anything. Just traveling on our way to Pewter City,” Amelia said, finally finding the strength to stand.
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"Roxanne." Looking at Amelia. "Again, I'm very sorry about that scare from Panzer's panic."
Satisfied with her work oiling Panzer, Roxanne put the rag away and brought out some paper towels to take care of her hands. "Come on guys, time to get back in the ball." As she returned each of her Pokemon, Drake dodged the beam of light from his PokeBall and went to meet Fushi the Bulbasaur. "Oh, alright Drake, you can stay out for a little longer."

"Aer, aero!"
Finn moves to the front of the aggron’s face and begins to smile at it. He was in complete amazement at the new creature he was staring at.

“Your so cool! I’ve read tons of books about Pokémon from Kanto and johto but I’ve never seen you before.”

Chu jumps off of Finns head and began to walk over the the group of Pokémon near him.

“Pika Pika!”

Chu said in excitement while running around the two Pokémon. Chu then nuzzled the two Pokémon in a sign of friendship.
Fushi looked up at the larger Pokémon, Aerodactyl. Then, he was nuzzled by the Pikachu and he smiled and let out a little chirrup. He immediately fell for the charm of the Pikachu, not romantically, but was just attracted to its overall charm and excitement. He immediately waddled up to the electric type and started babbling in Pokéspeak, eyes wide and excitedly trained on Chu.
After wrapping up his explanation about Shadow Pokémon, Trent heard the commotion that had occurred a bit past from their position and could help but wonder what was going on. Though he didn't feel that much of need to know what it was, he opted to stay put and let Oliver do the investigating for him. When he came back after following his brother, Trent turned his attention to him and said, "Everything alright over there? That was quite the ruckus."
Amare patted herself down, seemingly searching for something. Whatever it was, she never found it as she stopped searching to reply to the other girl trainer. "Just travelling to Pewter? Hmmm..." Amare looked at Sniffles, who was currently being nuzzled by a Pikachu. The little pig wasn't very friendly, so he backed away from the Pikachu. "Mind if I join you? I have nothing else to be doing, so I might as well travel with you."
Azure finally found his way to the group again after all the panic and tried to put everything that just happened in one line. "Alright so now... weŕe near the exit... i guess? So uhm, is this the 'new' group because I see a couple of unfamiliar faces here. And to those few, my name's Azure, and this is my Mankey i've been training here." The Mankey punched the air in front of him. Azure laughed. "You little show-off! We'll get to fighting at the gym, okay? We're almost there, no punching any Pokemon yet." He looked around him. "So I guess we're almost done with this forest. It was a fun place but the bugs kinda creep me out a little." And whoever was doing the gym challenge, it was almost time for their first gym battle!
Seeing the Mankey punch the air, Drake quickly backed away and tried hiding behind Alice of all people. He may have been one of the most feared Pokemon of all time, but he was still just a baby. "Drake, what did I tell you about using other people as shields?" Realizing his mistake, Drake made his way back to Roxanne, who turned to Alice. "Sorry about that, Drake's still a baby and gets scared easily."
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“Yeah, we’re heading to Pewter alright!” Amelia shouted, “And you can join us, if you want!”

With that, she tore Fushi away from Chu, which he payed no mind about as he slung over his trainers shoulder. He just kept babbling in Pokéspeak about whatever it was he wanted Chu to know, which was everything. He was also a baby, and was very excited to make a friend.

Amelia started walking down the trail, seeing the beautiful grey colour of Pewter City.
Chu ran over to Finn and tugged on his leg to get his attention before running up his leg onto his shoulder.

“Hey Chu, what’s up little buddy?”

Chu points to Amelia and her bulbasaur who were making their way towards pewter city.


“Oh you made a new friend? Well let’s follow them were both going to the same place anyways.”

Chu smiled happily as he began to nuzzles his trainer’s cheeks.

“Okay, okay stop it Chu that tickles.”

Finn began make a short jog over to Amelia before stopping to walk when he was next to her.

“Hey, It’s good to see you again your names… Amelia right?”
Amelia nodded excitedly, as Fushi crawled onto her backpack, sat down, and started babbling to Chu again.

“Yeah, that’s my name. I think I overheard yours? Fang? Finger? Something like that,” she said, trotting along the road.
As more trainers started gathering, including some new faces, Rick discretaly walked to a corner next to one of the trees Iris had marked before. Laying on his side on Iris' back with a pensive expression, he simply watched the group as they introduced themselves and their pokémon to each other before sighing. "If only I had a childhood like that..." He muttered, before sitting normaly. "Alright, time to say goodbye to this green screen." Rick said, while returning to the gate and heading towards what should be his final destination. At least without counting reaching the boat. That would be another city away. Though at that point, Rick hoped he would have his own air transport in the forme of a rock-skinned dinosaur.

Rick took a wide glance as they finaly arived at Pewter City. The rugged rocks and mountains that surrounded it made a huge contrast with the verdant forest they just went through. From his current point of view, he saw nothing resembling a Museum. The gym's roof was somewhat noticeable though, at least from top of Iris, sitting on a rocky platform behind a few trees and the Pokémon Center. "Well, isn't that your next goal?" Rick said to Amelia and Finn, while pointing at the gym. "That is, assuming you don't need potions. I don't know the gym's rules about the usage of those." He added, shrugging, before continuing to walk down the street.
“Uh, yeah! That’s it!” Immediately, Amelia started to rush over to the path that wound around the town, leading straight to the gym.

“It’s so pretty, I might throw up!” Amelia said, still looking around the city as she got closer to the gym.
“Actually it’s Finn”

Finn said while scratching the back of his head as he thought his name was easy to remember. His pikachu was busy playing with Fushi and began to make funny faces in attempt to make the girls bulbasaur laugh.

Once he saw pewter city his smile grew wider as he couldn’t contain his excitement and wonder but that stop once he heard that Amelia was gonna throw to which he gently patted her back in attempt to stop it from happening.
Fushi let out a series of raspy giggles upon seeing Chu’s faces, trying to mimic them by crossing his eyes and flopping his tongue out on one side.

Amelia grinned at Finn as they continued walking.

“Ahh, Finn. That name’s cool too,” she said with a grin.
Rick followed the group as they headed to the gym. Along the way he also spoted the largest building at the other extreme of the city, which happen to be the Museum he had been looking for since his arrival at Kanto. "There it is." He muttered.

However, he didn't go there just yet. As the group reached the entrace of Pewter's gym, he raised an eyebrow to Amelia's statement over its beauty. "Meh... I've seen better, to be honest." He commented. "Anyways! Go ahead and good luck. In the meantime I'll take care of my own business, then I might come here and watch, if you haven't finished yet." He told them.
“Oh boo! You should watch us now, boring stuff later!” Amelia commented, bouncing on her knees.

Fushi looked at Rick, before turning around to face him, resting his stubby legs on Amelia’s shoulders and his large head on top of hers.

“Bulbasaur! Saur, saur!” The Pokémon agreed, simply agreeing with whatever his trainer said.
Amare followed the group all the way to Pewter City, and then even further to the gym. "And I'm Amare." She said after Finn and Amelia introduced themselves. She then realised what they were doing in Pewter City. "Oh, you're going to battle the gym?" She paused, and seemed as if she was arguing with herself for a moment. "I guess I might try it too... Who's the gym leader here anyways?"
After seeing the group leave towards Pewter City, Alice decided that it would be best to regroup with her travelling buddies. "Ah, wait a minute! I haven't given you a name yet!" She said fishing her pokeball out of her bag and pulling out a pokeball. "Hmmm. How about...Kuny! Yeah that sounds right! Come on out Kuny!" The pokeball burst into blue light as a Kakuna materialized before falling over immediately as hit had terrible balance. "Oh, sorry Kuny!" Said Alice before running over and picking up the Kakuna. "Anyway, I wonder where Trenty, Olli and Eddie are? Let's go find them." Said Alice walking in the opposite direction from the path to Pewter.
Amelia sounded a bit disapointed that Rick would put her match at second plan, to which Rick responded. "Boring? Bringing an ancient pokémon back to life after millenia doesn't seem boring to me. And I don't expect it to take more than a couple of minutes either. If your match is already over by the time I get here, then most likely I didn't miss anything, haha!" He said. "Besides, the truth is I'm not a big fan of arena matches. The pokémon limited to a small area, exchanging moves, and in a lot of them, typing is the main deciding factor. Compare that to when you're out of the arena, where you have to be constantly aware of your surroundings, think of all the variables, and be able to adapt to all circumstances and environments." He explained. "Now, I'm not saying there's no strategy to arena matches. I just find them a bit too restrictive compared to what I'm used to and limit the potential of certain species." He added. "Anyways! See you guys in a bit!" He waved, before trotting behind the gym and towards the Museum.
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Amelia groaned at Rick, before turning towards the gym.

“Fine,” she drawled out, “but that’s so boring.”

Amelia stepped forward, let the automatic doors swipe open, and stepped inside.

The inside of the gym was slightly smaller than the outside. A walkway led up to the gym leader, Brock, who was just standing there waiting to be challenged. Amelia gaped at him, seeing him as a mini celebrity almost.

“So cool,” she muttered.

She was about to jog right up to him before a hand grasped her shoulder. It was a male trainer, and he looked like a typical camper.

“Hey, you have to battle me first!” The boy said, not bothering to say his name.

“Oh, no thanks I’m here to battle Brock, actually!” Amelia said with a grin.

The boy was slightly dumbfounded that this girl had no idea how gyms worked.

“It’s mandatory! You’ve got to battle me in order to battle Brock!” He said, jabbing a thumb at himself.

“Uh, alright then.”

“I’m Liam,” he said, “it’ll be a two on two battle. Go, Geodude!”

“Alright Fushi, show them what you’ve got!”

And the gym challenge officially begun.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Oliver noted that the main group had left, leaving Edward as the last one. Oliver was going to talk to Edward, until he saw Alice walking the opposite direction of the exit. Walking up to her Oliver spoke. “Hey. That’s the wrong way.” Reaching Alice he spoke again. “It’s the other way.” Oliver pointed as he looked over to his brother.

Edward looked at his three Pokémon. Then the duo of Oliver and Alice. “Don’t forget about Trent!” Edward called to the two of them. Oliver nodded and gestured for Trent to follow along.
The sliding doors opened and in stepped a, with now healed Pokemon, refreshed and ready-for-action Azure. He however noticed that Amelia was already busy fighting someone. At this point he wondered what to do. Should he just... walk around them? Or should he wait for his turn and see if he has to battle the trainer as well. He decided on the latter, as it would be relatively ruse to just ignore a mandatory battle because someone else is occupying them. “Guess i’ll cheer from the sidelines.” He looked at Amelia, who sent out her Bulbasaur against the camper’s Geodude. “Nice, rock and ground are both weak to grass, but she must make sure not to let her guard down because poison is still weak to ground. Let’s see how a true league battle goes, and i’m here to see it in person for the first time!”
Finn walked through the gym doors and sat down in the back to watch Amelia's battle to cheer her on.

"You guys got this! Show that guy what you can do!"

"Pikachu! Chu!"

Finn and chu cheered their friends on to win the fight. Meanwhile Char's pokeball began to shake in excitement.

"Not yet buddy. Your big reveal is gonna come soon, so just be a little patient.
“Fushi, use Vine Whip!”

The little Bulbasaur unraveled two vines, that quickly swung at and hit the Geodude. Despite the type difference, however, Geodude was only slightly phased, about a quarter of his health being taken down.

“Geodude, tackle!”

The tackle was harsh, and sent Bulbasaur back a ways, taking down about half of its health.

“Vine whip, again! Harder!”

Fushi managed to hit Geodude with another vine whip, taking down a bit more health than he did last time. Liam had seen enough, immediately feeling bad.

“Hold on,” he said, stopping the battle, “Is this your first battle?”

Amelia relaxed her muscles before looking at the camper.

“Uh, yeah,” she said, unaware as to why it was important.

Immediately, Liam called over his Geodude and started to spritz it with a purple potion bottle.

“You should really train up your Pokémon before you decide to battle here. You’ll never beat Brock at this rate.”

His statement irked Amelia, and she immediately backed away, barely catching the purple potion bottle that Liam had tossed her way.

“You might get some useful tips about battling from watching your friends. Or, going to the museum. They have lots of useful information there.”
"Hey, Amelia are you done? I wanna know if me and char can have a go we did tons of training back in viridian forest!"

He waved his hand towards amelia while he began to grab char's pokeball.
Amelia huffed as she wrapped an arm around her Bulbasaur, still holding the potion in one hand.

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” she grumbled, coming off rudely and annoyed.

With that, she stomped out of the gym.
Rick arrived at the Museum and dismounted, entering the first door he saw. He quickly took out the Old Amber from his belt pocket and put it on the receptionist's desk. "An Aerodactyl, fresh from prehistory, please!" He said loudly. The receptionist looked at the amber for brief moments before looking back at Rick. "I'm afraid you came through the wrong door, mister..." She told. "This area is for exibitions only. If you have any fossils for us to look at, it's the next door." She added.

"Oh... well then..." Rick said, slowly picking up the amber and putting it back in the pouch before leaving, slightly embarassed. "Not a neigh about this." He said to Iris, who tilted her head slightly confused, as Rick walked to her side to mount.

So they went to the second door, on the left side of the building. "How do they expect people to find this one?" He asked to himself. He then spotted Roxanne, next to the entrance. "Oh, hello again!" He said, waving at her. "You came to see the birth of Drake's grand-grand-grandfather?" He asked jokingly as he approached.
Amelia decided that nothing could hurt if she went to the museum, even if she found it incredibly boring. On her way over, she sprayed Fushi with the potion bottle, bringing it back to its peak condition. She set down her Bulbasaur and walked through the first door, seeing a receptionist.

“Hi!” The receptionist said politely, offering a wave at Amelia. “Would you like to purchase a ticket today? Only fifty pokedollars!”

Amelia nodded, deciding to be polite to the adult and fished some cash out of her pocket. She set it on the table and was given a tiny admission stamp on her hand. She then walked into the museum, looking around herself before setting off.
"More like I came to give you backup in case things go south." As she spoke, Drake returned himself to his PokeBall. "I revived a Cranidos once and the little bugger charged straight at me, fresh from the machine."


Previously Shadow_Pup
Near the entrance to the Pewter City Museum sat a large Snorlax with a blonde haired teen resting in it's lap, the boys eyes were closed and he was laid back slightly. He was pondering getting another pokemon soon, he had recently beaten Brock and he was planning on moving on eventually but instead he let himself get waylaid by his own procrastination. Opening his eyes, he sat up and checked through his things, making sure he was stocked up on potions and other important supplies. He still had a decent chunk of cash left but he was trying to hold off so he could buy a thunder stone if the opportunity arrived. Snorlax made a sound of peaked interest and the boy, Murphy, glanced at the building they were relaxing in front of, "you wanna go in the Museum, ok just give me five more minutes of rest" he said before getting comfortable again and closing his eyes to rest once more.
Azure was technically also waiting but... he figured he could get a second idea of a gym battle after realising Amelia hadn't trained her Pokemon yet. He just stayed quiet on the sidelines, waiting for his turn.
Rick walked to the door as Roxanne speaked her intention to help him. "Why thank you! I'd personaly like to handle it myself if things get harsh. Afterall, what kind of owner am I if I can't even tame it?" He said, knocking at the door after realizing this one was locked, before giving two steps back turning to her again. "However, I'll gladly take your support if things get out of hand. A rampant Aerodactyl flying across the region might not be ideal." He added.

Few moments later, one of the scientists peeked from the half-open door. "Greetings!" Rick exclaimed. "I've got this Old Amber that I need you to give life. Or extract, whatever proccess you use to revive fossil pokémon." He said, holding the Old Amber in his extended hand. The scientist fully came outside, taking a glance at Rick from top to bottom, before speaking.

"Old Amber, hm? Not something an ordinary person would get their hands on very often." The scientist stated, scratching his chin as he kept looking at Rick. In fact, the man seemed to be more interested in Rick himself than at the amber he had in hand. "Well, this is actualy the third one I got." Rick replied to the man's statement.

"Really? You seem to have an easy access to these, then." The man commented with narrowed eyes. "I didn't say it was easy. This is the first one that I managed to keep intact so far, as the others had a few... mishaps." Said Rick. "I also lost track of how many of these I had to give up on in order to get away from trouble. " He added.

"Do you have an identification?" The scientist asked. "Umm... is that a requirement to get an Aerodactyl?" Rick asked, nervously. The scientist raised na eyebrow at him. "Name's Rick... if that suffices..." He added, trying to redeem the mistake of rarely having his ID Card with him.

At this point, Rick started feeling like he was in an interrogatory rather than a museum. And indeed, if he could predict the future, he would probably give better answers. And then, after a long pause, and to Rick's much relief. "Very well! We'll take your Old Amber." the scientist speaked. Rick handed over the fossil to the scientist as demanded. "Now we'll take it for examination, and we should have the results in a few minutes. See you in a minute." The man said, before going inside and closing the door behind him.

Rick sighed, wiping his brow before turning to Roxanne. "Did you also have to go through all these questions for each one of your fossil pokémon? 'Cause no one talked me about this part."
Finn stood up and walked toward the Liam while Chu went to sit on the bench to cheer to them on.

"Okay Liam, let's make this a fun battle!"

Finn grabbed Char's Pokeball and threw in onto the ground, it quickly opened and char hopped out.


Char began to flex his muscles while smiling to try to intimate his opponent.

"Let's put all that training to good use partner. Start the battle whenever you want liam."
"Only for my Tyrunt and Cranidos." Roxanne explained. "I think it's really just because of their power and aggression. I mean, the researchers back in Kalos were very hesitant about letting me keep Drake because he's an Aerodactyl, but since I was the first living thing he saw when he hatched, he thought I was his mother and wouldn't leave me be."


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward walked ahead of Oliver and Alice. Walking out of the woods into Pewter City. Edward took a nice long breath of air. Lancelot, Galland, and Excalibur followed slowly behind. Edward looked around, noting that the duo he met back in the forest had left. He did notice someone outside of a Museum. The boy he noticed had a Snorlax out and was resting on said snorlax. Edward decided to go and meet the boy.

“Hey there.” Edward spoke, a slight bit timid due to him never really making conversations first.