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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

Having seen everything the museum had on display, Roxanne made her way to the Pokemon center to make a phone call. Just as she was about to enter, she noticed Rick and Iris in the back playing together and decided to hang out with them for a bit. "Hey Rick, hey Iris!"
After dialing the number, she looked at the computer screen that the call would be recorded on she held the phone up to her ear and waited for a minute. After a couple rings, an annoyed looking boy picked up the phone. He had bright orange hair that swirled up into a soft looking spike, and he wore really tacky black sunglasses, and had a Charmeleon standing stoically behind him, as if on guard.

“Who are you? How did you get this number?” The boy demanded to know.

“Oh, hi! Uh, you’re…” she looked at the tag again,” Brennan, right?”

“What’s it to you?”

“Well, I found something of yours, and I figured I’d give you a call so we can figure a time to meet up, and return it.”

Amelia gently picked up the Charmander and put it on her lap. Upon seeing his trainer on screen, Charmander smiled happily and started shouting out different chirrups and sounds. The trainer in question rolled his eyes and looked back at Amelia.

“That thing isn’t mine. I left it.”

Amelia was absolutely shocked, disgusted that he would leave such a rare and cute Pokémon on its own. Charmander was still babbling, and seemed to ignore what his trainer had said, just happy to see the boy again.

“But you put a collar on it! It has your name and number on the tag! Surely you’re mistaken?”

“As if! Listen, I ditched that thing a while ago the moment I found something better. A dude can hook you up with some strong Pokémon, if you know where to look. That’s where I got Charmeleon,” Brennan explained.

He jabbed a thumb at the mid-evolution fire type Pokémon, and Charmander immediately stopped talking. He looked at the serious Pokémon and immediately pointed at it, whimpering.

“Let me get this straight…” Amelia started, glaring daggers at the screen, “You left Charmander all on his own, in the middle of nowhere, because you found a stronger Pokémon?”

“Uh, yeah. That little pipsqueak couldn’t even do anything for me. He’d try everything I asked of him and still failed. Charmeleon, however, does everything I say perfectly.” Brennan just smirked at the screen.

Charmander sniffled a bit, mewling at the screen as if to apologize for not being good enough. Amelia frowned as she saw some tears leak out of Charmander’s face. Brennan, however, just rolled his eyes.

“Ugh, it’s crying now. See what I mean? He’s a terrible partner.”

“You are a horrible person!”

Before Brennan could fit in a comeback, Amelia slammed the phone back on the receiver, causing the computer to shut off abruptly. Charmander jumped with a start, shocked by Amelia’s outburst. Charmander turned to look at her, tears still in his eyes. But to his surprise as well, Amelia was also crying.

“You’re so cool, Charmander!” She said, through the tears. “You deserve so much more in a trainer! You’re perfect as you are!”

These worse seemed foreign to the fire type, and his eyes lit up. A few more tears fell down its face, and Amelia was quick to wipe them away. She picked up the little lizard Pokémon and squeezed it tight in a hug. Charmander was shocked by this gesture, having never been hugged before. However, it felt nice to him, and he squeezed her back as tight as he could, loving the feeling of this hug.

Amelia pulled away to his dismay.

“Okay buddy, here’s what we’re gonna do,” she said standing up from the phone. “You can stay with me tonight! Then, in the morning, we’ll find out what to do.”

Charmander nodded quickly, before leaning in to lick some stray tears on Amelia’s face. Strangely, he liked the salty taste. Amelia just giggled at this, before looking at Fushi and Transel.

“These are my Pokémon, Fushi and Transel!” she introduced, setting Charmander down.

Charmander tilted his head at the names, as they seemed foreign to him. He pointed at himself, mewling quite a bit.

“Oh! Do you want a name too?”

Charmander nodded eagerly, still babbling on.

“Alright, what about…” she tapped on her chin a minute, before smiling at Charmander, “Hito? I think it’s a cool name!”

Charmander jumped up excitedly, in awe of the name, nodding his head and continuing to babble. Amelia laughed at this, before nodding.

“Hito it is!” She said, throwing her hands on her hips. “So, Hito! Wanna train for a bit with me and my Pokémon? We’re gonna go back to route two and train a bit! Is that alright with you?”

The Charmander, now named Hito, nodded happily, and walked up to Amelia to grab on her jeans, so he wouldn’t get lost.
Alice climbed down the ladder after almost having a heart attack. Alice exhaled deeply before she examined her surroundings it was a tunnel that led to another ladder. She climbed down this one a lot more safely and walked over to two large rocks.

"Let's see if there's a fossil in there. C'mon Cherry, I know you're tired, but one last Water Gun!" The Clauncher nodded before firing a Water Gun, so pressurized it was like a bullet that smashed the rocks in half. She ran up to the halves of the rock and it was amazing. There were two large fossils right next to each other, one was a Helix Fossil, and the other was a Dome Fossil.

"We did it Cherry! We finally found one!" said Alice almost jumping up and down despite how tired she was. Cherry sighed in relief as Alice picked up the two fossils and said to herself "Wait a minute, these fossils are really fragile right? Then we need something to hold them. Come on out Kuny!" said Alice throwing out Kuny's pokeball. "Kuny, I need you to use String Shot on these fossils, ok?" Kuny tried to simulate nodding by slightly rocking back and forth before spraying the fossils with its string. She picked up the now cushioned fossils before she heard a grown man's voice.

"Stop right there!" she turned around seeing a man in a black outfit with a red R on is chest. "I'm gonna need for you to hand over those fossils." he said.

"Sorry, Mister, but I really want both of these, anyway, gotta go!" said Alice before she turned around, picked up Kuny and the fossils, and climbed up the latter.

"Get back here!" yelled the man as Alice heard a Pokeball open with a bat pokemon with a large mouth coming out. "Eep!" said Alice before running away and getting cornered by the Golbat.
Finn entered the pokemon center as he, Chu and Char had began to happily humming to themselves. He picked up Char and put him on the desk of rhe pokemon center.

"Excuse, me ma'am?"

Nurse Joy turned around to face the boy and saw the beaten up Charmelon on the desk and quickly picked him up and took him to the back to tend to his wounds.

"I'll see you seen Char."

Finn and Chu turned around to sit down until Finn saw Amelia with a Charmander and began to walk towards her.

"Hey Amelia, How are you doing?"


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Oliver slowly walked out of the museum and inside Mt Moon. Orion slowly followed and what they saw was Alice in a bit of trouble. “Geez. What did you get yourself into now.” Oliver commented as he looked to the Golbat. “Orion use Stone Edge on Golbat!” Oliver called as Orion spun a bit and eventually a stone pierced from the ground, hitting Golbat in the process. “Hopefully that clears up any your troubles.” Oliver sighed with a bit of disappointment.
(@Crystal1302 )

Edward jumped a bit whenever Murphy raised his voice. “S-Sorry! We just arrived a couple of minutes ago.” Edward explained to Murphy. “I apologize for not acknowledging your statement the first time. I just anted to show off more of my team.” Edward also explained to Murphy.
(@Void_Nugget )
Rick was holding Iris by the horn when he heard Roxanne calling him. He tilted to look at the trainer. "Oh... hey!" He replied. Though by doing so, he also lost focus, allowing Iris to pull back, rear up, and pin him down for the forth time. "Distracted again!" He shouted, before sighing and crossing his arms under his chin. "Ugh... anyways. That guy from the museum came out with the results. That amber doesn't have enough DNA to revive the damn thing." He explained.

Still pinned under Iris' hooves, Rick briefly looked up at the mare with the corner of his eye. "How about this: I surrender!" He said to Iris. She steped out of her trainer's back, allowing Rick to get up. "So, to sum it all up... I wasted my time." He continued, dusting off some dirt out of his shirt as he speaked. "But this Mount Moon seems to be a popular place to find fossils, right? So I guess there's still a chance that I won't leave this region empty handed."
Alice squeezed her eyes but was surprised when Oliver saved her.

"Thanks a ton, Oli, but it's not like it was my fault. That guy is trying to take my fossils!" said Alice pointing at the man climbing up the ladder after her.

The man grumbled to himself before returning Golbat to one of his pokeballs. "I'm getting those fossils!" yelled the man as he threw out two more pokeballs. One had a purple snake called an Ekans and the other had a light brown rat named Ratticate. "Ekans use Wrap on the floating rock thing! Ratticate, Bite!" the Ekans lunged for the Minior. Meanwhile, the Ratticate lunged for Alice. Alice was cornered so there was nowhere to dodge so she decided to hug Kuny and the fossils close to her. Alice braced herself for the attack, but she heard the Bite coming into contact with a hard object. She turned around realizing that the Ratticate was currently biting down on Kuny. Kuny was using Harden but it's cocoon seemed to be cracking. Though the Ratticate's tooth also seemed to be cracking. "Kuny!" yelled Alice before the more cracks started to appear, but the cracks were glowing. The Ratticate spat the Kakuna out, before worrying about it's broken tooth. Two light blue glowing wings burst from the cocoon and a light blue shining silhouette burst out of Kuny. The shining stopped before Kuny was replaced by a large yellow and black striped bug pokemon with spears on it's arms. "Kuny?" said Alice in shock. The bug pokemon yelled it's name: Beedrill.

"Ready to take this guy down Duny? or I guess I should say Drilly?" said Alice. The Beedrill nodded before Alice yelled. "All right! Let's try a souped-up Poison Sting!" Alice said. The spears glowed a bright purple before the Beedril flew in and trusted at the Ratticate, knocking it back.
Amelia, her Pokemon, and Hito were on their way to route two to train. They did the same thing as before; searching the tall grass and grinding on some low-level Pokemon. Throughout the training, Transel was quick to evolve into a Metapod, and a small amount of rejoicing was done at that time. Before she knew it, night had fallen and she was about to find a place to sleep when Finn had come up to her.

"I'm doing pretty good! Made a friend, his name is Hito! He was abandoned by his trainer." She said the last part quietly.

Hito waved a claw at the newcomer. Fushi, Transel, and Hito then started conversing in Pokespeak, getting along quite well and chittering away about whatever.
Finn widened his eyes in shock at what he heard about Hito being abandoned by his trainer and began to get angry.

"What! Why the heck would someone do that?! What's that jerk name!"

Chu began to run up to the group of Pokémon and started to get into the conversation with them.
“Some kid named Brennan,” Amelia said quietly, as she watched her Pokémon converse and play.

Hito, thankfully, did not seem to be listening, as he was so enthralled with playing with everyone’s Pokémon.
"That no good lousy jerk."

Finn took a deep breath and sighed before speaking again, so that he wouldn't still be angry at what he had just heard.

"Well I guess the good thing is we'll never see that guy again. Oh, I almost forgot I got the Boulder badge as couple of hours ago, I'm just waiting for Char to be ready to leave from the pokemon center then we can head to route two in the morning."
The Poison Sting was a direct hit and it knocked Ratticate into the Ekans and knocked them both out.

"Fine then! Keep the stupid fossils!" Yelled the grunt, returning the fainted pokemon to their pokeballs. He ran in the opposite direction.

"Yaay! We did it!" Said Alice giving Drilly a big hug. "You evolved Drilly! You look so cool now!" Said Alice jumping up and pulling out her journal. She sat down, drew a sketch in about 10 minutes before putting the journal back.

"Evolution must've tired you out, so it's time for a break." Said Valerie before yawning herself. "Looks like I'm tired too. Let's head to bed Oli" said Alice before climbing up the ladder. She was able to make her way out of Mt. Moon (making sure to glue her eyes to her pokenav) and went into the pokemon center outside of it. "Wow, it's already nighttime. I guess I was in there longer than I thought." She said, a little tired." Alice got a room for the night before almost collapsing onto her bed and putting her bag next to it. "How are you doing Cherry." "Cherr..." said the shrimp tiredly. "Yeah me too." Said Alice before taking out her PokeNav. She pressed the Match Call menu and pressed her Grandpa's phone number.


"Hey Grandpa."

"Oh Alice! I haven't heard from you all day! Are you ok?"

"Yep, I'm in Kanto nice in safe. I'm inside a Pokemon Center right now." Said Alice changing into her Mudkip pajamas.

"Today was an eventful day too. I met some new friends, I caught a pokemon named Kakuna and it evolved into a Beedril, and I even got a Magikarp that's gonna evolve into a Red Gyarados!"

"Well that sounds wonderful! You're going to have to show me sometime."

"I will. Talk to you later. Night grandpa."

"Goodnight Alice." Said her grandpa before she hung up her pokenav, rolled over, and went to sleep.
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“Oh shoot!” Amelia said, immediately remembering what all this training was for.

Her Pokémon learned quite a few moves, and Amelia was pretty sure that Bulbasaur oils take out Brock’s Pokémon pretty well, considering he was one of the weaker gym leaders.

“Alright guys, let’s get some sleep! We’ve got a big day tomorrow!”

With that, Amelia got to work pitching a tent.
"Mount Moon is definitely a hot spot for fossils, but I overheard one of the scientists back at the museum complain about some parts not arriving on time." Whistling into the air, Drake returned to his perch on Roxanne's outstretched arm. "If you ask me, I don't think they even have the capability to revive any fossils right now. Also, I have a particular Pokemon that can find just about anything if you want me to help out. I just have to get her from Professor Birch first."
After Amelia pitched her tent, she set a sleeping bag inside, and gathered some sticks and plucked some dry grass from nearby. She put them in a pile, and started rubbing some sticks together, but nothing happened. However, Hito was quick to help, snorting some flames onto the sticks and grass to get a good fire going. There Amelia sat, cuddling with her Pokemon, and inviting Hito to sit in her lap, which he happily did.
Finn quickly made his way to the pokemon center and picked got Char, Once he did he set out a sleeping bag on the grass.

"Okay, first gym badge acquired! Now for a good night's sleep!"

Finn settled down in his bed while Chu slept next to him and Char slept on top of him like a cat.

"Let's continue our adventure in the morning you guys."

He yawned and closed his eyes, he began snore but chu simply put his hand over Finns mouth and went to sleep.
After about ten or fifteen minutes of sitting by the fire and bonding with her Pokémon, with the addition of Hito, Amelia yawned and stretched out her arms. The sun was just starting to set, and the moon was peeking out over the trees of Viridian Forest behind them. A few stars twinkled, and Amelia yawned as she grabbed her backpack and changed into her pajamas (behind some bushes, of course). She came out in a blue, oversized shirt and blue pajama shorts. She was now barefoot, and her hair was out of its pony, looking very fluffy and messy. She crawled into her tent, seeing Elliot and his Pokémon already asleep.

Fushi and Transel waddled in, and Amelia waved Hito over, telling him it was okay for him to sleep inside with them. He waddled over with a smile, happy he was accepted but worried to mess it up. Amelia curled into her sleeping bag, using a white and blue plaid pillow to rest her head. Fushi waddled over and curled into a rested ball by her head, sleeping peacefully, and Transel happily went inside his Pokeball to retire for the night. Hito wasn’t sure where to go, so he waddled over to Amelia’s side and laid down a small ways away. Amelia, unintentionally in her deep slumber, threw a hand over Hito’s waist and pulled him in like a plush animal. She squeezed him a little, not tight, but enough to be comforting. Hito was shocked at first, before quickly flipping around to face her, cuddling into her stomach and chest. She squeezed him a bit unintentionally, smiling in her sleep. Hito smiled and curled in closer, keeping his tail close to himself as to not burn her.

With that, he peacefully fell into slumber.
"Well, thanks! Normaly I like to do these things the old fashioned way for a challenge. But we'll see. I might actualy use your help to speed things up." Rick said to Roxanne, after she offered to help him at finding a replacement for the now useless amber. "We were supposed to stay for just a few hours, and the person who brought me here can't wait indefinitely. So with this setback, I'm already exceeding, and I don't like making people wait." He explained.

Meanwhile, Iris walked over to the nearest tree and started delivering successive kicks to the trunk with her hind legs, causing some of the leafage to fall off and cover the soil. She tapped the improvised bed while looking at Rick, before laying on her belly with legs folded. "Anyways! I'm not making any kind of progress tonight, so... I guess Dream World is my next stop before Mount Moon tomorrow." He said, before walking to the mare, sitting down, and leaning on her, with arms crossed behind his nape. "And then to figure where the heck do I revive it, because it certainly won't be here." He muttered, with eyes already closed.
Amelia woke up with a loud yawn, the sun shining dimly through her tent. She noticed Hito cuddling into her nice and cozy, and she gently shook him awake. He stretched his tiny limbs with a yawn, and smiled at Amelia. Amelia woke up Fushi with a small kiss to the forehead and grabbed Transels Pokeball, offering it a small kiss as well. She quickly got dressed into the clothes she had been wearing before, undid her tent after allowing Elliot and his Pokémon to step out, and when everything was packed and ready she picked up Hito.

“Alright bud, wanna watch me battle the gym? Then we can figure out what to do?”

Hito nodded quickly, not wanting to leave quite yet. Fushi waddled up next to her and let out a chirrup.

“Alright! Boulder Badge, here we come!” Amelia shouted.
Alice woke up with a ray of sunlight hitting her straight in the eyes. Alice sat up before getting undressed and putting on her usual outfit. She looked over to her two balls of silk, before she pulled them away revealing two fossils, which still looked in good condition. She put the two fossils back in her bag before she tapped Cherry on the head who was still asleep on the pillow. "C'mon Cherry, wake up. It's morning." The Clauncher slowly opened its eyes before crawling onto Alice's arm and resting on her shoulder. "Alright! Let's see if we can revive these fossils!" said Alice before she packed up, thanked the Nurse, and walked out the pokemon center towards Pewter City.
It was early in the morning when Roxanne woke up and went for a jog around Pewter City. The cool morning air helped her body wake up faster as she carried on at a steady pace. Rounding a corner, she spotted Alice and decided to greet her. "Morning Alice! Any luck at Mt. Moon?"
Amelia took no time marching down to the Pewter Gym. Immediately upon walking in, she spotted Liam in the same spot as before. She quickly dashed up to him, stopping right in front of him and pointing at him.

“Battle me! I’ve gotten so much stronger!” Amelia shouted, a determine look on her face.

“Alright, you’re on! Geodude, let’s go!”

“Transel, have a go at it!”

And they officially started the battle.
Finn slightly opened his eyes expecting to see a clear blue sky, only to see yellow and brown stripes. Chu was sleeping on top of Finn's face sleeping like a baby. Finn picked up Chu and set him down next to him, Finn gave out a loud yawn and began to stretch.

"Okay, Time to start the day!"

Finn reached for his backpack to change into his casual clothing but quickly realized that he slept in them and forgot to change into his pajamas.

"That explains why I felt so uncomfortable last night."

Char handed Finn his goggles, Finn happily took them from Char and scratched under his chin, which made Char's tail wag. Finn stuff his sleeping bag back into his backpack and returned Char and Chu into their pokeballs.

"Okay, let's head on over to the museum for a little R&R."

Finn made his way towards the museum and spotted two girls who seemed to know each other.

"Good Morning, Ladies!"

Finn said he began to wave at the two.
Alice got to the edge of Pewter City, (while taking many looks at her Pokenav to make sure she was in the right place). She looked up as she saw one of the girls she met at Pewter Museum. "Actually, yes!" she said before digging through her backpack and pulling out two balls of silk. She pulled away some of the wrapping revealing the helix imprint on it before putting it back in her bag. "I actually got both a Helix Fossil and a Dome Fossil! It was a really lucky find. The only problem was there was this guy in all black with a red r on his chest that tried to take him. But Drilly and I were able to take care of it!" said Alice with a smile. "I was planning on taking these to Pewter Museum to see if I could resurrect them. Wanna come with me?" Alice turned her head as a boy with goggles waved over to them. "Good Morning!" she said in response with a wave of her own.
"Actually Alice, you may have to find another place to get those revived. Apparently they don't do that anymore because of Team Rocket." She quickly added. "At least, that's what Rick told me yesterday." Looking over to the boy greeting them, she decided to respond in kind. "Morning Finn! How was your gym battle?"
"The gym battle was awesome I got the Boulder badge yesterday. I was planning on heading towards the Museum, before heading towards the next route."

Finn quickly noticed the two fossils that Alice had and immediately started getting excited.

"You got two fossils, that's awesome! Wait, who the heck is team rocket?"


Previously SlicertheGallade890
The twins had awakened. A little later then they usually would, but still awoke. Edward got up and stretched a bit and Oliver brought Kerbecs out from his pokeball. “Alright bro. I’ll go catch up with Alice and you take your time.” Oliver spoke as he walked off. Edward rolled his eyes as he finished his morning stretch.

Oliver walked over to the small group, noting Alice with a couple more individuals. “Morning All.” Oliver spoke calmly as he adjusted his glasses. One Luxury Ball in hand as Kerbecs walked over. Oliver wanted to bring up a point after overhearing part of Roxanne’s conversation. “Alice. Do you think that guy we saw yesterday in Mt Moon was from Team rocket?” Oliver asked her curious if he was right in his prediction
"Aww. Guess I'm gonna have to wait for Nity and Toey." Said Alice looking down at her fossils now a bit sadder. "Hey Oli. I'm not sure, since I'm not sure what Team Rocket is, but I guess if you have a red R on your chest it might stand for Rocket. Also if I had just stolen a fossil resotration machine, then I would probably look for fossils too. Lemme check the NewsNav and see if thay have anything on it." Said Alice scrolling through a few apps on her Pokenav+. She pressed the news app, and it luckily happened to be playing. "-ful as there have been recent reports of a criminal organization called Team Rocket near Mount Moon. Multiple trainers have reported of trainers in all black attacking trainers and stealing their money, items, and pokemon. We ask that all trainers travel on groups, avoid traveling at night time, and if you see anything, report it to your local law enforcement. That's all, back to-" said the announcer before Alice closed her Nav. "Well, these Team Rocket guys sound like nothing but trouble." Said Alice pocketing her Nav. "I guess there's not much we can do about it now though. Alice looked over as the girl she met yesterday at the museum, Amelia, was entering the Pewter City gym. "Ooh, Amelia's challenging the gym! I wanna go watch, wanna come Oli?" Said Alice.
The morning sun raises. Rick yawns and stretches... just to lean back on Iris once again. After a while, however, the warm sunlight hitting on his face is suddenly cutRick opened one eye to see a woman in a blue uniform, standing in front of him with hands on her waist, whose shadow blocked the light. "Good morning." She said. Rick, now with both eyes wide open, glanced left and right before looking at the police officer. "Any problem?" He questioned. "I'm afraid so." The officer responded. Rick stood up before talking. "If it's because of these scattered leaves, don't worry. We can burn it all into compost and you won't even notice it." He said. Iris raised up on her feet soon after, small embers running from neck to rump as she shook up her body. "If only that was an issue." She replied.

Rick then tilted his head a little to notice the man in a lab coat. The same one from the museum who attended Rick the previous day. However, he wasn't given time to question his presense before the woman started talking. "I'll go straight to the point. We have suspicions that you're a member of Team Rocket". The officer explained in a high tone. Rick raised an eyebrow before speaking "And what is that, a soccer team?" He asked, with arms crossed. "Very funny." Said the officer, now with a more angry expression. "If you need a hint, read the sign post you were sleeping right next to." She added.

"Hey! I'm not a thief. And as a police officer your job is to open an investigation and gather all the evidences before making such bold accusations." Rick countered. The woman reached out to her satchel, never taking her eyes off the trainer. "Indeed!" She said, pulling out a picture. "That's exactly what we've been doing since you arrived." She added, showing it to Rick. The trainer leaned forward to look at the picture, which showed a male and female individuals in some uniforms. "Damn... I have to admit, they do know how to dress... except for that ugly hat." Rick commented. To much of his surprise, those outfits happened to be similar to his. So much to the point of even having the signature R in the middle.

In the situation he was in, that didn't help his cause. However, he still tried to keep his same composure. "So that's all you have against me? A black and white pic of some random clowns who decided to be copycats." He boldly stated. "That's what called our attention. And for a while, that was the only thing we had." The officer explained. As she did, the scientist that so far had stayed idle, also steped forward, opening up a small box which contained Rick's Old Amber. "Then you revealed this." Said the officer, as she grabed the fossil in her hand. "This type of amber is the rarest there is. The most common place to find them is in research facilities. And as you admited it yourself, it's not the first one you find." She added. "Now the question is: where did you get this?"

It now started to make sense what the questionaire on the last day at the museum was meant for. "And you think I stole it." Rick said, before replying. "I found that thing in a cave in Sinnoh. That crap is just a chunck of resin at this point, correct? Then why would a museum ever have it?" He rebuted. The officer put the amber back into the box as the scientist closed it. "But that's not all. There's also no registry of your entry in Kanto, nor do you have identification." She continued, ignoring Rick's question altogether. "And finally..." The officer paused to look at Iris, before finishing. "It is atypical for someone to have a pokémon constantly out of its pokéball, especialy these days." At this point, Iris narrowed her eyes as she started grunting at the woman. Rick grited his teeth and clenched his fists, thinking of what else he could say to get out of the situation.
"While you guys do that, I gotta make a call to Prof. Birch about sending me one of my other Pokemon." Just as she looked over at the Pokemon center, she saw Rick with a cop and a scientist questioning him. "Oh brother, Kelly is going to have a field day if she finds out about this." With that in mind, Roxanne made her way over to the trio. "Good morning Rick, officer and scientist that doesn't revive fossils anymore. What seems to be the problem here?"
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Finn wanted to watch Amelia's gym battle but he also wanted to know who professor birch was and followed close behind Roxanne. But stopped when he say Rick with a police officer and a scientist and immediately thought that Rick was being accused of something, he rushed over and started to defend Rick for whatever he might have done.

"Wait Officer, Rick has done nothing wrong! If anything he would probably only steal candy or something, I dunno."
Roxanne eventualy showed up in the middle of the commotion, asking what was that all about, while also giving a snarky comment to the scientist. Finn joined up soon after, trying to defend Rick. "Short answer, they think I'm part of some Team Rocket group." Rick said, with eyes closed and arms crossed. "And I don't eat candies..." He muttered.

The officer turned her attention to the other trainers. "Unfortunately for your friend here, there are too many factors playing against him." Said the officer to Finn. "That being said... there are also a few details that play into his favor." She added. Rick opened his eyes, raising an eyebrow to the woman. "For starters, your outfit looks mostly identical. But Team Rocket's outfit has a red R instead of a blue one. And the outfit is mostly black save for the white gloves and boots, which don't quite match." The officer explained, while scratching her chin and looking at Rick. "But the main thing is that Rocket grunts are known for being extremely hostile towards pokémon. They're nothing but tools for them. We haven't seen that kind of behavior from you, yet. And that Rapidash seems to like you a bit too much for a pokémon that has been either stolen or subdued." She continued.

At this point, and after hearing the pokémon exploitation part, and knowing who he had been compared to, Rick had had enough. "Let's cut this stolen pokémon theory already!" He shouted, pulling out a Luxury Ball from his belt and pointing it at Iris. "Here's her ball. Iris, return!" He said. The mare briefly looked at the device, then noded before the beam fired at her, bringing her inside. "It's not my fault that she doesn't like to be encased, and I respect that. She's free to go in and out whenever she pleases. There have been times where I wanted her to get in for her own safety, and guess what, she refused!" He explained. The mare jumped out of the ball shortly after. "The idea of being compared to people like that is absolutely disgusting." Rick said, now out of frustration. He then took a deep breath, before continuing. "My ID Card is on the boat that brough me in, and the person in it can also back up everything I've told you since I came here! Just let me get to Cerulean."
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Oliver nodded as he heard the news article play. “Figured as much. Seems Deimos, Tempo, and Xerxes might be involved in this fight as well.” Oliver commented basically revealing that he had three more Pokémon on his team. “I’ll join you in a minute Alice. I have to go and inform my brother about this.” Oliver spoke as at that moment Edward walked over

“Hey Alice.” Edward greeted as he was cut short by his brother. “There’s no time for greetings. Seems we may have a smaller version of Team Flare going on in this region.” Oliver commented as Edward got a slight bit serious. “What’s going on?” Edward asked with a serious tone.

“Team Rocket is what I assume to be an evil team similar to Flare back in Kalos. They out for peoples Pokémon, Money, and Items. What I assume to be a member nearly got the jump on Alice and I yesterday. I had to help her with Orion and use stone edge on one of his Pokémon.” Oliver explained and Edward nodded. “Seems your Team Mythos and my knights will all have to help against them eh?” Edward spoke a small bit. Not needing time to explain more in-depth. Oliver nodded quickly and turned back to Alice then back to his brother.

“Do you want to come with us to go and see a Gym battle?” Oliver spoke trying to break the tension. Edward took a deep breath and nodded. “Yes. It will give us time to talk about what to do with this imminent threat.” Edward spoke calmer as he turned to Alice. “That’s a yes from the both of us Alice.” Edward spoke to her.
"Morning Eddy!" said Alice with a wave. "Ok! Let's go give Amy all of the support we can!" said Alice giving a fist pump toward the air. She turned around motioning to the Pokemon Center. Cherry pulled her pigtail to lead her toward the gym. "Oops," said Alice before running towards the Pewter City Gym. She saw Amelia currently battling a Geodude with a green cocoon Pokemon as opposed to the yellow cocoon Alice caght. "Ooh! A new pokemon!" said Alice opening her sketchbook to a new page.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Oliver walked in with Alice and Edward followed slowly thereafter. Oliver put Kerbecs back in his pokeball but decided instead of bringing Orion out, to bring out either Tempo or Xerxes. Edward had Lancelot follow him inside as well. Waiting until after the battle to unveil his knights.

Oliver smiled a slight bit as Alice perked with curiosity about Amelia’s new Pokémon. So he decided to use this as a time for showing off Xerxes. “Hey Alice. I have three more Pokémon that I have yet to show you. So here’s one new one for your journal.” Oliver paused as he grabbed a great ball. “Come on out, Xerxes.” Oliver spoke as he opened the pokeball and his Luxray had appeared.
Finn began to scratch his chin as began to think about how many times he heard about team rocket today and Rick really seemed to hate being compared to someone like them. Since everything seem to have been cleared up here he decided to pat Rick on the shoulder.

"Since everything is going well here I'll leave the rest to you buddy. I'm gonna watch Amelia's gym battle, see you around rick!"

Finn made his way to the gym and opened the door to see multiple people watching Amelia's gym battle. He opened two of his pokeballs and let out both Char and Chu so that they can cheer on Amelia and he pokemon.
After hearing Rick's proposal, and thinking it for a few moments, the officer finaly responded. "Normaly I would arrest you for further interrogation. But we'll give you 24 hours to clear this up." Rick widened his eyes after hearing the conditions. "24 hours, really? That's how long it took me to get from Pallet to Pewter!" He exclaimed. The officer crossed her arms, before talking. "That Rapidash is yours, isn't it? I'm sure you can cross the entire region in less than that, if you don't waste time with other stuff. Cerulean is the next city anyways. The reason I'm giving you so much time is because you'll have to cross Mount Moon to get there." She explained.

"It is what it is. Anything else?" Rick then asked. "Yes, actually. In the meantime, I advice you to interact with the least amount of people as possible. In the end of the day, you're still a suspect, and I'm not taking any more risks than I'm already taking by letting you free and inform other Rocket members in disguise. Hiding in plain sight is something they're pretty good at." The officer warned after the explanations, before turning back and walk away, with the scientist in tow.

Rick took a deep breath when the two left, with a weird mix of relief and stress. Iris walked to him and gave him a nudge. "What a turn of events, huh?" He muttered, while petting her neck. "Sorry about the ball. It was the best I came up with to prove you were mine." He said, before the mare licked his face. For the first time of the day, Rick was casting a smile, even if it was just a faint one. "We'll get this all sorted out. Then we can focus on what we came for." He added, as both touched foreheads.
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"Hold up you guys, stupid tent...."

Elliot, after having a bit of trouble sleeping due to him and Ace having to yank the blanket from each other every 5 minutes last night was in a drowsy and annoyed mood, now having to pick the tent up and hoist it on his back, putting a yellow cap he had bought at a nearby convienience store on his head to shield him from his rays, dragging his feet, having arrived to the gym after getting lost with his heavy load, requiring directions to Amy, who had already started the battle, not even surprised, rolling his eyes in annoyance, not even choosing to interact with her, allowing her optimism to carry on.
In a short battle that only lasted a few minutes, Amelia came out victorious. Her Pokémon didn’t faint, although Transel was in semi-rough shape. But Amelia was quick to grab a potion from her bag and heal him up.

“Wow, you must’ve really trained up your Pokémon! They’re much stronger than when I last saw them, especially you Bulbasaur,” Liam said, Before spotting Hito right next to Amelia’s leg, looking around at the dry and rocky terrain of the gym.

“Oh! Have you caught yourself a Charmander?”

Amelia was taken slightly aback at first, as was Hito. Hito looked up at Amelia, who smiled at him.

“No, he’s not mine, I’m just watching him for a bit.”

Liam said nothing and just nodded.

“Whelp! Brock is waiting for you! Give him a good battle for me!”

Amelia smiled and pumped her fist in the air.

“Will do!”

She walked past Liam and up towards the platform Brock stood on.

“Alright, Brock! I’m ready to battle you!”
"You've shown that you know how to use moves efficiently, but how well do you and your Pokemon work together?" Brock asked.
"Well... I've only just started, and me and Mankey are forming a pretty good team so far!" Azure answered.
"But have you truly deepened your bond with him, or merely learned to work with his attitude?" Brock questioned Azure, knowing Mankey are known for being disobedient. "Show me in battle!"
Brock grabbed a Pokeball and prepared to throw it out. Azure already knew what Pokemon this was, but was he prepared to deal with it as well as he dealt with Liam's Geodude?
"Go, Onix!" The massive rock snake Azure had seen before popped out onto the battlefield and stood by Brock's side.
For the first time, Azure saw just how much power comes with being a Gym Leader. All he knew from back home was the Island Kahunas but this region has eight of them! He took a step forward and looked back. Mankey was still there, as he hadn't returned it to its ball between the two battles.
"Mankey, you know what to do!" It leaped out onto the field and faced the opponent.
"Onix, start off with a Tackle!" Brock shouted as the Onix launched off towards Mankey.
"Mankey, stay low and jump over its head!" The Mankey stood as low as possible, crouched in a position ready to jump as Onix approached.
"NOW!" It jumped and tried to get over Onix head, but its leg got hit as he slowed in mid-air.
"Now, Karate Chop downward!" Falling down, he prepared for a strike with its arm and slammed down onto the back of the Onix, hurting it somewhat.