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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

Amelia, upon just now noticing Azure had challenged Brock before she did, jumped back slightly shocked. She rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly, embarrassed that she had pounced right in. She quickly scooted off to the side, Fushi and Hito following her. She let out Transel as well, and together they sat down, observing the battle.

Amelia’s face was beet red as she watched the battle with an annoyed face, not at Azure or Brock, but directed more towards herself. Hito noticed this and crawled onto her lap, reaching up to feel her forehead for any type of fever. Amelia just chuckled at this, and scratched Hito on the head, while allowing Fushi and Transel to cuddle up and get some head pats too. She then sat happily, watching the battle with her healthy Pokémon, allowing them to take in more experience by watching Azure and Brock’s battling techniques.
"Wooh! Way to go Amy!" yelled Alice, jumping up and down as Amelia finished her first battle. Alice then noticed that Edward had sent out a new black lion like pokemon. "Hey Xerxes." she said patting it's mane. "Your fur is s soft! I need to get a drawing!" she said before turning her sketchbook page and starting to draw the general shape of the pokemon.
After a few moments of trying to absorb all that happened and calm himself, Rick walked over to the PokéCenter's entrance. Along the way, he couldn't not notice the few squint gazes that some people would cast at him. That officer really didn't try to be discreet with the accusations. "Okay... let me give Chris a call and put him on par with this mess, then we can move on." He said to Iris, which was casting the same kind of look at the other people. "That's something we'll need to get used to while we don't get there. Just ignore it." He told her while shruging. "I shouldn't take long." He said before entering the building.

Once he walked inside, he noticed the PC was already in use. Rather than sitting on the benches, he leaned back to the wall with arms crossed, while he waited for it get free. By itself that can already be tedious, but the waiting is made worse when you have a time limit to get into a city that you don't even know how far it is. All Rick was told was that it was the next city with a mountain in between, but he wasn't told how complex the cave system was. Probably on purpose.

Meanwhile on the outside, Iris was back at waiting for his trainer with nothing special to do. She was about to nibble on some short grass when she heard some pesky kids talking nearby. While Iris found children particularly annoying due to them always wanting to touch her when she was a cute Ponyta (who she punished accordingly), she would normaly just move to another place. In this case, however, what she heard was something she thought was worth punishing, too. "They finaly caught a Team Rocket grunt" Said one. "Ya, but they're letting him get away. Pewter Police is so incompetent by putting us at risk like that." Said the other.

Iris groaned, before casualy walking behind the first kid, with eyes closed tight and neck raised high. She was not happy for hearing some random pests speaking ill of her trainer. "Welp! With some luck he'll hopefully fall off a ladder or get attacked by Zubat." The first kid said, before laughing. The other one had already seen the mare and quickly turned tail and ran off, to much of his friend's surprise. "Huh? Hey! Where are you going?" The first kid called, not realizing he had an angry Rapidash right behind him until the mare snorted on his hair. Iris grabbed him by the shirt's collar, depositing him in the nearest trash bin where she thought he belonged. She then turned away and snorted, before walking to the nearest patch of grass... but not before puting the lid on top of it.
"Hello Roxanne, it's been a while!" Roxanne could not help but chuckle to herself at Professor Birch's jolly attitude before replying. "Yeah, it has been. Listen, I was wondering if you could send Storm over from the lab, I need her help finding fossils in Mt. Moon."
"Of course, she's your Pokemon after all!" With that, Professor Birch retrieved the PokeBall containing Storm and placed it on the teleporter. "Here she comes!"
It wasn't even a minute later when the ball reappeared on Roxanne's end. "I got her Professor!"
"That's good to hear. You be careful now!" With a wave of his hand, Professor Birch ended the call and Roxanne turned to leave when she saw Rick seemingly waiting for something. "Hey Rick, you need to make a phone call?"
Of the three people that were in line, Roxanne happened to be the first one, who was actualy using the storage system. As she turned off the call and picked up the newly withdrawn pokeball, she noticed Rick near the door as she was about to leave, and asked if he was also using the PC. "To the only person that can help me right now, yes. And I hope the next two people after you are just as quick in their calls as you were. The last fifteen minutes or so have drained all my patiente." He told her with a jaded expression.

Rick also took a glimpse at the pokeball Roxanne had in hand, reminding him of when she said she had a pokémon suited to find fossils. "Also, our little fossil hunt in Mount Moon is post-poned for the reasons you know. Not that it matters anyways, since I have no idea where to revive them." He said, shrugging. "And not to sound rude or trying to dispatch you... but it's not a good idea to talk to me until things get all sorted out. At this rate they might think you're also a Team Rocket grunt, with all the fossils you have." He added while looking away.
Roxanne could not help but sigh as she responded. "Seriously? Didn't you research the region at all?" Placing a hand on her forehead Roxanne continued. "Haven't you heard of Cinnabar Island?"
Leaving the conversation at that, Roxanne left Rick behind and decided to see how Amelia's gym battle was going. Upon entering the building, she couldn't help but notice the audience in the bleachers and figured it couldn't hurt to give some encouragement. "You can do it Amelia!"
With the match over, and after a few extra tips to the challenger, Brock turned his attentions to the trainers at the benches. "Attention all challengers! We're now taking a 15 minute break for our pokémon to recover. Take this opportunity to discuss your strategies based on the tactics you saw on the last matches." Said Brock, before calmly walking down his rock pedestal and out of the gym.

Meanwhile, in the Pokémon Center - "Ugh, finaly!" - The PC was finaly free for Rick to make his call. "Hope he's not taking a nap. It would be the worst time possible..." He muttered, as he walked to the PC and pulled out the phone to type the number.

"Rick? Thank goodness I get news from you! What the heck is taking you so long?" Said Chris, as his image showed up on the screen. "Let's say I've had a few... complications." Rick said in a weary tone and holding his head. "Well, lets skip to the important part. How's the Aerodactyl situation?" Chris asked, rubing his hands. "Pff... there is no Aerodactyl, Chris. There never was. Just a chunk of fossilized resine with no DNA to revive damn thing." Said Rick.

Brock entered the building soon after. "Hey nurse! Please revitalize my pokémon. Pewter's Gym is quite busy these two days." He asked, while putting his pokéball on the desk. The nurse smiled before grabing the ball. "Well of course mister Brock. They'll be back to full health in no time!" She said. "And uh... if you have some spare potions you could share with me, too..." He added, scratching his head and smiling. The nurse giggled before walking inside.

Chris made a surprised look before replying. "How does it not have DNA? I checked it when you brought it to me, and not only did it had enough DNA, it is also supposed to be a large specimen." He said. Rick sit back with arms crossed before replying. "Well, that's the information I got. I'm no expert on the matter, so I can't go into debates with them."

"Huh... that doesn't make any sense." Said chris, scratching his chin. "Bring me that Old Amber again and I'll make another examination." He added. "I can't. They think I stole the fossil." Rick said. "Wait, what?!" Chris exclaimed. "That's actualy the main reason I'm calling you. I'm being acused from being part of some Rocket group or whatever." Rick explained.

While waiting for the the nurse to come back with his pokémon back, Brock overheard Rick's call. Being the Gym Leader of the city, he needed to be on par with everything that happened in Pewter, especialy when Team Rocket was the subject. The nurse eventualy came back with Brock's pokémon. "Here, mister Brock. Your pokémon is ready." She said with a grin. "Thanks nurse. You're the best! By the way, what do you know about that guy over there." Brock asked to the nurse. "Oh. It's a man that arrived at Kanto not long ago. He came here with a rare fossil in hand and no identification, so rumours has it that he's from Team Rocket." She told Brock in a low tone. "Hmm... I see. Thanks! I'll see into it." He said. The nurse bowed to him before walking inside.

Chris sighed, while rubing his eyes. "Why am I not even surprised?" He muttered. "Well, there's no point crying over spoiled milk. Come to Cerulean anyways and we'll solve this mess. Then we'll think about the rest." He told Rick. "Yeah, if I don't have any more set backs. They only gave me 24 hours." Said Rick. "Well, Iris is good at running, isn't she? Don't tell me a Rapidash can't cover the distance in an hour or two." Said Chris, with a faint smile. "If you don't waste time looking for shiny things in Mount Moon, that is." He added.

Brock then left the Pokémon Center. He noticed the Rapidash grazing outside. Realizing she was being watched, Iris raised her head to look at the gym leader, and for a few moments, the two stared at each other, until Brock left her behind. Back at the gym, Brock approached Liam and whispered something to the trainer's ear. Liam nodded, before running off the gym. Brock returned to his stone pedestal and turned to the arena, before speaking. "Alright! The gym challenge will now continue. Next challenger, please come down to the arena!" He called.
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Amelia was quick to dash down after Brock announced the continuation of the gym challenge, her Pokémon and Hito following behind her.

“Ooh, me me me! I’m next!” Amelia said, jumping up and down at the other end of the battlefield.

Brock nodded, grasping his Pokéball with Geodude inside.

“Alright, the rules are simple,” Brock started with a smirk, “I’ll be allowed two Pokémon use, while the challenger is able to use as many as they have. Whoever has their team wiped out first is defeated. If the challenger wins, I shall reward them with a badge!”

After hearing the rules, and giving a nod to Amelia, she nodded back, having a serious look on her face - which did not happen often.

“Go, Geodude!” The Pokeball he had readied flew onto the field, and his first rock type popped out.

If I’ve calculated it correctly, Amelia thought to herself, Onix is the Pokémon I have to look out for most. By sending out Fushi, I’d have a type advantage, but he’d be weaker for fighting Onix. But if I send out Transel, I’m putting a big risk on him dying, because bug is weak to rock. Transel can’t take too much pressure, because he’s in the metamorphosis stage. However, if I hold him out long enough, it should give us enough time for him to evolve. Therefore, if he fainted, he wouldn’t die, and I’d be able to send out Fushi with much energy to finish it off. Alright…

Wasting no more time, she picked up her cocooned Pokémon, and tossed him onto the field. Brock was taken aback by this choice of Pokémon, but quickly regained back his aura of rock-solid confidence.

“Alright Transel, harden!”
Rick left the Center not long after Brock. "Alright girl, time to go. We can't wait for the others." He said to Iris, who walked to her trainer. However, Rick also noticed the trash bin shaking with some voices coming out of it, which is certainly not something you hear very often. He raised the lid to look inside and... "What the hell is a kid doing on the trash?" Rick called, looking at Iris. The mare just looked away as if she had nothing to do with it, to which Rick raised an eyebrow. "Hey! You're that Rocket Grunt!" The kid exclaimed. Rick casually put the lid back in. "Actualy, I think it's for the best for him to stay there." He commented before hoping on Iris.

As the mare cantered towards Route 3, Rick looked over his shoulder at the gym, where he knew the rest of the group was. He didn't like the idea of disapearing without saying anything, but given the situation he was at, he found it was better this way. Iris made an abrupt stop while Rick was distracted, resulting in the trainer being sent against the mare's neck. "What the..." He exclaimed, tilting his body to see a kid with arms spread in the middle of the route, blocking the city's exit. That kid happened to be Liam from the gym.

"So you're the guy rumoured to be from Team Rocket." He said, now with arms crossed. Rick couldn't help but sigh. "I've been building quite a reputation around this parts... what gives?" He asked, rubbing his eyes. Liam pulled out a pokeball and pointed it at the trainer. "Come on. Lets battle!" He told him with a smirk. "What? Why?" Rick asked in surprise. "As a Gym Trainer, my job is to make sure everyone who faces Brock is up for the task, or exclude them in advance otherwise." Liam explained.

Rick raised an eyebrow. "Really? Well then, you should go back to the gym where people who want to face Brock actualy go to. You're wasting your time with me, since I'm not interested in the gym challenge." He replied with arms crossed. "I'm afraid we don't have a choice. This is a challenge from Brock himself." Liam said.

Rick grited his teeth. "Ugh great... how do they even know all this?" He muttered. Focused on the call and with not much disposition for much else, he hadn't notice his call had been overheard by Brock, nor that the gym leader had come to the Center in the first place, so he couldn't guess the gym leader had something in store for him. Rick sighed and dismounted. "Fine! Lets get this over quick." He said to Liam, as Iris took a few steps forward. Liam nodded. "Be warned that I don't hold back, even with a type advantage over my opponent." He said. Rick smirked with arms crossed. "Good! I expect as much."
Transel was quick to coat itself in a tough, metal-like material to make its cocoon extra shiny and durable. Brock ordered Geodude to use tackle, taking slight pity on the trainer to start with. It was unlike him to hold back, but he wanted this matchup to last a while. He was becoming bored with fighting water and grass types (as trainers tended to have a good idea of which Pokémon are strong against rock) so this random Metapod thrown in was interesting to him. A good grind.

Geodude, however, was much more cocky than Brock, and lunged to tackle Transel without even aiming as to where he was going. The rock Pokémon zoomed right over Transel’s head, and almost socked Amelia in the face if she hadn’t ducked down in time.

“Geodude, control yourself!” Brock shouted to his slightly out of control partner.

Geodude came back quickly, slightly embarrassed from this mess up. He quickly regained confidence though, ready for Transel’s next move.

“Harden, again!”

This time, Transel put on an extra coating of tough metal-like material, giving his canción another shiny glisten. It’s shell was nearly three times as thick, and Amelia felt now was a good time to attack.

“Geodude, tackle!”

This time, Geodude flew straight toward Transel, hitting a rough part of his body. The shiny protective covering chipped away a slight bit, and Transel looked relatively unharmed.

“Transel, Bug Bite!”

Transel was slightly surprised by this move choice, yet launched at Geodude, securing a large chomp to one of its fists. How it did this with no mouth is beyond science, yet it happened anyway. Geodude was only slightly hurt, which was expected from a bug type move.


The boulder fell to the floor, curled into a perfect ball, and charged straight at Transel, chipping of the very top tip of the cocoon. The smallest of holes was there, and Amelia gaped.
While watching Amelia's battle with, two of Roxanne's PokeBalls opened up, releasing Drake and Storm, a female Luxray. The large feline quickly placed her front half on Roxanne's lap while Drake perched on her shoulder. "Ugh, I'm glad to see you too Storm."
Unable to do much else, Roxanne started petting Storm, eliciting a content purr from the electric type as she closed her eyes, obviously enjoying the attention. "I swear, I spoiled you too much as a Shinx."
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Liam tosses a pokeball, letting out his Geodude. "Go Geodude! Rock Throw!" He shouted. The Rock Pokémon picked two rocks from ground and tossed them at Iris, before picking up another pair. The mare made a small leap to the side to dodge the first pair of rocks, and while still standing on her front legs, she kicked the second pair into pieces.

Geodude was about to pick more projectiles when a stream of flames came out from Iris' tail. Surprised, Liam called out a new order. "Use Rapid Spin!" Geodude quickly droped the rocks and started spinning around fast, deflecting most of the flames away from his body as he flew towards Iris, which still had her back turned towards her opponent. As the Geodude got closer and within range, Rick called out an attack for the first time "High Horsepower!". Iris stood on her front legs again, pulled her hinds, and forcefully kicked the incoming Rock-type with both her hooves, sending the pokémon flying against a wall, unconscious. Liam gasped. "Alright, this guy is no push-over." He muttered, as he reached to a pokéball to return his fainted Geodude.

"Are we done?" Rick asked, with arms crossed.
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“Transel, Bug Bite again!”

Transel did as he was instructed and chewed off bits of Geodude. Geodude was instructed to recoil with another Rollout, which not only put a big crack in Transel’s cocoon, but made him tumble over, and lose a lot of health and stamina. Amelia gaped, debating what to do next when a bright blue light shone through the cracks of Transel. She gasped and bounced on her feet, happy that it had gone as she expected. Transel, with the bit of strength he had left, was free to break from its cocoon and unfold its crinkled wings, becoming a full-fledged Butterfree.

“Ah yeah!” Amelia couldn’t contain her excitement.

However, simply because he evolved, Transel still felt incredibly weak. He was heaving with every flap of his wings, and Amelia knew he wouldn’t last another hit. Deciding to play it safe for the sake of her Pokémon, she pulled out his Pokeball.

“Transel! Come back!” The Pokémon was sucked into his Pokeball with a flash of blue light.

She kissed the Pokeball and smiled at it.

“Amazing job, buddy!” She whispered to it, to which it wiggled in response.

Amelia knew what to do next, and looked to Fushi.

“Alright pal, let’s do this! Fushi, let’s go!”

Fushi was sent out, and Brock prepared his next move. Tackle was a safe bet, he assumed, because rock is weak to grass. So he sent Geodude on him with a tackle. Fushi was hit and sent back a bit. The tackle took force right on his forehead, causing a decent critical hit. Fushi was down a bit right off the bat.

Okay, just have to make Fushi last. It’ll be fine.

“Fushi, Vine Whip!”

A super effective vine whip was what it took for Geodude to crumble, and he fainted. He hadn’t touched the ground before Brock returned him to his Pokeball and grabbed the next one.

“Onix, let’s go!”

The rock-chained snake was bigger than Amelia could have ever imagined. However, she stilled her nerves and kept going.
Liam clenched a fist in front of him before replying. "No way! We're just getting started!" He then pulled out another pokéball. "Go, Sandshrew!" He shouted, as he sent out his second pokémon. "Use Rollout!" Liam ordered. Sandshrew curled into a ball and rolled towards Iris. The mare, now facing the opposing pokémon, reared up, and as the Sandshrew approached, she stomped down on the Mouse Pokémon, pinning him with her front hooves.

Liam grited his teeth. "Use Dig!" He ordered. Layed on his belly, the Sandshrew used his claws to dig underground, effectively freeing himself from his opponent. Soon after, he jumped out of the ground below Iris, headbutting the mare's underbelly. Iris winced and backpedaled a few steps away from the Mouse Pokémon. "Now use Fury Swipes!" Liam called. Sandshrew's claws glowed white as the small Ground-type lunged at Iris. The mare quickly responded by emanating a heat wave from her body. The Mouse Pokémon winced as he was pushed away. "Use Fissure!" Liam ordered. The Sandshrew made a small jump and dived, opening up a fissure on the ground towards Iris.

Iris jumped high, completely avoiding the opponent's attack. While in mid air, Rick issued a command. "Fire Blast!". A fireball was shot from Iris' mouth, turning into a start-shaped flame along the way. Liam issued an urgent call to his pokémon. "Hide underground, quick!" The Mouse Pokémon started digging as quickly as he could. While it may have singed the Sandhrew's tail a little, for the most part, he managed to avoid the attack. Iris landed after the Fire Blast, peeking at the hole left by Sandshrew. "Flamethrower!" Rick called. Iris launched a stream of flames from her mouth, into the hole. Liam gasped with a hand in his mouth.

When she stoped breathing fire, Iris scratched the hole a few times to open it up a bit, stuck her head inside, and grabed the fainted Sandshrew by the tail. She then walked to Liam with the pokémon in her mouth to deliver it to his trainer. "Umm... thanks, I guess?" Said Liam, as he reached out to hold his pokémon. Iris put the Sandshrew on the trainer's arms before walking away towards Rick.

"Well! You passed!" Liam said to Rick, as he returned Sandshrew to his pokéball. "Thanks! Then I guess I'll be going. Good bye!" Said Rick, as he walked away past Liam with Iris following behind. "Hey! The gym is the other way!" Said Liam. Rick stoped and sighed. "Listen kid. I have a lot a problems right now. Problems that won't be solved with some random battles." He said to the trainer, before continuing to walk. Liam smirked. "So you'll miss out on Brock's help. Got it! I'll let him know right away!"

Hearing that, Rick stoped again. "What did you say?" He asked. "You're too good for a Team Rocket grunt." Said Liam, to which Rick quickly responded. "That's because I'm not, god damnit!" He shouted. "That's exactly what Brock wants to see. A Gym Leader has a lot of influence, especialy one as renowned as Brock. You have nothing to lose unless you are one of them." Liam explained.

Rick went silent for a few moments, before walking up to Liam, with arms crossed. "Your persuasion skills are amazing... I'm in!" He said. Liam grined. "A wise choice. Turning down on Brock would convince him that you're part of that Rocket scum. Should we go back to the gym then?" Liam said, as he walked in front of Rick.
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A few moves were exchanged back and forth from the two trainers, and while Fushi had gotten in a considerable amount of damage, he was ultimately hit was a harsh tackle, and was barely holding on. The poor Bulbasaur was in bad shape, and Amelia looked at him in worry as he struggled to stay standing. Brock’s Onix was also panting heavily, holding onto the little heath he had. Amelia probably could have won at the expense of Fushi being knocked out. But just the thought of the pain he’d endure made her heart tighten. Her hand trembled as she reached for Fushi’s Pokeball. With a sigh, she held it up and returned her beloved grass type.

“Do you have anymore Pokémon, or do you choose to forfeit?” Brock asked, giving a slight smirk.

Amelia took in a deep breath, super embarrassed that she was losing in front of all her new friends. Her breath was shaky as she tried to hold back frustrated tears.

“I-” she started, before taking another deep breath.

Before Amelia could admit her defeat, Hito, who had been watching this whole time, grasped at her calf to grab her attention. He started talking to her in Pokéspeak and making various strong hand gestures, pointing to himself, flexing, and urging Amelia to put him in. She looked at him, asking him without words if this is what he wanted to do.

Without any hesitation to this silent question, he nodded.

“I’m not done yet!” Amelia shouts, suddenly filled with a burst of energy.

“Hito, let’s go!”

The Pokémon in question climbed up her back and made a gesture to crawl down her open arm and jump onto the battlefield in a dramatic flurry. Brock smirked, happy with the decision to keep the battle going.

“Onix, bind!”

Amelia’s breath hitched as she prepared herself. Before she could utter a word, Hito was being launched at by Onix. However, the moment Hito was about to be crushed between the rocks of Onix’s body, he jumped, easily crawling up the side of Onix to get to the top of the body. In an attempt to shake off the salamander, Onix started thrashing around. But Charmander latched on, scratching at Onix with every chance he got.

“H-Hito! Ember!”

With a final blow, Hito jumped up and aimed down, inhaling a large breath and shooting a burst of flames at Onix, covering its head entirely and charring it.

Amelia was utterly shocked. This Charmander, left by its harsh, unrelenting trainer, had so much power and potential. Before Onix hit the ground, Hito hit the ground gracefully, like a cat, and looked to Amelia, hoping she’d be proud of him. Oh how he longed to be helpful to someone, longed for someone to tell him he was good.

Amelia ran onto the battlefield, arms open wide and scooped up the Charmander without hesitation, spinning him around and cuddling him close.

“That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen! I’m so proud of you! Oh my gosh, I’m so proud!” Amelia said, squishing the happy Charmander.

Hito smiled, little tears pricking his eyes. He finally felt loved and appreciated. All he ever wanted.

Interrupting their moment, Brock waltzed up to Amelia and Hito, who was still being held like a small child.

“Good match! That Charmander of yours has some serious strength,” Brock smiled, nodding to them.

Amelia looked at Hito happily, and nodded.

“Yeah he does! And he’s going to get even stronger, I know it.”

Brock chuckled as Amelia nuzzled with Hito, giving him little kisses on top of his head.

“You’ve earned yourself a badge, young lady! The Boulder Badge, proof that you’ve beaten me. With that, any of your Pokémon up to level twenty will see your strength, and respect that.”

Amelia grinned as she was handed the grey, octagonal badge. It shined in the stadium lights.

“Sweet! Nice job, bud!” Amelia said, hugging Hito tightly again.
As they followed Liam back to the gym, Rick reached out to Iris. "I want you to store all the sunlight you can get, I'm afraid we might need it in just a bit." He whispered to his pokémon. Iris went ahead of the trainers, jumping to the gym's rocky rooftop, where she stood still gathering the sunlight. "That Rapidash is quite energic, isn't she?" Liam commented, though Rick didn't say a word. "Since I'm a nice guy, you wanna stop by the Center to do some preps?" The trainer asked. "Does she look like she needs it?" Answered Rick. Liam shrugged, as the two continued the walk towards the gym, whose door opened as the two approached. "Welcome back to Pewter's Gym. Brock will be happy to see you." Said Liam with a smirk as he entered. Rick didn't quite get if it was sarcastic or not, but he figured it didn't matter.

Rick took a few steps into the gym. Expecting what was to come already, he started looking at the whole area, especialy to the arena in the middle, which was mostly jagged rocks aside from a clear central path. "Damn, there's barely any room to maneuver." He muttered. Iris jumped down the roof soon after before she also entered. On the other side, Brock was sitting in a lotus pose in his stone pedestal as Liam talked to him to his ear, probably doing some kind of report.

"So... you came." Brock exclaimed. "You know the reason why you're here?" He asked, mostly rhetorically. Rick walked closer to the arena, with arms crossed. "I could guess the news came to you from the many people who've been talking crap about me in this city." Said Rick. "Actually, I initialy learned it from you." Brock told, while Rick raised an eyebrow. "I heard your call in the Pokémon Center, just before the last battle I just had. So I decided to dig a bit deeper into this matter." Brock explained. Rick frowned and grited teeth.

"You're suspect of being part of Team Rocket." Brock started, before pausing to look at the benches. "Seeing as there are a few young trainers in here starting their journeys, as a Gym Leader I feel the need of going into more detail. Team Rocket is a criminal organization especialy known for stealing, capturing, and exploiting pokémon for profit, as well as many other crimes like robery and funding of illegal projects. For a long time they've been little more than a nuisance, but from a few months back their activities grew considerably, especialy around Mount Moon, Cerulean, and Celadon." Brock explained.

Rick heard the full explanation without showing any expression. "Well thanks! I learned more from you in less than a minute than I did from the police in the entire day. So, you're gonna be my judge?" Rick asked. "I don't judge people based on rumours." Brock stated, before raising up. "Strength, will, and determination. Those who possess those traits can trully call themselves Pokémon Trainers, and deemed worthy of the Boulder Badge." He continued, as he walked down his pedestal. "I want you to show me those traits, Rick. The way you battle, and the bond with your pokémon, will give you away if you are a Rocket grunt. Until you show me what kind of trainer you really are, I won't even give you a chance to step out of Pewter." He said, grasping a pokéball.

After Brock ended his speech, Iris made a long jump into the arena, before she let out a defiant high pitch neigh at the gym leader. Brock huffed at the display. "Well, this Rapidash at least has determination." He muttered. The lower lighting of the gym gave away an unusual brightness on the Rapidash's coat that wasn't apparent on the outside, which Brock noticed. However, the gym leader made no comment about it.

"Well then. I guess we should get this over quickly, right?" Said Rick. Brock nodded. "That's something we agree with. Not so sure about it being quick, though, unless you're already expecting to lose." The gym leader stated, pointing a pokéball at Rick.
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"Oh my Rayquaza Amelia!" she said running up to her and her Charmander. "I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!" said Alice as Clauncher looked a tad confused due to the fact that she wasn't sitting. "Sooo many cool things happened during that battle! Transel even evolved the same way Drilly did! Wait a minute, you haven't seen Drilly since yesterday, lemme show ya!" said Alice before digging in her bag for a bit and tossing a Pokeball up before a wasp pokemon formed. "Bee-beedrill!" said Drilly before Alice gave Drilly a few pats on the head. "Anyway, what are you planning on doing next? If you're heading to Mount Moon, wanna come with Eddie, Ollie and me? The last time went in there alone, one of those Team Rocket guys attacked me."


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“Sure!” The twins commented as the two got up out of their seats. “Come along Xerxes.” Oliver called as the electric lion Pokémon walked beside his trainer. “Luxray lux!” Xerxes called to his trainer after Alice’s comment. “I wouldn’t mind. Means I can show the other three members of the team.” Oliver commented as he took his glasses down and cleaned them.

Edward nodded as well. “Yeah. I don’t really mind coming along. I have a couple of other Pokémon I can show as well.” Edward replied and got ready to go with Alice and Amelia.
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Hearing another Luxray, Storm stood up and looked to the source of the sound. "No Storm, this is not the place for what you're about to do!"
Just as Roxanne finished speaking, Storm pounced, aiming for the male Luxray. "Storm!"
As the giant rock snake was released into the field, Rick smirked. "I'm pretty sure it will." He muttered. The shimmer in Iris' coat started flowing towards her horn and gathering into a small light ball, as the mare pointed it at Onyx. Brock however didn't seem concerned. In fact, he was smirking as well.

"Use Solar-" Rick was issuing a command when he was interrupted by Brock. "Onyx, return!" The gym leader called, returning the snake back to its ball and quickly throwing another one already in hand, releasing Geodude. "Oh, you gotta be kidding me. This changes everything." Rick muttered. "I see you came prepared. But I saw that Solar Beam coming as soon as that Rapidash stepped into this arena." Brock commended, although Rick didn't seem very pleased about it. He was saving it for Onyx, and now he had the wrong target. "Hm... you have a good eye. Normaly she has some stored at all times for when we need it indoors." Rick told.

"You know, besides a gym leader I'm also a pokémon breeder, so spoting these small details are second nature to me." Brock explained. Iris had the concentrated energy ready to shoot, but with the unexpected switch, she was holding the attack until further notice from her trainer... assuming she would be able to hold it long enough. "So, Rick? Without a natural source, I'm afraid you can only use it once, and your Rapidash doesn't seem to be able to hold it much longer. The question now is: how you're gonna use it? No matter your choice, we're ready for it." Brock questioned.

"Well, I have one question for you." Rick said. "Hmm? What is it?" Brock asked. "Do you have insurance for damage caused by the pokémon's attacks to the gym?" Rick asked. Brock scratched the back of his head, kinda confused as to the reason of such seemingly random question. "Uh... well, of course we do. This is an Official League Gym." Brock confirmed. "Okay, cool! So use Solar Beam at the ceiling!" Rick shouted, pointing up. Before Brock could say anything about it, a bright beam of light was fired from Iris' horn, opening a big breach on the rocky ceiling, and consequently causing some debris to fall on Geodude, although the pokémon got barely phased by them.

Brock was staring up with open mouth before Liam intervened. "Hey! If you're really trying to prove you're not a Rocket, you're doing a terrible job if you think destroying property is the way to go!" Liam rebuked. "In my defense, I did ask before doing it." Rick replied with eyes closed and arms crossed. The young trainer grited teeth and groaned in annoyance. "Well, I do hope this is part of some strategy of yours that justifies it... and a good one." Brock stated. "In your current situation, adding another wrongdoing certainly won't help your case, if the rumours hold true." He added. Rick quickly replied. "We're still fighting, right?"

Brock nodded. "Sure! Let's get to what's important! Use Rollout!" Brock commanded, punching the air. "That move again?" Rick muttered. Geodude curled into a ball and dropped to the floor before it started spinning towards Iris, who waited with legs splayed for the Rock-type to approach. The Geodude seemed to be more skilled using it than Liam's Sandshrew, though. It was going into a zig-zag pattern rather than a straight line. Iris reared up and proceeded to stomp on the opponent. However, her hooves only hit dirt as the Geodude veered.

"Low Kick!" Rick called. Iris sweeps one of her hind legs, hitting the Rock-type as it was about to hit that same limb and causing the Geodude to fly up, which Brock took advantage of. "Now use Brick Break!" He ordered. The Geodude uncurled with an arm raised, and using the downward momentum, he tried to strike down on the mare's back. With no time for a counter-attack, Iris dashed forward, avoiding Geodude's attack, which struck the ground. Brock gasped briefly before he issued another command. "Rock Throw, quick!". The Geodude picked up some chunks of rock resultant from his Brick Break and threw them at Iris. The mare reared and struck both rocks with her front hooves, shattering them.

At this point, Brock paused for a bit. "She's barely receiving any commands, and still..." He thought. "Hey, is there any problem? You were going pretty hard just now." Rick called, snapping the gym leader out of his thoughts. "Not at all! Let's see if you can get out of this one. Double Team!" Brock ordered to his pokémon. Geodude started making several illusory copies of itself. Holding hands, these formed into a circle surrounding Iris, before they started spinning around her. The mare released a heat wave from her body, breaking all the illusions and revealing the real Geodude behind her. Brock raised an arm covering his face. "High Horsepower!" Rick shouted. Iris stood on her front legs and pulled back her hinds before delivering a forceful kick to the Rock-type, sending it flying towards Brock. "Watch out!" Rick shouted a warning call at Brock, who ducked as his Geodude passed over his head and ended against the gym leader's stone pedestal.

"Hmm... I honestly didn't expect you to have an issue against Geodude." Brock commented, as he returned his fainted pokémon to its ball.
"Your pokémon seems very capable on its own without instructions." Brock stated. "When you spend so much time in wild areas, too much stuff can happen too quickly to wait for a command, so your pokémon learn how to adapt and act independently when needed. And after many years of field training, she became pretty good at it." Rick explained. "Of course, she will follow my instructions regardless. I just don't have to be constantly telling her what to do while I'm thinking on our next move." He added.

Brock scratched his chin. "So you have a different method of training. I actualy like that!" The gym leader smiled, grasping a second pokéball and pointing it at Rick. "Well, let's see if those skills you've aquired on the field will pay off at the end. Onyx, lets go!" He said, tossing the ball and releasing a giant rock snake onto the field. "The real battle starts now, Rick. Come at me with everything you've got." Brock said, before grasping his shirt and vest and throwing them away. "Because I'm not holding anything back!" The gym leader exclaimed, crossing his arms in front of his chest as Onyx let out a roar towards Rick and Iris.
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Xerxes noted the incoming Luxray and prepared itself. Oliver turned around in time to see the incoming Luxray, which was named storm. “Xerxes, Brace yourself.” Oliver told his Luxray as Xerxes prepared itself for the incoming attack. At least, that was what Xerxes had thought. In moments, Oliver called Orion out again and had it ready to attack the incoming Luxray.
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"STORM!" Roxanne jumped from the bleachers, tackling Storm and pinning her to the ground. While she was struggling to get back up, Roxanne started scratching her belly. Going limp, as she enjoyed the attention, Storm quickly forgot about the male Luxray as she lay there.
Looking up, Roxanne quickly apologized. Again. "Sorry guys, Storm's ability is Rivalry and she likes to assert dominance over her male counterparts in spite of it."
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Amelia nodded quickly, before opening her backpack flap and clipping her boulder badge on the inside.

“I’d love to go to Mount Moon! I haven’t been yet, and it’s the next place on my map,” she said, whipping out her red Pokédex. Hito kept clinging to Amelia like a child does a mother and Amelia decided she would be the Charmander’s trainer until he wished otherwise.

Amelia smiled and looked to Alice.

“Should we go now, or..?”


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Oliver sighed a bit whenever Roxanne managed to calm down her Luxray. Grabbing Xerxes’ pokeball, he tapped the pokeball on His forehead and he went back in. “Not a problem.” Oliver spoke calmly. “Understandable with a Pokémon of that ability to be defensive.” Oliver commented as he heard Amelia’s comments. “Alright well. I’m ready to go.” Oliver paused as he turned to Roxanne and asked her. “You wanna come with us?” Oliver asked as he then turned to Edward. “What about you brother of mine. Are you ready?” Oliver asked as Edward smiled.

“Of course. But first.” Edward reached into his bag and grabbed a great ball. “Come on out Excalibur.” Edward called as the great balled opened and a Aegislash appeared in his shield form. “I’m ready. Whenever you two are set to go. We’ll follow along.” Edward spoke to Alice and Amelia.
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"I wouldn't call Storm's behavior defensive so much as competitive." Roxanne replied. "And if you're alright with me coming along, then sure!"
Before getting back to her feet Roxanne gave her Luxray a warning. "You better behave yourself or I will personally give you an actual bath with soap and water later." Upon hearing this, Storm stood up and rubbed against Roxanne while purring, as though she was telling her not to be upset and that she will be good.
"I was actually planning to go to Cerulean City anyway so I can meet up with my sister who's taking the gym challenge."
"We all agree then! Full speed ahead to Mount Moon!" said Alice before taking the lead and marching out of the Pewter City gym. Unfortunately, Alice was walking right towards Route 2 before Drilly caught her hood and pointed in the right direction. "Oops! That was silly of me," she said scratching the back of her head embarrassed. "Full spread ahead again!" said Alice in the correct direction. Alice walked for a few minutes before a question popped into her head. "Eddie, Ollie, you two have some pretty strong pokemon, and you already have gone on an adventure in the Kalos region. What brings you to a place like Kanto?"


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Edward was a bit stunned when Alice asked the question of what brought him and Oliver to Kanto. Unsure of what to say next, he turned to Oliver. Oliver nodded and Edward cleared his throat. “W-Well. When I was fifteen, I started doing Trainer PR videos. I wanted to travel to see the environments.” Edward paused as he got flustered. “A-And to see if anyone k-knew me from my trainer videos.” Edward finished as he looked at the ground a little bit as he walked.

“Well, let’s go.” Oliver spoke to Roxanne a slight bit excited. Hearing the question from Alice, Oliver was going to speak first, but he noted that Edward was going to explain why for him; however, he noted that he was hesitant. He helped Edward get the confidence to explain why he traveled. After Edward finished, Oliver went next. “I came along because I wanted to see unique Pokémon in each region. That’s also why I captured Orion was because of his uniqueness.” Oliver explained to Alice.
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Amelia gripped her backpack straps as she walked along, Hito on her shoulder.

“Haha, nice!” She said with a chuckle. “I’ve lived here my whole life, but I never really went anywhere other than my farm. But I keep up with the news from other towns here! Kanto is awesome, it’s got lots of things to do!”

Hito peeped in Amelia’s backpack and looked at the Pokeballs she had, including the ones that currently held Fushi and Transel. He picked up an empty one he liked and simply held onto it for a while.
Upon hearing Amelia mention living on a farm, Roxanne sighed with relief. "Thank goodness I'm not the only farm girl here!" Looking at the others, she continued. "I grew up raising Numel and Camerupt with my family back in Fallarbor Town. How about you Amelia?"
"Well for as long as I can remember I was in Slateport. When I wasn't fishing on the beach I'd either be watching the local pokemon contests, helping some of the people at the market or helping take care of Grandpa's Pokemon. Swampy's an old guy now, and so are Pepper and Whisca. But, they all are so nice. Well except Crawdy." said Alice as she shivered a bit. "Anyway, I really wanted to leave the Hoenn region, and Kanto was the closest." said Alice walking for a bit. "Wait a minute, you raised Numel, Amelia? I always thought they looked so funny with their dopey expression," said Alice giggling to herself.
"Alice, pardon me for saying this, but I think you got some wires crossed. I'm Roxanne, Amelia's over there." Facepalming, Roxanne explained. "I was asking what sort of farm she was living on. Though I will agree that their dopey expression does make them look funny. At least, until they stampede."
For once since the battle started for real, Rick's expression changed from one of indiference to one of surprise. "So, you were just playing so far?" Rick asked. "Not playing. I always save the best for last. You could say I was testing the waters." Brock replied. Iris adopted a fighting stance, with her her legs splayed in anticipation for Onix's attack. "Well then... lets break some rocks." Said Rick. Brock grined, before sending his first move.

"Go Onix! Use Head Smash!" He ordered, punching the air. The rock snake launched itself head first at Iris. The mare made a small leap to the side, and while standing on her front legs, kicked Onix's head with her hinds as the snake was pulling out its head from the ground. She then started running to the opposite side of the field to gain some distance. This was also when Rick learned that Onix's head (and body in general) can rotate 360º, so effectively no blindspots that could be exploited despite the big size.

"Use Rock Blast!" Brock shouted. Onix opened his mouth, firing off some boulders from it at Iris. The first two she simply dodged as she was running, and the next ones she was gonna try to break with her hind hooves like she had done before. But unlike Geodude's projectiles, these were bigger and faster. So as soon as the first boulder made contact with her hooves, while it did shatter, the impact was enough to flip her over. The next one hit her fair and square, eliciting a whinny of pain and knocking her on her side. One final rock was shot at Iris while she was still down.

"Protect!" Rick shouted with an urgent tone. The mare only had time to raise her head and point her horn at the incoming projectile, generating a forcefield in front of her. The boulder desintegrated upon contact. "Seems like your method has a weakness, as it opens up room for your pokémon to make mistakes, not just the trainer." Brock stated. "Yeah, we all make mistakes. And we learn with them and get through them." Said Rick. Brock smiled "Indeed. So long as those mistakes aren't too many that she can't take them anymore."

"Don't worry, she doesn't make the same mistake twice." Rick replied, while Iris was getting back on her feet, somewhat clumsily until she regained composure. The forcefield faded moments after. "So, now is my turn. Drill Run!" He ordered. Iris' horn cloaked with a spiraling light as she started running towards Onix. "Use Slam!" Brock commanded in response. Onix raised its tail and brought it down on Iris. The mare made a small leap to the side to avoid it, then jumped onto it and started running along Onix's body before lunging at the snake's head and hitting it at the lower jaw.

Onix crashed on the ground, while Iris landed next to it, though she wasn't given much time to catch a break. "Let's slow things down. Use bulldoze!" Brock ordered. Onix burried underground, and soon after, the arena started shaking and cracking. "Iris! Off the ground!" Rick shouted. Iris made a high jump (at least as high as the building would allow) to avoid the shockwave. However, it didn't do any good for what would be Brock's next move. "Use Smack Down!". Onix surfaced and fired a rock from its mouth at Iris, who had no way to dodge while in midair. The boulder hit her on the gut, sending her plummeting to the ground. And Brock wasn't finished just yet. "Now use Slam!" He shouted right after. While Iris was still regaining her senses after the last blow, Onix slamed the mare's flank with its tail, sending her against one of the larger boulders on the field, which also crumbled on top of her with the impact. "Iris!" Rick called with concern as the mare got buried beneath the rocks.
“Numel! Those aren’t even native to Kanto, I’ve never seen one! Are they super cool? Are they cute?” Amelia had to stop herself from going on and on, before recalling what the question was.

“Anyways, my dad has two Tauros! I named one Kenta. They help him plow the fields, ‘cause we supply a lot of Kanto’s produce.”

As if on cue, Hito pulled an apple from Amelia’s bag, showing it off as if he knew about it.
"Between the two, I'd say Numel are more on the cute side of the spectrum. Not to mention being a little bit taller than I am." As she spoke, Roxanne pulled a photo album out of her bag and leafed through the pages until she found what she was looking for. Showing it to the others, but mostly Amelia, she explained. "Here's a picture of my parents, Kelly and I with a couple of the ones we raised a few years back."
Everything went silent as the cloud of dust settled. It wasn't clear if the Rapidash was still conscious under the pile of rocks. Meanwhile, Rick looked up at the ceiling, whose breach Iris had opened before allowed the sunlight to get through. His looks of concern soon gave way to a faint smile. "Hey Brock! Should I declare the winner?" Liam asked. Brock didn't give an immediate response to the trainer. The gym leader noticed a faint glow coming from the pile of rocks. "No." He replied, to much of Liam's surprise, while slowly raising his eyes towards the broken ceiling. "She endured it." Brock added. Soon after, a bright beam of light came out from the pile of rocks and swept the arena, clearing most of the larger obstacles. "Dodge it!" Brock shouted. Onix partialy burried its body, barely avoiding the beam.

When the energy faded, it was now visible that Iris was still standing. Moreover, she seemed to have restored some energy. Brock also noticed some of her previous wounds had healed. "That Solar Beam from before..." He muttered, before turning to Rick. "This is what you had planned from the start?" Brock questioned. "I would've opted for a Sunny Day. But I'm afraid you would stall it. This was a more reliable option, even if it takes longer to charge." He explained. "So Solar Beam isn't the only solar-powered move she knows." Brock stated, scratching his chin. "I'm sure you've figured it by now, but she also knows Morning Sun. And she knows one more. Want me to show you?" Rick asked, smirking. Brock nodded, also smiling. "Of course! But don't expect me to just sit down and wait for it!" He replied.

Iris started absorbing the sunlight for another attack. However, the gym leader was now well aware. "Onix, Rock Blast! Don't let her stay on that spot!" Brock ordered. Iris left its sunny spot and started running across the arena. With the field now clear of obstacles, she had plenty of room to maneuver compared to the original rugged terrain. However, while she was running, she also wasn't absorbing power. Rick waited for Onix to stop its barrage before sending a command. "Use Fire Spin!" He shouted. Iris started running closer to Onix and started circling the rock snake, leaving behind a trail of flames in her path which grew taller with each pass. She made a few laps to build up the fiery vortex until she finaly left the circle.

Brock covered his face from the heat as he ordered his next move. "Well played! Now check this out! Use Twister!" Brock ordered. Onix lied to the ground into a circle, then started spinning rapidly, whiping up a whirlwind and dissipating the fiery vortex. However, while Onix was busy trying to free itself from its fiery prison, Iris was given enough time to fully charge her move. Brock gasped as he saw a bright beam of light formed at the mare's horn, though not quite like Solar Beam, this was more like an energy blade. "Go, Iris! Use Solar Blade!" Rick shouted. Iris jumped to the air before Brock issued an urgent call to his pokémon. "Smack Down!" He shouted. Onix fired a rock from its mouth. Iris swinged down her blade at Onix, while also desintegrating the incoming projectile in the proccess. Iris landed, and after a bright flash, Onix collapsed to the ground.
Amelia squealed upon seeing the Numel, bouncing back and forth on her feet giddily.

“Aww! It’s so cute! I love it!” She said, Hito trying to stay balanced on her shoulder.

She tried to calm herself down by taking a deep breath, before continuing.

“Anyways, do you think we’re almost to Mount Moon?” She asked, looking ahead at the towering mountain.
Finn began to make his way towards Mount moon with a wide grin on his face, excited about the battles to come and the people he'll meet. Chu and Char followed close behind him walking on their hind legs. Finn looked towards the mountain and began to get giddy with excitement.

"Once we make it to cerulean city we should be able to get our second gym badge, but it would be nice to get a couple more members on our team before hand." Finn said as he put his finger to the temple of his head.

Finn saw Amelia and waved at her happily, while running towards her. "Hey, Amelia, do you remember me? I'm Finn!"
Iris turned back once it was clear that Onix was down for the count, walking towards her trainer with her head drooped from tiredness. "Come here, girl!" Rick said, reaching out his arms. "Very nice job out there!" He praised, petting on her neck while holding her head up. He then reached out to his beltpocket, taking out an Oran Berry from inside. "Here. I was saving one for later, but I guess you deserve it more than me." He told her. The mare munched on the berry before licking Rick's face.

Meanwhile, Brock returned Onix to its ball and walked up towards Rick. "Rick!" He called. "I asked you to show me all you've got, and you delivered. Congratulations!" Brock said, reaching out an arm for a shake. Rick looked at the gym leader's hand for a second before shaking. "Huh... thanks. What about me being a Rocket member though?" Brock smiled before replying. "I have a hard time believing that someone of your caliber would ever be part of such a group. Your method of training requires you and your pokémon to be in sync at all times. Team Rocket can't even control some of their pokémon, let alone work together." He explained. "Besides, if you were a criminal, you should've just run away instead of facing me, but you chose to come here anyways." He added.

The gym leader then reached out to his pocket and took out a Boulder Badge. "As proof of defeating a gym leader." Brock said, offering the badge to Rick. "With all due respect, Brock, I'm not really interested in the gym challenge. I'm much more interested in adventuring and exploration." Rick explained. "Well, that's a shame. With your skills you should be able to qualify for the Pokémon League. But I still want you to take the badge anyways as a sign of my acknowledgment of your skills." Brock stated. Rick took the badge from Brock's hand. Both he and Iris stared at it for a second. "Well, thanks! I have to admit, despite not being a big fan of these arena matches, this one might have been my best one so far." He said. "I wish you luck on your endeavors. Although I doubt you'll need it." Brock said, as both trainers shook hands again before Rick and Iris left the building.


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Oliver decided that now was the time for him and Edward to show off their Pokémon. At least, the rest of what the others haven’t seen. “Hey Alice. I have a couple more Pokémon to show you.” Oliver spoke as he pulled two other pokeballs out of his bag. “Alright, here are Tempo and Deimos.” Oliver spoke as he opened the two Pokeballs.

Tempo was revealed to be a Kricketune and Deimos was revealed to be a Scizor. Oliver nudged Edward’s arm with his arm. “Oh! Yeah and I have three more for you.” Edward spoke as he grabbed one pokeball at a time. Opening one at a time. The first one was Galahad, his Escavilier. Followed up by Excalibur, his Aegislash. Then to finish, Bedivier, a Beedrill was revealed. “Oh! She has one of her own bro.” Oliver commented with a smile
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"I'd bring all of mine out but, I'm pretty sure you've been acquainted with them yesterday. All my other Pokemon are in Hoenn with Professor Birch." As she spoke, something occurred to Roxanne. "Oh crap. I'm gonna have to let Panzer out once we get to the mountain."
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