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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

Amelia giggled.

“Hi, I’m Amelia. My dream is to catch every Pokémon ever! Even the legendary ones!” Amelia said grinning widely.

Hito pat hee head, messing with her fluffy blonde hair. He was like a bored baby.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward smiled at the reply from Kelly. “Yeah. That is kind of my motif. I became known through my videos. I still do make videos, they are almost like a…oh. How do I put this. Second Nature.” Edward commented as he saw the Camerupt Vulcan and heard what Kelly said about her family. “Lancelot was my my first Pokémon. My parents gave me a ralts who would eventually become my partner.” Edward spoke as Lancelot walked towards his trainer. “We hold an iron bond between us.” Edward explained as him and Lancelot first bumped. “Then my parents gave my twin brother a Houndour. Who would eventually become his Partner Pokémon, Kerbecs the Houndoom. His team is based around Mythology.” Edward explained to Kelly.

What really intrigued Edward was the greeting of Amelia and her goals. “That is quite the feat to accomplish. I recommend keeping a close bond with your Pokémon. That is what’ll help you be a great Trainer.” Edward had gave Amelia some advice. “I believe you already know that though. I was with Alice when we saw your fight against Brock. You did really well for your first gym battle.” Edward commented as he put Excalibur back into his pokeball.
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"You should've seen Vulcan's father, Goliath. Not only is he humongous, he's actually the leader of the herd and a shiny." Upon hearing Edward mention the gym battle, Kelly turned to Amelia. "Amelia, you're taking the gym challenge too?"
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Amelia nodded quickly.

“Yeah! Not only do I want to catch every Pokémon, but I want to challenge them, as well as myself! We can get stronger if we battle gyms!” She said happily, grinning and pumping a fist.

She then switched quickly, scratching her cheek a bit.

“Although, it’s not my main goal, I still want to do my best.”
Alice followed the semi-large group out of Mount Moon. "Whew. It looks like we got out ok. I think I can see the city from here! Let's go-OH!" said Alice before tripping over one of the ledges and rolling for a bit before immediately righting herself and standing back up over a group of fire pokemon. "Woah! That's a Ponyta, a Combusken, and a Camerupt, and I don't even know what those two are!" Said Alice with her voice filled with neverending whimsy. "Me, I'm not sure what I want to do traveling through Kanto. I just know I wanna meet a whole bunch of people and make a whole bunch of friends with pokemon, especially water types!" said Alice as the launcher on her shoulder nodded and Karpy bounced a bit behind her.
Rick walked through a lengthy, and somewhat narrow pathway, before he reached a new ladder going up. He spoted a few Zubats along the way, perched in the ceiling, but they didn't jump him like the first ones did. Maybe the lower lighting compared to the higher floor made them less irritable? Either way, Rick went down the ladder to reach what could be described as a small room. "Meh... dead end. This is a developed cave, who thought about this layout?" He said to himself. He then spoted a small, dark rock, different from the others, on the floor. He grabed it, and upon close inspection he realized it was a Moon Stone. "Huh... neat. Guess I could make some profit out of it." He said. He was about to put the stone in his belt pocket, when a male voice talked to him from behind. "I wouldn't be so sure."

Upon hearing this, Rick took a side glance over his shoulder, before fully turning to the man. "I must say... I like your style. Save for the cap." Rick said, with a bit of sarcasm. The man, wearing a mostly black outfit with a big red R on his shirt, gave out a smirk before replying. "Heh... thanks. Yours isn't bad either. And since we're having such a good start, why not making this easy and hand over that Moon Stone?" The man said. Rick huffed. "Hmph... and here I thought we could get along. So disapointing." He said, with arms crossed and eyes closed. Based on the information and the picture he had been shown in Pewter, he knew this was the infamous Team Rocket. He walked to the grunt, with the Moon Stone in hand. "You want this? Here, take it!" Rick tossed the stone up into the air. As the grunt looked up, Rick sweeped his legs and triped him over, grabing the Moon Stone and running towards the ladder. "Don't keep your eyes on the prize until it's yours!" He said, before climbing up. "Why you... get back here!" The grunt shouted as he got up to run after the trainer.

Meanwhile, on Iris' side, things weren't much different. She spoted a ladder leading down to a pathway, just the same as her trainer (not that she used the ladder itself). Except the pathway she got was a much shorter one. Other than that, she also reached a dead end. Or at least it would've been a dead end, for a human. There was an upper level on this floor that she could jump to. While she was focused looking up, a whip wraped around her neck. She gasped briefly and pulled a few times before another Rocket grunt speaked. "Heh! Might not be a fossil, but a fully evolved pokémon means profit regardless." He said. The mare stared at the grunt for a second, before biting and forcefuly pulling the whip's string, along with the grunt, who met Iris' hooves for not letting go the handle.

After the whip unwrapped itself from her neck, she leaped back, and let out a high pitch whinny that echoed through the cave as a form of alarm. The commotion also alerted yet another grunt that was on the upper level of the floor, who looked down to check. "What the crud is happening down there?" He asked. Almost as soon as Iris spotted him, she fired off a stream of flames from her mane up towards the grunt, who barely had time to dive away. As the grunt who attacked her first started to get up, the mare jumped to the upper level, then dashed to the nearby ladder and headed towards the first floor. The two grunts climbed up the ladders to give chase.
"Uh, actually, Rocky is a Blaziken while the other two are an Infernape and female Pyroar. I'm Kelly Stone by the way." Correcting the new girl while also introducing herself, Kelly continued. "As for me, I'm looking to become a Fire type gym leader in the future."

"Kelly, is that you?!" Having reached the mouth of the cave, Roxanne called out to her twin sister.
"What took you so long Sis?" Kelly asked playfully. "Trouble with Brock?"
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Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward was surprised at what Kelly had said. “Wait. Roxanne, Kelly is your sister?” Edward asked surprised. Lancelot looked just as perplexed as his trainer. Galland meanwhile was looking away, his arms crossed. “Well. That is a surprise.” Edward commented as his brother came over.

“Making more friends eh Ed?” Oliver jokingly called as he walked over to his brother. “Yes brother. I am, what about it?” Edward questioned jokingly as Oliver introduced himself. “I’m Oliver Camphier, Edward’s twin brother. And this is my partner Pokémon Kerbecs.” Oliver introduced himself and Kerbecs the Houndoom.
(@Draco Nightshade )
"Yeah, we may not look it, but we're twins." As Roxanne finished explaining, Storm and Panzer popped out of their PokeBalls, greeting Leia and Vulcan respectively. The Luxray and Pyroar playfully wrestling each other while the Aggron and Camerupt touched foreheads.
"Oh brother." With a deep sigh, Roxanne continued. "And yes, Kelly, I did have a hard time, no thanks to you."

"I was just messing with you Sis!" Acting all offended, Kelly continued. "And since when did you get to know Edward Camphier?"

"Does it really matter?" Noticing Alice head over to Cerulean City. "We'll be left behind if we don't get a move on."
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"You're lagging!" Rick mocked the grunt that was chasing him. "I swear, punk! Once I get my hands on you, I will..." The grunt shouted in annoyance, before his complaint being cut short by Rick again. "You have plenty of time to think about what you'll do to me, at this rate. Give me a call once you're at the first floor. Number is 911." He said, before climbing the last ladder. However, even though the grunt was having a pretty bad time with Rick, the one that went after Iris was in a much worse position. Not only was he completely out of his league in the speed department, the mare would ocasionaly force the grunt to show his dodging skills by shooting flames at him. Iris was the first to reach the meeting point. As Rick's head sticked above the floor, she pulled the trainer up by the shirt's collar. "Hey girl! You seem to be having a lot of fun. Mind sharing with me?" Rick said, pating on her neck.

After a few setbacks, the three grunts eventualy caught up. Iris was nowhere to be seen. Only Rick, waiting for them with arms crossed. "Hey guys! Took you a while to get here. What happened?" He said with a sarcastic tone. "The horse is yours, isn't it? How dare you making fun of us like this?" Said one of the grunts, griting his teeth. Rick started grinning, which just made the grunts even more angry. "What's so funny? I don't think you realize how bad of a position you're in right now!"

Then, a ring of fire started forming around the group, as Iris showed up running in circles. The grunts turned back to back to look at all sides, now showing concern as they found themselves enclosed in a wide, fiery vortex. "Since I was accused of being part of your group, and learned about the kind of stuff you do, that I hoped to find a make your life miserable. So... who do you think is in a bad position, really?" Rick said, smirking. "You fool, you set us on a trap!" Yelled one of the grunts. Iris then jumped out of the ring to the middle of the arena, facing the grunts. "I heard you guys have Earth Badges, so three on one should be a breeze for you. And since neither of us can get out of this Fire Spin, I suggest we have some fun while it lasts. Come on, don't be shy." Rick said, before Iris let out a defiant whinny.
Amelia looked at her Pokeball that held Spear inside and tucked it away with the rest of her Pokeballs. Hito gently touched his neck, it still feeling a bit sore from the collar he used to bear. Amelia picked him off her shoulder and held him gently, walking east to Cerulean City.
Finn walked through Mount Moon alone and used Chu as a make shift light source. "I guess I wondered off. Oh well, at least I can see what's going on inside this cave." He said as he walked deeper inside.
The walk to Cerulean City was short, but Amelia made sure to take every opportunity to battle when she saw one. With a battle or two in against stronger Pokémon, Spear was able to evolve into a Kakuna, and Fushi was at the brink of evolving into an Ivysaur himself. Amelia was extremely proud of herself and her Pokémon, as well as Hito.
Alice made her way to Cerulean City right behind Amelia, making sure not to trip multiple times before coming to a stop right at the entrance. "This place looks so pretty! It almost looks as nice as Sootopolis! " Said Alice before halting. "Wait, a minute...I could do more fishing here!" said Alice before running to the fence next to the nearby river and pulling out her fishing rod. "I'll be here if anyone wants to join me!" said Alice to her friends.
Amelia immediately takes this chance to follow Alice, looking at the river near the bridge. She put her hands on the ledge and leaned over, wondering if she could catch a glimpse at the water Pokemon that lived underneath the surface. Hito also peered over, being careful to hold onto Amelia’s shoulder so he wouldn’t tumble into the water.

“Whatcha tryna catch?” Amelia asked, turning her head to look at Alice.
Trapped in the fiery arena, the three grunts sent out their pokémon to face Rick's single pokémon. So far, that was just what Rick expected. What he didn't expect was for those pokémon to be all basic stages: a Zubat, a Rattata, and an Ekans. "Well... I hope your numbers can make up for the small sizes." He said with arms crossed. "Watch your mouth, punk! As you said it quite right, you're against Rocket members with Earth Badges!" Said one of the grunts. "Come on, you're thieves! Do you really expect me to believe you got those badges by legal means?" Rick asked. The grunts grited teeth without any of them replying. "For now, I won't judge, out of respect for those pokémon." He added.

"Supersonic!" Shouted one of the grunts to his Zubat. "Echoed Voice!" Rick ordered in response. Zubat's sonic waves traveled towards their target, until Iris let out a high pitch whinny at its direction, overriding Zubat's sound attack and blowing the bat pokémon back. "Use Quick Attack!" Another grunt ordered to his Ratatta. The small rodent darted towards Iris. The mare raised a hoof and stoped the pokémon on its tracks, though she didn't attack the mouse after that and simply kept it there. Meanwhile, the third grunt issued an order to his Ekans. "Use Poison Sting!" The snake opened its mouth, firing off small needles at Iris, which the mare countered by shooting a brief stream of flames from her mouth towards the snake. While the latter flinched from the attack, Iris grabbed the Rattata with her mouth, then threw it against the Ekans.

"So? Is that all? I hope you're just warming up. 'Cause we're not even trying on this side." Rick said, to much of the grunts' irritancy. "We're not done yet!" One yelled in response, before the three sent out their next pokémon. And once again, they were all basic stage pokémon, this time two Zubats and a Rattata. Although at this point Rick wasn't expecting much from these guys. "Damn! You bunch are even worse than I thought." He said. "What are you saying?" Shouted one of the grunts. "It's pretty clear these pokémon have little to no experience in combat, yet you have no qualms sending them into a battle they can't win rather than just forfeiting." Rick chastised.

"Pff... and what do you know? We just want to stall this Fire Spin so we can make an escape. These pokémon are just means for a goal." One of the grunts responded. Iris growled with bared teeth while pawing the ground. "You're despicable..." Rick muttered, griting his teeth. For their last resort, the grunts decided to order their pokémon to attack all at once. Rick and Iris exchanged glances and nodded at each other. As the Zubats and the Rattata charged at them, Iris released a low temperature Heat Wave, blowing the three pokémon back.

The grunts stared at the fainted pokémon. "May I give you guys a suggestion? Don't send any more. 'Cause they won't be the targets next time." Rick said. Then, and to much of the grunts' relief, the Fire Spin phased out. "Lets get out of here!" Said one to the others, before they ran away. Iris took a step forward and looked like she wanted to give chase, but Rick called her out. "Let'em go! The officer will take care of them." He told her. She snorted before walking to her trainer. "Well done, girl. And thanks for going easy on those pokémon. Wouldn't be fair for them to take the punishment for those idiots." He praised.

The defeated pokémon soon regained their consciousness and started looking around, before turning to Rick. "Those idiots didn't even bother recalling their pokémon... but I guess it's better this way." He said, before walking to the pokémon and squating next to them. "Enjoy your freedom, guys. And stay away from those people." The Zubats flew to their hiding places while the Rattatas and Ekans ran off. "Welp... and as for us, we still have an exit to find. And we're pretty much back to where we came from, so lets move out!" Rick said to Iris, hoping on her back as the two tried to retrace their steps.
"I have no idea!" said Alice as the fishing rod made a small splash as it hit the water. A round-shaped shadow bit onto the fishing rod. It started tugging and Alice quickly reeled it in. "All right! Let's see what this little guy is!" said Alice before reeling it up, only to reveal that it was a small tire. "Hmmph," said Alice. before placing it on the ground next to her. "I'm no pokemon professor, but I don't think this is a pokemon," she said inspecting the small tire. "Well, I guess I should try again, " Alice said before pulling up a variety of more garbage from the river. "I think someone has been dumping their trash in here," she said sitting on her seat made of multiple tires sitting next to a couple of cans, some wrappers, a boot, and a whole Hard Stone. "Well maybe I can get one on this time," said Alice before casting her line one more time. "Oh, I think this one is actually a Pokemon!" said Alice before a round blue pokemon popped out of the water "Poli-Poliwag!" said the blue pokemon. The Poliwag proceeded to jump in the air, and landed directly on Alice's face using it's suction cup-like lips to grab on to Alice's face along with its tail wrapping around her head. "Mmmfmmfm ded id!" said Alice her face currently muffled by the Poliwag now vacuum sealed to Alice's face.
Amelia grimaced at the Polish’s currently suction cupped to Alice’s face. She jumped into action and grabbed the Poliwag’s tail, unaware that she may be causing the Pokémon pain. She started pulling on the tail, attempting to pry the Pokémon off, and eventually there was a loud pop as it disconnected from Alice’s face. Amelia fell back with a thud, letting go of he Poliwag and causing it to bounce back into her lap.

“Woah!” Amelia said, shaking her head, “It’s a Poliwag!”

She held the water type up by its round body and held it out to Alice.
"Ow!" Said Alice rubbing her face as the tadpole was pried off of her. She quickly forgot about her sore face and pulled out her pokedex. She flipped to the Poliwag page and looked closely. "Wait a minute, this one has a different swirl direction!" Said Alice looking back and forth in between the picture and the slightly loopy tadpole. "Gonna have to put a note about that." Said Alice, before pulling out a pokeball and bumping it against the poliwag's head. The Poliwag beamed into the pokeball, flashed a few times before a chime indicating a capture. "Yay! I caught a Poliwag! I'm gonna name 'em Waggy." Said Alice before putting a Pokeball in her bag and noticing a chipped yellow rock in some of the trash she fished up. She decidedto pocket it before turning to Amelia. "So, there's a gym leader here. Do you want to try and battling now? Or do a bit more training?" Said Alice as Cherry climbed off Alice's shoulder and onto her arm.
Amelia looked to the gym. While her initial reaction would be to rush to the gym, something told her she wasn’t prepared.

“I think I’m gonna train some more!” She said, pumping her fist, “When Spear evolves into Beedrill, and when Fushi becomes Ivysaur, I think I’ll be ready!”

She took out their respective Pokeballs and tossed them up, catching them when they came back down.

“I bet Transel would be happier with a bit of training too!” Amelia mentioned.
"Well, if you want to train, then how about a battle!" Said Alice bouncing up and down a bit. "I just caught a new pokemon, and I want to help Karpy get as much experience as he can so he can become a Red Gyarados!" Said Alice jumping up and down at this point. "So please, can we battle?"
Amelia nodded hurriedly, pulling out Fushi’s Pokeball.

“Alright! I accept your challenge!” She brought her Pokeball forward, it shining in the sun, “Fushi, I choose you!”

She tossed the Pokeball out onto the bridge, letting the Bulbasaur out. He chirruped and shook himself a bit, preparing for battle.
"Since about yesterday? Panzer freaked out and almost bulldozed him and everyone else you just met." Right as she finished talking, Roxanne noticed the battle that was about to happen. "Come on guys, Alice and Amelia are battling!"


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Oliver followed into Cerulean City. Seeing that Alice had caught a new Pokémon and offered to battle Amelia. Oliver got a smile, he had an idea. “Seeing this battle has got me thinking. Ed. We haven’t battled in a little while. Why don’t we go around. Just like old times!” Oliver spoke and Edward smiled slightly, “Sure. I don’t see why not.” Edward spoke as the two drew their first Pokémon.

“Alright Deimos! You’re up!” Oliver spoke as he opened a pokeball and his Scizor had appeared. “Alright. Galahad! Pierce through!” Edward spoke as he opened a pokeball and his Escavilier had appeared.
"All right, you can do it Karpy!" Said Alice, throwing out her Magikarp. The magikarp flopped on the ground, determined, despite looking like it's struggling. "Karp. Karp." "All right, let's go first! Go for a Tackle attack!" Karpy bounced a few times before smacking the side of his body at the grass pokemon.
Fushi was able to bear the brunt of the Tackle by fixing his stance, and didn’t lose a considerable amount of health points.

“Fushi, show ‘em what you got! Razor Leaf!” Amelia ordered, throwing a hand out forward.

Fushi opened its bulb a bit, razor sharp leaves flying out of it and aiming right for Karpy at alarmingly fast speeds.
"Try and dodge it with Splash!" said Alice as Magikarp bounced out of the way of a few of the leaves but got hit with about 3 of them. "That did a lot of damage." said Alice a little worried. "How about this! Use Tackle but aim for the bulb!" said Alice. Karpy jumped up higher than before and aimed for the back of Fushi, using gravity to his advantage to increase the damage of the Tackle.
Fushi tried bracing for the attack, but was ultimately hit harshly on the bulb, toppling him over a bit. He quickly got back to his feet, hoping to use what energy he had left.

“Again, Fushi! Razor Leaf!” Amelia commanded.

Fushi opened its bulb even wider, letting out as many leaves as it could each one sharper than the last, and even faster. Fushi with all its might, forced the leaves toward Karpy.
"I guess I'm a little late." He said as he stood to the entrance of cerulean city. "I guess that one rocket guy was right about that exit being just around the corner." He began to walk into the city and look around. "This place is frigging awesome! I wanna head over to that bridge first though!" He ran towards the bridge and began to battle one of the people.
"No! Karpy!" said Alice. Karpy got too close to the Bulbasaur from it's last Tackle and got hit by more than a few leaves scratching it, and knocking it away. "Karpy, can you keep going?!" said the girl more than a little worried for her friend. "K-karp karp." Said the Magikarp determined but a little worse for wear. "All right Karpy, try for one more tackle. Give all you got into this one!" said Alice, as Magikarp bounced over the Bulbasaur to do one more tackle from above.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
“Alright Galahad! Go for a drill rush!” Edward spoke as Galahad charged at Deimos with a drill run charge. “Quick Deimos! Dodge and use bullet punch!” Oliver spoke as Deimos dodged and hit him with a bullet punch, sending Galahad back. “Galahad! Go in for iron head!” Edward spoke as Galahad charged at Deimos delivering a swift Iron Head to him. “Deimos, come back mate.” Oliver spoke as he returned Deimos. “Three Pokémon only bro! Alright Orion, You’re up!” Oliver spoke as he opened the Pokéball and his Minior appeared.

“Fine by me.” Edward spoke as he returned Galahad. “You did fantastic Galahad.” Edward spoke as he reached for his second ace. “Alright Galland, Charge in.” Edward spoke as he opened the Pokeball and Galland the Bisharp had appeared.
“Fushi, brace for it!” Amelia ordered worriedly.

Fushi took on a hard-hitting stance, bracing for impact. The Magikarp hit and got a critical hit, pushing Fushi down to lower health. He had some fight left in him, and could take another hit or two before falling.

“Vine Whip, quickly!”

Vines protruded from Fushi’s bulb, whipping straight toward the Magikarp.
Rick and Iris came out of Mt. Moon after a couple of minutes of searching for the exit. They ultimately decided it was easier to just dig their own exit via Horn Drill, though. "I feel like we're doing a lot of community service, huh? First that rotten scum, now we make a shortcut in Mount Moon." Said Rick to Iris, as the energy drill on her horn faded. "Now... this looks like a pretty straightforward route. You know what that means?"

Iris nickered and started pawing the ground, eager to sprint through the grassy field while Rick got on her back. As they reached Cerulean, the Rapidash's hooves briefly skid through the asphalt before she came to a full stop, with Rick jumping off her as soon as she did. "Alright, pretty good, ten out of ten, would do it again, now... where's the Pokémon Center? 'Cause I wanna give Chris a call before anything." He said. He then heard a female voice talking to him. "To your left!"

He turned to look at who was talking, just to see seemingly familiar face. "Umm... officer? Wait, how did you get here before us?" He asked, kinda confused. The woman saluted Rick, while giving him a faint smile. "Rick, am I right? I'm from Cerulean's Police Department. You're just confusing me with me twin sister from Pewter. We were already informed of your situation. I just feel the obligation of asking you to show me your ID Card as soon as you have it." She explained. Rick nodded in agreement. "Yep, we're sorting that out."

The officer saluted the trainer once more before leaving him. Rick then headed to the Center he had been indicated, stoping at the entrance. "Alright! Give me a few minutes for a phone call. In the meantime, just... do whatever. Just don't jump on rooftops." He told Iris, before going inside... and back again. "Oh, and if you see the other kids, say neigh for me!" He added, before going back inside for good.
"Karpy!" yelled Alice as the fish pokemon got whipped away. The fish was hardy, but it couldn't keep up with 3 direct super effective attacks. The fish got smacked away before he stopped bouncing and was down for the count. Alice ran up to her friend with her Pokeball out. "You did a great job. You deserve a break." said Alice before a red beam of light sucked up the Magikarp. "You and Fushi did really good Amelia! I guess Karpy and I really need to learn how to sort of brace for impact more, but I guess he bounces around so much it's kind of hard to do that." said Alice putting the Pokeball in her backpack. "I'm gonna go head to the pokemon center, wanna come with me?"
Before Amelia could say anything, a bright light flashed and blinded her. Fushi was surrounded by a bright blue light, and seemed worried. He rushed up to Amelia, jumping in her arms and licking her face, scared he might disappear and begging her to do something. Amelia hugged him close, trying to soothe the Pokémon by petting it. The light engulfed the Bulbasaur and transformed it into a larger version of itself.

It’s bulb had opened up to reveal a beautiful pink flower, which had yet to bloom. It’s leaves became more patterned, and it grew in size as well. Fushi opened his eyes, looked down and saw his appearance. What once was a very scared Bulbasaur was now a very excited and happy Ivysaur. Fushi bounced around, happy with his new form and abilities. Amelia laughed at his excitement, also very excited yourself.

“You evolved!” She cheered on her Pokémon, as it ran up to her and jumped into her arms.

It was significantly larger than before, but that didn’t stop Amelia from wrapping her whole arms around her buddy.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Oliver and Edward paused their battle when they saw Fushi evolve. “First evolution. Nice!” Edward congratulated Amelia and then turned back to his brother. “Now then. Galland! Iron head against Orion!” Edward spoke as Galland said, “Shar Sharp!” Galland charged in and iron headed Orion. Then the shields came down and the blue asteroid was revealed.

Oliver smirked. “Now Orion! Use Stone edge against Galland!” Oliver spoke as stones formed to try and piece Galland. “Galland quick! Dodge and go in for another strike.” Edward spoke as Galland dodged and went in for another iron head. Knocking out Orion, in the process.

“Final round bro! Partners!” Oliver spoke as he returned Orion and Kerbecs leaped into the field. Lancelot walked onto the field after Edward returned Galland. “Quick Kerbecs! Use flamethrower!” Oliver spoke as Kerbecs shot a stream of flame towards Lancelot. “Lancelot quick dodge and go for a close combat rush!” Edward spoke as Lancelot dodged and charged in. “Not this time bro! Kerbecs Use flame blasts until he is gone!” Oliver spoke as Kerbecs fired flame blasts towards Lancelot. Quickly dodging, Lancelot managed to get in and land a punch. Then more before finishing it with one final punch. Knocking out Kerbecs.

“Congratulations Brother, you win this round.” Oliver spoke as he returned Kerbecs. Lancelot walked back to his trainer and the two walked towards the Pokémon Center, not only to heal up their Pokémon, but to keep up with Alice.
Finn got through the bridge of people and walked began to walk through the area behind it while looking around. "Okay! I wanna get one more pokemon before fighting the gym leader and then I'll be ready." He began to walk around and saw a Fearow holding a pokemon in its mouth while flying. "Well I guess that'll work." He said as he threw out Chu. "Let's go for a thunderbolt buddy!" He said as Chu shot an Electrical bolt towards the Fearow with made it fall to the ground releasing the pokemon it had, which appeared to be an oddish.
Fushi jumped from Amelia’s arms and landed on the ground happily. He let a vine shoot from beneath the flower bulb and wrapped it around her hand, and she gripped it gently. Hito clapped this whole time, before jumping back onto Amelia’s shoulder.

“Alright Alice, I’m ready to go to the Pokémon Center!” Amelia said, before marching down the path with her Pokémon.
Iris grazed outside of the Center, occasionaly peeking at the building's window while she waited for her trainer. Meanwhile, Rick grabbed a sit at the PC to give Chris an update on the situation. "Ah, Rick. Perfect! So you're in Cerulean already." Said Chris. "Yep! Had a few delays getting here. Accidentaly got a badge from Pewter's Gym Leader as well, but..." Rick explained, before he was interrupted by Chris. "You challenged a Gym Leader? Since when do you get into that kind of stuff? Weren't you given a time limit?"

"Uhum... first things first, I didn't challenge him, he challenged me. He heard our call, so he knew everything." Rick explained, looking around just in case there was another Gym Leader, before continuing. "But that's besides the point. What really matters is that I'm not being accused of being part of those fools in black anymore, thanks to him."

"Well... that's actualy great news at least." Chris stated. "But it gets better! They gave me the Old Amber back. And you were right, the fossil does have DNA to revive Aerodactyl. They just didn't want me to know in case I was part of that Rocket scum." Rick Said. Chris interlaced his fingers below his chin. "Not surprised about that, to be honest." He commented. "That being said, they still wanna see my identification for assurance, soo... yeah, we're still meeting." Rick said.
Alice's eyes practically sparkled when Fushi started glowing a bright blue. When it revealed an Ivysaur, that was even better. "Ohmygoshohmygosh! He looks so cute!" Said Alice, instinctively taking out her notebook to add another entry right next to the Bulbasaur Entry. "Lets see, flower starting to bloom, bit larger, couple more markings, annnnd there!" said Alice finishing off the final line. She held her quick drawing next to the pokemon before nodding in satisfaction and putting the notebook away, and also grabbing a bit of slowpoke jerky to chew on, and giving Cherry one as well. "Full speed ahead to the pokemon center!" Said Alice this time making sure to point at the large building with the red roof. Of course howerever, she was blinded by the majesty of a horse on fire so she walked directly into the doorframe.