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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

With Finn stating that he would like to battle Rick someday in the future, Rick gave him a faint smile before replying. "Yes? Well... I'm afraid we'll be parting ways by the time you get your second badge, here." He told him, scratching the corner of his mouth thoughtfully. "But let me know once you feel like it. My girl is pretty good at teaching persistence." He continued, petting Iris' neck, who nodded in agreement. "In any case, I don't expect you to do worse than that Rotten scum. Three of them and still couldn't even make her move a hoof." He added while facepalming.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group started leaving the Pokémon Center with their restored pokémon, and Rick decided it was also his time to proceed with his own afairs. "Welp! I gotta go pick my ID Card and put an official end to my relationship with the police." He said. "You're challenging that gym, right? Last time I said I would watch and I didn't, so... I better not make any promises." He added with a grin.
Hito nodded quickly jumping onto Amelia’s shirt and tugging on it in desperation. Seeing how upset and irritable Hito was with this, Amelia grabbed him and hugged him tight to stop his squirming.

“Hey bud! Why didn’tcha just say so!” She said.

She readied an empty Pokeball and held it out to him. Hito finally let go of his rage, excited to be with a new trainer who loved him. He wasted no time scrambling to the ball and tapping the button with his forehead, being sucked inside. It didn’t wobble once before it clicked shut, insinuating that Hito had been caught. Amelia placed a kiss on the Pokeballs red shiny top, before putting it back in her pocket snugly. She chuckled, nodding to Kelly.

“Thanks! I would’ve probably never caught him if I hadn’t known he wanted to be part of my team!”


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward and Oliver chuckled a bit at the replies that Marley’s friend Danny had left for her. “Sure. I don’t see why not.” Edward commented as he looked to his two Pokémon and then to his brother.

Oliver smiled and knew that it was almost time for them to go. He pet Xerxes and Kerbecs a bit, waiting for the cue from Amelia to let them know when to go.
With her newest Pokémon and Fushi’s evolution, Amelia was hoping she’d be able to take on the gym. As she walked to the gym itself, she was questioning wether or not she should use Spear in this fight. He was only a Kakuna, but they evolved mighty fast. But was it risky? Maybe she should let Fushi take on the whole fight. Well, maybe not.

Amelia was brought out of her thoughts when she arrived at the Cerulean City gym, entering the doors and marveling at the water-type theme. She saw the pool surrounding the small bridge-like boardwalk and had to fight the urge to go for a swim, even if she wanted to jump right into the water with all of her clothes on. While admiring the blue pool, she even noticed Pokemon swimming around. They looked free for catching, if you had a rod. Someone near the edge of the pool caught her eye thought, a man taking a swim.

A gym trainer!

Amelia immediately rushed up to the man, who saw her and beelined it for the edge of the boardwalk.

“I’d like to challenge you to a battle!” They said at the same time.

They both paused, before grinning madly at each other.

“I’m Swimmer Luis! In order to get to Misty, you have to go through me!” He introduced.

“Fair enough!” Amelia said, backing up to give them some battle room.

The swimmer, still in the water, threw out his first Pokémon. He had two Pokeballs in his hand, however.

“Go, Horsea!”

It was a small, level sixteen horsea, and Amelia decided to test her luck.

“Spear, let’s go!”
Finn looked at Rick in shock and then looked down with a sad expression. "Oh that's fine. I just hope you get back home safe and besides we're sure to meet again." He said as he then looked down as his Oddish came back, but when Rick mentioned the Gym Finn immediately got excited and chuckled. "I almost forgot! Alright I'll go right now!" He said as he left the pokemon center.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward looked to the group that remained. “So. Are you all ready?” Edward asked patiently as he looked to his two Pokémon and then back to the others. Lancelot was ready to go while Galland crossed his arms and nodded.

Oliver got up and pet Kerbecs and Xerxes. “I’m ready whenever. So, It just depends on them.” Oliver commented as he put the pokeballs back into his bag.
Swimmer Luis made the first move, as his Horsea was much faster than Amelia’s Kakuna.

“Leer!” Luis commanded

Leer was a good move to decrease defense, but Amelia knew her Kakuna was stiff as a rock.

“Spear, poison sting!”

Spear shot a dart at the Horsea, poisoning it and sucking more damage from it. However, it still did little damage.
"Well, I wouldn't call myself 'really good' with water types, I just really like to use them." Said Alice rubbing the back of her head a bit flustured. "But if we're all the passengers are set, then full speed ahead to the restaurant!" Said Alice walking to a nearby pokemart, before Cherry pulled her hair. "Wrong way!" Said Alice before she made a 180 and continued in the opposite direction. "Maybe if we eat fast we can make it in time for Amy's gym battle!"
"Oh gosh, is that happening now?" Marley's eyes widened in concern. What if they didn't make it on time?!

"I really wanna see a proper gym battle! Boo and I need to learn how to get in sync, right Boobear?" Dragging her light gaze over to her pokemon, she realized he was dragging behind.

"Oh you poor thing! What's wrong?" She held Boo up by the waste, scanning him over to make sure the nurse had done a proper job. It seemed like everything was fine, however, minus the loud grumbling from his stomach. Marley laughed as she grabbed Milo from the entrance of the pokemon center and hopped on.

"C'mon then! We'll get something to eat really fast, then make our way over to the gym!" Shifting Boo into her backpack once again, she planted her foot on the ground to send them into a proper take-off. The scooter zipped just behind Alice, Marley trailing closely behind her as if it would make them go any faster.

"Do you think she'll get to Misty before we're done? What pokemon is she gonna use? I know Misty is a water type gym leader, but I didn't get the pleasure of meeting Amelia's pokemon! Does she have good ones?" Her consecutive questions reminded her very much of Amelia's, but she couldn't help it! Before she could get too excited, her own stomach reminded her of their current goal. Food, then the gym!


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Oliver and Edward followed along with Alice. Oliver snickered a little bit whenever Alice got confused with directions again. “Old habits die hard eh bro?” Oliver whispered to his brother as Edward shook his head in reply. “Yeah. I was actually going to make an input here.” Edward commented as the group walked. “Why not just go see the battle, and then eat as a sort of congratulations for Amelia passing her gym battle?” Edward asked and pitched the idea out to the group.
Amelia, after a slightly rough battle, was able to take down Luis’s Horsea and his second pokemon, a Shellder. Spear had evolved into Beedrill during this battle, and Butterfree got some more experience in battling. She received sixty four Pokedollars for the battle, and moved onto the next trainer who was in the gym. It was a girl, a Picknicker! She saw Amelia, waved kindly, and walked up to her.

“Hi! My name is Diana,” She said, grabbing a singular Pokeball, “In order to face Misty, you must defeat me in battle!”

“Goldeen, let’s swim!” Diana said, tossing the ball in the air and letting her fish Pokémon come out.

The Goldeen Diana had was slightly stronger than the Pokémon Amelia faced before.

“Let’s go, Hito!”
As Rick headed to the meeting point, he reached the so called "Nugget Bridge", where he saw a group of five young trainers. One of them approached him as he started traversing it. "Hello! Welcome to Nugget Bridge Challenge! Beat all of us in a series of battles, and win a great prize at the end!" The Bug Catcher explained in an enthusiastic manner.

Rick didn't respond right away, tilting his body to count how many trainers he was supposed to fight, before replying. "Oh boy, five?! I might stay here for the rest of the day if you're competent battlers, which I sincerely hope you are or this will be boring." He said to the trainer. "Nah! Besides, time flies when you're having fun, right?" The trainer responded. Rick sighed. "I'm not sure we have the same concept of fun..." He muttered, before shrugging. "Fine! But make it interesting at least..."
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Battling Goldeen with Hito was a tough endeavor, but when Hito became tired, she switched him out for Fushi, who took on Diana like a champ. Amelia smiled brightly at Diana, thanking her for the battle. It gave Hito a chance to evolve into Charmeleon, and that was an amazing milestone for both Amelia and Hito.

Now she had to face Misty, the tomboyish mermaid, and the gym leader of Cerulean City.

Amelia quickly healed up her Pokémon, and marched up to where Misty stood.

“Hi hi hi!” Amelia said, jumping around excitedly, “I want to battle you! I’ve defeated the gym trainers and everything! Please please please!”

Misty was taken aback by the girls flamboyant and spastic attitude, nodding somewhat quickly.

“Alright missy, I’ll battle you!” The redhead teased, before moving back to create more battle room.

Amelia did the same, preparing herself for battle and trying to hold back her ever excited nerves.

“The rules are simple, really!” Misty started, as the gym trainers turned to temporarily watch. “You, the challenger, will be able to use as many Pokémon as you have! I have two to use myself! Whoever gets their team blown in the water first loses! If you happen to beat me, I will reward you with the Cascade Badge!”

Amelia nodded in understanding, as Misty readied her first Pokeball.

“Staryu, let’s make a splash!” She said cheerily.

The Pokeball was thrown from her hand and it bounced on the ground, revealing a Staryu. Amelia thought about how to go about her second gym battle.

The best idea would be to send out Fushi, because he has a type advantage. However, Misty has a Starmie on her team, and it packs a bigger punch than her Staryu. I need to conserve Fushi’s energy if I want to win this. Okay! Better go with…

“Transel, let’s go!”
Finn had been making his way towards the gym while thinking about which pokemon he should use and his strategy for it. "I could use Chu last but wouldn't it be better to use him first?" He got lost in thought until he hit a girl riding her bike and fell to the ground.
"Ow! Dang it I should watch where I'm going next time. You okay?" He asked the person he bumped into.

Marley skirted around Alice, listening as Edward explained a great idea that she was a little embarrassed she hadn't thought of first.

"Ohhhh yea! I suppose I can wait just a bit more! What about you Boobe-AAHH!" Her question cut off into a squeaky yelp as she was tossed from her scooter. Marley landed with a thud into the dirt, her hat unceremoniously plopping to the ground beside her while Boo was thrown from the bag. Luckily for him, he was able to catch himself mid-air, much to the relief of Marley.

"Ow ow ow!" Sucking in a sharp breath, the young trainer inspected the bleeding scrape on her arm before wobbling unsteadily to her feet.

"I'm so so so sorry 'bout that mister! I'll be ok, but what about you?" Marley offered the boy a helping hand.

"I was so excited to watch the gym battle I wasn't looking... My bad! I'm really sorry!"
Alice looked behind her to see Marley on a scooter asking a barrage of questions. Luckily for Alice, she talked quite fast as well. "Well, if we're fast we might get there, I'm not sure because I'm new to Kanto, but she may use a Magikarp, Goldeen, or Poliwag, and Amelia has a really good team. If I remember correctly she has an Ivysaur, a Butterfree, a Kakuna, and a Charmander." Said Alice before skidding to a stop at Olli's suggestion. "Yeah, that's a better idea. Sorry Boobear, you're gonna have to wait a li-AAH!" Said Alice as a guy, who Alice believed was named Finn crashed into Marley. "Oh! I think you both need help!" said Alice digging through her bag to find a portable first aid kit. "Thank you Grandpa." she said muttering to herself. "Cherry, need a little Water Gun." said Alice before she took Marley's arm and Cherry washed the scrape. Luckily it was a small one so, a small bandage was able to work. "Ok, Finn, are you ok? Any cuts, scrapes or bruises?"
The Bug Catcher sent out a Caterpie, and immediately Rick frowned upon seeing the small worm. "Err... do you guys happen to have any fully evolved pokémon? This seems so unfair..." Rick asked, glancing at Iris. The trainers stared at each other for a bit before saying "No" in unison. "You see, the trainers who tipicaly pass through here are just beginners, so we use pokémon suitable for them." Said the Bug Catcher.

"What about trainers who start at other cities besides Pallet, Viridian, or Pewter?" Rick questioned. The trainers gave him a thoughtful look before replying. "That's... actualy a fair point. We'll think about that for the future!" Said the Bug Catcher. Rick sighed, putting a palm on his face. "But you still want me to go through this challenge. Alright, I have a proposal. Why don't you guys just send every pokémon you have at me at once?" He said.

The trainers gave Rick an expression of shock. "Are you sure? Between us that would be twelve pokémon total." Said one of them. "Exactly! If you think this bridge is not gonna hold, just send six. I don't care." Rick responded with arms crossed. The trainers looked at each other briefly, until they sent out their pokémon. Rick then hoped on Iris' back. "Okay, so now we're gonna use Flare Blitz, and the recoil should be equivalent to the damage we'd take if we were at similar levels." Rick told, as Iris started cloaking in flames.
Finn chuckled as he took the girls hand and got up while stumbling a little having some cuts and bruises from the fall. "I'm alright and I wouldn't call myself a mister I'm only thirteen years old." He turned to look at Alice and looked at himself. "Oh yeah, Definitely." He said as he took his jacket off to make it easier to treat his wound. "So what's your name? I don't think we've met?" He said to Marley.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward and Oliver were surprised by the collision between Marley and Finn. “Well. That was unexpected. So…” Edward paused as he looked to his brother. “I wonder if Amelia is already at the gym leader? It is entirely possible that she is there.” Oliver commented as Edward nodded. “Alice, We’ll go and see, you take care of Marley and Finn.” Edward spoke as the brothers and their Pokémon walked towards the Gym going to view the fight between Amelia and Misty.
Marley winced as Alice treated the wound, but gave her a teary eyed smile.

“Thank you.” She glanced once more at Boo to make sure he was alright, but the Pokémon was only preoccupied now with his rumbling stomach, digging pitifully through the dirt as if he’d find leftover food there. Marley sighed before turning to Finn.

“Eh, I’m Marlowe, but you can just call me Marley! That there’s my buddy Boobear! He’s a good boy, just a little hungry at the moment. We were going to watch our friend take on the gym challenge, which I suppose is where Oliver and Edward are now…” She watched wistfully as the brothers made their way there.

“It’s too bad, but maybe Amelia can teach me how to battle afterwards! And it seems like you two already know each other! Alice, you’re very popular!”


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward and Oliver had entered the gym just in time. They took their seats and their Pokémon joined them in viewing the ensuing battle. “Seems that Amelia is already at her battle.” Oliver spoke as Edward watched, intently looking for strategies that he could use in his own fights. “I’ve heard of this Gym Leader.” Edward commented as Oliver turned to his brother. “Her name is Misty. She is known for her water type Pokémon. It could be a bit of a challenge for Amelia.” Edward explained to Oliver , but Oliver seemed confused by Edward’s statement.

“But she has an Ivysaur. How could she have a chance to struggle against Misty?” Oliver asked his brother as Edward took a breath. “Well, if you remember correctly she just evolved Fushi into an Ivysaur.” Edward commented, as he looked back to his brother. “Just because it evolved so soon, doesn’t mean that Misty’s Pokémon may still deal some decent damage to her other Pokémon.” Edward had begun to explained as he sighed. “She’s in here with a strategy to take Misty out. Only using her trump card as a last ditch attempt to win.” Edward commented as he looked back to the fight.
Amelia was able to get in the first move.

“Transel! Psybeam!”

The Butterfree let out a psychic beam of power toward the Staryu, who was hit and had a considerable amount of damage taken from it.

“Staryu, Water Gun!” Misty ordered.

Staryu shot a fresh beam of water at the butterfly Pokémon, knocking it back a ways as it took the hit full-on. A quarter of its health was depleted.
Finn looked at at Marley and nodded. "Yeah I know Alice... not much but a little bit." He said rubbing the back of his head as he looked back at Marley. "Anyway my name is Finn I plan to become the champion of Kanto, after I get up and head over to the gym that is." He said as he extended his arm towards Marley. "Anyway nice to meet ya."
"I'm not popular, I just run into a lot of people." Said Alice rubbing her head embarrassed. "Anyway, if all the passengers are set, let's set sail to Cerulean Gym!" said Alice as she started running toward Cerulean Gym. For the first time in her entire life, she got to a place without any detours (due to the roof of the Cerulean Gym being in view) and she was able to make it to the gym. She opened up the door to the gym and her eyes sparkled. "...I love this place," she said quietly before not breaking eyecontact with the pool and was in a stunned silence before she noticed Amelia's battle. She walked very fast up to the pool bleachers and sat down right next to Olli and Eddie. "Go Amy! Go Transel! You can do it!"
“Psybeam again!” Amelia said.

Transel did a small backflip, coming around and shooting out a strong Psybeam with all of his might. It hit Staryu, who was able to fend it off, still surviving with a bit of help left.

“Rapid Spin!” Misty ordered.

Staryu came at Transel with a spinning force, speeding toward the Butterfree quickly and harshly. It hit him full on, sending Transel flying back. Transel held on to every bit of strength he has, but was very tired, fighting on little to nothing, adrenaline keeping him going. Amelia couldn’t bare to see him push himself any longer.

“Transel, return!”

The butterfly Pokémon went back into it’s Pokeball, safe and secure. Amelia figured she’d be able to send in Fushi to take care of the rest of Staryu, and hopefully have enough power and stamina to fight Misty’s Starmie.

“Fushi, you can do it!”

Fushi came out, ready to put up a fight.
Iris dashed across the bridge and through the many pokémon the trainers had sent out, taking them down like bowling pins. "Well... that was expected. Better luck next time, kids." Rick said, walking the bridge with arms on his back. "Well... I guess you win." Said the last trainer on the bridge. "We'll have stronger pokémon next time, in case we ever come across veterans that want to take the challenge. Hopefuly we can have a rematch!" The young trainer stated. "Well. If I'm still in Kanto by then and ever need to come back to Cerulean, maybe we can try again." Rick said.

At the other corner, Iris was shaking the dizziness out of her head after ramming through a dozen of small pokémon. Granted they were all small, but running head first on these many felt worse than when she had to ram just a single, bulkier opponent. "Hmm... maybe we could have gone for something a little less... impactful?" Rick muttered, before petting her head. He then was approached by an adult that was waiting at the end of the bridge. "Hey! Congratulations on beating our challenge! As such, here's a reward!" Said the man, pulling out a gold nugget and giving it to Rick. "Ah... thanks, I guess." He said, pondering whether it was even fair to take it for such low effort. "I think I know of a certain pokémon who's gonna like it..." He muttered.
Cerulean City, Kanto
To say Connor's trip to Kanto so far had been a success would've undersold it. Upon his arrival the young man and his Kalos companions managed to overcome the strength of Brock and the fabulous talents of Misty to walk away with two hard-fought badges. That battle with Misty in particular had been a rather grueling one, as he actually lost his first bout with the tomboy and had to grind a win out of her on the rematch, that kind of challenge had been just what Connor had hoped for funny enough. Connor had been used to struggles given that metallic leg of his, and if things had come easy well they would not have been worth doing he decided.

He had decided to stay in Cerulean City for the time, having healed up his Pokemon from the tough battles the day before and just to get a breather. Course, something more had drawn him to further stick around as it seemed Misty had some more challengers that day and well Connor decided he'd least need to take a peak of the action after he traveled alone for this period.

As he peaked inside the gym, indeed Misty seemed to be locked in battle with a female trainer, and Connor decided to take a seat by the stands to observe the action as the moves he caught a glimpse of seemed to wow him. Perhaps he'd be able to learn a thing or two from this exchange.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward was surprised that Amelia went for her trump card immediately. “This will determine it. Wether if or if not she can get a victory.” Edward spoke to Oliver as he watched the ensuing battle between Misty’s Staryu and Amelia’s Ivysaur.

“I wouldn’t call it so soon bro. I believe that she could win this.” Oliver spoke as he watched the battle and hoped that Amelia could make it through. “If she uses Fushi correctly, she can be able to deal with her Pokémon.” Oliver commented as he watched the battle.
Staryu was commanded by Misty to tackle Fushi, but Fushi was quick to hop out of the way.

“Vine Whip!” Amelia instructed.

That was all it took for Staryu to be blown away, knocked out in his place. Misty returned her Pokémon, and threw out the next.

“Let’s go, Starmie!” Misty shouted, releasing the mysterious Pokémon from its Pokeball.

“Fushi, Razor Leaf!”

Fushi opened the flower bulb on its back ever so slightly to release dozens of razor sharp leaves. The flew rapidly toward the Starmie, chipping its edges and striking it roughly. A critical hit! Misty’s Starmie, just as soon as it had come out, had fallen to the floor, defeated in one super effective, critical hit shot. Misty stared at her fainted Pokémon in utter shock. Amelia stared out at the battle, in just as much shock. Her mouth was slack and open, her fists frozen where she had them up in excitement. Misty had to take in a deep breath, supposedly to stop herself from blowing up. But she let out her breath with a large smile.

“The battle is over. The challenger wins!” Misty said excitedly.

Amelia wasted two seconds in shock, before rejoicing. She jumped up and down, arms flailing to her sides.

“I can’t believe you did that!”

She ran right up to Fushi, hugging him tightly. Fushi wrapped his vines tightly around Amelia, lifting her up in the air a little bit.

Misty walked forward, holding out her hand. In her grasp was a badge; a blue, water droplet.

“This is the Cascade Badge! It is proof that you have defeated my gym!”

Amelia and Fushi let go of each other and Amelia had to compose herself, reaching a still very excited and shaky hand out to grab the badge.

It was smooth, and it rounded out near the bulb of the water droplet. Amelia looked at Misty, and unable to withhold her joy opens her arms wide, grabbing the gym leader around the waist and twirling her around.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She said.

Misty was very embarrassed at Amelia’s unprofessional behavior, but just held her composure and waited for Amelia to set her down. When she finally did, Amelia held up her new badge.

“I’ve got a Cascade Badge!”
The battle was quite intense but in the end this challenge Amelia had won and quite convincingly. With a smile on his face he had to admit she showed some potential and seemed to have quite the child-like pride as she raised her Gym Badge in the air. Figuring that this girl seemed interesting, he moved his way down from the stands and decided it wouldn't hurt to introduce himself.

"Gotta say you had an impressive win there. Just tuned in to that finish and am quite impressed. Name is Connor, a pleasure to meet you~" Connor said with a smile as the gold paint off his artificial leg shinned a bit against the pool light while he offered a friendly greeting to the trainer.
Amelia turned to the new trainer, who had introduced himself as Connor.

“Nice to meetcha, Connor! My name is Amelia!” She said, jabbing a thumb at herself.

Fushi grabbed Amelia’s new badge gently, and held it carefully, admiring the second badge he helped win.

Amelia noticed the glint of gold on Connor’s leg, and looked down to see the prosthetic. Thinking it was made solely of pure gold, Amelia rudely pointed it out.

“Whoa! You’re leg is so cool! It shines and it’s gold, and it’s just so cool!”
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Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward and Oliver nodded to each other. They headed down to congratulate Amelia’s victory against Misty. “That was a close battle.” Edward commented as he looked to his brother. They made it down to where Amelia was. “Amelia. Congratulations on beating Misty.” Edward commented before seeing the other boy. “Oh! Hi there. What is your name? My name is Edward Camphier. This is my brother Oliver Camphier.” Edward introduced the two of them as the looked back to Amelia. “We’re going to be heading out to eat. We came here first to see your battle.” Edward paused as he looked to the newcomer again. “If you want to, you can come along with us.” Edward commented with a small smile on his face.
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Finn he walked inside the gym and saw Amelia and happily waved to her as he yelled out. "Amelia! I came to cheer you on! I know you can do this!" He said while cheering for her success.
Alice upon watching Fushi OHKO the Starmie, Alice jumped up and leaped over the railing of the bleachers to the pool side. "Yo did it Amy!" said Alice almost jumping up and down. "And you did really well to Fushi! You were able to knock that Starmie out in just one hit!" yelled Alice crouched next to the bulb lizard like pokemon. She gave Fushi a bunch of head pats as a few voices interrupted her. "That's right! I almost forgot!" said Alice, as Cherry climbed onto her head. "A victory dinner sounds amazing right about now! Connor, Finn, are you twoo gonna join us?" said Alice extremely peppy due to the battle Alice just witnessed.
Amelia blushed and smiled wide at her friends for congratulating her, loving the attention. But at the mention of food, hee mind went elsewhere.

“Yummy! I’m starving!” She groaned, patting her stomach like a drum.

Fushi gave Amelia her badge back, reminding her to put it somewhere safe. She got to the ground, flipped open her backpack top and pinned it next to her Boulder Badge.
"Amelia huh, nice name a pleasure to meet you~" Connor said with a smile as he noted the Ivysaur who Amelia seemed proud of before the convo shifted to the leg and her compliment to it. Course, this caused him to rub the back of his head sheepishly as he supposed she meant well even if attention was somewhat rudely pointed out.

"Well I figure if people will keep making a big deal of it, might as well make it stand out with a color job." Connor chuckled before it seemed several people arrived at once, he presumed they were Amelia's friends who all shared their coagulations with her which had made Connor smile.

"Oh nice to meet you guys, my name is Connor. Connor MacCarthy a pleasure to meet you Edward, Oliver." Connor smiled at the brothers before talks of food seemed to be thrown about and another girl, the one who dived by the pool to energetically congratulate Amelia, seemed to overhear his name and offered him to tag along much to his shock.

"R-really? I mean uh I am hungry but you guys won't mind some new guy has food with you?" Connor asked, making sure it was okay as he seemed to desire a meal since the last time he ate was camping and some wild berries compared not to proper food.
“Of course!” Amelia immediately answered, nudging Connor’s arm rather roughly. “I’m famished myself, and it’s a great way to get to know new people!”

“Ivy, saur!” Fushi chirped, agreeing with his trainer.

Amelia shrugged her backpack on and started walking out of the gym, her Ivysaur following behind with a vine wrapped around her hand. She turned around, motioning to all her buddies.

“Let’s go!”
Connor blinked a bit as he was literally tugged along. Well, he was hungry and if these people seemed to take no issues with him tagging along, he was not about to pass such a generous offer.

"W-well uh, thanks. I'd be happy to come along. Could use something to eat." Connor said as he showed his gratitude.

With that, the boy smiled as Amelia invited the group to follow her and well he took the steps to follow as already he sensed that his little Kanto adventure had been about to get more interesting.
While Rick was trying to find space for the nugget in his belt pocket, which was starting to get a little too cluttered, the stranger started rubbing his hands before approaching Rick even more. "By the way... may I ask you a question between you and me?" The man said, now in a lower tone. "Yeah sure, go ahead." Rick responded. "Would you like to join Team Rocket?" The man whispered. Rick's eyes shut, as he had to resist the urge of slamming the newly received nugget into the man's head. Iris also started breathing deep after hearing. Somehow, they both managed to contain themselves. "Is this a prank, or it's for real?" Rick asked.

"Oh no, this is a real deal. We do a lot of recruitment, and you seemed to have so much potential, I just had to ask. So what do you say? Gonna join? You can make a lot more money than that nugget." The man talked, constantly smiling. "Uhum, interesting... tell me more." Rick said with eyes closed. "Umm... well, what else do you want to know?" The man asked, scratching his forehead. Rick smirked. "Oh, you know, just the basic stuff. Like, who's your boss. Where's your headquarters. In what cities are you operating right now. What's your next big scheme."

The man stuttered a bit before replying. "Ugh... I don't think I'm allowed to give you that kind of information yet. You'd have to climb the ranks, ya know." The man explained. "But like I said, with your skills, you should get to the top branches reasonably soon." He added. Rick crossed his arms and closed his eyes once again. "Aw, really... what a shame. Well, if that's the case, then..." Rick paused, clenching a fist next to his waist while Iris slowly positioned herself behind the man, lied down. "You are useless to me."

The man's eyes widened before Rick punched him in the face, knocking him back and causing him to trip over Iris. The man, laying on the ground on his back, rubbed his cheek before staring at Rick. "What the..." He muttered, before being stepped on the chest by Iris. "Are you sure you're not gonna tell me anything?" Rick asked in a threatening tone. "Where's my manners. Too hot for you to think properly? We can make you feel more confortable." He added, snaping a finger. Iris bit the man's jacket and pulled, tearing it and exposing the Rocket uniform underneath.
Amelia walked out of the gym with Fushi, before looking around. Cerulean City was very pretty, and she appreciated it a lot. The blue hues made her smile, and the low sun made the sky a beautiful orange. She sighed happily and smiled, before turning around to see her friends.

“So, where are we eating? A restaurant? Is it home cooked? I heard there’s a nice seafood place somewhere in town. I’m eating big tonight, for sure!” Amelia rambled, Fushi equally as excited as she was to eat.