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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

Connor followed Amelia outside of the Cerulean Gym and noticed the girl take to the sights, it was hard not go given the beauty of this city but the question of food seemed to come up as she asked what they were gonna eat which caused the young man to pause as he stroked his chin.

"Not sure, this city has a few places with some good food. Open to about anything you guys want." Connor said, being the new guy who was invited along with this group he figured it was reasonable to defer and let the others decide. He had not been a picky eater as it had been.
"Let me see! The place we were planning on heading to is a sushi restaurant near here. If all the passengers are ready, theeeeeen." said Alice digging through her backpack before pulling out her pokenav. "Then full speed ahead!" said Alice as she glued her eyes to the screen. Alice then broke into a full sprint and skidded to a halt in front of the restaurant. "Hello, sorry that I didn't call for a reservation or anything, but we'd like a table for...basically the biggest table you got please." said Alice twirling her pigtail.
Amelia walked into the restaurant with Fushi, and she looked at the decor. It was definitely a sushi restaurant. Yummy! Amelia looked at all her friends.

“This is gonna be SO delicious! I can’t wait! I LOVE sushi, but I don’t get it very often. Oh yum, I just can’t wait!” Amelia said, Fushi looking at the food.

He was also hungry, but mostly for seaweed, or sea grapes. He licked his lips at the thought.

Mmm, sea grapes…
From the bridge, one of the young trainers recognized the grunt's outfit as he got back on his feat. "Hey! That guy was a Rocket in disguise! I'm calling the police!" He shouted before rushing to the city. "Well, things escalated pretty quickly, didn't they?" Rick said, looking at the kid by the corner of his eye. "I'll shorten the question so it's easier for you to understand. Who's your boss, and where's your headquarters?"

The grunt grited his teeth. "If you had joined us, you would know that information eventualy. But looks like it's better for us this way." He said while grasping a ball. "If you're thinking about sending a pokémon, I'd like to advice against it." Rick stated. "Enough talking!" The grunt shouted before sending out an Ekans. Rick sighed. "You're just like that bunch in Mount Moon. Don't give a damn about your partner." He stated.

"Partner? Don't make me laugh. Now go and use Poison Sting!" Yelled the grunt. The Ekans opened its mouth, firing multiple purple needles at Iris. The mare's mane grew larger, cloaking herself in swirling flames and incinerating the incoming darts. "I'll give you a chance to reconsider and call out that pokémon." Rick said. However, the grunt ignored him. "Use Wrap!" He commanded immediately after. The Ekans stared back at the grunt, apparently confused on what was the guy thinking. "Do it!" The grunt yelled at the snake. The Ekans reluctantly slithered forward, wraping around Iris's neck and chest. Rick sighed and facepalmed.

Iris glared at the snake briefly, and a couple seconds later, her flames started burning the snake, forcing it to let go. "Pff, pathetic!" Said the grunt. Rick raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me? That Ekans knew better what was gonna happen and gave you a hint. You either didn't care, or you're just stupid... or both." Rick rebuked. The grunt, now angrier than ever, sent out another pokémon, this time a Zubat. Although Rick was the one calling the moves this time. "Double Kick!"

The grunt grinned for once. "Ha! Do you even know type matchups? Fighting moves are weak against both Poison and Flying!" He said. Rick didn't look much concerned, however. "Yes? And who said I'm going to attack that Zubat?" Rick asked. The grunt gave a confused look before Iris jumped over and behind him. She then kicked the grunt on the back and into the ground with both her hind hooves. "And be thankful it wasn't High Horsepower. I really thought about it!" Rick said. The Zubat flew away soon after, and the Ekans slithered to the nearest grass.
Kelly smiled as Amelia thanked her about the Charmander and walked back to Roxanne, pulling out the Dome and Helix fossils she found. "Hey, I just remembered that I found these in Mt. Moon. I wasn't sure if you had them or not?"
Examining the two fossils, Roxanne let out a sigh and explained. "Actually, I already obtained and revived these kinds of fossils before. They're the Kabutops and Omastar at Professor Birch's lab." Looking at Kelly, who seemed a bit disappointed, Roxanne continued. "But, I do know someone who may want them. From what I heard, she wants to catch every Pokemon, so these could help her out."
Realizing that her effort was not completely in vane, Kelly almost jumped for joy before remembering that fossils were fragile. Stopping herself from jumping, Kelly asked excitedly. "So, who is it that I can give these to?"
Roxanne laughed. "You just helped her out earlier. I believe her name is Amelia."
"Ohh." Kelly now had to figure out when to deliver the fossils, but before she did that she decided to ask her sister. "So, is this what you've been doing since we split up?"
"Not really, I've mostly just been hanging out with my crew, raising the little ones." Roxanne sighed as she glanced at the PokeBalls on her belt, just before nonchalantly mentioning. "In any event, I'm pretty sure we just got left behind."
Looking around themselves, the twins realized they really were left behind. Upon noticing this little fact, the two of looked at each other and exclaimed in unison. "OH SNAP!"

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Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward and Oliver followed along, Their Pokémon in tow as well. “Sushi. Been a while since we’ve had any eh bro?” Oliver nudged his Edward’s arm as they walked towards the restaurant. “Yeah. It’ll be nice. Having a meal with friends that we met along the way.” Edward spoke with a small smile on his face. Oliver smiled and slugged his brother’s arm “That’s what we love to hear dude!” Oliver spoke excitedly as they arrived to where Alice was.
Sushi huh? Connor could get behind that, in truth he wasn't in position to be much of a picky eater as he followed the group along. Quite the group he had to say, with Amelia, Edward, Oliver, Alice (He had picked up on her name) who suggested this meal and what seemed to be another pair who worked to try and catch up with the group.

As Connor entered Amelia seemed to make her excitement of the sushi not too subtle which caused the one legged trainer to chuckle a bit.

"If you are this excited about things the food must be good." Connor mused to Amelia as he looked over the menu to see what he'd order for this quality meal.
Amelia looked at Connor, bringing the menu away from her face a bit. Fushi was sitting next to her on a little cushion made for Pokemon.

“Oh, I’ve never eaten here before! I just love food,” she mused, putting the menu back up, “And I’m absolutely famished!”

Amelia immediately knew what she wanted, and when the waitress came up to take orders she jumped right in.

“For drinks, I’d like a Lemon-Lime Soda, and for food I would like…”

She thought for a moment, rereading her choices.

“Vegetable gyoza, nigirizushi, and…”

She glanced at the dessert menu, and gasped excitedly.

“Daifuku! I want Daifuku!” She yelped, before slamming her menu closed and looking at the back, a menu dedicated to Pokemon.

“And then I want the Grass-Type delight, please!”

The waitress was a little confused, jotting down her items quickly before turning to the next trainer.
As the grunt tried to get up, Iris walked up to him and pinned him to the ground with a hoof on his back and another one his right wrist. The grunt gave the mare a baleful glance. "I've never been humiliated this much in my entire life!" He complained. Rick rolled his eyes and sighed. "Maybe because you haven't lived long enough yet." He said.

The grunt raised his head as much as he could, gritting his teeth and staring at Rick before speaking. "You're working for the police?" He asked. "I work by my own account. I wouldn't be able to do certain things to you if I was a policeman afterall." Rick told. "But we digress. So for the last time I'm gonna ask: where's Team Rocket's headquarters and who's in charge of the organization." He asked. The grunt huffed before responding. "You don't get it? I'll tell you nothing." He said.

Soon after, a male voice was heard from a radio on the grunt's waist. "This is number 9 calling Number 0, how is the recruitment going?" The grunt froze. "Who's that, your boyfriend? Given the predicament you're in, I'm sure you don't mind if I explain the situation." Rick said with sarcasm, picking up the radio. "Number 0 can't talk, as he's in a bit of... pressure. But the recruitment was a faillure. Then again, it shouldn't be surprising coming from such an incompetent bunch." He spoke. "Wait, what? Who's talking?" They asked on the other side. Rick smirked. "It doesn't matter. Come to Route 25 and we can talk. If you dare, of course."

There was a brief pause before Rick got a response. "Ha... and why should we abide to your rules? As much as we know, this might be a trap." They said. "Because I have something that I know you're interested in getting your hands on." Rick mentioned, holding his Old Amber in his free hand. "And I'm not talking about your friend here. You have 15 minutes before I change my mind." He added, before tossing out the radio. "Looks like I'll get another shot at getting the information I want anyways." Rick stated.

Meanwhile, the officer arrived at the scene. "Alright, what's happening here?" She asked. "Ah, officer. Great timing! I was heading to Route 25 to get the ID Card when I came across a worm." Rick explained. The woman looked at the grunt for a few moments before speaking. "Hmm... very well. We'll take care of this one." She said, walking up to the grunt with hands on her waist and staring at him. "You'll have some things to explain, sir." She added, pulling out handcuffs. Iris steped off, as the officer grabed the grunt and walked back to the city. The kid who had called the police gave Rick a thumbs up and winked, which Rick returned.

"Nice work, girl. Now, I guess we have some preparations to do for our next guest." He said to Iris, while patting her neck and hopping onto her back. They then galloped towards Route 25, where they would finaly meet with Chris... and, if all went as Rick planned, with another Rocket. Meanwhile on boat. "Why the heck are they taking so long? From here to Cerulean it's like a kilometer away." Chris was starting to get a bit impatient, not knowing what had happened, nor that he was about to get some visits in a few minutes.
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"Yeah suppose I can relate to that." Connor said with a chuckle as Amelia's innocent energy seemed to rub off on him the more he had spoken with her. After traveling alone for his journey thus far, it had been nice to be exposed to some of this positivity that she seemed to naturally radiate.

When the time came for his order, Connor smiled as he spoke up having scanned the menu to decide what he wished to have.

"Alright I'd like some lemonade, some basked mussels for an appetizer, some chicken yakitori with dip for the main course and as a desert...I'll have some mochi ice cream." Connor explained as he outlined what he wanted clearly as he could and smiled, he licked his lips internally at the dish and seemed to be pleased with what he was about to have.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
From the sky, the screech of a Staraptor was heard above Cerulean city, a creature naturally not native to Kanto. As the bird got closer to the ground via a circling descent, it seemed to be clear that the bird of prey was mounted by two trainers. The trainer who raised the bird was an ace trainer named Evilane, and she was somewhat of a big name back in Unova. As for the male who was bring brought to Kanto, he wasn't as well known, simply being a researcher named Lewis. As the bird landed and began to preen itself, Lewis hopped off and bowed at his old friend, giving her a pleasant smile. "Cheers, mein loff. You've done me a service, bringing me out here. I hate boats, and... Well, thank you." He spoke, causing his companion to giggle. "Oh, don't mention it. I don't mind taking a trip with you to get you to another region. Unova may be on the other side of the world, but Slice here has been itching for a long journey. Stay safe, Lewis, you know I'm always a call away if you get in trouble." She replied, preparing her bird to take off. "You say that like I'm a young kinder starting his journey. I can take care of myself, you know! However, I appreciate the sentiment. I know little about this region, so it's possible that I might take you up on that. Now, fly safe, Evilane! You have the world championships to attend, if my memory serves correctly." He finished, bowing once more as his more experienced friend took off on her bird, leaving him behind in a new region.

He looked around at the city surrounding him and stopped to think, letting Mistress the Eevee out of her ball. "Hmm... What to do now... I guess it'd be good to get something to eat, considering we had a long travel. What do you think, Mistress?" He asked the joyful little troublemaker. She simply gave a cry of confirmation, agreeing with her trainer. He chuckled and shook his head. While many people seemed to lack such an ability, he was able to communicate with Pokemon on some level. While he wasn't able to completely understand the exact words pokemon used, he had an understanding of what they were saying. "Alright, just don't cause any trouble. We don't want a repeat of what happened in Kalos, after all..." He finished, walking into the nearby sushi resturant. "Good day, reservation for one? An professional trainer by the name of Evilane should have gotten me a reservation before hand. The name's Lewis." He spoke to the one in charge of such things, and he was lead to his table. His Eevee giggled and decided to mount her trainer by jumping onto his left shoulder, causing him to give a mild grunt of discomfort. "Ahh, careful Mistress. Warn me next time, alright?" He spoke quietly, glancing over at the large group that seemed to be having a good time. Perhaps when they were finished, he'd be able to question them about the region. As he was lead to his table, he took off his dark green jacket and placed down to act as a sort of extra cushion while he sat down and waited for a waiter to take his order. He didn't have a lot of money, but he doubted eating at a resturant once would leave him broke.
Alice looked over her menu, before she felt stumped at the number of delicious options. When the waiter came up to her she just froze a bit. "umm, I'll have what Amelia had please and thank you, with a Water special set rather than a Grass." she said closing her menu and handing it to the waiter.

"So Connor, what brings you to a place like Kanto? I personally was tired of Hoenn and had to get out of there."
Connor glanced as a figure seemed to enter the restaurant away from them, before his attention snapped back to Alice as she seemed to ask what he was doing here which caused the man with the prosthetic leg to smile.

"Ah well I come from Kalos, and guess I just desired to travel away from home. For my big adventure wanted to take advantage of the wide world we live in and get exposed to a different Region's style. So far I cannot say I regret my decision." Connor said to Alice as he answered her question.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
After waiting for a bit, a waitress came to get Lewis' order and he gave a pleasant smile, his Eevee for once sitting still on his shoulder and behaving. For such an energetic and troublesome Eevee, it was rather odd to see. Of course, it usually didn't bode well, since it could often be an indication that she was planning something. Pushing those thoughts away and glancing at the menu, he made up his mind. "Alright, my order is as follows. For a drink, I'd like something such as Roseli berry tea. If that's not available, something like Sitrus berry juice would be fine. For a starter, something such as maki rolls are fine. Main course, I'd like a bowl of chirashizushi. As for a finisher... Perhaps something simple, wagashi." He finished, detailing his meal and trying to showcase his knowledge. Of course, his holotech assisted heavily in quick research before coming to Kanto, but they didn't know that. Before the waitress could leave and bring his order to the kitchen, however, his Eevee gave a loud cry and caused Lewis to almost wince.

"Mistress, please be a bit more quiet, you're going to make us draw negative attention." He spoke to the Eevee who then giggled at her trainer's reply. "The Eevee is right, however. For my Pokemon, I'll take two meals for foxlikes, and I think Lady would appreciate uramaki." He finished, the waitress nodding as she finished taking his order and walking off. He turned his attention back to his Eevee and gave her an annoyed look. "You're going to need to calm down one of these days. It's only a matter of time before you end up getting us in trouble, and I'd rather have this journey not end in a hospital visit." He spoke, the Eevee rolling her eyes and hopping off her trainer, basically using him as a springboard. However, while she simply meant to lay down on seating meant for small pokemon such as herself, it had the effect of essentially knocking her trainer sideways onto the floor, off his chair. Who would have thought an Eevee only a sixth of his size would accomplish such a thing?

He gave a look of extreme embarrassment as he glowered at the normal type, quickly brushing himself off and re-seating himself and pretending as if nothing happened, putting his jacket back on and covering his lower face with the collar. "And this is exactly what I mean... What will I ever do with you, Mistress? First of your name, and I dread to see what your children would be like..." He spoke quietly, his cheerful demanior dropping to more of an embarrassed and annoyed one.
The waitress was quick to bring back the food ordered, which shocked Amelia slightly, but she didn’t care. She saw some cute Pokémon at another table, and had to control herself to not go over and attack it with affection. She said she’d do it after she ate.

She was quick to devour her gyoza and sushi, loving every bit of flavor she got from it. She drank her soda so fast that she had to beat her chest to force a burp out. Then it got to the Daifuku. She stared at it in awe before absolutely destroying it.

Fushi was eating his sea grapes happily, savoring the flavour until he looked at his trainers poor table manners. Impressionable as ever, he started to devour his seaweed, the sea grapes, and the berries that littered the Pokémon tray.

Amelia pat her stomach and let out a long burp when she had finished, holding her full stomach, and Fushi (with seaweed all over his mouth) was absolutely satisfied, flipping onto his stomach and sighing happily. Countless people at the restaurant gawked at her and her Pokémon, absolutely disgusted by her manners.
As Rick reached the end of Route 25, he waved at Chris as the boat became visible. Chris walked up to the ship's bow, with hands on his pockets as the trainer approached. "Ah, finally. Don't tell me you were challenged by another Gym Leader." He said. Rick dismounted as soon as Iris hopped onto the boat. "Better!" He mentioned to Chris.

Rick's other pokémon quickly came out to greet his trainer back, with Pearl breaching out of the water and curling around Rick a few inches above the ship's deck, and Zephir leaping down from the top of the cabin and onto Iris's back. "Hey, how are you guys doing?" Rick said to them, petting Pearl's head, all the while Chris was scratching his chin with a thoughtful look before speaking. "What do you mean better? Elite Four member?" He questioned.

"Nah! I Actually got officialy invited to be part of Team Rocket by a fool in disguise. Needless to say he's regreting his life right now." Rick explained, before sitting on a bench with arms back at his nape. Chris raised an eyebrow, thinking on how that could be seen as a good thing, but he also had no time to talk back before the trainer added another bit of information. One that Chris wouldn't really appreciate. "Speaking of which, they might be coming in a bit to complain about it. Just thought you should know." Rick added.

"Wait, what?" Chris shouted. "You're attracting criminals here?" Rick's expression didn't change a little bit. "Relax. I faced three of them at once in Mount Moon and I only had Iris. What are they gonna do once they face the rest of the party? Besides, you have your own pokémon, don't you?" He said. Chris facepalmed and sighed before speaking. "What are you getting me into? We were supposed to revive an Aerodactyl. Not to mess around with a bunch of mafious people." He said.

Rick huffed before starting. "They were the ones messing with me first. If it wasn't for them, Pewter's Museum would still be reviving fossils, I wouldn't have to face Brock, and we would be sailing back to Sinnoh right now with an Aerodactyl in my belt. Instead, I need to come here to get an ID Card before heading to Cinnabar to revive it." He stated. "Besides... you know how much I hate people like these." He added.

Pearl dived into the water again, while Zephir returned to his resting spot on top of the ship's cabin. Iris simply stood on the bow watching, while Rick rested on the bench, waiting for someone to come in. Chris sighed and shrugged. "Fine! But I'll sit in the cabin while you handle this situation. This isn't my war." He stated, walking inside the cockpit and typing something on his laptop while they waited. So far though, the only thing new was a box-truck that parked next to the sea cottage. Chris looked at the truck, and soon got reminded. "Oh! And I ordered sushi for our lunch!" He said to Rick, to much of the latter's despise. "You wasted your money then. Give mine to Pearl, she might like it!"


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward was appalled by the table manners of Amelia. ‘Calm Edward, calm.’ Edward thought to himself as he looked at his food. Edward had ordered some Chicken Maki for his main dish, Then some gyozas, and a water with his Chicken Maki. If it weren’t for the cuisines of Kalos, this would be his go to meal. Edward grew up with proper manners, so he quietly used his chopsticks and ate his chicken maki.

Oliver ordered some basic sushi and a water as well. As him and his brother ate, Conner had spoke that he was from Kalos. The two brothers stopped eating for a moment and were surprised by this. “You’re from Kalos?” The brothers asked politely in unison. “We’re from Kalos as well.” Edward commented as Oliver pushed his glasses up with a finger. “You’re looking at one of the biggest trainer pr video makers in Kalos right there.” Oliver spoke pointing to his brother. Edward slightly blushed and laughed a small bit. “Yeah. That is a erm. H-Hobby of mine.” Edward spoke a bit nervous being put on the spot like that.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Of course, Lewis was quick to notice his Eevee had possibly caught the attention of a young girl with abysmal table manners, but he tried to pay no attention of it. She was young, she'd learn eventually. He'd rather not think of his Eevee right now, as the little foxlike creature embarrassed him, even if nobody noticed her knocking him off his chair. And fortunately, his food arrived before he could dwell on things, with him asking for the food for his Pokemon be brought after he was finished. He tried his best to smile and thanked the waitress as he gently grabbed the mug of tea he ordered, taking in the aroma. "Mmm, Roseli tea is great... And it goes great with sushi, from what limited experience I have. While Unova doesn't have much opportunities for such things, Alola has good sushi as well. Thank you." He spoke. He didn't have much experience with chopsticks, he understood that eating sushi with the hands was perfectly acceptable, so he did as follows.

He slowly savoured his maki with care, clearly enjoying himself while his Eevee took a nap near him. He paid her no mind, as he was simply focused on enjoying a rare treat he didn't often have. Of course, he felt a bit lonely ever since Evilane dropped him off here, but he hoped to perhaps join someone on their journey. He was practically a newbie himself, and while he did have three Pokemon, only Lady was experienced with battling. His Eevee and Snowpix(what he liked to refer to his Vulpix as) needed a lot of work, and he'd need an ice stone in order to even have Blizzard evolve, that is if he wanted to. Lewis wanted to have his Pokemon decide which moves they knew and whether or not they evolved, as it was an experience that would effect both the trainer and the Pokemon. Albiet, the Pokemon would have been affected more from evolution than the trainer.

Eventually, Lewis finished his meal and seemed rather content, good timing as the meals for his Pokemon arrived along with the bill. He seemed unsurprised at the price and pulled out his wallet from his bag, paying the bill as well as a 8% tip for good service. As the waitress left, he let out Blizzard and Lady, bringing the two foxes their meals and smiling as Lady sat across from him, her humanlike tendencies holding true. He signaled for them to start eating, and even the foxes seemed to be surprisingly well mannered. Perhaps Mistress felt a bit bad for embarrasing her trainer, so she decided to behave. Lady seemed to eat her meal using telekinesis, and Blizzard ignored the clear looks of awe others gave him. While Vulpix wasn't uncommon in Kanto, a variant all the way from Alola was definitely a very rare sight, especially for those who've never been to Alola before and weren't aware of regional variants.
"Well she seems to be enjoying her meal." Connor said with a chuckle, as once food arrived Amelia seemed to show she was quite hungry and wolfed it down in a rather improper fashion. Not that he was gonna judge, he had thought the sight was amusing and he had been focused on enjoying his meal.

When the brothers mentioned they had come from Kalos this caused Connor's own eyes to widen, wow what a small world? "Oh wow really that is too cool!" Connor said before he heard they were involved in trainer videos which had gotten his natural curiosity.
"Oh trainer vids you say? Sounds cool aspire to get anything into Pokestar Studios?"

Course his eyes focused on another trainer, who seemed to have a curiously colored Vulpix with him. A shiny? No this was different, perhaps it was one of those regional variants he had heard from Alola or Galar.
The group waited several minutes without anyone showing up. Rick laying on his side on a bench probably didn't notice the time passing much, but Chris with nothing to do was starting to get bored. "Hey!" He called to Rick. "Whatever plan you had, don't you think it's about time to drop it? Seems pretty clear no one's showing up." He said. This was moments before a man with a Rocket outfit came out of the truck that was parked and walked up to the middle of the road with hands on his pockets. "And you'd be wrong." The man said. Another group of five grunts came out from the truck's box. "Which one of you was speaking at the radio?" He asked.

Rick opened his eyes to look at the group. "Looks like you brought some company. I almost feel bad for them, knowing it was a trap and you still brought them in." Said Rick. The grunt frowned. "Guess it was you. What's the deal here? Where's our recruiter?" He interrogated. Rick got up from the bench, stretching his arms before speaking. "In an interrogation room, I assume. Probably trying to come up with the best excuses for the officer. Just like the bunch from Mount Moon." He told. The grunt gritted his teeth in frustration. "But who cares? You're here because of this, right?" Rick continued, taking out the Old Amber from his pocket and holding it in hand. "Afterall, it's all about profit." He added.

The grunts looked at the fossil in surprise, before one of them spoke. "It's an Old Amber! Alright pal, lets make a deal. Hand over that fossil, and we'll leave here without any trouble. Everyone parts ways, everyone's happy. Sounds good, eh? I'm usualy not that generous." He said. Rick jumped down of the boat and smiled. "And who said I want you to leave? I got you right where I want you." Rick said. "Sending a message to the Police Department right... now!" Chris said from the cabin. "Well, we better get started then!" Rick stated, snapping fingers. Zephir left his napping spot and leaped onto Iris's back, who jumped out of the boat to face the grunts. Pearl breached out of the water and hovered above them. "You were fools to come here!" Rick shouted.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
As Lewis' Pokemon finished their meals, his hologear started pulsing and he checked the wrist-mounted device. It seemed as if one of his colleagues was trying to contact him. He grabbed his bag and gestured for his Pokemon to follow him as he left the resturant. His Gardevoir and Eevee followed behind him, but Blizzard hesitated, as if he wanted to socialize with the group of trainers. He decided against it and followed his trainer as instructed of him. As Lewis left the resturant, he sat down across the street and pressed a button on his hologear. A holographic interface was displayed in front of him and he answered the call, the female figure of Evilane, an old friend and highly professional trainer from back home, showing on screen.

"Ahh, there you are, Lewis! I hope you're doing well in Kanto, eh? What have you been doing so far? Did you use the reservation I got for you?" She asked, her strange accent sounding rather out of place, but she was likely back in Unova by now.(The strange accent would be similar to a Canadian one, more specifically that of someone from Nova Scotia.) Lewis chuckled and shook his head. As he heard her voice, Blizzard decided to say hello and gave a gentle cry to Lewis, who gestured for the snowpix to curl up on his lap. "Things have been going fine, Evilane. I did take up the reservation you got for me, don't worry. Sushi isn't the kind of thing I get to have every day, so I appreciate the effort. Oh, and Blizzard says hello!" He chuckled again, Blizzard emphasising the point of his trainer by pawing at the hologram. "He's such an adorable little fox, isn't he? Anyways, I'm just checking in on ya. Wouldn't want to get halfway through the tournament only to cut it short halfway through because you got yourself into trouble. Stay safe, Lewis." She replied. The call ended then, leaving Lewis to think about his next move.

With his Pokemon sitting alongside him like silent guardians and Blizzard remaining on his lap, Lewis started navigating the menus on his hologear, looking at some local maps of the region and starting to get a feel for a place he didn't have time to properly learn about prior to his arrival. Perhaps some local trainer could prove a suitable partner as he set out on his own journey, but for now, he had to learn as much as he could. It would be rude to walk up to someone and ask them, after all. He'd have to wait for someone to be as polite and approach him. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch, since he was used to people approaching him about Blizzard, and even Mistress. Even an Eevee was a bit of a rare Pokemon, even in Kanto. And given her strange markings of some small streaks of colour in her otherwise normal coloured fur, she was just a bit more special. Lewis didn't quite know what said markings were about, but given how she was rescued from some illegal research laboratory(after it was shut down) years before and eventually given to him, it was possible that she was genetically modified. However, it was only speculation...
"Hurry up Roxy!" Kelly shouted back to her sister as she ran. The two of them were currently looking around for Amelia and the others when Drake and Tundra popped out of their PokeBalls.
"Come on guys, really?" Roxanne sighed as the two Fossil Pokemon came over to snuggle her, Tundra's cold body actually feeling pleasant in the midday heat. As she thought about this, she noticed someone with an Alolan Vulpix and was instantly intrigued. "You go on ahead Kelly, I'll meet up with y'all later!"
"Whatever you say sis!"
Upon saying this, Roxanne and her Pokemon made there way to the stranger with the Vulpix, Tundra ran over excited to see another Ice type. "Whoa, slow down Tundra!"
@The Heart of Frostfire.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
As the researcher heard a bit of a commotion with a few Pokemon and their trainers, he perked up a bit and increased the transparency on his holographic interface, silently watching as two fossil Pokemon seemed to escape from their balls. He chuckled quietly as he finished reading information on the region, his eyes shining as he was approached. A single tap on the screen of his holotech caused the interface to vanish. He looked expectantly at the female approaching him and took off his glasses, using a cloth from a pocket inside his open jacket to clean them off a bit.

"Ahh, hello there, can we help you? Heh, looks like your pokemon have taken a liking to Blizzard! He's used to attention, since it's not every day you see a regional variant outside of Alola!" He chuckled, his Gardevoir going into a defensive stance in case she had to protect her trainer. However, with a simple gesture and a look from her trainer, Lady quickly went into more of a calm stance. Ahh, I recognize your fossil Pokemon, native to Kalos, am I right on that? I'm from Unova, but I rather enjoy Kalos. Such a lovely culture~" He spoke, his eyes clouding for a few moments as he became lost in thought. However, he was snapped back to reality as his snowpix hopped off his lap in order to inspect Roxanne and her Pokemon. And as Lewis started to stand up, Mistress the Eevee decided to take the opportunity to mount his shoulder, causing him to nearly lose balance and fall over.

"Christ, Mistress, you need to be careful! You're going to be the death of me one of these days. Oh Arceus, what will we do with you? I can only hope you become less insane once you evolve." He spoke to his Eevee with a hint of annoyance, but in a tone that made it clear that her antics were nothing new. "Ahh, I should likely introduce myself, huh? My name is Lewis Fireheart, but you can just call me Lewis. I'm a research director for Razor Laboratories over in Unova, but I was allowed a long break from my duties in order to strengthen the bond between my Pokemon and I. And perhaps learn about the world in a way I wasn't able to while on duty!" He smiled, his pride over his position offset by his attempt to be a bit more sociable. While they spoke, he reached into his jacket again and pulled out what seemed to be a sort of small card-like device, inserting it into his holotech. With a robotic drone, the device spoke. "Datachip installed. Pokemon Analysis functions at full capacity."
"Nice to meet you Lewis, I'm Roxanne Stone from the Hoenn Region. You've already met Drake and Tundra." The young Aerodactyl and Amaura lowered themselves to Blizzard's level and began chatting. "I actually have four more Pokemon on hand, but these attract enough attention by themselves." Just as she finished talking, Panzer popped out of her ball as well, the female Aggron being curious about Lewis and his Pokemon.
"Gosh darn it, Panzer!" Roxanne could not help but exclaim as the Steel/Rock type greeted Lady and seemingly striking up a conversation of her own. "At this rate, everyone else is going to wanna know what's going on." Looking to Lewis, Roxanne continued. "You mind meeting the rest of the team? They seem to know when there's someone new and are relatively friendly."
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The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
He gave a pleasant smile as she introduced herself, chuckling as his Pokemon seemed to get involved in their own conversation. As for the Eevee, she remained with her trainer, as she was a bit more partial to being with humans than other Pokemon. As the Aggron popped out of her ball as well, he gave a look of pleasant surprise, his eyes sparkling. "Ahh, it must be nice to have a full team! I wouldn't mind meeting them, it'd be a good experience!" He replied with clear joy. It wasn't every day he got to meet a trainer with a full team such as Roxanne, as his colleagues usually only had a few Pokemon as he did. "I know this may seem a bit odd, but it's actually been a while since I met a professional such as yourself. Aside from Evilane, who's a bit of a big shot back home... The only trainers I generally speak to only keep Pokemon as a companion, and only have one or two. So this is a refreshing surprise!" He chuckled. Mistress meanwhile decided to use the time to think, her eyes closing and going into a meditative state. Naturally, Lewis was concerned over this, since his Eevee was rarely like this. Perhaps it was the influence of other Pokemon that made her decide to calm down a bit, but only time would tell. "Roxanne, what kind of journey are you undertaking? Myself, I don't have any long term plans for this break other than getting stronger, both with my team and with myself. Perhaps partaking in the gym challenge could be fun."
"If you wanna meet the rest of my Pokemon you'll have to go to Professor Birch's lab in the Hoenn Region." Shortly after saying this, Roxanne let out her Luxray, Shieldon, and Tyrunt. "On the other hand, these three are Storm, Tank, and Rexy."
Watching their Pokemon interact, Roxanne continued. "Also, I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a professional, I really just like searching for unusual fossils and hanging out with my Pokemon. As far as the gym challenge is concerned, that's more my sister's thing. She's a Fire type specialist and wants to become a gym leader one day."
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The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
He shook his head and closed his eyes as he thought for a moment, his eyes opening again and almost having a purple hue rather than the normal cyan. "Ahh, I believe Hoenn is the one region I haven't been to, so perhaps that can be a trip later. Ahh, Luxray! I'm rather partial to that evolution line, but I've never had an opportunity to get one of my own." He replied, his eyes almost glowing with excitement as he saw Storm. Making sure to move slowly as to both avoid having Mistress fall off of his shoulder and to seem more friendly, he approached the lightning cat and started petting it on the head. "My, you're a good kitty. If I had treats, I'd definitely share them around." He spoke to the Luxray. While he wasn't entirely able to communicate fully with Pokemon like people such as the one who referred to himself as N, he had some sort of innate ability to at least understand the emotions of even wild Pokemon, sort of like a sixth sense. And it was that sense that allowed him to at have a basic understanding of what Pokemon were trying to say. "Well, you may not be a professional to others, but compared to me... I'd like to think you clearly have more experience than I do. Ahh, perhaps I'll be able to meet your sister later. Perhaps she'd be able to assist with my goals!" He smiled, stepping back from the Luxray before it started to get weird. Frankly, he could spend all day with Pokemon, but he understood it would have been a bit weird for such attention towards a stranger's pokemon.
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"Oh, she's a character alright. She and I have already traveled through several regions, mostly at her insistence. I think she owns at least twenty-four gym badges?" Seeing enjoying the attention, she added. "Other than becoming a gym leader, Kelly's been searching high and low for a Charmander she can call her own. Particularly, a shiny Charmander."
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The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
As she mentioned that her sister was looking for a Charmander, he perked up and seemed to react as if he knew something. Without withholding any information, he quickly engaged his holotech with the opacity down and began looking through records. "Ahh, Charmander? That's actually a good co-incidence, I believe Evilane mentioned something about caring for one that she was willing to give to someone wanting one. It was on the ride here, so I could easily contact her and ask her about it! That is, if you sister is up for trading with someone in another region." He spoke excitedly, the researcher turned trainer excited over the potential for being able to help someone get a Pokemon. Of course, whether or not she'd accept was up to her, but Lewis couldn't help but have high hopes. Meanwhile, Mistress stopped meditating and her eyes opened as she felt the excitement of her trainer. Her tail started to swish from side to side as his positive energy started being showcased by the little fennec, barely keeping still to avoid falling off his shoulder, which she already had a bit of an issue with given her size.
"Hmm, I'm actually not sure if there are any Pokemon in her arsenal that she'd be willing to trade but we'll have to talk to her about it. For all I know, Kelly probably has an Alolan Marowak that she got from someone else." As she thought about this, Drake the baby Aerodactyl decided to introduce himself to Mistress and possibly strike a conversation with her. Storm on the other hand decided she'd join Lady and Panzer's chat after Lewis stopped petting her. Meanwhile, Rexy and Tank got to their usual rough housing.
"At any rate, it'd be best to ask her personally."
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Meanwhile, Kelly heard a commotion across the bridge and somewhere around route 25 and ran to investigate the source. Only to find Rick confronting six Rocket grunts.
"Ugh, I hate these guys." Reaching to her belt, Kelly quickly grabbed four of the five PokeBalls. "Vulcan, Rocky, Leia, Flare! Come on out guys!" Shouting loud enough to be heard, Kelly and her Pokemon came behind the grunts and cut off any potential escape. "Hey Rick, need a hand?"
Seeing his offer denied, the grunt grited his teeth in frustration. "Pff... so be it! Guess we'll have to do things the hard way!" he said, taking a pokeball from his belt. "And if you thought we were like the ones you faced in Mount Moon think again!" He added before sending out his pokémon along with the others, their combined team consisting of a Golem, Rhydon, Venomoth, Raticate, Arbok, and Weezing. "Well, this might even be a fair fight for once." Rick muttered.

The Rhydon's trainer was the first to start, commanding his pokémon to use Rock Throw. The Drill Pokémon dug both arms into the ground and pulled up a big boulder to toss at Iris. "Leaf Blade!" Rick ordered in response. Zephir jumped off Iris's back and in front of her as the leaf on his head started glowing, then slashed the incoming rock in half. Meanwhile, Iris started running arround the field while Rick sent another command to his Leafeon. "Use Razor Leaf!" Small leaves scattered around Zephir from his body before being fired at the opposing group of pokémon.

"Smokescreen!" Ordered the Weezing's trainer. The Gas Pokémon expeled a black curtain of smoke from its holes to conceil Team Rocket's Pokémon. The big ones, Golem and Rhydon, still took the blunt of the attack, but the others avoided the sharp leaves completely. Arbok stayed low to the ground and quickly started slithering towards Zephir. "Use Poison Fang!" Its trainer commanded. The snake raised its head and bared its fangs to bite down on the Leafeon, but from its side came Iris cloaked in flames, who rammed at the Arbok while it was focused on the Grass-type.

Iris continued to run around the area. Meanwhile, it was the Raticate's trainer sending a move. "Use Super Fang!" He ordered. Raticate came out from the black cloud and lunged at Zephir. "Block it with Iron Tail!" Rick commanded in response. Zephir's tail glew white as it hardened, and he put it in front of him to intercept the attack. The Raticate's fangs clamped on Zephir's tail before the Leafeon shoved his opponent back with a swing. Its trainer wasn't done yet, and followed up with a Double-Edge. The Raticate got on all fours and quickly charged at Zephir. "Grass Knot!" Rick shouted. Zephir perked his tail up and his body got surrounded by a green aura, before a few vines came out from the ground and tied the Raticate in place. Iris then crashed down on the Mouse Pokémon from above with a Flare Blitz.

"Can anyone pick that annoying horse out, please?!" Yelled the Raticate's trainer. One of the grunts answered to this call, commanding his Golem to charge at the mare with a Rollout. From the smoke cloud, the Golem pulled itself into a ball and rolled towards Iris at high speed. The mare reared to bring down her front hooves on the rolling Rock-type to brace herself. She was pushed back several feet until they came into a halt. "Hydro Pump!" Rick shouted to Pearl. The Dragonair came to Iris's aid, and as the pearl on her neck started glowing, a swirling orb of water formed in front of it before firing a water jet at the Golem.

"Bunch of idiots! Try to attack one of them, and the other two will defend it. You don't stand a chance with those uncoordinated attacks!" Rick chastised the grunts. The grunts started getting more frustrated as the time passed. "Then we'll attack together!" Said one of the grunts. "I'm still waiting!" Rick yelled at them.

Things were only getting worse for the grunts, though. As if they weren't struggling enough with Rick, Kelly also showed up. And she didn't try to go unnoticed. "Curse! Reinforcements!" Said one of the grunts after seeing the new trainer. Kelly sent out four of her pokémon, blocking the grunts' escape route and offering Rick her help. "Do as you please, Kelly. I don't mind sharing the fun." He said to Kelly. Three of the grunts ended up making that decision for her, though. After recalling their fainted pokémon, they approached the trainer. "Hey lady, we're taking care of a private matter here. Now get lost, or else!" Said one of the grunts, trying to look as serious as he could given their current situation.
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"Glad to hear that, but I wasn't taking no for an answer either way!" Kelly yelled to Rick before looking at the grunts that approached her. "Big talk from a bunch of losers that are getting their butts handed to them. Flare, Leia, Flamethrower." Nodding to their trainer, the Infernape and Pyroar quickly spat out streams of flames to create a sort of ring around the area to further prevent escape. Kelly grinned at the grunts, holding her arms out to both sides as she spoke. "Welcome to the ring of fire."

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
"Ahh, that's fine,if trading doesn't work, I could possibly convince her to come her in person when she's not busy. She could use a break, honestly." He smiled as the Aerodactyl decided to speak to the Eevee, who rolled her eyes and decided to gently hop off the shoulder of her trainer, her dismounting from Lewis causing him to fall over and land on his back. Fortunately, he had a bit of shock-padding on the back of his jacket for this exact reason, as this wasn't the first time she's caused him to fall over. He gave a quiet yelp of pain and took a good minute to get back up, dusting himself off as he gave Mistress a disapproving look silently. He didn't speak on the matter further, as he tried to hide his embarrassment, which was made even worse with the fact his Pokemon were too busy to pay attention to him. "Anyways, back on the topic... Do you know where she is, right now?" He asked, taking a look at the hologram in front of him. "It seems my tech is picking up a lot of energy signatures nearby, as if a group of Pokemon are engaged in an intense battle. However... I can't tell the exact source. Could your sister be involved with that?"
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Kelly didn't care about the threats, but rather than sending other pokémon to fight, the grunts started arguing with each other. "Dude, your bluff wouldn't convince even me." Said one of the grunts. "Yeah? Then do better!" Said the other. Rick facepalmed while tilting his body to look at the scene. Iris began to run around the area again, while the Venomoth's trainer ordered their next move.

"Use Psychic!" The Venomoth rised above the smoke cloud. As the eyes of the Bug-type followed Iris and started glowing light blue, the mare was lifted up in the air. "Sludge Bomb!" Shouted the Weezing's trainer, trying to take advantage of the Rapidash's vulnerable position. "Finaly, some tactics!" Rick commented. As the glob of sludge headed towards Iris, however, Pearl darted to intercept the projectile, her body surrounded by a blue aura which shielded her from the attack. "Still not good enough. Use Dragon Pulse on that Weezing!" Rick commanded. Pearl pointed her horn at the Poison-type, shooting a beam of draconic energy at it and knocking it back. Iris soon followed with a Flamethrower from her mane at the Venomoth, resulting in the latter losing its mental grip on her.

"I think it's my turn to go on the offensive?" Said Rick in a low tone and with arms crossed. "Helping Hand and Heat Wave!" He ordered. Zephir perked up his tail, and a golden aura flowed from his body into Iris's. The mare let out a loud whinny before releasing a Heat Wave from her body, both blowing away the smokescreen and scorching the Venomoth and Weezing that were hiding in it. Rhydon, however, was still hanging on. "Pearl, Sunny Day! Zephir and Iris, use Solar Beam together!" Rick commanded, raising an arm. With a loud cry and her orbs shining brightly, Pearl cleared out the sky, and soon after, both Zephir and Iris fired their Solar Beams at the Rhydon.

Meanwhile, Chris lean back on his seat. "I have to admit, these Rocket guys are hilarious." He muttered. One of grunt who had already been defeated, hoped on to the boat. "Hey! I don't remember giving a ticket, so get out of my boat, you asshole!" Chris shouted. "Heh! Make me." The grunt responded, smirking. Chris shrugged. "Well I expected you to say something like that." He said, approaching the controlers and pulling a lever. A hatch opened below the grunt making it fall down into the ship's hull. Inside, the grunt was greeted by an Electrode, who smiled at him before exploding, sending the grunt flying, judging by the direction, to Cerulean. "Hmm... too much power. Noted!" Chris muttered, writing on a notepad.
Amelia stood up and left the restaurant after paying, Fushi in tow. With their stomachs full to the brim, they let out a few burps as the doors were roughly closed behind them. Apparently they weren’t very welcome there anymore. Amelia let out a giant burp, and as if her abdomen was made of gas, her bloated stomach deflated.

“Well, what’s next?” She yawned dramatically before smacking her lips, “Do you wanna battle Misty now, Finn?”
"You boys are absolutely pathetic. Flare, Leia, Rocky, catch these clowns before they bring out anymore Pokemon." Following Kelly's instructions, the Blaziken, Infernape and Pyroar quickly pounced and pinned the three grunts before they could react. "Consider yourselves lucky that I don't like having my Pokemon burn people."

"Last I saw her, we were actually looking for our friends cause we were left behind." Roxanne had a trace of embarrassment as she spoke. Upon hearing about the group of people from Lewis. "More than likely, that's where she is. She has a worrying tendency to get mixed up in these kinds of situations after all."
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"Someone had a good meal." Connor said with a chuckle as he walked out with Amelia and seemed to want to avoid the drama inside as well, some other patrons had caused a scene. And needless to say he wanted to avoid that as he walked with her as she asked what was next to be done.

"W-well I was probably gonna head out to Vermilion City to try my next Gym Badge. But uh, well...I guess it depends on you guys i-if you still are okay with me traveling with you." Connor said to Amelia and her friend circle.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
He nodded and seemed rather interested in the idea. "Ahh, I've had my fair share of being mixed up in chaos, frankly. You can blame Mistress here, she's responsible for more than a few issues I've had to deal with alongside Evilane. Fortunately, she seems to be calming down as time goes on." He chuckled, giving a glance at his Eevee. The Eevee, of course, simply rolled her eyes(well, as much as an Eevee could do) and continued talking to the Aerodactyl. With a final look at his interface, a push of a button caused it to vanish again. "Do you think we should investigate? Perhaps she could use some assistance!" He questioned. While his team may not have been the best with battling, Lady could at least provide some form of support. And alongside a trainer who had Pokemon more suited for battling, he was at least knowledgable.
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Finn walked out of the gym with a big grin on his face while he finally got his gym badge and chuckled. He was ready to continue his journey and head to the next town.