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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

Amelia, not far behind Alice, was also mightily distracted and followed in her friends footsteps, smacking directly into the glass and nearly falling on top of Alice. If Fushi hadn’t grasped Amelia’s hand and pulled her out of the way, Amelia would’ve crushed Alice flat.

“Whoa!” Amelia said, sitting up and shaking her head rapidly, trying to get her thoughts straight, “Is that a Rapidash?”
Iris's head quickly raised above the grass as soon as she heard two thuds hitting the Center's door in quick succession. She stared at the two girls laying on the ground for a bit before walking up towards them to inspect them. After she recognized both trainers, she gave out a friendly nicker as a greeting, before she grabed Alice by the shirt's collar and pulled her back on her feet, followed by Amelia.

Inside the Pokémon Center, the same sound also startled Rick out of the conversation. "What in the Distortion World..." He muttered, after quickly turning his head towards the door. "What happened?" Chris asked, leaning forward towards the screen. Rick sighed before replying. "She was galloping and couldn't brake on time... I think... actually no, she would've shattered that door if that was the case..."
Amelia giggled at the Rapidash before her, Fushi also being quite excited, but keeping his distance as to not get himself hurt. Hito was more than happy to see another fire type, though.

“Hi, Iris!” Amelia said, petting the horse near the ears, but low enough so she wouldn’t touch its flames.

Amelia looked into the Pokémon Center and saw Rick, immediately taking both her arms in an over exaggerated wave to try and snag his attention.
Finn worried about the pokemon and patted it's head. "You alright little guy?" He asked as the pokemon slowly nodded. The Fearow shook and twitched as it coughed up a puff of smoke, Finn tossed a pokeball at it and caught it, while looking for a place to heal the oddish and saw a house and knocked on the door realizing that it was halfway open and walked inside to see a Clefairy trying to reach a machine that was connected to two metal pods. "Come on! I need ta reach this stupid button." Finn looked at the Clefairy and then began to smile. "A Clefairy that can talk! That's so flipping cool!" Finn yelled happily!" The Clefairy turned around and looked a little confused before clearing his throat. "I'm not a Pokemon, Kid. Well I sorta am now. My name is Bill a Pokemon Researcher and I'm regarded as a expert in my field. But I kinda messed up with something I was doing and then switched body's with a pokemon. Could you be a pal and help me out?" He asked looking down. "I'm not that smart of a guy with it comes to this sciences stuff but sure! I don't see why not." He said happily as Bill explained the basics of the machine and told him all he has to do is press the green button. Finn clicked the button when Bill gave him the go ahead and Bill came from the other end in his human body. "Thanks Pal! I'm was worried for a second there, so why did you come to my house?" He asked. "Oh right. I have a Oddish that was badly injured by a Fearow." Bill nodded as he began to to treat the Oddish's wounds.
"Anyways! We can talk more later, I won't keep you longer. I'll be waiting for you in Route 25, next to a sea cottage. I would meet you at Cerulean if I could go through the inlet, but I can't with a low tide." Chris said. Rick nodded. "Yeah, no problem. See you there!" and turned off the call, before heading outside.

"Alright, what the crud happened here?" He looked at Iris first, then spoted the two young trainers. "Well, look who we have here? So you two were the ones who planted your faces on the door. Honestly I don't blame you. The glass is pretty clean." Rick jokingly said to the girls.
"Penny, come back here!" Shortly after entering Cerulean City, Kelly's Ponyta caught sight of Iris and excitedly galloped towards the Rapidash.
"Oh brother, here we go again." Catching up with the young filly, Roxanne saw Rick with Alice and Amelia at the Pokemon center. "Hey Rick!"
Alice's head wobbled a bit before she felt hersellf being lifted. "Oh well, the thing is...That's the second most beautiful pokemon I've ever seen!" yelled Alice at the top of her lungs. "Her mane is a brilliant orange, her legs are storng yet elegant, the horn isthe perfect size, I just...couldn't help but look at it!" she said instinctively reaching for her colored pencils. "I can't do just a quick regular sketch for this I' gonna need to put 100% into this! If you'll excuse me, I'll be here for a bit." she said before having the most intense look of concentration in her eyes, piece of Slowpoke jerky in her mouth and multiple different pencils and colored pencils sticking out of her bag.
"Outta the way! Coming through, so sorry!"

Marley had barely skirted around the couple without disaster. Her scooter- Milo, she called it- kicked up dirt in their wake, much to the annoyance of the strangers.

"Be careful kid!"

"Yea, you're going to hurt someone!"

'Somone's already hurt!' She thought nervously, glancing back at Boo to make sure he was still stirring. The Phantump was snuggled in her backpack, eyes closed and breathing heavily.

"Almost there Boobear, don't you worry!" Tops of houses were already beginning to take individual shapes, a good sign they were in Cerulean city. Keeping a secure hold on her hat, Marley took a sharp turn around a picketed fence.

"Anyone know where the pokemon center is?" She'd traveled through Cerulean once before, but she hadn't taken the time to get the layout. Mt. Moon had been awaiting her exploration a few days before, and now it was costing her precious time. Before she could stop to ask a local, Marley happened upon a group of pokemon and people milling about right outside a familiar looking red roof.

"Thank Arceus! 'Bout time our luck turned around." With a relieved sigh Marley raced towards the entrance, waving her hand to get the group's attention.

"'Scuse me! Sorry, don't wanna run you over!" Skillfully sliding between them, she placed Milo haphazardly on the ground before zipping into the pokemon center. The interior was identical to the one they had in her grandparent's hometown, as well as the one in Saffron City, so it was a natural process for her. Marley walked up to the desk, giving the nurse a nervous smile.

"Hello! Can I please check in Boo? He's been hurt..." Sliding the backpack off of her shoulders, she carefully cradled Boo in her arms and set him on the counter.

"Of course you can sweetheart, that's what we're here for! One moment while we take him back, please have a seat in the waiting room."
Rick stared at Alice with wide eyes as she started drawing a portrait of Iris after a series of compliments. She hadn't been the first person to praise her, but she was certainly the most ecstatic so far. Iris also seemed to be liking the attention as she posed for the young girl. Meanwhile, another trainer came in in a rush to get into the Pokémon Center. Rick gave a step back to free the entrance. "Someone got in a bit of a predicament..." He muttered, before turning back to Alice.

"Well then. Since you liked her that much, I'll leave her with you until you're done." He told Alice, before sneaking a peek at her notebook. "Hmm... you're actualy pretty good at it. Best thing I can draw accurately are stickmen and Dittos." He commented. He also spoted a Ponyta running towards and looking up at Iris, before he was greeted by Roxanne who followed behind the filly. "Oh, hello Roxy!" He greeted in return, before briefly looking at the Ponyta who had passed by. "From the type of pokémon you had shown, I didn't expect you to also have a Ponyta."


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward and Oliver hopped back as soon as someone came blitzing through and into the Pokémon Center. “Geez, Someone’s in a rush. Right bro?” Oliver wittily commented and nudged Edward’s arm as Edward nodded in response. The two walked in and saw the same person in the Pokémon center. “So are you going to take one of your Pokémon or all of them?” Edward asked as he looked at his brother. “Probably just Kerbecs. I can give Orion a revive and use potions on him and Deimos.” Oliver commented as he walked to the front desk. “Hello, I would like to check in Kerbecs. He fainted after me and my brother battles.” Oliver commented as he grabbed the pokeball and the nurse nodded. “We’ll get Kerbecs in as quick as we can. For the time being, can you please go into the waiting room.” The nurse spoke as the brothers nodded.

“Alright, let’s go.” Edward commented as he took a seat in the waiting room. Oliver slowly following behind and sitting next to his brother. “Did Lancelot even sustain any damage against Kerbecs’ fire blast storm?” Oliver asked as Edward reached for his luxury ball. “Well let’s see.” Edward spoke as he opened the ball for Lancelot to appear. “Only minor scratches.” Edward spoke as Lancelot stood next to Edward.
(@Pipsqueak~ )
"Good to see you too Rick, but that's actually my sister's Ponyta." Roxanne had arrived at the Pokemon center with Kelly right behind her.
"Penny, you know I hate it when you run off like that!" Kelly huffed, not fully rested from her earlier training. "I'm Kelly Stone, Roxy's twin sister and a Fire type specialist."
Marley had taken a seat next to a big open window, relaxing against the glass as she watched the fire pokemon and their presumed trainers converse. Now that she could rest, she took time to straighten her braids and fix her hat rightly on her head before inspecting the passerby in the pokemon center. There were a bunch of pokemon she didn't recognize, but whether because of her lack of experience or being a foreigner in the Kanto region she didn't know. There was a woman and young boy sitting two seats down from her, playing with a cute litle pink pokemon.

"Mom, will Pikachu be ok?" The brunette boy stared at her with the most heartbreaking look Marley had ever seen. Although she didn't show it, he perfectly painted the emotion she was feeling right now. She'd never really battled much with Boo aside from the basic training she did with her grandpa's Nidoran.

"I'm sure she'll be fine honey. She just has a bit of a tummy ache, just like what you get when you're sick!" The response seemed cheerful. Was that how all mothers were like? She was invested in their Pikachu's welfare now, but before she could listen to more the doors of the waiting room opened. Marley stood, ignorantly hoping it would somehow be the nurse with Boo, even though she'd just dropped him off. Instead two boys came in. They looked older than her, taller too, and much happier. She couldn't make out what they were saying, but the blond haired one grabbed a pokeball and released one of his pokemon. A slim green and white shape materialized from the red beam, Marley staring at it in awe. What was that?

Not so discreetly pulling out her new shiny pokedex, she scanned the pokemon and waited for the familiar robotic voice.

"Gallade, the blade pokemon and the evolved form of Kirlia. Gallade extends its elbows as if they were swords, and when protecting someone, it fights fiercely."

"Gallade?" Marley repeated, testing the name on her tongue. She'd never seen such an intimidating pokemon before! As if in a trance, the young girl stood up to curiously inspect the boy's comrade.

"Hi there! Um, I like your... uh, Gallade! I'm Marley by the way, it's nice to meet you!" She extended a formal hand for a handshake, remembering it was the polite way to greet someone as her grandfather put it.
Finn walked inside the pokemon center with his new oddish sitting on his head as he held some tickets in his hand as he looked around and saw Rick and then smiled. "RICK!" He yelled as he dashed to him and then stopped. "How have you been! I hope you're doing alright!" He said as he happily patted Rick's back.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward was surprised by a person coming up to him. “Ah. My name is Edward.” Edward introduced as he took Marley’s hand and shook it. “A pleasure to meet your acquaintance.” Edward finished as he heard what Marley said about Lancelot. “Ah. My partner Pokémon Lancelot. We have an iron bond, built mostly from spending time together. But, overall, I couldn’t have had a better starting Pokémon. Might I ask, what brings you all the way out here?” Edward asked as he looked to his brother and then back to Marley
(@Pipsqueak~ )
Marley giggled.

"Lancelot, like in the story! S' cute!" She turned to the Gallade with a smile, curtsying to him as if he were a real knight.

"My papa always read me the stories of knights, princesses and all the pokemon who lived in the- eh, hm?" Luckily for the boys they didn't have to hear one of her tangents. Instead, as if they knew how long that might've taken, they changed the subject. Or perhaps they were just curious!

"Oh! Well, you see, I'm not really from Kanto. I live with my grandma and grandpa now, and they helped me get my pokemon license so I can travel with my partner Boo! But... I kinda forgot that we don't train too often, and we got into a battle with another trainer and his Pigeot at Mt. Moon! He hurt Boo pretty badly so... here we are! I just hope they can fix him up..." She glanced worriedly towards the doors again with a sigh, but quickly forced a smile on her face. She couldn't act so sad in front of new people!

"But it's alright! We just have to train harder next time!" She pumped her fist in the air, certain that this time would be much different than the last few times she had declared that.

"I don't really have a goal for me and Boo just yet, but that's what we're traveling for! I'm gonna find the greatest thing of all time so me and my pokemon can do it forever! What about you guys, what do you wanna do?"


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward smiled a bit. “Well. Me and my brother are out traveling to see the different regions.” Edward commented before Oliver slugged his arm. “Come on bro. You know that isn’t true. You came to see if people recognized you for your trainer pr videos you did back at home.” Oliver commented as Edward blushed a little bit.

“I-I was half true…but that is my main thing that I am out here for.” Edward commented as he looked back to Marley. “Well. We aren’t from Kanto at all. We’re from Kalos, and I’m known for my trainer pr videos. I wanted to know who recognized me for my hobby.” Edward explained as Oliver pushed his glasses up.

“I’m here with him to see what kind of unique Pokémon there are. I have another Pokémon. But let me just.” Oliver paused as he grabbed Orion’s pokeball and opened it. Grabbing a revive, and putting it onto Orion, Orion spun to life. “This is Orion. A Minior from the Alola Region.” Oliver spoke as the core Pokémon spun as a greeting to Marley. “We are here waiting for my partner Kerbecs to be checked on after me and my brother fought. He’s got other Pokémon you haven’t seen before.” Oliver told Marley as he smiled a bit.
Marley laughed as the brothers bickered. She had never had a sibling before, unless one counted Boo who acted very much like a child, but watching them made her realize just how bored she'd gotten by herself. It wasn't as if there was hope for a sibling now, of course, since the Pelippers only brought kids to families with two parents, not one. At the mention of Kalos, however, Marley's head shot towards Edward with widened eyes.

"Hey, I'm from Kalos too!" She pointed to herself proudly.

"I wonder if any of my friends know you? My bestest friend, his name is Danny, he watches all kinds of videos! Do you mind if I take a picture and send it to him?" She grabbed her phone and waved it excitedly at the boy. His brother Oliver managed to divert her attention before she could get a response, and she squealed with delight upon seeing the pokemon.

"Oh he looks so excited! Hello mister Orion!" Switching out her phone with her pokedex, she held it up once more to the Minior.

"Minior, the meteor pokemon. A rock and flying type. Minior has a heavy, hard shell and an internal core. After it sheds its shell, it becomes very light."

"Wooooow! You two have such cool pokemon! I've only got one so far, but hopefully Boo will be brave enough to help me catch another one of these days!" As the three spoke, the doors opened once again. This time it really was the nurse, but not with the pokemon she had hoped. A pikachu waved her heart shaped tail excitedly as the boy and his mother ran happily over to greet it. Nobody else besides her and the brothers were in the waiting room. She had to be next! Until then, she would make herself content with Orion.

Plopping herself on the linoleum floor, Marley patted Orion carefully.

"Sooooo cute!"
Amelia was looking back and forth, to and fro all of the chaos that seemed to appear around her. But she chuckled and waved it off, chaos seeming to follow her wherever she goes. She marched into the Pokémon Center and returned her Ivysaur, putting her three Pokeballs on the counter. Nurse Joy looked at them happily.

“Hi! Can you please heal up my Pokémon?” Amelia said, patting the counter.

Nurse Joy nodded.

“Of course!” She looked to Hito, who wasn’t in a Pokeball, “Is he yours too?”

Amelia looked at Hito, who appeared totally fine and unharmed. Amelia shook her head.

“No, he isn’t mine. I’m just watching over him until he can find a new trainer is all,” she said.

Hito appeared upset at this, though Amelia hadn’t noticed. He crossed his arms across his tiny chest, throwing a small fit while Amelia watched her Pokémon get put on a machine, which healed them.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward smiled a little bit. “Why not. Have a go.” Edward offered to Marley as he prepared a sitting pose for his picture. “Always gotta go above and beyond bro. Respectable.” Oliver commented with a small chuckle at the end.

Orion enjoyed the head pats and let Marley continue giving pats on his head.
"Oh yea, the picture!" Marley carefully got up from where she was standing so as not to surprise Orion and retrieved her phone again.

"Hold still now! More smiling! Aaaaand there we go! I can't wait to hear back from him! He'll be so jealous if he knows of you!" She snickered to herself, happy to finally have something to boast about to her friends back home.

"Marley? Boo is ready for you!" This time she hadn't noticed the nurse until her name was called.

"Phan, Phantump!" Boo called to her happily. By the looks of things he seemed to be much better!

"Oh gosh, thanks so much miss!" Marley replied to her cheerfully as she took Boobear into her arms and hugged tightly.

"I'm so happy you're okay again! Oh, right, come meet my new acquaintances!" Dragging Boo by the hand, she skipped back up to the boys, feeling much more confident.

"See? This is Oliver and Edward! They're brothers. And this is my pokemon Boobear!" She turned to the pair to introduce everyone, holding her companion by the waist. Boo glanced between the brothers carefully before giving them a hesitant wave.

"He's a little shy, but he'll come around! Can I wait with you guys until your pokemon is better? I wanna see them all!"
After spending way longer than necessary finishing the picture of the Rapidash and she held it up, next to the horse pokemon's face. "I'd say I did a mighty fine job on this!" said Alice. "Think so Cherry?" "Claun." "Yeaah, I could use some touching up here and there, but that's enough of this, wait why did I come here in the first place? Oh yeah! Karpy! Sorry guy, I see a pokemon that pretty, I have to draw it. Thanks for being such a good model." said Alice rubbing the pokemon's forehead but flinching a bit at the fiery mane. Alice ran into the now quite crowded pokemon center but the large number of nurses seemed to handle it perfectly well. She walked up to one of the less crowded areas of the front desk and approached a waiting Chansey. "Umm, hello, can you please take care of Karpy? He fainted in a battle." said Alice handing Magikarp's pokeball to the pink egg pokemon. "Chan-Chansey!" said the normal type with a nod and a smile and took the Pokeball to a nearby second healing machine. Alice looked over and saw Oli and Eddy had finished their battle and they appeared to be newly acquainted with a girl with green hair. "Oh hey Oli! Hey Eddie! Who's this? Is she a fan or somethin'?" said Alice reaching for another piece of jerky to chew on, from an almost empty package.
As Roxanne stated the Ponyta wasn't hers, another female trainer came running after Roxanne, yelling for the filly who had wandered off. "Ah. That actualy makes more sense. Nice to meet you!" Rick said to Kelly after she introduced herself. "Don't worry, your Ponyta didn't run into anyone, and my Rapidash is actualy pretty nice towards foals, despite her temper." He said to the trainer.

As Iris was finished being a model, Rick started counting on his head how many familiar faces he had seen so far, and then realized - "Hey! There's one missing! Where's Finn?" - He asked. Just for the person in question to shout out at him from behind and patting on his back. "Ah... okay, so now everyone is here. And yes, I'm doing fine. Brock came up really helpful at sorting my whole issue in Pewter, and beating up some of those Rotten grunts felt like icing on a cake." He said to Finn.
Amelia received her Pokémon back and put their Pokeballs in her pocket. She looked at all of her friends in the building, hearing bits and pieces of Rick beating up some Team Rocket Grunts with Brock, or a new girl who was talking with Oliver and Edward. Amelia was about to walk up and start talking to the new girl when Hito jumped off of her shoulder. He pointed at a nearby patch of grass outside, Amelia assuming he wanted to wait for her and her friends to finish talking. In reality, he just wanted to pout about Amelia not capturing him as her own yet. He rushed off, plopping into the grass near Iris and pouting, looking at Amelia every five seconds to get the attention he so desperately craved.

Amelia, however, was happy to give Hito alone time and was completely oblivious to his complaining. Instead, she wandered over to where Oli, Eddie, the new girl, and now Alice was standing.

“Hey guys!” Amelia said, immediately looking toward the new girl.

Without allowing any introduction, Amelia popped right in, grinning widely.

“Hey, nice ta meetcha! Name’s Amelia, how’s your day? Where’re ya from? What Pokémon do you have? I like your hair, how’re ya doing?”
While everyone else was chatting, Kelly couldn't help but notice the little Charmander near Iris and slowly approached him. "Hey, Little Guy. You alright?" Sitting down crosslegged, Kelly calmly introduced herself to lizard. "I'm Kelly Stone, do you need help with something?"


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Oliver and Edward turned their attention whenever Boo had entered. “Ah! A pumpkaboo. Another Pokémon from home that we have seen up and about.” Edward commented as he turned his attention again to both Alice and Amelia when they entered. “She isn’t a fan…I don’t think?” Edward commented but then turned his attention back. “She is a kid who wanted to see Lancelot and from there we started talking. Personally, I didn’t really mind. So then Oliver showed of Orion to her.” Edward commented as then the nurse came in.

“Oliver. Kerbecs is ready to see you.” She came in and politely spoke as Kerbecs ran towards his trainer. “Hey bud!” Oliver commented as the Houndoom went to the side of his trainer. “Anyways. What brings you two here?” Edward asked the two, knowing it was probably for the same reason Oliver and Marley went there.
(@Imperfect World @Pipsqueak~ @Crystal1302 )
"Nah, not a fan, but he did tell me all about his videos! Maybe I'll see them someday!" Marley smiled at the girl with the jerky, holding Boo closer to her as he tried to reach for the food. She wanted to properly introduce herself to the girl, but another stranger had already scooted her way between them, firing off questions a little too fast for Marley to understand.

"I-Eh... M-my day is good, I'm Marley by the way," she touched her braids at the compliment, trying to remember what Amelia had just asked, "And, er, Boo is my only pokemon at the moment! We haven't been together for too long but he's my best friend, right Boobear?" She glanced at her companion proudly, but the Phantump still wasn't paying attention to anything but the food.

"Are you all friends? I'm surprised so many people are traveling together! It sounds like a lot of fun though, are you all challenging the gym here? I haven't challenged any personally, but they sound exciting!"
“Awww, he’s so cute!” Amelia said, rushing over to the Phantump, “I just wanna squeeze his little cheeks!”

Amelia had to control herself from going too crazy, quickly shaking herself out of her thoughts and turning back to the girl whom had revealed her name to be Marley.

“Yeah, we don’t necessarily travel all in one bunch, but we’re going the same way, and we are able to do our own things, and support everyone else in the process!” Amelia mentioned, before thinking about the gym challenge, “I have yet to take on Misty, but I have an Ivysaur, so it really shouldn’t be a problem. You should come watch, and maybe take a go at it yourself! You can also see me in action!”

As Amelia bragged and jabbed a thumb at her chest, Hito turned to Kelly, before jumping up. In a frenzy of mewls and movements, he tried explaining that he wanted to be Amelia’s new Pokémon. He did his best to explain, pointing at the blonde girl, rocking his arms like he was holding a baby, and pretending to battle an invisible opponent.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward smiled a bit. “Yeah. I mean. Me, my brother, and Alice there are all traveling. She tends to get a bit confused about directions. So we help her out.” Edward explained as he reached for a pokeball. “Alright. How about this one.” Edward spoke as he opened the pokeball and Galland, his Bisharp, had appeared. “This is Galland, my second in command.” Edward introduced Galland to Marley and the others.

“And this is Kerbecs. My partner Pokémon.” Oliver spoke right after and reached for his own pokeball. “Here’s another one as well.” Oliver commented as he grabbed a pokeball and out care Tempo. “This my Kricketune, His name is Tempo.” Oliver introduced Tempo to the group.
Finn Smiled at Rick as Oddish hopped off of his head and nuzzle Amelia's leg to say hello. "I've been getting a heck of a lot stronger! I bet once I get my third gym badge I'll be on the same level as you Rick!" He said as he grinned at the thought. "I hope me and you can battle in the future. Besides it's always nice to have a friendly match." He said happily.
Kelly nodded to Hito. "I got you, I'll see what I can do." Lightly patting the Charmander's head, Kelly made her towards Amelia.
"Hey, Amelia, can I talk to you for a minute? I think I found a Pokemon who'd like to join you on your journey."
Marley grinned, much happier that Boo was getting attention than he was. Squirming in her arms she finally let him go, only for the pokemon to rush behind her in a state of embarrassment.

"It's alright Boo! They're friends," Turning to Amelia, she nodded enthusiastically, "We'd love to come watch you battle! Maybe you can teach Boo and I a thing or two. And it's real sweet that you guys are helping her out!" Addressing the brothers now, Marley clapped her hands in excitement.

"Oh wow, you guys basically have a full team! I'll record their information too, just in case we battle you one day!" Once again retrieving her pokedex, the young trainer pointed it at the first pokemon.

"Bisharp, the sword blade pokemon. Bisharp leads a group of Pawniard, battling to become the boss. It will be driven from the group if it loses."

"Houndoom, the dark pokemon. If you are burned by the flames that shoot from its mouth, the pain will never go away."

"Kricketune, the cricket pokemon, and the evolved form of Kricketot. It conveys its many emotions with the melodies it composes."

The robotic voice obediently relayed the information of each pokemon shown. Marley stared wide eyed at the brother's companions.

"I'll never be able to remember all of that! They're all so terrifyingly cute though! I can't tell if I wanna run or if I just wanna cuddle them!" She squealed happily as Boo peaked from around her arm, darting his gaze between all of the people and pokemon now gathered.

"What are the chances we'd meet so many nice people in one place Boobear? Isn't this great? We'll finally be able to see what real pokemon battles are like!"

"Phan..." The little pokemon still seemed unsure, but was inspired enough by Marley's optimism to finally float around on his own.

"Phantump! Phan!" With a cry and a growling stomach, Boo once again reached for Alice's jerky, to which she had to pull him back again.

"I should probably feed him... Anyone know any good places to eat around here?"
"Well, if Olli and Eddy are showing their pokemon, I'm gonna introduce mine too! Come on out guys!" Said Alice throwing two pokeballs in the air. The first one revealing a Beedrill that stood next to Alice, but the next one revealed a Poliwag that immediately clung to Alice's face. "Not agaiinnn." Said Alice, muffled before pulling the tadpole off and placing Waggy down on the floor of the center. "And in terms of food, I think there's a restaurant a down the road from here. I could certainly go for a bite to eat." Said Alice, Cherey dangling from her shoulder due to Alice jerking her head back at the sudden kiss.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward was surprised about Alice’s Beedrill. “Oh! You have one too Alice?” Edward asked as he reached for a great ball and opened it to show his own Beedrill. “This is Bedivier. My own Beedrill.” Edward commented as he reached for two more Pokeballs, one an ultra ball, another being a normal pokeball. “Time to finish my roster.” Edward commented as he returned Galland and Lancelot to their respective Pokeballs. And out of the two new Pokeballs came an Aegislash and an Escavilier. “These two are Excalibur and Galahad.” Edward spoke as he put Galland’s Pokeball back in his bag.

“Alright. Might as well show off the rest of mine.” Oliver spoke as he returned Tempo and Orion to his bag. Grabbing two other pokeballs he opened them and two new Pokémon were revealed, A Scizor and a Luxray. “These two are Deimos and Xerxes.” Oliver spoke as he showed the others.
"Ehh there's more?" Marley was certain she'd never seen so many pokemon in one place before, even in the wild!

"Beedrill, the poison bee pokemon," The pokedex began rattling off as she pointed it at Alice's companion, "Flies at a high speed and attacks using its large venomous stingers on its forelegs and tail."

"Poliwag, the tadpole pokemon. Its newly grown legs prevent it from running. It appears to prefer swimming than trying to stand."

"Oh I adore water types! Though I'm much more interested in ghost and grass pokemon..." Marley admitted bashfully before continuing to scan the rest of the party.

"Aegislash, the royal sword pokemon. Generations of kings were attacked by these pokemon, which used their spectral power to manipulate and control people and pokemon."

"Escavilier, the cavalry pokemon. They fly around at high speed, striking with their pointed spears. Even when in trouble, they face opponents bravely."

"I see a pattern in your team, Edward! They all remind me so much of those stories my papa always read me! I think I'd really like to see a battle between Alice's Beedrill and Edward's Bisharp, it would be quite a battle!" Between her comments she continued to listen to her pokedex, unable to focus on just one thing around her.

"Scizor, the pincer pokemon. It swings its eye patterned pincers up to scare its foes. This makes it look like it has three heads."

"Luxray, the gleam eyes pokemon. It has eyes that can see through anything. It spots and captures prey hiding behind objects."

"Soooo fluffy!" The young trainer stepped up to the Luxray, eyes wide with excitement.

"Hello there sweet baby!" Extending a hand, she patted the pokemon atop his mane, only to be shocked by the static emitting from its fur. With a grunt Marley fell back, her hair standing on end. Boo had rushed to her side, floating upside down just above her crackling hair to peer down at her.

Marley sucked in a deep breath before giggling.

"Well I guess he doesn't have to worry about anyone sneaking up on him! Anyways, I think we should all go to that restaurant once everyone is healed up!" Dusting herself off, Marley stood with singed hair and a dirty face.

"I'd like to know more about you guys!"


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Oliver chuckled a little bit whenever Marley got shocked by Xerxes. “You’ll eventually get used to the shock.” Oliver spoke as Xerxes sat next to his trainer and had his mane pet by Oliver. “But yeah. We can all go. I don’t see why not.” Oliver commented as he looked over to his bro. He returned Deimos to his pokeball and brought back Kerbecs from his Luxury ball.

Edward was smiling and he was very joyful that someone had recognized his own team build. “It would be interesting how a fight between Galland and Alice’s Beedrill would go.” Edward commented as he looked over to Alice. “If you’re up for the challenge.” Edward commented as he returned Excalibur and Galahad to their respective pokeballs. Getting Galland’s pokeball and letting him out of his pokeball again. He did the same thing with Lancelot and his Luxury ball.
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"As fun as that sounds, I think I'm gonna have to take a raincheck on that, right Drilly?" Said Alice looking toward her bee companion who responded with a semi timid nod before he and Waggy got returned to their pokeballs. Just then an alarm went off reminding Alice to pick up her pokeon from the healing station. "Ah Karpy must be all better." Said Alice running to pick up her friend. She grabbed the Magikarp pokeball from the chansey with a quick thank you. "Now, once Amy gets Fushi we can head out. By the way how didja meet Boo Marley?"
Amelia was loving the attention she was getting but was brought out of her thoughts by Kelly, who had asked to talk to her.

“Uh, yeah, sure!” Amelia said, completely oblivious to Hito patiently watching from outside.

Amelia walked to a more secluded, less crowded side of the Pokémon Center for privacy.

“What’s up? A Pokémon wants to join my adventure?” She was slightly confused, but was trying to hide her excitement at the prospect of a new Pokémon joining her team.
"That's what I understood from what he was saying. He's right outside." Exiting the Pokemon Center, Kelly lead Amelia to where Hito was hiding before she continued. "Normally, I'd take any and every opportunity to catch a new Fire type myself, but I'm pretty sure this little guy doesn't actually want to come with me."

"Hey Finn, I thought we went into the mountain at the same time, how'd we get split up?" Roxanne asked the young trainer.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward smiled still. “That’s fine. I’m always open for training. So, the offer will still be around.” Edward told Alice as he looked over and noticed she got one of her Pokémon back. Standing up, Edward was almost ready to go. ‘All that matters now is Amelia getting her Pokémon.’ Edward thought to himself as he looked over to his brother. Lancelot and Galland were ready to go whenever his trainer told them to.

Oliver also got up and Kerbecs went to the left of him, meanwhile Xerxes went to the right of him. “Alright, Oh by the way. Marley, did your friend ever get back to you about my brother?” Oliver spoke as Edward had a slight blush. “You don’t need to make it so obvious brother. Just wait, the time will come.” Edward told him a bit flustered.
"Karpy! A Magikarp, right? Minus Beedrill, you must be super good with water types huh?" Marley respected trainers who were determined to have a variety of pokemon types in their team, but it always made her happy to see someone sticking to just one or two. It made her feel better about her decision!

"Ah, it's not really a clever story, my papa got him for me before I moved here to Kanto to live with my grandparents! He said he wanted me to have a partner for the plane ride over, and really how could I not accept a pokemon of my own? Really it's just chance that I happened to become a pokemon trainer while I live here. But seeing all of you with your teams makes me really want to catch a pokemon by myself to add to our friends! I just... don't know how to go about that yet." She scratched her head, her face becoming red. It wasn't necessarily the proudest thing for a trainer to just announce that they had no clue how to catch a pokemon.

Shaking her head to get past the awkwardness, she turned to the brothers.

"Oh that's right! Er, let me check..." Pulling out her phone, she had 5 new messages from Danny.





The last one was a photo of himself pouting, a regular look he gave her when she was off in her own little world.

Chuckling, Marley turned the screen to show Oliver and Edward.

"Guess that's a yes! Let's send him a video when we get to the restaurant! I-if you want to, that is."