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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

The two Rockets who still had pokémon out recalled their fainted pokémon. "We should've brought more pokémon." Said one of the grunts, griting his teeth and taking a step back. "Oh, are you telling me there's no more meat shields?" Rick asked. The grunts clenched their fists in a mix of worry and anger. "I'm asking because, I don't really like to hurt pokémon too much. But unlike Kelly there, I have no qualms hurting people like you." Rick said, raising an arm and snapping fingers. Pearl's orbs start glowing again, but this time the sky got covered in dark clouds, and a hail followed, which further raised the level of concern of the grunts as they looked at the sudden change of scenery.

"The police should be here at any time now. Until then, I'll make sure you receive the proper treatment. Use Blizzard!" Rick commanded. Pearl flew backwards a bit before the glowing on her orb became brighter. With a loud cry, she summoned a snowtorm from the sky. The grunts braced themselves, covering their faces with an arm as they got buffeted by the snow and wind. "Damn Rick, there's a city nearby! Chill out!" Chris shouted at Rick. "It's a localized storm. A few clouds and a bit of snow won't ruin anyone's day. I can't say the same for these guys, though." Rick said with arms crossed. Meanwhile, a beeping sound and a mark on the boat's radar called Chris's attention. "Hm? What is this?" Chris muttered, while looking up at the air and back at the radar.

Soon after, some sort of energy blast came out of nowhere, hitting Pearl and stunning her, which also caused the snowstorm to subside. "What? Where the hell did that come from?" Rick exclaimed, just in time to see his Dragonair plummet to the ground. "Umm, Rick! There's something big above us." Chris called from the boat. Rick looked up, but at first didn't see anything, until a large helicoper eventualy materialized above them, leaving Rick somewhat baffled. "It has a cloaking device!" Chris stated, before looking at Pearl. "And looks like it also has a stun cannon." He added. The Rocket grunt smirked before speaking. "Oh, it has more than that. Too bad you'll only get to see a demonstration." He said. A few blue flashes then came out from the aircraft, releasing a group of six Golbats to attack.
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“Of course you can travel with us!” Amelia said with a large toothy grin. “We’re actually on our way to Vermillion ourselves!”

There was a slight rumble in the sky above and Amelia looked up to see the sky was dark. The moon peered out from the clouds, and a few small water droplets fell from the sky.

“Oh, looks like it’s raining,” she said, holding out a hand to catch falling water. “I guess we should set up camp somewhere, or find a building to sleep in.”

She looked around, and then glanced up at the sky.

Maybe if I’m lucky, Zapdos is here, she thought, sensing the lightning that was to come.

Zapdos was the being of electrical storms, so surely he’d be nearby, right? And surely she’d be able to catch it.

The naive ten-year-old girl looked at the sky hopefully, hoping that if she was lucky she’d be able to see Zapdos and make it her partner.
"Ok, what the hell?" Having seen what happened to the Dragonair and hearing there was something big and invisible floating above their heads, Kelly called over to the others. "Hey! What'll happen if I do this?"
Looking to Vulcan, she commanded. "Eruption." To the other three. "Knock those guys out and get ready to intercept the Golbats!"
"This is one big mess you involved yourself in Kelly." Kelly said to herself as her Pokemon followed her orders. The three grunts promptly knocked out and set aside while Vulcan readied himself and erupted towards the center of where the Golbats appeared, hopefully hitting something.

Hearing an explosion that she recognized as Vulcan using Eruption, Roxanne quickly said. "Alright, enough lollygagging, let's go!" Without waiting for Lewis, Roxanne bolted with her Pokemon right behind her.
"Storm, crouch!" Hearing the command, the Luxray overtook Roxanne and lowered herself to the ground for her trainer to jump onto her back. As Storm stood back up, Roxanne looked back and shouted. "You coming or not Lewis!"
@The Heart of Frostfire.
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The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Without even needing to be asked, the scientist returned his two fox Pokemon to their balls and was joined by Lady. "Of course, I'm coming. You go on ahead, I have a special trick for mobility!" He replied, pressing a button on his glasses. They formed into what seemed to be a control headset alongside an odd-looking visor, through some unknown mechanism. He looked at Lady and she nodded at him, grabbing him by the shoulders. They began to glow together as his tech allowed the Gardevoir to more easily communicate with him via telepathy, eliminating the need for him to speak to her at all. "We've trained our telepathic link together with the help of Razor technology. We may not be very offensive, but we're definitely rather good as support! And teleportation is very easy like this!" He spoke to Roxanne, his eyes glowing behind his strange visor-like eyewear as he and Lady vanished. They quickly re-appeared near Kelly and Rick.

"Lewis Fireheart, director of Razor Laboratories, coming into assist!" He announced himself as the light from teleporation died out. Without hesitating, he simply gestured towards the Rocket grunts and her eyes glowed. "Neural connection fully established!" His Holotech exclaimed, and with that, he smiled, ready to teach these criminals a lesson. "I'll show you what happens when you threaten civilians, Rocket scum!" He cried, the Umbreon-like rings on his trousers glowing brightly with all the ambient energy, as if designed for such a way. He also took off his jacket and threw it behind him, revealing a black long-sleeved polo with the word Razor in large yellow text over the centre below the chest. And over his heart was a badge showing his position at the company, though that wasn't relevant right now. (Do not question how he changed his shirt from the normal green t-shirt, I'm just saying he somehow changed while teleporting.)
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"Thanks, that uh, means a lot." Connor said with a smile, after traveling alone for this long to have the option to hang out with this group was well, it had been a welcomed change to things. However he looked up and noticed the clouds in the sky as Amelia made mention that they'd either have to camp out or find a place inside they'd be able to rest.

"Well the Pokemon Center has some guest rooms. Sure Nurse Joy won't mind us crashing for the night. But up to you guys." Connor said a she suggested his idea to Amelia's group though he also noticed the younger girl seemed to be deep in thought over something.

Hum, wonder what she is thinking about?


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward finished up his sushi and so did Oliver. Leaving a bit extra of a tip as an act of kindness for the waitress. The two headed outside and looked at the rain. “Looks like we’re camping out for the rest of the day eh bro?” Oliver spoke as Edward had felt something. Like something intense was going on. “Bro?” Oliver asked as Edward looked up. Then walked towards the bridge. “Strange. But alright.” Oliver commented as he walked. “I’ll be back. Keep an eye on everyone.” Edward spoke as he spotted the ensuing battle. He noted the grunts who dawned the red R. ‘That’s them.’ Edward commented as he grabbed his luxury ball and an ultra ball.

Two bolts of red could be seen next to the trio and their Pokémon as a Gallade and a Bisharp appeared. Facing down the grunts with a serious expression. “Tsk tsk tsk.” Edward called out as he walked next to Kelly, Lewis, and Rick. “So your the nefarious Team Rocket that I’ve heard about. Well. Just like Flare back in Kalos. I think it’s time your fiery ambition is burned out.” Edward commented as Lancelot and Galland prepped themselves for battle.
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The Golbats started making their descent, although two of them got incinerated by an Eruption before even getting close. Meanwhile, more help started to show up, with Edward and Roxanne joining the fray, plus a new face that Rick hadn't met yet who simply teleported right next to him by surprise. The confidence that the grunts had for a few moments started vanishing from her faces again. "Ugh, even more? Did the whole city decided to show up now?" Said one of them in frustration.

Another group of Rockets descended from cables droped from the helicopter. They approached the newcomers, with pokeballs in hand. "Welcome to bad luck, kids." Said one of them in a snarky tone. Two more Golbats were also sent out from the aircraft to replace the ones that had been defeated. Rick frowned. "Damn, how many more do they have?" He murmured. Rick hoped onto Iris before glancing at Pearl, who was still down, before turning to Zephir. "Take care of her." He told him. The Leafeon nodded and ran towards Pearl. "While we take care of these." He then said to Iris, who neighed in response. "Use Sunny Day!" Rick commanded. Iris fired a thin beam of light from the tip of her horn into the sky, scattering the clouds that Pearl had summoned prior.

However, unlike Pearl, Iris's control over weather is rather limited and not as quick. It also doesn't go unnoticed, as one of the Golbats approached and dived at her with a Poison Fang during the move's execution. However, that Golbat got struck by a lighting bolt coming from Chris's boat. "You can thank me later!" Chris shouted to Rick. "As much as I don't like to get myself into conflicts, these guys crossed the line of what I consider tolerable." He stated, while managing the vessel's controllers. A hatch on the boat's stern opened up, sending out a group of Vikavolts who rushed in to engage the Golbats in the air. "These should keep those bats busy for a while."

Meanwhile, a Rocket grunt managed to sneak into the boat. "Hey! I saw what you did there. I'll have to ask that you share the commands now." He said to Chris. Chris rolled his eyes and sighed, before turning to the grunt. "Yes? Well, I'll have to ask that you reconsider that." He replied, holding a gun and pointing it at the grunt, who held up his arms. "Hey hey, calm down man! It wasn't that serious." He said, taking steps backwards.

"BANG!!" Chris shouted. The grunt screamed and jumped out of the boat into the water. When Chris pulled the trigger, a purple ooze started leaking from the barrel, until the whole gun dissolved into the same substance and turned into a Ditto. "Pff... amateurs." He muttered, leaning on his chair and giving his Ditto a high five with a finger.
Amelia yawned and stretched her arms.

“I’ll bet we can stay over there! I’m sure it’s nice and cozy,” Amelia commented, as she looked toward the building. “Let’s go, guys!”

She waved her friends over to the building she was looking at. Not a moment after she was rushing to it, the rain starting to pour a little more.

I bet Zapdos will love me as a partner! She thought, grinning wildly. I can’t believe I’m going to have a legendary Pokémon on my team!
"What took you so long?!" Kelly yelled to Roxanne as Storm skidded to a halt, letting her trainer dismount. "Made a new friend, introduce you later." Looking at the grunts and Golbats, Roxanne could not help but ask. "What is it with all the Golbats?"
Meanwhile, Roxanne's entire team joined the fray, despite the younger ones being relatively inexperienced fighters. "Oh dear, everyone hit the dirt!" Roxanne shouted as she and Kelly quickly dropped to the ground as Panzer roared, acting like an angry and protective mother going to protect her young. Very aggressively, I might add. Roxanne quickly barked commands to her team in rapid succession. "Tundra, Powder Snow! Rexy, Tackle! Drake, Ancient Power! Tank, Protect! Storm, Wild Charge! Panzer, Dragon Pulse!"
Roxanne's Pokemon immediately complied with her requests, the younger ones ganging up on a single Golbat while Panzer fired her Dragon Pulse at the helicopter and Storm dealt with another Golbat.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward smiled and laughed at the grunt’s comment. “Bad luck? Just an egotistical statement from a cult follower.” Edward replied as Lancelot nodded to his trainer. “You won’t be confident for long kid! Golbat use Toxic!” The grunt commended as the Golbat shot poison towards Lancelot. “Tsk tsk. Lancelot. Dodge and cut em!” Edward responded and Lancelot dodged the shots with impressive speed before delivering a Psycho cut to the Golbat.

Another one flew towards Lancelot prepping another toxic shot. Edward nodded to his Bisharp and Galland ran towards the Golbat, delivering a swift Iron head strike. The two Pokémon looked to each other as another flew in.

A spike of rock pierced through the ground and with it the Golbat was gone. Edward, Lancelot, and Galland looked over to see Oliver and Orion standing to the right of the group. Kerbecs on Oliver’s right hand side. “My my. Miscalculations we’re abound in this situation wasn’t it Rocket Cultists.” Oliver commented as he joined his brother. The two went back to back. “The Camphier twins never back down in the face of danger!” Edward commented as their Pokémon prepared themselves for the next batch of Golbats
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"Right, let's go." Connor said with a chuckle as he walked to follow Amelia. Something about her peppy nature had been quite endearing, and really he wanted to get out of the coming rain sooner rather than later.

Following Amelia he had taken notice of some noises by the bridge, unsure what that might've been about, but he worked to head inside quick as his well his leg could carry him as the rain got heavier.

"Oh boy that rain sure is strong." Connor chuckled inside.

@Imperfect World
Upon entering the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy smiled.

“Hello! Would you like me to heal your Pokémon?”

Amelia shook her head around, getting rid of the little water that clung to her body.

“Nah, we’re looking for a place to sleep tonight, please. Got any spare rooms?”

Nurse Joy nodded, before motioning her hand to an entryway on her right.

“Right through there! Rooms currently in use will have a sign on their door. Have a good night!”

Amelia smiled at Nurse Joy.

The nurse asked Connor if he had any Pokemon who needed healing, but he declined as he explained he was with that girl and also just looking to stay the night. Not too shocking given a few people raced inside as the rain seemed to pick up and indeed it seemed she had some space for him as well.

"Please enjoy your stay. The rain should pass by the morning." Nurse Joy explained to the young man as, far as he could tell, she had not even glanced at her leg which he appreciated.

"Thank you..." Connor said as he moved into one of the guest rooms with Amelia as he seemed to sign and set his bag aside.

"Seems we got lucky, we're among the early arrivals. Other people will have a bit more cramped space." Connor explained to Amelia as he seemed to feel out his bed and it seemed soft enough.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Of course, Lewis seemed to focus completely on one goal: Defeating the rocket grunts to the best of his abilities. While he may have only had one Pokemon with any sort of power in battle, the fact his mind was essentially linked to his Gardevoir could prove rather useful. He smirked to himself as he released his Vulpix, who seemed to almost emanate a sort of cold mist from his coat. "Blizzard, we're going to need you to infiltrate the helicopter. It will be dangerous, but... Just use your ice to freeze up the mechanisms keeping it aloft. You should be nimble enough to avoid anyone trying to fight you." He spoke to the 5-tailed snowpix, who nodded. He gave a look of determination as he readied himself. Before using any offensive attacks on the gang of Golbats, she gently picked up the fox with telekinetic force. After a few moments of both trainer and Pokemon analysing trajectory and other quick maths, the Vulpix was tossed onto the flying vehicle. He managed to get a hold and pull himself inside, quickly running towards whoever piloted the thing. The fox was extremely quick and agile and managed to make it near the control centre. With an angry cry, he tried to damage the control mechanisms with a strong ice attack and a quick attack to the pilot.

While the Vulpix was trying to cause chaos and carnage on the helicopter to whatever extent he could do, Lewis managed to don what seemed to be a pair of strange gloves with metal knuckles. While they weren't very flashy, they had some electrical energy in them and was just enough to make his punches count as he went after the rocket grunt themselves. With his Gardevoir facing off with the Golbats, using her psychic advantage against them, he started using both his nimble movements and thin body shape to avoid any attacks and simply attempt to fight in hand to hand combat. At one point, he'd picked up self defense techniques from his father and at least knew how to fight with his fists if he was ever in a situation where it was needed. While his body was not used to such combat, his metal-fortified gloves he had at least made his punches enough to cause some notable damage if used properly. And he made sure to target weak areas and vital points to cause his targets to drop with a good hit or two. Given his low stamina however, he was rather like a glass cannon, and a prolonged fight would surely leave him unable to continue. And his Gardevoir's mind link helped him with combat by giving him a second set of eyes and quick assistance on where to target. If Lady went down though, it would also leave him weaker and less likely to succeed. "You criminal bastards will taste cold steel like you deserve! Nobody expects the trainer to join the battle!" He shouted, his visor glowing a bright yellow, as did the wording on his shirt.

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Amelia tugged her backpack off and it made a thump as it hit the floor. She returned Fushi, who was already starting to doze off.

“I guess we are pretty lucky. Look at the view outside!” She motioned toward the window, which faced a few trees and had a glimpse of sky. It was already covered in rain.

Amelia herself yawned, but immediately rushed to the window at the end of the room to look at the now harsh rain that was falling. She stared at the lightning rumbling, waiting for a sign that the legendary Pokémon might appear. And if it did, the first thing she’d do is rush outside and catch it. She vowed to stay up all night to get a glimpse of it, as she assumed it was there.
Hearing thunder and feeling raindrops, Kelly swore under her breath. "Why did it have to start raining now of all times?"
Roxanne could not help but agree with her sister. With teams consisting of primarily Fire or Rock types, this downpour was a very unwelcome addition. "Looks like we'll have to stick with Electric and Water type moves."
Saying that, Roxanne noticed that her Fossil Pokemon managed to knock out the Golbat they were battling and immediately moved on to the next one. Meanwhile, Panzer and Storm ran interference among the remainder. At the very least, it seemed like the Fossil Pokemon were growing up a whole lot faster and unlocking new attacks at an explosive rate, becoming even more effective in battle. "Well, that's a nice little surprise."
The helicopter also started being attacked, with Roxanne's Aggron being the first taking a shot at it with a Dragon Pulse. The aircraft got shoved a little upon impact. After stabilizing, it turned its noze towards its attacker before firing a stun blast at the Aggron. Then, a grunt peeked from one of the side doors with what seemed to be a bazooka, firing off a single projectile that opened up into a net, towards Roxanne's smaller pokémon that were trashing a Golbat (and he didn't care if that Golbat would also be snagged by the net).

"Rick! That helicopter needs to be put out of commission. They'll just keep sending more stuff if it continues like this." Chris called. Rick looked up, just in time to see Lewis's Vulpix sneaking into the helicopter "Good advice Chris! Now tell me how I'm gonna do that while there's one of ours inside it." Rick shouted. Chris sighed while facepalming.

Meanwhile, inside the helicopter, the Vulpix rushed towards the control room. The grunts that were inside stared at it, before one asked. "Is Alolan Vulpix part of our roster of pokémon?" The other grunts shook their heads as a 'no'. Moments later, the helicopter started veering randomly, resulting in the grunt that was firing at the door to be pulled back inside. These were followed by screams coming from the control room, which the crew went to investigate. "Someone take this demon away from me!" Yelled the pilot. Two grunts rushed in to grab the fox by the tail. The fox didn't like it, and immediately lashed on to another grunt's face.

On the ground, Rick was staring at the helicopter while it was flying erraticaly. "And that's why I don't like air vehicles." Rick muttered, with arms crossed, until a grunt approached him. "You were the one who caused this mess. Now you have to pay." Said the grunt, stretching a whip. Before Rick could even talk back, Iris had already steped in and kicked the grunt with her hinds, sending it against the truck. "Too much talking and very little action!" Rick said, before looking at the rain clouds. He frowned, before turning to Iris. "Didn't you clear it just now?" He questioned her. She raised her shoulders as a shrug. "Well, no point trying again." Rick said.

Moments later, the helicopter stabilized once again, while the Vulpix was tossed out the door. A grunt peeked from it and stared at the trainers below, waving a raised arm. "Hey! This is a private flight! Keep your trash out!" He bellowed, before getting in again and closing the door. "Iris!" Rick called, pointing at the Vulpix on freefall. The mare jumped to grab the fox by the tail. The helicopter then turned towards the two pokémon before firing a stun blast at them. Iris dashed towards her trainer, also dodging the blast, then delivered the Vulpix back to Lewis. "I don't think we've met before, but I guess that Vulpix is yours." Rick said to the trainer. The helicopter fired another stun blast at them, which Iris countered with a Fire Blast. "And I'm afraid we won't have time for introductions just yet, either!" He added, before leaping onto Iris.
"Drake, Rexy, Tank, Tundra! Scatter!" Having seen the net coming for her preoccupied Pokemon, Roxanne alerted them immediately. The only one that was unable to dodge the net in time was the unlucky Golbat they had just beaten. In the meantime, Panzer was able to quickly recover from the stun and narrowed her eyes at the helicopter before firing another Dragon Pulse at the cockpit. Vulcan followed suit and fired an eruption towards the body of the aircraft. That's when Tundra's ability, Snow Warning, finally kicked into gear and activated, sending hail from the the sky and pelting what and whoever was in the way. On the other hand, Tank roared and started glowing, evolving into a rather large Bastiodon and charging at the ground forces.
"Roxy, I thought you said your youngins didn't battle much!"
"They just took down two Golbats Kelly! Do you know how much stress that can cause?!"

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Of course, Lewis was too busy trying to beat up grunts with nothing but his metal enhanced fists to notice what was going on. He managed to take two grunts out with a quick few hits to vital areas. They would recover, but this should teach them a lesson. As he noticed his energy dropping after only a few minutes of combat. His Gardevoir was doing her best to support him while also dealing with Golbats, however as soon as the hail started, she started focusing completely on her own battle, leaving her trainer unsupported. However, he wouldn't let up until his stamina was completely out. And as if fate was against the scientist, his holotech beeped and a Female voice started speaking. "Lewis, what the fuck is going on? I'm detecting powerful energy signatures around you! Your holotech seems to indicate high stress on your body. Are you seriously trying to go back to being a vigilante? I thought you promised us you left that life behind!" The voice spoke, being Evilane, an old friend from back home. He spoke while remaining focused on his own combat, giving a sound of annoyance. "Evilane, not now. I can't lose focus, lest these bastards get away! I'll talk later, but for now, all I have is experience and my gloves. They're lucky I don't have the equipment I used to use..." As his Vulpix was returned to him, he simply nodded and continued to fight, until the stun blast came. Lady noticed her trainer was about to be iced by it, however it was dealt with before she could react. "YOU CRIMINALS WILL PAY!" He shouts, his adrenaline kicking in after years of not being used, giving him a sort of primal rage as his stamina came back in droves. He stopped holding back, using his full force and not caring if he'd end up sending grunts to the hospital. It would, however, damage him in the long run.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
The duo smiled as they pointed towards the group of Golbats and Grunts. “Let’s go!” The two brothers gestured to the grunts. “Grr. Cocky little snots! Go full force Golbats!” The grunts commanded as the duo prepped themselves. “All out rush!” The two commented as the four Pokémon split up and ran to a separate Golbat.

Lancelot had delivered a Psycho Cut to the first Golbat he saw, Galland went for a sucker punch on one of them, Kerbecs shot his flamethrower at another one, and Orion had used stone edge on another. The four Golbats would be sent back from these attacks.

Lancelot out of his peripheries had noticed another Pokémon, managing to hold it’s own with some of the Golbats. He walked over to Edward and gestured in that direction. “I see. Thanks for letting me know Lancelot. Galland! Let’s go.” Edward spoke as he nodded to his brother. Oliver nodded back as he continued to help out fight more Golbats.

Edward hurried over to where Lady was. “Everything alright over here?” Edward asked Lady as he nodded to Galland to be ready just in case of another rush of Golbats. “Go on Galland!” Edward told Galland as Galland rushed towards some Golbats.
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Connor himself smiled a bit, he figured the others would get here soon enough as he lacked context on a current skirmish by the bridge, and moved to sit on the bed as he worked to get comfortable.

"Yeah, it's kinda crazy." Connor said in agreement as he looked out the window and saw it had been pouring hard, he felt sorry if anyone had been unlucky enough to be caught out there. Thankfully he suggested going to Nurse Joy's as camping in this would've been far from ideal he decided.

As he glanced at her, he again noted that look on Amelia as she seemed to be in thought over something. He knew she was tired but he was just too curious not to let the thought linger. "Something on your mind, Amelia?" Connor asked respectfully.

@Imperfect World
As the weather suddenly changed to a hailstorm, Chris called his Vikavolts back to the boat, as the weather conditions weren't suitable for the bugs to fly, despite it being better for the other trainers overall due to the amount of Fire-types. "Alright, time for plan B." He muttered.

Meanwhile, Iris ran to avoid two more blasts fired at her, until a Dragon Pulse and an Eruption struck the helicopter and diverted its attention. It fired off two more blasts at the ofending pokémon, then moved on to fire at foes indiscriminately. Rick and Iris took the opportunity to take the higher ground and jump atop the cliff. "Flamethrower, and don't stop until that thing melts!" Rick shouted. Iris tossed her head, firing a stream of flames from her mouth at the helicopter's cockpit. This also had the benefit that whoever was piloting the thing wouldn't be able to see anything with the flames covering the glass. This wouldn't last for long though, as a door opened on the side and a Rocket grunt fired an actual rocket against Iris.

"Watch out!" Rick shouted. Iris cut the stream and jumped to the side, trying to dodge the incoming projectile. And she did avoid the worst of it, but the explosion was still close enough and the shock wave strong enough to knock her and Rick on their sides. "Damn, now they're bringing the big guns." Said Rick, wincing while he and Iris tried to get up. The helicopter turned to them before firing a stun blast, which got countered by a Flamethrower from Iris's mane. As Rick got back up, the aircraft disappeared as it activated its cloaking device. "Ugh, great! I really missed that one!" Rick exclaimed.

Iris got back up on her feet, but after taking the brunt of the last impact her hind legs faltered. For them, this was a concern, as she wouldn't be able to dodge as quickly as normal. Despite the pain, Iris still tried to focus on the sound of the rotors, moving her ears in every direction. But with so many other sounds in the area, it was hard for her to pinpoint the location, despite having superior hearing compared to humans. Chris saw this, and started looking at the radar. "Umm, Rick, they're right behind you!" Chris shouted. Soon as Chris spoke, a stun blast was fired at Iris from a distance. She intercepted it with a Flamethrower from her tail, then turned side to fire a Fire Blast at the location from where the blast came from, but it hit nothing. "Cowards." Rick muttered, gritting his teeth while looking around.
Noticing the helicopter reactivate its cloaking device, Roxanne called for her Luxray. "Storm! Find that helicopter and hit it with Wild Charge, followed by Iron Tail!" Then shouted for her Bastiodon. "Tank! Protect Rick and Iris!" Nodding to their trainer, the two Pokemon went to follow her orders. The second that Storm spotted the helicopter, she attacked like she was supposed to, using Tank as a springboard to reach the aircraft. Before colliding with said aircraft, Storm began flipping forward midair and hit the nose of the helicopter just beneath the windshield with an Electric infused Iron Tail, disabling the cloaking device and screwing with the circuitry.
"Flare! Catch Storm!" Worrying for the Luxray's safety as she came back down, Kelly commanded her Infernape to catch the electric feline. Thankfully, Flare did catch Storm and with the cloaking device off, Panzer roared, using Rock Slide followed by another Dragon Pulse.
She kept her eyes on the lightening storm as it rumbled overhead. She directed her voice toward Connor.

“Zapdos! It’s gotta be out here, and when I see it I’ll rush out and I’ll capture it! It will be the first legendary Pokémon in my collection!” Amelia said, still staring at the lightening storm for any glimpse of the black and gold bird Pokémon.
"S-sorry uh I might've misheard you said Zapdos just now?" Connor asked as he seemed to be caught off guard by this, as of all the things that Amelia might've said this had been the one he least expected to hear.

Well, can't say she lacked any ambition, somehow his own goal seemed downright small by comparison.

"C-collection? Does that mean you intent to catch more than one Legendary Pokemon?" Connor asked once he had found his figurative voice as he was too curious to not ask a follow up, it had been human nature really.
Amelia nodded vigorously.

“Oh yeah! I’m gonna catch every kind of Pokémon in the world!” she said, finally twisting her head to look at Connor.

As stupid and unrealistic as her dreams sounded, she was very serious about it. She obviously wasn’t aware of the absolute exhaustion, work and dedication it would take her to catch every legendary, let alone a single one at that. If she could even land a hit she’d be lucky. But she didn’t know that. Her naive, ten-year-old head was filled with daydreams of her playing with all the Pokémon of the world, giving them love and affection and absolutely desecrating anyone and everyone in battle.

Connor blinked a bit, he had an ambitious dream to be a Champion and all but Amelia's dream to literally capture them all seemed to have him beat in terms of sheer scale of it. Course, it would've been easy for him to say that such a thing may not have been possible; there was just so many Pokemon in the world, some people had only seen once or twice in a lifetime maybe and new Pokemon seemed to be discovered every few years and how one even had a plan to do something like this.

But, as Connor glanced off his golden artificial leg, he had been reminded that what he set out to do seemed impossible given his own status, and in spite of that he tried on anyway. So he was not about to tell another dreamer to give in, as a smile crossed his lips.

"...have to admit that sounds like a cool dream. Won't be easy, far from easy, but you seem to have the determination and if you play it smart I am sure you can do it." Connor said as he offered supportive encouragement to his new friend.
Rick and Iris continued to look around for the helicopter, covering each other's blind spots and hoping to land a lucky shot at it, which should've been relatively easy with a Heat Wave, if the aircraft wasn't out of the move's range. Fortunately for them, Iris herself doesn't have many blind spots, and dead angles are even fewer thanks to her mane. The fact that the stun cannon had a slow rate of fire also played in their favor. "We're too exposed up here, get down!" Said Rick, hoping onto Iris. Before she jumped down the cliff though, the helicopter actualy helped them at that, by ramming its nose at Iris's flank. She fell on her back on the cottage's roof (or Rick did, as he was still holding on to her) before toppling to the ground.

"Right! I was about to say they were right on top of you!" Chris then shouted to Rick, too late for the trainer's own good. "Damnit Chris! I needed that info earlier!" Rick yelled at him. While he and Iris tried to get up after a harsh fall, Roxanne's recently evolved Bastiodon came to the two's aid when they were most vulnerable. Her Luxray's x-ray vision also didn't care about the helicopter's cloak, so they knew exactly where to strike and disable the cloak. Panzer proceeded to attack the aircraft, which was already starting to get more punishment than the crew itself was probably accounting for.

Moments later, sirens started to be heard, as Cerulean Police arrived to the scene. "Crud! The whole police is here." Said one of the grunts, as the agents left their cars, followed by their Growlithes. "You're completely surrounded! Surrender yourselves!" Announced the officer on the loudspeaker. The grunt gritted his teeth. "Are we?" The helicopter fired a stun blast at the group of Growlithes, stunning the dogs. "We're done here! Everybody retreat!" The grunt shouted to the rest of the gang.

They started waving at the helicopter. A big hatch opened from its underside, dropping several smoke bombs over the area. "Damn, any more tricks?!" Rick shouted, covering his face with his arms as the bombs exploded and the smoke thickened. It then droped some cables and started extracting the grunts from the field, while continuing to keep enemy pokémon at bay with the stun blasts.

As they grabed onto the cables and started being raised, one of the grunts felt the need to send a message. "You were lucky, brats! You haven't seen the last of us!" He shouted. While he was at it, he didn't notice the many Magnet Bombs that were floating around the cables, or at least not until it was too late. "Aaand gotcha!" Said Chris, before the bombs exploded the cables. With no way to scoop the few remaining grunts, the aircraft turned towards the sea and flew away.

After being left behind, the grunts rushed to try and escape on the truck. "You're not getting anywhere!" Rick shouted. Iris pointed her horn at the vehicled and fired a Hyper Beam at it, blowing it up and knocking the grunts down. The Growlithes happily jumped on the grunts after recovering from the stun. Then the officer spoke "Everyone's alright?"
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The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Lewis Fireheart.
As the Gardevoir was approached, she was ready to attack Edward as she perceived him to be a threat trying to rush her. As he spoke and seemed to show concern, she simply started protecting herself as she turned to face him. Her eyes glowed gently and she started speaking with telepathy. "We're fine, don't worry. My trainer was dealing with them, at least." Lewis was so absorbed in attempting to deal with grunts that by the police arrived, it took him a moonblast from his Gardevoir -which he attempted to block with his fists- to come to realization that his work was done. "Oh, the police... It's fucking over, thank christ..." He spoke, clearly injured and out of breath. He collapsed to his knees and his Gardevoir quickly moved to support him in case he collapsed.

"That helicopter was a menace, but... I can safely say I at least defeated 5 criminals with my bare hands. I am known Lewis Fireheart, director and administrator of Razor Laboratories in Unova. While I am likely unknown, I can only hope the company I work for is known, as they have operations in other regions as well." He spoke, trying his hardest just to stay upright. While he did take out a few grunts on his own, they fought back and he was rather injured. And the fact he was pushing the very limits of his body made it worse. However, with support from Lady, he was at least able to stay upright, as they were roughly the same height.

"Christ, I hope I don't get in trouble for violence... They may be criminals, but I had no warrant to do what I did." He spoke quietly to himself. Lady also seemed worse for wear, being tired and somewhat injured herself. However, Lewis was clearly the worse off of the two, as Lady could handle this small bit of pain. Lewis tried to go retrieve his dark green jacket, but Lady quickly stopped him, using psychic to take the jacket only somewhat damaged in the fighting. One would expect the thing to be ripped to shreds as it was simply laying on the battlefield, but whether it was rather durable or was away from the brunt of the combat, Lewis didn't know. Making sure to let light hit his identification badge at just the right way to make it reflect what light there was, he put his damaged jacket back on and slowly limped towards Ceruean city with the help of Lady. It would have been easy to intercept him, however.

Alexis Denalk.
As the police arrived and the conflict stopped, a strange girl in dark red robes came out of the bushes she was hiding in, her levitating bag and Umbreon following beside her. She slowly approached the group, having a rather careful, shy demanior. Once she approached at a comfortable distance, she looked at her bag and then at the group, her eyes losing their slight glow as she released her psychic hold on them. "Alexis, reporting for duty! I apologize for not participating in the fight, but... I'm no good with combat, and I'd be a liability... However, I do have medical training, so I hid until the battle was over. Does anyone need medical attention?" She asked aloud, her voice being rather fair, but having a slight echo and whispery undertone to it, as if because of her psychic powers.

She noticed Lewis being held up by a Gardevoir and gasped, as she was mostly used to seeing Pokemon get injured during a battle, not the trainers themselves. Pointing at him carefully, her eyes showed clear concern under her hood. "Once we get somewhere safe, you're definitely getting medical attention. How does a trainer get so badly beat up anyways?" She questioned, showing that she clearly didn't see him fighting grunts with his fists.
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Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward’s attention had been scrambled in all sorts of places. The police had arrived, the helicopter was seemingly shot down, and a Pokémon had managed to communicate with him. There was only one thing that he knew to do right now. Edward snapped his fingers twice.

To the left but behind Lady, Galland would dash through and do a flip before landing next to Lancelot. “I’m fine. So are my Pokémon. We saw the battle and I couldn’t just stand here and not get involved.” Edward explained as Lancelot walked over to where Lady was. Looking at the Gardevoir, only remembering of a Gardevoir back in Kalos. The one of the champion from those ads that Edward would sometimes see. The Gallade gave a small wave of his hand to the Gardevoir.
(@The Heart of Frostfire. @Draco Nightshade @Ridge )
Amelia turned back to the window, smirking.

“It’ll probably be difficult, but whatever!” She said, shrugging it off as if it was nothing, “I’m going to do it though, I just know I am.”

She stared at the rainy sky, spying for a glimpse of the legendary. But as she stared, her eyelids started to droop. She had to force herself awake, jumping every so often to keep watching the sky.
"I am sure you can. Just gotta have a game plan set and take it a day at a time." Connor advised with a smile as once more her passion had become quite evident but also infectious.

Course, something else had become evident as Amelia seemed to struggle to stay awake.

"You know you won't be catching anything on fatigue. Rest and sleep are important if you want that dream to come true." Connor advised, pointing out there wasn't much "shame" in letting herself fall asleep and in fact it'd be needed for her goal.
Amelia blinked wearily.

“I’m not tired, I’m fi…” she dozed a second, “Fine! I’m super awake and ready…”

Amelia’s eyes closed gently and she rested her head on the window sill, slumping over. A small snore escaped her mouth as her head fell even more, her cheek squashed against the sill. She was out, completely asleep and exhausted from the adventures of the day.
"Seems you know your body well." Connor said with a light smile as Amelia passed out on him, snoring included which he found cute.

He moved over and decided to help Amelia, carrying her body lightly so she was resting on the bed and her head comfortably on the pillow. He figured he owed her that much given she allowed him to tag along on this adventure.

"Sweet dreams." Connor whispered with a smile as he tucked Amelia in and moved over to his bed.
"We're okay over here!" Roxanne called to the police before running to Rick and Iris. "You two alright?" Just as she asked, the newly evolved Tank came over and affectionately nudged Roxanne, who inevitably fell over. "Oof! Careful Tank, you're not a little Shieldon anymore!" Seconds later, the rest of Roxanne's Pokemon came to inspect Tank's new form and receive praise from their trainer. "Alright, good job everyone!"
Sensing that the battle was over, Penny quickly came out of her ball and ran over to Iris to check up on her. Seeing where Penny went, Kelly didn't bother following and instead tended to her remaining Pokemon. "Good job guys."
While Rick was removing chunks of metal and tarp off Iris that had been projected from the truck she had blown up, Roxanne came in to check up on them. "We'll be fine, thanks. We've been better and worse." He reassured, but not before Roxanne got slammed by her Bastiodon. Kelly's ponyta also came out of her ball to check up on Iris specificaly. "But those idiots are getting away!" He exclaimed, while pointing at the aircraft at the distance.

"Enough, Rick! Don't you think we've had enough for today?" Chris shouted from the boat. "You had a plan, they figued it out, and they came prepared. Nuff said!" He added. Rick frowned, crossing his arms before replying. "I will admit I wasn't expecting them to bring an uber tier heavy assault helicopter." He said, while Iris tried to get up on her feet, just to collapse on her knees. "Easy, girl. You did great there, now just rest." He told her while peting her.

The officer then walked over to Rick. "Rick. I would like to have a word with you about the latter events, as you seem to be getting involved in a lot of Team Rocket stuff. It is unusual for Team Rocket to bring out their greater assets aside from large scale operations or when they expect some major resistance." She told him. "But as you can tell right now, I have a lot of work to keep me and my team busy for the rest of the night, so we'll leave it for tomorrow."

Chris then left his boat for the first time since they arrived in Kanto, approaching the officer before speaking. "With your permission, officer. I'm Chris, and I'm the one who brought Rick into Kanto, all the way from Sinnoh, just so he could revive an Aerodactyl from the Old Amber he has. He's not part of Team Rocket." Chris explained, while also handing out Rick's ID Card.

The officer examined the identification, noded, then returned it to Chris. "Thanks for your clarification, mister Chris. But this has nothing to do about Rick being a Rocket member or not. His actions already gave us enough proof he's not one of them, especialy now with this ID Card. But those same actions may end up bringing other problems." She explained.

While walking back to her car, the officer stared at Lewis before speaking to him. "And don't think I forgot about you, young man! The work of Vigilante is not something we approve here in Kanto, nor in any other region for the matter. I'll let it slide this time given the circumstances, but I hope to never hear about it again." She warned, before driving off, with the rest of the squad following in tow.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Lewis Fireheart.
Lewis simply shrugged off the concerns over the police officer. He would have collapsed on the spot if it wasn't for the support of Lady, who acted as both a physical and emotional support for the time being. "Criminals deserve justice... They got what they deserved... I wouldn't have had to do what I did if I were able to obtain an ice stone... But sometimes, you have to take actions to your own hands..." He groaned, his eyes dim with pain. The newcomer onto the scene claiming to be a medic seemed to show concern to him, but he also shrugged it off as he and his Gardevoir slowly approached the others. She didn't seem to care much for her surroundings, as her entire focus was making sure her trainer was safe. "That was... Intense, huh? Oh Arceus... I haven't ended up this wounded after a fight since our greenhouse research labs were attacked... But that's the past... Fortunately, Lady here is generally uninjured, I'd just need somewhere safe to treat my wounds. Hopefully that Swords of Justice follower back there can provide help." He spoke, a dark tone overtaking his usual positive vibe.

Alexis Denalk.
As she was mentioned by Lewis, she perked up and used her telekinesis to grab her bag again, joining the group properly. "He's right, at least! We've had enough medical training that while we're not as good as a liscenced doctor, we're at least good enough to keep you going until you can get to a hospital. Potions and revives can only do so much, but we only use those kind of things for emergencies!" She spoke, bringing her bag closer to herself and looking through it, likely taking stock. "So... What was that whole conflict all about, anyways? It's clear by their actions and aura I got from them that they were criminals, but... Is this kind of thing common around here?" She continued, questioning with clear concern.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward stretched a bit while the others were communicating with each other. “Galland. You did great out there mate. Defending yourself for others.” Edward spoke as he put a hand on Galland’s shoulder, Galland smiled and nodded. Lancelot would walk over and smile, the three would walk over to where Rick and the others were. “Seems this may not be the end of our escapades with them.” Edward spoke as he knew a little bit about what would happen. “Given that these guys are a smaller version of Team Flare, with much less of a destructive ambition than them. They are going to tell their head leader about our interruption today. Meaning that things won’t be easier for us. We need to remember, this was some of their minions.” Edward spoke as he sighed a bit.

“Their higher ups are going to send more. But I believe we all can fight back with more ferocity than we did today.” Edward spoke with a small bit of encouragement.

“We all have capabilities and goals. So let’s have them shine through their dark ideals.” Edward once again and looked to his Pokémon who nodded in response.
(@The Heart of Frostfire. @Ridge @Draco Nightshade )
As Connor sat on his bed across from Amelia and prepared for bed, suddenly one of his Pokeballs seemed to open up and out popped his partner Nova, a Fletchinder who had one shorter wing than the other but had not lacked its enthusiasm as it hopped onto the bed. "Fletch!" It cried happily.

"Nova shush..." Connor said with a whisper as he pointed to Amelia's bed. "It's late here and some people want to sleep. Gotta be quiet if you want to share the bed with me." Connor said with a smile as Nova seemed to understand before it hopped up on his chest and had gotten comfortable. Connor smiled, this was a bit unexpected but perhaps it should not have been as Nova had a habit of wanting to rest with its partner outside its Pokeball and soon the pair got comfortable as they prepared to settle for the night.
A shady girl named Alexis walked over to the group, letting them know about her medical skills. Which Rick actualy thought would be well appreciated. "Well, we might use your services, actualy." He said to Alexis, while massaging Iris. The mare, however, didn't look as receptive towards this new stranger. Her eyes followed the Alixis's every movement with a very distrustful look. The girl's shady appearance didn't help the cause either. Seeing this, Rick second though himself, fearing the girl could lose a finger. "On a second thought, I think my Dragonair needs more attention." He mentioned, pointing at Pearl.

"Rick! A little help bringing your snake into the boat? She certainly doesn't feel like having only 36 pounds like the Dex says she has!" Chris called, hugging the Dragon-type by the neck with both arms trying to pull her in. "That's because she usualy floats. Something she can't do if unconscious. Whoever registered that forgot about that detail." Rick shouted, before giving a quick rundown on what had happened, as Alexis asked. "They had a recruiter on that bridge back there, who tried his luck with me. So I beat him up. Then another one called on his radio asking for a report, so I invited him to come along. Then they realized they couldn't win, so they cheated. The rest you alread know." He explained. "And I do hope they send out more. 'Cause I'm not finished with them yet." Rick added, after Edward telling them Team Rock would want revenge.

Iris got back up moments later. Her legs shook briefly until she regained her composure and started stretching. "Feeling good?" Rick asked to her. As the mare nodded, Rick sighed in relief and stood up as well. "Anyways! Thanks for the help. And sorry that you got involved in this mess. I guess Chris doesn't mind if you spend the night on the boat, if you need. I won't recommend it anyways due to the wobbling." He said to the group. "Hey! Don't insult me like that! It's more stable than any ship of its size!" Chris shouted as he heard the criticism. Rick shrugged. "Eitherway, I'm pretty sure that cottage has lodging, too. Then again, I don't see Amelia or Finn here, so I don't know if they're waiting for you or not. You do you, I guess" He added, before walking to the boat to check on Pearl.
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