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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style


Alice, very tired and full from her meal, followed Amelia to the pokemon center. She was so tired as a matter of fact that she slept through the big storm that happened last night and didn't wake up until it was rather late in the morning. "Wow, I guess I must've been more tired than I thought, but I guess that just means I'll be well-rested for anything that happens today!" Alice grabbed her bag and ran out, Clauncher on her shoulder. "Now, I wonder where everyone went, it did take me a while to wake up- I hope they didn't leave without me!" said Alice before running. Of course, Alic got horrifically lost before somehow miraculously finding herself near the Cerulean Gym. "Hey Amy, Hey Con! Sorry I slept in so late- oh wow! You're that guy with the Rapidash from yesterday! By the way are you talking about Team Rocket? Cus I know about those guys. They're a bunch of trainers that steal other people's pokemon, items, and money. I actually ran into one of their grunts but Olli helped me!"
As Connor told Amelia about Team Rocket, Rick nodded. "Brock actualy gave us a brief explanation about them before challenging me. You probably left the gym before hearing it. Eitherway, now you know." He added. He then turned his attention towards Connor, as he talked about his accident. It was clear the trainer wasn't partcularly confortable talking about it, but he eventualy perked up. "Understandable. It happened to me before... the cave in part, at least. When you venture into that kind of biome, you're prone to some accidents. But you know what they say. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Alice would eventualy show up, hurried and kinda disoriented, looking for everyone. Still arrived on time to hear the group about Team Rocket, though. "I was just putting them on par about those guys, in fact. Kudos to you for only having to deal with one of them. I personaly lost the count already and I'm only in my third day in this region." Rick said to Alice, before sighing. "Alas, stealing seems to be the lesser crime they do. The way they treat pokémon is what bothers me the most." He commented, crossing his arms. "Not to mention the trouble they gave me with the police in Pewter just for having similar outfits..." He added, covering his face with a hand.
Connor seemed a bit touched when Rick seemed to compliment on the idea of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and sensed he tried to help keep his spirits up. Connor had taken a liking to this guy already. "Yeah kinda what inspired me to go on this journey if anything, shame that those Team Rocket guys have to spoil all the fun." Connor said back with a smile, before his attention turned to a face he more recognized who seemed to have overslept at the Pokemon Center.

"Oh hey Alice! Sorry I didn't realize you were still out of it. Should've waited." Connor said in apology but he had been happy to see her as their group felt a little more together. Progress. And it seemed that like Rick Alice had some knowledge of Team Rocket, which according to Rick seemed to be a persistent problem.

"Well any info either of you guys have will help. Team Rocket are nothing but trouble, and if they try something again we need to help protect each other if need be." Connor said, as he figured next time Team Rocket would cause problems he desired to help these guys in the fight so nobody and no Pokemon had the chance to get hurt or worse.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
During the conversation, Lewis ended up getting rather bored and gestured for Alexis to stay put, which she obliged with silently. His Sylveon riding him, he decided to investigate some people gathered around the local gym. As he approached, he noticed Rick and his eyes seemed to light up, finally recognizing someone he's seen before. Waving at them to get attention, he quietly approached the group. "Ahh, I remember you! Rick, was it? I apologize if I'm interrupting anything, but my psychic of a friend has seemed to have sensed something is happening at the docks where your friend was last spotted. And given how my Gardevoir seems to report sensing the disturbance as well, this might be something to investigate into. Good that I've found you." He spoke, his worry clear but offset by his attempts to be polite. As he noticed the others, he bowed in greeting and smiled, his Sylveon giving a happy cry.

"Oh, but where are my manners. I don't believe I've met you three, have I? My apologies for such rude behavior. I am Lewis Fireheart, administrator for Razor Laboratories and currently on a break from my duties in order to strengthen my bond with Pokemon. Who might you all be?" He spoke, his tone immediately going to one more formal. His Unovian accent came out in full swing, and he seemed to have a hint of a Galar accent as well. His Sylveon decided to then detach herself from the back of her trainer and went to investigate the unknown trainers, giving a curious cry.
Amelia gasped at this revelation. How could people be so cruel to take someone else’s Pokémon?! And use it to do evil? How horrible!

“Why I oughta! We should go after them! If I ever see a member of this so-called “Team Rocket”, I’ll make sure to beat them in a battle! Maybe we can even free the Pokémon they’ve captured! Or take down the entire organization!” Amelia’s face was red with anger as she kept spiraling on about what they could do.
A new face arrived to the group who seemed to be familiar with Rick but his own focus had been on Amelia who seemed to take the information of Team Rocket as her face became red and she began to stomp about proclamations of stopping them as Connor decided to try and place a hand on her shoulder to ease his friend while he looked on sheepishly.

"L-let's take it one step at a time. Amelia. Blowing steam now isn't gonna help anyone." Connor advised.
When Connor put his hand on her shoulder, her face immediately released all of its heat, and if you looked closely you could almost see steam cooling her face off. She took in a deep breath to calm herself. She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Well, alright!” She huffed, “But if I ever see a “Team Rocket”, I won’t hesitate to destroy them in a Pokémon battle!”

She took in another deep breath to calm herself.
Lewis arrived a bit later, approaching Rick to warn him about something happening to Chris, and later introducing himself to the rest of the group. Meanwhile, Zephir, still being held by the tail in Iris's mouth, started flailing for her to let him go, which she eventualy complied. The Grass-type immediately turned his attentions towards the other eeveelution, while Rick adressed the trainer's concerns.

"Chris? I'm afraid we're a bit too late for that. He left the dock a while ago and should be on his way to Vermilion to restock, since he miscalculated somehow. And my only means of air and water transport just happened to go on that boat with him." Rick explained to Lewis, crossing his arms before continuing. "Eitherway, the boat is armed to the teeth, and Pearl is one of my strongest pokémon. So I don't think there's much reason for concern. If worse comes to worse, he should have plenty of time to send a distress call." He assured.

Amelia then started throwing a tantrum after hearing about the villainous group, even to the point of wanting to go after them. Something that Rick very well related. "Hmpf... I already proposed that to the officer. The police doesn't want us to get involved in a direct way with fear of an escalation." He said. Amelia eventualy calmed down after Connor's advise. "But, to be honest, I would also be more confortable if you got more experience before taking them on. It's not a matter of whether you can beat them in battle or not. They don't play by the League's rules and will turn to cheap tactics when they're losing. I wasn't expecting them to bring a entire army, for example." He advised.

Rick then took a couple steps aways, before turning to the group again. "Anyways! Is Vermillion your next destination? 'Cause if so, that's where I'm supposed to go next. If not, well... 'see you next time?', I guess? 'Cause after that, my destination is Cinnabar." He asked, with a faint smile.
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Having finally left the hotel with her stuff, Kelly noticed the others in front of the Cerulean Gym and decided to say hi. "Hey guys! Some day yesterday huh?"
"About time you woke up sis." Walking over to the others, Roxanne playfully punched her sister's shoulder before continuing. "What took you so long?"
Giving a nervous laugh, Kelly replied. "Well, I was thinking that we should split up again. I still haven't obtained the Cascade badge and I don't want to hold you back either." Looking at Amelia, Kelly opened her bag and brought out the Dome and Helix fossils. "Before I forget, I remember you saying that you wanted to obtain every Pokemon, so I think these fossils will help you get closer to that goal. Roxanne already has them and I specialize in Fire types so I really don't have any use for them."
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Cinnabar? Any reason you are heading there? Most trainers don't tackle that till later in the journey." Connor asked, not that there was a right or wrong way to approach how to handle the Gym Challenge, but Rick's words got him curious all the same.

Course he was more relieved that Amelia was okay, and the advice on Team Rocket not playing "fair" was noted as Connor seemed to rub his chin in thought. "Well then, guess we'll need each other's backs then. If they want to play dirty, we need to be ready for anything. And yeah think once everyone in Amelia's group got their Cascade Badges we were gonna head out." Connor clarified before a girl named Kelly seemed to arrive and offered fossils for her which caused Connor's eyes to widen.

Wow, real fossils, that is so cool!
When Connor questioned about his interest on Cinnabar, Rick waved a hand and replied. "Oh no, I'm not taking the Gym Challenge! The only reason I got the Boulder Badge was because Brock put me on a 'Trial by Battle' in order to prove I wasn't a Rocket member." He told.

Rick then took out the Old Amber from his beltpocket and showed it to Connor to put the trainer on par with his situation. "This is what brought me to Kanto in the first place. I need to take it to a reviving machine in order to bring an Aerodactyl back to life." He explained, before putting the fossil back and continuing. "Of course, this would've been much easier if said machine was still in Pewter's Museum. But thanks to a certain group, they had to move it to a different lab in Cinnabar." He added, crossing his arms.

When Roxanne and Kelly came by, and as the latter gave away the fossils to Amelia, Rick was reminded - "Oh! Speaking of rocks and Rockets!" He said, taking out the nugget he had got the other day and handing it over to Roxanne. "I got this as a prize from that Nugget Bridge yesterday. Never felt like I deserved it anyway, and you said they're like candies for Aggrons, so you can have it!" He told her. "Just on a side note: It was given to me by a Rocket grunt doing recruitment, so make sure you clean it before she eats it." He added jokingly.

Rick then looked deeper into his beltpocket. "Oh, umm... does anyone have plans on having a Nidoran or whatever? 'Cause I also got this crap." He asked, taking out the Moon Stone and holding it in his hand. "I know it's too soon for Christmas, but... I gotta lighten the weight." He mentioned.
Amelia glowed at the sight of the fossils, her eyes sparkling in wonder as she accepted them and cradled them in her arms.

“Wow,” she awed, her eyes sparkling, “So cool…”

She put the fossils gently into her seemingly bottomless bag, before ultimately turning around at the mention of a moon stone.

“Ooh, me me! I want a moon stone!” She said greedily, waving her hands around as if she was a child begging to be called on in school.
An early morning flight, saw to Sarah coming to the Kanto region relatively safe, though there was some trouble with the weather on the way there. With a graceful step, Sarah walked from the gangplank of the ship into the town proper, as always, her parasol was opened blocking the sun from bearing down on her. By her side was her trusty friend and companion was Kit the Espeon, the two walked together to the gym that centered in a large water stadium.

Sarah had many reasons to come to the Kanto region, one of them was her experience and expertise in performing in pokemon contests. In Kalos, Sarah Winchester was considered one of the top coordinators in the region, it was why she was given the task to talk to the gym leaders of Cerulean City gym. The gym leader was looking to start a performing stadium in their gym. Walking by the group of trainers in front of the gym, Kit became very interested in the other eeveelutions, she like her trainer moved gracefully to the Leafeon and sat with her head cocked to the side, it seemed as if she was waiting for them to notice her.

Sarah knew that Kit would be able to handle herself, so she continued into the gym. Walking in, Sarah took in the beauty that was the underwater stage and production, it seemed to be one for performing that she came to love from the stage. Sarah turned as she heard a hard step on the tile floor, it seemed that she was face to face with a group of ladies who seemed to prescribe to believe that beauty is all that matters. "Hello, I am looking for the Gym Leader. My name is Sarah Winchester, I am the person they sent to answer any questions you guys have about contests and starting them here in this region." The three girls were rather rude to Sarah as they did not believe that she was who she said she was, as they thought her look was too unconventional for someone who regularly performed and won many contests.

Walking out fuming from the gym after a very heated discussion, Sarah pulled out a phone from somewhere in the lace of her dress, and called Diantha, who was a mentor for the young actress and coordinator. "Diantha, I do not think this gym is the one that need to be the chairmen for the starting of pokemon contests here in this region. The gym trainers were rude and would not even listen to the idea of them not just winning them based on their beauty alone, and not talent. I did not even get a chance to meet with Misty about it." After some time, Sarah started to nod her head and hung up the phone, and spoke as she turned to the side and tried to take a step, but almost fell as her heel snapped and broke off "Man can this day get any worse?" Though she was not aware of the fact that she said the last part out loud. Hobbling down to the bench, she sat down with her head in her hands. Being the pokemon she was, Kit seen the look on her trainer's face, and walked to Sarah and nudged her as she hopped onto the seat beside her.
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"I see, sounds like an interesting trial." Connor mused, he remembered his own battle with Brock. Was not easy given the makeup of his team, but one rematch and that Boulder Badge was his as it had taught Connor a good lesson that this Gym Challenge had been no joke.

Then he took out what seemed to be some Old Amber which had the young man widen his gaze a bit as he further explained he would like to get an Aerodactyl revived. He had to admit that sounded pretty cool as he nodded along. "I see, sounds like a fun quest, wish you all the luck and hopefully I get to see this baby when you revive it someday." Connor said with a smile.

Connor of course listened to Amelia as she seemed to gush about the fossils, and when Rick offered them a Moon Stone Amelia seemed giddy as she made her own call for it which caused Connor to grin.

"Wow you guys have a lot of cool stuff on hand." Connor complimented around, he wondered if he would discover a stone or a fossil. Was a lot of Kanto to explore, so who had known really.
"You be careful with those fossils Amelia, I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did in Kelly's care." Giving a glance to her sister, Roxanne then received the nugget from Rick. "Don't worry, I'll make sure to clean it so Panzer doesn't get sick from Rocket poisoning." @Ridge @Imperfect World
"Aria, are we in Cerulean city yet?" A blind young man asked his Lucario as they walked. "CAR!" Answering with an affirmative bark, her trainer nodded. "Thanks Aria." Petting his Lucario's head, his attention was quickly drawn to an agitated aura. "You feel that Aria? Let's go see what's up." Walking over to where Sarah was sitting with Kit, Alex spoke. "Rough day?" @EmoKitty21

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Lewis shook his head and sighed, snapping back to reality as his eyes focused, going from dull and staring off into space back to the bright colours they were normally. "Oh Arceus... Sorry about that... I must have lost focused in reality, getting lost in memories. Anyways. What's the plan? I'm thinking of expanding my team, as while Lady and Mistress are decently strong, a good steel type would easily wipe my team. I'm thinking of getting an ice stone and perhaps looking for a ground type, perhaps a Sandshrew. However a fire type could be useful as well, perhaps a Vulpix or a Cindaquil. What are the plans of you guys? I already know my partner Alexis wants to organize a group to find and preform a raid on the Rocket headquarters. I don't exactly agree with her ideals, even though I have my own past with being harmed by team Plasma back in the day..." He spoke, his plans well thought out. However, he made it clear that even though he had his own plans, he wanted to make sure he wasn't inconviencing anyone.

Eventually the psychic joined the group, her eyes glowing faintly as she'd replaced her robes with a more 'normal' outfit, having a patterned kimono and keeping the black boots from before. "And I return to the land of the living! Lewis, remind me to repay you for the cash you gave me for a wardrobe change. I was tired of people thinking I was some sort of giratina cultist. That life I may have escaped from, but those robes had to go." She smiled, giving a bit too much information while her male companion groaned. "And remind me later to teach you better social skills... They don't need your life story, Alexis."
Sarah moved her fingers enough to peek out of them and glanced to the person who spoke to her. "You could say that. It seems to me that the three gym trainers in there are some of the most entitled people that I have ever met. I come here to help Misty with starting a pokemon contest league in this region, and what happens is that they go and don't even take my advice. I came here as a favor for mentor as I had a complete other region, I was planning on exploring. Then to make matters worse, I broke a heel as I step out of the gym." It seemed that the purple haired girl was getting worked up into a rant. "EON!" Kit cried out to her trainer, which caused Sarah to snap out of the rant she was getting into. "You are right Kit; I do not need to get upset about them. They are not worth the time that I am spending on them."

Sarah turned to the trainer who spoke to her and noticed that he had a thing of cloth around his eyes. "I am guessing you are trying to build up your bond with you pokemon as they are psychic type? Sorry, that was rude of me to ask. My name is Sarah Winchester, I can be a bit of a rambler when it comes to my moods when I get agitated." With a deep sigh, Sarah pulled out a pair of black boots. They were in the same style as the dress and the other pair that just broke. Black with a chunky heel and chains that go around the front, Sarah replaced the ones on her feet with them. Looking to the male that was in front of her, Sarah spoke in a much calmer tone. "So, what brings you to this city? Are you taking on the gym challenge?" @Draco Nightshade
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"Actually, I wear this to avoid unnerving others anymore than usual. And while I do have a Psychic type, she's currently resting in her PokeBall." Correcting Sarah, Alex extended his right hand in greeting. "I'm Alexander Tempest, a blind trainer from Celestic Town in the Sinnoh Region. This here is Aria." @EmoKitty21
Taking the hand, Sarah shook it with a good grip. "Ah I just assumed as I have tried that with Kit here as well. She was the first pokemon that I received from my parents when I was six." Kit jumped down from the bench and rubbed her body on Sarah's leg to show her love for her trainer. "I can understand the need to not unnerve others as well, but just to let you know I have seen worse things in my father's breeding center. I had also worked with the nurse Joy that worked with my parents. It come with the territory of housing large groups of pokemon."
"My first Pokemon was a female Ralts I named Gwen. I've been blind for as long as I can remember and my parents figured a Psychic type was just what I needed to help me get around. Aria here is my second, and I have a male Gabite named Brutus." Probably hearing their names from within the PokeBalls, Gwen the Gardevoir and Brutus the Gabite emerged in a flash of light. "I don't think I have to introduce them again. Do I?" @EmoKitty21
"Not at all. It is nice to see them. My pokemon are in my father's ranch at the moment. I only have Kit and Princess with me." Sarah smiled as she saw the pokemon who had emerged from their pokeballs. It seemed that they had the right idea, as Princess emerged from her own pokeball. Princess gently nudged Sarah's shoulder. "This is Princess, she is a Galarian Rapidash. I raised her from an egg that a trainer did not want to keep. She has been my best pokemon when performing. Princess has won many contests in our time in Kalos."
Examining the new Pokemon's aura, Alex was intrigued. "I've never encountered a regional variant before. Is she Psychic and Fairy by any chance?" As he asked, Alex took off his backpack and pulled out a small pouch of berries. "Here Gwen, pass them around." Taking the pouch, the Gardevoir did as she was told while Alex carried on. "I'm actually not sure about taking the gym challenge, I really just want to hone my abilities with Aura. Kinda hard to find others like that." @EmoKitty21
"Yes, she is acutely. He kind had changed so much thanks to the unique climate of the region of Galar. It seemed there are other pokemon that have more than one type of regional form as such the meowth of this region would look different to the ones from Alola and Galar. Each have their own typing and the Galar regional variant even has a different evolution that the evolve into." Sarah seemed to have gotten rid of her annoyed mood as she took to explaining the differences between the regional variants of meowth. @Draco Nightshade
"Fascinating. Although I can't actually see, I can tell you take proper care of your Pokemon. Which reminds me..." Pulling another bag out of his pack, Aria, Brutus and Gwen got really excited as they knew exactly what it was. Opening it up, Alex revealed an assortment of fur and hair brushes for different types of Pokemon. "Excuse me for a sec, I like to give my Pokemon a good brushing every once in a while."
Determining which brush was which through touch, Alex finally grabbed the finer one and turned to his Gardevoir. "Alright Gwen, you're first." Excited, Gwen quickly knelt down in front of Alex as he got to work. While brushing, he turned to Sarah. "I can let you use a brush or two if you're Pokemon would like." @EmoKitty21
"Thank you, but I have my own set, and these two have already been groomed this morning. I do not want to do so too often as it can cause some trouble with Kit as it can cause them some harm with her natural coat. Think of it like taking care of your own hair, when you brush it too often you can cause hair to be pulled out, or it can cause damage to the strands. Though I could help you with your own pokemon. I have done quite a lot of it in the past, as I am a registered groomer and pokemon breeder." Sarah gave Alex a smile as she pulled some of her own grooming equipment, out of the black purse like bag she carries around. It had an assortment of different types of brushes as well other things to groom the different types of pokemon who do not have fur.
"That's fair. Alright Gwen, it's Brutus's turn." Gwen stood back up with grace as Brutus came to take her place. Turning to Sarah, Alex asked. "If it's alright with you, would you like to take care of grooming Aria?" Exchanging the brush in his hand for a much coarser one, Alex got to work on the Gabite. "Just make sure you don't mess with her aura sensors, they're a little sensitive."
"Of course, it would be my pleasure to help the majestic Lady Aria." Sarah started to pull out some different tools that worked for the fighting and steel type. With the right tools, Sarah got to work starting on grooming Aria. "You know it is kind of nice to be around someone who cares for their pokemon like you do. I have met some pretty horrible pokemon trainers in my time at my father's breeding school. He was always saddened to learn of the way some people treat the ones who love them. That is how I got Kit as a kid. She was mistreated by her trainer. I might not have been the best person when I punched the jerk in the face, but it at least earned me a friend that I cherish." Kit laid her head down in Sarah's lap and meowed. "I love you as well Kit." @Draco Nightshade
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Alex smiled as he listened to Sarah, Brutus purring as the coarse bristles moved over and through his scales. "To be honest, I had found Brutus here tied up and abandoned as a Gible. Have yet to find out who did it, but when I do they'll get much more than a piece of my mind." Hearing this, the Gabite pushed his head into Alex's chest and rubbed against him. "Aria on the other hand had recently come out of a scuffle when I found her as a Riolu. She's been a great help teaching me to sense Aura."
"I can understand that." Sarah was careful to not mess with the aura sensors as she used a tool to comb around them. "You know there is a set of grooming tools that they have for pokemon like Aria here, as they sell the tools to go around the sensors." When she was done with the fur, Sarah pulled out a spray bottle with a sweet-smelling liquid and started to spray the sensors. It seemed to clean the sensors. "There that should do it for you Aria." @Draco Nightshade
"Huh, I didn't know that. If I could see properly I'd say I'll keep an eye out but..." As Alex trailed off, Aria placed her right paw on Sarah's shoulder and touched her forehead with her own. Sensing the interaction, Alex smiled even more. "Looks like Aria appreciates your work." @EmoKitty21
Sarah smiled as Aria placed her forehead on her own. "I am glad that you enjoy the work I have done. You know my mentor asked me to go to Celadon City as that is where Erika is. She is the gym leader of the grass gym here in this region. am tasked with starting pokemon contests here in Kanto. I hear that they have a department store there. We could see if they have the grooming kit there. If they don't then I am sure I could call my father as he should have a couple of them that he kept because my cousin bought the place and was bringing in her own equipment."
Rick grinned at Connor's statement that he would like to see the Aerodactyl, refering to it as a baby. "Thanks... I don't think it will be revived as a baby..." He said, the last bit in a lower tone." He then turned to Amelia as she started waving at him to give her the moon stone. "Such entusiasm... alright, take it!" Said Rick, raising an eyebrow as he passed the stone to Amelia. "Just make sure it's still in one piece until you can use it... and don't rush! Pokémon that evolve by stones usualy don't learn many new moves naturaly unless you teach them. So many people fall for that..." He adivised.

Rick then heard Lewis talking about his plans on getting new pokémon. "Well, I saw some sandshrews and geodudes in Mount Moon. But that's the opposite direction we're heading. Haven't seen any wild fire-types since I arrived, though." He told him, before hoping onto Iris's back. "Well then. Hope you guys don't mind if I do a little scouting ahead? I'll wait for you at the gates." He said, before darting off. Iris took the first steps into Route 5, however, they wouldn't go much further, as Rick realized he was missing someone. "Where the heck is Zephir? Don't tell me he's socializing again!" He said, before dismounting. "Wait here!" He told Iris, before running back to the gym, leaving the mare to graze on the tall grass next to the ledges.

Back at the gym, Rick spoted the leafy cat next to a girl in black with an Espeon next to her. "Yep. Spot on! Too predictable!" He muttered, before approaching them. "Hi! Sorry, my Leafeon likes to wander off from time to time." He said to the girl, before grabbing the grass-type. Zephir backflipped from Rick's hands and hanged himself onto his trainer's back like a backpack. "The fact that we usualy don't find as many pokémon to interact with doesn't help, either." He added, before turning his attention towards the Rapidash. "Oh... so you got a Rapidash, too? Never expected to see one of those outside of Galar."
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It did not take long for Sarah to notice the Leafeon beside her. She could tell that the pokemon was a very social pokemon, and tended to go up to new pokemon. "It is no trouble at all. I am kind of used to pokemon coming up to me. My parents used to own a pokemon breeding school to help teach people how to be a pokemon breeder. There are a lot of pokemon like your leafeon, and love the attention. Besides Kit loved the company." With that said, Kit jumped onto Sarah's shoulder with practiced ease of a pokemon that had done so before.

"Yes, this is Princess she is one of my first pokemon that I had raised when I was living in the Kalos region. I had just arrived in this region, we thought it would be longer thanks to the storm that was raging on, but it seemed to have cleared up pretty nicely." Sarah had started to pack away the grooming tools that she had out with practiced ease. "So, I seen the group that you were standing with, are you all travelling together?"
"Yep! Each with their own goals, but our traveling paths eventualy crossed and now we're traveling together indefinitely." He told Sarah, once she asked if he was traveling with all the others. "I'm Rick, by the way. And this Leafeon right here is Zephir." He introduced. "I would introduce you to Iris, which is my Rapidash. But she's waiting for me at Route 5 while I came to pick this guy up. But you probably saw her anyways, she's hard to miss." He added.

While talking to the girl, Rick also felt somewhat intriged by the blindfolded man right next to him, which he assumed was blind. "Oh... where's my manners? You need help with anything, sir?" Rick asked him, trying to be a good samaritan. Course, at that point, he wasn't aware of the man's enhanced abilities.
Having finished grooming Brutus, Alex turned to Rick and replied. "No, thanks though." Putting away his own tools, Alex continued. "In any event, I'm Alexander Tempest from the Sinnoh Region. Been blind to the physical world since day one. It's nice to meet you Rick." Having packed his bag, Alex shook Rick's hand.
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Stacy stared at one of her father's employees, who looked utterly tired, but she knew he was just lazy. The man then noticed her, and she swore she saw a glimpse of a smile. Then he seemed to trip, let out a scream, and looked at her pleadingly, "Stacy! Thank Arceus, you're here!" Stacy walked over to the man and looked down at him, helping him get up as he limped a bit. The man placed his foot on the ground and screamed the fakest scream ever to scream. Stacy was still a little worried about him, even if it was probably fake, never could be too sure.

"Are you okay, Jason?" Stacy asked the man. Jason nodded, grimacing at his fake pain, "Y-yes, I think so... But I don't think I will be able to deliver this box of food to Cerulean City's gym..." He looked at the box pitifully. Stacy wondered why Jason hadn't decided to go into acting. "I mean, you could... No, I couldn't let you do that! You're so small, and with that limp..." Jason said, now pointing out Stacy's limp. Now Stacy felt a need to prove herself and to get out of there because, honestly, he didn't like Jason. He was pointing out something she didn't want pointed out.

"No, I can do it. I'll do it." Stacy quickly said, staring at the box. It was large and would definitely be hard to carry, especially since Stacy knew she couldn't use her cane while carrying it. Wow, she was going to look pitiful, Stacy thought as she walked over to the box. She put her cane under her arm so she could at least use the cane on the way back. She picked up the box and started on her trip to Cerulean city. It wasn't too far to Cerulean city just had to pass through one of the routes there. One of the routes there, a route filled the pokemon... Dangerous pokemon.

Stacy walked along the route, keeping her watch on the brush, making sure no pokemon would attack her. Not even one would get to lay a finger on her. Or her delivery, for that matter!

Something moved. Stacy paused and stared. A little oddish wondered out of the brush locking eyes with her. Stacy let out a scream recognizing that it was a pokemon and a poison-type pokemon! She ran as fast as she could carrying her large parcel. To be honest, she wasn't running fast at all, and the oddish wasn't even chasing her. It was just standing there bewildered about why the girl had shrieked.

And soon enough, Stacy was standing in front of Cerulean gym, very out of breath, and her arms aching from the weight of the box she carried. Not to mention her leg, which wasn't feeling too good either. She looked at the gym for a minute, then walked in. Then she stopped again and looked around, trying to figure out to who she was supposed to give the box too. She just stood there feeling nervous.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
As the group spoke, Lewis attempted to follow through while writing down notes in his holotech. "Ahh, yes, yes, we all have our own goals. Even if we won't find anything I'm looking for as we go along, I'm sure I'll have an opportunity later. I do want to preform in the whole pokemon trainer aspect, taking the gym challenge. It's a good opportunity to bond with my pokemon, and perhaps the people around me." He smiled, mainly trying to speak to the whole group.

However, Alexis seemed to notice the blind psychic in the group and slowly approached, her own aura having a rather energetic, positive vibe to it. However, she also seemed to control herself well. "Hey there! I apologize if I seem a bit blunt, but I noticed you seem to be unable to see and was wondering how you see the world? I'm also a psychic, and I noticed you have an aura to you that's shared with others of our kind. Oh, the name is Alexis by the way, I should introduce myself. I'm sorry about this, I haven't really spoken to many people since I left the... Err, group of people who imprisoned me for most of my life." She spoke, once again having an issue with giving too much information. Lewis gave her a concerned look which caused her to blush mildly and look down in embarassment. "Oh, I'm sorry about that, didn't mean to speak too much!"
"A uh figure of speech." Connor said with a sweat drop to Rick as he had not intended that comment to be taken so literally, before Rick decided to go scout by the gates in his own words as it seemed the discussion of catching wild Pokemon by Mt. Moon had come up. Connor had yet to catch a Pokemon native to this region, so that possibility seemed to be decent, though it had aimed to take him off his intended path and that of Amelia's.

Connor then heard Alexis who spoke up as a sharing of goals seemed to be on the table, and that goal had been something Connor had been able to relate to as he smiled her way.

"Yeah I am similar, I want to prove I can make it to the League and defeat the Gym Leaders here, show even a guy like me with this little bump can overcome the same obstalces as others." Connor mused a bit in reference to the leg before he overheard Alexis speak to someone and what seemed to be a revelation of sorts caused his eyes to widen.

Woah a psychic? That is so cool!
Sarah was glad to see more people come to their group. She was used to a lot of people because of the contests that she had done and the journey around the Kalos region. "Well, my goal is a bit different than most in this group then. You see I am a coordinator and actress from Kalos, and I was tasked with the job to help one of the gym leaders here in this region to start them up. My first stop was this Gym, but let's just say three of the gym trainers are just plain rude. I did not even get a chance to meet the gym leader Misty, when they forced me out of the Gym. They were upset that they couldn't win every contest because of their own beauty. They also told me that I could not have one so many contests, because I am not a bleach blonde like they are." Sarah was speaking normally until she got to the reason why she was outside of the gym in the first place, then she started to get worked up over the treatment that she had received from the trio of sisters.

With a calm breath, Sarah spoke in a much calmer manner. "Now because of them, I am heading to Celadon City to meet with Ericka so I can get a feel if she would be willing to sponsor contests in this region. I would love to be able to help my mentor in starting them here, but I can not do so without the approval of a gym Leader. Then I just have a lot of time for my vacation that this was supposed to be for me. I have not had much time off of work for a while now."
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Amelia held the moonstone gently in her hands, as if it was a diamond. Hee eyes sparkled as she looked at it, but upon Rick’s comment to not break or use it quickly, she held it firmly, and nodded quickly, gently setting the stone in her backpack. It seemed that in the time she spent admiring her new items, she had yet to see who had all arrived around her. To her, it seemed like a massive amount of new trainers had arrived, even if it wasn’t that many. But she immediately turned to the psychic, interested in her abilities.

“Whoa, you’re a psychic?!” She said, gripping her fingers into fists from the excitement. “That’s so cool! How’s you get your powers! Were you born with them? Was it a crazy explosion? Did it go like, ‘boom’ and ‘pew pew’ and ‘crash’?”

She made very exaggerated hand gestures to drive her explosion theory across, Throwing her arms up in the air and down in front of her, and puffing up her cheeks to make the most realistic explosion sounds she could.