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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

Turning to Alexis, Alex smiled a bit. "It's alright. Strange as it may sound, I actually navigate with my remaining four senses. I was born as blind as a Zubat after all." Alex chuckled a little before he introduced himself once more. "I'm Alexander Tempest, but please, call me Alex." Alex extended his right hand encased in a thin coat of Aura to Alexis before turning to Amelia with a raised eyebrow. "Uh, are you talking to me or Alexis?"

Seeing as everyone else had moved elsewhere Kelly hugged Roxanne before turning towards Mount Moon. "I'll see you around sis." With these words, Kelly charged to the mountain to continue her training. "See you next time Kelly." With her Meowth on her back and Aerodactyl on her shoulder, Roxanne joined the others. "Celadon City, huh? As I recall, the Pokemon gym doubles as a conservatory doesn't it? I could be wrong."

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
While Lewis was speaking to the others, Alexis simply giggled and shook her head, her eyes glowing slightly as she seemed to enjoy that someone was taking interest in her. "Oh, no, no, it's nothing like that. Psionic ability isn't like the kind of super powers you'd read in comic books. It's more of a latent ability certain people are born with, and takes a lot of work to fully blossom. I myself don't exactly know why some people have these abilities and others don't, and I'm not in the place to come up with theories." She smiled, the youthful nature of the other female being rather invigorating for her. She let out her Umbreon who immediately decided to give Amelia some attention, gently nuzzling on her left leg with a playful cry. "And here's Allure, he's been with me since the beginning. He's a very sweet boy, and is very loyal to people close to him!" She continued. She turned back to Alex and gave a quick bow, even though he wouldn't have seen it. "Ahh, it's a pleasure to meet you, Alex. It's not every day one meets another with psionic abilities!" She smiled, gently taking his hand and giving a rather gentle handshake. Her aura seemed fractured in a way, like someone who's been through a lot of trauma in their life. Perhaps it gave her comment on imprisonment merit. However, it also seemed full of positive energy, as if she refused to let the past keep her down. While one could generally understand that just by talking to her, the very aura and spirit she gave off was enough to paint a vivid picture of her past. Had she kept her former robes, it would be just that much clearer.

Meanwhile, Lewis crossed his arms and shot Alexis a sly smile, glad she found someone able to put up with her energy. "I apologize to hear your experience with the gym leaders here ended poorly, I have heard rumours that three out of the four sisters were... Well, to put it blunt, were like pulling teeth to deal with. However, I'm going to stick with this group, and Alexis here has sworn to stick with me for a while." He gestured at the psychic involved in her own conversation. "We can at least accompany you until you get to your destination. I can only hope that the gym challenge can prove a good way to- Oh, I've already said this, please pardon me. It's not every day I get to have this kind of conversation, most of my time is spent working with machines." He chuckled, his bag moving back and forth due to the rotom built into it as a sort of emphasis to his point.
Sarah turned to Roxanne and gave her a small smile. "Yes, it is considered one of the leading perfume manufacturers in the world. It is said that they make many different types of perfumes to sell in the Celadon department store. It is also one of the only gyms that uses only female gym trainers, to battle newcomers." Sarah had read up on the region as she flew to Cerulean City, it did not take her long to figure out what type of gyms the region had. It also helped that she knew some high-level people in the Kalos region. @Draco Nightshade

As Lewis spoke to her, Sarah turned to him and spoke. "Well, while I thank you for your support, I am in no need of an escort. Though the company would be nice to have as there is a bit of ways from one town to another in this region. Though I only have two pokemon with me at the moment, before I make my way to Celadon, I need to make a stop at the PokeCenter to grab some of my other members of the team. I fear that Princess would hate to battle, and Kit is my best friend and would not want her hurt." She then gently laid a hand on Kits paw as the Espeon laid it closer to her heart, as she sat on Sarah's shoulder. Princess also nudged her shoulder as she spoke again to Lewis. "You work with machines, right? Well, I am a licensed pokemon breeder, so my main thing is I take care of pokemon and help them learn to deal with battles and other forms of contests of strength that trainers put their pokemon through." @The Heart of Frostfire.
Feeling Alexis's aura with his own, Alex could tell she had been through a lot. "You've been through much, but it looks like you're doing something right for this level of healing. Also, no need to bow. I'm just a blind teen after all." @The Heart of Frostfire.

At the mention of perfume, Roxanne instinctively wrinkled her nose. "Call me strange, but I'm not a fan of perfume. Even if it's made from all natural ingredients." @EmoKitty21
Rick was caught by surprise when the blind man reached out his hand to him for a shake. But as more of the group started gathering, Alexander started going into deeper explanations for his unusual traits. "Huh, that figures." Rick muttered, returning the shake.

He then heard Sarah talking about her plans of starting Contests in Kanto, and how she had intentions of going to Celadon. "Well, I'm not familiar with this region, since I only came to Kanto about 2 days ago. I don't know when we're gonna stop by Celadon, but if there's a gym leader there, it's pretty much a given we'll get there, eventualy. It's all a matter of how much time do you have available." Rick told to Sarah, before turning around. "In any case, pretty sure we're gonna meet again somewhere. See you around!" He said, waving at her. "Oh, and you guys don't be late!" He added with a smirk, before walking off.

Along the way, Rick crossed with the police officer that was returning to her post, and waved her goodbye. But not before she gave him a little information. "Oh, Rick! Do you mind telling your friends to use the Underground Path? We had to close the gates to Saffron City, as the guard called sick today." She told him. Rick looked at her and blinked twice, before responding. "You know my Rapidash can just jump over the building, right?"

The officer huffed, before responding. "You can, but without anyone watching, then you'll have the pay a fine once they see no registry of your entry in the city. Gates aren't just for decoration, you know?" She adivised, before walking inside. Rick shrugged and continued his path. They were heading towards Vermillion anyways, not Saffron, so in his head, it didn't matter. Of course, had he learned the layout of the region, he would realize that Vermillion was located after Saffron. He would discover that in painful way.

Upon returning to Route 5, Rick jumped from the ledge directly onto Iris's back, to her own surprise. "I got the escapologist! Now we can go!" He told her, holding Zephir by the tail upside down, then putting him on Iris's rump. Iris reared lightly, before darting off along the route, jumping down the ledges and passing by a single house nearby. Soon they approached the gates that would lead to the next city. Knowing that these gates would open automaticaly like the previous ones, he didn't ask Iris to stop... on hindsight, he probably should.

Surprise, surprise, the door did not open! So Iris faceplanted on the door, and the sudden stop caused Rick to get projected forward with the momentum, straight into the 'Closed!' sign. At least Rapidashes have harder skulls to be able to endure charges in combat. Humans don't. So when Rick fell to the ground, he was already fainted, whereas Iris was just momentarily stunned. Zephir was smarter by jumping off Iris before the crash, so he suffered none of those.
Connor listened as others in the group seemed to speak up to share their dreams, in particular Sarah. A Coordinator and Actress from Kalos who seemed to come to aid a Gym Leader. This was an interesting little quest and Connor had always enjoyed a good Kalos Showcase.

"A Showcase performer huh? Funny I also happen to be from Kalos. That's neat~" Connor said with a smile to Sarah. Connor then watched as Amelia took the Moonstone with almost a gleam in the eyes, it was honestly precious. This was added on when she seemed to react to the psychic member of the group as Connor could not have helped but smile at her reaction to this. It was soo genuine, so precious and honestly it helped to lighten the mood.

Connor then overheard another of the group, the presume psychic Alex who seemed to explain a bi about his abilities, how he sharpened his other senses and even seemed to tap to some Aura energy of sorts while Connor's eyes seemed to widen. "W-wow, that is cool." As it seemed both Alex and another in the group, Alexis seemed to also have what was referred to as "Psionic" abilities.

"Oh wow, seems we got a few supermen in our group, I did it~!" Connor smiled at the pair as he found the concept of such powers to be honestly kinda cool.
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“Wow, that’s so cool! Just coming into the world with psychic powers! A baby psychic!” Amelia awed, imaging what it would be like, if she was a psychic.

She imagined a younger version of herself, about five or six, using her pretend psychic powers to help her father heard Tauros into their pens, a job she had always wanted to help her father with when she was little. But he always told her it was too dangerous to deal with big rough Pokémon like Tauros. So she was always in charge of urging the Miltank to go out into the pastures, which was very fun for a rambunctious child at her age.

She was snapped out of her daydream by a nudge on her leg, and looked down to see an Umbreon. It was beautiful in her eyes, and she bent down to pet it, trying to be gentle as best she could, yet still being slightly rough when scratching behind it’s ears.

“Wow! It’s so cute! And I’ve never even seen it before!”
Hearing a crash come from the direction Rick went, Alex immediately stood up. Turning to the others, Alex told them. "I don't know if you heard or not, but I think your friend may have made a minor miscalculation." Once the rest of the group was informed, Alex started walking in the direction of the crash, occasionally emitting sharp clicks with his tongue to echolocate his surroundings properly.
"I can understand that. I prefer some secants over others." When she heard Conner speak, she turned to him and spoke. "Yes, I am a showcase performer, and almost won them if it was not for me competing against some who had been doing them for years. They tend to take it to the next level when they are in the finals. I plan on winning the supreme showcase when I get back from my supposed vacation." When she heard the crash, Sarah with practiced ease, was on Princess' back. She also pulled kit up to sit on the rump of the Galarian Rapidash. Sitting sidesaddle, Sarah made her way towards where she heard the crash. When she got there, she could not help but chuckle as she seen Rick had been thrown forward and into the door. Jumping down, Sarah made her way over to the man, and held out her to Rick. "Are you ok Rick? I do not know what had happened, but I am pretty sure that when something is closed, the doors will not open." @Draco Nightshade @Ridge @Godjacob

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
As soon as the crash was heard, Lewis immediately snapped to attention, giving a silent gesture towards Alexis who nodded silently. "It seems a person within the group has underestimated the foolheadedness of his own companion, or perhaps himself. Alexis, we're going to need a medic!" He commented, mainly speaking to the group. Before anyone could reply, his Gardevoir was out of her ball and he was swiftly headed towards the gate, his psychic friend trying to keep up with his brisk pace. "I'll catch up later, my skills are needed elsewhere!" She called, her eyes glowing as she decided to tap into her natural focus and watch out for any threats on the route around her. Luckily, nothing seemed to prove hostile and the two arrived near Rick. Lewis seemed to at least have an idea as to what happened as he inspected the injured Rick. "Hmm... Brusing and blunt trauma seems to indicate your horse decided to dismount you, and judging by the location you landed and the source of the brusing, it's only logical you were unexpectedly thrown into the gates. It's fortunate no bones seem to be fractured, however, perhaps the representative of luck is smiling upon us." He spoke, using a handheld scanner originally meant for scanning material purity but modified to more test for injuries in both people and Pokemon without violating them by getting too personal.

"Why are you speaking to them, Lewis? I'm pretty sure they're out cold!" His companion giggled softly, waving at Sarah. "Either way, I have some treatments for bruising, as well as a concoction that should act as a revive would for pokemon! Err, I don't know your name, but I recommend standing away. It's likely he might jolt awake and standing too close could lead in accidental injury." She continued, looking at Sarah to indicate who she was speaking to before reaching into her bag and pulling out some herbal remidies that worked surprisingly well despite being made from foraged ingredients. She pulled out a canister jokingly labled 'rude awakening' and unscrewed the lid, revealing it to be a strange coarse salt-like substance mixed with various berry paste and some leaves. Wafting it under Rick's nose, it should have had the effect of at least bringing him back like a revive would, as she claimed previously. Letting the 'smelling salts' do their work for a while, she stepped back and placed it back into her bag, preparing the rest of her remidies, organizing them by type. Of course, her Umbreon was still giving Amelia attention, his trainer knowing he'd always come back to her. While her trainer worked, the Umbreon seemed to bask in the attention he was given, making all sorts of coos and happy little noises. The slight roughness of her treatment was of no bother to him as he seemed to have a high level of endurance.
"Sounds like fun, I am sure you'll knock it out of the park next time~!" Connor said to Sarah as he seemed to support that goal of hers and seemed to think she'll do better next time, the fact she made it against such established competition had spoken for itself really. Amelia then had taken note of the Umbreon out which seemed to make him smile as seeing a cool Pokemon like that had always been a pleasure, however, all attention shifted as a nearby crash seemed to rock the area.

"Oh w-wow that did not sound good...." Connor said as others already had began to race over to check it out, and moving as quickly as he had been able to on one good leg he raced over to join them and soon they discovered what see what appeared to be Rick who looked to be worse for ware as others had already began to tend to him and he seemed to look on with concern.

"W-will he be okay?" Connor asked the one named Lewis though noted how they seemed to shoo people away and tried to give space. He reached into his bag and tried to pull his first aid kit in case that had been needed or if he could help in some way.

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Lewis smiled as Connor arrived, shaking his head as his companion stayed silent as she prepared herself. "You do not need to worry, his injuries are not life threatening, and he does not seem to have any broken bones. A treatment for brusing should be fine. While he may have suffered a concussion, I highly doubt it's going to give any permanent damage. And if it does, I'm sure Razor Laboratories back in Unova can assist him in recovery!" He seemed to speak with confidence. While he only met Alexis recently, he trusted her fully. After all, he'd met a few psychics in his life and they all were kind, good hearted people.

"I put my full faith in Alexis here. A medic also having abilities in being a psychic is very useful, as she generally seems to be more in tune with other people and understands exactly how to help people. I suppose that explains why she's so good with natural medicine, the stuff she makes is on the level of high end supplies with years of research behind them." He further explained. While he spoke, he put away his equipment and took out what appeared to be a large metal flask with a battery pack attached, perhaps to cool the liquid inside. He also pulled out a few small cups.

"While we wait, would you care for some root beer? Don't worry, the family recipe is non-alcoholic, as the family believes alcohol is... Well, it's a kind of poison like any other." He offered, pouring himself his own cup of his grandfather's recipe.
Somewhere on the eastern waters of Kanto, Chris was taken into a class of the helicopter by two Rocket grunts. "Our boss will reveal his intentions to you once we land. Untill then, try to enjoy the stay." Said one of the grunts, with a smirk on his face. Chris looked around. He expected more quality of life from such a highly advanced vehicle, but shut windows and barely any lighting left much to be desired. "What? You didn't expect to fly on first class, did you?" The grunt added. Chris sit it down and crossed a leg. "After what I saw... I just hope we don't crash." He said. The grunts grited their teeth in annoyance, before leaving the man alone.

Outside the helicopter, the weather started to abruptly change as the sky got filled with clouds, leaving the team in the control room somewhat confused. "This is weird. The weather forecast was clear for the rest of the day, and they're never wrong." Said one of the grunts. Soon after, a collumn of water struck the helicopter from below, shaking everyone inside. Chris was thrown out of his seat and ran to the door, demanding an explanation. "Hey! Ask whoever is piloting where did they learn to fly!" He complained. And he wansn't the only one. The boss rushed to the control room with a really angry face. "What happened?" He asked.

Despite the incident, the pilot kept a serene expression. "We just got hit by some kind of waterspout." She said. The boss widened his eyes. "What? What are the chances of a waterspout forming right beneath us?" He asked, leaning at the table. "Virtualy none. This wasn't a natural phenomenon." The female pilot stated, just before the helicopter being shaken again, this time by a Hyper Beam. "Something is attacking us from the water!" She shouted, also through the speaker. Chris heard the warning, as well as all the commotion in the other sections of the helicopter, and started scratching his chin in thought, before mumbling. "Pearl? What are you doing...".

In the control room, the boss started shouting orders to the crew. "So? What are we waiting for? Drop the depth charges!" A hatch under the aircraft opened, droping several explosives down into the water. The resulting explosions forced Pearl to leave her relative safety, darting out of the sea and hovering a few hundred feet in front of the helicopter. The boss gritted his teeth. "Trying to be a hero? Let's give it a good dose of Team Rocket's power!" He shouted, as the launchers poped out from the sides of the helicopter. Pearl curled in the air, with narrowed eyes and her orbs glowing as the sky got more cloudy.


Meanwhile on Route 5, Zephir and Iris were trying to perk their trainer up. Iris was licking Rick's face, and for the most part she couldn't do much else. Zephir was waging his tail up and down like a fan and, for some reason, forgot about his own healing abilities at that moment.

Eventualy more people started gathering around to check on him, with Sarah being the first to arrive, followed by Lewis and Alexis. Connor would arrive later to the scene. Lewis started scanning Rick with some kind of device, making assumptions of what could've happened, and he was mostly correct. Rick didn't hear any of it, for obvious reasons. Iris on the other hand wasn't so pleased about the man's insinuation of her bucking him off, so she snorted at him.

As the group was about to get into drinking, Rick would eventualy wake up with a loud sneeze as Alexis put some smelling powder under his nose. "Oh, wow! It's morning already?" He asked. He started looking all arround, trying to get everything back on his brain again. He stared at Iris, then at the gate which had a clear mark on it from the impact, untill he came to the realization. "Ugh... nevermind me. What a horrible crash." He mentioned, rubbing his face as he got up. "You're good?" He asked Iris. The mare raised an eyebrow. She would be the one asking, if she could talk. Not the other way arround.

Rick then looked at all the remedies that Alexis had in front of her. "Hey! I'm not taking any of that!" He exclaimed, pointing a finger at them. "Except that hanky. My nose is kinda itchy."

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Alexis simply giggled and finished preparing the ointment, which gave quite a pleasant scent. She shook her head while Lewis offered drinks around, holding up a hand as if to attempt to silence the older man. "While I understand you may be older than me, I understand people better than most others. You won't have to consume it, I've just made a healing salve. Rub it on the areas affected by the blunt trauma and it'll speed up your recovery. It also has a kind of painkiller in it, so it'll reduce the pain." She smiled, trying her best to show she meant no harm.

"If you are uncomfortable applying it in front of a crowd, I insist you at least take the jar to apply to yourself in private. It has enough to last a few applications, so if you get into any trouble..." She trailed off, her eyes fogging up as her attention was drawn to another location where she felt a great disturbance. "My apologies, I lost my train of thought there. I'm detecting pressure-based anomalies elsewhere, as if a pokemon is manipulating the weather to protect itself... The disturbances as well indicate that energy is being expelled, perhaps water based... Do you know of anything involving that? If there's something that requires our immediate attention, I recommend we send off a small group to investigate. Judging by the disturbances, I can likely track the cause. The environment seems watery, perhaps above the water, but I'll know when it's on land and we can investigate." She spoke, her eyes glowing a deep shade of purple and regaining focus. She seemed worried enough that Lewis turned to her with his own concern.

"I may not know much about psychics, however considering how my Gardevoir has a limited ability to sense a similar level of disturbances, both in the near future and the present, I'll trust you on this... Unfortunately however, Lady only seems to detect disturbances to a lesser extent. Perhaps her foresight is lesser to that of Alexis..." He commented, pouring a few more mugs of root beer in case anyone else wanted some.
Rick stared at Alexis while she went in more detail on how the remedy worked, untill the psychic's attention shifted to something else. "Mmmm... If it doesn't go into my mouth I guess I'll take it." Rick said, snagging the flask out of her hands. "Weather control and water, you say? Yeah, that sounds familiar actualy. Pearl must be having a ton of fun... on Chris's expense. What a waste of energy." He told, getting up and dusting off his cloths. "Well, another reason for us to get to Vermilion, I guess. They'll have some explaining to do, once they get on land."

Rick then turned to the door he had just slammed into. "The officer did say the gate to Saffron was closed. I just didn't know Saffron was before Vermilion. Why do people skip gyms, afterall?" He questioned, while rubbing the salve on his forehead, wincing a bit as he did so. "Anyways! There's supposedly an underground path. Where is it?" He asked. Both Zephir and Iris glanced to the side, where the entrance was, just a few meters away. Rick stared at it for brief moments. "Huh... neat. Shall we?"
Connor seemed to sigh in relief that Rick seemed to suffer just minor injuries and was already being tended to. That had been good, but still just what caused this in the first place, that had plagued Connor's mind as he figured Rick didn't just send himself here, but that seemed to be a mystery.

Thankfully Rick seemed to recover okay, even talked about going to Vermilion which he had to admit was impressive recovery given the fact he had been on the ground not a couple minutes earlier. "Oh I'm glad you are okay Rick, but sure you are okay to travel again? Think you taking a little time here just to make sure everything is okay would be for the best." Connor said, though he had also known he had no way to force Rick's hand either way. He just wanted to make sure he was okay more than anything.
After some time, Stacy decided she should just ask someone for help. A lady in a swimsuit had made her way over to her, looking frankly annoyed with a Seel flopping its way over to its trainer. Stacy stiffened at the sight of the pokemon.

"Hello...? Don't tell me you're here to fight Misty 'cause sorry but not sorry she's on break." The lady's tone of voice made Stacy even more uncomfortable. She felt like she had just interrupted something when the lady previously had been doing nothing. Stacy tilted her head slightly to look behind the lady and saw what she thought was the gym leader, Misty looking a bit bored, like she was waiting for someone to challenge her. Stacy would not be the one to do that, though. Stacy looked back at the lady and shook her head, "No, ma'am. I'm just here to drop off this box of food for the pokemon here." The lady looked at her, rolled her eyes, and said, "Just place it down wherever I don't care." The lady then began to walk off, but her Seel wasn't. It was just staring at Stacy intently. So, it smelled the food. Wonderful... Just what Stacy needed. It flopped closer to Stacy and rubbed its head against her leg, and she felt a shiver of fear run down her spine and started to wobble a bit.

"Uh-Umm, please stop..." The pokemon kept rubbing its head against Stacy's leg, not seeming to hear what she said, and Stacy's balance began to get worse until...


Stacy sat on the ground looking at a broken box of pokemon food that was beginning to be devoured by several water types. "WHAT IN THE NAME OF ARCEUS IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" Stacy heard the gym trainer scream at her. Stacy grabbed for her cane and mumbled, "I'm sorry, ma'am." The lady didn't seem to care and yelled at her again, " DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE?" The lady didn't let Stacy say a thing before she continued, "YOU WASTED ALL THIS FOOD JUST BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T KEEP YOUR BALANCE AND WORST OF ALL. YOU ALMOST CRUSHED MY SEEL!!!" The Seel looked over, pausing a moment from eating, and gave a guilty look but then went back to eating. "I really didn't mean to..." Stacy said pathetically because that's how she felt. Stacy felt pathetic. Stacy was suddenly yanked up from the ground, dragged to the door by the collar of her dress, and practically chucked out of the gym with one last scream from the lady, "NOW STAY OUT AND NEVER COME BACK!!" Then the door was slammed in Stacy's face.

Stacy just kind of, sat there, dumbfounded by what had happened. Would the gym leader blame Stacy or Stacy's father for this? Would this ruin her dad's reputation? Why was she worrying about this?? Stacy was just confused.
Alice was a bit taken aback by all of the trainers and new pokemon, so much so that she couldn't help but jot them all down in her journal. After a while a loud crash in the distance, which apparently came from the trainer with a Rapidash named Rick. She was going to help herself but then another crash significantly closer by ran off toward the direction of the crash. After getting lost for a few minutes she found herself right next to the Cerulean City gym where she heard a lot of yelling. Alice then heard a "AND NEVER COME BACK!" before a girl got shoved out of a gym.

"Excuse me, are you ok? I heard a lot of screaming from inside of there." Said Alice fishing out another piece of Smoke-Poke Jerky to the Clauncher sitting on her shoulder.
Stacy looked up at the girl as she got to her feet, leaning on her cane. She stared at the clauncher. Is that the pokemon that shoots explosive pistols of water...? She thought as she stared at it. She stepped back a bit, trying to get away from the pokemon, not that it would help her if it randomly decided to shoot at her. She looked at the girl and nodded, "One of the workers at the father's company convinced me to deliver a box of pokemon food. And when I got to Cerulean City Gym, that was this really mean gym trainer bossing me around. Then her Seel kept rubbing against me, I lost my balance, and I broke the box because I accidentally dropped it. Then she got really mad at me, screamed at me, and threw me out of the gym.

Stacy looked kind of embarrassed after explaining all of this. It was, to be fair, her fault, probably. Maybe if she wasn't so scared of pokemon, she could have kept her balance... She shook her head. No, she shouldn't think like that. Her father hated it when she blamed herself for such things! Stacy started to speak again, "I'm Stacy Lone. It's nice to meet you."
"Aww, well that lady just sounds plain rude," said Alice putting a hand on her hip. "Name's Alice Sunstone, nice to meet 'cha!" said Alice offering her other hand for a handshake. "A few of my friends and I are currently travelling around Kanto. And I'm going with my pal Cherry!" said Alice a she pat the back of the pistol shrimp pokemon who gave a little chirp in response. "So are you planning on staying in Cerulean for a while or do you have some place to be?"
"I guess you might be right... I did break the box, though..." Stacy shook her head. She needed to stop thinking like this. "It's nice to meet you too, Alice," Stacy said as she accepted the handshake keeping her eyes on the shrimp pokemon, "It's nice to have friends to travel around with." She watched as the girl patted the pokemon. How is she not worried it's going to pinch or bite her? Stacy wondered. Stacy flinched at the pokemon's chirp. "Ah-Uhm, I'm not sure. I originally planned to just head back to my father's workplace or home, but maybe I could stay in Cerulean for a bit... Might be interesting looking around without my parents." She said, looking at the pokemon in the distance and quickly taking a step back, "But heading home immediately also might be nice... There is a lot of pokemon out today... One might do something unpredictable or something..." Stacy's words faded into anxious mutterings as she stared at the pokemon in the distance. She gripped her cane tighter as if it would somehow protect her.
"Welllllll, I'd hate to have someone leave as pretty of a place as Cerulean City without getting to see the place a bit. So, if pokemon was the main problem with you spending some time here, theeeeen-" Alice paused before she pointed a thumb at herself. "-I, Alice Sunstone shall be your acting bodyguard!" "Clau, Clau...." "Ok, Cherry's gonna be your acting bodyguard, but I'm gonna be her tour guide!" "Cheeeerrr." "I know I get lost but I have the nav, Cherry! I won't get lost!" The Clauncher on Alice's shoulder sighed in resignation before Alice pulled out her Pokenav. "All right, welcome to Alice's Tour Of Cerulean City! First Stop: The...Cerulean Marine Stadium!

The Heart of Frostfire.

Previously The failure
Alexis immediately showed signs of worry when Rick mentioned he was aware of the cause of such a disturbance. "You may believe them to be having fun, however I've picked up great negative energy to such. If my analysis of the situation is correct, it's very possible your friend is in trouble! I highly recommend we send out a group to at least investigate, as such negative energy doesn't come from only a minor inconvience!" She cried, her tone rushed and having a great deal of anxiety to it. Lewis however put a hand on her shoulder, attempting to calm her down. "While that would be all well and good, there is a potential it's only a minor thing. I do trust that your foresight is apt, however there is no use to panic." He replied, stepping away and making sure the beverages were handed out.

"A team of three people should be enough to investigate, I believe. If anyone was heading that way, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a mild detour. I believe Alexis could track the source. The rest of us would continue our journey. The local news bulletin recommends trainers to use the underground path while the gate is closed, you'll have the support of my team in case we run into any hostile wildlife. I am ready when everyone else is." He smiled, crossing his arms as he awaired a response.
Stacy stood there, just kind of shocked at the girl's statement, but then she let out a chuckle. Even the pokemon and its trainer's banter was humorous, even if she was terrified of the beast. "Well, it seems like it's been decided for me then... all right, I'll let you two show me around!" Stacy said, grinning. Her mood severely improved from how it was earlier. Stacy quickly followed Alice to Cerulean Marine Stadium.
Amelia stretched her arms out, pushing up on her toes to maximize the effectiveness of the stretch. She checked to make sure her bag was secure and tugged on the backpack straps before sighing.

“Alright! Gym badge number three, here I come! Get ready Vermillion City!” She shouted loudly, as if trying to warn the far away town.

With that she grinned and started triumphantly marching south of Cerulean City, towards Route 5.
With the situation with Rick sorted, Amelia announced her intentions to head over to Vermillion City, and with a smile on his face the young man moved quickly to catch up with her as he had a grin across his face.

"Here we come you me. Don't think you can get rid of me so easily~" Connor mused with a smile as he followed her step for step and began their journey to the next town.

Hopefully things moved smoothly, but if those Team Rocket guys attempted to try anything, he'd be ready. Though he also figured this trip could help him collect a possible new teammate, he did need to up his party as it had been...
In the sea, Team Rocket prepared to engage the Dragonair that was standing up to them. Several hatches opened from the aircraft's sides, sending out a swarm of Golbats. Pearl frowned. She let out a loud cry as her orbs released a bright light, followed moments later by a howling blizzard. The helicopter seemed to be prepared for harsh conditions like these, at least at a structural level as it lost some altitude. The Golbats... not so much. As they were struck by chuncks of ice, they were recalled just as quickly as they were sent out. The storm eventualy subsided, with hail taking place.

"Pff... why do we even bother using these things? If we want something done, we do it ourselves." The boss said. While he was talking, Pearl pointed her horn at the aircraft and fired a Hyper Beam at it, pushing it back a few feet with the impact and shaking everyone inside. It was bad enough for the crew, but at least they had some time to brace for impact. It was worse for Chris, who couldn't tell when the next shake would come. "Oh boy! She's going all out!" He exclaimed.

At the control room, the boss gritted his teeth. "Fire the cannon!" He shouted. This time, Pearl had already taken countermeasures and shrouded herself with a Safeguard. The stun blast desintegrated in contact with the protective aura. Pearl started charging a Hydro Pump, forming a water sphere under her neck and also merging it with electricity. She then fired the electrified water jet against the helicopter, which just climbed to dodge it. The aircraft then fired a rocket salvo, followed by a homing missile. She dodged the rockets, then fired a Dragon Pulse from her horn at the missile, although this one exploded relatively close, knocking her back a few feet with the impact.

"Enter stealth mode!" The boss commanded. Once Pearl recovered from the blow, she climbed into the air and dived at the aircraft with a Dragon Rush. The helicopter vanished as it activated its cloaking device. Pearl Kept going with the momentum to where she last saw the vehicle, ending up passing right below it and barely missing it. She climbed into the air again, and with another high pitch cry, the weather changed to a rainstorm as her orbs started glowing brightly and thunderclouds formed. A lightning struck the helicopter moments later, sending it closer to the sea surface and disabling the cloaking device. The orbs on Pearl's tail then started glowing as she slammed it in the water, sending a wave crashing at the vehicle. The pilot managed to lift the aircraft just in time to avoid being swallowed.

"Damn! I thought Iris was a savage when angry, but this is too much." Chris commented, holding on to some bars. The boss gave the pilot a side glance. "How many weapons do we have?" He asked her. "Only the stun cannon left. We wasted pretty muc half the ammo on the boat." The pilot responded. While they were talking, Pearl climbed higher into the sky. Her body became surrounded by an orange aura, her orbs started glowing once again, and as the rain stopped, the sky changed to an orange tone. "Ugh, great! What is it doing now?" The boss muttered. The Dragonair then let out a loud, continuous cry, as meteors started falling from the sky. "Fire the cannon! A full charge! I don't care what happens to that snake! Do it!" The boss started shouting, slamming both fists at the table.

As the cannon charged, however, one of the meteorites struck the helicopter from above, putting the weapon out of commission. "The cannon got hit! We can't fire anymore!" The pilot exclaimed, for the first time with a worried expression. Chris himself was starting to show signs of concern, with the last hit making him doubt the helicopter's structure. "God damnit, Pearl! I didn't ask to be rescued and certainly not to be killed either, now chill out!" He shouted. Fortunately for him (and for the crew in general), Pearl eventualy did stop, as her orbs darkened and their glow suddenly faded. No more meteors fell, and the sky slowly returned to normal. The crew went silent for a bit, until the pilot finaly spoke. "Huh... looks like it ran out of energy." She said.

"Turn on the engines and let's get out of here. Full throttle!" The bossed said. The pilot pushed a lever, giving the helicopter a sudden burst of acceleration and ramming the dragon-type with its nose, sending it plummeting into the ocean as it flew away into the distance. Chris sat down and took a deep breath. "Never thought I'd be cheering for the bad guys." He commented.

A few moments later, Pearl peaked above the water before taking into the air again. However, now, the helicopter was nowhere to be seen. Resigned, Pearl flew West back to land towards Vermillion to find her trainer and warn him about the event.


Meanwhile, on Route 5, Alexis was actually insisting on the idea of investigating such incident.

"We have no means of transport to get there. They're surrounded by water and moving, and if Pearl if tampering with the weather then it's another problem. So we'll do it like this: we get to Vermillion, and if they haven't docked by then, I'll give him a call to know if anything is happening." He said to Alexis, before turning to Iris. "In fact... you can go ahead and check it out for me. The officer won't fine a pokémon for taking shortcuts. If you see them, tell Pearl to fly back here." He told her. The mare nodded, before jumping over the gate and off into the distance.

Amelia would eventualy arrive, with the same motivation as always. Rick walked next to the underground's entrance. "Alright gents! After you." He said, with an arm stretched and a flat palm pointing inside. "Or I can go ahead and reach Vermillion before you do. Don't think I'm a Slacking just because I dismissed my means of transport." He added with a smirk.
"Considering you also seemed to ignore a warning given to you earlier, I dare say you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer either." Holding his forehead Alex voiced his own opinion about Rick. Aria, Gwen and Brutus nodded in agreement.
Amelia, not questioning why they couldn’t go through the gate - she wasn’t aware it was closed - gaped at the secret entrance.

“Woah! That’s so cool!” Her eyes were sparkling, and she was quick to rush over to the doorway.

When she looked in she could see a room with stairs leading down. She smiled widely.

“A secret entrance!”

When Rick teased about getting to Vermillion first, Amelia smiled cheekily.

“No way, I’ll totally get there faster!”

With that, she zoomed in the room and started to gallop down the stairs.
"Guys guys, it isn't a race."

Connor couldn't help but chuckle at the competitive spirit in the air, they had to take a bit of a detour due to this odd gate, he had wanted to question this but others seemed quick to move on towards what seemed to be a secret entrance of sorts. Seemed to be a doorway that led to a series of stairs that descended downward which seemed to have Connor chuckle a bit with a slight sheepish tone of voice. Oh of course it just had to be this many stairs for this path.

"Well, this is gonna be interesting." Connor mused as his eyes naturally shifted to his gold-painted artificial leg, but he had not come this far to allow something as mundane as this to halt his adventure, and as Amelia already began to rush down the stairs he worked to follow others down himself.

Though Connor himself had made sure to move at a more cautious pace of sorts, better to be safe than sorry as he approached the stairs one step at a time.
Rick looked on with a wide gaze as Amelia just bolted down the stairs, then turned to Connor as he said it wasn't a race. "I didn't actualy mean it." Rick said, pointing at the stairs. He walked down the stairs. But unlike Amelia, he actualy waited for the others, especialy since he didn't know if either Connor or Alex would have an issue with so many of them. They really didn't make a ramp to account for these cases?

Meanwhile, Iris was making her way to Vermillion, jumping over the city's building rather than using the roads to avoid attention from the citizens. Although maybe it didn't make much of a difference, as it's pretty much impossible for such pokémon not to stand out. If anything, she didn't have to avoid trampling people and vehicles. The only time she touched ground was once she arrived at Vermillion City. She looked around, before troting towards the harbor, at which point she got called out by a guard.

"Halt!" He shouted. The mare looked back as the officer approach with hands in his pockets. "Iris the Rapidash?" He asked. She turned to face the guard, noding. "Figured. There are no others running around cities like that." He said, before pulling out a ticket and a pen. "I'll have to fine you for bypassing two unwatched gates. And I'll be nice and ignore speed limits, just because I've heard good stuff from my colleagues." He told her. Iris gasped before droping to a sitting position, drooping her head. "So... it's 100 dollars... for each gate. You're gonna pay with Pay Day? I know you learn that move."

With a frowned expression, her horn started shimmering with gold, while she closed her eyes as if struggling with the move. Then a single gold coin materialized at the the tip of the horn and fell to the ground. The guard picked it up and started inspecting it. "Err... this is all you can do? I guess I shouldn't expect you to do better than a Meowth. This covers the first gate and I'm putting the rest in your trainer's account." The guard said, cutting off the ticket and sticking it into the mare's horn, before walking away to his office. "Welp! Have a nice day!"
When Amelia reached the bottom of the stairs she looked at the long lit up tunnel before her.

“Woah!” She awed, stars in her eyes.

Her words echoed down the tunnel and eventually got lost at the end. Amused by this, she yelled out again.

“Cool!” It was louder, and it echoed further, making her smile wildly.
Connor slowly had made his way down the stairs, was a bit of a struggle and he needed a minute to adjust his leg, but he had managed to descend down all the same which he considered to be a victory in it of itself. Either way once he had adjusted his gold-painted leg he saw Amelia who seemed to be letting out echos as she gazed upon the tunnel which caused him to chuckle a bit.

"Seems you are having fun, might want to give a sec for the others to come down before moving along." Connor advised to Amelia as he walked up next to his energetic friend as he had a smile on his face.

He had taken a look at the tunnel himself as he whistled, what a sight this had been.
Walking down the stairs in to the tunnel, Alex maintained a firm grip on the railing as he descended, emitting sharp clicks at regular intervals. He could not help but notice how the sound of his clicks seemed to echo more than they should the deeper he went, slightly distorting his perception of the world. Once he reached the actual tunnel, Alex pulled out one of his PokeBalls. "Help me out Aria." Answering his call, the Lucario noted there location and understood why she was called, placing a paw on her trainer's shoulder as she gently guided him to Amelia, Conner and Rick. Needless to say, Roxanne followed shortly after. "You'd think they would have better lighting down here."
Amelia looked around and nodded.

“Yeah, it’s a little dark…” then she grinned, “Do you think they have Zubat hiding in here?”

She looked behind her, unconsciously tapping her foot. She also looked at the paths and in the crevices of the floor. She saw many lost items that could be useful, like potions, and even candy (although it might’ve been sitting there for a while).
Connor watched as Alex and a partner Lucario seemed to arrive with them, and it seemed the lightning here had gotten everyone's attention as the young man tapped his chin in thought.

"Yeah no kidding, think there'd be more internal lights here." Connor said as he pulled out a flashlight he had in his back and flicked it on to scan the tunnel around them.

"Well, if there is any hopefully we spot them before they spot us." Connor answered Amelia with as he used his flashlight to scan the ceiling along the tunnel as if he tried to spot those infamous tunnel & cave dwellers that had been known to give travelers problems.
"Trust me, if there were Zubats in here, you would've noticed as soon as you took one step into this corridor. My goodness, those things supposedly like the dark, but then they're always waiting at the entrance where there's more lighting to jump at you." Rick said to Connor, as he walked behind the group with hands in his pockets. "More lighting would be appreciated. But I guess people don't give this passage much usage, so they don't bother with it."
Amelia looked at the dim lights that seemed to be the topic of conversation.

“At least it’s not as dark as Mount Moon,” she commented, thinking back to the cave.

She then got an idea and smiled, grabbing a Pokeball.

“Hito, come out!” She said, tossing the Pokeball out.

The small Charmeleon popped out of the Pokeball, its tail bright and illuminated. He swished it around happily, looking at his trainer. She grinned and pet his head a little roughly.

“It’s kinda dark buddy, that’s all,” she commented.
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"Oh good thinking Amelia!" Connor complimented as a Charmander appeared and attempted to help light the way, Connor turned off his flashlight as he scanned the area feeling this sort of dark chill in the air.

"Kinda dark is being kind. Like an abyss. But least we seem to be alone." Connor mused to himself.

He figured if there was Zubat or something in this tunnel they'd have reacted to the group by now. It was about the best assurance he'd be able to find as he kept close with everyone and the light the Charmander provided.
Amelia felt pleased with herself for coming up with such a good idea. However, about to grab a snack from her backpack, she looks to see that her Cascade badge is gone. She gasps, knowing it definitely isn’t down here, and most likely got dropped at the Cerulean Gym.

“My Cascade Badge is gone!” She says, looking around frantically.

In a matter of seconds, Amelia had thrown on her backpack and looked at Hito.

“I’ll be back, stay here, bye!” And she zoomed up the stairs fast as the wind, pelting through the secret door and racing towards Cerulean City.

Upon arrival, she hightailed it to the Gym. But when she opened the doors she immediately ran into someone who seemed to be exploring. She was a redhead and wore a purple dress. Upon impact Amelia bounced back and sprawled onto the ground.