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Ask to Join Kickin’ it Kanto Style

Elliot was passed out, waiting on a bench after trying to think of motivational speeches for Amelia, believing her to be able to beat the gym on her first go, after he was unable to come up with any ideas, he had dozed off, leaving Ace to look for when the girl got out the gym, but when the Riolu saw her storming out, he had to slap Elliot awake, coming to with a gasp before standing up, walking over to Amelia.

"Hey champ! How'd it go, I bet good huh?"


Previously Shadow_Pup
Murphy's eyes opened quickly at the sound of the voice and he stood up and back away slightly, Pancake placing a protective arm around him as he did so "I uh don't have any money", he raised his hands instinctively to defend his face "please don't hit me, I don't want any trouble" he said quietly with Pancake glaring suspiciously at the boy who had spoken.
Rick felt a little better after Roxanne saying she had to go through the same a few times. "Well... let's hope there isn't another round of questions then. What else could they ask next, my adress?" Said Rick.

"Anyways, since I'll have to wait I may as well do something in the meantime. I told Amelia I would watch her gym match, so... yeah, whatever it's worth. See you soon!" He said, heading out on foot. Iris followed him for a few steps before the trainer stoped and turned to the mare. "You'll wait here. Once they're done with their work you either pick me up or call, okay?" He told her. Iris nodded.

Rick ran to the gym. The doors opened as he got close and he peeked inside. He saw Finn against a random trainer inside... but no Amelia. The gym leader was also sitting on a rocky pedestal. "Huh? Where's Amelia? Is she done already?" He question a bit confused.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward was immediately hesitant when the Snorlax wrapped an arm around it’s trainer. “No no no! I don’t mean any harm. I-I promise.” Edward spoke with some stuttering. “I just wanted to know about you.” Edward spoke softly as he wanted to only make a friend. “I just like to make friends as I travel. Even though me and my twin brother have only been to Alola so far. I like to make friends while I travel.” Edward explained to the blonde haired boy.
Liam stepped forward, about to send out his Geodude to fight again, before an older trainer had walked in and asked about the girl he had battled.

“Oh, that was Amelia? Her Pokémon wasn’t doing a lot of damage, while mine was. Which didn’t make sense, because her Bulbasaur had a type advantage to my Geodude,” the boy explained, patting his Rock type. “I stopped her from battling, and told her it would be in her best interest to train, or study at the Pokémon Museum in town. She wasn’t very happy about it…”

Liam shook that off and sent Geodude into battle, immediately preparing for the first attack to be sent at him.

Meanwhile, Amelia grumbled as she waltzed around the museum, not doing much at all before Elliot had come up to her.

“Oh, hey Eli. The first trainer kicked me out and said I had to train,” she grumbled rolling her eyes at the memory.

She walked up to a fossil exhibit, an Aerodactyl and Kabutops fossil on display. Immediately, Amelia’s frown turned to an awestruck expression, infatuated with the rare fossils before her.

“Oh man, look at these things!” She said, reading over the little plaques aloud to Elliot. “Aerodactyl is a ferocious, prehistoric Pokémon that goes for the enemy's throat with its serrated saw-like fangs. Awesome!”

She giggled to herself before looking at the other, Fushi trying to hop up and see the fossils as well.

“Kabutops has a sleek shape, perfect for swimming. It slashes prey with its claws and drains the body fluids. Wow! These Pokémon are vicious! I’m so excited to get them someday!” She enthused, bringing up part of her goal to catch every Pokémon.
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"Okay Char let's try out that new move of yours. Let's start off with a dragon rage attack!"

Char began to inhale air until his stomach began to slowly expand until stopping for a second. Char then opened his mouth and shot out a small purple blast from his mouth directly towards the geodude.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Realising the boy meant no harm, Murphy gently moved Pancake's arm and looked at the boy for a moment. He then held out his hand "OK, my name is Murphy, I'm a pokemon trainer, this is my partner Pancake" he said bluntly keeping his hand out waiting for a handshake.
Amare stood on the sidelines, watching Amelia storm out, and another trainer asking after her. She considered going out after Amelia, but decided it would probably be better to simply watch Finn do his battle for experience. She didn't know all too much about type matchups, but what she did know was that Sniffles had a weakness to rock-type attacks, so she needed to quickly find a way to beat them. She picked up the Swinub and directed it's face towards the ongoing battle in hopes of the little pig pokemon learning something from it.
"Oops! That was silly of me. Let's go guys!" said Alice, holding onto Kuny while Cherry was on her head. Alice came to a stop at Pewter City before looking around. She saw Edward talking to a new boy with a Snorlax. Alice was about to introduce herself as well but a large building called the "Pewter Museum" was to the north. Alice had been to Slateport's Museum more than a few times but the prospect of a museum in a whole new region was way too cool to pass up. Alice ran inside of there, looking at a bunch of exhibits and even stopped by one of the pictures of a Pokemon called "Omanyte" and it's evolution "Omnastar". "Those pokemon look so cool! And they're even water type, though this pokemon lived a really long time ago...how would we even find one?" she said to herself walking around the building before seeing a girl with a Bulbasaur who was also the girl that bought a bunch of pokeballs. "Hey there. Are you interested in fossils too? I've gotta say, the favorite I've seen so far is Omanyte, but the others look cool too." she said as Kuny looked closer at the Old Amber and Clauncher looked at the Dome fossil.
“Uh huh!” Amelia said, nodding as she pushed her face up to the glass. “I want all the different fossils in the world! That way, I can have a bunch of prehistoric Pokémon!”

Fushi nudged his trainer in the foot, causing Amelia to look down, startled. She chuckled and picked up Fushi, pushing him up to the class. The Bulbasaur put his stubby little legs against the glass and stared in awe at the fossils, breathing hot air on the glass and fogging it up some.
"Huh... people have advised her against trying to rush the gyms, but she still thinks it's a good idea." Rick replied after the trainer explaining what had happened. He stood in front of the door for a few moments, thinking about whether he should go back to the Museum or wait at the gym and watch Finn's take on the challenge. Ultimately, he opted for the latter. "Meh... she'll be back anyways, so..." He muttered, while walking to the benches and sitting down, with arms and legs crossed. "Or they call me for the Old Amber. Wouldn't mind that either."
"Geodude, dodge the attack and then use tackle."

Liam's geodude just barely dodges the attack and rushes Char to knock him down.

"Char, use metal claw!"

Char nods as his claws gets coated in metal. Char waits until the geodude gets closer and closer until he's about two feet away from him, Char then hits liam's geodude directly and sends it flying back and it begins to skid along the ground.

"Geodude, get up quick!"

Geodude slowly begins to get up, but before he can get up Char puts his foot on top of him and gives a devilish smile. Liam's geodude begins to look at Char in absolute horror.

"Char, use dragon rage one last time."

Char opened his mouth and shot out a purple blast from his mouth which made direct contact with geodude and caused smoke to appear. After a few seconds, Char walks out of the smoke with a prideful smile as geodude is knocked on the ground.

"That was so cool, Char! Your awesome!"

Char begins to blushes from his trainers compliments and does a happy little dance as Liam returns his geodude to it's pokeball.

"You did a good job beating me. You may now face Brock. But you won't have such a easy time beating him, he's super strong."


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward smiled a bit when Murphy introduced. “I’m Edward. Edward Camphier. I come from the Kalos region for travel.” Edward paused as he looked to his three Pokémon that were next to him. Walking towards Lancelot, he eventually rested a hand on Lancelot’s shoulder. “This is my partner Pokémon. Lancelot.” Edward paused as he looked to the other two. “This is Galland, my Bisharp, and Excalibur, my Aegislash.” Edward explained to Murphy with a small smile on his face.

Oliver followed Alice, passing his brother without any mind. Slowing down outside of the Museum to put Kerbecs back in his pokeball and have Orion follow him instead. The blue core spun around as it was released. Slowly walking in, he found Alice talking to Amelia. Knowing Amelia back from route one and was one of the first few people he met in Kanto.
"Yeah me too!" Said Alice with a smile before noticing the girl's pokemon. "Woah, is that a Bulbasaur?" She said pointing at the grass starter. Alice put Kuny down, almost immediately falling over, and se pulled out her notebook. "I saw a TV program Professor Oak did talking about it!" She said flipping through her large notebook. Alice stopped at Bulbasaur's page before pulling out a pencil and changed some things she got wrong. "So, are you on an adventure too? That sounds great if you are." She said putting the journal away. "I'm actually going on one of my own with Cherry and Kuny here." She said picking up the struggling Kakuna.
“Yeah, hes my travel buddy! Say hi, Fushi!”

Amelia held up her partner to Alice, who waved a stubby leg at her and gave a small happy chirp. Amelia then set him back on the ground.

“Yeah, Im on an adventure alright! I just set off this morning! My dream is to catch every Pokemon in the world, and then evolve it to its full potential, making it my best buddy along the way! I’m also taking on the gym challenge, solely to help train and evolve my Pokémon.”


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Oliver had arrived and Orion floated near his shoulder. But instead of staying by his shoulder, the core of the meteor Pokémon, floated around Alice and then Amelia. Then Orion floated around Fushi. “Don’t mind Orion. He’s just does this whenever he meets someone new.” Oliver spoke up as Orion looked at Fushi in the eyes.
Fushi grinned up at Orion, and tried to touch it with his stubby legs by jumping up a little. Amelia giggled at him and turned to Oliver.

“It’s okay, Fushi really likes making new friends, especially ones that are close to his size,” Amelia explained, as she grinned at the Minior.
Finn and Char walked foward until they were a good distance away from brock, who was already prepared to start the battle.

"I saw how you fought Liam, your quite strong but what about your will?"

Finn and Char both looked at each other in confusion before turning to face brock again.

"My... Will?"

"Yes, i have a rock hard will that can't be broken. What about yours?"

Brock said with nothing vigor. Finn scratched his chin and thought for a moment before answering brocks question.

"I'd like to think i have a strong willnas well, maybe even stronger then yours."

Brock took out his pokeball and smiled at the boy before tossing his pokeball into the air and sending out his onyx. Char began to walk onto the battlefield and started to stare down the giant rock snake.

"That's what i like to hear now shall we have our battle?"

"With pleasure Brock!"


Previously Shadow_Pup
Murphy lowered his hand and looked at each pokemon as they were introduced, "pleasure to meet you all" he then remembered he didn't have his other pokemon out "oh I have a second pokemon" he said as he awkwardly fumbled to pull out a pokeball before sending out, Aeris, his Eevee. "This is Aeris, I'm currently working on getting a thunder stone to evolve her but for now I'm making sure she's nice and strong. Say have you been in Pewter City long, I've been here about a week now, I plan on moving on soon." Murphy gently leant against Pancakes large form as Aeris scurried up the Snorlax's body and sat on its head.
Often having to fend off against wild pokémon with advantageous typings in his travels, Rick was always interested to see how pokémon would handle their type weaknesses. Finn's Charmeleon had already learned Dragon Rage, which is typicaly only learned very late and is much better at burning through rock thant regular fire, so that was a good start. Though having watched his last battle, Brock now knew about the neat trick. Rick sitted back more confortably - as much as possible, since rocky benches aren't exactly the best for confort in the first place - with arms behind his head. He would occasionaly look at the gym's entrance. "Does it really take this long to examine a fossil?" He muttered, looking at his wrist as if he had a watch.

Meanwhile, at the museum, Iris was growing a bit impatient and had already started walking back and forth, ocasionaly jumping up and down the ledge, having nothing else to do. The grass was also so low she could barely graze anyways. More people also started gathering around the museum all of a sudden, which for her also started to be a bit bothering. She jumped to the museum's rooftop, laying down on her belly with legs tucked under, while she absorbed the morning sun's rays, still keeping an eye on the door waiting for someone to come out.
Having come to the museum to make sure Rick didn't need help with the Aerodactyl, Roxanne felt like it was taking a little longer to revive this fossil than it did when she had hers taken care of. The only reason she hadn't left yet was because she felt like it wasn't a good idea to leave a Rapidash unattended, not that it really mattered since said Rapidash was currently on the roof of the building. Still, she figured it couldn't hurt to send some berries up for the equine. "Alright Drake, I want you to bring these Oran berries up to Iris." With an affirmative chirp, Drake grabbed the makeshift bag of berries and brought it to Iris.


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Edward grabbed two other pokeballs from his bag. “I have two others as well. Here they are.” Edward spoke as he pressed the button on the front of both of them. Galahad the Escavilier and Bedivier the Beedrill had appeared out of the pokeballs. “This is Bedivier my Beedrill and Galahad my Escavilier.” Edward spoke as he showed the two off.

Orion smiled as Fushi tried to reach him. Spinning a little bit to show that he was fine with this. “Orion is really taking a liking to Fushi.” Oliver commented as Orion spun around Fushi and glowed a slight bit.
"Onyx, use tackle!"

Brock's onyx rushes toward Char at high-speeds, Char quickly dodges to the right before rushing towards his opponent.

How can something so big be so fast,, especially with it being just rocks. Nevermind that, for now I have to focus on the fight at hand.

"Char use Dragon Rage!"

Char quickly fires a purple blast from his mouth towards the onyx.

"Onyx dodge and use wrap!"

Brocks Onyx quickly dodges the incoming attack and grabs Char with it's snake like body and begins to squeeze Char tightly.

Finn smiled at the mistake Brock had made in that moment.

"Now your as close as I want you to be! Dragon Rage again!"

Char blast Onyx in the face and the rock snake begins to fall over and loosens it's grip making it easy for Char to escape.

"Onyx get up!"

"Not so fast! Char use Metal Claw!"

Char quickly rushes towards Onyx and hits Onyx with his claws straight in the back, causing Onyx to wince in pain.

"We got you now!"
"Hey Orion, hey Oli!" said Alice as the meteor pokemon floated over. Alice gave a little pat on Orion's head. "Wait, I just noticed I haven't introduced myself. My name's Alice, and this is Cherry and Kunny." she said pointing at the shrimp on her head and the yellow cocoon in her arms. "I'm going on an adventure too, and I want to catch a bunch of water-type pokemon, especially that Omanyte." she said pointing at a nearby Helix Fossil exhibit. "Though one problem is I have no idea where to find a Helix Fossil or what to do when I find one." she said a little sadder. "Oli, do you know anything about finding fossils?"


Previously SlicertheGallade890
Orion felt a little pet from Alice and immediately turned around. Spinning around to show that he was happy for the head pats. “Y’know Alice, Orion has really started to take a liking to you.” Oliver spoke as Orion smiled with his little Galaxy eyes shining a bit. Oliver heard the question about fossils from Alice. “Not exactly per se. I know that certain fossils, once brought back in a lab, can give you a Pokémon depending on what it is.” Oliver paused as he looked around. “The issue lies in where one would find these fossils. That’s the only thing that I don’t understand.” Oliver finished explaining to Alice.
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"Excuse me, but if it's about fossils, maybe I could be of some assistance." Having grown tired of waiting outside, Roxanne had gone in to the museum itself and couldn't help but overhear the conversation about fossils going on. "I had actually done some reading and apparently, Mount Moon is a hot spot for Dome and Helix fossils."
“Ooh, ooh! Do you think I could find both of those fossils! I’m gonna have to if I want to catch every Pokémon!” Amelia said with a grin, bouncing on her heels in excitement

Fushi nudged her leg, as if to support his trainer with her endeavors and goals.
Alice thought for a second before an idea popped into her head. "I know! We can use this!" she pulled out her PokeNav and scrolled around to some of the places. "Ah-ha! Here it is. There's a mountain near here called Mt. Moon. Apparently, it gets a bunch of Meteor Showers and lots of fossils can be found here!" she said before showing Amelia the Pokenav. She turned it off and tucked it in her bag. "Mt. Moon is right next to Pewter City. Do you guys wanna look for fossils with me?" she asked.
"Before looking for fossils, you better have a method to transport them." Roxanne informed the group. "Also, I may have just the right Pokemon to help find some back at Professor Birch's lab in Hoenn if you'd like for me to retrieve her."
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Amare watched with an excited expression at the battle that was taking place. She cheered on Finn, but quickly realised that she was going to have to battle Brock as well and would need to show as much skill as Finn did in battling. She worriedly look at Brock's Onix, wondering how on earth she was going to beat it. His strategy seems to be coiling around pokemon and then attacking them from close range... I need to avoid that happening. Oh, I've got an idea on what I can do! She thought to herself, smiling when the idea popped into her head. She patted Swinub and continued to watch the ongoing battle.
Amelia thought for a moment, before shaking her head.

“I’ll have to go later! I’m not going any further before I beat Brock,” Amelia said, as she picked up Fushi, and grabbed Transel’s Pokeball, “which means I should train!”
Iris' eyes followed Drake as it flew up to her, carrying a bag of berries in his jaws. As the infant Aerodactyl droped the bag in front of her, she stretched her neck to look at the content, and started drooling soon after. The mare was usually unwilling to take offerings from strangers, but she hadn't eat anything decent since they set foot on the region, and this one seemed a bit too good to pass on. Besides, it wasn't like the trainer and her pokémon were complete stranger at this point afterall. She bowed at the dinosaur in gratitude before she started eating the berries one by one.

Her feast would eventualy be interrupted, however, when the scientist from before finaly came outside. "Alright, so we have good news and ba..." The man paused as he looked around for Rick. Iris quickly got up on her feet, letting out a high-pitch whinny, which startled the man into looking from where the sound came from. "Hey! What is a horse doing at the roof? Get out of..." The man interrupted again, as Iris jumped off the building and ran towards the gym. "Heh... better..." He muttered.

Meanwhile at the gym... "Oh?! There's my alarm, finaly!" Rick had already heard his pokémon's call and quickly darted off the gym, eager to get his hands on an Aerodactyl of his own. He had told Iris to either call or pick him up. He didn't expect her to do both of those things. He also didn't expect the mare to be right next to the gym already. So when he left the building, he didn't expect Iris to be running right around the corner, resulting in both trainer and pokémon smashing at each other, with Rick being the one knocked back on his butt. "Why? It was either call or pick up." He said, wincing, as the mare reached out her neck to aid the trainer getting up.

Back at the museum... "Yes! I'm here!" Rick shouted as he approached the scientist. "Alright, show me the Triple B! Big Beautiful Beast!" He said with enthusiasm, with eyes closed and arms crossed. In fact, his enthusiasm was so much, he didn't notice the Old Amber the man was holding in his hand. The scientist raised an eyebrow before speaking. "Well, first things first, we don't revive fossils in this museum anymore."

Rick's smile slowly faded from his face as he assimilated the information. "Eh? They told me specificaly to come to the Museum of Science." He said. The scientist nodded. "We used to do it here... until a certain group of criminals decided to show up and attempt to steal the machine and the fossils." The man explained with a frowned expression. Rick sighed in exasperation. "Well... it is what it is. Where do I need to go, then?" Rick then asked. He wasn't prepared for the next bit of information. "I don't think you'll need to worry about that. The Old Amber you brought us doesn't contain enough DNA to revive an Aerodactyl anyways." Added the scientist. "WHAT?!" Rick shouted. Having to go to another place to revive the pokémon would be annoying for sure, but doable nonetheless. Being unable to revive it at all, however, really was the nail in the coffin.

"The good news is we're willing to buy this Old Amber from you, in an attempt to make up for your trouble." The man said, showing up the fossil in his hand. Rick was so baffled, he took a few seconds staring at the amber before replying. "And how much would that be?" He asked. "Oh, twenty bucks?" The man said, shrugging. "Twenty BUCKS?! Rick shouted, now in anger. "How is that good news?" He asked. The scientist pulled back the fossil again. "Eitherway, we'd still like to investigate it a little bit further. Do you mind waiting here in Pewter for a bit longer? Maybe we can even pay you more for it." He said. At this point, Rick didn't really care anymore. But since he would wait for the other trainers, he would stay in Pewter for a bit longer anyways, so he reluctantly agreed.

Assuming that Finn would already be done with his challenge, and knowing that Amelia would eventualy come out, Rick waited at the museum's main entrance, petting Iris' forehead after having his hopes and dreams shattered in a matter of seconds. "It's okay. We'll just need to find another one." He whispered. As he said this, Iris jumped atop the museum's rooftop, grabed the berry bag she had left there, and brought it back down to her trainer. "Huh... thanks, I guess?" He thanked with a little smilre before grabing the bag.
Alice was a little bit down before she thought to herself. "All right, well good luck with Brock, I might just have to watch your battle." She said before walking over toward the exit of Pewter Museum. "I guess I'll see you around!" Said Alice with a wave before walking, at first in the wrong direction toward Viridian Forest, but after a tug on her pigtail, she got out her PokeNav and looked for directions."A ha! Route 4" she said before walking in the corrsct direction this time. After climbing over more than a few rocks and almost falling into a crater she made it to the Pokemon Center, where she stopped for a break.

"Hey little lady!" Yelled a man in the pokemon center. "Umm, yeah?" Responded Alice. "Are you interested in a rare pokemon?" "I sure am!" She said giddy with excitement. "Well, here it is!" He said before pulling out a fish tank with a Magikarp in it. "Ummm...that looks like a regular old Magikarp to me." "It certainly does, but this one's special. Have you heard of the Legendary Red Gyarados?" Alice gasped before getting closer to the fish. "This guy is going to evolve into a Red Gyarados!?" She said barely containing her excitement. "Sure. And I'll let you have if for only 50$!" Alice immediately rummaged through her bag but sadly pulled out only 32$, from the purchase of the map card and pokeballs. "Sorry, but I only have 32." "Y'know what? Because you’re such a nice girl, you can have it for only 32$" Alice gasped with a "Really?!" Before handing the man the money and jumping up and down. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you soooo much!" She said before grabbing a pokeball and bumping the fish pokemon's head with it. A flash of red, and then a flash of white indicated the capture. "Thank you again sir!" She said shaking the man's hand. "You're more than welcome!" Replied the man. The man took his fish tank and left the pokemon center before Alice took a look at her pokeball. "I'm gonna name you Karpy!" She said with a smile.
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"Onix don't lose your fighting spirit yet, use tackle!"

The onix quickly recovers from the attack and hits Char straight on and send him flying backwards onto the ground. Char begins to get up and dust off some of the dirt on him.

"Now Onix let's show them our rock hard will, use rock tomb"

Onix summons six giant rocks and they begin to dart over to where Char is standing.

"Char dodge it quickly!"

Char is able to dodge the first five of them but is caught off guard by yhe sixith on and is flung back into the fifth rock that had already hit the ground. Chu looks at the battlefield with worry on his face as he begins to think about the worst case scenario.

"Char are yo-"

Char slowly gets up and stares at the Onix before taking a battle stance ready for finns next command. Finn looks at Char and smiles befoe putting his goggles over his eyes.

"Let's end this battle! Char let's get up for this one!"

"Rock tomb, one last time Onix don't him use dragon rage again."

Onix summons ten rocks and fires all of them Char who is continuing to run on top of them to get to Onix. Once Char jumps on the last rock he jumps and gets right in front of Onix's face.

"Now we gotcha! Use metal claw to slam Onix to the ground!"

Char coated his right hand in metal and slammed onix to the ground and before landing on the ground char begins to charge up a dragon rage.

"It's not over yet! Now use Dragon Rage!"

Char fires off the attack and hits Onix in the head again. Char falls on his stomach and begins to wobble his way to his feet and looks at Onix who is now knocked out and is unable to battle.

"Char we did it"

Finn and Chu quickly run over towards Char before he can fall on his back and congratulate him on the their victory. Brock returns his Onix back to his pokeball with a smile on his face before reaching into his pocket and walking over to Finn and his pokemon.

"You have done well and might I say your will is strong even when things got though you never seemed to hesitate with your next move. It would be my pleasure to give you the boulder badge."

Finn took the badge from brocks hand and smiled as did Char and Chu. Finn picked up Char and put him on his back and decided to carry him to the pokemon center while chu followed close behind.

"Thank you mister Brock the battle was awesome!"

Finn said as he left the Gym.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Glancing at two extra pokemon, Murphy felt slightly perturbed that his question had been ignored and opted to ask it again "say you been in Pewter City long?" he asked louder than he had before as he felt Pancake jolt slightly, startled by the raise in volume only to mellow out almost immediately.
Amelia, taking another glance around the museum, quickly dashed out the doors, ready to start training up her Pokemon.

Upon coming outside, she realized that it was late afternoon, and the sky was a bright orange. She skipped on over to route two, right outside Viridian Forest. She spent a good thirty minutes at least battling wild Pokémon to help train hers. She had to fight the urge to catch every new Pokémon she saw, when a little orange head popped out of the tall grass. It appeared to be looking for something, and waddled straight up to Amelia. To her shock and surprise, a tiny Charmander had found its way to her.

The little fire type Pokémon pulled on her jeans a bit, trying to get her attention. He was mewling in his Pokémon language, and was pointing in different directions, as if having lost something. The tiny Pokémon also appeared to have an uncomfortably tight collar on it, that it kept scratching and picking at.

“Oh, hey little buddy!” She said, bending down to his level. “Are you lost?”

She looked at the tag on the collar as both Fushi and Transel waddled up, slightly tired from their Pokémon battles. Transel was sitting on the little bud Fushi held on its back.

The tag the Charmander bore had some information on it, including a name and a phone number. Charmander let Amelia inspect it, before pulling on the tight collar a bit.

“Oh, you’re practically choking! Here, let me help you…”

She took a noch from the collar and pulled it looser, so that it was hanging loosely around the Pokémons neck. Upon closer inspection, the Charmander’s neck had dark purple, and navy blue splotches on it, signifying the collar had been tight for a long time.

“Oh, you poor thing,” she said, whimpering a bit at the condition. “Let’s find your trainer, and get you in better condition.”

Amelia was swift to pick up the Charmander, supporting it near her waist like you would a small toddler. She urged Fushi and Transel to follow her, and she headed for the Pewter City Pokemon Center.
Alice, with a new companion, walked into Mount Moon with all three of her pokemon out. "All right guys! We're going to find a Helix Fossil!" said Alice before pulling out her sketchbook revealing a picture of the rock with the shell. "So if we're gonna find this, and we're gonna have to work together. Who's with me!?" In response Cherry silently nodded, Kuny fell over, and Karpy continued to flop in place. "Right!" said Alice before picking up Kuny again. The team was set and was dedicated to finding the remains of the Cephalopod Pokemon. They made a surprisingly good team. A Tackle attack from Kuny, after using Harden, was able to break rocks in half almost effortlessly. Cherry was able to wash off anything that they found with her high-pressurized Water Guns. Karpy even helped with calling out any Zubats that were about to attack and fend them off with a Splash attack combined with a move called Struggle. Of course, it hurt Karpy to use, so Karpy had to get some of the Potions Alice bought. After her little excursion, she found a Heart Scale, Two Red Shards, and no Helix fossil. "No luck, how long have we been in here?" she said, pulling out her Pokenav. "Only 30 minutes? It feels like we've been in here for years," said Alice with a sigh. "Are you guys ready for a break?" said Alice. Cherry was falling asleep, Kuny was a little dirty and bruised and Karpy was falling asleep. "I'll take that as a yes." said Alice before returning Kakuna and Magikarp to their pokeballs, and put Cherry on her shoulder. Alice turned toward the exit but stopped near a hole and proceed to trip and fall down it. "Waah!" she yelled before nearly grabbing onto the ladder in it.
The Charmander clung to her the whole time, excited to finally be returned to his trainer. Amelia was quick to spot the Pokémon Center and walked right in without problems.

“Hello, welcome to the Pewter City Pokemon Center! How may I help you?” The nurse asked.

“Hi, could I use your telephone? I need to get this little guy home,” Amelia asked, before perking up again. “Oh, also an ice pack, if possible.”

Nurse Joy was quick to accommodate, immediately pulling out an ice pack and a towel, as well as pointing to a small phone box near the wall of the Pokémon Center. Amelia walked up to the phone, setting the Charmander on the desk that the phone was held on. She went to take off Charmander’s collar, who grabbed it protectively.

“Charmander, I just need to take it off so I can have your trainers information. And your neck is all bruised, so we have to let it rest.”

Charmander paused for a moment, before hesitantly letting Amelia take off the collar. She then wrapped the ice pack in the towel and went to put it on the Charmander, who flinched immediately at the icy chill of it.

“Oh Charmander, trust me, it’ll feel better if you do this,” Amelia said, trying to persuade him.

He carefully let her apply the ice pack and melted under its touch, immediately pleased with his it felt against his wounds. He grabbed it and applied it himself, causing Amelia to chuckle. She then got to work dialing the number on the tag.
After taking a deep breath, Azure stepped down from the stands and walked up to Liam, who had healed his Geodude back up to perfect health.

"We've got a lot of challengers lately, are all of you travelling in a group?" he asked.
"More or less, at the moment it feels like we're just coincidentally heading in the same direction. Anyways, i'm here to start my Pokemon League challenge!" Azure explained as he pulled out one of the two pokeballs on his belt.
"Right, let's get this started." Liam and Azure both walked a bit further to create some space to battle.

"Geodude, go!" Liam sent out his Geodude, but Azure was prepared because not only did he watch the past two battles, he has a type advantage with his first choice.
"Alright Mankey, let's do this!" The Mankey was in a battle, and such an important one as well. It looked back at Azure and he could see the fighting spirit in his eyes. It was ready for this.

"Geodude, he's got the advantage, use Defense Curl!" The Geodude curled up into a ball and rolled once, increasing its defense.
"Mankey, use-" Azure started, but his Mankey already charged at the opposing Geodude without any command. "Low Kick!"
Luckily, it used Low Kick, sliding down across the ground and delivering a hard blow, sending the Geodude flying and taking out just under half of its health.
Liam got an idea as his Geodude was in the air. "Geodude, use the fall to your advantage and use Tackle!"
Gravity did its thing and with Geodude being a rock, it fell down quite fast. Combined with Tackle, it was a massive blow that took out half of Mankey's health!
"No! Mankey, get up, we can do this!" It took a few seconds, but it got up. However, it seemed quite enraged at this point but looked back at Azure anyway.
Azure took a deep breath. "Focus Energy, Mankey, Focus Energy."
"Rollout!" The opposing Geodude rolled at high speed, hitting Mankey, and although the hit wasn't much, its power was going to grow from now on. Mankey took the hit and focused as hard as possible. It looked around and Geodude was speeding up.
"It'll be hard to hit when it's moving at this speed... Focus and pick the right time to strike and use Low Kick!"
Mankey took another hit and it became visible he was getting tired. But then, out of the dust cloud, he noticed Geodude coming right at him again. This was his cue. He launched at it and went low, feet first, headed straight towards it. The two collided at high speed.
Out of the cloud of dust created by the impact, a tired, but still standing Mankey slid out, stoop up and dusted itself off.
On the other side however, Liam's Geodude was on the ground, knocked out.

"We did it! Good job Mankey! He walked up to it and picked it up, spraying it with a potion to restore its health and get it ready for the fight against Brock."
"Well, it seems you're not a million miles away from Brock, but watch out for strategies like the one I just used, because you're going to see a lot of people doing stuff like that and if you aren't prepared, you'll find yourself losing over and over!"
Azure thanked Liam for the battle and turned to look at Brock, who was already awaiting him.
"Let's do this."
Busy with his berry offering, Rick was barely paying attention to who was going in and out of the museum. Amelia was hard to go unnoticed as she rushed out of the museum and down south towards... Route 2. "Oh, wow! She actualy decided to train before the gym." Rick commented before putting another berry in his mouth.

With no more berries left in the bag, Rick decided to take a stroll around the city while he waited, in the meantime also taking a look at the map he had drawn in Viridian. "Hey, you wanna play-fight? I haven't exercised since I got on that boat and there's nothing to do here anyways." He said to Iris, leaning on her and pointing at a small half-fenced area he had spoted next to the Center. Iris looked up, thinking for a bit, before noding and jumping in. Both trainer and pokémon positioned at opposite sides. "You know this already but, no stabing!" He told her. Rick took a lower stance as Iris cantered towards him. Before she could lunge at him, however, Rick took a glance at the sign post right next to him, which had some peculiar information. "Hey, look at this..." He said, bending forward. Iris suddenly stoped, inches away from her trainer. "Thieves have been stealing pokémon fossils at Mt. Moon! Please call Pewter Police with any info!" He read.

"Well, in one hand, I think I just figured what's the best place to find another Old Amber." He muttered, scratching his chin. "Unfortunately, it also looks like there's a lot of competition... and not the good one." He added. "Anyways... where were we?" He continued. Iris pushed Rick with her chest, pinning him to the ground. "I was distracted!" He said as loud as his lungs allowed before the mare freed him. "Alright, Round 2, this time is for real!"
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